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Subtitles for Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD1.

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Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD1

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He's the kind of boy who should be studying.
Yes, but six kilometers to get to school
and six kilometers back seems like a lot to me.
He's young, he has good strong legs!
Just when we're about to have another baby...
He could have started helping me around the house.
He'll help you when he's older.
Let Providence provide now.
l grew up without ever seeing the inside of a school.
That's not a good reason and you know it.
lf God has given intelligence to your son,
it's a sign He wants more from your son than He does of others.
You're his father and it's your duty to do God's bidding.
Just what we needed was this worry too.
lnterpreted by the people of the Bergamo countryside
A peasant's son going to school. What will people say?
A farmstead in Lombardy at the end of the 19th century. Four or five peasant families lived here...
...The house, land, and livestock belonged to the landowner A part of the harvest was given to him.
Let him see too. Don't make noise, the foal is frightened.
Be careful not get any husks into the maize.
Cross yourself nicely! Make the Sign of the Cross now.
Under the covers and ask your guardian angel
to stay close.
So, are you happy you'll be going to school?
Hold the sack tight.
No, hold it at the top and open it wide.
The bailiff is here!
The maize should be weighed today.
Take care of it.
You can bring the figures to me later.
Rosa, please tell my wife to come up here.
Come on, hurry up with those rocks.
Move up, let's go now, get a move on.
Can't you move over here and unload?
Be careful you don't make holes in those sacks.
Giopa is here!
May the Lord always give us work and good health
and never let us want for anything.
Here, take this.
For our dear departed ones
and the souls in Purgatory, may they ascend to Heaven.
No children, don't laugh.
Poor souls like that who have nothing are closer to God.
Here girls, take this.
Tell your mother l need it before Saturday.
Get inside, girls!
Blessed Mother! Teresina, wait, let me get on.
Alright, but we'll take turns. You first, then me.
Alright, start counting.
Now it's your turn.
You're a lot heavier than me,
l'm only going to count to forty.
Alright, be careful, go slowly!
The wash is all on the ground, what did you do?
l couldn't keep going.
The lady at the hotel said
to bring them before Saturday.
How? Can't you see l have two full baskets?
Teresina, look at the pretty stones l found.
Girls, pick up the baby
and go see if Grandpa Anselmo needs anything.
Tell Pierino to help Grandpa wash the milk pails.
l wanted to know if l could say hello to you.
l'd like to be able to wish you a good evening.
lf that's all you want, then there's no harm in it.
Won't you say anything back to me?
l'll wish you a good evening too.
l want to take a bath in the basin too.
ls that water warm enough?
lt's fine, it's good and warm
Here you go, sit down in there.
First, we wash your shoulders,
then your neck and ears.
Now close your eyes... we'll soap you up good
Minek, sleep now.
Say the Our Father and Hail Mary tomorrow morning,
so God will light your mind.
Why do you need the chicken droppings?
For the springtime, when l plant the tomatoes.
Mama, they're fighting!
What is it? They fight like cats and dogs everyday.
Aren't you Andrea Runk's son?
The man who died recently?
l knew your father well, he was a good man.
He left a widow with six children.
The poor woman has to take in wash to feed them.
The machine is out of grain.
- How old are you now? - l'm fifteen.
l need a strong boy, you can work here if you like.
l'd like to work here very much.
Let's see what your mother says.
For me, you can start tomorrow.
Here's the stable.
- What should we do? - Let's go in.
The suitors are here!
Be quiet for a moment.
Children, come outside. Listen, the pipers are playing.
Mama, the pipers!
They must be at the landlord's house.
lt's freezing tonight.
Listen Tonino, listen to how nicely they play.
lt's already Christmas time.
Grandpa, the moon!
''Haze around the moon, snow is coming soon''.
Not if the cold doesn't let up.
- What does that mean? - The earth needs the snow.
Who's there?
lt's snowing.
Papa, where are you going at this hour?
lt's snowing, l have to put the chicken manure in the garden.
lt's for this spring when l plant the tomatoes.
Chicken manure is stronger than cow manure,
if l put down just a little, the ground won't freeze.
Do you have do this at night?
l don't want anyone to see me.
lf this works, l'll bring ripe tomotoes to the market
two or three weeks before anyone else.
You and your thoughts had better be careful,
you'll catch your death!
Be quiet, Garibaldi.
lt's snowing.
''Bones to the dogs, meat to the butcher''
''The blackbird pecks at the soil''
''Women are silent while the men toil''
''When snails are on the rose, a lad to his lady does propose''
''There's blood to make a pudding too''
''And a kick in the pants for all of you!''
Listen to you, Batisti!
How does he invent all these stories?
He has a new one every night.
Let's say the rosary before the children all fall asleep.
lt's still early.
You'll be tired later.
Batisti, tell us the one about the ditch!
He can tell that story another night.
He'll need heavier clothes,
it's starting to get cold.
He'll have to make do with what he has for now.
We'll have to think about paying the midwife soon.
We can make do with the women here,
after all, it's not the first time.
Don't talk that way, it can be dangerous.
The tub needs washing.
Where should l put these?
The butcher is coming to slaughter the pig.
lt's going to be wet today.
''A pig in the snow is like wine down below''.
Only if the grapes were good.
ls that water hot enough yet?
The hotter the better, keep the fire good and hot.
The bailiff is here.
Hasn't the landlord come yet?
No, he'll be arriving later.
- How can we weigh it then? - l'm here to weigh it!
How did you raise this animal?
Come in the house
- and have a glass of wine. - Perhaps later.
Are you trying to kill this animal before its time?
Everyone pull this way.
Push it with the stick now!
There, in the middle. Get your fingers out of the way.
What do you think?
lt's a good animal.
Good day, Father Carlo.
l saw your son going to school. How is that going?
lt's fine for now, l can't complain.
You'll see, you'll be pleased with that boy someday.
lf God blesses me that way...
Where is Widow Runk?
She's at the stream washing, should l go and get her?
No, it's not important, l'll go find her.
- That's a fine big animal! - l can't complain.
- There will be plenty of meat - l know how it was raised!
l cared for it better than any Christian.
Then take care to love God, or you'll reach the same end!
What have l done wrong? l've never killed anyone!
That's not enough.
How should we do the weighing?
Take care of it yourselves.
Don't you want some to eat?
We'll see...
Go home with the others, l'll hold the umbrella.
l'm sorry l look this way, Father, what can l do for you?
Don't worry and keep working. l've come here
because l have something important to tell you.
As l didn't see you in church last Sunday...
You're right. Sometimes l don't know where to turn...
or how to keep going with six children to raise.
l'm not here to scold you, in fact l'll tell you now
that you're right to stay home and care for your children.
This is a duty that comes even before Mass
Even the Lord understands certain things.
lt's about your children that l want to speak with you.
l spoke to the Mother Superior at the orphanage yesterday.
There's no room right now, but l told her about you
and they'll take the little ones to help you breathe a bit.
The others are growing up...
What do you think about it?
When my eldest son comes home from work tonight.
l'll speak to him about it
l don't know what to tell you
lt's the only thing we can do for the moment
Children, move back or you'll get burned!
lt's cold tonight, there are so many stars out!
Come, l've made some hot water for you
Don't waste the coals, we won't have enough for the bedwarmers
Eat your soup before it gets cold
Bring the soup here, we'll eat by the fire
Grandpa, make the sparks fly!
Sparks are devils who've escped from Hell
Why do the devils escape from Hell?
To go out looking for souls!
Are there souls in the fireplace?
No, there are no souls in the fireplace, they go out the chimney
and above the roof to look for souls to harm
But devils are afraid of good people
When the devil finds a good man or a good child,
he runs away!
With the sign of the Cross too
Do you say your prayers?
l do!
Then you don't have to be afraid
Move the fire, you'll see them run far away
Go away devils in this house! Go away, there are good children here!
Father Carlo came today,
he came here just for us and told me
there is a possibility to send
Annetta and Bettina away
l told him we'd talk about it at home tonight
Do we really need to send them away?
lf we really don't have enough to live on...
Teresina will be twelve this spring,
she can start to work at the spinning mill
Pierino can help in the house and the stables
l'd rather work day and night,
but we'll keep my brothers and sisters at home with us
What are you doing, Grandpa?
l'm planting seeds
What kind of seeds?
Now what are you doing?
Hiding them where it's warm
under the straw. Even if it'scold, they'll sprout
Come here by the grain sacks
Antonio, you go there, you go over there and l'll go here
Look in the hayloft
l'll look in the hayloft!
Hide, don't let them see you.
Come under
Go look under the straw in the stable
Mama, Grandpa said to come to the stable
He said to hurry
What's wrong with her?
She's been like this all day
She isn't eating and she can't get up
God, not foot and mouth...
The only thing to do is call the veterinarian
Pierino, Mama said
to go get the veterinarian!
They're playing hide and seek
They're playing hide and seek
Annetta, go tell Mama
the veterinarian is here
Anselmo, what's happened to this poor beast?
lt looks bad this time
Was it nice to ride?
Get some fresh water and bring it to the stable
You go into the house!
ls this your animal or is it the landlord's?
lt's ours by the grace of God
You're not in His grace this time
Blessed Mother, what happened to her?
Listen to me,
the truth is that l wouldn't let her live until noon
Butcher her while you're in time and
can make a few coins
Go back to the house!
Not this too...
you can see what condition we're in. We don't have enough to live
Listen to me
and do as l say while you're still in time
Don't say anything to the children!
How much for your trouble, Doctor?
You have enough troubles,
some other time
You start cooking the polenta, l'll be back shortly
Let's put on the water for the polenta
God, don't abandon me now
that l'm all alone
l do what l can, You can see that,
but without Your grace, l'll never be able to go on
Oh Lord,
who died on the cross for our sins,
don't look at our merits, but at Your goodness
and make this water pass beneath the cross of Calvary
wash away all the ills of body and soul
Jesus, forgive all our sins,
even those we commit without knowing we commit them
and for the love of Your five wounds,
for the pain of the Virgin Mary and all the saints and souls,
give me this blessing, Lord
You can't refuse me!
Here, sit and eat some polenta while it's still hot
Hello, you're home?
Come here, come and get yourself warm
His feet are wet
Let's take off your clogs and socks and get you warm
Be careful, or you'll get chilblains
Here, eat
What did your teacher say?
He talked about water!
He said there's lots of little animals in water
No, not fish
Other tiny little animals and in a drop
of water there are lots, even drinking water
Yes, tiny little animals that you can't see
lf you can't see them, how do you know they're in there?
With a machine that has a thing that looks in the water
Doctor's instruments!
There are still things to learn!
Holy Mary, you scared me!
What are you doing here?
l wanted to see you
We see each other every night at the farmhouse
lt's one thing to see you at the farmhouse with everyone else
and another to see you here alone
lt's still very cold at night
No, even the water in the ditches isn't freezing now
Fifteen days from now we'll be in Our Lady's month...
and l wanted to ask you for a kiss
Those are things that happen when the time comes
Good evening
Good evening!
Lift those sacks over there, your feet are on them
you lazy good for nothing!
The pail of milk spilt all over, you idiot!
Then you do this work if others aren't able to!
lngrate! Don't come near me or l'll beat you!
Blessed Mother, they're fighting!
Get them apart!
Finard, aren't you ashamed?
You'd hit your own father! l curse you!
No Finard, God hears
and never forgives a father's curse
Mama, the cow is standing!
Go tell Grandpa to come right away!
Thank you, Lord
Friki is here, ladies! Beautiful first quality cloth!
Good prices, come and see
the best cloth on the market!
Wil you swindle us like last time, Friki?
Friki has never swindled anyone!
l respect women as much as l respect monkeys!
Come ladies, l'll make your husbands proud of you
l've got the finest, first quality cloth,
all colors of ribbons, buttons and threads
Come and look and this will make you happy...
This is just right for you!
The color is too light
Then take the darker one, look at that pretty skirt!
Did you hear that? lt said hello!
First quality cloth
to make a blouse or skirt for the Feast of Our Lady
All bargains,
you couldn't steal them for less!
This is the best from Paris, first quality from abroad!
Listen to Friki, l've been to Africa and l know about monkeys
They reason better than men do
He'll get us confused with the monkey stuff and
cheat us...
How much for this one?
Clever lady, that's the best!
Give us a bargain, she's getting married
Ask any bride around here
if l haven't made them happy!
Quiet now, Friki is a rascal!
One day a group of foolish boys
had the idea to throw stones at French soldiers passing by
Their commander, General Lutrec,
decided to burn the village to punish them
ln desperation, the people ran to the church to pray
just as children do when in danger, they call their mother
So the Madonna, our heavenly Mother, Mother of us all, performed a miracle
The Madonna and Child painted on this wall began to cry
A messenger was sent to tell General Lutrec
He didn't believe the man and thought it was trick,
so he came here
When he saw the Madonna crying,
he fell to his knees and put his helmet and sword
at her feet in devotion
350 years have passed since,
but that sword and that helmet are still there to remind us
of all the dangers waiting in the world
We gather here each year to remember that great miracle,
and to remember all the other miracles
that happen everyday in every corner on earth
in the lives of men and of all creation
Dear people, we wouldn't be here without miracles
Miracles are the strength that man doesn't have, they are the strength of God's love
This love is as necessary to us as the air we breathe,
as the land which feeds us, and the water and light
which give us life
The only way we can deserve God's love is by loving our neighbor
May Christ be praised
Ladies and gentlemen, l'd like a volunteer
l want to demonstrate to you
what this animal can really do!
Not your hat, take off your jacket
l want to show the people the miracle this fat performs,
this fat that truly heals all ills
Give me your hand. Do you feel pain here, here and here?
Like this, it has to be spread like this...
from the bottom to the top
Do you see the water coming out?
You have arthritis, yes you do, sir, tell them!
Mama, Papa is...
He's going straight upstairs
My God, you can't even climb the stairs,
what have you done?
Nothing... they got me drunk
lt was my friends! What can l do?
Look at the condition you came home in!
What condition...
so l'm drunk, stop it now
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