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Subtitles for Trespass CD2.

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Trespass CD2

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It's a map of the ceilin', not the floor. Look.
Hold it up. It's right as rain. He drew it layin' on his back.
Oh, Eugene, you dumb fuck, that ain't no way to draw a map.
Wow, this stuff s been in there over 50 years. It's not even tarnished.
[Bradlee] You don't know nothin: do lya?
That's the beauty of gold.
It never tarnishes, lasts forever too.
You can melt it down, pound it, twist it, piss on it,
but it's always the same gold.
It was here long before we were; be here long after we're gone.
Bet you a lot of men have died for the gold that's just in this piece.
How'd you get to be such an expert on the subject?
He probably heard it in some pawnshop somewhere. [Laughing]
You don't know nothin', neither one of you.
It's all here, Vince.
It's all here. All we gotta do is pack it up and get to that catwalk.
We'll get our butts outta here. I told lyou.!
I told you we're rich. We're rich, buddy! We're rich!
[Screaming, Groaning]
Hey, you broke my rockin' chair.
Hey, man, you all right?
[Kicking Feet]
What the fuck they doin' up there? Havin' a party? [Laughing]
I don't know. It's the last one they ever gonna have.
Don't even trip, Savon. Now, you ain't the boss.
Now, the man said no shootin'.
Don't you ever draw down on me, motherfucker.
[Muffled Grunting]
Christ, what now?
[Muffled Grunting]
Come on, man, just let me go. Please!
I'm sick. What do you mean you're sick?
[Bradlee] He's a junkie.
He needs his dope. They get sick all the time, they don't get a fix.
Shakin', pukin'. Geez, that's too bad.
Fuck you. You just remember that that gold is ours.
- Yeah, how do you figure? - This is our territory.
You don't live here. We do. [Bradlee] Bullshit.! I live here.
All your kind ever does is fuck everything up. I got a better claim to that gold than you.
You? That's a hot one.
That's really fucked up, man.
Only time you white boys ever come down here is when you wanna rip us off.
We didn't come down here to rip you off. We're just tryin' to get ahead like everybody else.
Look, motherfucker, the gold is ours.
You let it go.
Maybe I can talk my brother into keepin' you boys alive.
You mean that? [Don] He's talking through his ass.
Gag him, or I'll come over there and shut him up myself.
Didn't I tell you to kill that cowboy crap?
Yo, man, I just shot the catwalk out there.
We gotta discourage 'em from gettin' across somehow.
You need to stop thinkin' with your trigger finger and use your brain.
- You're gonna get my brother killed! - All right, man. Fuck it.
Bradlee, lyou sure there ain't nobodly else livin'around here?
Somebody like you who might've heard that shootin'?
Fella used to live around named Thomas.
He'd go twice a month to give blood. That's how he got money.
They told him not to come back no more. He was a real sad fella, no family.
He never could get his shoes on right.
That was summertime. I ain't seen him since.
Yo, Luther. Where are you, man?
[Luther] Over here, on the catwalk.
What you doin' here? King James sent me to help you look out.
I don't need no help. I got this covered. Go on back.
Okay, call King James and tell him...
that you think his plan is full of shit. You crazy?
Know what's gonna happen? Motherfuckin' police gonna be around here.
You think this on now? It's really gonna be on then.
King James.! Like he's king ofr the street or somethin;
Ain't nobody king of the street.
It's all about survival. It's all about gettin' yours.
It ain't about takin' no chances, and it sure ain't about jeopardizing your whole crew.
I like Savon, man. I like him a lot.
He's just a hothead. He thinks he knows it all.
I used to be just like Savon when I was comin' up.
You gotta be philosophical about this shit. It's all crazy.
As long as you know it's crazy, you're all right.
But soon as you try to make logic outta this, you're fucked up...
'cause it don't make no sense.
The white man makes dope, right? Then he gives it to us.
Then he wants to buy it from us.
Then he puts us in jail when we sell it to him. It don't make no fuckin' sense.
Only thing a man's got is his family and his pride. That's all he's got.
[Don] I don't know what this stuffi is anlymore.
God's gold, our gold, frool's gold. About all we can do...
is take as manly ofr'em with us as we can, and hope fror the best.
Maybe we could try walkin' outta here, usin' Lucky as a shield.
Not with just one gun. Be better tryin' to nail one of them first,
get ourselves another weapon.
What about tradin' the gold to 'em for our safety?
They'd kill us anyway. I would if I was them.
Truth is, I don't see any way we're gonna get outta here quiet.
A fortune in gold, and it's just plain worthless.
We might as well let Bradlee go.
Hey, Bradlee.
We got no reason to hold you here anymore.
You're free to go. Hely, wait a minute.
I got a proposition for ya.
That gold laying over there is worth a million dollars.
You can have all of it. You can take it all with ya.
You just promise one thing: You're gonna call the cops for us.
It ain't gonna do me no damn bit of good.
How am I supposed to get outta here?
Thely're gonna kill me as soon as I step one froot outside the door.
Them niggers'd kill anybody, including their own grandma.
You haven't got much of a chance in here with us.
If I can figure a way to get us outta here, do I get the gold?
You know a way out? Do I get the gold?
Hell, yes! Let's hear 'im out! Wait a minute!
You know a way for us to get outta here, we split the gold three ways!
We're in this together. That's not what you said a minute ago.
A minute ago we was all dead. Now, take it or leave it.
I'll take it. The chimney.
There's a chimney behind the wall. We could get out through the chimney.
Well, here it is. We still got a deal?
##[Indistinct Rap]
#... and keep all the shit under mly control #
# That's how I'm livin' I check mly bank #
##[Rap Continues]
#Most ofr the time I can't be stopped #
#A word to mly enemies I don't drop flop #
#A word to the Klan I don't pick crops #
# You can run up with lyour whipper tojust run up 'til lyou're hot #
#A word to the tipper... #
#A word to the bourgeois Fuck offi, ly'all #
#A word to apartheid You bounced the ball #
##[Rap Continues]
This is gonna work, Vince.
We gotta go up, but there's an access door, put us right on the roof.
Don, hold it.!
[Police Radio. Indistinct]
Cops! Vince, no! Wait!
It's a police car! It's the real police! We don't need 'em!
You're crazy! Hey...
Hey, poli...
Listen to me, Vince. We got a million dollars worth of gold here!
If the cops get in, they're gonna take it. Fuck the goddamn gold!
No, fuck you!
You aren't gonna fuck this up for me, Vince.
I want that gold!
We're in this shit because you fucked up. If you didn't go out there when they killed that man,
none of this would've happened.
I can get outta here on my own, Vince. Are you with me or not?
Them cops'd come in here, shoot us and take the gold for themselves!
Keep an eye on Lucky. Keep him fuckin' quiet!
Shut up! We don't want those police in here!
Shit, man. You ain't gonna waste 'em, are you?
Take your hands off the wheel. Roll your window down.
I do somethin' wrong, officer?
Mind tellin' me what you're doin' around here?
I was just lookin' for a place to take a leak.
Step on outta the car, Hoss.
Man, somethin' ain't right.
Don't them fools know the police're out there?
Why ain't they sayin' nothin'?
I hope Luther doesn't take a shot at 'em.
Do you want me to call him?
No. Even he ain't that stupid.
We got a report of some shots being fired in the area.
You wouldn't know nothin' about that, though, would ya?
No, sir. Like I said, I was just lookin' for a place to take a leak.
Turn around. Put your hands on top of the car.
[Police Radio. Indistinct]
What's up? We got a call. It's a 10-85.
What's up with this guy? Him? Nothin'. Just hangin'.
Let's get the hell outta here, man. All right.
Here, man.
Look, this ain't no public outhouse.
There's some gas stations along the highway. Why don't you find one?
[Engines Rewing]
[Door Closing] Cool.
They're steppin' off, man.
Yeah, cool.
They're gone, and there's nothin' you can do about it.
Now, we're goin' outta here with the gold... together.
[KJ.] What the fruck is that? What does it look like, man?
I found their car. Don't worry about it. It ain't goin' nowhere.
From Arkansas? That means they came at least 200 miles.
These fools from outta town? What the fuck's up?
I don't know. What they doin' here, Raymond?
Why didn't they call for those fuckin' pigs?
I got no idea, man. What am I payin' you for then?
Maybe they didn't see the cops. They saw the cops, ain't no doubt about that.
Look, I can't give a fuck what they're doin' here.
I say we handle these motherfuckers right now! How we gonna do that?
Simple. We burn 'em.
Shit, nigger. We go in there smokin' them motherfuckers, we gonna get burned too.
I'm talkin' 'bout fire! I'm talkin' 'bout burnin' this place to the ground!
Ain't nobody gonna care, 'cause these places go up every day.
That ain't bad, K.J. That ain't bad at all.
But what about Lucky, man?
If he's really lucky, he'll walk away from this.
If not...
I'm callin' a truce. What for?
I wanna talk to 'em. You wanna talk! I wanna burn!
Look, just give me five minutes. Man, that's bullshit!
Your shit's been bullshit all day!
Look, Von, you gonna do what the hell I say,
or you gonna be a dead man.
Come on, man. I'll go down with ya.
Come on. Man, fuck you.
Yeah, I'm right here, nigger. Come on.
Hey, listen up, man. You gotta keep cool.
Don't touch me, motherfucker! You got me all wrong.
You the only one around here makin' any sense. King James is losin' it.
I can't deal with the motherfucker no more. Ain't that the truth.
That's why I figured you the only one around here I can trust.
You and me, we got the same interests.
Interests? What interests?
Interest in makin' sure them white motherfuckers don't walk outta here.
You wanna know why they didn't signal the police? 'Cause they found somethin',
somethin' so valuable they don't want nobody else in on it.
Is that right? Now, the way I figure,
you and me, we work this out, we come out lookin' real nice.
[Chuckling] Gold!
Hey, you in there!
I need to talk to lyou gulys. Hely, lyou in there.!
We gotta talk right now.!
What do you want?
We need to talk about a truce. I want a truce.
Bullshit! What about?
About this situation.
You're either gonna talk to me right now, or fuck you! I'm finished playin' with your ass.
Let's hear him out. It's a damn trick.
You can't trust these bastards. He's right!
Why don't you open the slot in that door so we can talk, motherfucker?
Maybe I can get a clear shot at him through the peep slot,
blow his head off. He says he wants a truce.
What's it gonna hurt to talk to him? It's a trick, that's why!
We're gonna talk to him, goddamn it, hear what's on his mind.
Maybe he wants out of this whole situation just like we do.
He don't know nothin' about the gold.
Sure as hell ain't gonna hurt to talk to him.
Okay, it's open.
You try anything, your brother's gonna get a bullet in the head.
All right. I'm steppin' out here in the open...
to let you know I ain't got no bad intentions, okay?
Start talkin', James.
Look, we both got a problem, right?
We didn't come here lookin' for trouble.
This whole thing's just a big misunderstanding.
Okay, misunderstanding.
All I want to know is who the fuck are you?
What the fruck are lyou doin'here?
What are we gonna tell him?
We're just visitin'. Bullshit.!
White guys don't come up here unless they're cops, and you ain't cops.
- What the fuck's goin' on? - We're just lookin' around.
You better give me some straight answers!
You don't own this place. We got as much right to be here as anybody else.
Case you ain't heard, this is still a free country.
This is my goddamn territory. You don't come up here wavin' no guns around,
fuckin' with my family, taking hostages and shit!
Yeah, what's up?
Luther, Raymond. What's goin' on up there, man?
[Luther, Indistinct] Everything fine?
Look, you let us go, we let him go.
Everybody just walks away. We're not goin' to the cops, I swear.
Is that right? Swear to God, man.
You give me a Bible, we'll swear on it.
That's too easy. Why you didn't call for the cops when they were here?
You heard the deal. Take it or leave it!
I want some straight fuckin' answers.
Luther, one of'em's trying to get out the fire escape. Shoot him!
One of those snow boys tried to kick it out the fire escape.
They fuckin' with you, K.J.,
laughin' behind your back, tryin' to pull some shit on ya.
Luther said the dude got back in before he could nail his ass.
Tell Moon to get his ass up here now.
Luther, tell Moon to get his ass up here.
Son of a bitch set us up.
Shit, I thought he was goin' for it too.
I told you it was a trick. Did you hit 'im?
No, I missed. Shit!
Savon, move! Go get some gas.
Oh, shit! Finally we doin' some shit right...
like I been tellin' you all day. All right, all right.
This is what I want you to do. Get some grease, some of that C-four.
Hook up some of them specials. We're gonna blow this piece of shit up...
and burn it to the fuckin' ground. I know what time it is.
Check this out, Wickey. Talk to Cletus, call Luther. Yeah.
Make sure that dumb motherfucker knows what's goin' on. Word.
Hey, Video, you goin' or what?
We need some help. No, I'm stalyin' with KJ.
Aw, man, you lazy punk. Stop actin' like a girl. Get off K.J. 's junk.
##[Indistinct Rap]
[Mumbling, Groaning]
Those handholds look solid to me.
I figure we can make it up okay.
Bradlee, hurry up and pack that gold.
Supposin' those fuckers bust in here while we're halfway up the chimney?
That kid's gonna start yappin', and our ass is gonna be cooked.
[Luckly Groaning] Yeah.
You got a point. We gotta shut him up.
Sure, Don, kill him. Kill him in cold blood.
What choice have we got? This is survival, Vince.
He's just a junkie. He's gonna die anyway. We got a fuckin' choice!
I'm open to suggestions. You got any bright ideas?
Shit, we could knock him out! Here.
Let's see you do it. Take this in the other room,
and hit him on the head with it.
Wait a second.
Aw, shit!
Look, he's got cocaine or heroin, or whatever the hell this stuff is.
What if we dope him up? I don't want nothin' to do with no dope!
Bradlee, finish packin' the gold.
At least it's not murder, Don.
You know anything about doin' this? No...
but he does. [Luckly Groaning]
Hey, man. Be careful, man. That's all I got.
How long is it supposed to heat?
[Luckly] Until it gets milkly, man. Strain it with that cotton ball.
It's milky.
[Luckly] Put the cotton ball on top.
Bradlee may need some help in there.
Keep an eye on the gold. Make sure it all gets in the sack.
You got no idea how luckly lyou are, mister.
Come on, please, man. Let me do that.
Let me do it by myself. You don't know what you're doing.
Hey, man, you could hurt me if you do it wrong, you know?
Come on, man, listen. Just untie me.
Look, I swear you won't have no trouble.
Come on. Please, man. Come on.
You might mess up one of my veins, man. Come on.
All right. All right. Please.
One arm! Cool.
Come on, hurry up.
What are you waitin' for?
I'm just waitin' for the vein to pop up.
Don! Oh, shit!
Help me get him on his back!
Don, you okay, man? Oh, my God!
[Vince] Hang on. You're gonna be okaly.
You're gonna be all right, man. You'll be okaly.
Hang on. Let me get it out, huh?
It's gonna be okay.
Fucker! Get off, motherfucker!
[Luckly] James.! James.!
[Beeping, Ringing]
Wickey! Man, I think I got Lucky.
What? What are you talkin' about?
It wasn't my fault, man. The white dude turned him.
You tell King James it wasn't my fault.
Lucky's dead? Are you sure?
No, man, he's dead. I'm tellin' you.
I'm gettin' outta here. You tell King James it wasn't my fault.
I'm outta here.
Vince. Vince.
Get me outta here.
You just fuckin' hang on. I'm gonna get you out. Just hang on.
Hey, you can mix some of this shit in there,
make it like napalm. [KJ.] Just hurry up.
What's goin' on with that C-four over there?
This shit's waterproof and fireproof,
but it ain't gonna blow 'til I say so. Word.!
[Video] Hold up a stick ofr the C-frour. I need a close-up.
Shut up, bitch.
[Panting] Luther says Lucky's dead.
- He said them white dudes shot him. - Get the fuck out.
It can't be. You sure, man?
He says it's no mistake, man.
Who shot him? Which one did it?
He didn't... He didn't say.
Guess he wasn't too lucky, huh?
I'll go up the chimney. Pick him up, take him into that room over there,
seal yourself in and don't make a sound.
I don't figure jumpin' across the rooftops is gonna work.
- But maybe I can rappel down. - What you talkin', rappel?
Never you mind. Now, listen to me. When they break in,
they're gonna see that hole and think all three of us went up.
That's gonna send 'em outta here lookin'fror us.
Just sit tight. Wait 'til I come back with some help.
How do I know you ain't gonna leave us here?
After all, you don't owe him nothin', or me either.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
Yo, Moon. Spread these cocktails all through the building.
Make sure this motherfucker blow up.
Video, what the fruck lyou doin'? You ain't done shit all daly.!
I'm tapin; Get the...
My fuckin' camera! Look what you did to my fuckin' camera!
Show's canceled, punk.
Now it's blowin' up with everything else.
Now, goddamn it, Video, you help Moon spread the fuckin' grease.
[Shotgun Blasts]
K.J.! Let's use this.
Where's the gold? The gold?
Ah, man, this shit didn't have to happen.
I'm sorry, Luck.
l... I'm sorry, Luck.
[Ralymond] After lyou set that timer, meet me downstairs in the basement.
[Rifle Cocking]
Hold up, Superfly. Let's get one thing straight.
I done did all the work. I done took all the risk.
When we spread that gold around, 90 percent of it's mine.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I understand your argument.
K.J., come here!
Look at this! The chimney!
They got up the chimney!
Damn! They're on the roof.
I'm gonna finish this. Hold on! What you want me to do?
Stay here. Watch the chimney and stay with Lucky, man.
Don't let him burn, man. Don't let him burn.
But Lucky's de... dead.
Savon! That you?
Ohh! Shit!
[Wickely Grunting]
- You're gonna die, motherfucker. - I'll take you with me.
What's this all about, man?
What the hell you white boys doin' up here anyway?
Gold! It's all about gold.
Gold? You crazy!
[Phone Ringing]
Hello? No, King James can't come to the phone!
[Marvin Indistinct] Because he's dead, that's why!
Hello, 9-1-1? Hello? [Loud Crashing]
[Savon] KJ...!
King James is dead, man.
No! Back off!
He's a brother. I thought we were poppin' white boys, not brothers.
I'm sick of it, Moon. I say we shoot him. He can identify us.
Look at 'im. Where's he goin'?
He ain't gonna identify us. I'm sick of it.
If you wanna pop him, you go ahead and pop him. I'm outta here.
You better get outta here, old man. The whole place is goin' up.
No! Oh, shit!
Who you, old man?
What you doin' with my bag?
I left that here. Put it down.
This here's my personal stuff.
This is all I got!
Is that right? I think you got some gold in there. Put it down!
I don't know nothin' about no gold! What would I be doin' with some gold?
Don't fuck with me, old man. I know you got somethin' in there.
That gold's goin' with me, or I'm gonna bust a cap in your ass. Put it down!
You want it, take it. I don't wanna die for no sack of goods.
You got that right, old fool. [Crashing]
Fuck it.!
You can burn up with everything else!
Oh, shit!
Where you goin', Von?
I see you found the gold.
Thought you were supposed to have your ass in the basement?
I know where I'm supposed to be.
What the fuck you wanna pimp me off for? You wouldn't have known shit...
about that gold ifr it hadn't been fror me.
I figure that entitles me to a little bit more than ten percent.
- Hell no! - Superfly this, motherfucker!
Hely.! Hely, man.! Hely.!
That's mly gold, man.! That's mly gold.!
Hey, motherf... fucker, that's...
Hey! You better get outta here while you got a chance.
Bradlee, are you okay? I was afraid you guys didn't get out.
I went down the chimney and got out through the furnace. Now, get outta here!
Where's Don? He's dead. Blew up with the gold.
I'm tellin' you, you better get outta here before them niggers catch you.
What about you? Thely don't care about me.
But thely will kill lyou. Now, move.!
Come with me, man.
I can't keep up. Get outta here. Come on.
Run! Don't worry about me. Go on!
Move.! Move.!
Go on, run!
#How manly bullets can your back hold, sucker frrom the H.K. #
# The red dots lyou have drawn frrom the light raly #
#Boom-bam-bust, oh damn, kid your head is a pile ofr pus #
#I'm kickin'up much stuffi The brother lyou can't trust #
# This is mly hood mly gold, mly turf#
#Mly stash, mly grip Whatever the hell it's worth #
#I don't need nobodly comin'in mly territory #
# Tryin'to rip a brother offi a killer, damn sob story #
# Take a good look see I'm nothin'but a jacker #
#About to filll the rap ofr a greedly-ass cracker #
#Hell, what's new so lyou know the punks stand out #
# Comin'in mly hood with his handout #
# Tryin'to get over on the black but thely don't do that #
#I'll put a damn slug in his back #
#And with a boom ping-ping It ain't no thing #
# To blast the greedly little suckers that trespass #
# Ollie-ollie ox I'm frree, here comes the G #
#I'm saggin'and enter the dragon like Bruce Lee #
#I got to get more monely more monely #
# Can't get sex with no monely #
#See, I'm kind ofr greedly 'cause all mly heroes got zeroes #
#Number one is mly gun About to get paid at last #
#But now I'm gettin'covered in dirt and grass, kick it #
# The madder I get the higher the debt the deeper lyou get #
# The thicker the sweat 'cause I'm the brother with frat clout #
#Put lyou in but lyou gotta get back out #
#No easlyjob fror some suckers that's out to rob #
# Cross hair on lyour dome and lyour mind's blown #
# You wanna go home #
#Ain't that a bitch Q dig this pitch #
#Don't trespass #
#I got a frull-timejob takin'suckers out breakin' 'em offi, lyeah word #
#I love revokin'clout Yeah, test me, stress me #
# Who could the best be Who #
# The teflon nine got the best, G #
#But when lyou're greedly you don't care about lifre itselfr #
# You're chasin' extreme wealth #
# You can't be trusted 'cause trust ain't in the damn game #
# 'Scandalous"is your middle name #
#I'm the black brother you're stuck with #
#Ice Cube, a.k.a. the Wrong Brother to Fuck With #
#I'm rich, pitchin'a bitch about gettin'more #
# The big fish swimmin'in big dough #
# You can't back stab her I've got to have a Lexus coupe #
# When I trip with the ski mask gotta get the cash #
#Mly homeboly ain't home so now I trespass #
# Trespass ##
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The(2003)
Texas Rangers
The Corrs - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
The Corrs - Live at Lansdowne Road - Dublin
The Corrs - Live from Wembley Arena - London
The Corrs - MTV Unplugged
The Hire (Ambush) (Director John Frankenheimer) vo
The Hire (Beat The Devil) (Director Tony Scott) vo
The Hire - Season 2x1 - Hostage
The Hire - Season 2x2 - Ticker
The Hire - Season 2x3 - Beat the Devil
The History of the World - Part I
The Three Faces of Eve
Theres Something About Mary
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs CD1
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs CD2
They Call Us Misfits 1968
They Came to Cordura
They Drive by Night
Thin Red Line The
Thing The (1982 John Carpenter)
Thing from Another World The
Things Are Tough All Over
Thinner (Stephen Kings)
Third Man The
Third Wave The 2003
Thirteen Days
Thirteen Ghosts
This Girls Life
This girls life 2004
Thomas Crown Affair The
Thought Crimes (2003)
Thrashin 1986
Three Amigos
Three Colors Red
Three Colours Blue
Three Colours White
Three Days of the Condor
Three Kings 1999
Three Marias The
Three Men and a Baby (1987)
Three Musketeers The
Three To Tango 1999
Thrill of It All The
Thriller - A Cruel Picture (1974)
Through a Glass Darkly
Thunder Road (1958)
Thunderbirds Commentary
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
Tian di xiong xin
Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
Tiempo de tormenta
Tierra (J Medem 1996)
Tiger on the Beat (1988)
Tigger Movie The
Time After Time CD1
Time After Time CD2
Time Bandits
Time Machine The
Time Machine The Tuxedo The
Time Out (2001) CD1
Time Out (2001) CD2
Time and Tide
Timecop 1994
Timecop 2 2003
Timemachine The
Timothy Learys - How To Operate Your Brain (1993)
Tin Men
Tin Star The (Anthony Mann 1957)
Tingler The
Tipping The Velvet
Tiptoes 2003
Titan A E
Titus 1999 CD1
Titus 1999 CD2
Tjeye Illusion
To Catch a Thief 1995
To Die For
To End All Wars CD1
To End All Wars CD2
To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)
To have and have not 1944
Tokyo Drifter
Tokyo Joe
Tokyo Raiders
Tokyo Story 1953 CD1
Tokyo Story 1953 CD2
Tokyo eyes 1998
Tom And Huck
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2 CD1
Tomb Raider 2 CD2
Tomie - Replay
Tonari no Totoro
Toolbox Murders The
Top Gun
Tora-San Our Lovable Tramp (1969 Yamada Japanese)
Torpedo bombers (Torpedonosty)
Total Recall 1990
Totmacher Der 1995
Touch Of Pink A
Touch of Class A
Touch of Evil (1958)
Touch of Spice A
Touch of Zen A (1969) CD1
Touch of Zen A (1969) CD2
Tower of London
Towering Inferno The CD1
Towering Inferno The CD2
Tracker The
Trading Places
Tragedy of Macbeth The 1971
Trail Of The Pink Panther
Train The CD1
Train The CD2
Train The CD3
Transformers The Movie 1986
Transporter The
Treasure Planet
Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD1
Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD2
Tremors 3 Back to Perfection
Trespass CD1
Trespass CD2
Trip The (1967)
Triple Agent
Tristana 1970
Trois 2 - Pandoras Box 2002
Trouble In Paradise (1932)
Trouble With Harry The (Hitchcock 1955)
Trouble with Angels The 1966
Troy 2004 CD1
Troy 2004 CD2
True Confessions
True Lies 1994
True blue
Tuck Everlasting
Tucker The Man and His Dream 1988
Tupac Resurrection
Turn Left Turn Right
Tuxedo The
Tvilling 25fps
Twentieth Century 1934
Twins Effect 2 2004
Twins Effect The
Two Brothers
Two Can Play That Game
Two Champions Of Shaolin