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Trip The (1967)

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You are about to be involved in a most unusual motion picture experience.
It deals fictionally with the hallucinogenic drug, LSD.
Today, the extensive use in black market production of this...
and other such "mind-bending" chemicals...
is of great concern to medical and civil authorities.
The illegal manufacture and distribution of these drugs...
is dangerous and can have fatal consequences.
Many have been hospitalized as a result.
This picture represents a shocking commentary...
on a prevalent trend of our time...
and one that must be of great concern to all.
Anything is possible when you use April in Paris perfume.
Cut! It's good here. How was it for second camera?
It's right here.
Print it, and bring them in right away.
Only one man can walk well on water.
You had an 1 1:00 appointment at the lawyer's today.
I forgot.
Great. You forgot. And I waited for two hours.
Well, Sally...
I work very hard.
I can't leave just like that and come into town...
to sign divorce papers.
I didn't mind your not showing up so much, if you'd only called.
I'm sorry. I should have called.
Paul! I'll be ready in 10 minutes.
I'm sorry, but you have to see Ferguson.
Okay, I'll call him. The first thing in the week.
I've got some free time then.
What's been happening?
I'll see you.
I'll call you.
-Hey, Paul. -Hi, John.
This is Cash. Cash, this is Paul.
-Hello. -Good to meet you.
Jingles was looking for you.
-Why? -I don't know.
She was out of her mind.
Max split to his place with some people, so we have to go there.
-ls that all right? -Sure.
I'll be right back.
Want some coffee?
Just give this to Jingles when she comes in.
Now, don't forget.
You ready?
Let's go.
-How you doing? -Beautiful.
Very groovy boots.
You coming, man?
-Maybe I'll see you later. -Great. Yeah.
-Paul. -Hi, Max.
-How's life? -Fine.
Groovy, come on in. You know everybody here, don't you?
-I'm Felix, man. -Paul.
Where was l? Right. I was outside that place you picked, man.
Paul, you know Victor?
And I'm flashing on this Roybal, you can buy it at any drugstore.
Anyway, I am flashing.
And I'm strung out in this tree, and the fuzz drive by.
I say, "Babe, just get ahold of yourself, and pull yourself in, man, 'cause this is it."
I got myself back inside, man.
Victor's in there with a chick by the name of O'Brien.
And this chick is somewhere else.
And I said, "What is this stuff?"
And she says, "Just cool it. Relax and go along with it.
"l do it all the time." Right!
And they're just doing me in.
How're they doing you in?
It's a heavy trip.
Like, I'm down in a well.
I'm blind and screaming, "Will somebody help me?"
And I know they're there.
It's a heavy trip. I slept for 36 hours, man.
That was my last trip on Roybal, I'll tell you that.
This chick takes it all the time, man.
Can you imagine where that chick's head is?
Let's take it upstairs, man.
-Do you want a hit? -No.
-How's everything? -Groovy.
No thanks.
Are you here for some acid?
Yeah, I guess so.
-Why? -What?
Why are you taking acid?
What are you doing, a paper?
Me, too.
No, insight.
I really think that I'll find out something about myself.
Can I come?
I don't know.
I've got this whole thing going with people on acid.
I like what happens.
-Yeah? -They're groovy people.
That's nice, but....
-You ready to go, man? -I'll be right there.
-Come on. -I'll see you.
Maybe I'll see you later.
Have a nice trip.
250 micrograms apiece.
Is that all I'm going to take?
I'm still a little high from that grass.
That'll be all right.
It will be all right.
Can I use the television?
I've got a spot on the afternoon movie.
Just pull the lower left-hand knob out.
I'll be right back.
Psyche soap is the only soap...
that makes you clean inside.
this right here is Thorazine.
Don't worry, it's just in case you happen to go on a bad trip.
This brings you back right away. Immediately. Okay?
Where's Bea?
She's away for the weekend, man.
She's off with Wahouski and his kids.
She went out on some kind of wild thing.
This place is really pulled together.
You can't expect me to let you go tripping in a messed-up place, can you?
-Can I do anything? -No, you just relax.
That's the most important thing.
And one other thing, too.
You must have absolute confidence and faith in me.
You must trust that I'm not going to go anywhere.
I'm going to be right with you as long as you need me.
You've got to trust that. Okay?
Now, you want the apple juice here, or do you want the water?
Apple juice, I'm starving.
The starved feeling will go away.
You've got to do just exactly like they say.
You've got to turn off your mind and relax.
Then, just float downstream. Okay?
You're beautiful, man.
How long will it take?
It takes anywhere from now up until about 20 minutes.
They busted that chick Wendy's pad last night.
The Wendy that lives over by you?
Nadine told me.
I was supposed to go there.
The cops picked up a couple of boppers sitting outside.
I guess they must've found Wendy's stash.
You know what that means?
We're now going to get all the police stories, right?
Everybody's a Jesse James. Everybody gets beat on by a policeman.
Put it on?
If you want to. When you want to.
Now, what about all this stuff here?
This is some music that I recorded.
These are some poems. I thought that--
No, they're very good. It's just those pictures here...
I'm not sure that's really what you'll get into.
-Want me to point that at you? -Right, yeah.
I'll tell you what, though.
Keep this here, and keep it out, if you want to get into it...
or you want me to take anything, let me know, we'll go that way.
But I think if we could start out very still and very quiet and....
I just flashed that chick, Glenn.
I think it's a little too soon for that, but it's possible.
Over here, and just lay down.
Now go ahead, put your feet up.
Just relax, let everything just run out of you.
You could put the shade on.
I guess I'm more tense than I thought.
Okay, just relax.
There's nothing to try and cool.
You're bound to be nervous your first time.
That's it, just put the mask on.
I feel like everything is alive!
Whole energy levels and fields flowing.
You're on some beautiful stuff, man. Just let it run on.
Look at that.
-You feel that? -The weight?
No, the life.
It's flowing off it, like energy.
Why, it's all over my hands.
Just runs down my arm.
I never saw that before.
Never saw this before.
I'm still with Sally, in a way.
Never saw that before!
That's the sun in my hands, man.
It gives off an orange cloud of light...
that just flows right out its seams.
Maybe you'd like to go back and hear some music?
Back inside. There's music inside.
Wow, I don't hear any music.
We could put some on if you like.
Hello, Paul.
It's true that I love her...
but I don't know what that means, for which I'm sure I'll suffer.
I don't want to suffer, man.
What's happening?
Sally's there.
And if you just let it happen...
or if not Sally, it's the concept.
If you can just be open to it....
That whole sex thing.
It's so easy.
That's really embarrassing, man.
It's hard to look at you, when I feel so good.
No, I don't believe it.
Is this really it?
Is it really happening there?
Look at those crosses on the mount.
See the real tall one?
That's Channel 13.
-Can we-- -Want to take a walk?
-Yeah. -Come on.
No! Am I going to die?
Just relax, man. Relax.
I'm going to die, man.
I want out, man.
You're all right.
Come on, let's go inside and get warm.
I want out, man.
-You're all right. -I don't want to die.
Give me that Thorazine.
You don't need the Thorazine.
Relax. Come on.
Come inside, I'll give you the Thorazine.
Take a minute now. Just come on.
Don't fight me. Just relax.
I can't breathe!
Yes, you can. Now breathe.
Breathe. Come on.
In, out, in, out. Come on, breathe. Breathe!
In, out, in, out.
Just quietly, in, out. That's a boy.
I'm frightened to die, man.
You're not going to die. That's just a thought.
It's all in your mind.
There's no fear in it.
It's in your interpretation of it, that's where the fear is.
I though I was going to die.
See, it's passing.
Now it's passed. It's over.
If it happens to you again, go ahead and go with it.
Just go ahead and die. Whatever happens.
Okay? You all right?
Sure? Okay, I'm going to go get your clothes.
Put both your hands here. Hang on.
You okay?
Beautiful, man.
There's some real stuff happening.
What'd you see?
I can see right into my brain.
You were right, man.
Everything is in the head.
Come on, put your clothes on.
I'm not kidding.
I believe it.
I feel it.
I feel it...
Iight, inside.
Now it's coming out.
It feels like....
Just let everything flow.
Just float right to the center of everything.
Is your human name Paul Groves?
But I didn't do anything.
Just relax, man.
I know that I should know you.
But l....
It's good.
There's no reason you should know who I am now.
It's good.
Then, shall we start?
Well, I don't know why.
-That I have this-- -What?
-What? -What were you going to say?
I was going to say....
I want to say, I haven't done anything.
But you have, right?
Yes, but--
Bay of Pigs.
What do you mean, "human name"?
There are certain preliminaries, man.
Just relax, man.
Take a look around this room.
We'll stop it when you recognize something.
Everything's familiar.
But I feel separate.
All right.
These are traditional slides.
These are messengers.
Do you see anything?
Blank. Absolutely blank.
The messengers were infants.
And the very old.
I don't see them, man.
That's weird.
You don't want to.
What's the first word that comes into your mind about TV commercials?
Any comment?
It works.
Sure, it works.
It's a living.
Everybody's got to make a living.
What choice do I have?
What else is there that I can do, that's any better?
Don't you know?
What's your plea?
I don't know.
Not guilty.
Not guilty. That's your plea.
Ten, please.
Is this woman your wife?
We're getting divorced.
Would you like that registered for...
or against you?
I don't know.
or against?
I don't know.
You mean, you won't know.
I mean, it's all I can do.
It's a simple failure.
No real love.
And total self-involvement.
What about her?
I mean, she wasn't exactly--
Where are you...
in this?
I don't want to look at that, please.
Painful, right?
I don't accept this. Anything.
You've got to.
I wish there was some hip way of telling you this, baby.
you're one with, and part of, an ever-expanding...
Ioving, joyful, glorious and harmonious universe.
Yeah, in a way.
But you play your personal games.
All right. I know.
Everybody knows...
but nobody lives that way.
Is that your defense, man?
Yes. I mean, no.
I'm guilty.
I'm guilty.
You're right.
But don't wallow, because it's fake and disgusting.
Did you hear me?
You didn't say anything.
Hold it a minute.
Millions and billions.
A thousand feet tall.
The whole universe...
I did it.
I did it.
What's happening?
I won't go in there, man. I don't care.
You don't have to go back in there.
I promise you, you don't.
No, I got to get back.
Get back where?
Are you having feelings like you've forgotten something?
It's a trap.
What's a trap? This little hallway?
The bridge is a trap, right?
You want to go over the bridge...
back into the living room, right?
To the living room.
What's funny, man? Is it funny? Am I funny?
You're not funny.
I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you.
It was just the way that you said "living room."
-And that's funny to you? -Yes.
You're sitting here.
No, you can sit there.
No, go ahead, it's yours.
You mean that it would actually make you feel better if I sat there?
Well, it's yours, man.
I know, but it is just a chair.
You see?
You may sit in it if you like.
It's just a chair.
Come on, man, cut it out.
You're making a whole paranoiac thing about this.
I'm your friend.
You're being ridiculous.
I'm your friend.
I'm dead.
I'll never get back.
My body's gone.
Come on, touch me.
Come on, touch me.
Don't make any demands on my head, man.
I know your scene. Don't think I don't.
I'm not stupid.
You want something to drink?
What did you say?
I said, would you like something to taste? To drink?
Something sweet? The apple juice.
I'll get some more. I have to get some more.
I'll be right back.
31 Americans and 196 of the enemy were killed in a three-hour battle...
at a jungle clearing 50 miles north of Saigon.
Of the 600 Americans involved, 1 13 were wounded.
There's no estimate of the wounded among the Vietcong....
Who are you?
... under a pounding of jet planes....
I'm just a man.
Vietcong struck with heavy machine-gun fire from underbrush...
after the American battalion, on the march for three hours...
hiked into the knee-high Saw Grass....
What do you want?
I'm resting, okay?
I want some milk.
All right, let's go get it.
...US artillery began to shake the jungles. "It was fantastic, " Brooker said.
"One great, rolling sound, then came the jets, bombing, strafing. "
By nightfall....
-Thank you. -You're welcome.
Where's my daddy?
He's upstairs, asleep.
-Shall we go sit down? -Okay.
...shortly after Friday midnight, was unplanned....
I'm sleepy now.
Then you better go back up. Would you like me to take you?
-Where will you sleep? -I don't know.
-What's your name? -Paul.
Mine's Alexandria.
What are you doing here?
Hold it!
It's incredible.
Don't try anything funny.
You doing your wash?
I come in here every night to dine.
Why do you say things like that?
-What? -Sarcastic.
My mother and father had a difficult sexual relationship...
which caused conflict in the home.
My response has affected me for life.
That's great.
You're really very funny.
Can I talk to you?
It's Friday night, have a ball.
What are you doing?
I saw you in here.
And you couldn't resist the way I look...
eating my chicken.
You were all alone in here.
I don't know why I go out looking like this.
I really don't.
I wanted to come in here, and find out what you were like.
I work at Winthrop.
You're changing now. That's nice.
You like me, right?
Don't let it go to your head.
Let's really try to contact one another.
I've got a big load in there.
Will you help me fold my sheets?
We've got to stop it.
I didn't start anything.
I've got to get her out of there.
Those sheets aren't dry yet.
What are you doing with my clothes?
Okay, I'm gonna get the police.
-What can I get for you? -Me?
No, not you, that guy over there.
Okay, wise guy. What do you want to drink?
Look, I don't have all night. Want beer or what?
I don't want anything.
There's a two-drink minimum. See that sign over there?
Either you order, or you have to leave.
Okay, I'll get the bouncer.
You're stoned out of your mind, aren't you?
What's the matter with you guys?
Isn't the real world good enough for you, love freak?
Do you want this?
I'll trim you for $5.
You get a beer, and take care of yourself. Watch it.
You know, there was a guy up in Frisco taking that stuff.
He walked through a window and killed himself.
-That's terrible. -Yeah.
Paul. Come on in, man.
Do you know that John has been looking all over for you?
He's all right?
Sure he's all right.
Are you all right?
Yeah. I'm tired.
You look blasted, man.
You still high?
You look beautiful. Both of you.
A big silver fish and a black-winged angel met...
and I went to sea for pearls.
I'm gonna call John, man.
Don't worry.
He didn't answer, man.
Do you want some grass?
No, thanks.
Listen, anything you want, man.
You want to sit and rest, or whatever.
I don't know.
How high are you, man? Can you tell that?
Listen, I think....
I'm afraid.
There's nothing to be afraid of, man.
Please stay with us for a minute. All right?
Could you....
Baby? Lulu?
It's cool.
He's frightened.
-It's the police. -Hold on.
Why don't you get me my shirt? I'm a little cold.
Everything's groovy.
Come on, man. Let's sit down.
-What's this scene about the cops? -I think they're after me.
You think they're after you?
Like, I got a whole house full of pot, man.
I thought if....
John was dead, you see....
Now, wait a minute.
I don't want to bring you down, but let's try to sort the real from the trip.
Because I just talked to John on the phone, and John's all right.
I was in a house.
A house.
There was a little girl.
We were talking.
Her father called them.
Is that for real? You saw that for real?
Are the cops after you now, man?
I think so.
I can't tell if you're being straight with me, or whether you're out of your skull.
Maybe I'd better go.
Maybe you'd better. I want to help you, but I can't take any chances.
Why don't you wait down at The Combers? John will be down there at 8:00.
You're really something.
-This is Barbara. -Hi.
-Do you want to sit? -There's no place.
That's okay, I was just leaving. I'll see you at Oscar's.
It's nice to see you.
Are you all right?
Is everything okay?
I don't know. I was at Max's.
Why didn't you stay there?
He sent me here. He was scared, I think.
-What for? -Police.
What police? There are no police.
I don't believe in police.
I'm worried. I'm starting to come down.
I don't know where to go.
Very groovy boots.
I'm glad you're here.
Do you want to go somewhere with me?
I feel like I'm losing something.
That's a common feeling.
Let it go.
I'll see you.
Did you find what you were looking for?
The insight?
Yeah. I think I....
Like, I love you.
And everybody else?
Yeah, and everybody else.
It's easy now.
Wait till tomorrow.
I'll think about that tomorrow.
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