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Subtitles for Trespass CD1.

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Trespass CD1

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Check the replay. Slow-mo.
I told you that motherfucker was scandalous.
Now we get to break him off some.
He wouldn't have did it if he didn't have somebody in Houston to help him get that package.
I wanna know who it is.
Wickey, set it up for Saturday. I wanna do it someplace way out, where nobody is, off the track.
I got just the ticket, K.J.
- Stay back. - Shit!
Here! I stole from Jesus Christ. I hid it!
Fifth floor, my apartment. I never told. Here, take it.
Take it! Save my soul! Take it easy, we'll get ya out.
Come on! Oh, forgive me, Jesus!
- We're tryin' to save your life! - [Screaming]
God! Agh!
[Beeping Continues]
[Fire Truck Horn Blowing]
Hey, Don, remember what that old guy said about burnin' in hell and all?
This envelope here. I've been goin' through it, fillin' out the report.
I think I figured out what he meant. It's pretty wild.
"Orgill Brothers and Company. Eugene Delong Employee I.D. card."
Eugene Delong was the old man. Read this.
"St. Louis Herald, February 23rd, 1940.
"Catholic Church Looted And Vandalized.
"Thieves broke into St. Anthony's Church last night...
"and made off with a fortune in religious articles.
Objects, most of which were pure gold, were on special exhibit from Europe."
It's gold, solid gold.
I think it was old Eugene that robbed this church.
Shoot, I'd say there ain't no question about it.
Wejust solved a crime, a 50-lyear-old crime.
Wow, that's pretty wild. Hely, Vince.
I think our ship just come in.
This, my friend, is a treasure map.
## [Country]
[Don] All I'm salying is, come Saturdaly whly not drive to East St. Louis,
find this factory and take a look around?
I got a metal detector at home. This buddy and I used to go prospectin' with it.
We bring some tools. We check out the floor.
If there ain't nothin' there, it ain't no loss.
If there is, like I said, why not?
Because it's crazy, Don. We can't walk in a factory and rip up their floor.
I already called information. There ain't no listin' for Orgill Brothers Company.
Thely're outta business. Don, the deal is the guy robbed a church.
Even if the stuff was still there, we couldn't just take it for ourselves.
Why not? Statute of limitations on burglary is what,
ten, fifteen years max.
Well, I mean, they probably already collected on the insurance anyhow.
You bet lyour ass thely did.
It's a million dollars in gold, Vince.
It could be just layin' there waitin' for us. This could be the greatest thing we ever did.
[Boat Horn Blowing]
I'm pretty sure we head south once we get over the bridge.
That's East St. Louis over there on the left.
Orgill Brothers should be about a mile south of town.
South it is, pard'.
Hey, you tell your girl where we're goin' today? You kidding?
I don't want her to think I'm completely nuts.
I told her we were goin' on a department field exercise.
Oh, so it's serious between you two, huh?
Weddin' bells? Yeah, maybe.
We've been gettin' along pretty good lately. She's been real nice.
I hope lyou have better luck than I did.
What happened with you two? Just couldn't get along?
Yeah, I guess that about explains it. What the hell ya gonna do?
At least we didn't have kids. Hey, remember what I said about keepin' quiet...
if we score so the I.R.S. don't find out?
That goes double for Becky.
I don't want her gettin' her hands on my share, not one thin dime.
[Don] Don't look like nobody lives there, does it?
I guess that figures. We're about a mile off the highway...
and close to two miles outside of town.
That means if we find it, we don't have to cut anybody in.
Let's see.
Old Eugene's map has got it between these two others.
I'd make it that building there with the fire escape. Fifth floor, right?
Yeah. That'd be where those arch windows are.
Ain't gonna leave it parked out here though.
Somebody comes along, the vandal's gonna have a field day with this thing.
Let's pull around back. See if we can park out of sight.
We'll have to cut through the basement of that buildin' back there.
But at least the truck'll be safe.
Goddamn. You always drive around packin'?
Like the man says, "Don't leave home without it."
Especially when you go to East St. Louis.
I figure Eugene's tenement's just the other side of that buildin' behind us.
All we gotta do is find the fifth floor.
Vince, old buddy, let's get rich.
Let's cut on through here.
When I was a kid, I loved breakin' in empty buildings and goin' explorin'.
I always wanted to find some lost treasure or dead body...
or a ghost so I could get my picture in the local paper.
"Local kid finds JesseJames' gun." Be a big hero.
Yes, sir, when I was ten, I'd have thought this was the greatest place on Earth.
When we find that gold, it will be.
I'll tell you one thing, guys that built this place sure knew construction.
It's like the damn pyramids, gonna outlast all of us.
Here, let's try on up this way.
Careful, step's loose.
Man, this place is really wild.
All these stairways and passages.
No wonder old Eugene had to draw himself a map.
[Indistinct Creaking] Hey, you hear that? What do you think it is?
[Creaking Continues]
Behind this door.
[Creaking Continues]
Jesus Christ. Oh, God, that stinks.
Oh, God, oh. [Coughing]
What was that you said about wantin' to find a body?
What the hell happened to his face?
Rats must have chewed it. His hands too.
God, that's rank.
Look, poor bastard even had his shoes on the wrong feet.
Yeah. Draft in here is makin' the body swing.
Come on, let's close this up.
I guess we gotta report this.
We better find some local cop and tell him... Hey, bullshit.
This ain't none of our business. East St. Louis cops can solve their own damn cases.
How long you think that guy's been hangin' there? Couple of months maybe.
Maybe a little more. Suicide, I figure.
Suicide? How do you know it wasn't murder?
Nobody murders somebody by hanging 'em.
Yeah, but people that kill themselves like to be found. They leave notes or somethin'.
What ifr it was murder? You've been watching too much TV, Vince.
You're beginnin' to sound like Geraldo.
All I'm sayin' is, I think we oughta report it.
Look, I didn't come all the way up here to worry about some old stiff...
who's probably been dead for months.
You want to report it, fine. But let's report it on the way home.
I mean, the guy ain't goin' anywhere.
Okay. Okay, I guess you're right.
Damn right I'm right. I'll tell ya something else I'm right about.
This is the fifth floor and behind that door...
that's where Eugene stashed his gold.
What'd I tell you, Vince?
This vestibule must lead to where the apartments were.
I'd say old Eugene knew what he was talkin' about.
Hey, look at that.
Peep slot. Old-fashioned security.
We're gonna find that gold. I'm tellin' you I can smell it.
All right now, here we are. We're back from the third window.
I'd make that one the third. So maybe 'round there, huh?
Let's find out.
[Beeping Increasing]
There it is, Vince. I told ya.
Didn't I tell ya it was gonna be here? Stand back.
Go on. Go on.
Hit that thing.
Come on, Vince. [Laughing]
I knew we was gonna find it. Come on!
Shit! Just some pipe and an old junction box.
You know, we're probably gonna find lots of this kind of stuff.
Maybe this is gonna take longer than we thought.
I'm gonna keep scannin' the floor. If I get a signal, you dig it up.
If you see anything, you let me know. Okay.
Hey, how come you get the easy job?
It's my metal detector. Shi...
## [Indistinct Rap]
Whose wheels, man? I don't know.
I'm gonna drive all around this place...
and I better not see any more cars other than Wickey's, right?
Why are you goin' off on me, Goose? I don't know whose car that is, all right?
Give me a break. All right, Lucky.
Don't let this be no okey-doke.
Hey, Don, find anything?
Just some more damn pipe.
I'm gonna check on through there.
Yeah, you do that.
Don! Goddamn! Get him off me.
Don.! Freeze, asshole.
Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me! Get up! Get up!
What the hell you doin' jumpin' him like that? I piss on him.
I thought he was a crackhead tryin'to steal mly monely.
Who are lyou? Talk.! It's mly monely.! It's all the monely I got.!
What are you doin' here? I live here. What you think, dumb ass?
I've been hidin' ever since you come. What's your name?
Bradlee. Guess what, Mr Bradlee? You're trespassin' here.
You're full of shit. Don't nobody own these old buildings.
I got a good mind to take you down and bust you. Give me a break!
You ain't gonna bust me for nothin'. I oughta run your ass in.
I ain't gonna give you a break. I'm gonna take you down.
[Bradlee] Get lyour fruckin'hands offi me, man.!
Get up! As soon as I do, I'm gonna kick your butt!
I'm gonna blow your fuckin' head off! You got no right to be messin...
Get in there! Sit down!
You got no right to be treatin' me like this! Who do you think you are?
Now, cover him. You know how to use this thing? What are you askin' me for?
Do you know how to use it? Of course I know.
I was four fuckin' years in the State Guard, but I don't want any part of this.
You're already part of it. Take it and keep him covered.
Take it!
Look, Don, he's just an old tramp. I don't see why we just can't let him go.
What, so he can come back with the cops and a whole bunch of his friends?
Hey, man, I ain't goin' back to no cops. I ain't goin' to no cops!
I don't care what lyou're doin'here. I don't know nothin;
- Cross your hands. Cross 'em! - We're gettin' in awful deep.
I thought we agreed. We found somebody here, we cut 'em in on it.
I say he ain't entitled to jack shit.
You wanna cut him into your share, you go right away. Share of what?
What you gray boys cookin' up? Keep your mouth shut, old man.
Now lyou listen to me, Vince.
I got mortgage payments on a house I just got kicked out of,
plus my own rent money which they just jacked up on me,
plus fuckin' taxes that get higher every fuckin' year...
just so that guys like him can keep eatin' without doin' any work.
Now if that loot is here, buddy, I want it.
And I'm not gonna share it with some old bum.
Look, I... I don't like this at all.
But you don't have to worry, 'cause nobody's gonna hurt ya, I promise.
What right you got to come bustin' in here,
messin' with a man's shit and fuck it all up?
Look what you done to my floor.
How am I gonna live here? Just look what you done. I said I was sorry.
Look, I'll make it up to ya, all right?
Here's 40 bucks, okay? 40 bucks!
What, you gonna give me a mule too? Fuck you.
Shit, if you don't want it, I'll keep it. We... Well.
Yeah, wait, I'll take it.
[Indistinct Noise] [Pick Pounding]
Don! Don! Somebody's comin'!
## [Indistinct Rap]
All right, he makes any noise, you shut him up.
How am I supposed to do that? Oh, shit.
He's a tied-up old man. How hard can it be?
Bust him in the face if he gets outta hand. Untie me and I'll bust you.
Don, I'm not gonna duke out some crazy old man. Christ!
Will you understand the fuckin' situation here? I understand fine.
I got two white motherfuckers breakin'...
[Bradlee Muffled] And lyou, I'm gonna go through lyou like Ex-Lax.
[Muffled] Hey! Come back here! Fuck you!
Hey, Don, this whole deal's goin' south. Let's get the hell outta here.
I'm not leavin' here without that gold.
You stay here. I'm gonna take a look around.
Anlybodly else live in this building?
Come on, just shake your head yes or no.
Shit, I gave you 40 bucks! [Muffled] Fuck you.
All right, he'll be here any minute. Wickey don't break his word.
He better or I'm gonna kick your crippled ass back down those stairs.
Hey, man, why don't you relax, Goose? I'm just tryin' to set things up.
[Indistinct Chatter]
He's right there.
Funny you picked up here. This is where King James keeps his stash at.
What you talkin' about? It's right over there in the air vent.
Don't be bullshittin' me. Man, I ain't. I'll go get it for you.
Yo, whoa, what's up? You think I'm stupid, Lucky?
You think I'm gonna let you walk over there, put your hand and pull a piece out on me?
Yo, Wickey, keep your snake ass where I can see ya, all right?
- [Screaming] - Goose!
Don't you be gettin' outta hand now.
Lucky's just got a real nasty sense of humor.
Yo, Goose, I think you need to leave my little brother alone.
Come here. You all right? Yeah, I'm cool.
Turns out the other night you wasn't alone. Remember the other night, Goose?
One of my boys got killed. K.J. 's right.
Video never lies, Goose.
I was there the whole time tapin'lyour punk ass.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Ain't that amazing? Now the nigger don't know nothin'. [Phone Ringing]
[Ringing, Beeping]
What's up? Yo, Marvin, I can't talk right now.
We're gonna handle that business, but not right now. I'm in the middle of somethin'.
Call me back, man. Yeah, later.
What the hell's goin' on up there?
Where's Don?
Y'all makin' a big mistake.
I don't know nothin' about nobody gettin' offed.
I don't think so, bitch. You're the one made the mistake, motherfucker.
[Goose] Hely, KJ., lyou got to slow this shit down.
This situation does have an explanation.
Now, who you been workin' for, man? Who you sold us out to, punk?
Why are you sweatin' me, man, huh? You can kiss my black ass.
Now get on your little phone and run tell that.
[KJ.] You ain't gonna make this easly, huh?
[Goose] No, this ain't gonna be easly.
Yo, Cletus, let's show this man your shoes.
Be real fucked up if he had to use 'em on you.
Stomp a mud hole on that ugly-ass face of yours.
Hey, motherfucker! What the fuck you doin'?
I said, what you doin'?
Cool, it works. Watch out, man, watch out.
I thought... You thought what?
I saw... I saw your friend fall.
Nigger wasn't my friend. Who are you, man? What you doin' here?
Huh? What the fuck you lookin' at me for?
The man asked you a question. What the hell are you doin' here?
Nothin', I'm just here. I'm not lookin' for trouble.
Is that right? You fuckin' with us, white boy?
No, man, like I said, I'm not lookin' for trouble. Bullshit.!
I'm gonna ask one more time. What the fuck you doin'? He's spying.
I'm not spyin'. I don't wanna get in the middle of no big gang hassle.
Gang? You think we're some big punk-ass gang?
I'm a businessman. These are my associates.
Whatever you say, man, no problem.
Back off! All of ya!
Get outta here, or I'll blow his fruckin'head off!
Don! Don! Come on!
[Don] Back off! You clear outta here, or I'll kill him.!
I swear I will! [Indistinct Shouting] K.J.!
Hurry, Don! Come on, man! Make a run for it!
I mean it, man! Back off!
Don't shoot! He's got Lucky, man! Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Hold your fire! I'll blow his head off!
[KJ.] Stop.! Stop shootin: man.! Stop shootin;!
Don.! Jesus Christ.! We gotta get out.
The fire escape, the window. Go!
Savon, go downstairs. Make sure nobody's tryin' to get out the window.
All right. [KJ.] Calm down. No more shootin;
What you want? Come on, stand up.
Have you got a weapon? Huh? I ain't got nothin'!
You got a weapon? I ain't got nothin'!
Huh? Don't fuck with me, man. I ain't got shit.
Yeah, what's this?
[Beeping, Ringing]
Yo, Savon? Yeah?
What was that? That was me.
I blasted at him tryin' to come down the fire escape.
Get him? Nah.
All right, stay posted down there. No more shootin' unless I tell ya.
I don't wanna spook 'em any more than they already are.
All right, all right.
Shit. Goddamn it, Vince.
Why didn't you stay put like I said?
'Cause I thought you were in trouble, that's why.
Where the hell did you go all that time? Shit!
All right, Cletus, Wickey, let's try this door.
They got Lucky in there. They're probably tryin' to get out the back way.
[Wickely] All right, cool. Come on.
[Phone Ringing] Shit!
[Ringing Continues]
Now back off, all of ya! You come any closer, he's a dead man!
Go on, get back. Get back. [Ringing continues]
Yeah? Marvin, goddamn it! This ain't the time!
I got some problems right now. Yeah, we're gonna handle business on that package.
But I gotta get back with your ass.
Wickey, you know your way around here. Any other way out beside the door and fire escape?
Hell, no. There ain't no other way out.
All right, check this out. Cletus, go downstairs. Get rid of Goose's body.
Then go to the car, get the M-16. But go out the same way we came in.
I don't want nobody to see us, all right? Go on, man, get the fuck out.
Yo, hey in there, how do we know Lucky's okay?
Tell him.
Hey, man, I'm cool, but this motherfucker's crazy.
Don't worry about it, man. We're gonna get you outta there.
Check his fanny pack down on the floor. See if he's got a gun.
I told you I ain't strapped. Shut up.
Anything? Don, this guy's some kind of dope addict.
All right, cut me two six-foot lengths of that rope in my bag.
Come on, move.
Wickey, go down there, use Savon's phone.
Call up Luther, Moon and Davis and tell 'em to get their ass over here right now.
- You got it. - Yo, also call up Raymond.
Tell him I need some of that goddamn heavy artillery he's got.
Raymond? You sure you want him in on this?
Yeah, goddamn it! Don't give me no more fuckin' shit.
Get that goddamn camera outta my face.
Von, give me your phone. For what?
K.J. wants Raymond here. Finally got some guns comin' up here.
Shit's gettin' hectic. [Beeping]
Figure they're the police up there, man? Ain't got no fuckin' idea.
Hello, Raymond?
Your name is Lucky, huh? I ain't talkin' to you. I ain't tellin' you shit.
[Don] Fine. Vince.
How many did you see out there? Five. Tie his arm to that door.
There's gonna be more than that...
'cause my big brotherJames down there, fool, he's a king around here.
He'll spread the word. Your big brother, huh?
That's right. Let me tell you white boys somethin'.
You don't let me go, he's gonna fry your motherfuckin' asses.
I thought you weren't talkin'.
Hey, James, we got your kid brother tied spread-eagle against this door.
That means anlybodly shoots at the door, thely're gonna kill him.
Anybody tries to break it down, they're gonna rip his arms outta their sockets. Got that?
I hear ya. Just don't do anything stupid in there.
You gotta tell us, Bradlee, is there another way outta here? I don't gotta tell you shit.
Goddamn it.
Don, these bars are pretty solid.
Hey, Vince.
Over here.
Vince, that catwalk there goes out to another building.
lfr we can get to it, there's gotta be another stairwaly in there. We can get to the truck.
Yo, Cletus, go on top. Keep it secure. I wanna keep 'em boxed in.
Go, man.
Come on, go.
[Don] Carefrul.
Okay. [Crashing]
- Yo, Lucky! Y'all right? - Yeah, man, I'm all right.
Fuck that plan.
Them motherfuckers still alive in there? Yeah!
How manly in there with lya? There's three, but one of'em was tied...
He can't talk right now! Yo, man. Listen, man.
We don't want no trouble. We just want my brother back.
Just let him out. Why don't you come out? We could discuss this.
You just bring the cops. We'll discuss it with them!
They're drug dealers. They just threw a guy off the roof. They ain't gonna call the cops.
Yo, man, that ain't necessary. All we want is my brother back, man.
- All we want is Lucky, man! - Find me a rag.
You heard him. As long as you got me, they're gonna be on your asses like glue.
They already got the place surrounded, and my brothers will be here with more soldiers.
Yeah? As long as we got you, they ain't gonna be shootin' at us, are they?
I ain't scared of shit. You know why?
I've been through three drive-bys, and I ain't never been hit.
Bullets just go around me. That's why they call me Lucky.
Lucky! Motherfucker.
Look, all they want is the kid.
Now they know we got a gun. Maybe if we let him go, they'll back off!
Damn it, Vince. They want us dead.
We're witnesses. As long as he's alive, we got a chance.
If we let him go, they're gonna kill us for sure.
## [Indistinct Rap]
It's about time you guys got here.
So, what's up? You got a problem? Yeah, we got a problem.
Shit, three more. Makes eight of'em.
We're screwed, Don.
Hey, yo, K.J., Man, what's up?
Three white motherfuckers, they got my kid brother in there.
Three? I didn't see but two. Luckly said there was three.
You get Ralymond? Yeah, man, he'll be here.
White motherfuckers? Down here? Who are they, the man?
Hell, no. They just asked me fror cops. If they want cops, they can't be cops.
[Grunting] Damn it!
Let me try that Halligan.
[Don] Come on. Here we go.
All right. [Grunting]
You fucker!
## [Indistinct Rap]
Shit, another one. Looks like some fuckin' pimp.
#Leave me alone I got posse bust the bets #
# You better watch me I gotta do what I gotta do #
#So who the hell is lyou to tell me how mly song is wrong #
# You don't know # [Beeping]
Yo, Wickey, this is Raymond. Where do you want me to park?
What do you think's goin' on? Nothin' good.
[Laughing] I think I finally figured out...
how you boys are gonna get a chance to get outta here.
Body bags! [Laughing]
[Savon] Oh, shit. Pussly in the trunk.
[KJ.] Ralymond's good fror somethin;
All right. This shit here takes out a rat's ass at 300 yards.
Shit, I'll take that. I was a sharpshooter in the armly.
You don't look like no sharpshooter. I was the best in my company.
Ease back, motherfuckers. This is mine. You know what I'm sayin'?
[Ralymond] Go, Wickely, dive in there. I don't need no big-ass gun.
Mess up my suit. This right here will do me just fine.
[Ralymond Laughing] All right, all right, Mr Leader Man.
What's your plan? Come on over here.
Them country motherfuckers was cryin' about the police, right?
They want cops? Give 'em cops.
[Ralymond Laughing] Yeah.!
[Video Man] Hello, Officer Friend. How are you?
Hold it, hold it. Hold it.
This ain't gettin' us anywhere. This place is too goddamn secure.
At least the good news is, they can't get in either.
That means we just sit tight and wait 'til the cops show up.
[Laughing] What are you laughin' about?
Who's gonna call the cops, the pigeons or the rats?
What about a patrol car? Don't patrol cars come around here?
Think they'd throw a guy off the roof in broad daylight if there was a chance cops would come?
Cops ain't comin' by, Vince. We're on our own here.
We got 21 shells. I'm gonna take 11. You're gonna take 10.
That way whoever's got the gun can reload.
Listen, I got an idea. Why don't we bust down through this floor...
and drop down to the apartment right below us?
That ain't gonna work. lfr the lalyout's the same as it is up here,
we're gonna be stuck without our hostage. We'll be dead meat.
Bradlee, you ever been down to the fourth floor? Is there a back stairway?
Fuck you.
[Door Opening]
Anything happen? No, all quiet, K.J.
Go downstairs, help 'em out. Tell Wickey to call me up when he gets it set up.
Is this gonna work? It better. I'm gettin' tired of this.
Man, those are some weird, fuckin' footsteps. What is that?
Spikes. One of the guys was wearin' baseball shoes. Big son of a bitch.
[Phone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
Yeah? [Video Man] Savon, what up, man?
Shit, we're ready. Let's just do it.
They're gettin' close.
This shit's got me pissed off. Man, this is stupid.
[KJ.] Got everything goin'good, then two stupid-ass honkies...
come up in here and fruck up everything over some dumb nigger named Goose...
that nobodly gives a fruck about dead or alive.
Only thing keepin' 'em alive's my brother.
Savon said that's a bunch of bullshit.
Says you and Lucky ain't even got the same pops.
He's my brother, man. I been takin' care of him ever since he was born and I was 15.
All right, man. We hot, we goin'.
[Siren Wailing]
Stop, this is the police! Stop! You there!
Nigger! Freeze!
Fucker! Spread your legs! Spread 'em!
Take it easy, man. Gotta make this shit look real, man.
Where you got the dope, boy?
Don, there's a cop out there!
Help! Hey, Don!
Get me out! Someone come back here!
Come back! Get me outta this cha...
Shit. Come on.
Go.! Go.! Fuckers, move.!
Go! Go, man! [Gunfire]
Get me the fuck outta here!
[Muffled Shouting]
Shit. They got Davis.
[Bradlee] Come here, lyou two idiots.! Come over here.!
Bring your asses in here right now! Move! Move!
Get me offi this damn floor.! Come on, get me up offihere.!
What the hell? Move it, both of ya! Hurry up!
What the fuck you tryin' to do, get me killed?
I thought he was a cop. You stupid peckerwood. You'd fall for that shit?
He was wearin' a uniform! You're just a stupid, dumb-ass redneck!
You shut your goddamn mouth, you black son of a bitch.
Black son of a bitch? Fuck you! Kiss my black ass.
Goddamn... Hey! Hey! Hey!
Vince! If he doesn't shut up, I'm gonna shut him up.
Man, what the fuck was that bullshit goin' on over there?
I told you not to shoot 'til you got a clean shot.
You got Davis killed. Fuck that.
It wasn't my fault. It was that motherfuckin' Luther!
It was both you dumb motherfuckers. Okaly, we frucked up.
But you fucked up too. Ain't none of your shit worked all day.
The point is, what you gonna do now?
I'm gonna go up under them so they don't dig no tunnel.
You need to go get rid ofr Davis'bodly. I ain't the garbage man.
Moon, go get rid of him. Bullshit. That ain't my motherfuckin'job.
No, Moon, go do it. At least I know the shit'll get done right.
Now you, you keep this trigger-happy shit up, you're gonna get all of us killed.
I don't know how. I ain't the leader.
I'm not gettin' anything.
It's not gonna work. There ain't no apartments up there.
It's just attic. No pipes, no plumbin'.
And I don't remember seein' no metal on the floor.
Yeah, but shit, tryin' to pick up metal cleats?
Nothin' here. I'm goin', Vince.
Wait a second, let's stick to the plan. I'm goin'.
If he's down by that window, he can still get a shot at you.
Just let me keep scannin' the floor 'til I find him. That way we'll be sure.
All right. Find him, will ya?
What are you guys doin' now? Where'd you get all this shit from?
- Anything yet? - No, nothing.
Man, you know I'm gonna be there. Raymond ain't gonna let you down. What you need?
- Yo, Raymond? - Hang on a second, man.
I need you to do some recon for me. Figure out how them fools got here.
- I know they didn't walk. - I ain't got time to be playin' army...
with you trigger-happy motherfuckers. I got business to take care of.
Yo, cancel it. You're workin' for me now.
I'm hirin' you for the rest of the day.
What the fuck you waitin' on? Get to work, motherfucker.
Yo, we're gonna have to reschedule that thing.
[Beeping Increasing] I got him!
- Whereabouts? - Right over here.
All right, I'm goin'.
Wait a second.
He's movin'.
[Beeping Increasing] Jesus Christ.
Give me that.
[Bradlee] What are lyou gonna do? Wait a minute.!
Don't cut me! Don't cut! I'm gonna cut you loose, old man.
I need your chair, but you better behave yourself.
Yeah, I'll behave myself. You can have the chair.
I got a table downstairs you can have. Go!
Yeah, you can have it!
[Door Creaking] What's up, man? You dump the body?
Yeah, I threw him in the trunk of your car. What?
You heard me. Man, fuck you.
[Blowing] Flashlight.
Something here.
Holy shit.
[Don] There's more, Vince.!
Lord have mercy. I've been sleepin' under all this all these nights.
I don't believe it.
This is it, Vince. This is it. There's a treasure trove up here.
It's all here. Just like the newspaper said.
You're damn right. Our ship's come in, buddly. We're rich.
Now you peckerwoods are startin' to make sense. I can see why you was tearin' up this place.
Though I can't figure... If it's in the ceiling, why'd he say it was in the floor?
I mean, we both heard him. the man's dyin' words: "It's in the floor."
Wait a second. Wait a second.
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