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Subtitles for Tristana 1970.

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Tristana 1970

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He's coming again
I won't forgive you if you do it again
What a worried boy!
come here
you misdo again
the child is not bad but not progress
but is smart
get out my way
let me introduce the Miss Lope who is going to adopt the orphan
she is now wearing the willow
incidentally,i accompany she to walk today
my mother go to the heaven earlier than me
he is now 16 years old, so he can't stay here
i know, it's time to make him work
he looks a little foolish, actually is clever than your imagine
is a uncertain child
but if you can make him calm down
he would be a good staffer
i have request Mr Lope to find a job for him
Mr Lope
what a good man
beauty, where are you going to?
to visit my man
your man is here now
a man like your age?
you must ask the devil about the problem of age
go there
with all things?
to sell all the valueless things
do not made the house rough-and-tumble
to sell these to the junk shop
only keep the useful thing
do not care about the value
i know
very important things?
the cross my mother grasp until be dead
put in your own room
but i advise you not to be too fetishistic
anything else to take?
what about the thing put back of the piano?
have sold out
i will take the score
i can use it one day
your mother looks like an angel
a simplicity , utterly ignorant women
your father's wealth and status haven't made you enjoy a happy life
you had a rough time when young
throw all out , we don't need trash
the things of kitchen, i think
i can use it
we can go if you are ready
i know , milord
it is hard for me to leave
one can not live in the two house
your mother's last words is
that you must live in my protect
so none can do harm to you
fetch him
was a man go through just now?
with a red bag
it's here ,why telling a lie
beacuse the young man is weak ,i must help him
the police is powerful colony
people like us must protect them
do not forget the mission
so beautiful , it's top grade
the top grade must be said by the marquise
the inkosi is infatuated with her so deeply , then a great invent happen
a great invent
it's a duel
it's published on the newspaper
because the inkosi is a man whose eye kindling when meet a beauty
stop, Tristana
you are hostess ,let Saturna to wipe
Saturna, please
so tired, walk too musch , my legs feel so ache
i help you to get the baboosh
thank you ,you are really angel
it must be unhappy to stay in he home all day
we can't walk out with the dog in the mourn
i take you to the theater after it
you are really a good daughter
i feel so gratified as a father
you are a good father
oh, i forget the guest to come
wearing the baboosh
not at all , it's friends
come in , please
sit down, please
it is soon to finish the talk
dose the duel have arranged?
when? 7 o'clock
where? in the forest
how can go?
i will pick you up
weapon? saber
negotiate by two sides
one win when the other bleed
the win or lose only by a little abrade?
what a so radiculous judging method
no meaning
the fame can't be protected by a little abrade
please reconsider it
i can't pawn my fame on the playgame
the talking one is really bastard
welcome, madam
the daughter of the Tristanas' ?
so sweet
it's toast, would you like some?
i love it, give me some
fetch a plate
all is for poor man, please do not dislike
it would be better to have some banger
some omelette?
no, thanks. i have it at home
it's my first time to come to the belfry
Tristana and your son are so interesting with it
do they like the ding here?
they can't hear the sound of cannon
so beatiful here
you can see everyday
it must feel so good?
as conquer all the world
actually, there is no feeling to see it everyday
evryone feels numb
it feels so good before
in the time of religionary
everyone do hearing the ding
the ding of death , to tell the message of death
alarm ding, wining ding
mass ding , devotional ding
people would confess naturally when hearing the ding
or pick the weapon to fight
it is different now
now is the golden era comparing to the bell
people start to resist the mass ding
they think it would bother their sleep
more? ok
can the bell ring now?
i want to hear it
be quick
what's wrong
i had a horrific dream
no problem
nothing happened
what's wrong? sicken?
only a dream
give her some drug
be quick
it's ok now, nothing happened
drem the devil?
i dreamed when i was young ,and feel so frightened
the same to you
i'm ok now
even the dream
it would be good having a dream
only dead can't dream
good night
hi,Mr Lope
what's wrong, why not go on
tell he bad thing of mine?
it occurs when i am not here
when i am not here
so please tell the truth
we never have talked about you
i only tell a word
not about you
so you refuse to assume the judger
is it really?
yes, major
it't not my time
actually, it's our time
frome the pass, the only thing never changed is the women
yes, the world looks like a woman more and more
you are so regard your fame
i want to ask your attitude about love
ok, good question
i think, love and sex are innocent
so fun
don't you abide the Ten commandments?
i abide, but the rule of sex is another thing
that's added by Moese for political aim
but i'm not interesting with the politics
whoever can if only a woman
i have own principia and exception
for woman, whatever kind of women
my principia is loving each other really is innocent
but two exceptions
grabing friend's wife
and divesting the virtue of virgin that i won't do
come out
come out at once
he can't hear you
i have to cry even can't be heard
he has stay inside for an hour
kill him if the door isn't open
don't do it
it's all because of you
your uncle are waiting for you there
the work of bell tower is hard, so the people must sleep eraly
the child is so troublsome
what did you do just now
ok, go there
have the dinner
“the first crime in the rule of republic
“the problem must be solved by negotiating
from the aspect, every system has the avoidless canker
what a great revolution
our family eat the egg again today
why not eat
only one
please you eat mine
do it
we are father and daughter, caring for nothing
we can't buy on tally again
the only income is the landtax, it's so little
we need to think other method
the money is a calamity
people are all ruled by the money
whoever give the money would be abided by
but not everyone
it's hard to eat 这太难吃了
inkosi appetite become worse when being worried about the money
give me some wine
what's wrong?
what a pitty, probably,think for the mother again
she hasn't go out since several weeks ago
never went to the church
i would walk out with her rather than go to pray
pleasse allow us to
gentlewoman must be stay in the home
don't always wear the same clothes, anyohter thing?
i don't want to see you always wearing such clothes
the mourn will be finished tomorrow.
i will consider about your clothes
the custom of mourn is so barbaric
made people lifeless
it's not pure silver
these are all not
though the quality is not bad, the prize...
how much
oh, it's reality
the certification is really
since you, 3000
don't be sell the favor, 5000
i respect you
the respect and value have no relation
sell the dishware all
give me list
you would sell high prize
the low prize is also a tespass
i am not good at deal with the business
it is needless to say that
it is about you ,go to the kitchen
the other people or i can give you higher prize
i don't deal with my friends
you are so bigotry
i really hate the money business
such as the antique seller and other seller
they are all vampire
i have decided
wait, Lope, do not prevent me
see that
you may not want to be a woman like that
the man looks like the dilapidated family
you mustn't married to such man
isn't the love is free
yes, love is free
not need the fetters,signature and bless
which pillar do you like
i asked which pillar do you like
they are all the same
wrong, the each one is different from each other
such as the cake adn snowflake, are different thing
but i will only choose my fond things
i like this one
take it back
go inside to see some other
some idea?
i think i can't buy your batboosh, it is so regretful
what are you saying?
nothing, go out
i think, you have not only the love
but alos the hate to me
what hate, it's high-flying
do you think me ugly?
do you love me
then, give me a kiss
not like this
are you ready to visit your brother?
yes, your coffee is ready
you can go now
anyother behest?
no, you can come back later
have you finished you work?
stop it now
Saturna, she will
she will come back tonight
but she must be tacit
ah, you go out for playing
whar did you do?
we would be hapless if you involve to the turbulence
to greet and then go to work
Saturna greet you
are you ok?
hang the hats there
i will walk out from tomorrow on
don't be teluctance, healthy is important
i don't want to say you meeting me like now
ill is normal
becuse of the old age
cath a cold has no relation with the age
even the young man as 20 years old
i do it myself
don't worry about me
i like
you like ,i like
no pressure
it belongs to ours
i would go whenver you hate me
i would have no compliant
but you will catch me at one, won't you?
you are so smart
your bed is warm now
you can do everything you like
but please don't be break my fame and love
what a pity
it is time to have lunch
i get the soup to you
get more
your relation are so good as before
do you want to made it worse?
what a pity
what, are you alive ?
what about he outside, are police still scotching the turbulence?
is it fierce
how misely about the working people, not only be cheat but alos be fighted
so the work is a anathema Saturna
the work forced by the live is not glossy
those factories and workshops, are all wealthy
by squeeze the working people
no other than do work as love,
it would be made you accomplished
but whatever work
i won't do even be dead
the live is not very good now,
but i will live even do not work
as your words
it is happy to heard nothing
be care about the police
you'd better ...
so delicious
only you think like that
it is happy to see you get well
where do you want to go?
if saw by inkosi...
won't see him
never mind
as you konw, i would be vituperated
i would be mad always stay in home
i have a dream about the bell tower last night
dose the head of inkosi hang on the bell tower, a strange dream
i don't want to see the face again
two ways, which one is better?
go you like
this way
i would go the other one
that dog
kill it
it bite a girl
that dog
it maybe belong to the barber shop
where is it now
have a look?
you go
there are dogs here make trouble
that is ok
sit down
yes , the inspiration from the barcelona
over there
i want your favor
can you be my module?
what, kill the dog
thank you
for carefulness, i shot it two
please be more careful
it is not joking
we are arranged
what does he think, there is no good appointment
a vagarious man
does he think i am a shameless woman?
shit. i tell the adress to him
he said that he want to say me again, shit
i didn't refuse just now
it is late to regrest now
it would be worse if Mr Lope knows it
don't you heard me? help me to iron
why clean up the door
the lady want to sleep single
why single
i don't know
change the clothes, we walk out
with you?
go 去吧
it would be better than you alone
to change the clothes
some old things!
some old things!
do you think the action of shouting happil is strange?
though not shout is strange
you go out so often recently, do you date with man?
tell you
i am free, only live obeying own mind
if you are aberrance, i would kill you
comparing to eh comedy, i like the bruskin more
don't cheat me
you can't cheat me
we all will heard
i have two rights to you
not only your father, but also your husband
i have the rights to use the two
a ignorant one
borrow me 10,000
i have no money to lend you
old, i will remember it
so fulsome
why i have brother like this
please take care your burse
it can not be if i am dead
the law protect the man
i want to take your child back
he don't do housework
sorry ,bother you
never say and never work
today he is abesnt agian
where is he
go to the toilet
have entered about one hour
get out at once
everyone is working now
you stay the bell tower all your life
it is good punish to you
incommode to you
Saturna, i want to go to his home
it can't be today
go back
if the inkosi found, what would i say
tell him the truth
don't come
wait for me here
i opine you would not come
some other things
i have to go at once
you can't go before i finish the picture
it can't be today
there is coffee and nosh
why do you so fear you stepfather?
introduce to me when free
i need nothing
you haven't answer my question, when introduce to me ?
he is not noly my stepfather
but also my husband
it is hard to say
we haven't been married, becuse he is my stepfather
but he is also my husband
it is long story
but i said, please forgive me
even though harmed him
i think it is good for us to love free
can you forgive me
i am a disloyal wife and a free woman
what do you think about?
though i cheat him
i can't be ruled forever
i and this man
have no really love
only hate and suspicious with eachother
at best, he is my father
if he is my father, i love him
he is good man as a father
it is shame even though only as that.
when he saw beauty
he looks like another man
it made me relise when i met you
please believe me that i am virgin
the old wolf
why do you tell this to me?
i also want know
as a foster child
i am a child, knew nothing
get out
at once
you are late, where are you go lonly?
i am not late, not alne
you looks like run back
please you
brush the hat for me, i have important thing to do
i think he will kick up a row
he won't be
he has not seen it
the bird has no feather would not sing
is it fulsome to affllict him like this
as a free girl
i feel so happy today
i want to talk to you later
about your going out
but i have to leave now
take the baboosh back to the bedroom
the birds clean up the feather begin to sing agian
so dirty
it may be not good
buy some new or don't wear any shoe
i do not want to go anywhere when you not here, let's go
please wait
the two months promissory is going now
you must leave this family
let me reconsider it
do not do it curtly
decide it now
only you can decide
please endure it more
i like a prison now
yearn for free and work in my heart
i also want to play the piano
if mother did not dead
she may had taught me more
you draw
i alos can work
i can do many things, not great
but i can't consider the little thing
what are you doing ?
what are saying?
there are only you on the street
what? 那又怎样?
what does the passerby think?
i ...
to tell with the police
to obey the moral
Horacio,don't be like this
you are always late
help me to put on the clothes
i really want to know what does she think
it may be driven by the curiosity
this girl is so young that can't understand the way of the world
you must talk with her
you'd better talk with her directly
inkosi want to talk to you
sit down, i have words to you
i have already understand based on my experience
it is normal that the young girl like you love waling out
i don't want to forbid you, only made you stay with me
what would you want to say?
i don't want to drop on you
none was disloyal to me by now
no one can cheat me
if you betray me, i as a father will...
based on your mother's last word, guard your fame is my duty.
my fame?
wasn't grabed by you long ago?
if my mother knew, what is her think!
i haven't treat you unfairly
Jesuit 伪善者!
you are the only woman that i have to treat particularly
different with other women
how lovely you are
just as the real daughter
don't you think like this?
i hate the word
maybe i am really bad
but you have to konw
i don't want to act a husband filled with envious as the comedy
you don't want to leave at once
taste it
get into the trouble again
what do you call me for?
come in
sit down
the previous quarrel can't make me sleep
it is not good to made me anger
about your love
nothing could tell you
let me talk about it
even if you do this time, it doen't matter
because you give me the young energy
you let me not feel i am old
i also don't want to harm you
consecrate you bloom to that man
untill you bleed white by him
please kill me, don't be threat me
the people fall in love are all crazy
tell him wait for me tomorrow
i will go even be killed
then,i go now
do you change your work selling newspaper?
what a pity, i don't need
when to set out
half past three
it may be urgent
does carry it to the big atelier?
yes, it's twice than here
you can see all the street from the balcony
you can see the sunset sleeping on the bed, it is so suitable to be our bridal chamber
we are lovers
you would be my wife
that's fudge when the love is not cool
when the love is cool, it may be change
don't say nonsense just as a man
but he will say right words sometimes
someone want to meet Mr Horacio
at the other side of street
what do you find Horacio for
have some words to Horacio
must be him, i also go
i go
wait for me here
i will be ok
i come here to ask my daughter come back
we are all gentlemen, i tell you like this
so, i made you disappear
i am her stepfather
step father?
isn't a old wolf?
i will send servant to pick her back tomorrow
do not bait old man
nothing with you
need doctor?
i am ok
remember to write the letter
please set your heart at rest
she is away
the thing must go will go at last
i am sorry that i am fall out with your group as friend
nothing regretful
but she is your sister
i have do what by humanity and duty show extremely forbearance, go to the funeral with those old ones
she always bait me younger
now you admire criminal me
isn't your sister a devotional adherent?
she can only consider the little things
care for the things that can't be take away when dead
you words are not so preciseness
actually, you days are good enough
no, lives in the imbroglio all days
you are wrong, Lope
i have words to say
i sell out all the silverware
buy her back
my dear
we drunk
one more
please,you also drink
why not , it's a pity
i have words
i thought these two days
i decide to tell you one thing
madam are gonging to come back here?
because of Horacio
does the man also come back?
they arranged
don't say like this
it is good that she can come back
she is ill, looks severity
she changed a lot in the passed two years
i am sorry for the disrespect that night
i know your
do not be so inobtrusive
sit down
i proposal her before, but she refuse
i want to live happily with she though poor
but she is down with an illness now
very severe
what disease?
there is cyst on the feet, very aching
ache to die
what does the doctor say?
it's the diagnose
why take her here?
this is her hope
maybe die soon
but he treat you as father in her heart
so die in the home
if i refuse?
i take her far from here, you can't be regardless
what did you do when i adopt her
please accompany her
it won't be take much trouble to you
i come here with Saturna tomorrow
she is back, i can't let she leave again
put under the lamp
at one
give you hot-water bag
i think it is hopeless
only footache, can't be make one die
what about you
can you calm down?
Saturna is coming
Dr. Miquis said the ache will be ok
ok, you can go
brace up now
you can walk soon even dance
it can't be, don't comfort me
do not disanimate, keep up your mind, i believe you can do it
the piano you dream for is on the downstairs
let me hear your play
i can't
playing the piano doesn't need the foot
wake up
the ache is more and more severe
it could be treat, proves that your body is resisting
what about my patient
i feel ache so severe
let me examine
what do you feel
there was hyperpyrexia last night
it must be so severe disease to me, you'd better open out
it's normal ache
the ache will be disappear soon
i want to live before
but now it is better to die
so bad
i heard that fry drug and shit are useful
don't guff
Mr Lope, the symptom is so fearful
very severe
the only method to prevent the toxin pervasion is operation
to cut her leg
what a pity
is it really to cut leg?
when? the earlier, the better
any other methods?
you'd better stay with her
if cut her leg, cut mine too
sorry, i am so rattled
please do operation now
it has no alternative
i need the help of Dr Alonso
please take this to his place
the opertaion will mainly be successful
mainly? not sure?
the science has no absolute
it must be affected by the factor of the heart
the important thing is making her calm down
call a priest tonight
no, i am a antithist
i disagree
those Nazarene are socialist
the priest is not only the priest
only we are the guarder of the real virgin
depravity, hypocrisy and money worship are all our enemy
i go back now
cane i sit here ?能坐这里吗?
i know you are here, so i come here to talk with you
please sit down
no, i want nothing
can you stay here for a while?
until the thing is finished
of course
do you know?
there was a tragedy
there is deformity in her beautiful life
i hope you can know
i will dedicate to the inocent love
but i really want her to renerve
i say this
because Tristana is need of you
let me to comfort her?
it's only that your mind
she is not girl that can be easily cheat
becuase you are young, something you can't be understand
it is in my anticipation that you have the reaction
after all, what do you want me to do ?
only let you to see her
i am not a monster, i am a man with my own mind
i can understand her now heart
go, to see her
it is not cruel to you
i wellcome you from 4 to 6 o'clock
i walk out now
her thing please to you
do you buy some confct and millet?
no, i will come here later
wellcome anytime
when are you back
i have been here for a month
can you heard my words?
take it away if not love
when you come back, it's danger
i am alive
it is so cruel to say this
if my mouth is stun, don't come back
you changed 你变了
changed? it can't be same to before
don't shame me
i wish your individual picture show will be successful
i have appointment, come here tomorrow
see you tomorrow
it is unaccusomed not used
i don't want to use
when will he go
when back
won't be back
please eat
confect and millet?
so beautiful, everyday is so beautiful
don't be fun
yes , it can't lose the spirit
the man can't conquer your charm
i saw the very beautiful women in the Paris when i was young
use the wand
so many man followed
everyone has its good qualities
go to bathe
maybe massage
please eat some drink then go
i don't want to say我不想说话
so cold
you are always so good
thank you for your praising
why not return a salute
thank you, major
i intend to visit you with the presents
since we meet here, say hi to you now
it is only duty
i donate nothing though i am a wealthy
bye, Mr Lope
major, take care of youself
the house is great
change the topic again
it is all finished
i have done, the flamen can do some
i said i don't need the doctor
then what about get married?
i can't marry to that man
must conquer the mood of sorrow
when he is a bad men, but you...
when he do everything for you
what do you hope for
i hate felt pity by others
you are so caprice
i know
be care, there is a devil in your heart
very unfitbale to your age
to get married is not to have child
is to correct the contorted relation
you must know
marry him, he will accept happily
i don't think he is changed
with the rise of age, the sharp are blunt
go to the church with him
get married
there is your fond?
i send you to the city
so considerate
buy some fruit
do you have something to buy?
god bless you two
always love each other
bless you, Tristana
bless you, Mr Lope
good night
why? me alone?
see you tomorrow
such age , made fun
good night ,milord
ten add five, fifteen
add three, eighteen
add three, twenty-one
add four, twenty-five
confect and millet
are you ok,Tristana
what about your mother
say hi to her
is it firing ?
it is so cold today, hears are so cold
i stay at home recently, never go out
the friends nearly be all dead
you are so early
the guy that troublesome
it is only bomb
the health is worse and worse
don't care about these, you are so happy
sorry, i fetch some drug
he is old
i become more and more forgettable
it is time to have the drug
please give me some milk
good taste 好味道
i am content with the tea
like this
Saturna is a genius cook
i haven't drink so delicious chocolate
thank for Mr Lope
please give me a plate
help yourself
the suffragan only have the wage
not only
so cheap
if not
but little sisters have came back
i think it is nothing
let Lope know
i know
half cup?
about the life,everybody feel not bad
the snow is heavier
here is warm
what's wrong,feel bad?
eat some unhealthy thing?
have some drug?
no, it would be worse
dead is so painful
call the doctor for me
so painful?
call the doctor
hello,are you Mr migiel?
my husband feel bad
please come
we wait
the doctor will come soon
can you heard? Lope
can you heard?
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Team America
Team Spirit 2 2003
Tears Of The Sun
Teenage Caveman
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Movie
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
Tell Me Something
Temps Du Loup Le
Ten Commandments The
Ten Minutes Older - The Cello
Tenant The
Teorema 1968
Terminator 1 Special Edition
Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines
Terror Train
Tesis 1996
Tess CD1
Tess CD2
Tess CD3
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The(2003)
Texas Rangers
The Corrs - Live At The Royal Albert Hall
The Corrs - Live at Lansdowne Road - Dublin
The Corrs - Live from Wembley Arena - London
The Corrs - MTV Unplugged
The Hire (Ambush) (Director John Frankenheimer) vo
The Hire (Beat The Devil) (Director Tony Scott) vo
The Hire - Season 2x1 - Hostage
The Hire - Season 2x2 - Ticker
The Hire - Season 2x3 - Beat the Devil
The History of the World - Part I
The Three Faces of Eve
Theres Something About Mary
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs CD1
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs CD2
They Call Us Misfits 1968
They Came to Cordura
They Drive by Night
Thin Red Line The
Thing The (1982 John Carpenter)
Thing from Another World The
Things Are Tough All Over
Thinner (Stephen Kings)
Third Man The
Third Wave The 2003
Thirteen Days
Thirteen Ghosts
This Girls Life
This girls life 2004
Thomas Crown Affair The
Thought Crimes (2003)
Thrashin 1986
Three Amigos
Three Colors Red
Three Colours Blue
Three Colours White
Three Days of the Condor
Three Kings 1999
Three Marias The
Three Men and a Baby (1987)
Three Musketeers The
Three To Tango 1999
Thrill of It All The
Thriller - A Cruel Picture (1974)
Through a Glass Darkly
Thunder Road (1958)
Thunderbirds Commentary
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
Tian di xiong xin
Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
Tiempo de tormenta
Tierra (J Medem 1996)
Tiger on the Beat (1988)
Tigger Movie The
Time After Time CD1
Time After Time CD2
Time Bandits
Time Machine The
Time Machine The Tuxedo The
Time Out (2001) CD1
Time Out (2001) CD2
Time and Tide
Timecop 1994
Timecop 2 2003
Timemachine The
Timothy Learys - How To Operate Your Brain (1993)
Tin Men
Tin Star The (Anthony Mann 1957)
Tingler The
Tipping The Velvet
Tiptoes 2003
Titan A E
Titus 1999 CD1
Titus 1999 CD2
Tjeye Illusion
To Catch a Thief 1995
To Die For
To End All Wars CD1
To End All Wars CD2
To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)
To have and have not 1944
Tokyo Drifter
Tokyo Joe
Tokyo Raiders
Tokyo Story 1953 CD1
Tokyo Story 1953 CD2
Tokyo eyes 1998
Tom And Huck
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2 CD1
Tomb Raider 2 CD2
Tomie - Replay
Tonari no Totoro
Toolbox Murders The
Top Gun
Tora-San Our Lovable Tramp (1969 Yamada Japanese)
Torpedo bombers (Torpedonosty)
Total Recall 1990
Totmacher Der 1995
Touch Of Pink A
Touch of Class A
Touch of Evil (1958)
Touch of Spice A
Touch of Zen A (1969) CD1
Touch of Zen A (1969) CD2
Tower of London
Towering Inferno The CD1
Towering Inferno The CD2
Tracker The
Trading Places
Tragedy of Macbeth The 1971
Trail Of The Pink Panther
Train The CD1
Train The CD2
Train The CD3
Transformers The Movie 1986
Transporter The
Treasure Planet
Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD1
Tree With the Wooden Clogs The 1978 CD2
Tremors 3 Back to Perfection
Trespass CD1
Trespass CD2
Trip The (1967)
Triple Agent
Tristana 1970
Trois 2 - Pandoras Box 2002
Trouble In Paradise (1932)
Trouble With Harry The (Hitchcock 1955)
Trouble with Angels The 1966
Troy 2004 CD1
Troy 2004 CD2
True Confessions
True Lies 1994
True blue
Tuck Everlasting
Tucker The Man and His Dream 1988
Tupac Resurrection
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Tuxedo The
Tvilling 25fps
Twentieth Century 1934
Twins Effect 2 2004
Twins Effect The
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