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Good, good. You counted it? Okay.
Yeah, l just spoke to him. He's cool.
Where's Peter?
You killed him, didn't you?
You killed him. And you're gonna kill me.
Well, you are making it awfully tempting.
Listen, Mary, l want you to know...
...that l really enjoyed the last 2 4 hours.
And that includes our little party.
Marvin, are you in place?
All right.
Just wait a minute, and then do it.
You said do it!
You don't want to blow it now, do you? We've come so far together.
Remember what we talked about?
l remember. l won't tell. l promise l won't tell. l won't tell anyone.
Guess what?
He's in the playground right behind me.
Where? Where?
Goodbye, Mary.
Peter! Peter! Come here.
Twenty-three hours and 20 minutes, Joey.
Yeah, you did good, Marvin.
Do we have to do this again?
l wonder if l'm gonna miss bringing families together.
You got it?
Come here. Don't go.
This is for both of us, okay? And for Abby.
She's growing up so fast. l don't want you to miss anything important.
l know. l know. lt's almost over. Last time.
-When are you gonna take me for a ride? -Well...
...l booked a cabin up at Whistler this weekend.
-You did? -l did.
-Abby, are you all right? -Yeah, l was just looking at crabs.
Daddy, don't worry so much.
Yeah, Daddy, don't worry so much. We'll be fine.
-You look after Mommy, okay? -Okay.
-Will you wiggle your wings after takeoff? -Better watch and see.
Wiggle your wings? lt's waggle your wings, not wiggle your wings.
He did it. He wiggled his wings.
-l wanna do it. -Yeah?
Okay. Take all the trash mail out for me.
-All that mail that we keep getting. -Always trash.
-All junk. -All junk?
-All junk. -Put it up there.
-Want some ice cream? -Yeah.
-l need to tink first. -Okay.
Hey, Abby, bring me the clothes in the hamper while you're in there.
Karen, are you in? It's Joan.
Okay, I guess you're not there. Listen, I got a free night tonight.
Billy's on a sleepover. Call me, now.
Abby, l'm ready for the clothes.
l got her.
What are you doing?
They're less nervous with something from home.
-First call 30 from now. -Same as always. Go. Go. Go.
You okay? You need help?
-Probed, not insulted. -We could remove the crayon for you.
It could increase your brainpower, or it could kill you.
Increase my killing power, eh?
Abby, what happened to you helping me with the laundry?
-Homey, where have you been? -I just underwent--
-Why so loud? -To increase my IQ 50 points.
-Really? -Abby!
--spiffy nerd ensemble.
Mrs. Jennings, stay calm. Abby's not here, but she's absolutely fine.
My name is Joe. l'm gonna help you through this thing.
Abby, where are you?!
Good evening.
-Dr. Jennings. -Yes, doctor.
Several guests mentioned they're looking forward to your speech.
Nice to hear.
Where's my baby?
-You don't wanna shoot me. -Where is she?
Abby is with my cousin. My cousin has a cell phone.
lf l don't call every 30 minutes, he'll kill her.
-Can l just say you look prettier in person? -Sit down!
Look, Mrs. Jennings.
Nothing is gonna happen to Abby as long as nothing happens to me. Okay?
You can count on Marvin. He always does exactly what he's told... long as it's me doing the telling.
What do you want?
You're a smart lady. You pick up things really quickly. You do.
This is a kidnapping for ransom.
But it's not just any kidnapping. lt's a perfect kidnapping.
l know that. l've done it four times before, and l haven't been caught yet.
-Take me to her, son of a bitch. -l know what you're thinking.
What happened to the other kids, right? Every single one of those kids... now watching Barney, swimming in their pools, riding their ponies...
...or whatever rich kids do. Because l gave their parents the power... keep them alive.
And they did. They followed the rules.
They let me make my calls to Marvin to keep him safe.
-Now, Karen.... -My God.
l hope it's okay that l call you Karen.
You can keep that gun if you want...
...if it makes you feel better. But l wanna tell you something about that gun.
lt kills two people with one bullet.
...and Abby.
May l?
Okay. Thanks.
This is quite a place you got here.
Thank you.
We are privileged to have with us a young physician l first met...
...when he was a student doing research on the sedative properties of Guinness...
...if l remember correctly.
Since then, l've watched him rise from intern to resident to research scientist...
...and finally, and best of all l think you'd agree, patent holder.
Ladies and gentlemen, our wunderkind, Dr. William Jennings.
Why won't you let me give you the money now?
For one thing, the banks are closed.
For another thing, it would look a little suspicious.
You see, unlike me, most kidnappers are morons.
They all get busted the minute they go for the ransom money.
They try all kinds of complicated shit...
...but the fact is that no ransom pickup is safe from the FBl.
You should see the statistics. Near zero kidnappings are successful. Know why?
lt's because of the ransom pickup. That's why l ain't picking up any ransom.
Was that beautiful, or what?
-Why can't Abby be here right now? -Because this is a machine, okay?
This is a machine that runs on fear.
Your fear for Abby.
That's the only thing that kept you from pulling that trigger. Am l right?
Physicians have been unable to use paralyzing relaxants...
...without fear of fatal outcomes or costly lawsuits. That day is over.
l am now injecting Restorase...
...developed by myself and Brown Adams...
...and tested in my own clinical trials at Astoria Memorial Hospital in Portland.
This variant of atropine counteracts the effects of succinylcholine...
...restoring full nerve conductivity and muscle function.
Don't you have any feeling for the children you hurt?
A kid can stand anything for 2 4 hours.
l stood a lot worse for years.
What are you talking about, 2 4 hours?
This whole show takes exactly 2 4 hours.
A day's work for a day's pay, 250K.
Oh, my God. Listen to me.
lf you wait till tomorrow, Abby could die.
You listen to me, okay?
We're on a timetable. Get something straight:
There are no deviations, no exceptions and no surprises.
She's asthmatic, severely asthmatic. She could have an attack at any time.
Nice try.
Open the drawer you're sitting on.
Open it!
-Shit. -Anything could bring an attack on.
Allergens, smoke, stress.
-Tell me your cousin doesn't smoke. -l tried to cover everything.
-Every goddamn thing. -Does he smoke?
Shut up.
Where are you?
Hey. We're almost there. You're early. What's the matter?
Listen. Take a look at the kid.
Give me the phone. Give me the phone!
-We got a situation here, Marvin. -Do you want me to take care of her?
-Not yet. -lt's been over 30 seconds.
-Better hang up. -This is what l want you to do.
Look at the kid, put your hand on her chest. ls she breathing?
Hold on.
-It's kind of, like, shallow. -This is what l want you to do.
Get her inside and close the windows. Don't let her run around. Okay?
lf she has trouble breathing, give her coffee. The caffeine opens her airways.
-Joe? Do you want me to do that? -Yeah.
Just call me if there's a problem, okay?
You would be grateful...
...if l helped your little girl, right?
-Yes. -What?
How would you show me?
You take me to her first...
...and then l'll show you.
How does every woman know that? How to be a hooker?
''Get the payment up front.''
ls that what they teach in Home Ec when we're in Shop?
Nobody has to teach you how to protect a child. You'd know that if you had one.
Hey, Marvin. lt's me.
-We're almost there. She's still asleep. -Yeah, okay. Well, l'll call you.
They're not there yet.
l'd like to see the bedroom.
Come on.
Come on.
-Hey, Dr. Jennings. Hi. -Can l help you?
My keycard doesn't work. l wondered if l could use your phone to call the desk.
-There's house phones by the elevator. -Yeah, right.
-That must be such a rush, huh? -What?
Just standing up there and having everybody want to be you:
A young guy with a big idea and a big future.
l got hot just watching you.
l'm flattered.
l'm also married.
Then we can do things that don't count.
Because it's something l'm doing, not you.
l'm sorry, darling, but l don't think it's gonna happen.
You'll find someone. Hey, you'll find 50. Just....
Just not me.
Good night.
Fifty's no good to me because Abby doesn't have 50 daddies.
-What did you say? -Your daughter was kidnapped.
lf you want her to live, you'll let me in that room right now.
l'm calling the police.
Don't! lf you call the cops, the house... may as well put a bullet into Abby's brain.
l have to make a call in five minutes. lf anything stops me, your kid is dead.
-What do l do to get my little girl back? -You're in a new world.
-My partner has your wife... -My wife?
-...and your girl's being held. -Where?
When you calm down, l'll make a call. Then this phone will ring every 30 minutes.
lf things aren't cool, you can pick out a casket.
-Where's my little girl? -l don't know.
She's someplace the police can't possibly get to in the time between our calls.
-That's not good enough. -Sit down.
What about getting Abby back?
What about getting Abby back?
Tomorrow morning your wife will wire $250,000 to a local bank.
You'll pick up that money.
After you give it to me, your wife and child will be let go.
How's she gonna explain that?
She's gonna say that you stumbled onto another painting...
...that you simply have to add to your crappy little art collection.
We've got this whole thing covered, all right? lt's really fucking easy.
You follow the rules, you get Abby back. lt's that simple.
You think l believe that after l've seen your face?
This is the fifth time. All the other parents saw our faces.
Not one of them went to the police. Know why?
lf you go to the police, they'll look for us and we'll know.
And my partner will come back, and he will kill your child.
-Hi. -Marvin, is everything all right?
-Fine. She's been sleeping. -I'll call you in a half.
Your mommy's not here right now. l'm Marvin. She asked me to keep you a while.
-Where is she? -No, l mean, just for tonight.
Where is she?
-She had to go to a party, okay? -l want my mom.
Look, it's okay. Hey, hey, hey. No, it's--
lt's okay. We're gonna be fine here tonight.
lt's gonna go by real fast.
-l want my mom. -Wait. Can you say ''Marvin''?
-Mommy! -Stop that!
l don't like it when little girls cry.
lf you're good and you promise to not run away... can play with her.
-Where are you? -l got him in the room.
-What took you so long? -Problems.
-What kind of problems? -He's difficult.
lt's just, he's not like the other ones, okay?
He doesn't get it.
Okay. Okay.
-Put him on. I'll straighten it out. -Okay.
-Phone call for you, Dr. Jennings. -Hello?
-Dr. Will Jennings? -This is Dr. Jennings. Who's this?
-You can call me Joe. -Is my wife there?
Yeah. She's right here. Right here with me.
You should see her face. She's just starting to get the picture.
Would you like to talk to her?
Okay, but keep it short and sweet.
This is actually my favorite part, where the happy couples get to talk.
-Will. -Are you all right?
-They took Abby. -I'll work this out.
Are you okay? Where are you?
You got a beautiful bedroom. The view is unbelievable...
...inside and out.
l'm looking at a picture of Abby right now. Let me tell you, l don't see you at all.
She's the spitting image of your wife. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
We've got a difficult situation. Let me know what you need.
I'll make it happen quickly. Anything you say.
This is your bedside manner, right, where you talk to people like they're idiots...
...then you do whatever the fuck you want.
Let me tell you, l am not your fucking patient, all right?
l've upset you, but l need you to listen.
-My daughter has asthma. -Tell me something I don't know.
Three minutes without air and Abby's brain starts to die.
Abby needs Karen or she needs her medicine.
That is what is gonna put control back in your hands.
Back in my hands?
l'm the doctor tonight.
l'm the one that decides whether or not your little girl lives or dies.
Please don't make me prove it. Now, put my partner back on.
How come we didn't know about the asthma? How could you miss that?
-I don't like it. -Like l give a shit what you like.
You just keep an eye on him, all right?
Who is that guy?
That's my husband.
l wonder if he knows what he's got.
Get your car keys.
lt's time to go.
Here, hop up.
Keep this wrapped around you when we go outside.
The heater's busted.
Now, when we get back from this little ride...'re gonna get to watch some TV because you've been good.
What's the matter?
This is all...dusty.
-What? -l can't--
-Dusty. -Dusty? Here. There.
Look, it's gone. lt's gone.
Air. My chest. l can't breathe.
-My puffer. -Your what?
My medicine. Mommy didn't leave me....
Coffee. They said coffee will help. Coffee.
Hang on, sweetheart.
Okay. Time to put this on.
Go on. Put it around your eyes.
lt's almost 9:00.
Hang on, Katie.
Help me...Marvin.
Here. Come on.
Help me. Mommy.
-Talk to me. l like your voice. -What do you wanna talk about?
Well, why don't you tell me how you met Dr. Will?
You don't wanna talk about that, huh? Sore subject?
Well, let's see if l can guess.
You were a nurse, you put him through med school...
...and then you quit to have the baby.
How did you know that?
Well, l'm just an excellent judge of character.
Are we here?
Marvin will be here soon.
You will not get emotional. You will not freak out.
You'll give the kid her medicine, then we'll go.
-l understand. -Make sure you do.
l'm gonna have a gun on you every second.
Abby's gonna go a little crazy when you leave. You're gonna tough it out.
Just like the first day of school. You remember that, right?
lf you flip out and if you try to run, l will shoot you.
l'm not gonna shoot her.
l'm gonna shoot you with her daddy's gun.
And she will have nightmares for the rest of her life.
-Now, get your stuff. -Mommy? Mommy!
-Abby? -Mommy!
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
Mama's here.
-Let me see you. -l had an attack.
You did?
Here you go, baby.
-l didn't have any medicine. -l have your medicine.
-Where were you? -Here.
One, two, three.
One more time. There you go.
You're gonna be fine, okay? There you go, honey. Okay.
Let me see you. Okay.
-You doing okay? -She nearly died, Joey.
-She scared me. -She's got her medicine. She's fine.
-She's just like Katie. -No, she's not. She's not.
She's another little girl.
She's some doctor's kid you give a pill to and everything is fine. Understand me?
lt sounded the same.
lt's not the same, Marvin.
Here's some water right here.
-Did he hurt you? -No.
-He hasn't hurt you? -No. l wanna go home.
l know, baby. l know you wanna go home.
Just a little bit longer, okay? Then l'm gonna come get you.
-Okay. -Put some warm clothes on.
-ls he nice, Abby? -Yeah.
-Where is he keeping you? -ln a cabin.
-A cabin? -Yeah.
-ls it far from here? -Not that far.
-No? Does he have a gun? -No.
No gun?
Listen to me. You do everything he says. But only if he's nice to you.
lf you go to the bathroom, go alone. Don't let him go with you.
Listen to me. We had a little wrinkle, but we're back on track now.
Just like the other four times. ls that clear?
-No. lt's different. The medicine-- -lt's not different.
We've gone over this 1 00,000 times. We're back to the plan.
l'm gonna talk to you every half-hour. End of story. Are you okay?
Are you leaving me again?
-l have to, baby. Just till the morning. -Okay, time to go. Marvin?
l am begging you. Let me stay with her till morning. Please.
See how nice l'm talking? That's good for her to hear.
You don't want that to change, do you?
-Okay. -Come on.
-Honey, you're gonna be fine. -No! Mommy! Mommy!
l love you, honey! Her medicine! Her medicine!
-Mommy! -l love you, baby!
Oh, God, no! Don't do this! That is my baby!
Fuck! Fuck!
What, do you want to fuck this up?
Think you live in a world where no little girls get killed?
Put this on.
You are one ballsy, motherfucking lady. l'll give you that.
And everybody's entitled to one mistake.
Well, you just made yours.
-Baby, put the doc on. -What are you doing?
-Kid got her medicine. Put the doc on. -Where are you?
We're going back. Would you put the fucking doc on?
lt's for you.
-Hello? -Will. How you doing?
l got a little news update for you. Here's the little lady.
-Will? -Baby, are you okay?
-What's happening? -We saw Abby. She had an attack.
-ls she all right? -She's fine for now.
l left her medicine with her, but she's miles away from a hospital.
Whoa! Calm down, college boy. The kid got a little upset, that's all.
Mommy fixed it. There were some tears, some screams. Everything's fine.
So listen. Have fun, okay?
Do you need a hankie, baby?
You fuck!
How dare you?
-What happened to you? -l like it rough sometimes.
-You don't have that kind of fun? -That's not from fun.
-That's a beating. And not just one. -Really? lt is?
Will you drive me to the battered women's shelter?
Put this on. Put it on.
Okay, Daddy.
-l need to ask you a question. -Fuck you.
Are you really committed to this kidnapping?
l think Joe gets his kicks out of this, not you.
What makes you think l would sell him out?
Stop trying to press my buttons and let this happen like every other time.
This isn't like every other time. Abby is sick and you missed that.
What will you do if my daughter dies? That is all l'm thinking about right now.
You want me to tell Joe you got the gun on me when he calls?
Who's Katie?
That's what you called me when l was sick.
She was a little girl just like you.
She's in heaven now.
l have a cat in heaven.
Were you her daddy?
She was my family...
...and my friend.
She died two years ago.
You know, when you die you stay the same age.
So she'll be 6 forever.
Hey, maybe she knows your cat.
That would be kind of a coincidence.
-Yeah. -Hey, baby.
-We're almost back. ls everything cool? -No, it's not.
-He flipped out. -What did he do?
He hit me.
Put him on.
l'm sorry. l lost my head. lt won't happen again.
What did you hit her with?
The phone. Not hard.
You need to listen now.
What are you doing?
Jesus, Karen!
Shit. Now l got blood on my phone.
Are we clear? Do you understand how this works?
-Please don't hurt my wife. -Likewise, asshole.
Well, l did my good deed for the day.
l don't know about you, but l'm famished.
l got an idea. Why don't you go sit down...
...and l'll make us dinner. How's that sound?
A little foreplay never hurt anybody. All right, let's see what we got here.
No messages?
That's the great thing about an anesthesiologist.
They don't have to deal with any pesky patients.
Most doctors come home, they got a million calls.
Will's got it all worked out, doesn't he?
He comes home. He's got plenty of time to kick back...
...for a nice romantic dinner with his trophy wife.
l'm really sorry that--
l'm sorry that that had to happen.
l got an idea.
You got any makeup in here?
l'm gonna get you fixed up.
There you go.
Pretty as new.
-Karen? -lt's almost midnight.
-Who the fuck is that? -My neighbor.
All right. Answer the door, and act. You got it?
-Just don't do anything crazy. -That's up to you.
-Hi. -Hi.
Joan, it's late. You should have called.
l saw your lights. l'm on my way to pick up Billy.
When a sleepover goes bad, you know what l mean.
Since l'm out, l thought l'd pick up that disc for the auction. Hey, Will.
Sorry. l thought you were Will.
-No, Joan, this is-- -l'm Joe. l'm a friend of Will's.
-Nice to meet you, Joe. -Nice to meet you.
So where's Will?
Another conference. What else? l'm gonna get you that disc.
l guess you should have told Joe. Could have saved him a trip.
Karen and l can struggle along without Will.
So how do you know Will?
We work together at Northside General.
He means Astoria Memorial, downtown.
Will hasn't worked at Northside for over a year now.
-Yeah, that's where l met him. -Yeah.
...Joe is my friend, not Will's.
...l'd appreciate it...
...if you didn't mention this to anyone, you know.
Of course not. l wouldn't--
-Of course not. -Thanks.
-l'm gonna open some wine. -Oh, jeez.
God, Karen.
Do you know what you're doing?
-Abby's not here, is she? -She's upstairs. She's sleeping.
-Don't tell anybody about this, okay? -l won't.
l had no idea you guys had problems. Are you all right?
-Yeah, l'm fine. -You look frazzled.
No, l'm fine. We can't talk right now.
We're about to have dinner. l'll talk to you about it later. Here's the disc.
l'm here for you.
Bye, Will.
-l mean, bye, Joe. -Bye.
-Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you.
-Good night. -He's kind of scary. l like that.
She's still watching us through the window.
She buys it now. Don't fight me or it's gonna look wrong.
Come on...
...give it all you got.
You're good.
But you could be better.
l could have sworn she was out there.
So you have a kid.
-What the fuck are you talking about? -C-section scar.
No, l had an ovary taken out.
Wrong kind of scar. l'm a doctor. l know what l'm looking at.
How can you do this when you have a kid of your own?
l mean, for God's sake, bring this to an end.
That was good, if l do say so myself.
You should eat. You need your strength.
God, l stink.
Well, let's see what big Will has here in the laundry room for me to borrow.
So is this his sexy shirt?
ls this his ''Saturday morning, let's get down to business...
...make me feel like l'm 2 1 again'' shirt?
Let me guess.
You guys do it...
...and then you end up wearing it. Am l right?
How does it look on me?
-How do you pick who you go after? -Well, they gotta be rich.
They gotta have kids the right age.
And the moms have to be pretty.
And they have to be doctors, right?
So where did you get your names from?
Where did you get your names? How did you know Northside General?
Did you work there? ls that how you know Will?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Come here.
Take a look.
This is why we're not going to have any trouble playing house tonight.
Come here.
Does your wife know that this is part of your plan?
l've got no secrets from my wife.
Let me do it.
ln the bathroom.
You shy?
How can a woman that looks like you be shy?
-You okay? -Yeah, just a minute.
-Aren't you tired yet? -My pills keep me up.
l'm kind of hungry.
Yeah, me too.
Let's see. There's soup in the microwave.
Oh, there's popcorn.
-We should have that with the movie. -Okay.
You scared me.
You are a beautiful woman.
What do you want to do?
Well, why don't you tell me what you and Will do...
...and we'll do the opposite.
You mind if we don't talk about him?
Hey, you know, no offence, but from the looks of him...
...l'd be surprised if he knew what to do with you.
You think you do?
l'll tell you what.
l'm gonna let you be the judge of that.
You're not like the other moms.
Close your eyes.
l like to watch.
Don't move. Not an inch.
What's that?
lt's a scalpel, Joe.
lt will take your equipment off so easy you'll barely even feel it.
Jesus Christ.
Now, pick up that phone and call Marvin.
Like you've got the guts.
l will castrate you with no more thought...
...than slicing a chicken's neck.
-Do it! -All right. All right.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
-Dial the number. -What do you want me to say?
Tell Marvin you have the money.
Tell him to put Abby in his truck and drive her here.
-ls it ringing? -Hang on.
ls it ringing?
Abby? lt's ready.
Shit. He's not answering.
Don't run away from me!
Abby, don't run away!
-You dialed the wrong number. -No, l swear to God.
Why isn't he picking up?
Abby! l told you not to run away!
-Why isn't he answering? -The fuck do l know?
lt went to voice mail. Listen.
--is not available. Message CO 4.
-The cellular customer... -Oh, my God. not available. -Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter, you--?
You cut me.
You fucking cut me.
Your kid is dead, bitch.
Hey, you missed!
You fucking missed!
-Mommy! -Abby, where are you?
l don't know. ln the woods. l ran outside.
Mommy, come get me.
Abby, listen to me. Listen to your mom.
Run. Run as fast as you can. Find a road. Stop a car, and call 91 1 .
-Just get out. Don't let him catch you. -l'm scared.
You'll be fine. l'm coming to get you. Run.
Open the fucking door!
-Abby! -Mommy!
Open this fucking door!
-Let go of me! -Sorry, but she shouldn't have run away.
-Open the fucking door! -Put my baby back on the phone.
You tell him to not hurt my daughter.
Tell him.
lf you hear a shot, kill the kid.
You just made your second mistake.
l need to use the bathroom.
I hope they shrivel up and fall off.
I understand everything. I don't need it explained to me. I live it.
Sometimes I get a little upset.
Read that.
That's a message from my wife.
-Where's Abby? -l don't know.
You do. You've done this four times before.
Me not knowing is part of the plan.
This is succinylcholine. lf l inject this, you'll be paralyzed.
You'll see, hear, and think, but you won't be able to move or breathe.
The fuck are you doing?
l have seen murderers turned into babies by this. But you have a choice.
Tell me where Joe is holding Abby, or find out what it feels like to die.
lf l pull this trigger, you will be dead.
Pull it.
No! No! Fuck!
Don't fight it, Cheryl.
l know you can hear me. You're trying to struggle.
Telling your arms to move, but they won't.
You want to breathe, but you can't. Unless l give you the antidote.
lt's like living death, isn't it?
Maybe you feel almost as frightened as my girl.
We are going to do this over and over until you tell me where she is...
...or until l can't bring you back.
Remember what l told Joe.
Three and a half minutes without air, and the brain is dying.
You're almost there, Cheryl. Remember what this feels like.
Now, where's Abby?
Where is she?
ls that what my baby felt?
ls that what my baby felt when you killed her?
What are you talking about?
Get my wallet.
Turn it over.
Oh, God.
-Katie Hickey. -Yeah, Katie Hickey.
You think l killed Katie?
-l know you did. The surgeon told me. -Told you what?
You didn't resuscitate her right. You didn't control her bleeding.
You didn't monitor her pressure.
Katie had Wilms' Tumor. The surgeon had difficulty trying to remove it.
He cut into a major artery.
He said she was fine and her operation went well.
He lied. He told you Katie died in recovery to protect himself.
So that you wouldn't think it was his fault.
Jesus. And this is why you chose us.
Joe wants revenge.
None of the kids get hurt.
Cheryl, you have to tell me where my daughter is.
There's a cabin east of here, somewhere in the Cascades.
lt's time to make the call.
You think you're smarter...
...than all the other moms...
...but you're not.
Because see, they didn't hurt me.
And their kids are still alive.
l want you to think about Marvin now.
Sitting there...
...watching the clock.
lt's time.
lt's time to play a game.
But first, you have to close your eyes.
...she's my daughter.
She's my little girl.
Okay, now what you have to do... you have to think nice thoughts.
Pretty thoughts.
l'm thinking about my mommy.
Yeah, that's it. She's pretty.
She's pretty and she loves you very much.
Now, l want you to stay very still.
-Joey? -Who the fuck else would it be?
You're late, Joey. You can't be late!
l know, but everything's all right now.
lt's gonna be over soon.
Just like the other times. Right?
-Right? -Yeah, just like the other times.
l'm gonna follow your plan.
You don't have to worry about me.
And you'll get your money.
Did you ever think that maybe this wasn't about the money?
l mean...
...did that ever cross your mind?
That a guy like me could be motivated by something other than greed?
Hank? Wake up. lt's an emergency.
What happened?
My child is in danger, but you can help. You can't call the police.
l don't understand.
My daughter was kidnapped. lf l go to the police they'll kill her.
-Do you understand? -Yes.
They're using cell phones.
l'm praying a vice president of Wirecell can trace those calls.
Can l go home now?
Pretty soon.
Go home and see your mommy.
We have to wait for a phone call.
Then we can go.
Those are the rules.
lt's funny that they always do it the same...
...with the clouds and the sun, and flowers.
She does the hands good, though, you know.
They have trouble with that, but she's good.
lt's a bad day, isn't it?
l know.
l know you have kids, Joe.
Don't think that you know me.
Okay, come on.
Put a smile on. lt's showtime.
-We've got something for you. -Yeah?
-A phone logging on every 30 minutes. -Where?
lt's near a place called Zillah in the Eastern Cascades.
We can put a tracing vehicle in that's 45 minutes away.
-Do it. Do it. -But to do that...
...l gotta talk to somebody above me.
-No. -Bringing in the authorities.
-You can't-- -You'll get us killed...
...when Joey finds out you traced his calls.
Don't tell him. Tell him the truth about Katie's death.
He won't believe what l say. He'll say l betrayed him.
l've got to phone him back or he'll call the police.
lt's time to go to the bank.
You drive.
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, l know. We're on our way.
What time's he gonna get there?
We'll be there.
Morning, Gray. l can tell by the look, you got that call from Will.
$250,000 for a painting in cash.
He needs it wired to the bank in Seattle by 1 0, or it goes on auction.
The money should be in Seattle by now. Call and see.
Fuck! We've got company.
You're being paranoid. lt could be a traffic chopper.
Fuck it. lt doesn't matter now, anyway. Pull into that lot.
-There's Cheryl. -ls Abby with her?
Pull your window up. All right, slow down.
l don't want her to panic. Pull in right here.
How you doing today?
Oh, my God! What are you doing?
You got two seconds to get in that fucking car!
Lock the door!
You see that? You see those fucking assholes?
l am a goddamn genius!
See you, boys! Happy hunting.
You got seven minutes. Don't make me call him.
-l'm Dr. Will Jennings. -Mr. Hibbing wants to speak with you.
What for? l'm in a rush.
lt'll only take a minute. Just a formality. Follow me.
Hello, Dr. Jennings. As you can see, we have your money.
-Sit, please. -l'm in a rush. What's the holdup?
Dr. Jennings, l'm special agent Bill Chalmers of the FBl.
We got a tip your daughter had been kidnapped.
-We'll help you get your daughter back. -How?
The best chance of rescue is at the ransom exchange.
Our SWAT teams are trained for this scenario.
But for them to do their job, they have to hear what's going on at the drop.
We need you to wear a wire.
lf this guy knows you're involved, he'll kill my daughter.
We know what we're doing. Time is running out. Will you wear the wire?
All right.
What took you so long?
Out of sequence, no new bills. Excellent. Stick it in this bag. Quick.
-You get the money yet? -Yeah, l got it.
Anything you want to tell me?
No. What the fuck are you talking about?
-Nothing. -We're going back to the hotel.
-Where's the meeting? -Don't worry about that now.
Fly out of Seattle, commercial. Use your cold passport.
Marvin and l will meet you at the destination.
Why? We're supposed to travel together.
There's been complications. This is better for everyone. lt's safer.
No, don't change the fucking plan! Don't break your own rules.
That's how you get in trouble.
-Don't break your own fucking rules! -l make the fucking rules, all right?
And l can fucking break them! Shut up and do what you're told!
For fuck's sake.
Joey, what are you doing?
You're not gonna hurt anybody, right?
We don't need to do that. We don't hurt people.
l got the money. We are home free.
-We did what we needed to do. -Right. Absolutely.
Hurt anybody? What are you talking about?
What makes you think l'll hurt anybody?
This is just a cleaner exit. That's all.
lt's just a cleaner exit. l got a surprise for you, baby.
lt's like a--
lt's like a once in a lifetime thing, man.
It's gonna be great down there. Fucking great.
-Look, l gotta get off now, all right. -No, Joey, don't go! Don't go!
l'll see you later.
What's going on?
You can't pretend anymore. You know what he'll do if you don't stop him.
l can't stall. l gotta bring you back to the hotel. He's gonna call randomly.
Look, you have to convince Joe that l didn't kill Katie.
l'll help you get out of this. With your money, conscience and Joey.
But you have to tell him the truth about Katie. You have to stop him.
-It's Cheryl. -You're breaking the rules.
No, listen to me. lt's Joey who's breaking the rules.
Joey will hurt that little girl. He might kill her. We have to help him.
-You're not supposed to call me. -Marvin. Marvin!
He killed the wire.
All units maintain visual on the target, but don't approach.
Look, l have an idea.
Drive me to the waterfront.
Get the front desk manager, Mr. Holden. lt's an emergency.
-This is Mr. Holden, may I help you? -This is Dr. Jennings.
-We spoke yesterday. -Yes. We're set up for the conference.
lt's not that. l'm not there now...
...but l need someone to think l am. Can you forward my calls?
-Yes, l can arrange that. -Great.
Puget Grand Hotel. Dr. William Jennings' room?
-Thank you. -One moment, please.
-Where are we going? -To Zillah.
lt's the only thing l know to do at this point.
-lt's Joey. ls it for you or me? -First call. lt's for me, that's my guess.
Can't let him hear the plane. l gotta cut the engine.
-Hello? -Hey, there, college boy.
Just checking to make sure you're there.
Stay put, now.
lt's okay. We've got enough altitude as long as the calls are quick.
Abby and Marvin should be just a couple of miles up ahead now.
Hey, Abby.
l made you something.
This will be for you.
-Ready? -Yes.
Wait. l called the doc's room. How did l get you?
l'm just leaving the hotel right now, baby.
-You fucking with me? -No, are you fucking with me?
-Where are we gonna meet? -Okay, okay. lt's okay.
Okay, listen to me, baby.
You trust me? Are you still my baby?
-Are you still my little girl? -Yes, l'm still your baby.
l love you. l love you so much.
Put the doc on.
-Hello? -Hey, Will.
You're never gonna see your kid again.
Pull it up! Pull it up!
Jesus. Thank God.
This is Dr. Jennings. FBl agents, please respond.
-You can't talk to the FBl. -Special Agent Summers.
My daughter's in a moving truck on l-5. They're gonna kill her.
-You have to set down on the highway. -Negative. We're in a chopper.
-Ground unit's only 20 minutes away. -That's too long! Set down now!
Tighten your seatbelt.
There's the road. They're down there somewhere.
Keep your eyes peeled for Marvin's pickup truck.
What the fuck is this guy doing?
Wait a minute. That's Will, isn't it?
That's the fucking doc, isn't it? Answer me!
-There's Marvin. lt must be Marvin. -Are you sure?
Brown truck.
What are you doing?
-What's wrong? lt's not time yet. -You see this fucking guy?
-You see a plane? -No!
Fucking bitch!
Watch out!
What are you gonna do?
Cheryl, jump!
Abby, get out. Get out! Run fast!
Where's my little girl?!
-Where's Abby?! -l don't know.
-What do you mean? -Because l don't know!
FBl! l need you to drop that gun.
Guess what, doc?
You don't get to die today...
...because l want you to spend the rest of your fucking life...
...feeling like l feel!
You're wrong about how Katie died. l didn't kill her!
-Joey! -Get a car!
Don't do it!
Please don't hurt me.
Abby? Abby!
Where are you, honey?
Daddy's okay. He sent me to come find you.
-There you are. -Hey.
-Daddy? -There's my girl.
-Daddy! -l got the money, Joey.
Baby, remember when l told you that l had a surprise for you?
-She's it. -What does that mean?
We're gonna be a family again. You and me and her.
No, baby. We'll leave her right here with her parents.
-We're taking her with us. -We can have our own!
Marvin! You fucking stupid? You believe him before you believe me!
-She's just as innocent as Katie was. -Listen! Are you coming with me...
...or not? l need you. l fucking need you. You're the mom.
Now, get the fuck in the truck! Get in.
-Joe. Joey! -What?
-What? -There's another attack!
Fuck! Fuck! Where the fuck is the medicine?!
Medicine. ln the truck. lt's in the truck!
Where the fuck are you going?!
ln the truck. lt's in the truck!
-Marvin, wait. No! -No, Joey!
-Joey, don't! -Joey!
Get back!
-Put her down! -Get the car.
Marvin, give her to me.
-She's sick. -Abby.
Put her down so l can give her medicine.
Abby. She can't breathe. You have to give her to me!
-Karen, where's her medicine? -Mommy.
lt's in my bag.
-Marvin, please. Please. -Mommy.
Abby! Will! Will!
-Abby! Sit up, Abby. -Come on, baby. Breathe.
-No! Abby, breathe! -l'll do this once more, all right?
-Ready? lnhale. -Breathe! Sit up.
You need more? Here, once more. Here you go.
Come on, baby.
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