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Subtitles for Touch of Zen A (1969) CD2.

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Touch of Zen A (1969) CD2

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Adapted from Pu Songling's "Strange Stories from Liu Jai."
A TOUCH OF ZEN (Hsia Nu-The Gallant Lady) Part Two
Produced by: Sa Wing-fung
Produced by: Hsia Wu Liang-fang
Planning: Cheung Kau-yun
Executive Producer: Yeung Sai-hing
Starring: Hsu Feng, Shih Chun
Pai Ying, Tien Peng
Chiao Hung, Miao Tien, Chang Ping-yu, Sip Han
Wang Shui, Wan Chun-san, Kao Ming, Lu Shih
Jia Lu-shek, Man Chuk-wah, Cheung Wen-men,
Liu Zhuo, Chen Sai-wei, To Wai-wo.
Special Appearance By: Roy Chiao
And Han Ying-ge as Commander Hsu
Cinematography: Hua Hui-ying
Assistant Cinematographer: Chow Yip-hing
Assistant Director: Miao Tien
Set Design: Chow Chi-leung Art Design: Chan Sheung-lam
Original Music Score: Wu Dai-jiang
Composer: Lok Ming-dao Lyre Instructor: Hsiao Chi-chou
Makeup: Ng Shui-ching, Shun Bu-hai
Costume: Lee Jia-chi Gaffer: Wong Fu-nan
Martial Arts Choreography: Han Ying-ge, Puan Yiao-kwun
Edited by: Wong Jun-sun
Directed By: King Hu
These two are Mun Ta's personal guards.
They are too powerful for us to handle.
Let's take them one at a time.
Let's go!
- Captain! - Get away from me!
- Magistrate. - Yes!
Prepare pen and ink for me to write a letter.
- You will write. - Yes.
"To East Chamber's Commander, His Excellency, Mun Ta.
Tung Lin's remaining thieves are still at large here.
Halt your advance for now. Signed, Ouyang Nin."
Send it to Commander Mun at once.
You have to hurry. He must have left the capital by now.
If there is any delay, I will take your head!
Who's there?
No one.
Let no one in here.
Yes. I've already instructed the guards.
Captain, your wounds...
I've taken some medicine. I must remain seated here.
- Tell them not to make any noise! - Yes.
- Ting-yen. - Magistrate.
This man is badly wounded.
Who's there?
Captain, you're badly hurt. I've found you a doctor.
Haven't I told you? Let no one in here!
It's... it's you!
Captain Ouyang.
Lu Ting-yen, you've come here just in time.
I'm here to treat your wounds, Captain.
We must lure Mun Ta here.
Let's write him a letter.
A letter for His Excellency.
- Wait here. - Yes.
What is it?
Your Excellency, a letter from Ouyang Nin.
What did he say?
"Your Excellency. Everything has been prepared.
We await your arrival. Signed, Ouyang Nin."
He said that everything is prepared.
Good. Let's get on the way.
I heard that Mun Ta will stay at Ching Lu Fort.
- For how long? - Until he finds Ouyang Nin.
How many troops did he bring?
About two hundred.
"The enemy is many, and we are few."
Use superstition.
I don't understand.
First, spread the rumor that Ching Lu Fort is haunted.
But isn't that a bit...
Just do it.
My mother can help in this.
Your Excellency.
Have you found Ouyang Yin?
Not yet.
Have you been to that General's Mansion?
Your Excellency, I've heard that the place is in shambles.
It's been deserted since the wars.
Then go and clean it up.
But Your Excellency... that place is supposedly not "clean."
What do you mean, it's not clean?
It is rumored that ghosts haunt the place.
Everything's hearsay.
Stop listening to nonsense! You'll go there tomorrow.
Post some guards out here.
Yes. You four, stand guard here.
Let's go.
Tao Lung!
Hey! Stay right there!
Halt! Halt!
Look over there!
Let's go.
What are you doing here?
Sir! There are ghosts outside the gate!
Is that so?
I saw them with my own eyes, Your Excellency.
I've heard of ghosts, but I've never seen them.
I'd like to see them myself.
Your Excellency, your responsibilities to protect the frontier
are too important for you to risk your life.
Those ghosts won't come and get me.
Haven't you heard of the proverb "Demons fear evil men"?
Pay no attention. Some villagers are probably trying
to cause trouble by spreading such rumors.
But our soldiers... they all believe it.
I think this must be the work of criminals.
Magistrate, what do you say?
Yes. Your Excellency is indeed wise.
He doesn't believe it?
It seems like he's suspecting our magistrate.
I say we should not waste time.
Let's just sneak up on them at night and ambush them.
That would ruin everything.
I think we should invite them here the night after next.
Brother Shih, let's deliver a present to Mun Ta tomorrow.
Ouyang Nin!
- Magistrate. - Yes.
Where did you find his body?
Near Ching Lu Fort.
Ouyang Nin died in your district and he was obviously murdered.
What do you have to say?
It's all my fault.
- Very well. Guards! - Yes.
Take him away and await further punishment.
Your Excellency!
I have a secret message to report.
As it is confidential, could they...
Yang Hui-ching?
Is she Yang Lin's daughter?
Yes, and she's with two renegade generals.
Splendid. All three are here.
Who else is with them?
I heard they are recruiting bandits to kidnap Your Excellency.
We must strike first, Commander.
Tonight, I'll lead the troops there and kill them all.
Your Excellency, now is the time.
- Help! - Help!!
Hold still.
What is it?
- It's true, sir. There are... - Rebels?
- Ghosts! - Yes, ghosts.
The two of them are dead!
Just like what the villagers had said, Your Excellency.
Nonsense! Beware of an ambush.
What is it?
Your Excellency! I think we should...
- Tell them to calm down! - Yes.
Sir, perhaps you should confer with His Excellency.
Men cannot fight against ghosts!
I say we should come back here in daytime.
Besides, we've killed so much.
Our aura of death is too strong.
Your Excellency, I think...
You're usually the intelligent one.
Can't you see this is a plot by the villains?
However, I'm afraid we might have invoked the wrath of the gods.
How can a high official like you believe in such ghost nonsense?
I've consulted with some of my officers...
What is this? A mutiny?
Don't let her get away.
Shih Wen-chiao?
- Your Excellency... - They must be inside!
Look out!
Your Excellency.
I'll stay here. You two go in and search around.
Miss Yang! Please spare my life.
Your leniency will only impair our scheme of things.
Miss Yang!
It's you!
Have you seen Miss Yang?
Miss Yang. Where is she?
Abbot... have you seen Miss Yang?
Have you seen Miss Yang?
Have you seen Miss Yang?
Where is she?
She asked you not to look for her.
I must find her!
"Our destiny has ended. I have entered the monastery.
The Ku family's posterity is ensured."
Yang Hui-ching, you still have unfinished business.
Come back when you are ready to return to Buddha.
Ku Shen-chai's life is now in danger.
Go with General Shih to help him.
He's over there.
It's him! Get him!
Go now!
Let's go!
He's the Commander-in-chief.
General Shih. Miss Yang.
I am Hsu Hsien-chun, Chief Commander of East Chamber Guards.
Greetings to you, General.
I have orders from His Excellency Wei
to invite you two back to the capital for consultations.
Please tell Eunuch Wei that Miss Yang and I are now in seclusion.
We will not return to discuss national matters with him.
We could also invite you back to close the case.
This we'd have to decline even more strongly.
Good. Then I can do no more for you.
I advise the two of you to think it over carefully.
You take the fat one.
Stay back!
Commander Hsu.
Can you perchance be Abbot Hui Yuan?
I am.
Abbot, you are highly revered.
Why would you harm your reputation by harboring fugitives?
Are you not afraid of tarnishing your holiness?
Perhaps I still retain a trace of my earthiness.
General Shih here once held high office,
and Miss Yang is of noble heritage.
They lost all hope because they're being persecuted by villains.
That's why they sought refuge and solitude away from this world.
Nevertheless, East Chamber agents refuse to stop pursuing them.
Their duty calls for it.
Then forgive me for not knowing much about the Tung Lin Sect case,
but please let them go in peace for Buddha's sake, if not mine.
I am a diligent man, and His Majesty's laws are not for me to alter.
Then tell Eunuch Wei that the two of them are now with Buddha
and will never leave this mountain, and that is my decision.
Nonsense! How could a monk like you criticize the imperial rules?
Hsu, you are just a petty henchman for the eunuchs.
The peace of Buddha's land is not for you to disturb! Leave now.
I will arrest you for harboring criminals.
Get this evil creature out of my sight!
Put down your weapons.
Stay back!
Now go.
Don't come near!
- Abbot! - He still has evil in him.
General Shih!
Please accept me, Abbot.
You are not yet free of worldly ties. Please leave.
Abbot. I have done too much killing in my life.
At night, phantoms haunt me in my dreams.
Sometimes I hallucinate and sometimes I agonize in pain.
I wake up in a cold sweat.
All I wish is to live my remaining life in simple solitude.
Good. "Put down the sword and attain peace with Buddha."
It is good that you recognize penitence.
If you don't accept me, Abbot, I shall kneel here for eternity.
"The sea of suffering is boundless. Turn back and there is the shore."
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