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Touch of Zen A (1969) CD1

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Adapted from Pu Songling's "Strange Stories from Liu Jai."
A TOUCH OF ZEN (Hsia Nu-The Gallant Lady) Part One
Produced by: Sa Wing-fung
Produced by: Hsia Wu Liang-fang
Planning: Cheung Kau-yun
Executive Producer: Yeung Sai-hing
Starring: Hsu Feng, Shih Chun
Pai Ying, Tien Peng
Chiao Hung, Miao Tien, Chang Ping-yu, Sip Han,
Wang Shui, Wan Chun-san, Kao Ming, Lu Shih,
Jia Lu-shek, Man Chuk-wah, Cheung Wen-men,
Liu Zhuo, Chen Sai-wei, To Wai-wo.
Special Appearance By: Roy Chiao
Cinematography: Hua Hui-ying
Assistant Cinematographer: Chow Yip-hing
Assistant Director: Miao Tien
Set Design: Chow Chi-leung
Art Design: Chan Sheung-lam
Original Music Score: Wu Dai-jiang
Composer: Lok Ming-dao
Lyre Instructor: Hsiao Chi-chou
Makeup: Ng Shui-ching, Shun Bu-hai
Costume: Lee Jia-chi Gaffer: Wong Fu-nan
Martial Arts Choreography: Han Ying-ge, Puan Yiao-kwun
Directed By: King Hu
Your comments, please.
- Are these your works? - Yes. They don't look like much.
Very good.
Would you like a portrait?
Very well.
Please have a seat.
Your name, sir?
Ouyang Nin.
Mr. Ouyang.
You've traveled far, sir.
How do you know?
I know almost everyone around here.
I've just arrived. Have you lived here all your life?
Could you lift your hat a little?
Could you turn your head slightly?
- May I know your name? - Ku Shen-chai.
Scholar, at work already?
Would you like some tea?
You're busy now. Maybe later.
Later, then.
Mr. Ku, who is he?
- He's an herbalist. - Name?
Lu. Something wrong?
Is he from here?
No. He's been here only for about a month.
He has a stand near the temple. Why?
Mr. Ouyang!
I'll come back tomorrow.
Be careful.
Mother! Mr. Shih!
You're back! Come on in.
No. Maybe next time.
- Take care, then. - Take care.
Mother, is that house occupied now?
Who dares to live in that haunted place?
Mr. Shih read me your fortune today.
Guess what he said?
I can't.
Let's eat, then!
He said your lucky star will be active this year.
How does he know?
He read your palms and forehead, remember?
He also said you should take the government exam this year.
- I am not going. - Why not?
Why should I heed the advice of a blind man?
Every mother wants her son to succeed.
But you! You're always so poor!
We may not be rich, Mother, but we have enough to live on.
After I've saved enough, I might open a school someday.
That's ridiculous! You want to be a teacher?
Haven't you heard?
"A man's highest honor is to be an official"
It should be "to be a scholar"!
Why study if you're not going to be an official?
I study for the knowledge.
But you don't seem to know anything!
You're over thirty, and still can't find a wife. Why?
I'm waiting for my destined one.
Your destined one won't come if you don't have money!
Looks like I'll never live to see my grandchildren.
"In chaos time like this,
it is better to be cautious."
Stop reciting your proverbs!
You should be reciting them at the exam!
You are good for nothing!
What are you doing here?
I... I just want to see if anyone's in there.
You must've lost your mind.
How could there be anyone here?
Come home with me, now.
Come on!
Running around at this hour.
Look at you! Your face is all dirty!
- Mr. Ku. - Yes.
I would like to ask you something.
Please do.
There is a Ching Lu Fort in this area, right?
That's right.
Have you been there?
I live there.
I heard that the place is haunted.
It depends on whether you believe in ghosts or not.
I will mount the portrait later, Mr. Ouyang.
It will be ready for you tomorrow.
As for ghosts, I believe in them, so they exist.
But Confucius never mentioned them.
I am afraid I cannot agree with your views, Mr. Ku.
Until tomorrow.
"I believe in them, so they exist"?
What are you doing here?
I... l...
You're always acting like a madman!
Allow me to introduce. This is Miss Yang.
And this? This is my son!
Let's go!
Miss Yang. If you need anything, you may get it at my house.
Just help yourself.
Mother, who is she?
Our new neighbor.
You scared the living daylights out of her last night!
She gave me a good scare, too.
She lives here all by herself? She must be brave.
Because it's free. That's why WE stay here.
What were you doing here, Mother?
I gave her some needles and thread.
They're poor. They have nothing.
Who else is living with her?
Just her mother. She's almost ninety and bedridden.
Hey. What's that sword for?
Oh... nothing, nothing.
Then how do they make a living, Mother?
Miss Yang does odd jobs here and there.
Can you imagine how little money she makes?
- You're already over thirty... - Not the exam again!
Don't interrupt!
Miss Yang is past twenty and single, too. You should marry her!
You two are a perfect match!
She has no other friends, and you're a lonely nut!
That's it, then!
- But... Mother... - What?
Will she agree?
Why not? Are we not good enough for her?
It's all up to you.
Even if I say yes, she may say no.
Her family is dirt poor. Why wouldn't she agree?
Tomorrow, I'll go and talk to her mother.
Come home early so we can hear her decision.
You scared me! Why are you still here?
- Where are you going now? - To the studio.
Looks like it's going to rain. Just come home.
What did her mother say?
Her mother wants her daughter to marry.
But, Miss Yang said no.
She said she can't tell me why.
I say it's because we're poor and you're not an official!
Not that again!
You better take the exam this year!
Mother, haven't we talked about this already?
She wouldn't have turned us down today if you had a post by now!
You'll never marry if you keep on like this!
Forgive me.
I knocked, but no one answered, and the door was open.
My apologies. This is Mr. Ouyang.
This is my mother.
Please have a seat.
Do sit down. Sorry about the mess.
You have quite a large place.
- You're too kind. - And quiet, too.
Mr. Ku. Are you off today?
- That's because... - Something came up.
I went to your studio this morning.
I am sorry. Here is your portrait. Please feel free to give comments.
This is wonderful.
I'm glad.
Your talent is too big for such a small town, Mr. Ku.
I am a simple man. I can't ask for more.
Is Mr. Ku planning to take this year's government exam?
- I... - Have some tea.
I'm sure Mr. Ku is more than capable of passing the test.
See? Did you hear that? Then take it this year!
If you wish to try, then I may be of some service to you.
That's too much trouble!
How wonderful it is to have a savior like you!
I can help you.
I am very grateful, but I don't plan to take it this year.
Don't mind him. We're much obliged to you.
- Mother... - You just keep quiet!
Why not think it over, Mr. Ku?
This is for the portrait.
Thank you again.
It's not perfect, sir. Please accept it as a gift.
Besides, this is too much. I only charge 5 taels for a portrait.
Stop this! Mr. Ouyang is a good man,
so just take what he offers.
- Good-bye for now, Mrs. Ku. - Please take it back.
I'll come visit you later.
Mother, you...
Sir, would you like to have your name on the portrait?
I'll come to your studio tomorrow and pick it up.
Please come back again, sir.
This Mr. Ouyang is a nice man.
You should get to know him better.
Who's there?
Who are you?
- General Shih. - Who are you?
- It's the fortuneteller! - Mr. Shih!
- Are you all right? - You're badly hurt!
I am all right.
- Thank you. - Don't mention it.
Where is my stick?
Forget the stick! Let's get away from the rain.
Where is my stick?
My stick... where is my stick?
Your head is bleeding. I'll go fetch a doctor.
My stick...
Miss Yang. Please take a look.
Please go and get some firewood.
Has Ouyang found out who you are?
No, but who is that?
Go and tell Lu tomorrow.
You've caught a cold, Mrs. Ku.
But it's not serious.
I must've got it from helping the blind fortuneteller yesterday.
I was drenched by the rain, and I began to shiver afterwards.
By then, I knew something was wrong.
Mother, you'll be fine after taking Doctor Lu's herbs.
What do you know?
Mrs. Ku, boil these herbs with water and drink for two days.
You'll get better soon, don't worry.
Let's go.
- About your fee... - We'll settle that later.
- But... - We can pay later.
Doctor Lu is our good friend. Right?
Mother, you should rest a bit at the studio...
No need! We're going home!
- Fine. Good-bye. - Good-bye.
Miss Yang!
Don't you recognize me?
Stay right there!
I need to ask you something.
Do you know a blind fortuneteller?
Should we rest a bit?
Rest? We're already home!
You're too kind, Miss Yang.
What happened to your face?
Are you feeling better?
I'm really getting old. Look at all these herbs!
Miss Yang.
Please go home if you're getting tired.
That fortuneteller, Shih... Do you know him?
This must be hard on you, Miss Yang.
You've hardly slept. You must be tired.
If only I had a daughter-in-law like you.
- I know. We are poor... - We are much poorer than you.
I can't blame you. You'll suffer more if you're with us.
Try to get some sleep, Mrs. Ku.
Shen-chai has no ambition. He won't take the government exam.
He must have his reasons.
He's as stubborn as my late husband!
He studied books for years, yet he wouldn't take the exam.
And he's getting old...
You're lucky to have such a filial son.
So what if he's filial?
He can't even get a wife.
With his talent, I'm sure he'll marry a good lady.
Good or not, all I want is for him to get married.
He's over thirty, and my health is not what it was.
The day I close my eyes for good will be the end
of our Ku family heritage!
Doctor Lu, how much do I owe you?
- We can settle that later! - No, no.
Then you can just pay me 2 1/2 taels for the herbs.
Is your mother getting better?
Much better. Thank you.
I've been seeing lots of East Chamber agents here lately.
I heard that their second-in-command,
Wu Mun-ta, is coming here.
Talk to you later.
Doctor Lu, do you know someone by the name of Ouyang Nin?
Ouyang Nin?
I don't.
- See you, then. - See you.
Doctor, why is he...
Mr. Ku, please come to my place tonight.
"A jug of wine amidst the flowers. I drink alone.
Raising the cup, I invite the moon.
With my shadow, it makes three of us.
Yet the moon does not drink,
and my shadow merely follows my body.
Briefly, the three of us congregate together.
Drink, and be merry in springtime.
The moon spins with my song,
and my shadow mimics my dance.
Let us savor this moment while it lasts.
We will part after we have drank our fill.
Let us cherish our friendship.
Until we meet again, if ever."
Mr. Ku.
Mr. Ku!
You have quite a lady's luck, coming here for a rendezvous.
Come back with me, Miss Yang.
Mr. Ouyang...
- You... - Stay back!
You're from a good family, Miss Yang. Shame on you!
Let's go!
- You... - Mind your own business!
Mr. Ku, what happened to your head?
I tripped and fell.
Mr. Ku!
- Officers... - The magistrate requests your presence!
What for?
You'll find out when you get there.
- Sir... - Come on!
- Mr. Ku! - Mr. Lao...
Please draw ten copies of this.
Let me know the fee and I'll pay you.
Thanks for bringing him.
Please, sit down.
This... What is this all about?
It's stated there clearly.
Her father was a high-ranking official of the Tung Lin Sect.
He offended Eunuch Wei, so his whole family was sentenced to death.
We heard that his daughter had escaped with another man, but...
Why? You've seen her?
I... No, I haven't, but she's the daughter of an honest official.
What's this to you? Just do the drawing!
Why must they kill her, too?
Small magistrates like us can do nothing about it.
Just draw, Mr. Ku.
Magistrate, an East Chamber officer is here with some men.
What? Prepare to receive him now!
- Open the gate! - Yes.
Magistrate, what about Mr. Tai?
I'll handle him. Go!
They're coming.
- Greetings, sir. - You're too kind.
Magistrate, I must say that your district is quite an exciting place.
- Please forgive us. - That's beyond my authority.
You've been harboring several criminals here.
The penalty will not be light.
It's all my fault!
What do you plan to do?
Sir, we have just received the warrant for Yang Hui-ching.
We will post them up tomorrow at crucial corners,
and I will assign more constables to pursue her.
With your constables, do you think you can catch Yang?
I will increase the reward listed on the posters.
No posters! They will only alert her, and she will flee from here.
But the Board of Punishment...
That will be my concern!
Let me tell you. His Lordship will arrive here soon,
so watch yourself.
Please advise me what to do, sir.
Destroy the posters
and bring your most capable men to await my instructions.
Yes, yes.
Mr. Ku, no need to draw anymore. Just go home.
Mother, you've got to leave right away.
- What happened to your face? - Let's go!
Come on.
Just go!
- What about you? - I'll be fine.
- Be careful. - Just go! Go!
Go now!
Miss Yang!
Miss Yang!
Mr. Ku.
Mr. Shih.
Mr. Ku, what brings you here?
Have you seen Miss Yang, the lady who lives here?
I am blind.
Forgive me.
Miss Yang and her mother are gone.
Mr. Shih!
She told me to tell you to leave, too, or your life will be in danger!
- Do you know where she has gone? - I don't know!
But I must find her!
Mr. Shih...
Mr. Shih.
Mr. Shih, who are you, really?
I am certainly not blind.
Those people outside...
Keep still.
General Shih, please come out!
He knows who you are?
Mr. Ku, do not get involved with these bandits.
They are all criminals on the run.
Go, now!
Miss Yang...
Why are you still here, miss?
I have unfinished business.
But both the local magistrate and the East Chamber are after you.
What do you plan to do?
I can't just be a sitting duck.
You plan to fight to the end?
You'd better leave, sir.
I can't just leave and not help you, miss.
Why not?
We are now practically husband and wife.
We're both in this together.
You and I are destined no more. Don't mention it again.
Even if we're only friends, I still would like to help you.
I am afraid you, sir, are not the "duel to the death" type.
"Only the mindless will fight to the death.
Might without wit will not achieve a thing."
Then do you have better ideas?
They outnumber us, so we must use strategy, not force.
If you trust me, miss, I'd like to offer my service.
Now that my life is in peril, how can I afford not to trust you?
Good! Then...
Then you...
I just don't want to get you involved.
Never mind that, miss. But, please, do tell me the whole story.
"All battles will be won if we know everything about us and them."
No need to argue with those villainous rats.
A few days ago, I sent a memorandum to His Majesty.
It embodied your findings of the wrongdoings by
Eunuch Wei and his East Chamber underlings.
Here are the copies. Take them to the Tung Lin colleagues.
I fear that your memorandum will not reach His Majesty.
- Then I shall tell him in person. - Yes.
There will be trouble if
Eunuch Wei gets his hands on the memorandum.
Whatever happens, I'll deal with these people to the end.
Sir, an lmperial Messenger from the East Chamber is here.
Prepare to receive the decree.
- The decree of His Majesty. - Yes.
- Here is the order. - Yes.
Kneel to receive His Majesty's decree.
Longevity to His Majesty.
"By the order of the Emperor,
His Majesty summons Yang Lin for an immediate audience.
Thus ends the order."
Long live the Emperor.
Yang Lin.
I heard that, in the memorandum that you sent to His Majesty,
- My name was mentioned. - Yes.
Also, there were accusations against Eunuch Wei.
They were not accusations. They were facts.
You are an outspoken man.
You secretly conspired with Hung to embezzle 2 million taels.
Is there some truth to that?
That is nonsense!
No one in this world will believe that l, Yang Lin, am a corrupt man!
So you will not confess?
You tricked me here by deception. I want to see His Majesty!
Torture him.
My father was eventually tortured to death.
General Shih and General Lu helped me to escape from the capital.
You mean Mr. Shih and Doctor Lu?
But Eunuch Wei did not stop at that.
His East Chamber spies scouted the country for me,
so the two generals took me to the frontier.
That way!
There is nothing to worry about.
They wouldn't dare to cause trouble here.
Did you see three people pass by here?
I am talking to you!
What happened over there?
A moment ago, your men tried to resort to violence.
Thanks to my intervention,
those people escaped from big trouble.
You are a monk. You should just stay at your monastery
and stay out of worldly affairs.
There are no killings in Buddha's sacred grounds.
Abbot, there'll be serious consequences for letting them go.
You must have had a tiring journey.
Please come and rest at our temple.
Please come with us.
I stayed at the temple for two years.
Abbot Hui Yuan taught me martial arts.
I never thought that in a world so big,
there is no place safe for me.
It would be better if Abbot Hui Yuan would help you now.
He wouldn't.
What about the magistrate?
He's on our side.
They are saying that Mun Ta himself will soon be here.
He may be here on business, but he's actually coming after you.
What do you plan to do?
I plan to ambush them when they least expect it.
No. You should wear them down.
But how?
Here's the layout of Ching Lu Fort.
Make use of it, for it is here that we have an advantage.
You should stay here and wait for them to fall into the trap.
I've studied military tactics and strategies thoroughly.
As long as you can lure them here,
then I can make them fall into your hands.
Lu Chiang! What is it?
Miss Yang!
Ouyang Nin left for Green Bamboo Hill this morning.
Looks like Ouyang Nin is on the retreat.
No. I think Mun Ta is sending his men here first.
We must not let Ouyang Nin have contact with them.
These two are Mun Ta's personal guards.
They are too powerful for us to handle.
Let's take them one at a time.
Let's go!
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