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Subtitles for Tora-San Our Lovable Tramp (1969 Yamada Japanese).

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Tora-San Our Lovable Tramp (1969 Yamada Japanese)

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It is cherry blossom time
In Katsushika town
It is 20 years ago. My old man and I had a big fiight
He knocked my head all bloody so I left home
I swore I'd never return again
But cherry blossoms reminded me ofhome
And the time we kids played at parks
River banks, and the temple
My parents and brother died
Only my sister's left. I heard
Still I didn't feel like returning, so I keep my silence
But now I'm looking at my birthplace
I feel something warm welling up in me
Yes, I was born in Shibamata at Katsushika, in Tokyo
Tora-San Our lovable tramp
I was born and bred in Katsushika
The surname's Kuruma, my given name's Torajiro!
People call me Hippie Tora
I know you can't marry because ofme
So a worthy brother I wanted to be
I tried my best but I could cry
The sun sets --- Iuck has passed me by
Let's change
Let me
Old folks, keep time tothe music!
This is Shibatama Daikyoji!
Who's he?
Never saw him before
Who is he? A local man?
Holy Priest
Holy Priest?
How doyou do
It's me, Tora!
You don't remember me? Heizo's son, Torajiro!
You hollered at me when I went into...
youryard to catch dragonflies!
Yes, I rememberyou
You really do?
Thank you!
You're Tora?
Still alive?
Uncle! How's uncle?
Alive and well!
I see!
Uncle. Aunt. I'm back again
Please don't bow
I can't greet you ifyou do
Figuring it out, I've been away 20 years
I'm sure my late parents and brother were indebted toyou
No, no, it's no so!
Ayoung brother, it's fresh ofme to greet you loudly!
So I'll just thank you and beg your pardon for staying away until now
Well, well, thanks
Moreover, as to my stupid sister's growing up...
It is all due toyour guidance and I don't know how tothank you
Uncle and Aunt, I thank you from the bottom ofmy heart
Neighbors all, I've been away a long time
Please remember me and be good for me
Enough offormal greetings
Uncle, please relax. You, too, Aunt.
You've come home a fiine man
You parents would be so proud...
Nothing much but a drink?
Excuse me, neighbors. Please come in
Bythe way, not yet?
What? Sakura? Overtime work
Working overtime?
Working at a neighborhood textile mill?
Ofcourse not. She is a key puncher
Key Pun...? I see
Handles the electronic computer at the Oriental Electric Appliances Co
Electronics? She's pretty great
It's an age ofelectronics
Oh, yes, I forgot!
This isn't much ofa present but...
Put it on, Aunt
An electron health band
Electrons chase out all the poison and rebuild the body
It's okay
Not gold?
Joking? It'd cost more than $D200,000 then
But it's not an imitation
Try it and you'll see
Tiny humps, see? Electrons
Enterthe bodyfrom yourwrist
It quickens blood circulation
Doesn't your bodyfeel lighter?
Good for high blood pressure, neuralgia
And forwoman's ills
Neighbors, come in and take a look
Back, Sakura?
I'm home
Are you really Sakura?
It's me. Don't you remember myface?
Who is he?
Don't you know?
Look close
Never mind. Nowonder
I up and left when you were only 5 or 6
Children grow up even without a family. Awfully big now
Yes! Your brother!
You're alive?
Have a hard time?
Good girl!
Going outside
Toilet's over here
Never mind
Isn't it nice?
Do not cry, my sister, do not cry
Forwe left our old home, you and I
ifyou cry, I'll never know why...
Come here
What is it?
I'll go alone
I should say not! You can't!
Theirwhole family's coming
I can't help it
We can't postpone it for his hangover
It'll ruin the marriage-meeting ifyou go alone!
I don't mind. My Chief's idea
Don't saythat! Have you had a better offer?
What'll I dothen?
Do? What a mess!
He's a fool!
I reminded him last night!
Aunt, what's up?
Today's Sakura's marriage-meeting is?
And whowants to marry her?
Her company's...
You be still! You worthless drunk!
Don't shout. My head aches
Now, now, don't fiight. What's up?
It's a wonderful offer!
Oriental's subcontractor likes hervery much
He wants herfor his son's wife
Your uncle was to gowith hertoday, but he drank too much
She says she'll go alone
I'm not interested anyway
You mean marriage-meetings are old hat?
Is that what you think?
Isn't it a mistake?
Yes, we told herthat too
Tora, will you go in my place?
Yes, it'd be a great help
Frankly, it's at a hotel
I don't want to shame Sakura
I'm not used tofiine hotels
Tora'd bejust right. Her brother
Aren't you busy?
No, I wasjust brushing myteeth
Hotel's English, but don't let it surprise you
Inn for lovers are called hotels now
Don't be scared!
The hotel
What is it?
You must be happyyour brother's back
Away 20 years?
Yourwork now?
What? Me?
I'm a salesman
What doyou sell?
Well...books mostly
Well, yes. Law and statistics too
Well, well
English, hypnotism, moxibustion
dreamreading, mental tests also
Nursing, taking out stains, suicide tales
whodunits, and soforth
Nothing to it. It's stupid work
A drink to get acquainted
Please drink
In March each year, there's a personnel reshuffle
All the Chiefs want Sakura then
Chief. Personnel calls it the Stove League
Orders come out during cherry blossom time
I'm sorry
Sakura (cherry) is an unusual name. Yourfather named you?
Yes, but written in Chinese letter
Yes, that's so
Like Cherry in Cherry Blossoms?
People think her surname's her name too
Kuruma Sakura's funny, they say
I see!
Sakura's funnywritten in Japanese
Pulled apart, it can mean, I'm worried about the girl upstairs.
That's good
Good, isn't it?
Chinese letters are fun
Corpse and Water become urine
Corpse and Rice become dung.
The funniest is Corpse and two Hee. Hee
I guess fart sounds like that to some people
Say, you!
No, thanks
I see. Fine as a cat with furfull ofashes
Laughing. It's funny?
There's more. The cat fell in the horse manure. Not very elegant?
Strange, isn't it, for a pretty girl...
to have a brotherwith a beat-up face?
Isn't it, Pal?
No, it's...
No, it isn't
Nowonder. She's my half-sister
You're tight
Tell us some othertime
No, I can't. Poor girl. I have to clear it up
My old man was a woman chaser
My old lady's a geisha
My old man told me he sired me when he was dead drunk
Not through
When my old man beat me up, he'd say...
I begot you when I was dead drunk, soyou're a fool.
It used to make me so mad!
He fathered me when he was drunk
Should've been serious!
Excuse me
Where to, Mother?
Toilet? Please. Please
Can't put offgoing there
Me too. I'll gotoo
Don't worry! Be right back!
I'm quick at it
Being fast is sort ofan art too.
Wish I could show you how fast I am
I'm going
Mother! Which way?
Listen, where's the toilet?
We're back!
Don't worry! I went alone with her!
So it was a great success! Through
Is it true? A success?
I wonder. Afailure?
Don't you cry, sister ofmine...
Who's wetting myfence?
You octopus!
What about you? Noisyfrom morning till night!
Don't you know there's a girl here?
Come here a minute!
Crazyworking all daylong!
Goto bed when the sun sinks!
You lousy man!
I was born and bred in Shibamata, Katsushika, Tokyo
I'm Torajiro Kuruma, but called Hippie Tora!
Like you, Tokyo ofthe neon lights andjazz is my abode now
Fate threw us together 'V
I'm working like everything for my only sister
Whether I travel west or east
I'm always indebted tothe local folks
Please rememberyours trulythe Ugly Japanese, and help me!
Excuse me
I'm sorry about yesterday
No, no. Sit down
Hard getting him home?
Mr. Kamakura was here. He asked to be remembertoyou
So I'll give you the answerfiirst
I know. He came to refuse?
Yes. I'm sorry
It's all right. I knew it.
I see
I'm sorry
It's all right
Magazines, folks
Dirt cheap. A big bargain
All sorts ofmagazine
All cheap
Lousy sales pitch!
Can't you do better? Dummy!
Pal? Pal Tora?
I searched foryou!
You're trash! I said go home and help yourfolks!
I'm desperate! Take your pick!
So desperate I'd bite into a sun-ripened eggplant!
But can't with store-bought teeth!
Girls, made up pretty,
Would pay 500 or 600 yen at department stores!
Know why it's cheap?
A bookstore couldn't paytax 'V a sacrifiice sale!
$D400! $D300! $D200! $D100! How about it?
You still won't buy? All right then!
I'm back! ls my sister in?
There you are!
Don't hold back! Come in!
I'll introduce toyou to sis. Hurry up!
She's working in an offiice. She's way above you.
Noboru's like a brother
He's a fool that you can see, but the poor devil has nofamily
We're going towork together, so look after him
Why are you looking so sunk? What's up?
How can you act so unconcerned? Apologize!
What's bugging you?
Sakura's marriage! She was turned down!
She was? She was turned down?
Isn't she plain lucky?
That immature slob!
She'll have a string ofsuitors
A hard time refusing them!
I see. That's whyyou were drinking?
Like a desperate egg-plant
Dark and good to eat
But can't with store teeth!
Stop it, fools!
Let me talk!
Tora, she was turned down because ofyou!
She can't expect a better offer!
Frankly, Sakura's an orphan and has no dowry.
When it came to marriage,
it's been harderthan we'd care to say!
Speak right up then!
She can't marry because ofme?
Stop it. I'm resigned to it
Yes, that's important
And you asked me to goto the marriage-meeting. Griping hag
What's that? Hag?
Mad, old fossil?
How can you?
You're indebted to him! Apologize!
Apologize? Only a kid sister- don't be fresh!
You are! Acting the big brother!
Don't you know how you've made me worry?
How dare you slap her?
Don't be rough!
What're you? Afactory hand?
Go ahead, Hiroshi! You've my permission! Give it to him good!
Sure, go ahead! What have I done anyway?
Try and hit me!
How about it? Did it hurt? I didn't hit you!
It was your dead father's fiist!
A laugh! His hurt more!
When you left, your pa was worried sick!
When I saw you again,
I thought he'd be so happy ifhe could see you!
But I'm glad he's dead!
I bet he'd think sotoo ifhe saw you like this!
He's thinking so underthe sod!
Sakura, my medicine
What is it?
Pull yourselftogether!
Don't stare!
Is Uncle all right?
Yes, he is
Let me!
It's late!
Hurry! You'll be late forwork!
My brother left!
Sis. I'm sorry about last night.
I'm going away but I'll always be praying your happiness.
Take care of Noboru for me. Goodbye.
Yourfoolish brother, Torajiro.
There he is!
Pal! Wait for me!
Don't mind! Go on!
Pal! Have a heart! Don't leave me behind!
Brother! Don't go!
Boatman! Come back!
Don't go back even ifthey call you
You wouldn't know but mine's a hard world
Why are you going away?
Special letter
Special delivery? Whofrom?
From Fuyuko Tsubouchi in Nara.
The priest's daughter
Miss Tsubouchi?
You read it.
Are you all well?
I have been in Nara almost 3 months.
I am well now and Father has come for me, so I am coming home.
Today, while I was showing father around,
we ran into a rate man.
It seems sofunny remembering it.
Not tired?
It's very noisy around here
Hey, Tora-san!
Beautiful, fiine, fiine
Even beauty has its drawbacks
Beautiful but I'm all fagged out
No decent meals
But you folks eat steaks
Right, Master?
The good priest!
Well, well, how doyou do
Thank you forthat time
Here to see how people live?
Why're you here? Your relatives are worried
I was selling things in Kyoto
I got hold with them - Take them here and there
You do get around. She's beautiful. I'll leave now
Fool! My daughter!
Forget? You nicknamed her Popeye and teased her
You remember him?
Yes. You're Tora? You haven't changed at all
He left the foreigners and stayed with us all day long
Here I go. Please smile
Please smile, sir
I've none ofyou smiling
Yes, a pokerface. Smile
Be still! I'll smile! Hurry!
Smile. Smile now
What's that?
Anyway, hurry!
What's the matter?
It's cheese. You mean cheese?
What about cheese?
Never mind! Hurry!
Yes, yes, here I go smile, please.
Ifyou'll excuse me...
Tora, not returning to Shibamata
So, please excuse me
Why? Wouldn't Sakura want you to?
She can't even marrywith a brother like me
He knows about it
I won't insist, but live decently
You'll be laughed at wearing those
Thank you foryour kindness
Please be good to Sakura
Not going home? It's a shame
Ifyou'll excuse me...
Leaving at 9 tomorrow. Call me ifyou change you mind
Thank you
Sowe parted from Tora. We goto Kishu tomorrow
We may be home before this card reaches you.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
What's he doing in Nara?
Selling kimono goods?
Imitation silk, I'll bet
He's a fool, a real fool
He should help out here
Shouldn't he?
Maybe he can't live a decent live
He must know it
Excuse me
200 yen's worth ofsweets, please
200 yen's worth ofsweets, please
You will? Thanks
Go out the back way. It's nearer
I see. Thanks
Humming. She likes him too?
Yes. Leave them alone. It maywork out
Leave them alone?
Tora would ruin it
I'm back. How doyou do
Welcome back
You seem verywell
We were talking about you. Please
Received your card today
I see. You're both well?
Yes, thank you. The good priest?
He's tired. He sent his regards
I see. Thank you
Say, tea
You must be tired
You saw Tora overthere?
Yes, accidentally
I see
He up and left a month ago. We've noword from him since
We've been worried about him. Is the fool well?
Miss, I saw the good priest and the luggage safely home
He's pretty old
His hips hurt, his knees knock - a bother
Hi, Uncle and Aunt. You're well? I see. Good.
Miss told you? So I'll stay a few day
It's burning
I missed this place. It hasn't changed a bit
Just an old dump. See the people here are creaking too
Sakura home?
I'd like to see her. At work?
She's home...
She is?
What happened? Back so suddenly!
See Fuyuko? And then?
Worried about you, so I tagged along
After her? I see
She's here
Back? It's nice!
Sakura was worried
Acting familiar!
Don't come into other people's yard!
Don't think you can hook Sakura!
A college graduate for her!
She's too good forfactory hands!
Ifyou know, get lost! She's not married yet
Don't gape
I'm leaving
You are?
You still alive?
Miss! A present!
He's a fool, really a fool
Hi. Gain a lot!
What's up? Still a fool?
That scum! Only a gangster!
Big trouble!
My men went to Edogawa Rivertofiight Tora! What'll we do?
Tell the police? A goryfiight?
Think so? It's terrible!
Say, stop fiighting! Don't fiight!
Hey, acting like a pup caught bythe pound man!
Tora and your man's talking it out!
Is Hiroshi safe?
Simmer down!
Is he safe?
Hiroshi's okay. He can handle a couple ofmen like him!
Any complaints?
Sakura's husband must be a university man?
Sure! Griping? Fight it out then?
Tell me. Are you a university graduate?
For instance, you love someone
What would you do ifher brother said that toyou?
What? I love someone and her brother...?
Fool! Got none! Don'tjoke!
But ifyou did, you'd feel like I do
Not me! Don't insult me!
Why? You're dumb
We're not the same
If I eat a potato, would it make you fart?
See? Just horse sense is no help!
Speak up!
Brother. A question
Ever been in love?
How about it? Not even once?
Ifyou're a man, you must've loved someone deeply once. Have you?
What, you bum? You're in love with Sakura, aren't you?
Talking about love and a whole lot ofnonsense!
In a word, you want to marry her?
I wouldn't go sofar...
Not in love?
Yes, I love her
What then? Make yourselfclear!
So as I said, I've nofamily and I'm not a university graduate...
See here, you. Can't you marry ifyou're not?
I see. That's your rule?
So brother, l...!
Don't call me Brother so easy like!
Okay, then, go ahead
It's a democracy. Dating, kissing, petting - give herthe works
Yes? Can you hook a girl with you face?
Sakura's got a strong mind. You're confiident?
No? Awful ifshe turns you down
You make me cry! I'll give you some pointers
Please, Brother
Too soon to call me that!
In short, the eyes catch girls
I don't mean to stare like this. They'd think you're crazy
Sojust a quick glance
Like this
I'll pierce her like Cupid's arrow
So she looks at you
Quick, you look down
She'll look surprised
Meet her eyes then, don't let them go
Gaze at herwistfully, longingly, asking herto pamperyou
I'll mesmerize her
So give a last push --- talk with your eyes
with my eyes
Sure, theytalk. Watch me
About what?
What? Oat! They said, I love you!
What is it? Dust in your eyes?
No. Dusty here now, isn't it?
Not here
It's caught. I'll turn it around
Don't move, Miss!
What is it?
Came for a look see
A big company. How many employees?
About 1200 here
Men all university grads?
Most ofthem
Why'd you come here?
I just dropped in
I'd better run along
That reminds me. What doyou think about that?
You know. Hiroshi next door
What about him?
Nothing. Just asking
What doyou mean?
Nothing. Nothing at all
Are the toilets here foreign ones?
Yes. Why?
My regards tothe president
Sorryto botheryou
Working overtime, men?
Fine, fiine. Work beats poverty any day
How was it?
Nothing doing.
Give up. No hope
Did you ask her?
Sure thing. You're notalker so I put it to her good
That I want to marry her?
Sure, but there's no chance
I see
Cheer up. Let's gofor a drink
Here we go. Getting formal on me. What is it?
Have you ever been in love?
I know. I know how you feel
Go ahead, cry. Have a good cry
Say, don't stand around! It's nofree show!
Get towork, lazy pigs!
Noworkmen's spirit?
What's the matter?
I can see yourwindow from my room
When I wake up I watch you
You open the curtains, yawn and put awaythe bedding
On Sundays, you sing
On winter nights, you read and cry
During my 3 years in the factory
I enjoyed seeing you every morning!
It was the onlything I looked forward to!
I'm leaving but please become happy!
What's going on? What did he come here to say?
Brother, what happen inside the factory?
Nothing,...what did he say?
He said he will leave here!
Brother, wait a minute!
Tora, what have you did to him?
What's the matter, yourface is so red?
Nojokes anymore, he wanted to resign!
Without him, the factorywill be fiinish
That's a good thing?
He needn't slave in a dirty place
Tell him I praised him.
Tell me what you said and did.
Nothing much. I said to give you up
Can't be helped?
Then coming to my offiice...?
Yes. You behaved coldly
I didn't!
Boss! Hiroshi really left!
Is it true?
Leave him be!
Fool! You big fool!
I was thinking ofSakura's happiness!
Don't meddle!
What? Me meddle?
Yes! lfyou hadn't, it would've turned out well!
Fool! It's a laugh!
What lout can't even hold hands!
Hiroshi a lout?
He's my chiefengineer!
We mayfold up without him!
Good. More sunshine!
Repeat that!
Didn't get me? More sunshine then!
You don't know how hard it is for small enterprises!
Shut up!
Get out!
Yes, that's best!
It wouldn't have happened ifyou hadn't come back!
That does it!
Kicking me out?
It's the end ifyou say it!
Okay. I'm the odd man here! I'll never come back!
Shut up!
Tothink you'd say it!
I'm back
Brother. I'm going to marry Hiroshi
We're engaged
Boss! Hiroshi's back!
You don't mind? Doyou, Brother?
Where were you? They're waiting!
I know! I know!
I clean forgot my note was due today!
The go-between?
I'm here!
Octopus! Where were you hiding?
Making people worry! Ruining the wedding?
It's beginning!
Why're you here? Go away!
What is it?
Please introduce both families
Wait. Both families?
A mistake? His old man's farming in Hokkaido
After a fiight, he cut offhis ties with him
So he wouldn't come
A mistake. Let's go
Tora, see him and then...
Say, girl. No, no, a mistake
I'm sorry, Mister
I'm his father
I'm his mother
Suwa...Honorary Professor
How doyou read his name?
I don't know
He didn't want to come
Afiine professor!
A phony?
I'll take you. Please smile
I was bad awhile and was expelled from school
He cut me offthen! want no part ofhim!
But he came from Hokkaido?
Just for appearance's sake!
Starting pretty soon
I understand
I knew he lacked manners
Don't worry. Leave it to me. I'll handle it
Please applaud!
The groom, Hiroshi...Suwa
He was born in lshikari County...the 3rd son...
I'm sorry I'm such a poor go-between
Stupid octopus!
Hiroshi and Sakura quarreled
Sorry! A mistake
I mean theyfell in love after he had a big fiight with her brother
It started when her brother said
nofactory hand could marry his sister
I didn't!
Unlike Torajiro, Sakura was a gentle and warm-hearted child
She'd go out and crywith him when he cried, scolded by his father
She was like that
On the other hand, Torajiro...
You're too slow
That face --- Iaughing at a poor man's wedding!
Ifhe speaks, he'd insult us! Don't let him!
We have to. The groom's father
No, let me talk!
I'll tell him what's what!
You against it?
No, no. After his father
I'm last?
Okay, fiine. Forget and I'll bust your head!
It was a very nice wedding
And now, a word from the parents ofthe newlyweds
First, Hiroshi's father, Mr. 'K lchiro Suwa
Ordinarily, as the father ofthe groom
I should thank you all
But we do not have the right to do so
But even parents like us feel like all parents
In all frankness, I saw my son for the fiirst time in 8 years
Watching him surrounded byyourfriendship
and Sakura's gentle love...
I can hardly bearthe shame I feel
What did I dofor my son as a parent?
My guilty conscience tells me what an inadequate father I was
I know mywife who is beside me is thinking the same thing
These 8 years were a long, long winterto us.
But due toyou, spring is coming to us at last
I thank you, everyone
Please take care of Hiroshi
Sakura's brother. Please keep an eye on both ofthem
Thank you!
I know Hiroshi is very happy!
Thank you!
Sakura, isn't it nice?
Thank you! Thank you!
I'm back!
Took the sweets tothe temple
Thanks. Was Miss in?
Yes. She said you must be lonelywithout Sakura
She's gentle
He's around?
Pal, Miss said you must be lonelytoo.
Joking? Feels nice without that tomboy!
That so?
She said to come over
Going out, Uncle
Not much ofan errand. Having mywatch repaired
I see. Gothen
Oh, yes, the temple wants their bath fiixed, so I'll go over
Yes, gothere
Why'd you say, Thanks for?
Trying to needle me?
No. I'm sorry if I upset you. I didn't mean to
Just soyou know
Take yourtime
Take mytime?
I said I'd be right back!
I've notime to loaf! What doyou mean?
I'm sorry
Now, now, he meant no harm
Noboru apologized
Just so he knows
I'm going
Yes, do
When she was at home, I thought Sakura noisy and bossy
But the house seems deserted now that she's gone
I know. Especially since she's your only kin
That's right
You're thinner?
Yes, about 8 pounds
You're pale too
No appetite
That's bad! You'll become sick!
All right?
I expect so
Who's he?
Listen...let's go and chase awaythe blues
I feel depressed too
Let's go
Quick! Quick
Well done
I'll treat you. I won $D2000
This dump?
Never mind
Eat it while it's hot. It's good
It's good
Sure. Cat's inside
No, it isn't!
Fooling her again! Saw you strangle one! Can't fool me, I know!
Why can't I sing?
Whistling was a childhood friend. Whistling whenever I chose
Everybody's asleep
Shall we goto sleep too?
Tora, goodbye
Good night
I could killer her, loving her so
But I nevertouch her, you know
Laugh at me a sentimental fool
I'm nowolf, I play it cool
It's the rule that I live by...
I'm home
What the... The stair's over here
He's a really a fool
Hot every day, isn't it?
Excuse me. Going fiishing with Miss
Fool! Where are your eyes?
Watch out, dim it!
A guest?
I'm sorry. I promised to gotoday?
It's all right. Please, please
I'm sorry!
Going home?
A relative?
Yes, he's going to become one
Fuyuko's future husband
Had a hard time, but I found a good man
Don't tell anyone yet
I could kill her, loving her so...
Miss, laugh at me
I could die, loving you so...
Thank you
This one?
You may break it?
Oh sorry!
You're back?
Sakura, when'd you get back?
Late yesterday
I see. A nice honeymoon?
Yes. Thank you for everything
No at all. Fine, fiine!
Is Tora back, Noboru?
At the temple. He promised Miss
It's awful. Sakura!
I saw Miss Fuyuko's groom at the temple
She has one?
University professor. Afiine man
Tora ran intothem
Oh, no!
Gen told me.
Where is he?
He left, his face pale as a ghost
He won't drown himself?.
He will rave tonight. I beg out
Awful! Awful!
Does he love her so much?
Does he? I'll say. Doesn't he?
Everybody knows he went there every day afteryourwedding
There's gossip?
Only he didn't knew
Miss is so gentle, she didn't mind, I guess
But he was a nuisance
Miss should have told him off!
She's to blame too
No! It was Tora's mistake tofall in love with her
That's so
He fault, so he can't complain
But it's troublesome
Sakura, get me my pillow. I feel sort oftired
Poor man. I wonderwhat he's doing
What's he doing? He's really a fool
Don't saythat. He's my brother
But he's a fool.
You were back?
What were you doing?
I don't know
Here all along?
I heard
Don't laugh!
Boss! Phone!
Say! Phone call!
We got back last night. Thanks a lot
I see. That's fiine. Fine
What's up?
What would there be?
I'm in pain
Medicine for my heart
What happened?
Where to?
I meant to, anyway
Brother, I don't know what to say
Never mind
You're really mad?
Forgot it. It's one ofthose things
A lie. you're really angry
You've no place to go!
You're a fool!
Listen, Tora! Really going away?
Your home's there?
So go home. Be a good son
But Pal!
Get this, kid. It's about time you thought ofyour age
Can't even sell stuffand tagging along
Everthink how you'll end up?
What'll you do? End up like me?
Yes, I want to be like you
Become a fool like me? You that big a fool?
Pal! Take me along with you!
Fool! Don't act like a spoiled brat!
Want the truth? I'm sick and tired ofyour sugaryface!
Get lost!
Get lost, I said!
I will! That suit you?
What're you gaping at? It's no show!
The baby's smiling. It's smiling at me
Good baby. Good baby
Who does he take after?
Never mind!
How about it?
Well...not exactly like Sakura...
Not like Hiroshi either
But like someone?
Stop it, Aunt!
It's Tora
Yes, you're right
Oh, no!
A card foryour daughter
I'll send it on to her. Leave it
Is she well?
Yes, getting along fiine. She's plumper, she says
Now, now, don't cry, Tora. Don't cry!
Dear Mrs. Tsubouchi: I haven't written toyou a long time.
It's over a year since I left home.
Time does fly. I heard my sister has a child and I am very happy.
A stupid sister but my only kin, so pleased be good to her.
When I think back, I'm ashamed ofmanythings.
So I spend my days with Noboru regretting what I did.
I beg you toforget them toofrom the bottom ofmy heart.
Girls, made up pretty,
A bookstore couldn't paytax 'V a sacrifiice sale!
$D400! $D300! $D200! $D100! How about it?
You still won't buy? All right then!
I'm desperate! Take your pick!
So desperate I'd bite into a sun-ripened eggplant!
But can't with store-bought teeth!
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