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Subtitles for Tonari no Totoro.

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Tonari no Totoro

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My Neighbor Totoro
Let's go for a walk! Let's go for a walk! I feel great!
I love to walk!
Let's get going now!
On slopes, streets, tunnels, marvelous grass...
On Japanese bridges, gravel roads....
On cloudy days, downsloping streets...
Let's go for a walk! Let's go for a walk! I feel great!
I love to walk!
Let's get going now!
Even the foxes... even the badgers... come on out!
Let's race to the foresto
I have so many friends! I'm so happy!
I have so many friends! I'm so happy!
Dad, want a caramel?
Oh, thanks.
Just a little while longer.
Mei! Hide!
It wasn't a policeman.
Who's in charge of the house? Aren't they here?
Ah, thanks!
I'm Mr. Kusakabe! We're just moving in!
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for looking after things.
Thank you.
We're here!
Mei, here's a bridge.
A bridge...?
Fish! See, they flashed again!
Do you like it?
Dad, it's great! A tunnel of trees!
Is it that house?
Hurry up!
It's rickety!
It looks like a haunted house..
It's rotting.
It's falling apart!
Mei! Look!
Over there!
It's huge!
Dad, what's that tree?
Oh, it's a camphor tree.
Camphor tree...
Camphor tree!
An acorn!
Let me see!
Ah! Another one!
Found one!
Hey, hey! The sliding doors aren't supposed to be opened!
Acorns are falling into the room.
It fell down from above!
Then there must be some squirrels!
Either that, or mice that like acorns!
I want squirrels!!
Where should I put this?!
Oh! In here. I'll open it up now.
Satsuki! Open the back kitchen door.
You'll know it when you see it.
Follow me.
Come on! Hurry up!
Let's go...
The bath?
Uh huh.
They're not here.
That's the bath.
Dad, there's something in here.
I don't know. It's not cockroaches, and it's not mice.
It was full of black things.
They're "Black Soots."
Black soots? Like in the picture books?
That's right. No reason ghosts shouldn't come out in nice weather like this.
When you suddenly go from a bright place into a dark place,
and you're blinded, the Black Soots come out.
C'mon! Work! Work!
Where in the world do you suppose the stairs to the second floor are?
Why don't you look for the stairs, and open the second floor windows?
Hey! Me too.
The bathroom!
Not here?
Not here?
Mei, I found it.
It's dark, isn't it...
It's the Black Soots.
An acorn?
Black Soots... are you here...?
Dad, there's something in this house after all!
That's great. Ever since I was a boy, I've dreamed of living in a haunted house.
Oh, no!
Got it! Oh, sister!
Energetic, isn't she?
Grandma from next door has been taking care of this house.
She's come to help us.
I'm Satsuki, and this is my little sister, Mei. Good afternoon.
Well, good afternoon.
She's a bright girl.
If you're all in this much of a hurry, it's just a matter of some house repairs.
This is more than enough...
At this time of year, the rice fields are busy; but I've managed to clean once in a while.
Mei, your hands are black. What happened?
The Black Soot got away.
Ah! Your feet!
Ah! My feet are black, too!
Well, well, well... Let's see...
Hmm... Well, the Susuwataris have come out.
Susuwataris? Are'Susuwataris' like this? Rustling, moving things?
Yes! Running about in old, empty houses, they cover up the insides with dust and soot.
I saw them when I was little. So, you've seen them, too.
So, are they ghosts?
Well... If so, they're not very frightening ones.
If you smile, they won't do any harm. Before you know it, they're all gone.
Right about now, the noise of the moving is bothering them in the attic, isn't it.
Mei, they're all running away.
Too bad.
What'll you do if they come out like THIS...?
I won't be scared!
Well, when it gets dark, I'm not going to the bathroom with you.
Well, let's clean. Will you go and fetch water at the river?
At the river?
I'll go, too!
Mei, wait there.
Did you get a fish?
Grandma! It's coming out!
Keep pumping until the water gets cold.
Oh... Weren't you the... What do you want?
From Mom... For Grandma...
Wait! What is this?
Is it Kanta?
Hey! Your house is haunted!
Yes, this brings back plenty of memories for me.
I hate boys! But I like the rest of your family a lot, Grandma!
Help yourself.
Thanks for your help!
Thank you very much!
Dad, the house is going to break because it's rickety.
Since we just moved in, that WOULD be a problem!
Try laughing, everybody. They'll run away. It'll scare them.
I'm not scared.
I'm NOT!
One! Two! One! Two! One! Two!
That's it! Go for it! Harder!
Good! The wash is done!
We're off!
Good afternoon.
You look like you're working hard!
Where are you all going?
We're going to visit Mom.
Well, that's nice. Give her my best.
Ah! This way, this way!
Good afternoon.
Please come in.
Mei, I'm glad you came to see me.
Dad got lost.
Oh, really?
Today is a rice-planting holiday.
Dad is talking with the doctor.
I'm glad all of you came.
How do you like the new house? Are you already settled in?
Oh! A haunted house?
Mom, do you LIKE haunted houses?
Oh course. I want to get out of the hospital quickly, and meet a ghost.
That's good, isn't it, Mei?
Uh huh.
She was worrying, "If Mom doesn't like them, it'll be a problem, won't it?"
How about you and Mei?
We love it!
I'm not scared.
Mei's hair... Did you arrange it, Satsuki?
Well done. You like it, don't you, Mei?
Yes, but Satsuki gets mad all the time.
That's because she won't behave.
Satsuki, come here. Isn't your hair short.
I like it this way.
Me, too! Me, too!
In good time!
Just like when I was a girl.
When I grow up, my hair will be just like your's, too!
Probably. You take after me.
Mom looked well, didn't she?
Yes, she did. The doctor said that she can leave the hospital in a little while.
A little while? Tomorrow?
Mei's'tomorrow' has started again.
Tomorrow's a little unreasonable, isn't it?
Mom said I could sleep with her in my futon!
Huh? Haven't you slept alone since you grew up, Mei?
It's alright if it's with Mom.
Dad! It's morning.
Get up!
Sorry, I overslept again.
After today, I get a lunch.
Oh dear! I completely forgot.
It's OK! I'll make everyone's lunch.
It's burning.
This is Mei's.
Mei, sit down and eat.
Wrap it yourself.
Oh no! COMING!
Have you made a friend already?
She called you "Satsuki-chan?"
Yes! That's Mitchan.
That was good.
See you later!
See you later.
Good morning!
Good morning. Let's hurry!
Dad! Do I look like Big Sister?
Yes. Where are you taking your lunch?
Just over there for a minute.
Dad! Is it lunch yet?!
What? Already?
Daddy's a florist!
Huh? It's bottomless!
Found one!
Who are you?! A Black Soot?
Totoro!! You're saying you're "Totoro," aren't you?
You're Totoro, after all...
See you later!
I'm home.
Welcome back. Oh! Is it that time already?
Where's Mei? I'm going to Mitchan's house!
I haven't had lunch yet. Isn't Mei playing in the garden?
Dad! I found Mei's hat!
Mei! Mei!
You shouldn't be sleeping in a place like this!
Where's Totoro?
Huh?... Huh?...
Were you dreaming?
I found Totoro.
"Totoro?" Do you mean "Troll," like in the picture book?
No! Totoro! It's exactly what he said.
Furry, with a mouth like this.
One like this, and one like this, and a HUGE one like this that was sleeping!
Found you, found you. Yes, amazing. It looks like a secret base!
Dad, Mei says she met Totoro here.
This way.a
Hey, wait...
No... It went to a big tree.
But there was only one path.
Ah! Mei! Come back here!
Hey, Mei!
It's true. There really was a Totoro. I'm not lying.
It's not a lie.
Mei, neither Satsuki nor I think you're a liar.
You certainly met the lord of this forest. That's a very lucky thing.
But it's not always possible to find him.
Well, we can still go give him our greetings, can't we?
Off to the forest...
Ahh... Mei, you've gotten heavy.
Dad, that camphor tree...
It's BIG, isn't it?
That's it!
That tree?
Dad! Hurry up! Hurry up!
The hole's gone.
It's really here?
She says the hole's disappeared.
Well, it's because you can't always meet him.
Can we meet him again? I want to meet him, too!
And so you shall, if you're lucky...
It's a fine tree, isn't it.
Surely... All this time... since long ago, it's been standing here.
A long, long time ago, trees and people were friends.
I like the house very much, because of this tree.
I think your mother must surely love it, too, don't you?
Well, let's say thanks and go back home. You haven't had your lunch yet.
That's right! I promised I'd go to Mitchan's house!
I'll go, too.
Mei has already relied on you!! From now on, we too would be pleased to make your acquaintance.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Race you home!
Ah! No fair!
Hurry up!
Today I have wonderful news.
Mei met the spirit, Totoro.
I hope I can meet him myself, too...
Kanta! Hurry up or you'll be late.
Yes, Satsuki?
Um... My little sister...
Grandma! Mei...
I'm sorry! But she wanted to go "where big sister is."
But... Mei, since today is the day dad goes to the university...
...didn't you promise you'd wait like a good girl?
And I still have two hours to go, and Grandma is busy...
She's been a good girl the whole time, haven't you?
Grandma, I'll go talk to the teacher.
Satsuki's sister is upset because her mother is in the hospital.
All of you can be friends with her, can't you?
What's that?
It's Totoro!
Shh! You've got to behave!!
Yeah! Bye bye! See you!
Come stop by our clubhouse.
Sure, I'll tell the teacher.
See you again.
Bye bye..!
Mei, hurry up, it's going to rain.
It's pouring!
I'm not crying. Isn't that great?.
But we're in a fix...
Jizo-sama, please let us shelter from the rain for a little while.
Sister! That was nice, wasn't it?
There's a hole in the umbrella!
Dad didn't take his umbrella, did he?
I want to go meet him, too!
So, I forgot it!
Only a fool forgets his umbrella when it's raining.
At any rate, you were probably waving it around and broke it!
That's not true!
Excuse me!
Oh! Satsuki, and Mei, too.
Sorry about today.
This place is hopeless, isn't it...
Um, Kanta loaned me this umbrella.
Oh! Him? Oh dear! Not this beat-up old thing...
It was very useful, because Mei was there, too. But Kanta got soaked.
Thank you very much.
Fine... When you're not covered with mud, you're rather pretty, eh?
Are you going to meet your father?
Well, that's great. Bye bye, Mei.
Bye bye..
Now who could that have been?
I don't know.
Right on time...
Are you getting on?
We're leaving!
Dad's not on it.
I'm sure he'll be on the next bus. Do you want to wait at Grandma's, Mei?!
What's the matter?
Are you sleepy? I told you so. Now will you go to Grandma's?
Well then, hang in there a little longer.
The bus really is late, isn't it?
Oh! Wait.
I'll lend it to you.
Hurry! Mei's slipping.
You use it like this.
The bus is here!
Totoro... took Dad's umbrella.
Oh! Sorry.
We're leaving!
The train was delayed, so I missed the bus.
Were you worried?
It came, Dad! It came, it came!.
A cat! A cat bus!
It was huge!
With eyes like this!
I met him! I met Totoro!
It was great!
Mom, my heart is still pounding.
It was a wonderful, weird and fun day.
Moreover, the gift that Totoro gave us was great.
It was wrapped in bamboo leaves, and tied with dragon's head.
After we went home, we opened it and looked. There were tree seeds inside!
It would be great if there were trees in our garden... we planted the tree seeds in the garden today.
But they haven't sprouted at all.
Day after day after day, Mei says
"They haven't come out yet. They haven't come out yet."
She looks just like she's turned into a fighting crab.
Soon it will be summer vacation. Please get well soon, Mother. Satsuki.
Hey, hey...
Lights out!
Dad, will the sprouts come out tomorrow?
Well, I don't know but I'm sure Totoro would.
Good night.
It's where we planted the tree seeds.
Yay! We did it!
Mei! We're like the wind!
There's no tree!?
We did it!
It was only a dream.
But it wasn't!
It was only a dream.
But it wasn't!
We did it!
Mr. Kusakabe? Telegram! Mr. Kusakabe, it's a telegram.
Nobody home?
Here I am! The corn's ripe right here.
Grandma! This one?
That's a good one.
Grandma's farm is like a mountain of treasure, isn't it?
Well, let's rest. Let's rest..
It's well chilled.
Thank you very much!
I see... They're so good because there were so many ladybugs.
Are they good for mom's illness, too?
Of course. If you eat things from Grandma's garden, you get well right away.
Mom's coming home this Sunday.
She's going to sleep with me in my bed!
Oh? Finally discharged?
No. It's not a real discharge yet.
On Monday she'll go back to the hospital, to get used to it bit by bit!
I see. Well, we must get her to eat some.
I'm going to give the corn I picked to mom.
I'm sure your mother will like it.
Telegram! You weren't at home, so I brought it.
My house?.
Grandma... Dad won't be home until evening...
Go ahead and open it up. It must be urgent.
Contact us... Shichikoku-yama...
Shichikoku-yama Hospital! It's from mom's hospital!
Something's happened to mom.
Grandma, what'll we do! "Contact us," it says!
Calm down! Don't you know where your father is?
I know the phone number of the office, but we don't have a phone.
Kanta! Take her to the main house! Get them to lend her the telephone.
Mei! You should stay here...
Mei! Stay with Grandma!
Hello? Long distance, please.
Number 1382 of Bureau 31 in Tokyo... Yes!
Isn't she a cute girl, Kanta??
Hello... Yes...
Hello, is this the archaeology lab?
Could you get my dad, I mean, Mr. Kusakabe?
Yes. I'm Satsuki Kusakabe... Yes!
Ah! Dad... It's me, Satsuki!
Oh, what's the matter?
From the hospital...
All right. I'll try to call the hospital.
Has something happened to mom? Dad, what should I do?
It's okay. I'm going to phone the hospital right away and find out.
Just wait there...
Well, I've got to hang up now.
Grandma, please let me wait here. Dad will call.
Make yourself at home.
No! This is my mom's corn..
No! I'm giving it to mom.
Mei! They say mom isn't well. So she's putting off coming home.
It can't be helped.
Her stupid illness is getting worse, so it's a problem.
Mei, she's just putting it off for a little while.
Then, I suppose it's okay if mom dies?
Stupid Mei!
I don't want to see you any more!
Let's go...
Stupid sister!
If I don't put away the laundry soon...
Don't be so sad. Cheer up. Grandma's here to help..
Your father talked to the hospital and they said your mother has a cold.
She'll be back next Sunday.
That's how it was before. Saying she'd only be in the hospital for a very little while.
Saying it was just a cold... What am I going to do if mom dies!
If... Mom....
It's alright, it's alright!
Who could die and leave such sweet children? Don't cry, don't cry.
I'll stay here with you until your father gets back. Right, right!
Has Mei come back?
She wasn't at the bus stop?
Strange... Where did she go?
I quarrelled with her a little while ago... But, that Mei!
That's it! She probably went to mom's hospital!
Shichikoku-yama Hospital? That's a 3 hour walk for an adult.
I'll go look for her!
Kanta! Hurry! Call your father! Mei's lost.
Mei, you idiot. Getting lost.
Excuse me, Sir... Um...
Has a little girl passed by on this road? She's my little sister.
Well, a little girl... No, I'd have noticed her if she'd come by.
She didn't go this way?
Are you sure she came this way?
I don't know.
Stop, please!
Idiot! Be careful!
I'm looking for my little sister. Haven't you seen a little girl?
Little sister?
She was probably going to Shichikoku-yama Hospital. She's four years old.
Ryoko, did you notice anyone?
We came from Shichikoku-yama, but we haven't seen a child like that.
I see. Thank you..
Where did you come from?
Maybe she made a mistake!
Well, bye.
Kanta! Did you find her?
No! She's not here?
My dad and the others are searching now.
I'll go to Shichikoku-yama for you, so you can go home.
If Mei was going to the hospital, she must have gotten lost. I'm positive!
A sandal was found at the shrine pool a little while ago.
They're still not sure if it's Mei's or not.
Did you find her?
Merciful Buddha! Merciful Buddha!
Try that side, the mud's deeper!
Hey! Are there any poles left?
Grandma, Satsuki's back.
This... This is it.
It's not Mei's!
Good. I was so certain it was her's.
So, Grandma jumped to conclusions?
Hey! It's a mistake!
Well, where do you suppose she went?
We'll start searching again.
If we don't hurry, it'll get dark!
Sorry, everybody...
Thanks for the help, but we'll have to split up into search parties.
Please... Let me see Totoro. Mei's lost.
Even though it's almost dark, she's wandering around somewhere.
Totoro, Mei's lost. I looked but I can't find her.
Please! Look for Mei.
I know she's crying somewhere. I don't know what to do.
No one can see it!
The trees are getting out of our way!
Sister... Sister!
Silly Mei.
I'm sorry.
Were you going to take the corn to mom?
Shichikoku-Yama Hospital
Will you go to the hospital?
Thank you!
I'm sorry. The hospital sent a telegram, even though it's just a cold.
The children must be worried. Poor things.
That's okay. When they know, they'll be relieved.
Up until now, both you and they have done your best.
The good times have just been delayed for a while.
Those girls have had to put up with so much all this time.
Especially Satsuki. She tries so hard, poor thing. After this...
When I get out of the hospital this time, I intend to spoil those girls.
Hey, hey!
Mom's laughing.
It looks like she's okay.
Well, I've got to get well in a hurry.
Who in the world?
What is it?
Just now, I could see Satsuki and Mei smiling in that pine tree there.
Maybe it's so, in spite of everything. Look!
For Mother
Totoro, Totoro
Totoro, Totoro
Someone stealthily,
buries nuts in the path
When a tiny sprout grows
you'll find a secret password
the passport to the forest
A wonderful adventure begins.
My neighbor Totoro, Totoro
Totoro, Totoro
has lived in the forest
since ancient times
My neighbor Totoro, Totoro
Totoro, Totoro
can only visit you
when you're a child
a wonderous meeting.
The rain falls at the bus stop,
if there's a drenched creature
open your umbrella for it.
The passport to the forest
the magic door opens.
My neighbor Totoro, Totoro
Totoro, Totoro
plays an ocarina on moonlit nights.
My neighbor Totoro, Totoro
Totoro, Totoro
if you ever meet
wonderful fortune
will come to you.
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