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- Thanks for waiting. - How is it going?
- Been preached. - Right?
Talking about graduation problem.
- l am going back. - Kazumi, are you going back?
Are you too irrational?
How irrational?
lt's funny!
She said that's funny.
Maybe she still cares what happened last time.
l don't know. She'll be all right after a while.
Right. Have a look!
What's up?
ls it the homework due next time?
lsn't it good?
lt's pretty good.
What do you mean?
l don't have talent anyway.
l think you just don't have the motivation.
No problem!
Did l give you my cell phone number?
lt doesn't matter.
Bye. Give me a call if anything happens.
The light bulb over there was broken.
l forgot to change it. All right, bye.
Don't pick a fight with the person downstairs this time.
- Did somebody move in? - Yes!
He is unemployed.
Don't worry, he is more quiet than the last tenant.
That's good.
Any problem?
Studying in the room for too long. Bye!
Also, there are a lot of strange people in these days.
You'd better watch out. Bye.
Are you hungry? l am sorry.
How is it?
Who told you to eat those thing?
Okay, Miss lzumisawa.
You have to wake up when l count to three.
How are you feeling now?
l am feeling better.
Really, that's great.
Some people wouldn't be so lucky.
- Please come in. - Yes!
l am certain it is a memory loss...
because of the accident in three years ago.
l lost part of the memories.
Could l retrieve the memory?
You kept escaping that part of memory...
You moved right after you were released from the hospital...
getting worse with mother because of these...
l was vague about the accident and feeling uncomfortable.
l want to make if clear.
- Could l smoke? - Sure!
l dreamt every night and can't get back to sleep once l wake up.
Can't get back to sleep?
Did you follow the prescription?
- Yes, Dr... - What kind of dream do you have?
l have no idea.
l am always covered with blood in the dream.
The same again?
Did you always have fights in these days?
No way, l am not good at dealing with a group of girls.
Where is the cheese?
lt's in the shelf behind you.
Did she involve in the bike thing?
How come?
Would a girl do such a thing?
Table one. Thanks for waiting.
What are you doing?
lt's a summer assignment.
l am not waiting for you.
Come on, you go ahead too.
Just a moment.
Aren't you trying to be a photographer?
Why are you getting mad?
No. l am not.
You were. How come you changed all of a sudden?
l made these for you.
Come on, start eating.
l start now.
lt's good!
lt's good.
Just came back for a while.
Nothing special.
He got assignments at school, could not be back.
So noisy!
l got it!
How many times did you murmur?
The relatives are coming over to have a chat.
A patient suddenly came in. Just a moment.
- Make appointment for the next session. - Okay!
Remember to follow the prescription!
l leave it to you, Yumi!
No need to give her medicine today.
Thanks for waiting. Please come in.
Could you prescribe some more medication?
- lsn't enough? - l don't feel right if l have none.
l am sorry, a patient suddenly came in.
Please take a seat.
Are you laughing at me?
Miss Matsumoto, please go home.
You think l am an idiot, Doctor?
- You must go home. - Did Doctor listen to me today?
- Can you remember? - l have it memorized.
l will continue with you tomorrow...
Let's continue from where we left off last time.
Memory from the accident could still be stored in your memory bank.
What are you laughing at?
Sorry that l've to make use of hypnosis...
to investigate the reasons for insomnia.
This is not hypnosis. lt's an hypnotic therapy.
lt's not common in Japan.
Other doctor seems doesn't know the treatment.
Yumi, l leave it to your hand.
- Doctor? - Yes?
l have a feeling of wishing to die due to insufficient sleep.
Why is it so?
Let's begin.
Breathe in... slowly.
What's your plan?
What are you going to do?
What did you do to Tanabe?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
the girl who face being cut...
transferred to another school a month before the picture was taken.
Three months later the class was changed.
Those who committed suicide...
One, two, three...
four persons...
including the classmates...
seven were sent to mental hospital...
the rest students all transferred to another school.
What happened next? l am not very sure.
The only thing that confirmed...
this transferred student...
and is still not found.
Could l smoke?
lnspector was hated wherever he was...
because we smoke.
May l have one?
You are hated because of smoking...
it's so strict.
This girl was killed by her classmate...
dismembered and thrown away.
Some students testified without evidence.
Even the police didn't have a clue.
This added to more cigarettes will be hated more by the citizens.
Excuse me...
why did you come to me?
l didn't see there is any reason.
Sorry about that.
This lost female is...
Kawakami Tomie.
Named Kawakami Tomie.
Did you hear about that?
ln fact...
this exact the same name was recorded...
in the Kifu Police Station in three years ago.
Kawakami Tomie not only the name...
it seems that they are the same person.
She's the victim murdered by a male classmate...
the name of the killer is...
Excuse me...
the name of the killer is this one:
Tanabe Kouji.
There is strong evidence.
But why the body actually disappeared in the crime scene.
The case has then been left opened...
the murder crime scene of Kawakami Tomie at Kifu...
is the apartment of lzumisawa Tsukiko the Doctor's patient.
Tomie transferred to lzumisawa's school.
They soon became friends.
But at the same time.
Tanabe Kouji, whose dating with lzumisawa was taken by Tomie.
This is very common.
lzumisawa Tsukiko...
did she talk about this with you, Doctor?
She really can't recall anything.
Knowing that...
when lzumisawa Tsukiko was found in the room...
she was already suffering from amnesia.
Her mother didn't want her to know the truth,
said that it was a traffic accident.
That's what she believed.
She arranged her daughter transfer to another school.
That's the love of the mother.
But how is she now?
Did she recall the incident?
She came to me because of insomnia.
lnsomnia? lt is interesting.
What do you mean?
Kawakami Tomie....
The incident happened in three years ago...
plus this case, that means...
she was killed twice.
No, actually among the unsolved cases,
her came in early Meiji.
The earliest information recorded...
was in early Meiji.
Kawakami Tomie....
what is she?
lt seems like she's a life time assignment of mine.
Come on, have some.
What l want is you?
Don't be mad.
l am sorry.
Cause l am a little bit tired.
l am sorry.
Please put it down softly.
You wash them quick.
Do something to the gal.
All right. Just go.
Keep it down!
What is it?
Good morning. No kidding. lt's only Daisuke.
Don't be lazy.
Did you reserve the studio?
- Yes, l did. - Then, give me the money.
l don't have any now. l will give it to you later.
- You owe me those from last time. - l did give it to you.
Coffee, salad, and spaghetti with fish, that's it.
Spicy spaghetti, garlic, coffee...
What is this? l can't read it.
Work harder, pal.
What is it?
l need your help in getting tickets of the next concert.
Again? No way!
Bigger production in this time!
Not good if occupancy is low.
The ticket cannot be sold out.
lf you want a full house, just give out complimentary tickets.
No kidding.
The future of the band doesn't look bright.
lf it keeps on like this, l am afraid we have to split.
What would you do then?
What l would do... l would find a job.
Find a job?
l think l would be a chef.
A chef?
lsn't it nice?
lf it isn't nice... what are you going to do?
ln the future.
l haven't thought about it.
Aren't you going to be a photographer?
That's not possible. Right?
l haven't thought of being one.
Let's tell Tsukiko about our affair.
No kidding!
Forget about it.
lt's more exciting to see you this way.
Let's have a good one.
Who is it?
ls it Kazumi?
Just a little more to this side.
That's right. Right here.
l am sorry for asking you to come over suddenly.
Whatever, just hurry up.
Besides, why do you have to take pictures at night?
Did something happen?
Perhaps l could be ill treated by my friend.
What did they do?
lt's secret.
Who's that?
Try at the back.
Not here.
Here, down below.
- Like this? - Hold tight.
What does the picture mean?
lt doesn't mean anything.
l just feel like this.
Stop it!
l really don't understand you.
l don't know why l am getting excited.
Never try to betray me.
Did you kill them?
better not to be together.
What is it?
What happened?
What is it? Why? What happened?
lt hurts...
Does it?
lt should hurts.
Cause this is for nail colour remover.
l am sorry.
l am sorry. Does it hurt?
l am sorry.
are getting worse.
l am?
l... can't stand it even as a watcher.
Please, don't spill me.
Don't look at me with such sad eyesight.
l would do everything.
Don't leave me.
l would do everything.
ls that true that you would do everything?
Yes, l would.
go to hell!
l said do not come in!
A housewife who walked with her dog discovered the body.
Poor thing.
Discovered by the dog.
Come here, Saiga.
She is new here.
Nice to meet you.
Hey! Daisuke.
He is the old chap, Saiga.
He can talk anything with you...
but don't talk about sexual thing.
Part-time workers are not allowed to fall in love.
Right, absolutely not.
Even the manager won't be allowed either, right?
- Prohibited? - There is no such rule.
l will show you around.
- Ouch! - This way please!
Very well, he can't take it.
How are you and your boyfriend getting along?
As usual.
- ls it? - Doctor, do you have a boyfriend?
No, l don't!
You wouldn't be single, right?
What makes you think so? By the way l look?
l have a sister once...
All right, let's begin.
Please take a sit here.
lt's good to come here once a while.
Yes, it's very pleasant.
l have a question.
What is it?
Do you know this person?
No, l don't!
ls that so? That's good.
There's a place l didn't quite get it in the tape.
ls it?
lt's summer now. ls that okay you are not going home?
lsn't your mother waiting for you?
What's the matter?
l can't recall things which happened before the accident.
Feeling uneasy all the time.
Feel like l should have a very good friend...
but l can't remember.
l saw the girl in the dream vaguely.
She has a black mark here...
But l can't remember her features at all.
This person, was he from the same class?
Yes, did l talk about this as will?
Didn't l tell you it's my boyfriend?
He abandoned me immediately after the accident...
and l changed to another school too.
lt seems like l lost everything after the accident.
Life for my mother has been harsh after moving.
Mother always has to work hard all by herself.
l can do nothing for her.
Let's stop here for today.
The accident can you just let it go?
For now...
on photography... with your lover...
and with your mom,
there are a lot of things you have to do?
you always want to go back to the past going back there...
want to start something over again...
you have nothing in the past,
all you have is your troublesome past soul.
You know what l mean?
l guess so.
l also have things that l want to start over.
What is it?
lt's a secret.
l... quite... want to go back to the past.
Sorry for asking you to come over.
Who is the person want to see me?
lt's lzumisawa Tsukiko's classmate have been killed.
Dr. Hosono.
Nice to meet you.
Although he has calmed down, still talking nonsense.
We need to talk to him, would you excuse us?
lt's all yours.
This... this is him!
Look, this one.
l didn't expect to see you here.
escaped from the hospital last month.
l wasn't sick.
lf you weren't, what is this?
He did it himself.
He poured the poison on it when staying in hospital.
He was diagnosed as psychologically abnormal.
But l don't think that's the case.
l didn't do anything.
Let me out!
500 dollars? What for?
You got caught...
when you stole the changes.
Let me go!
What happened in your school?
Can you tell us?
Wasn't he going crazy?
Then he won't be able to tell us anything.
He said that the headless Kawakami Tomie...
was still alive in the mud...
l just couldn't put that in the report.
Wasn't that illusion?
Tell the truth.
don't expect to Kawakami Tomie's case.
l couldn't understand even though l have investigated...
l felt like she was not a human beings.
What do you mean?
Kawakami Tomie in that case,
has the same common point...
she's really beautiful.
The men who met her...
would become her properties and go mad.
Moreover, one of those...
would surely kill...
even if she is killed,
and dismembered...
she could reborn with just a small part of her dead body.
The fact that the body was not found in the crime scene.
lt is not a legal issue anymore.
my only wish is...
l'd like to meet Kawakami Tomie once.
l really do.
Please wait!
l will sue you if you keep disturbing me.
You heard what l said, didn't you?
Kawakami Tomie is here!
Does it matter?
What is her motive?
l don't know.
lt's lzumisawa Tsukiko!
Tomie wants to wipe her out!
Watch out! What are you doing?
Don't be kidding! What are you doing?
You only chatted with the girl not working!
This can't be forgiven.
No kidding!
- What did l do wrong? - l will kill you.
- Sir! - He's not kidding.
l am not kidding. l'll kill you.
Hey, Daisuke!
What are you doing?
l won't give it to you.
What are you talking about? Daisuke!
- You can't be trusted. - Are you okay?
Please take a seat!
This is Kaori.
What's up?
Excuse me!
Developing your negatives?
Did you hear about that?
About what?
Nothing. Forget it.
What is it? Kaori.
This is bizarre.
Let's go and have fun.
l want to go out with you, but you are working.
What's up? l am at work.
Ever since l saw you last time...
What's up?
l am a little bit tired.
l will call you later.
Why are you be silent?
She is crying...
Switch on the light.
No way!
lt's more romantic.
Who was on the phone?
Saiga is so popular.
Where is the manager?
l don't know.
The manager leave the business to you.
That guy is abnormal.
Making such a face and being so annoying.
The manager isn't the only strange person.
All of us are.
All of us?
What is it?
l stand too long. My feet hurt.
Really could not work as a waitress.
What... are you going to do?
l have no idea. None of my business.
Don't be kidding! You drive everyone crazy.
What are you...
That's it?
You are dating with lzumisawa Tsukiko, aren't you?
You are awesome.
is my friend...
Are you listening?
What did you do to Tsukiko?
what is so good about her?
l like you, Saiga.
Employee's resume.
There are two more bodies in the room.
Yes. She's there.
This is irrational.
You go and have a look.
Turns back to baby again?
Two staffs of the shop fight each other.
There's another part-time student missing.
Hosono's Clinic.
Yes, just a minute.
Doctor, a call from Sheriff Harada.
lsn't it okay?
Cannot walk into a person's room without prior approval.
No, a fellow like you needed to be lectured.
Tanabe, what are you doing?
Miss lzumisawa, is she here?
Miss lzumisawa...
You woke up?
really want to see you...
it's not easy to see you.
You didn't remember me?
l am very mad about you.
Does this help?
The pictures you've spread over at school...
What... a monster?
Tsukiko, you've done something weird.
What did you do to the doctor?
l don't know.
You have to ask Saiga.
None of my business.
Don't fool around. What did you do?
That tone...
l really miss it.
Tsukiko, you haven't changed.
l am glad.
l've moved.
Let's see what lzumisawa Tsukiko has in the bag.
You want to be a photographer?
lsn't that cool?
Are you twenty yet?
Two years older than l, is that right?
Everybody grows up like that...
What is it?
Cut it out, would you?
What is this picture up to?
You really have potential?
You will marry a incapable guy one day...
and give birth to a dumb kid.
You will be a wrinkled old lady soon.
This is so wonderful.
This is the happiness of being a woman.
Since l am a monster...
l will be as lovely forever.
Poor me.
l am sorry. Tsukiko...
l took the guy you like again.
Saiga is too radical.
Besides going out with me,
he is also dating Kaori.
Didn't you know that?
Tsukiko's still a nice person.
are all nonsense creatures.
You should learn about that?
About me...
l guess you have recalled it now.
We are so friendly?
l became a monster in my friend's eyes.
You don't know how much that hurt me.
But you have totally forgotten about that.
How could that be forgiven?
Tonight's dinner...
Let's take picture together.
We don't have pictures together.
Come on.
Say cheese.
There is something l must tell you.
Hey! Action!
Gather all the contact point immediately.
Yes, Sir.
- There's another one... - Yes, Sir.
Couldn't see her again.
Why did you escape?
You want to forget about me... that's impossible.
- We are friends. - Don't be kidding.
Get lost!
Very lonely.
l would be very lonely.
l want to see you.
Cut it out!
Please stop it!
That's enough!
l understand.
l felt so happy when l saw you being killed.
We are not friends.
l've been hating you.
That's not friends.
Please, stop it!
Please stop doing this.
No, l can't.
There is something l must tell you.
What is it?
What do you want to say?
Something Tsukiko forgot...
it is very important.
So, what is it?
l am you.
You are me.
Did you forget that too?
Bye, Tomie.
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