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Subtitles for Torpedo bombers (Torpedonosty).

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Torpedo bombers (Torpedonosty)

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First Artistic Association
Dedicated to the pilots of the Red Banner Northern Fleet
Based on the war stories by Yuri GERMAN
Screenplay by Svetlana CARMALITA
Directed by Semyon ARANOVICH
Director of Photography Vladimir ILYIN
Production Designer Isaac KAPLAN
Music by Alexander KNAIFEL Sound by Galina LUKINA
English Subtitles by Tatiana Kameneva
R. NAKHAPETOV as Belobrov A. ZHARKOV as Cherepets
A. BOLTNEV as Gavrilov S. SADALSKY as Dmitrienko
T. KRAVCHENKO as Maroussia
The baby's awake.
Go to sleep!
- We could cover his eyes. - No.
- Today is your birthday. - My birthday, not yours.
- Shura... - So we'll do as I say.
Right, baby? You agree, don't you?
The Plotnikovs are already up.
Good morning. What's up?
The day I get shot down, it'll be too late.
You're a big idiot.
Your foot.
Good morning from the officers' club broadcasting room!
And now, for our first program...
An early bird.
- Good morning, sister! - Good morning, Colonel.
- I'm only a first lieutenant. - And we're nurses.
You may be a nurse, but she's my kid sister.
One, two, three...
- You've only gotten up to three? - Thirty-three!
Hold it, Diehard.
- Morning. - Morning.
Shall we have a smoke, Sergei?
May I, Commander?
One, two, push!
You think you're strong enough for that?
Cherepets, come here a second, please.
Why are you picking on them?
They had the nerve to question my honesty.
I went to the theatre last night and they were in my seats.
So they said I had the phony tickets.
They said to my girl:
"Your sergeant here has got a phony pair of tickets..."
Are you positive the tickets were authentic?
Major, sir, you know me.
How can you even think that I would fake tickets?
What's new in the naval air force?
Cherepets is up to his neck in a big ticket fraud scandal.
It's not true! Yesterday, I was given two theatre tickets.
I went there, and they were sitting in my seats.
And they said, "Your tickets are false".
Look at their smug mugs, but all they know is "check your torpedo"...
- What's all this about? - Cherepets forged the tickets.
- That's not true! - Dismissed!
I can't give you an answer until after the flight.
Yes, on orders.
Well, we'll discuss that when I get back.
Dmitrienko, you just might lose your teeth.
I can do it for four minutes now, Colonel.
As soon as I add another minute, I'm going to put on a show for you.
Forget it. Stop making a circus out of my regiment.
You would hang there while the music played, that's your show?
No, I won't allow such disgrace.
- What kind of jam is it? - Apricot.
Fall in, men!
Right dress!
General, the special torpedo and mine regiment is in formation.
How are you today? Let's hear you.
Fine, thank you, Commander!
Our scouts report the existence of a fascist convoy in the area.
That means work for everybody. We'll cover you up.
- Any changes in contact? - Radio contact is the same.
Weather forecast?
Cloud density from six to eight. Visibility ten meters maximum.
- Go on. - Yes, sir.
To furnish us with technical
and tactical data on possible torpedo launching, will go...
- Lieutenant Kurochkin. - Here!
- And Captain Gavrilov. - Yes, sir!
The choice of crew is yours.
- Permission to fall in? - You're more than a minute late.
- By my watch... - You might as well get rid of it.
- May I fall in now? - You may.
Regiment, dismissed!
Major Plotnikov!
You'll take the lieutenant.
I'll take Gavrilov.
- You want to fly with me? - All right.
The plane's ready for takeoff, Commander.
Shall I get the second plane ready?
Alignment is okay.
Remove the right clamp.
My son's teacher wrote me
that Igor almost drowned himself in a barrel.
He'll make a good marine.
Navigator, we'll be the first to take off.
It was a great gag, Lieutenant!
The way he threw his watch away.
You two would make a good act. Anyone else in this circus troupe?
You must admit I've got the most original act.
Remind me to tell you which part of your body you should hang from.
Stop pulling my leg!
Now, that's something!..
That's too much! Atta-boy!
Gavrilov, you're with Dmitrienko.
- Dmitrienko, hold it! - Holding.
Gavrilov's going with you.
- Dmitrienko, I'm flying with you. - Well, so be it.
Let's go, Diehard! You, too, Gavrilov.
Ready for takeoff, Commander.
Good. Look after the lieutenant colonel for us.
Follow me, Lieutenant Colonel.
We'll fix you up with a parachute.
You have to pull up, Lieutenant Colonel.
- Have you removed the clamps? - Yes.
Ready to saddle up, Yuri?
It's Shoura's birthday today.
We thought maybe you and your spouse, Nastya,
would like to come to our little party.
Your invitation is accepted.
- Need some help? - Yeah.
- Everything alright in there? - Fine.
Not too tough for the lieutenant colonel?
Everything's just fine, Major.
In that case, let's take off.
Pull here only in an emergency.
Now, this "mama" gets hooked up to this "papa".
Now I'm switching you on.
You'll be able to hear and to speak.
- It's not bad in here... - We've got a great view.
And if all goes as scheduled,
you'll see how the boat explodes. It's even a better view from there.
Anything to report, navigator?
- Any problems, navigator? - Nothing to report.
I want the weather and the time.
Bespashko might've been right. My watch is on the blink.
This is Poppy-6. Requesting permission to take off.
Permission granted.
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-6. Requesting permission to take off.
Poppy-6, this is Flowerbed. Permission granted.
Shoura, come in the house. They'll do without our boys today.
They didn't!
- What did you say? - I say they didn't do without them.
- Which plane is theirs? - How do I know?
I don't know anything...
You got scared, didn't you, esteemed doggy?
Are you begging for mercy?
- You promise not to bite? - Yes.
Out you go!
Take that! How could you be late today?
- You know what day it is? - November 17.
- Yes, well? - We met a year ago today.
Watch out! Gases!
Thanks. See you!
All clear!
- Why, it's Sasha Belobrov! - Hi, Kilia!
Shoura, Belobrov is here!
Well, how are you doing here?
All right. Drop by our barber's shop sometime.
Shoura, look who's here!
Can I warm up? - Sasha!
- Why do you feel so hot? - That's a hot-water bottle.
- Is everybody all right? - Yes. We speak about you often.
- And now I'm here. - I don't believe it.
- How is Nastya? - That's where you've been wounded?
He's got his arms and legs, that's what counts.
Nastya's gotten married.
- Kilia, go get some firewood! - It's already done.
- Get some water, then! - That's done, too.
I believe in telling the truth.
Yes, Sasha, she is right.
What happened to your face?
The doctors say it will heal.
Plotnikov, right?
- Of course... - Sasha, wait!
She was going to write to you. I was the one who told her not to.
I thought it would be better this way.
Today is my birthday. Come back tonight.
Everyone will be happy to see you. Please, say you'll come.
After all, it's my birthday!
Kilia, how could you do such a thing?
General, I've intercepted a message.
The Germans have issued a warning along the entire coast.
Flowerbed, this is Clover. Mission completed.
Clover, this is Flowerbed. Message received.
Flowerbed, this is Marigold. The Poppies are coming closer.
Roger. Thanks.
Good work, Fomenko, right on time.
- Flowerbed, this is Poppy-1 . - Poppy-1 , this is Flowerbed.
This is Poppy-1 . The orchestra is playing as scheduled.
We'll do our work now. Do you read me? Over.
Poppy-1 , this is Flowerbed. You may proceed.
Let's go!
Poppies, this is Poppy-1 . It's dispersal time.
Navigator, the second boat on the right is our target.
I got it.
A little more to the right, Sergei. That's fine.
- Fire! - Yes, fire!
Commander, our left fuel tank has been hit!
Commander, we're losing fuel!
- The engine's on fire! - I said, fire!
- The left tank is hit! - Shut up!
I said, attack!
Commander, the torpedo's hit water.
The torpedo has been launched! Report it!
The torpedo has been launched!
- The torpedo... - Shut up!
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-6.
Come on, calm down. Everything will be all right...
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-6! This is Poppy-6...
More to the right.
Go ahead, Commander. A little bit more...
Even more. Right, Commander.
Good... A little more to the right.
To the right.
We're on fire, navigator.
Forget about the torpedoes now!
Forget about the torpedoes...
I'm sorry, buddy! I'm sorry...
Sasha, you are back! Did you hear? It's so awful!
Listen to a young girl from Moscow, Olga Ivanchenko.
You wrote that you were wounded in combat...
Excuse me, Lieutenant, but I'm afraid you're at the wrong table.
No, guys, he's at the right table.
- When did you get back? - This morning.
- Then you've heard? - Yes...
- Sasha Belobrov, welcome back! - Oh, Belobrov, long time no see!
We were told you've been transferred to another regiment.
No, I was on leave.
- Sasha! - Diehard!
How are you? You, old son of a gun...
- You saw how it was with Fomenko? - Yes.
- And Plotnikov? - I saw it, Sasha.
I have a terrible headache...
I'm like a broken-down engine, a broken-down engine.
- Have you brought cigarettes? - No... sorry.
It stinks.
I'm a broken-down engine, with no cigarettes, imagine!
That's versification.
- You need a rest. - Will you two be flying together?
Just before takeoff, Fomenko sent Gavrilov with Dmitrienko.
Maroussia, Cherepets is sending his love.
Life is strange, isn't it?
What d'you mean?
Women never listen.
I have been telling Nastya, warning her:
"Don't drop Belobrov. He'll be back."
Now, look what happened. Plotnikov is dead.
- You've got the green light. - I don't get it.
Of course, you do. Every cloud has a silver lining.
Now I've got it.
Sasha? Belobrov!
Sasha! Belobrov!
Sasha, wait!
- I didn't recognize you. - It's so good to see you!
- When did you get back? - This morning.
I guess you know what's happened.
After so many years of soldiering, each time it's a shock.
- Are you going to the garrison? - Yes, sir.
- Get in. - Thank you.
Would you believe it? They found my Igor in an orphanage.
- Have you heard from Lyalya? - Nothing from Lyalya yet.
At flight school, Fomenko was the best.
- Moukhine, step on it! - Our brakes are not very good...
How are you feeling, are you ready to go back to work?
I'm ready and can work very well, General.
- Did you know Plotnikov? - He was a friend.
Yeah, these things happen... Someone should go see the families.
It's funny. Take this place.
We've got everything we need: a barber's shop, even a theatre...
Life could be so simple, so pleasant. War is an ugly thing.
Shoura, we'd better get two chairs from Nastya.
Sasha, I'll have a smoke here.
It's open!
I'm so happy you've come, Sasha. Take your coat off.
Nastya! Mother!
You don't forget your friends, do you?
- Belobrovik is here! - How are you?
It's been three months, Sasha. Were you wounded?
Wounded and contused. I was telling you about it, mom.
Nastya, we've got company.
Take off your jacket. Nastya'll be right here. Why the sour face?
- Did they feed you well there? - Mother, is that really important?
I survived...
Sasha, look at me.
Sasha, look at me!
- They... - They... never returned?
They are being late.
- Shoura... - Never returned...
What is it? What's wrong? What happened, I don't understand?
What never returned? Was it their plane?
Yes, Maria...
Sasha, what a nice surprise!
- But they are alive. - They never returned...
- Their plane didn't return. - They never returned?
The plane didn't return.
Say something!
Shoura, calm down... Wait, Shoura.
This is Lieutenant Belobrov.
I said this is Lieutenant Belobrov speaking.
They are not coming back, mommy!
Oh, mommy!..
- Nastya. - They didn't return.
You already told them, didn't you?
Dear Mother,
I want to inform you that your son, Fyodor Cherepets, have got a medal.
Now, I've got even more important news.
Her name is Maroussia, she works in the canteen.
We've decided we'd like to have three children.
- I burned the meat at lunch. - Yes, it's such a beautiful day!
Let's go for a walk. Who knows it may be freezing tomorrow.
My girl can reach her ear with her feet.
I'd be surprised if your Maroussia could use her body like that.
All right, let's go grub some fish.
Fyodor, women like men who are rough and aggressive.
And you, like Diehard, only run after them and sniff.
- Come on, stop it. - Fyodor!
Come on, sailors, move it! It's almost low tide.
We're coming!
It's absolutely clear that Maroussia's unloading the margarine.
I'll go help her.
- Hey, watch where you're going! - Stop screaming!
We've got equipment to unload stuff. What's the winch for?
What winch? This is sabotage! What's your name?
I'll buy her a warm coat, with a fur collar.
What's happened here?
What is it you're mumbling? May I ask what is so funny?
What's your name, Sergeant?
Please, Lieutenant, he didn't do it on purpose.
Igor is coming very soon. What a life, huh?
Just a second. Are you flying because of my report?
- Yes. You're Semetchkin? - Semouzhkin.
I fired at that Messerschmitt from as close as thirty meters.
I've never seen anything like it, the shells just came off.
- You expect us to believe that? - I swear!
I used the hyperbola. I gave it to him from 30 meters.
- And you couldn't bring him down? - I couldn't. He was untouchable.
You're not just a poor shot. You're a poor shot with imagination.
I'm glad there aren't many like you.
What d'you know, he used the hyperbola.
And now the respected people have to investigate on his report.
- To fly they don't know where. - To look they don't know for.
- We know what for. - To report on what never happened.
Don't worry, Semouzhkin, we'll keep your secret.
The plane is ready for takeoff, Lieutenant.
- Well, flying together again? - Sure thing.
Wait, little sister!
- How are you, sister? - I'm fine, Colonel.
- I'm a lieutenant, not a colonel. - And I'm a nurse, not a sister.
Look, it's the political officer.
- Ready for takeoff? - Yes, we are.
If you find that plane, try to land.
Semouzhkin claims he could not have missed it.
He talked our ears off about it.
The Germans are experimenting with new night sights on these planes.
- That's why we're going. - All right.
I read your report, Belobrov.
It's a pretty nasty story. An ugly story.
What would you have done, if you had been in my place?
I understand you as a man, but I can't approve.
- May I leave now? Good luck!
It's departure time.
It's bad luck to whistle in an airplane.
- How about singing? - If it's a love song, it's okay.
I heard they found a huge whale on the shore in Guildin.
How come they jump up on the shore?
It had too much margarine to eat, and it felt real awful.
So awful that the whale made up his mind to end it all.
And as soon as he washed up onto the shore, he was all in tears.
All he wanted was to see some Maroussia once more.
Come on, Lieutenant, is this your idea offun?
No, it's not... but imagine the poor whale.
Look, the Messerschmitt is down there.
Yes, that's him, Commander!
I'm going to make a circle and try landing.
This is the one from Semouzhkin's report.
You can see the bullet holes: they're all over.
I wonder how it was able to stay in the air.
Just as we were told, the night sight is here.
- Does this ace bother you? - No, let him sit.
- How old do you think he is? - Our age, I guess.
Take cover! The fascists!
Run, Sasha!
- Did you do it? - I pulled it off!
I shouted to you: "Fascists!" And you ran like rabbits!
Everything's all right now.
Commander, why are you flying that way?
I'm flying the right way.
- Are you looking for Plotnikov? - Right.
Look where the part of the fuselage was thrown off, and the wing, too.
It must have been quite an impact.
I wish we could land.
Well, heading home?
In the sky the sun is bright, River ducks are quacking.
My sweetheart holds me tight, All he knows is necking.
- Artyukhov! - Artyukhov's listening.
Where can I get a fly now?
Seek and ye shall find. Spring's almost here.
And what shall I do then?
You dry up a green fly, make it into powder and put it in her food.
- Whose food? - Your love interest's
- Why? - It excites them.
- Who? - Who do you think, huh?
- Then what do I do? - Then comes the best part.
I put on some soft music and leave.
Like I have to go to the post office. And you two are left alone.
No, she wouldn't do it. She is not like that.
You must work on it.
Once you've gotten the first kiss, you're in.
Then the chemistry gets working.
You should kiss her for as long as you can hold your breath.
No, she is not like that.
If you look at air force statistics, you'll see that there are those
who fly and those who just hang around the airfields.
Still we're all called pilots. That's what kills me.
You look like a watermelon with this haircut of yours.
Our guys talked to people
from the British Royal Air Force. You know how they handle it?
With them, if you're a master sergeant flying as a gunner,
and the other one is a major who never flies,
then you can have a bathtub, and he, the major...
The English don't have master sergeants, only regular sergeants.
And they're all redheads. Like they all had the same father.
A very apt observation.
And they're liars like all pilots.
To hear them, they're all heroes, but actually they're ordinary guys.
Well, if you want it straight,
you've got enough suckers in your kitchen, too.
- What's wrong with him? - Nothing...
- What is he doing? - His evening workout.
- What is that there? - Where?
Just a joke.
I have to go. Shall we say goodbye?
I guess you must report back, too.
Well, good night.
Maroussia, let's stop pretending.
What do we need that for?
Stop it! What's wrong with you, lousy hero?
I've had enough of it.
You all behave like animals.
You're on your leave, but what do I have to do with it?
- As if that's all that counts... - Maroussia, I'm sorry.
Look who's here! Small world!
Nice to see you, Lieutenant.
- You can't smoke here. - Sorry.
I was supposed to fly with Fomenko on that day.
- Good evening. - How are you doing?
Yes, I know.
He changed everything around at the very last minute.
I'm going home. You coming?
Lieutenant, Captain, I'm Semouzhkin, remember?
- How is the ace tonight? - Come to our table, will you?
We've got to get up early tomorrow. We're picking up his son.
Who knows when we'll see each other again, and it's a special day.
- I'm Olga. - Captain Gavrilov.
I'm inviting you, too. Come on in.
We'll be waiting for you.
- Well, Belobrov? - Come on, guys...
They're heroes. They've saved my pilot's honor.
You needn't mix it.
As long as there are men like them in our Air Force, we needn't worry.
To heroism!
Guys, I swear you're singing it all wrong. Start again.
Captain, Sergeant Cherepets has a problem.
- What problem? - You'd better come.
Where's Belobrov?
I haven't been able to locate Lieutenant Belobrov.
- Cherepets, who did this to you? - The same father...
- Who hit him? - Let me tell you.
I noticed that he and Artyukhov have been hoarding the flight rations.
Don't give me that crap. I want to know who hit him?
When you try the margarine, you'll know who's giving you crap.
They all have the same dad and a bathtub...
The English are all red-headed bobbies...
They attacked Pearl Harbor... Pearl Harbor is here!
A sailor never surrenders!
Battle stations! Battle stations! On the double!
Give the enemy all you've got!
Get them...
Your garage there is a dragnet, It attracts me like a magnet.
All the fences I trespass Just to see my blue-eyed lass.
I'm crazy about my fox, Here's a gift to her of a box.
There's a fur coat in this trough, And the poems by Lermontov.
Wait a second! You forgot something!
This is for you, and this is for your son.
Doctor, how do you expect us to feed it? Diehard will gobble it.
I'll take the rabbit. Diehard, he'll be your little brother.
Vitamin C. Open your mouths!
You smell like medicine, go away!
- Can you hang long by your teeth? - Three minutes, but I'll make it 5.
I guess your brain might be affected.
Vitamin C, not a wrinkle on your face to see.
Obviously a pilot's dog, not a sailor's.
It's dogged that does it.
Take care, kid.
A spoonful for those leaving, a spoonful for those staying.
Can I get you anything from town?
Look, he's gone! You can't bring him back.
We can't wait to meet your kid!
Gavrilov, make sure the rabbit doesn't catch cold!
- Well, we're off! - Yeah.
If I hadn't been leaving, I wouldn't be telling you that.
You know how Belobrov feels about you.
Yes, he is my friend.
He is MY friend, and with you, he is in love.
What do you want from me?
Mother, come here.
- Your heard our conversation? - Yes, I did.
Don't you think I'm right? What would you do in Nastya's place?
I'd do what my heart said.
Forget that I even asked you!
Sasha, why don't you carry a rabbit a while?
I don't want to break up a friendship that's just started.
Besides, you look adorable with the rabbit and the dog.
You can hold them both in the same hand.
Sasha, hold the rabbit, you scoundrel.
- Come on, give it here. - No, I want him to do it.
We'll have to check the rabbit in.
Please, take the rabbit. I feel hot.
You feel hot with the rabbit, without him you'll feel cold.
- How much? - Five hundred.
- Is it worth it? - Natural polecat.
- You don't need a suit, do you? - No, of course not.
- Here you are. - Thanks. You've already paid.
- Excuse me. - Thanks very much.
This potato's frozen solid.
Are you crazy? Is your rabbit for sale?
- I'm selling him cheap, too. - It might cost you dear.
- What d'you mean? Take it! - I wouldn't.
The train's already here!
Hurry up!
- Have you seen a little boy? - The boy is right here!
Are you Igor Gavrilov?
Yes, I'm Igor Gavrilov. Which one's my dad?
- Which one of you is his father? - He is his father!
I'm your dad, Igor...
- Come, Igor. - I want to have a pee.
Alert! Combat positions!
Hello! Shoura, it's me.
Kilia, the shaving bowl.
- Have you packed? - My mother's doing it.
I brought you some potatoes.
They're not frozen. You can cook them and eat during the journey.
- Do you want a haircut? - That's a good idea.
Take off your coat.
I didn't see you. How are you?
That might be the last time that I give you a haircut.
No, never mind then. I don't want it.
I'm fed up with it. He dropped it, bastard!
- Do Fascists see us from up there? - They sure do.
- Can they hit us? - No, they can't.
- Why not? - No one can hit us.
Igor, don't you remember Lyalya at all?
Try to remember, boy. Do you remember Zhenya?
- No. - A girl named Zhenya?
Do you remember riding a bicycle with your mother?
We used to ride together. You don't remember...
Alright now, up you go!
Do you think a porcupine will win over a rabbit?
- What? - Who is stronger of them two?
I don't know.
- Can I have more meat? - You've already eaten.
- I really love it. - You've eaten too much.
Now you're going to lie down, and put your head on your pillow.
- Where are you going, daddy? - I'll be right back.
This boy is not mine.
He doesn't remember a thing: neither Lyalya, nor Zhenya.
He's a big boy, 5 years old, he should remember.
And he doesn't look like me or like Lyalya.
He steals food.
If you're so sure, then...
Then what?
If this isn't him, then where is my son?
And what do you expect me to say? "Sorry, I'm not your father"?
You know, I like the boy.
He told me today: "I had a porcupine with big ears."
I mean they are so...
We've got to do something about Cherepets.
His Maroussia's leaving. She's got TB.
The doctor told me. They're sending her off tomorrow.
And Cherepets still has three days of punishment left.
Sasha, you've got a good eye. Look at me from this angle.
Don't you think that when Igor smiles his upper lip looks like mine?
Idiot! Grab the washbowl! Don't you see he's throwing up?
Easy, easy now. That damn meat.
Upper lip... You're incredible.
- Shall I call the doctor? - No, the doctor scares me.
I don't know why I agreed. I must be losing my mind.
Don't worry, Moukhine. It'll just take a couple of minutes.
Here, how about some chocolate?
Look, I'll take one more from you. The lieutenant loves medals.
Let me have your scarf. Yours looks fresher.
Leave me something to wear.
Moukhine, there'd be no Air Force without you.
Go easy on the chocolate, it's a stimulant.
My tunic has holes all over, but at least I look good.
Just don't overact.
Are you going to give us a picture of yourself, Moukhine?
- Moukhine, answer me! - Let's leave poor Moukhine alone.
Let's get serious now.
Shall I stop here?
Go all the way to the entrance and honk your horn.
No horn.
- All right, I'll go now. - Hold it.
- Go on, honk, Moukhine. - Come on, Moukhine, honk.
All right, go ahead now.
- Don't screw it up, medal holder. - Shut up, Belobrov.
- Hello. Are you in charge here? - Yes, sir.
Follow me!
- I'd better leave. - Turn the engine off.
Maroussia, TB... There's nothing wrong with her. She's strong.
It doesn't mean anything. You're strong too and still...
- Nothing wrong with me! - Except your nerves.
I'm going to have problems because of this Cherepets thing.
Wait in the car.
Now, he'll make up a wild story.
Look at you! Get that jacket buttoned!
If he goes like that, he'll never make it to the harbor.
Step lively, lover boy!
Step on it, Moukhine! How was my act?
Shoura, the papers are all inside.
Be careful, the dishes are in there.
- Mother, please, just go. - Alright.
Here, take this.
Mother, for the last time, just go over there.
- Shoura, calm down. - Leave me alone.
Mother, there's no reason to open that now.
It's not raining. Please, get on the boat.
- Where's Maroussia? - She's already aboard.
She didn't take the fabric.
- Don't let her see your eye. - Yeah, sure...
Don't get upset about Shoura. She's just very nervous.
Have a good trip.
Why are you so mad at me, Maroussia?
I thought you were mad.
Loading is almost completed!
All right, I'll take it if you want.
There's enough for a long coat.
Don't make anything stylish, you need something warm.
Thank you.
- I'm late. Let me help you. - No one can help me now.
- Shoura, cut it out! - Let go, do you hear?
- Shoura, please... - Mother, get on the boat!
Stop being hysterical, Shoura.
- Sasha, stay alive! - Goodbye, Maria!
Mommy, I beg you, get on the boat.
It's all over, Sasha.
- Shoura, please... - As if it were a dream...
We'll beat them. They'll pay for what they've done.
I swear to you.
Shoura, write to me when you get there.
I will. Don't be fools, guys!
Here we are! What a beautiful weather!
Shall we jump down?
Give me a hand!
Ladies and gentlemen, thanks very much for your show.
Sorry, but you're not allowed to take pictures.
You'll always be welcome here. Come again after our victory.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Be careful on the ladder. Have a good trip!
Officer on duty, report to the commander!
When the coat is made, will you take a photo of it
and send me the picture?
You ought not to kiss me.
But the doctor said I should recover and be able to have kids.
I'm a strong girl. I'm going to be just fine.
It's beautiful here in the North, but it's not bad in the South either.
So you've made it.
Aren't you cold? Get in the car.
For once, you could have been on time.
I bought a fur collar for Maroussia, and I forgot it.
From a real polecat.
It used to be Diehard's mother-in-law.
Nastya, Sasha, take care!
- What's your name? - Igor Gavrilov.
- Igor Gavrilov. - I'm Major Kislov.
- I'm Major Ivanov. - Igor Gavrilov.
- What do you say? - Thanks very much.
- Is he your son? - Yes.
- What's your name? - Igor Gavrilov.
- Major Boiko. - Lieutenant Motyl.
You? Is anything wrong?
Say something...
This second?
This second.
- What shall I tell you? - Whatever you want.
- I don't know. - You don't know?
Forgive me.
Our intelligence service
has discovered an enemy submarine in Zone Five.
It appears to have had engine trouble,
and is being towed away by combat vessels.
Belobrov and his men
will conduct a reconnaissance mission and report back to us.
The rest are to maintain combat readiness.
- That's all I have to say. - One moment.
- Captain Bespashko! - Yes, sir.
- Front and center. - Yes, sir.
You were right the other day. Your watch was correct.
- Take it. Back in formation. - Yes, sir.
Next, throw away your insignia and you'll become a general!
Diehard, my boy...
You miss your brother rabbit?
- Rev her up! - Right away!
Thanks, Seraphima.
- We're all set! - Let's go.
- Ready to go, navigator? - Ready.
- How is the gunner? - Ready.
Then it's departure time. Last call.
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-4.
Request permission to begin reconnaissance. May we take off?
Permission granted.
Big gray stone, big gray stone of some thirty pound...
How d'you think a fly lands on a ceiling, from a loop or from a spin?
Big gray stone's not as heavy As the pain of the love-bound.
We used to have flowers outside our window.
You look out and you see flowers everywhere, everywhere...
Aren't those drifting mines down there? Look down, navigator.
They're not mines, Skipper! They're barrels!
Barrels from our transport ship!
Gunner... Cherepets!
Don't you dare to switch off like that again, you hear?
Poppy-5, Poppy-9, have you seen it?
- Flowerbed, this is Poppy-4. - Poppy-4, this is Flowerbed.
Flowerbed, this is Poppy-4. They're all in place.
- Ready to begin operation. - Roger. Proceed at once.
Poppies, this is Poppy-4. Dispersal now.
They will pay for that, bastards! We'll send them all to the bottom!
Attack! Attack! Attack!!!
Nine hundred, eight hundred, six hundred...
Pay for it! Pay for it!
Over to your left, Sasha. Just a little more.
Do exactly as I tell you, I'll guide you.
Everything's all right, Sasha. Left foot forward.
We're going home, Sasha.
Skipper! Skipper!
Sasha! Sasha!
The film group thanks the pilots and the sailors
of the Red Banner Northern Fleet for participating in the shooting.
The End
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