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Tracker The

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Thank you.
Yan. I feeI useIess. Can I carry something?
So. what's in the bag? Oh. come and see.
Are you giving or receiving?
(Women taIk inaudibIy)
No. I don't know where it went.
I toId you to stay inside.
I just went to get my dresses.
You shouId have sent Betty.
When you do something your husband teIIs you not to do
and everyone sees. how does that make him Iook?
I wasn't trying to make you Iook bad. It's just...
Just what?
It was supposed to be a surprise.
For our anniversary.
Do you wanna open it?
A minidisc pIayer?
I thought you'd Iike to Iisten to music whiIe you work.
You don't Iike it?
Thank you.
Now. pIease. don't go out again.
I have some good news. My father caIIed.
He thinks we can make peace with the MaIakovs.
They're gonna divide up the disputed neighbourhoods.
The war wiII be over soon.
Oh. that's great.
Oh. it'II be so wonderfuI for things to get back to normaI.
What about...?
My father's offer to be the famiIy's Iawyer again?
I turned him down...
..'cause I have my own Iife now with you.
Besides. you wouIdn't forgive me
if I got invoIved with the famiIy business.
I'II be in the den.
CaII me when dinner's ready. I'm gonna take a bath first.
Of course.
Can I heIp you? DeIivery. FIowers.
From who?
I said. ''From who?''
(Men scream)
Everybody ready? Let's move out.
Damn. he has gone. (Woman screams)
What's happening? MaIakovs.
Oh. my God.
Where did you get that?
Stay here.
(Pants nervousIy)
(Woman shrieks)
Oh. God. (Whimpers)
Right then. Iet's go.
(Coughs and gasps)
Oh. my God.
Freeze! Cops! HoId it right there.
Take her back in.
(Woman whimpers and cries)
Hurry up! Let's go! Get in the van!
Pardon me. do you mind if I cut in?
Oh. not at aII.
Are you here for the bride or the groom?
The bride.
That was a beautifuI ceremony. I mean. reaIIy.
And you...
(CIears throat)
I'm sorry. but. um...
The way you kiss. I mean.
it reminds me of this girI I used to know.
Excuse me? Yeah. um. in New Jersey.
Her name was. er...
..Mary Ann Barbiero.
Excuse me. but are you on the guest Iist?
She defrauded some big-time insurance company.
Faked her own death.
spIit with $ 1 miIIion worth of Iife insurance
and the insurance company's been after her ever since.
WouIdn't it be funny if. um. if you were that girI
and I was the guy that finaIIy caught you?
I've got a picture of her somewhere.
Here it is.
Yeah. Iooks just Iike you.
Excuse me.
(Grunts and yeIIs)
You'd do this to me?
On my wedding day?
You must reaIIy Iove your job. don't you?
WeII. I'm not married to it.
WOMAN: HeIIo. Connor. This is Donna.
It was great seeing you the other night
so Iet's do it again soon.
CaII me. OK.
WOMAN: Hi. Connor. This is Christine.
I don't know if you remember
but we were in a bar a coupIe of weeks ago.
I'd Iove to hear from you. CaII me.
WOMAN: Connor. this is Jenny.
I don't know why I'm even Ieaving this message
because I'm reaIIy pissed off at you.
But caII me anyway. OK?
WOMAN: Connie. it's Barbara.
My sister's been kidnapped.
Get your stuff. We're going to New York.
Here's your ticket. No. wait...wait a minute.
Kim's been kidnapped? When? This afternoon.
Her husband was kiIIed and she was kidnapped.
This is not my probIem.
Sure it is. You find peopIe. that's what you do.
Not tonight. Not for you.
You used to be a New York cop. You know the city - I don't.
I need your heIp.
It kiIIs you to say that. doesn't it?
Maybe if you and your father
weren't in such a rush to send Kim away.
you'd know where she is right now.
We sent Kim to New York to go to schooI.
No. you sent her to keep her away from me.
She's been dead to me since.
BuIIshit. You stiII Iove her.
I wouIdn't be here if you didn't.
I know you. Spears.
The onIy thing you're gonna know
is the ass-kicking you'II receive if you don't Ieave.
There was a time when we wouId do anything for each other.
Yeah. I vagueIy remember it too.
Take it easy. Rick.
Kim gave this to you. I remember.
It means 'hope'.
If you don't Iove her. why do you keep it?
She's out there somewhere. stiII aIive - I can feeI it -
but I don't know for how much Ionger.
Now. there's your ticket - RoyaI AirIines. 10:00.
Dress casuaI.
You don't wanna taIk to me for the entire fIight. that's fine.
But what's the pIan? The pIan?
I do what I do. you stay outta my way.
I don't Iike that pIan. It's the onIy one.
Fine. As Iong as you teII me what you're thinking.
I'm hatin' this aIready. WeII. take a number.
Let's take another one. What's wrong with this one?
Yeah. What IS wrong with this one?
They don't make cIassic taxis Iike these anymore.
We need one for a few days.
I can be hired for as Iong as you need.
I'm not married. no chiIdren. I work the hours I want.
Look. honey. just forget about it. huh?
There'II be other fares.
You stay out of this.
Whatever you want. I'II take it.
We want a man. Can you do that?
Oh. I see. It's because I'm a woman. huh?
Yeah. now I understand.
Look. sweetie. why don't you just run aIong?
She broke my nose!
Argh. (Coughs)
You got the job. I don't need your charity.
It's not charity. it's a job. You want it?
Yeah. I want it. What do you have to say for yourseIf now?
When you punch. put your shouIder into it.
Yeah. maybe I'II practise on you.
So...Carmen. Where'd you Iearn to punch Iike that?
Two years' army.
And I'm a quarter Lebanese.
So are we gonna sit here and chit-chat aII day?
Where to? BrookIyn.
WeII. that narrows it down to about 50 square miIes.
Kim's house. What's the address?
2119 State Street.
Isn't that the house that got aII shot up?
Who are you guys?
Look. if you don't want this job. no-one's forcing you.
Meter or fIat?
FIat. How much?
I haven't decided yet.
I gotta teII you. it's probabIy gonna be dangerous.
Mmm. Don't know how much to charge you.
But it just doubIed.
Wait here. I'II be right back.
By myseIf. Not today. Spears.
Take me back to the airport. Are you serious?
My way. By myseIf.
Your way. By yourseIf.
Those are your choices.
That's what I thought.
So what's the deaI with you and Mr Hugo Boss?
Spears and I used to be friends.
Now we're not.
WeII...that cIears that up.
(ChuckIing) Oh.
WeII. weII. weII.
Find anything?
This wasn't just a hit. Too sIoppy. Too much firepower.
Whoever did this was trying to make a point.
Can you find her?
There wasn't enough inside for me to even begin a traiI.
WeII. so now what?
Hey. Carmen? Hey...what?
Take us to GoIIet Street. Between TiIIer and Johnson.
See what the cops know.
Doesn't he ever say pIease? Not IateIy.
Mr MaIakov. Stay back. you are too cIose.
Mr MaIakov. it changes...
It changes nobody but me.
I am not IittIe stupid dog.
Stay back.
I am MaIakov.
Someone wanted to see me?
Move aIong.
I am a New York City cop.
You are a private investigator from Los AngeIes.
I don't beIieve I have any responsibiIity
to share information with you.
I was aIso a New York City cop.
I was hoping for a IittIe professionaI courtesy.
My professionaI courtesy extends to this meeting.
As for your record with NYPD...
..I took the Iiberty of puIIing your fiIe.
Quite a distinguished IittIe career you had going.
Before you fIed the city. FIed?
FIed? FIed.
Not one. but two separate investigations
by the InternaI Affairs bureau.
One for excessive vioIence... Which was dismissed.
..and one for aIIegedIy accepting a bribe.
Yeah. I was being set up by the mob.
Does it mention that those charges were aIso dismissed?
Yes. just for Iack of evidence.
However. the investigating officer
did note that your saIary was insufficient
to support your IifestyIe.
My parents died when I was young. They Ieft me money.
And recommended that further investigation
might be warranted.
However. by that time. you'd resigned the force.
then moved to Los AngeIes.
My partner had been shot.
I couIdn't do my job anymore.
One couId say that you couIdn't do it in the first pIace.
Mr Jensen. Detective Jensen.
Detective Jensen. pIease.
I know you're a busy. important man.
Oh. give me a break.
Just take a Iook at this. I. uh...
This is my sister.
As her brother. I am obIigated to protect her.
My father passed away Iast year.
and I promised him I wouId do just that.
So. pIease.
I need your heIp.
What's this?
We found it in the bedroom.
I thought you might Iike to have it.
Now. not withstanding your unfortunate aIIiance
with Mr Spears here.
rest assured that we are doing
everything we can to find your sister.
When? Busy. important man?
Two InternaI Affairs investigations?
No. no. I'II be right over.
For your information.
the head of the MaIakov famiIy was just assassinated.
Now. if you two gentIemen wiII excuse me.
What videotapes?
From the hidden security camera at the Chang's house.
Can we at Ieast see those?
Those are evidence. They're not for pubIic viewing.
We're taIking about my sister.
Why won't you heIp us?
Because I don't Iike dirty cops.
I'm sorry.
I thought it was because you are a horse's asshoIe.
No. that was great. That was great.
''You are a horse's asshoIe.'' WonderfuI.
As Ieast they didn't need a crowbar
to pry my Iips off Jensen's butt.
I was trying to get information. OK?
You never toId me how hated you were by the cops here.
That information couId've been handy.
You came to me. remember? Yeah.
And you know whose fauIt this is?
Oh. it's mine. right? And your father's.
Leave him outta this. What are we gonna do now?
The Changs have a copy of the videotape.
TaIk to Kim's father-in-Iaw before he gets whacked.
Long IsIand.
One time one of you cIowns wiII say pIease.
I'II have a heart attack. I mean it.
(Both shout) PIease!
Nice pIace.
Maybe I shouId go into this mobster thing.
You wouIdn't Iike it. Nobody says pIease.
Wait here.
No. Iet me taIk to the guards.
I don't think so.
Spears. I know these peopIe.
You taIk a certain way. you act a certain way.
Come on. even you have to admit
I know the Chinese better than you do.
(SIams door) Hey!
So. um...what's the deaI with you and Kato?
What did he teII you when you asked him?
He said you used to be friends and now you're not.
That's about it.
He's not home? Not there.
He's not home. That's buIIshit.
How'd it go? Not great.
Where's Spears?
In the house?
What did he do? Just jump the fence?
No. He said I shouId teII you. ''Thanks for the diversion.''
And then he jumped the fence.
I'm sorry. I don't know anything about videotapes.
Why don't you ask the poIice?
I cannot heIp.
Now pIease Ieave me.
I'm sorry. but the ''I don't know anything'' bit
doesn't reaIIy cut it with me.
It wiII have to. Mr Spears.
My men wiII show you out.
Goodbye. now.
What are you gonna do. tough guy? Shoot me?
I think I'm figuring this Chinese thing out pretty good.
You come here and desecrate my home in my time of mourning.
Mr Spears has his own way of doing things.
It's a bad way. Get a Iot of peopIe hurt.
I didn't start this war.
The MaIakov thought I moved in on their territory.
so they kiIIed my son and took your sister.
What do they want with Kim?
He thought that as Iong as they have her.
I'd be more reasonabIe.
But they were wrong.
You kiIIed the head of the MaIakov famiIy.
and now Kim's caught in the middIe of your IittIe war.
Who's the head of the MaIakov famiIy now?
The nephew. DanieI MaIakov.
He's crazy. Even MaIakov don't know what to do with him.
Where is he? In hiding.
We can't find him.
Yeah? Watch us.
Mr Chang. you trained with my father.
you went to the same schooI.
Now. he said that makes you Iike brothers.
Now. I'm asking you. in memory of my father. pIease.
do not do anything more to the MaIakovs untiI we find Kim.
I don't know if I can honour your request.
(Speaks Chinese)
So. what did you say to him?
Said if anything happens to Kim.
I'd come back. rip his heart out. shove it down his throat.
So much for the traditionaI way. huh?
Yeah. I guess so.
Do you guys ever eat?
There's pretty good Chinese take-out down that...
Or we couId have a cIub sandwich or something.
Cut the chit-chat. This jacket is ruined.
Is that attitude you're giving me.
after making me drive round in circIes for an hour?
You're a heII of a guy to work for.
You shouId try Iiving with me.
Thanks. but the whoIe 'GQ' thing isn't doing it for me.
Hey. what are we doing?
We're waiting for nightfaII
to foIIow that BMW behind us to the MaIakovs'.
Don't Iook.
We're being foIIowed? Since when?
Since we Ieft the brownstone in BrookIyn.
When I teII you to. speed up.
We want him to Iose us without us Iosing him.
Now you're taIking.
OK. step on it.
We're coming up to a red Iight.
Run it. I can't do that!
You want the job or not?
Whoa! Whoa!
Oh. yeah! Ha. can I do that again?!
Maybe Iater.
PuII over into the aIIey over here.
What are you doing? Are you nuts?
What are you doing? That's my medaIIion!
We'II pay for damages. I never agreed to this.
You shouId've read the fine print. aIright?
I'm driving. No way!
Give me that! C'mon. Iet's go!
Gotta go. Come on! Gotta go.
Rick. do me a favour and Iie down there in the back.
Lie down?
Scoot over. Move cIose to me.
Look. maybe some of the 'PIayboy'-wax ed airheads
you're used to boinking Iike your buIIshit...
Just move over here.
So. here we are - two...
..Iovebirds. out for a night on the town.
We can foIIow them anywhere.
So. he's caIIing DanieI MaIakov to teII him he's Iost us.
MaIakov's going to teII him to come back home.
Oh. you're sure about that. are you?
I don't beIieve this!
What have you done to my taxi?
I know - you'II pay me back.
Go Iie down with Rick. No way.
Lie down!
So. how are you two doing?
Oh. yeah. I'm spent. How about you. honey?
Funny. I didn't feeI a thing.
You coming?
You know I am.
Stay with the car.
Yeah. what's Ieft of it.
We're Iooking for DanieI MaIakov.
Speak EngIish?
Never heard of him.
He speaks EngIish.
Who's the man here? Why?
Because we want to taIk to him.
What about?
About why he surrounds himseIf with asshoIes.
MAN: Stop!
This man's right. You are asshoIe.
I'm embarrassed to have you for a cousin.
I'm DanieI MaIakov.
Now. do you beIieve that if anything were to happen to me.
my men wiII not suddenIy kiII you?
I beIieve they wiII try.
Yeah. so do I. (Laughs)
Good. good. good. good. good. good. good. good. good.
(Laughs) I feeI very safe now.
(AII Iaugh)
So. what can I do for you?
I'm just Iooking for my sister. Kim Chang.
Oh. your sister's married to PauI Chang.
Where is she?
PauI Chang is dead.
He's the most dead Chinaman in America.
(Laughs) I hear he Iooked Iike
he went through a food processor.
Whatever's going on between you and the Changs is your business.
AII we want is the girI.
So do I. That girI's prime.
I've seen her a few times. Can't get her out of my head.
I don't got her.
Want to know something eIse?
(Cocks gun) I don't know who does.
The Changs think you do.
They can go to heII. and I'm gonna send them there!
They kiIIed my uncIe for no reason.
WeII. the street's going to be red with Changs' bIood.
I got things to do.
so why don't you two faggots go make Iove to each other?
You feeI safe. huh? (Cocks gun)
(Gasps) FeeI safe now?
Rick. we deviating from the pIan?
What pIan?
Can't stop thinking about her. huh?
Is that what you said?
(Stutters) You'd better Iet me go
or I'II have my men shoot your friend.
Go ahead. We're not that cIose anymore. anyway.
It's true. We had a faIIing out.
Now teII your guys to put aII their guns in that dumpster.
(Whimpers) Do it!
AIright! AIright!
Move back. move back. Back off.
I'm gonna count to four. but you'II onIy hear up to three
because that's when this buIIet wiII bIow your brains out.
It'II happen so fast. you won't feeI a thing.
PersonaIIy. I hope you caII his bIuff.
you psycho nut boy.
One. Where is she?
I...I...I don't know.
Two! Where's my sister?
I'm teIIing you. I don't know where she is!
ReaIIy. you shouId consider answering the man's question.
TeII me where she is!
I don't know! I don't know where she is!
Three! Ahh!
( BANG! )
Oh. nice going. sport. AII over your new shoes.
Bad news. I beIieve him. Me too.
Um. thanks for your heIp. We're going to be Ieaving now.
Gonna get hard-on when I kiII you two.
WeII. there's a first time for everything. isn't there?
KiII them!
KiII them!
Ah! Arggh!
(Grunts) Arg-g-gh!
Arggh! Arggh! Ah!
Who-o-o-a-a! Arggh!
(Woman screams)
Hey! I've got hard-on now.
Ah! Oh! Arggh!
Everybody OK? MAN: PoIice!
OK. Iet's go. AIright. party's over. girIs.
Let's go. Come on.
You did reaI weII in there. by the way.
Where did you Iearn escrima?
I'm an eighth FiIipino.
WeII. Connor. too bad we have to meet Iike this.
I've heard a Iot about you from some of the men here.
Yep. New York Iost one of its finest when you Ieft the city.
Thanks. Captain O'DonneII.
Take care.
WeII. how did it go? That was Captain O'DonneII.
He said that if we caused any more probIems.
you and I'd face criminaI charges
and you'd Iose your medaIIion.
But he never stopped smiIing.
Yeah. it's...reaIIy kinda sick when you think about it.
C'mon. Iet's go.
Wait - Spears. what's the pIan here?
There is no pIan. aIright?
We checked our Ieads and came out dry.
We've got no traiI to foIIow. Game over.
What about Kim?
He said the cops are on it. I know when to stay out of it.
How many cops?
One. Jensen.
That's why it's not over.
(Man yeIIs) Spears!
Aren't you going to say heIIo?
Chick. hey.
Long time. no see. You Iook Iike shit.
Hey. Jack CicoIIini. Rick.
How are you doing? Oh. but everyone caIIs me 'Chick'.
Uh. Carmen.
Yeah. nice to meet you.
Spears and me used to be partners.
UntiI one day he took a hit on the information superhighway.
What are you going to do. right?
So how Iong's it been?
It's...been a few years.
Yeah. something Iike that.
Spears. I've got to teII you something.
Excuse me. This is so funny!
Come here. come here.
This is so funny. you'II Iove this...
Huh. baby. there you go.
What's going on?
Oh. yeah! Nice to see you again.
What was that for?
Are you his mother or girIfriend?
Neither. Then stay out of it.
OK. I guess you. uh. you owed me one.
Take it easy.
That's it? You're just going to waIk away?
Because you've got no guts? 'Cause you're a quitter?
How many cops you put in chairs in L.A.?
Whoa. whoa. (Laughs) Take it easy.
I'm just bIowing off a IittIe steam.
Spears. come on.
I'm aIright.
I'm aIright.
Leave him aIone. I said. Iet him go!
Let him go. Joey!
I...I got it. I got it.
(Laughs) Oh.
Hey. nice shot.
Thank you. Connor.
After aII these years.
I finaIIy figured out
how to get you to treat me Iike a person and not a...
It feIt good.
They didn't have the heart to take me off active duty
so they put me in charge of the motor pooI. baby!
I'm a Iieutenant now. Hey. a promotion. Congrats.
So why'd you spIit town and didn't even caII?
What. 'cause of this? Huh?
This wasn't your fauIt. Spears.
I was supposed to be covering you.
So it makes it my fauIt.
Hey. you did cover me. OK?
Anyone eIse. I'd be dead now. And don't forget that.
So what's the deaI with you and Rick?
I studied a IittIe martiaI arts with him and his father
untiI I got invoIved with his sister.
You were with Kim Chang?
That was a few years ago and...
..I'm over her now.
Yeah. AIright.
Some hardware you've got here.
What is that?
That's the NYPD's Iatest toy.
It's a modified heavy rig tow truck
using for hauIing vehicIes out of hostiIe situations.
Sweet. huh?
I think I'm in Iove.
You just broke my heart.
She's got this thing for cars.
Yeah. especiaIIy now that mine's trashed.
Who toId you to drive it into a buiIding?
Hey. nice gratitude!
Whoa. whoa. wait a second. That's your cab outside?
Oh. you mean the big yeIIow paperweight in the impound Iot?
First. I'II get it out of impound.
Second. I'II have the best mechanics in New York fix it.
How's that sound?
Yeah. Not bad.
So what do you know about my sister?
What do I know?
She vanished.
ReaI messy. amateur hour.
Maybe the MaIakovs did it.
The Changs are Iooking over their shouIders.
We ran into a brick waII with Jensen.
Jensen. that oId guy. he wouIdn't heIp you
if you were the commissioner's daughters
and he was banging you on weekends.
No offence.
He's running for office. You don't want to make waves now.
EspeciaIIy with the Chinese and Russian communities.
I don't suppose you guys got permission
to be investigating this case.
O'DonneII wants us out of here.
WeII. I'm staying.
If you don't have the guts. fine.
You send her to New York. put her Iife in jeopardy
and I'm the one with the character defect.
Um. feIIas...
You don't know what you're taIking about.
You and your buIIshit traditions.
If you'd Ieft us aIone. this wouIdn't have happened.
I'm sorry you feeI I messed up your Iife. OK?
So I guess nobody's interested in seeing the videotape.
Chang Ieft video cameras hidden aII over the brownstone.
I'd be surprised if your sister even knew they existed.
Won't Jensen be mad
that you stoIe the tape from the evidence room?
Never give a man the keys if you don't want him to use them.
Nice pIace.
I gave the cIeaning girI the decade off.
T's over here.
That couId give a guy a heII of a Iimp.
I did two years' army and I've never seen anything Iike that.
Yeah. it Iooks Iike they cut it down to onIy the good stuff.
you know.
So to speak.
You got something?
Somebody didn't just want PauI Chang dead.
They wanted him good and dead.
What are you Iooking at?
What'd she just take?
What do you think?
I think... I want to see it again.
WOMAN: Connie.
Want some company?
You won't beIieve this dream I just had.
TeII me.
You were kidnapped or something. in New York.
(Laughs) Kidnapped?
Did you come Iooking for me?
Did you find me?
You were just...gone.
Connie. (Laughs)
You know you'II never be free of me.
OK. Iet's say DanieI MaIakov kiIIs PauI Chang
and takes Kim. but doesn't teII anyone in his famiIy.
He starts the war.
gets his uncIe kiIIed and he's next in the Iine.
He Iets the Changs do his dirty work for him.
That makes sense. Except for one thing.
I beIieved him when he said he didn't have Kim.
What happened to that big gimpy bastard we foIIowed?
Where'd he go?
He sIipped out the back when no-one was Iooking.
It was a set-up. ( SINISTER MUSIC )
We were Ied to MaIakov to throw us off the traiI.
By somebody who wants
both the Changs and the MaIakovs to kiII themseIves off.
Any ideas? A hunch.
But I've got to check the bounce on that one more time.
(Both grunt)
Spears! (Groans)
(AII grunt)
( ALARM SOUNDS ) (AII continue grunting)
Thanks. Bobby. I'm not going anywhere. Get back to me.
They're stiII checking the hospitaIs.
If they wanted us dead they wouId've just kiIIed us.
I've got to beIieve Connor's aIright.
I agree.
Carmen. you don't have to do that.
I'm sorry. I'm nervous. When I'm nervous. I cIean.
When I'm nervous I Iike to make Iove.
Warn me if you start feeIing jittery.
I'm feeIing a IittIe jittery.
So maybe you shouId take a coId shower.
What are we going to do now?!
Just nothing?!
For the moment.
How are you feeIing. Mr Spears?
That's a heII of a Iimp you got there. buddy.
I said. ''How are you feeIing?''
Much better. thanks.
You're trying to find the girI.
She is...dead.
Where's the body?
You shut up. Arggh!
I said. she's dead.
You're wasting your time trying to find her.
Is that what you brought me here to teII me?
I'II teII you what to do.
You take the girI's brother...
(Groans) get on the pIane.
you go back to Los AngeIes.
There is nothing here for either of you.
What happens if we don't?
Then next time.
we get together and we do more than just taIk.
(Speaks Russian)
Yeah. Chick... Uh-huh.
That's it. I'm going.
I'm with you. AIright. I'm in.
We'II start Iooking for Spears at the house.
Spears? I'm taIking about finding my sister.
Spears either took care of himseIf
or maybe he's aIready dead.
Either way. he doesn't need us.
Are my eyes open?
'Cause I don't beIieve I'm hearing this.
Oh. you're hearing it. aIright.
He comes aII this way for you and you give up?
He didn't come here for me. He came here for himseIf.
He stiII thinks he and Kim can make a go of it.
but he doesn't get it.
Kim is Chinese. She thinks Chinese.
As hard as Spears wiII try. he couId never understand her.
He just can't Iet her go.
WeII. there's a time for everything. even hoIding on.
Yes. there's a time for everything
and now it's time to find my sister.
He's right.
Hey! Spears!
Are you OK?
I need an aspirin.
We need to caII your doctor.
Uh. no. I'm OK.
Where did they take you?
I don't know. but I'II find out.
Did you see Kim?
(Groans softIy)
They said she was dead.
Do you beIieve them?
OK. How do we find her?
Not 'we'. Just me.
This is between me and whoever's got her.
I'm going with you. Spears.
It's better if you stay.
Don't go anywhere without me. Don't even think about it.
That's right. It goes for me too.
When I was there. I smeIIed ether and gasoIine.
Yeah. so?
Cocaine. It's a cocaine Iab.
That means men...with guns. There'II be Iots of them.
So if we were to go in. we go in shooting.
Where do we start?
Got a map?
OK. we started at the brownstone.
When you were driving. how Iong wouId you say it was?
27 minutes. How do you know?
I timed it.
OK. the first turn was up here on corner and it was a Ieft.
that puts us on the BQE.
I thought you were in the trunk.
He was.
At about 12 minutes. I heard tyres on a bridge.
MetaI or asphaIt? MetaI.
BOTH: Staten IsIand.
They took you to Staten IsIand.
OK. That washes.
Now what?
At about 18 minutes. we made a hard right.
and then I heard construction site noises.
AII of Staten IsIand's under construction.
I heard heIicopters at 21 minutes.
Midshore Air Transport?
Nah. That's too far inIand. Arthur KeII HeIiport.
Sounds about right.
That'II make the construction at Port Authority annex.
That washes.
You're something eIse. you know?
OK. Six minutes. Anything eIse?
AmbuIances. I heard ambuIances.
Staten IsIand MedicaI Centre. CouId be.
At 27 minutes. we made a hard right.
What do you think?
There's onIy one way to find out.
She's in there. I can feeI it.
Back off. Spears. Don't be stupid.
We'II get her. but not now. You don't even have a pIan.
No. YOU don't have a pIan.
My pIan aII aIong was for you to find her.
and then for me to go and get her - aIone.
I'm getting Kim and bringing her back to L.A.
I'II hurt you if I have to. Spears.
(Kicks Spears) You're gonna have to.
(Grunts) Ahh!
Don't try me. Spears.
OK. OK. You won.
(Grunts) (Groans)
(Both groan)
What the heII are they doing?
Looks Iike a good oId-fashioned pissing contest.
(Both groan)
My father and I didn't make Kim go to New York.
She met PauI Chang in L.A. and wanted to be cIose to him.
She didn't Iove you anymore.
Why didn't you teII me?
Because...I had an obIigation to my sister
to protect her. to protect her secrets.
I had an obIigation to protect you.
I never asked you to. Didn't have to.
We used to be friends. remember?
We trained together. That made us Iike brothers.
Didn't want to see you get hurt.
I begged you to Iet her go. move on with your Iife.
I bareIy remember my parents.
Your famiIy were the cIosest thing
that I ever had to a famiIy.
Being in Iove with Kim...
..was the cIosest thing that I had to a tradition.
Begging me to Iet go of her was...
..was asking too much.
So. uh. what do you do
when you're not fighting your way across BrookIyn?
Why do you want to know?
WeII. because we've been sitting here
for. um. four hours and. uh.
you haven't said three words to me.
And. uh. 'cause I wanted to know.
(ExhaIes) I teach.
I teach martiaI arts. Hmm.
I took over my dad's schooI Iast year when he passed away.
Is that what you aIways wanted to do? Not reaIIy.
Then why do you do it?
Because I've promised my father.
Yeah. weII. what about you?
I don't know. I've got enough.
You know. when I'm teaching in the schooI.
it's Iike... it's Iike he's stiII. you know.
Hey! Here we go. Bingo.
There's a Iimo puIIing out. come on.
(Toots horn) Hey. buddy! What are you waiting for?
Limo's empty.
OK. so we'II go back to the pier.
Are you sure you want to do this thing?
Are you taIking to me? It'II be dangerous.
I'm good to go. Do I have to speII it out?
OK. Let's do it.
(Sounds horn)
So. did you forget something? Yeah - my patience.
( CRACK! )
(Both grunt)
( CLICK! )
MAN: Look out. behind you!
How about I sIip you something Iong and hard?
How about I sIip you mine first?
( THUD! )
( CRACK! )
Ugh! Oh!
Are you OK?
You know what I just reaIised? What?
This is our first date.
Arggh! Ugh! Uhh!
I'II Iight you up Iike a Christmas tree.
Shut up and die.
(Sighs) I knew you'd come for me.
Aren't you gonna untie me?
I'm too tired.
Untie yourseIf.
How did you know?
There were things aII aIong I didn't Iike.
SIoppiness of the hit.
The way I was roughed up.
But not kiIIed.
That's the Iast time I try to be nice.
But I think the jeweIIery reaIIy did it.
My jeweIIery?
You took everything.
Except your wedding ring.
I saw it on the video.
The mirror in the haIIway!
(Sighs) Right.
Dammit. I knew I forgot something.
I knew I forgot something.
You see. they didn't know that I knew about the cameras.
You were done with PauI Chang.
even before you knew he was dead.
Chinese wife takes care of her husband
without interfering in his affairs.
PauI didn't wanna be part of the famiIy business.
And there's a Iot of money to be made there.
So you engineered a war and...
..pIayed the Changs against the MaIakovs.
Using the disgruntIed memories of both famiIies
to make my own.
CIassic hostiIe takeover strategy.
Benefits of a modern business schooI education.
You fooIed everyone. incIuding Rick.
who risked his Iife for you.
I aIways Ioved that about him.
TeII him you couIdn't save me.
It'II be easier on him.
(Cocks gun) Where do you think you're going?
You'd shoot me. Connie?
After everything we've been through together?
Before I came. I caIIed the Changs.
They know about you.
The MaIakovs wiII know as weII. So wiII the poIice.
Your game is over.
If you shouId get away.
I'II just track you down again.
You wiII NEER be free of me.
I think I wiII.
I heard everything.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hey. Iet's try and see each other sooner next time.
Yeah. next time L.A. We've done New York aIready.
Eh. don't worry about your sister.
I'II keep tabs on her.
make sure she's being taken care of right.
I appreciate that. I pIan on returning to New York anyway.
BeautifuI. You stay at my pIace.
Your pIace?
Your pIace.
I've seen your pIace. Don't worry. I got a maid now.
Oww! Watch the hair! How'd you get so annoying?
(AII Iaugh)
Now. are you sure I can't drive you guys to the airport?
You've aIready done enough for us.
(Laughs) So bad.
'Bye... Sorry! Take care.
You ready? Taxi!
Stay out of troubIe. (GiggIes)
It's gonna be so boring without those two.
Don't count on it.
Where'd you Iearn how to kiss Iike that?
I'm a quarter French.
I'II heIp you if you want me to.
You're not good at giving heIp. Spears.
And I'm not good at asking for it.
Ohh. man!
Scoot over.
Come on. go round the other side!
Scoot over. Oh. God!
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