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Train The CD2

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You will deliver that engine to me personally.
l'm holding you responsible.
Turn down the forced-draft.
Hurry it up! We're working on a locomotive, not a pocket watch!
Hubert! Take down the grate.
Didont... what are you doing here?
- Where's Hubert? - l decided to go along as fireman.
You damn fools. You lookin' to be shot too?
- Papa Boule wanted it stopped. - Papa Boule! Papa Boule is dead!
- Stop acting like children. - Don't be mad, Paul. We want to do this.
Listen, you idiots.
The war'll be over in a few days. Now leave it alone.
You get caught up in something... you can't leave it alone.
- You know how it is. - (Didont) We'll get away with it, Paul.
All contacts have been made except at Metz, and you have to call Metz.
Maurice won't go along with us until he talks to you.
Oh, you know Maurice. He's stubborn.
To hell with you. To hell with both of you. You wanna be killed, l can't stop you.
We will be killed if you don't call Maurice.
Labiche! Are you taking the night off?
lt'll be ready in a couple of hours, by morning. l'll take it through after dark.
When it's ready get it out of here. Deliver it.
- ln broad daylight? - Deliver it.
That engine has blocked work on four trains for the front.
The colonel gave orders for it to be given top priority. He's got it.
For all l care, it could be shot full of holes, and his precious train with it.
Move it!
(aircraft approaches)
- No! No, Didont! - Not us! Not us!
Not us! Not us!
(brakes screech)
This is the last job. The last one.
When we get to Rive-Reine, l'll make that call to Maurice.
- What happened? - Allied aircraft, ten miles back.
Any serious damage?
Any serious damage?!
Not enough to stop you from getting to Germany.
Camouflage the engine. Schwarz!
- Your engine and your crew. - Was it your clever idea
to risk this engine in a daylight run?
Major Herren was following your orders to the letter.
l admire your efficiency, Labiche,
and your sense of survival.
l don't suppose you have much trouble with saboteurs, do you?
Tell me, Labiche. Do you think there will be sabotage attempts on this train?
l'm a railroad man, not a prophet.
Prophecy is not required, only determination.
This train will get through to Germany. You agree, don't you, Labiche?
What do you want me to do, Colonel? Give you a guarantee?
l'll settle for a partial guarantee.
You, Labiche.
You'll drive the engine.
The engineer's been assigned. My orders are to return to Vaires.
Stay with the engine. Keep steam up.
You can go now. You're not needed.
l've worked all night on this engine.
l haven't slept for two days. l'll fall asleep.
You'll leave at seven o'clock. l think you should rest until then.
Take him to the hotel. He is to stay there until he returns here at seven.
Sleep well.
My bicycle.
Your transportation to Paris.
A room for this man.
ldentity card, please.
- 60 francs. - Pay her.
You pay her. l'm a guest of the German army.
- He is a railroad man. - 60 francs.
- lsn't there a discount for railroad men? - 60 francs.
Top of the stairs, first door on the right. The sheets are clean.
You heard the colonel - seven o'clock. Get some rest.
Would like to tuck me in?
Call me at 6.45.
One German in the office with Jacques.
Give me about two minutes.
Where are you going?
Back in the engine. Use your coal pile.
- What started this? - We don't know, sir.
You aren't all needed. Get back to the train.
- Where's Labiche? - l put him in the hotel, sir.
A few minutes ago.
- Sergeant! - You two, come!
- Labiche! - (knock on door)
Break it down.
Look in the cellar!
- Why are you breaking down my door? - Labiche, where is he?
(woman) Who's your commanding officer?
Mademoiselle, come here!
How long has he been here?
Since soup, cabbage and potatoes.
Thank you.
l don't want your thanks. lf they'd caught me helping you, l would have been shot.
l know. l'm sorry.
You think you can run in here and make trouble?
l run a hotel, not a madhouse. Who's going to pay for the door and the lock?
Do you think money grows on trees?
- There's a war. - You talk about the war.
l'll talk about what it costs.
l'll be leaving in a few hours. You can go back to your good customers.
They pay. That's what l'm in business for.
You should be paid.
- How much for the damage? - 100 francs.
How much for saving my life?
Who did it?
l'm not sure. l can't remember. l was struck!
You're lying!
Enough, Pilzer.
lf you tell the truth, you'll live.
Now, what does he look like?
Colonel, l can't remember!
A big man.
A grey suit.
A hat, l think.
Sir, Labiche never left the hotel.
Let him go.
Do you want some coffee?
lt goes with the room.
No extra charge.
What's your name?
Labiche, the colonel is waiting.
Did you get through?
- Jacques, is the track all clear up ahead? - All the way to Germany.
(CoIoneI) Sleep well, Labiche?
Like a baby, Colonel.
l trust this time the bearings are well-oiled?
Why don't you check them yourself?
Sergeant Schwarz will ride with you.
The last town before entering Germany will be St Avold.
You will stop there for Captain Schmidt to telephone a report to me.
A pleasant trip, Captain.
ls that clear?
l will stop at St Avold.
Have you ever been to Germany, Labiche?
No, Colonel.
You should find the experience interesting.
A chance to broaden your horizon.
All right, stationmaster.
(bIows whistIe)
Just keep out of my way.
Stop at St Avold, we'll get our heads blown off.
Get me Commercy, please.
l don't have a direct line.
This is railroad business!
- What's the matter? - Your army regulations.
Hello, Metz? lt's on time.
Hello, Metz? Rive-Reine.
ls that you, Maurice?
Where is he?
When will he be back?
Have him call Jacques at Rive-Reine as soon as possible.
Yes, it's important.
Thank you.
- What time will you be home, Uncle? - When l get home, l'll be home!
l'm sitting enjoying myself! Drinking, playing cards, having a good time.
You can see that, can't you?
Aunt Hélène wanted to know.
l'm a bad-tempered old man.
- Why are we slowing down? - Are you blind? There's been an air raid.
We slow down for switching.
What are you going to do?
l don't want to stop at St Avold.
You wanna go to Germany?
Jacques will send word.
This is taking us south.
l said this is taking us south!
You saw the main tracks are blown up.
We have to go around the bend in the river.
- What's the next town on your map? - Remilly.
Keep your eyes open. Your horizon's about to be broadened.
(phone rings)
Ah, Maurice.
You have a direct line to Commercy.
Right. Call them.
My wife's cousin has some cheese for me.
Could be put on the midnight train when it stops at Commercy.
Yes. Yes, Maurice. The train will stop, to unload passengers.
Good. l'll save a piece of cheese for you.
Railroad business, huh?
(train whistIe)
Next stop, St Avold, sir.
Do we run?
Sergeant. Can we stretch our legs?
All right. Get down.
Corporal, watch them.
You! Where's the telephone?
Sergeant! Nobody leaves the train. We will stop here only for two minutes.
Ja, Kapitän.
And to save a piece for Pierre and Raoul.
Hello, Colonel. Colonel, we are at St Avold.
Yes, Colonel.
What's it like here in St Avold?
l know what you mean.
l'll be glad to get back to Berlin.
- Schwarz! - Yes, Captain?
- We go. - Get up.
Auf Wiedersehen.
We are home, Tauber.
We are in Germany.
- Are you all right? - Yes, l'm all right.
You're crazy! Why did you speed into a curve like that?
- But you told me to go ahead. - Yes, but at full speed?
What do you mean? Hey! You should have signalled to go slow! How should l know?
Look at my rails!
How close?
Two minutes.
Good luck.
lf we get separated, meet you at the old farmhouse above the river.
Take the stick.
Pilzer! Get Labiche!
Yes, sir.
Get him! Kill him, kill him!
Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
No. No, you can't stay here.
- How soon will the cranes be here? - Major Herren is on his way now, sir.
Everything else will be completed by dark...
Put more men to work. l want it done faster.
But, Colonel, till the crane can move the engine...
Yes, Colonel.
Sir! No sign of Labiche, sir.
We searched the woods for hours.
- l've had two squads looking... - l want him!
- He could have gone back to Paris. - No.
He's around somewhere, l know.
He'll twist and turn. He'll hide and make his plans.
But he won't leave the train. l'm beginning to know him.
Keep looking for him! Search the town.
(door cIoses)
l've brought you some clothes.
- How's your leg? - Much better, thank you.
(men shouting orders)
- What's going on out there? - You should know.
Engines and cars all over the tracks. Rails torn.
- Any reprisals? - Do you think they'd declare a holiday?
Jacques, the stationmaster, and an engineer shot.
Another engineer, the thin one, was shot trying to escape.
- There'll be others. - (door opens)
Labiche. Have you seen the man Labiche?
- Labiche? - Yes, Labiche!
- He was in room five. He left yesterday! - Yes, he left yesterday.
l know he left yesterday! l want to know if you've seen him today!
Labiche, Labiche. Yes, l've seen Labiche.
l see him every day. And General de Gaulle too.
They're my best customers and l keep them cool in the wine cellar.
Why did you come back here?
Do you want everyone killed?
Maybe you think you're a hero. Maybe you don't care if you live.
What right have you to do this? Leave us alone.
l knew Jacques all my life.
Hélène, his wife, sat with me when my husband was killed,
the first year of the war.
And now l'll sit with her.
Men are such fools.
Men want to be heroes and their widows mourn.
Perhaps men are fools.
There were over a hundred involved in stopping that train.
Switchmen, brakemen, yard gangs, stationmasters.
God knows how many will be shot, like Jacques.
You know what's on that train?
Paintings. That's right - paintings. Art.
The national heritage. The pride of France.
Crazy, isn't it?
lt's quiet up there.
Where are you going?
Perhaps l can leave now.
You can't go out in daylight. They're looking for you.
My friend who was with me on the train, l have to meet him. He may not be alive.
lt won't help him if you're killed. Wait until it's dark.
Eat your food.
lt's a sin to waste bread.
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