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Train The CD1

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lt was in the Clouvet collection, wasn't it?
lt was.
- Do you like it? - Need you ask?
This is degenerate art, you know.
As a loyal officer of the Third Reich, l should detest it.
l've often wondered at the curious conceit that would attempt
to determine tastes and ideas by decree.
Many times over the past four years l have wanted to thank you.
For not being what you'd expected?
For saving all this. Protecting it.
Do you feel free to thank me now because the liberation of Paris is so close?
- lt's not necessary. - l could have been sent away.
Someone else brought in to be in charge of the museum.
Perhaps l should thank you.
l was foolish.
l knew of books being burned.
Other things.
l was terrified that these would be lost.
A book is worth a few francs.
We Germans can afford to destroy those.
We all may not appreciate artistic merit, but cash value is another matter.
You won't convince me that you're cynical.
l know what these paintings mean to you.
You are a perceptive woman.
(door sIams)
We're removing the paintings.
- Pack them carefully. - Where are you taking them?
- To a safe place. - But no place is as safe as Paris.
The city has been declared open. lt won't be bombed or shelled.
l want these on the station tomorrow, crated and ready to be put on the train.
- What about my train? - lt has been cancelled, sir.
- Who cancelled it? - l did.
- Who are you? - Labiche, Colonel. Area lnspector.
Under my supervision, of course.
Since when does a Frenchman have the authority to cancel a German train?
We're making up a special armament train, Colonel. Highest priority.
- Whose orders? - Von Rundstedt.
Military Commander, Western Front.
How soon can my train be cleared to leave?
As soon as l get another order. lt's your army, Colonel, not mine.
You'll get the order. Have the train ready this afternoon at 3.30.
(shouting in German)
- HeiI HitIer. - HeiI HitIer.
l'm calling for General von Lubitz.
l want the line for the Field Command Headquarters.
Yes, immediately!
Field Command Headquarters? General von Lubitz's office calling.
Colonel Müller, please.
The general cancelled all appointments not dealing with the evacuation of Paris.
- ls he in? - Yes, Colonel,
but l have orders not to let anyone in...
- What is it, Colonel? - A train l ordered was cancelled.
l've been advised your personal authorisation is now required.
Signal from General von Rundstedt, sir.
The highway between Avranches and Mortain has been cut by the Americans.
You can make application through normal channels.
You once said normal channels were a trap,
in which to snare officers who lacked initiative.
What's your cargo?
l don't share your enthusiasm for art.
Even if l did, it would not be centred on this degenerate trash.
Nor would l expect priority over vitally needed war transport.
Good morning, Colonel.
The second SS armoured division has fallen back towards Falaise.
Report on their remaining effective strength.
Might it not be unwise to leave a billion gold reichsmarks in the Bank of France?
Enough money to equip ten panzer divisions?
Make your point, Colonel.
Money is a weapon.
The contents of that train are as negotiable as gold, and more valuable.
l feel Berlin would prefer it in the hands of the Third Reich.
lf conditions at the front become more critical, l will rescind this authorisation.
- When will you be ready? - Tomorrow morning at 9.1 5, Major.
Come in. Come in.
This is Mademoiselle Villard from the Jeu de Paume, the museum.
l brought her with me.
Mademoiselle Villard has a problem.
- l thought your group might help her. - lt's not to help me.
You understand? The paintings belong to France.
- Paintings? - The train you are preparing the colonel.
He's stealing a load of pictures.
You should hear what they're worth!
- lt's not just the money. - What does she want us to do?
- She wants us to blow up the train. - Oh, no! No, you misunderstand.
They must not even be damaged. They could never be replaced.
They're not just.... Here, l have the list.
Renoirs, Cézannes, 64 Picassos, 29 Braques.
Degas, Matisse.
He chose very carefully. Only the best. The national heritage.
- What do you want us to do, madame? - Mademoiselle.
Well, l thought, perhaps, if you could just stop the train.
Stopping the train is not simple, mademoiselle.
- You can get killed stopping a train. - Especially if you are French,
and the train is German.
l know. l realise.
But soon Paris will be free, isn't that true?
But if the paintings are not here...
Our latest report is that the Allies will be in Paris within a week.
Maybe three or four days.
Waldheim is to get the train out before that.
Can we slow it down? Delay it? What do you think?
We can blow it up. Maybe.
Put some plastique under the cars and blow it up.
They'd shoot a few hostages, but that's the price you pay.
- Are your paintings that important? - She doesn't want it blown up.
London agrees the art is important.
Anything we can do to save it. But they leave it up to us.
Why not? What can they lose?
This morning we had four men left in this group.
Now we are three. One, two, three.
- Bernard? - We started with 18.
Like your paintings, mademoiselle, we couldn't replace them.
For certain things, we take the risk. But l won't waste lives on paintings.
But they wouldn't be wasted.
Excuse me. l know that's a terrible thing to say.
But those paintings are part of France.
The Germans want to take them away.
They've taken our land, our food. They live in our houses.
And now they're trying to take our art.
This beauty, this vision of life born out of France.
Our special vision. Our trust.
We hold it in trust. Don't you see?
For everyone. This is our pride.
What we create and hold for the world.
There are worse things to risk your life for than that.
l'm sorry, mademoiselle. We can't help you.
The train goes through his section. lt's up to him.
Don't you have copies of 'em?
Excuse me for taking your time.
l respect you for what you are doing.
l hope none of you will be harmed.
- She's a nice lady. - What happened to Bernard?
l had a cup of coffee with him early this morning.
They came into the yards and picked him up, with some refugees.
l saw the whole thing.
They just came into the yards and picked him up.
l thought we came here to talk about the armament train.
lt's a big one, huh, Labiche? When does it leave?
9.1 5 tomorrow morning, on the dot.
They must be desperate to risk a daylight run.
Tell me the schedule.
lt'll arrive at the yards at Vaires by 9.45.
Five minutes to switch on the engine and pick up the antiaircraft crews.
lt should be on its way by ten minutes of ten, no later.
lt would be nice if it were delayed for ten minutes.
British planes will hit the yard at Vaires tomorrow morning at ten o'clock.
Saturation bombing.
lf the train was in the yard at that time...
Ten minutes? lt won't be easy.
Can you do it?
- At the moment, l'm not sure how. - That's up to you.
The planes will bomb at exactly ten o'clock.
Will the train be there or not?
We'll have it waiting.
l wonder where he'll be at ten o'clock.
Where l'd like to be. ln his office.
- l don't like it. - Who does?
l mean the art train. lf the Germans want it so much, maybe we should do something.
Forget the art train. We'll have enough to do tomorrow.
Which reminds me, l'll need another engineer for the art train.
- l'll have to give it to Papa Boule. - Papa Boule?
- Not Papa Boule! - l have no choice. Who else is there?
lt's an easy run. The train doesn't leave till dark. lt'll be in Germany by morning.
See you later.
Don't just slap the oil on anywhere, damn it!
Look where the hell you're putting it.
This machine was running before you were born.
She's like a woman. lf you don't treat her just right, she'll make your life miserable.
Take this. Do it right, for God's sake.
Because l'll be back to check after l've had my coffee.
Now remember. A grease job is not a bath.
- Papa. - Mm-hm.
A cup.
l see Labiche is finally giving you a train.
- And all the way to Germany. - Some train.
You see any artillery? A load that a man can feel is important?
That might change the war, huh?
But the important shipment goes to the front.
Have you read what's in those crates?
l don't believe anything they write. Paintings! Open a case.
You'll find champagne, perfume and everything else they stole from us.
l've talked to one of the truck drivers. These are paintings.
- So what? - Great art. Picasso. Gauguin. Renoir.
Renoir. l used to know a girl who modelled for Renoir.
She smelled of paint.
Bourges, you are a good engineer, you have told me so.
But in matters of culture, you are sadly deficient.
Champagne and perfume can be replaced. Not art.
- These paintings are important. - Really?
The glory of France.
Glory of France?
And to think, two days, three at the most, the Allies should be here.
The Nazis wouldn't have the train. Maybe even one day...
- Are you the engineer? - Does he look like an engineer?
You will not leave the station tonight. Stand by your engine,
ready to leave at a moment's notice.
Ja, mein KorporaI.
- Pig! - Be careful how you talk to them.
l'm too old to be careful.
- The glory of France. - Huh? Oh, yes.
The glory of France.
Give me the change in franc pieces.
Start the engine!
HeiI HitIer.
Loaded and ready, sir.
Very good, Schmidt.
- What time do you leave? - As soon as it's dark, sir.
Colonel von Waldheim! Telephone call, sir.
General von Lubitz's headquarters!
The officer says it's urgent.
Colonel von Waldheim speaking.
Yes, Major.
l'm sorry to hear that. Let's hope the reverses at the front are temporary.
Yes, of course l understand.
The general explained it might be necessary
to rescind the authorisation for my train.
Unfortunately, l can't help you. The train left over half an hour ago,
and is now on its way to Germany.
Please express my regrets to the general.
ln view of the fact that you've already left, Schmidt,
l think perhaps you'd better get aboard and order the train out immediately, huh?
- Yes, sir! - Have a good trip, Schmidt.
Start the train! Start the train!
Move the train!
Boule! Start the train.
Start the train!
Uncouple that engine! Get it out of here!
- ls the armoured engine ready? - The antiaircraft crews are all aboard.
Move your engine. Get it out of here!
Hey, you! You pig!
- What? - Who did that?
The steam is released or the engine blows up.
- Which do you want? - You did it on purpose.
What is this?
Take your assigned position. Back of the cab.
- Everything all right? - Move your engines...
- lt's OK. - l want this train out of here!
- What's going on down there, Labiche? - Sabotage.
Throw five.
Throw eight.
Throw ten.
- Throw ten. - lt's stuck!
Don't force it.
- Stop! - Hey! Hey!
Hey! Stop!
Stop! You're on the wrong track!
Don't play games with me, Labiche. l know sabotage when l...
What is it?
But l...
Give me the switch tower.
(phone rings)
Dietrich! What the hell is going on up there?
You idiot! You get those switches working!
We have got to get this train out of here!
- l'm tired of your inefficiency, Dietrich! - (air-raid siren)
You can't ride through an air raid!
Watch me! Fire up that engine!
You old goat! Get out of there and get under cover!
- Get off my train! - You fool! lt'll rain bombs any second!
Get off my train!
- You can't go! The switch is closed! - Open it!
(bomb whistIing)
What is it?
What is it?
- What is it? - The oil line.
Can you fix it?
- Can we run it back to Vaires? - Maybe, but just the engine.
Where's the phone?
Start the pump.
(fire-engine sirens)
The repair of my train is to take top priority, Major.
This whole yard needs repair, Colonel. l'll see to your engine as soon as l can.
- You'll see to it at once. - l have my orders. l'll do what l can.
l've given you an order. l take full responsibility.
- What happened? - Fault in the oil line.
l'll take care of it. Hand me the spanner.
Take over the crane engine.
Come here.
Come here!
- Take off the oil caps. - l'll do it.
He will do it. Go on.
- You can settle the blame for this later. - One moment, please, sir.
Turn out your pants pockets.
Slick with oil.
Sabotage, Colonel. lt's an old trick around here.
They slip in franc pieces and cut off the oil supply.
- You should have thrown them away. - Four francs are four francs.
Major, please. lt's not important. l'll have the engine fixed overnight. l'll do it myself.
Take him away.
Colonel! Stop them.
Colonel. He slowed up your train for a few hours but he saved it.
He took it through the bombs at the risk of his own life.
He's an old man. He doesn't know what he's doing.
l'll get your train through for you. He's just a foolish old man.
His train! His!
lt's mYtrain.
l know what l'm doing. Do you? Huh? You'll help them.
l practically raised you but you're no better than they are.
Colonel! What can you gain by the death of one old man?
- What he did can make no difference. - Achtung! Fire!
You can stop...
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