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Subtitles for Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD2.

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Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD2

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Ah, so that's how you go to Vespers, you liar!
You said you'd go to church and you're here dancing!
You laugh, you're on the verge of Hell!
You won't laugh anymore when you're burning in the flames
Liars, you have no fear of God!
Social order is always behind the new needs of life
Only with common possession of knowledge and progress
can we finally speak of the conquest of civility
When justice and respect for every citizen's rights
becomes an everyday institution a law of life practiced by all,
when there are no longer the privileged few, while others lack,
can we say we've built a democratic society
Unfortunately, social progress moves slowly, blocked by those
who fear it, but mostly, it's not helped with enough courage
or sacrifice by those who call for it as a human right
So most people stay passively in the background
and wait for things to ripen in their favor,
while a small band of innovators...
All great progress has come from an illuminated minority...
Have you had breakfast?
l have to have a son who pees the bed every morning!
A boy of fifteen! Pisspants!
lt's not my fault, it's an illness
They'll teach you when you're a soldier
When you marry, you'll still be wearing a diaper!
Run quickly
Batisti, come home, the baby's being born!
lt's another boy
You'll be happy about that!
Let's go now and leave them alone for awhile
While she's lying in,
she should eat white bread
That would be best
l'll take care of it
Ladies, l don't know how to thank you
For what? lf we don't help each other...
You took too big a risk
by not calling the midwife
Babies come into the world alone, they don't need anyone
Do you feel well at least?
Thank God, yes
Well... another mouth to feed
No, you shouldn't be afraid
Do you remember what your poor mother used to say?
''When an angel comes to earth,
God gives him his own bundle''
He's not home yet,
did something happen to our Minek?
Down boy, leave me alone,
go on Dido
What happened to you?
Minek, are you home?
Yes, he's home
Why are you so late?
He must have gotten lost
Children don't think that when they come in late...
Let's put you by the fire,
the ashes are still good and hot
Here, warm those feet, they're frozen
Come on, let me see
How did you break your clog?
Minek, come and see,
your new brother is here
He came home with his feet wet
Don't tell her your clog is broken, be quiet
Come close
Can you see him?
Are you happy you have a little brother?
Here, have some white bread,
you should have a treat too
Batisti's wife had a boy
They named him Giuseppe
Behave, be good children,
l have to go out for a moment. Behave yourselves
Grandpa, tell us a nursery rhyme
''Here's a rhyme from Zambel With no bones or any shell''
''Up the stairs she will creep At the children for to peep''
''She sees all those who do not sleep At the foot of the bed she waits, l'm told''
''Snuggle under before you're cold!''
Quiet now, you'll wake the baby
Let's say the rosary now
to thank the Blessed Mother
While you say the rosary, l'll finish my work
Hurry now and don't let anyone see,
This is something that only your Grandpa does
The ground is stained on top. lt has a skin in winter
Why does it have a skin?
To keep out the cold
and not let the warm underneath escape
ls the earth warm underneath?
Of course, so the seeds won't die.
Get the planting peg
is going to work
When you grow plants with the roots close together,
it's better to leave a bit of their own soil
Why are they all by the wall?
The wall keeps the heat from the stable inside,
and from the sun outside and tomatoes need heat
lf we don't have frost, this year we'll sell
our tomatoes at the market two weeks before everyone else
What will the others say?
They'll stand there with their mouths open and their noses in the air
Now let's plant another row here
Go home and close the windows
while l gather the wash
Get them into the stable, a storm is coming
At midnight, when there wasn't a living soul around,
the man left the house and he went to the tomb
of the lady wearing jewels. He took a pick-axe and
slowly moved the marble tombstone
He sat on the edge of the grave and then he jumped down inside
The coffin was shining and polished. He tried to pry open
the coffin with his pick, but the wood creaked
and didn't seem to want to open. Then he stood on it with both his feet
and gave it one great blow and crack!
He'd split it apart
The corpse was there in her veil with her arms crossed
He first took off the tiara she wore on her head,
and then, to take the pearls she wore around her neck,
he put his hand beneath her neck and lifted her head
The rings she wore on this hand he got off easily,
but on the other hand, wearing the bigger more precious rings,
he pulled and tugged and could not get them off
He took out a knife
and chopped off the hand wearing all the rings
Nothing more was heard of the man
But one night, he'd gone to a feast in a villa
and there near his village as he was returning home
his horse reached a crossroads and would go no further
He saw a woman in black nearby the church
''Do you need anything, ma'am?''
And the lady asked him if he could take her home
He helped her to sit on the gig and whipped the horse,
but the horse, instead of going to his village,
turned down the road leading to the cemetery
and stopped there right outside of the gates
He kept whipping the horse, but it wouldn't move
''This is my home'', said the lady, ''help me down, please''
He didn't know how much was in his pocket, what could he do?
He got down and went around to help the lady
''Give me your hand, ma'am''
The lady then stood and said to him, ''My hand?
You have my hand!''
Blessed Mother, you scared me to death!
He fell in the shit!
Cow shit, or did he shit his pants?
And then what do we do?
Later we sing
''Hit it hard, hit it soft and we'll drive the winter off ''
''March is on the way and spring has come to stay!''
You filthy thieving pig!
l'll kill you now!
This time you've gone too far!
The horse has gone mad!
Get out of here, you ugly beast!
You filthy animal, you've done it to me,
you lost my gold coin, thief !
What happened for the love of God?
What happened?
Filthy thieving animal
Filthy pig of a thief, she did it to me!
Blessed Mother, he's lost his mind!
The sign woman!
What did you do?
He took a fright
l'm angry, l'm not afraid!
Start with some prayers
Put some water in this glass
You should pray too...
Worms, these are worms. The fright made them come out
and they went all through your belly. We all have worms
and while we leave them in peace, they don't move. But if they leave their place,
they wander in your belly and then crawl up your throat and strangle you
What can l do?
Take a clove of garlic and
thread it through 5 or 7 times
Get some of those big
''furry'' leaves from the field
grind them and then get some earthworms
Grind that all together into a paste
This doesn't look like an ''E'' to me
l've been ready for a while.
What are they doing up there?
They're women, let them do what they have to do
Mama, the groom is here
Will you come have a drink?
No, he's taking Communion
Won't you come and have a drink with us?
No thanks, it's too hard to get off the cart!
Teresina, go tell the women
we're waiting for them
We're not in a hurry
Brena said to tell you they're waiting
Go down and tell them to go on ahead,
the bride arrives last, they have to wait in church
l had to walk to the church on my wedding day,
my father needed the cart to bring the grain home
He made the bride, the priest and the witnesses wait!
l should have stayed home and not gone at all!
They said the groom has to leave first
The groom goes first and then
the bride comes with her father when everyone is already in church
Then we'd better bring you there
Who should l take?
The bride and her mother
The groom mustn't see the bride
until they're at the altar,
it's bad luck
That's nonsense
Where's the bride's witness?
He's all dressed up, he looks like the groom
lt seems like yesterday that we were married, right wife?
What a braggart, you have three children now
Let's see if he can do as well
She looks so pretty!
Be well, all the best to you
l want to congratulate the happy couple as well
and say a few words to them and all of you this morning
There is nothing
to wonder or talk about
if this couple has married so early in the morning
and not as normally done in the light of day
They have nothing to hide.
The reason is another. They are now leaving on a long
and dangerous journey to Milan
where they will visit their aunt, Reverend Mother Sister Maria,
Mother Superior of Saint Catherine's
l want you two to be on your guard
and know who you're with. People today have strange ideas
Pray to God and the Madonna
to place a hand on your heads
Most of all, try to always love one another
No money in the world can buy the love between two people
God says not to search for worldly riches, but for the wealth of Heaven
and remember that Heaven begins with the love
that we are able to show here on earth
Are the ladies comfortable?
Thank you for everything
We'll have a glass to celebrate!
Where are they going?
To Milan
On the boat, they'll be there in an hour and a half
Good luck!
l'll help the ladies
Come with me, l know where to go
Where do we get the boat, please?
You'll see the steps to the dock down a bit further
lt should have already been here now
lt's down there. l know,
l've been here once already
Let's hurry then
There's no rush
lt's arriving
Let the chain down
lt's calm this morning
Let's hope the weather doesn't change
Excuse us ladies,
we have to let down the gangway first
Excuse us, the goods get loaded first
lt's moving fast
Would you like some, Father?
Thank you very much
Here, and don't get crumbs all over!
Would you like some wine, Father?
We'll feed the crumbs to the fish
Are you a fisherman?
Only they share their food with fish
lt's worth the trouble, if you share
some bread, you always bring home a bigger catch
l think there are more fish holding fishing poles
than there are in the water
Mama, look!
There's smoke over there
lt looks like a fire
lt must be a bonfire of dried things
With all that smoke, it could be a barn roof burning
Let's hope it's not soldiers fighting demonstrators again
There was a clash between them the other day
and they burned down a farmstead
Poor people
There's no more religion or respect for others!
You can't go through, it's blocked!
The soldiers have blocked the way here,
use the other street
There was a demonstration
The bells of Saint Carl!
l'm the niece of Sister Maria
Come in, l'll call Sister Maria
lt was a bad day today,
times are hard
l'm your aunt, Sister Maria
ls this your husband?
l'm so pleased. Come, you're surely tired
and certainly hungry after your trip
How is my dear sister, l want so much to see her
lt's been years since l've seen her
When were you married?
Very early this morning
How good of you to come and visit me so soon!
We'll celebrate tonight with the other sisters
and with all the children we have in our house
Bless us Lord, and the food you have given us.
They're all angels from heaven
The world is beautiful with them here inside
Here, we've done our best
We've never had newlyweds stay before
We're delighted at your blessed union
Marriage is a Holy Sacrament
May you always deserve God's blessing who united you
All those houses!
His name is Giovanni Battista
He's a year old and in perfect health
lsn't that right, Giovanni Battista?
He only needs real parents to make him happy
A real mother and father
He can already be a help to his family
because he has an inheritance
He has good clothing and a bit of money
which is passed to our institution twice a year
For a family of poor people this could sometimes be
a true gift of Providence
We must help each other in this world
He can be useful to you and you can be very helpful to him
He's just learning to take his first steps
Try to open your arms and he'll come to you
This is the book that came with the baby.
''Of the foundlings vulgarly called 'bread eaters'''
''as well as those still nursing foundlings, ''
''the Pious lnstitution gives to these aforementioned, ''
''and the charitable people who care for abandoned children, ''
''the following allotment''
''Upon consignment of the child''
''they will be given this book and twelve cents''
''as well as undergarments and clothing''
''and a sum of money according to the child's age''
''The lnstitution will continue the prescribed donations''
''up to and including the child reaching the age of fifteen''
''Beyond which time, the child may be kept''
''but no longer at the lnstitution's expense''
He's such a pretty baby!
He may even be a gentleman's son
From now on, he's only a peasant's son
The first thing is to love him and he'll be happy all the same
Come Bettina, let's go see our tomatoes
Look how beautiful they are
There, gather those there
When we go to the market they'll look at our tomatoes
They'll say, ''What beautiful tomatoes they have!''
Look how nice and big that one is,
and that one too!
And this one too?
Yes, look how nice it is
What about this one?
That one is ready too
We'll go to the piazza tomorrow morning
Do you remember how tiny they were when we planted them?
And now look at these big tomatoes
What are you doing?
Cutting some grass for the rabbits
And with that grass, did you cut any other plants?
Who cut that tree over there?
l don't know anything
Someone must have cut it
Are they tomatoes?
They're not cherries!
lt's not tomato season yet
My garden is ahead of time
Where did you grow tomatoes?
Under my bed!
Do you see how they're looking at our tomatoes?
What tomatoes!
They're already ripe!
l've never seen tomatoes at this time of year
ls is local produce?
- Yes, it's our very own - He comes every year
with his basket and l wait for him. Let's go inside
and weigh them. Old Anselmo is always
the first one to bring in tomatoes
What's happened? Something bad?
The landlord is evicting Batisti
He has to leave his rooms by tomorrow morning
He has to leave with his wife and children
ls that possible?
They said Batisti cut down a tree by the stream
to make a pair of clogs for his son Minek
That means taking bread from those people!
lt's a harsh punishment
And to think they still have a newborn baby
Tha bailiff is here!
He's here to take the landlords livestock
Those poor people, they have nothing now
Come, let's say a rosary for those poor people
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