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Subtitles for Trois 2 - Pandoras Box 2002.

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Trois 2 - Pandoras Box 2002

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{y:i}-911.|-Please, please, help me!
l'm at 408, Hazelwood Drive.
Jeez, 6:30 in the morning.|What a way to start the day!
-You promised me an easy day, Rodgers.|-Yeah, well, l forgot to read my horoscope.
What's up, boys?
What do you got for me, boys?
Neighbours called, said they heard|a bunch of fighting, screaming.
All kinds of carrying on|going up here and"...."
-When would that have been, Carter?|-Let me see. l got that here somewhere.
Three hours ago, sir.
Get this, the old lady across the street said|she saw a masked man fleeing the scene.
Said it looked like a ninja.
Jesus H!
Would you look at this?
Multiple gunshots are one thing, but this"...."
By the way this was done,|this had to be personal.
Look at the patience he took in doing this.|Like he was carving a frigging turkey.
Hey, Rodgers, get in here.
You go. l'll take care of this.
All right, Carter. What do you have?
Miss, are you all right?
How many fingers do you see?
Miss, l have a dead body in the other room|and no explanation.
Dead body.
Now, l need to ask this woman|a few questions.
-Come with me, miss.|-Where are we going?
Down to the station.|To answer some questions.
No. Where's my husband?
Your husband is dead, ma'am.
Calm down. lt's going to be okay.
Carter, take her to the squad car.
Leave me alone!
-Please, calm down.|-No!
Lady, you don't want to go there.
Anderson! Call SVU.|We got a situation here.
-Dr. Dubois. Always right on time.|-That's my job.
Tammy, my name is Mia. l'm a doctor.
-Can we talk for a while?|-l don't want to talk.
Okay, l can understand that totally.
But the only way we can resolve this|situation is if we can talk things through.
Can we talk for a little while?
These men.
Make them leave.
-Tammy.|-Stay away from me.
All right. But l'm just here to help you.
All l want you to do is tell me|what you've been through.
You can trust me.
These men. They want to hurt me.
That's not true.|No one's here to bother you.
Then you make them leave.
All right. What if l have them step back?
All the way back against the wall.|Will that be okay?
That's better, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
l'm going to walk over to you.|l won't let anything bad happen to you.
Believe me.
Okay, and now|l am going to walk towards you...
...and l'm going to listen.|l'll sit down next to you and listen...
...and l want you to tell me|whatever is on your heart.
l'm going to listen|to whatever it is you have to say.
He treated me like"...."
lt's okay.
lt's going to be okay.
We'll fix it. lt's going to be okay.
-No!|-Come on.
-No!|-Come on. Don't struggle.
l said careful!
Where's my husband?
Come on, come on now.
What did you say to her?
Same thing l always do.
Whatever they need to hear|to make them feel safe.
-Good job.|-Thanks.
Micky, l feel like|you're making great progress.
But l still feel like you're holding back.
Are you?
Kind of.
Well, that's a start.|Honesty is always good.
-Yeah? Are you always honest?|-Sure.
l try to be.
You hesitated, Doctor.
See? You may have been lying right there.
Personally, l think the truth is overrated,|don't you?
Patient is showing minute change|with regards to the March 2000 incident.
He can't bring himself to speak the words...
...attack, assault, battery.
He does realise his wrongdoings,|but he can't seem to truly grasp them.
Patient also wants to revive his love life.
His need for a relationship|underscores his desires... be wanted and loved.
-Who is it?|-The Girl Scouts. We got cookies.
Whatever it is you are selling,|l am not buying.
-A little office warming.|-Oh, Rodgers!
-Thank you.|-Sure. Anytime.
Dr. Feelgood.
-Oh, what's it been, only a month?|-Two months.
Two months in private practise|and you're already high-rolling.
l wouldn't say all that.
What do we have over here?|What's this? DVD player?
Sure is.
Another new gadget?
They had the audio cassette replace|the 8-track, and the CD replace that one?
Don't forget about the VCR|to the Betamax.
Now, look, Doc,|l'm really glad to see you doing well.
But l got to tell you, you don't come|around the station anymore.
We miss you downtown.
Working at the department|was a little too much for me.
Oh, come on, that's not fair.
We teach her all that good cop stuff,|then what does she do?
She throws us over|for a lousy $100 an hour in a posh office.
Okay, fellows.
You want to tell me|to what do l owe the pleasure of this visit?
lt's the Racine case.
Remember, last one you did|with the gun-toting wife?
These are the facts: Lance Racine is dead.
Nothing was taken from the house,|so it doesn't look like robbery.
His wife of six months is still alive.
She was set to receive|a hefty insurance payment...
...from his life insurance policy.
Unfortunately for her,|Lance forgot to list her as a beneficiary.
Okay. So where do l come in?
Tammy is going to be released|from hospital care in two weeks.
Now, at that point in time...
...she has the right to choose|her own psychological caregiver.
l don't know what you said to her|the night of the murder...
...but she feels very comfortable with you,|because she has requested you.
We were hoping you could take her|as a client and hook us up.
You mean pump her for information?
Guys, that violates|my doctor-patient confidentiality.
-Both you guys know that.|-Come on, man, don't go holy on me now.
-We need your help.|-We really do.
l mean if she suddenly comes into money,|l want you to let us know.
l'm sorry,|l can't help you guys out with this one.
l'm sorry, too.
Did you say something?
Working the stock market again?
Yeah, baby.
You know my job is never done.
l need a minute.|l need to ask you something.
Can it wait till later?
l've really got to get this done.
-Victor?|-Mia, what?
Remember the case l had|a few months ago?
The one with the lady...
...that had a murdered husband?
Yeah. l think l do remember.
Well, she's going to be my new client.
Rodgers and Anderson came by.
They want me to feed them information|from our sessions.
That would be potential career suicide.
But they do have a way|of keeping things anonymous.
l don't know what to do.
You know l have a soft spot for"...."
Yeah, baby. Just...
...just give me one hour and l'm all yours.
l promise, okay?
l'm sorry. l'm sorry.
-Mick, what are you doing here?|-Did l frighten you?
l would never ever want to scare you.
-lt's fine, Micky.|-Look, l didn't want to be a bother.
l couldn't sleep last night.|l came here early this morning.
l need to see you.|l need to set up a meeting.
l have a 10:00.
l'll tell you what:
lf you wait in the lounge...
...l'll fit you in afterward, okay?
Thank you, Doctor.
{y:i}-Dr. Dubois?|-Yes, Catherine.
{y:i}There's a Tammy Racine here to see you.|{y:i}She says it's important.
Send her right in.
Let's talk.
There's something you want to tell me,|isn't it?
lf there's something you want to say,|you can. Whatever it is.
Now that l'm actually here, l don't know.
l thought l was ready to talk about it, but...
...l guess not.
l think l need a little more time.
Okay. That's fine.
Let's talk about today.|Just today. How was your day?
Okay, l guess.
Okay, l'll tell you about my day.
Look, l'm not crazy.
And l'm not a child.
So you don't have to talk to me like that.
You know, maybe this was a mistake.
l'm sorry for wasting your time.
Are you sure? Tammy, you came to me.
Yeah, l know. But maybe some other time.
-Catherine?|{y:i}-Yes, Dr. Dubois.
Please stop Miss Racine|and schedule an appointment...
...for later this week.
{y:i}-Right away.|-Thank you.
New patient Tammy Racine.|Entry number one.
{y:i}I'm standing here with|{y:i}the AtIantic PoIice Chief Brenda WaIker.
{y:i}Chief WaIker, since you've taken office...
{y:i}'ve heIped reduce city crime|{y:i}by 17 percent.
{y:i}How have you done this|{y:i}at a time when the economy...
{y:i} in a sIump|{y:i}and unempIoyment is rising?
{y:i}We reduced crime by creating a series|{y:i}of community-based programmes.
-Hello?|{y:i}-Hey, Iady. It's me. Hampton.
What do you want?
{y:i}-Damn, don't you want to taIk to me?|-No.
{y:i}-No?|-That's right. ''No.'' Okay?
You have some nerve calling here.|l haven't heard from you in four months.
You never came to visit me|when l was in that shithole...
...and you didn't return my phone calls.
{y:i}That's because I didn't want|{y:i}to see you caged up, baby.
Fuck you.|l don't have anything to say to you.
{y:i}Honey, I'm sorry. I thought|{y:i}you might need a IittIe space, that's aII.
Well, give me my space now.
{y:i}I know stuff went bad in the past,|{y:i}but I'm trying to make you an offer.
What type of offer?
{y:i}What if I toId you|{y:i}we couId spIit $1 miIIion cash?
-l would tell you to go straight to hell.|{y:i}-I'm serious. Don't act Iike that, baby.
{y:i}We messed up with Lance, but we couId|{y:i}make it with this one, I promise.
What's the scheme this time?
lt's such a nice day.|Ming trees across the park.
lt's a little early for lunch,|but maybe we can still grab brunch.
Some dim sum, maybe?
The park is a great place to come,|to think and let everything out.
The pressures of your day.
Hey, ladies.
l haven't seen you in a couple of days.|You must be slacking off.
-Who was that?|-Nobody. Just some guy.
l jog here most days|and he usually passes me as l go.
-l've been busy lately.|-Yeah.
You know,|that's the most he's ever said to me.
l don't even know his name.
You do have a way about you, Doctor,|to make people be silent.
l miss Lance.
l do. l miss my husband and"...."
That's why l like this restaurant,|because it reminds me of him.
ln what way?
So many ways.
Did you all come here often?
Or was this where you had your first date?
We fucked here.
We made love in this restaurant,|and it was incredible.
You're the first person|l ever shared that with.
That's how Lance was. He was very...
...adventurous and...
He liked walking on the wild side.
He made me do things|l never thought l would do.
Things l never dreamed of doing.
Lance had the goods on me and"...."
Before him l was so inexperienced.
But he opened me right up.
{y:i}I remember it so weII.
{y:i}It was cIose to cIosing time and our waiter|{y:i}hadn't come back for a whiIe.
{y:i}I wanted more rice to go with our food,|{y:i}so I toId Lance.
{y:i}He started taIking. SmaII taIk mostIy.
You look dynamite in that gold tonight,|baby. You are glowing.
Thank you.
{y:i}Then, in the middIe of it aII, he said:
l want you.
{y:i}I Ioved Lance.
{y:i}And I'd do anything for him.
l was scared and very nervous.
{y:i}But it turned me on.
Turn around. Who's your daddy?
{y:i}I remember thinking:
{y:i}''I can't beIieve we're doing this.''
But Lance was in control,|and that calmed me right down.
{y:i}Our waiter was watching us|{y:i}and I didn't care.
{y:i}I didn't even care.
So, how was that for opening up, Doctor?
lt was fine. Not what l expected...
...but fine.
Take your clothes off.
No can do. l got to hit the road|early in the morning, baby.
Oh, shit. The whole market|is going to hell, you know.
Baby, can you do this later?
l want to play doctor,|and you need to be a good little patient...
...and take your P.J.s off...
...because l don't want|to sleep like this tonight.
...can l take a rain check? Please?
Love you.
l don't care if she sees.
{y:i}You dreamt about me and Lance,|{y:i}didn't you, Doctor?
That's ridiculous.
-What would give you that--|-You're lying.
You did.
When l was looking at you|l could see it all over your face.
-Tammy, you are way off base.|-For a shrink, you're very easy to read.
That's one of the things|l really like about you.
This is a complete 180.
First you're silent,|and now you're trying to read me?
l'm a fast learner.
-Okay, let's begin our session.|-Yes, let's.
But you still haven't answered|my question.
Did you dream about me|and Lance last night?
lf it makes you happy, no.
Do you like to role-play, Doctor?
You know, act out characters.
Pretend to be other people.
-No.|-You're lying again.
Why don't we talk about the night|Mr. Racine was murdered?
Let's not.
-Why not?|-Because l'm not ready.
Oh, Tammy,|you are making such a progression!
You're riding a wave.|You seem so confident.
Now is the perfect time|to revisit this scenario.
You know, l thought|you would understand. l really did.
But l should have known.
No doctor can understand me.|Especially not you.
You're too uptight, Dr. Dubois.
You can't even help yourself.
How in the hell|are you supposed to help me?
Good day, Doctor.
Remember that client l told you about?
Now it's gotten overwhelming.
Like she wants me to go inside myself|to be able to deal with her.
lt's like a game with her.
Mia, we can't let our patients|get into our minds.
All we have is our sanity,|and without that we're no good to anyone.
l know.
lt just"...."|lt gets a little frustrating sometimes.
lt's not like l have any emotional support|at home to help me, either.
lt seems nothing has changed with Victor.
lt's gotten even worse.
He is such a bad actor. He doesn't|even pretend to love me anymore.
He's always out of town, so he says.
Always on business or whatever.
He's probably got|another woman somewhere.
l don't know.
l'm just tired and l'm lonely.
This is crazy!|l'm supposed to be the professional...
...analysing the minds of others.|Here l am.
l can't figure out the intentions|of my own husband.
That's the downside of our business.
lt's always easier helping other people.
l may be a loser at my marriage...
...but l'm damn sure|l'm not going to be a loser at work.
lt's one thing l still have control over.
Tammy, l want to help.
l want to understand.
lf you really want to know who l am...
...then you have to go where l've been.
Well, l'm ready.
Depending on...
...where it is|and what you are talking about.
You can't rationalise it, Doctor.
You can't dissect it. Not this.
You just got to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Tammy, l admit it does sound intriguing,|but l don't know.
And that's why|you have to see for yourself.
But once you're inside Pandora's Box...
{y:i} never know who you might see.
Tell me more, Tammy.
Here are the rules to Pandora's Box:
There are no rules.|Any and everything goes.
And what happens there, stays there.
{y:i}And once Lance took me there,|{y:i}I did things and became invoIved...
{y:i}...with someone that changed my Iife.
Tammy, l agreed to help you, but...
...l don't know.
l mean, do we really do stuff like that?
Doctor, loosen up. You'll be fine.
Where's this place located?
''Here is a list of things you need to do.
''l'll see you on the weekend. Love, Victor.
''Post office. Cleaners.'' What?
Hey, honey, how are you?
l thought you were going|to be home this evening.
...l thought l would be, too.
Things got a little...
...hectic for me, you know?
{y:i}So when wiII you be back in town?
ls everything okay?
Yeah, hold on one second.
Shut the fuck up.
Listen, can l call you back later?
{y:i}I'm kind of in the middIe|{y:i}of something right now.
{y:i}Okay, because I got to go. 'Bye.
Why did you do that|when you knew l was on the phone?
Loosen up. You know you like it.
And l know you want it.
Yeah, but you knew that was Mia.
And? No one is begging you to be here.
You sent for me, remember?
{y:i}You've been approved.|{y:i}So it's on tonight if you want it. You're in.
Fuck it. l'm in.|Just tell me what l have to do.
{y:i}There is one ruIe to Pandora's Box.|{y:i}The rite of passage.
{y:i}The first time you go,|{y:i}you have to go aIone.
{y:i}-You mean you're not going to be there?|{y:i}-I won't.
-May we help you?|-Yeah, l'm looking for paradise.
-Where do you seek it?|-From within these walls.
-How do you get there?|-By opening the box.
Do you want this to happen?
You choose. Your pleasure.
-What the hell is this?|-The price of admission. Your choice.
-Please.|-l choose this one.
What the hell"...." You only live once, right?
Bottoms up.
That's something.
Enjoy yourself.
What can l do for you?
Do you know how to make|a decent Manhattan?
l sure do.
Say, where can l leave my jacket?
You can rely on me.|l'll take care of it for you.
You have a good evening.
Thank you. You, too.
-You scared me.|-Did l?
-What are you doing here?|-l was about to ask you the same question.
-Doesn't look like your type of party.|-lt's a long story.
So, you like what you saw?
ln there. Did you like what you saw?
-lt's different.|-lt's different.
Come with me.|l want to show you something.
Take off your clothes.
Excuse me?
l said take them off.
And what if l don't want to?
But you do want to.
-You're serious.|-Of course l am.
-What are you doing?|-Exactly what you want me to do.
l don't even know you.
You know what?|You ask too many questions.
Can l at least know your name first?
Why is the thought of names so important?
Doesn't the concept of mystery|just thrill you more?
And you are?
Mia... you trust me?
l don't even know you.
That doesn't matter.
Do you trust me?
Because l make the rules tonight.
Sometimes l take journeys, Doctor.
l feel these urges.
lt's like l'm in another place in time.
My old girlfriend goes there, too.
She likes it.
She likes me.
lt's like wonderland, this place.
Are you listening to me?
-Yes, l am.|-Yeah, right.
Go on.
lt's okay. l'm listening.
You know we're going to have|to stop meeting like this, right?
lf you're not too busy,|l'd like to see you again.
ls that another one of your jokes?
-No. l'm totally serious.|-And l'm very married.
-Are you very happy, though?|-That's none of your business.
lf you want to be happy,|maybe l can make it my business.
You're a very pretty lady|and l think you're worth the fight.
Flattery will get you nowhere, sir. l am--
lmmune?|ls that what you were going to say?
Very cute. l bet you've got|this whole thing planned.
No, baby. l never plan. l improvise.
And spontaneity keeps you young,|makes life exciting.
-That's what they say.|-That's what l say.
Here we are,|a boy and a girl in a library getting cosy?
l'm feeling like l'm in grade school again.|l think l got--
-Like that?|-You hear that?
-What? What?|-School bell. Time for class.
Oh, well. Then l'll see you at recess.
-We'll give her five minutes.|-All right.
-Good afternoon.|-Hey, what's up, Doc?
So, we hear|you're counselling Tammy Racine.
Yes, l am.
-So?|-So what?
l told you guys before,|l cannot break confidentiality.
l took an oath.
You guys know about that, right? See you.
l told you.
Oh, these are beautiful.
Somebody's been reading my stuff.
''Meet me in the master bath|at the Box tonight.''
You are taking an awful lot for granted.
Well, you're here, aren't you?
How did you know where l worked?
You seemed like the reading type,|so l asked the librarian where you worked.
Resourcefulness, l like that.
Looks expensive.
Get in.
Get in.
Can l get a ''hello'' or something first?
-Did you like the flowers?|-Sure. They were beautiful.
Do it slow.|You've got all the time in the world.
l'm not going anywhere.
l may be.
l don't think so.
l want to watch while you do this.
Turn around.
-l don't even--|-Don't even talk.
-Tonight l don't want you to do anything.|-Why?
-Because l'm going to do you.|-What are you going to do to me?
Serve you.
Love you and taste you. Come here.
Put your head back. Open your mouth.|Don't close it.
Sorry, my man,|l didn't know this room was occupied.
No problem, man.|Close the door behind you.
You mind if we party with you?|Forget "ménage à trois..."
...this could be a one, two, three, four,|quintuplet-"trois." What's up?
No, l play on my field tonight.
All right, game player.
You probably pissed in the water anyway.
Come here. Lay next to me.
l like it here with you.
This is so weird.
This place is crazy. lt's so wrong.
But as wrong as it is, l don't want to leave.
This is the first time in a long time|l feel so free.
You just be.
l think it doesn't matter what you look like,|you do, or how much money you make.
lt's like living in the moment|for the first time in my life.
And everyday rules just don't apply.
Now you know why l like it here.
l don't like to follow the rules too much.
This is bad for me. l can feel it.
l admit...
...l want it.
You don't even want to know|about my husband?
To tell you the truth,|l couldn't care less about him.
But if you want to include me|in that part of your life, then fine.
Tell you the truth...
...l only want to hear about you.
ls that right?
That's right.
You got me here.
l'm all ears.
-So, where the hell have you been?|-What are you doing in here?
No, l think you need|to answer me first, Doctor...
...considering you missed our appointment.
And why haven't you called me|since you went to the club?
Okay, l tried to call you.
l thought you said you wanted to help me.
''l want to understand you, Tammy.|Open up, Tammy.''
But you don't even care enough|to keep our appointment?
You have me sitting in here|waiting on you?
l'm sorry about the appointment.|There's nothing l can do about that now.
No, there's nothing you can do.
What kind of friend are you?
Tammy, l am your doctor.|l can't cross that line.
lt's too late.
You crossed the line|when you accepted the invitation.
...l've been having some pretty|bad dreams about the night...
...that my husband was murdered.
Sit down, Tammy.
Go ahead, sit down.
Would you like to talk about it?
l don't know.
Have you ever done something|that you regret?
Me, too.
ls there anything specific|you'd like to discuss?
{y:i}The kiIIer mentioned Pandora's Box.
{y:i}And I think that it's someone|{y:i}that we got mixed up with at the cIub.
Why did you send me there?
l needed you to share this experience|to help me move past this.
Who is this?
Can l ask you a question?
Actually l have two questions.
First is, how was your day?
l'm feeling better.
But it's been bumpy thus far.
Hopefully things will get better for you.
And what's the second question?
Would you have dinner with me tonight?
Go on. Forward.
-l'm going to look.|-No, you ain't.
You ain't going to look.|You'd better not look.
-You're almost there.|-Almost?
-Almost there.|-l'm gonna look.
No, don't you look. And stop.
-All this for me?|-Who else would it be for?
Dinner is served.
Once again, you've got me speechless.
-Thank you, sir.|-Very welcome.
They're watching us.
They're probably getting ready to leave|their boring jobs...
...going home to their average lives.
l bet you...
...that right now, they wish|they could be sitting where you are.
-ls that so?|-Yeah, l'm sure it is.
What you got in mind?
lf they want to be where l am so much...
...let's give them something|to be real jealous about.
All right.
Donna, l need to speak with you.
Listen, l'm having a moment,|and l need your advice.
ls that patient getting to you?|Mia, look, l told you, you can't--
lt's not that.
Donna, don't judge me.
l met a man.
This is so obscene,|l can't believe l'm going to share this.
You're not trying to tell me|what l think you are.
Because the Mia l know was mad as hell|because her husband was cheating on her.
Fuck Victor.
This man has me completely open.
He's mysterious and adventurous.
Donna, he listens.
And the sex?
lt's spectacular.|lt's the only way to describe it.
-Where did you meet him?|-You don't want to know.
Let's just say it was someplace l had... business being.
Well, l'm no fan of Victor's,|but what about your marriage?
lt seems like you're getting pretty|caught up with this guy.
l can handle myself.
Besides,|men have been doing this for years.
lt's not like Victor loves me|anymore, anyway.
Let's just be careful.
Because once you open Pandora's box,|you could have hell to pay.
What did you just say?
l got your invite. Here l am.
So, what's on the main menu tonight?
A night of romance.
Yeah. Who did you expect?
You just surprised me, that's all.
Drink up.
What's gotten into you lately?
l was getting ready to ask you|the same thing.
l've been thinking.
l've been so busy working|to make a better lifestyle for us...
...that l forgot to help make us better.
So, l apologise.
You're awfully reserved today, Doctor.
l'm finishing up your evaluation.|Our sessions are done.
There's something on your mind.
-You care to share?|-No.
Come on, Doctor...
...tell me what's on your mind.
You want to talk to me about it.|l can feel it.
-Do you want to know what l'm thinking?|-Yes.
Do you really?
Can you handle helping anybody|besides yourself?
Are you ready to listen?
Because most people are not.|Talk, talk, but nobody wants to...
Nobody wants to receive.
So if you're ready to listen, fine.|But if you're not...
...then l'd rather not share|my personal life with you.
Bravo, Doctor.
That was good.
You're ready for the big time.
...l'm going through a lot right now.
And maybe you were right.|We have crossed that line.
So you should find somebody else|to help you.
No, l won't.
Now l need you to talk to me.
You want me to apologise?|Okay, l'm sorry.
But l need to hear|what you have to say. Please.
l'm caught in the middle of something.
And l can't choose.
You know real women choose|their own destiny.
We have the right to decide what we want.
Even if it's the choice between two people?
Can you love two people the same way|with the same amount of passion?
l don't know.
Can you?
What are you talking about?
You know... want to save me...
...don't you, Doctor?
You want to cure me.
l tell you what:
Save yourself first.
Be true to yourself.
And at that very moment... will have saved me.
Baby, this food is absolutely delicious.|How's your meal?
-lt's great.|-Yeah? Good.
ls that"...." No, it couldn't be.
l think it is, that guy over there"...."|Thank you very much.
l went to college with him years ago.|l think that's...
...Hampton Hines!
Well, well, well.
Shall we toast?
What to?
How about to once-in-a-lifetime meetings?
Hear, hear.
Hamp, your last season was incredible.
Thank you.
As a matter of fact, Mia and l|still go to the homecoming games.
That's good.
Because the school sure needs the support.
So, what is it that you do?
My wife is a psychologist.
-She studies behaviourism.|-lnteresting.
Yeah, very.
My job is more simple:
l work for an agricultural firm.|We buy and sell land, among other things.
You two seem like quite the power couple.
Yes, we are.
-Hines, party of three?|-There's my party.
Listen, Victor, and l'm sorry,|what's your name again?
-Mia.|-Mia, that's right.
-lt's been great hanging with you guys.|-You, too.
-l'll be in touch.|-That's cool.
Maybe l'll see you guys|at one of the local games.
Bring your wife.|l have a feeling she'd like it.
No, Mia hates sports.
All right, now.
-You all have a good time.|-You take care.
Wasn't that wild?
Hampton Hines.
Victor, excuse me.|l need to go to the restroom.
What you in here getting wet for?
That's my job.
l didn't know you and Victor|knew each other from school.
Small world, ain't it? Come here.
Hampton, please,|my husband is in the restaurant.
This is crazy. Hampton, don't!
Don't. Hampton, don't.
Hampton, don't.
-Here you go, my man.|-Thank you, sir.
You know, l almost started to send|that waiter in there after you.
l'm fine. Woman stuff.
Yeah, right.
So did you enjoy dinner?
Yes, l did.
l'm sorry.
l'm not in the mood.
So what, you just...
...going to go to sleep, like that?
Good night, Victor.
-Are you crazy?|-For you.
What is it?
Right on time.
Whatever happens tonight is between...
...and you...
...and you.
You okay, baby?
l can't sleep.
Come here, honey.
Hey, Hamp. How's it going?
lt's moving. So what's good here?
Lots of people say the chicken pita.
l'll take one of them.
-Yo, Marco, one more chicken pita, please.|-All right.
l should have something for you this week.
Yeah? Good.
Because the sooner you bring me|what l need...
...the sooner we can get|this whole thing over with.
You never told me|why you don't just stay married to her.
l mean, you'll get paid either way, right?
Stay with her for what?
l put in more than enough time|in that marriage.
l deserve what's coming to me.
Why don't you worry about you.|Just hold up your end of the deal.
Hey, don't worry about me.|l have everything under control.
You make sure things work out in the end.|l don't want another Tammy"I"Lance fuck-up.
That stupid bitch?
How could you not be listed|on the insurance policy is beyond me.
That's why l'm not fucking with her|until this is all over with.
Bitch had me almost risk going to prison.
l'll be damned if l do any more time,|goddamned if l pay her incompetent ass.
Hey, Hamp...
...handle it. Don't screw this up, man.
Remember: $1.5 million.
Come in.
l'm about to go to lunch. You hungry?
Not really.
What's the matter, partner?
You look like one of my patients.
ls it that obvious?
Yeah. l think you need a vacation.|Somewhere tropical.
lt's Victor.
-What has he done this time?|-Nothing.
He's been nothing but Mr. Wonderful.
lt's been a long time.
lsn't that what you always wanted?
Sure, but l haven't gotten affection|from him in years and...
...all of a sudden he's the ideal husband.
Victor is a very smart man.
He's not too smooth or exciting,|but he is smart.
He knows you're about to get|all that money next month.
And he wants to get his piece, girl.|l can't say that l blame him.
l mean, people marry for money|all the time.
Now you said yourself|that he didn't love you.
But you're the perfect catch.
So it's all about money?
But Victor is going to play nice|because it's not like he can divorce you.
lf he does, your prenuptial|stops him from getting anything.
So don't worry about it.
That's not entirely true.
-Hey, love.|-Hey, baby.
Thank you for meeting me.
No problem.
So what's up?
When we first met,|you asked did l trust you, remember?
l'd like to know the same thing.
Do you trust me?
Of course l do.
No, do you really trust me?
Yes, Mia. l do.
l was raised in a wealthy family.
My father made most of his fortune|in the construction business.
When he died, he set the company up|so it'd keep running the way he wanted.
There was also a trust set up in my name|that gives me access to money...
...and stocks on my 35th birthday.
So l will be 35 next month,|and l'll be worth $20 million.
-$20 million?|-Yes.
Hampton, my marriage is going nowhere...
...and my father set this up this way|to try and protect me.
That's neither here nor there.
Wait a minute.|You must have a prenuptial, right?
l do.
But if Victor can prove infidelity|on my part...
...then he's entitled to $10 million|of my father's money.
-$10 million? You've got to be kidding me.|-No. Unfortunately, l'm not.
l can't allow this man to divorce me|and steal...
...half of what my father gave his life to.
Hampton, l don't know what to do.
-l can't believe this is happening to me.|-Why don't you just leave?
l mean, you're smart, beautiful.|You can have any man you want.
l was blinded by love. l wanted it to work.
So what makes you think|he's going to divorce you?
Call it women's intuition.|l've just got this feeling.
You know, l almost feel like paying him,|but just not...
-...$10 million.|-What if he couldn't divorce you...
...or do a thing to you?
What do you mean?
What if l can make sure|that he never bothered you again?
How could you make sure?
Hurt him?
Kill him?
-Hampton, that's murder!|-He'd never bother you again.
Why would you do something like that?
-To protect what's mine.|-l'm yours?
-Don't you want to be with me?|-Sure, but"...."
But what?
lt just seems so final.
Sometimes, true freedom|can only come with bloodshed.
History has proven that|time and time again.
lf you want to take your destiny into|your own hands for once, and be free...
...then take my hand right now.
lf not, just walk away.
But know that you will never be rid of this.
lt's up to you.
Problem solved.
Come on. Yeah, who is it?
lt's Hamp.
Come on in.
l see you spared no expense on this place.
Yeah, well, l had to pick a spot|that Mia would never come to.
So, l see you got the game on.
Philly's up by ten.
They'll probably take|the whole thing this year.
l thought you was a Bulls fan.
l was when they had Jordan.
l like the Sixers now.
lf you were a true fan,|it wouldn't matter if Jordan played or not.
All right, Hamp, so what's up?|Got the tape?
Yeah, l got the tape.
Well, where is it, my brother?
Come on, don't keep me in suspense.
So, what happens now?
Once l make sure|l have you two on tape fucking... will prove her infidelity.
Then l will file for divorce.|lt's very, very simple.
So, you just been pretending|so you could show the court...
...that you tried to save the relationship?
Right. Makes me look even more noble...
...if they see she had an affair with you|all the time...
...l was trying to salvage our love.
Oh, yeah.
You know... look like you're really into it.
Look at you. Making faces and everything.
lt was business.
l had to make it look real,|you know what l mean?
Now, that's good.
Oh, yeah.
How'd it feel to watch me do your wife?
lt felt like l was a rich man.
Well, how rich?
When do l get my cut?
Hamp, like l told you, l get $3 million.
You get half of that for helping me|pull this off.
You get paid when l do.
This thing might be tied up in court|for six months to a year.
But for now, baby, we are in the clear.
All right, but you can never be|too cautious these days.
Especially when it comes to money.
Hamp, how long have l known you, man?
Fucking years.
Have l ever let you down?
Other than the bank heist you called|foolproof, that got me locked up?
You know what?|That shit wasn't my fault.
Why are you dragging that up?
l had that whole thing set.|lt was you, man. You screwed that up.
So don't stand here|and try to blame me for that.
When you try to take a nigger|out of the 'hood, they end up ungrateful.
Hampton, shut up and stop your bitching--
Damn, man.
Sounds like|you're having trouble breathing.
What the fuck are you doing, Hamp?
Hey, you know...
...l'm tired of taking your shit.
Got my own plan.
l don't have to listen to your shit no more.
Fuck you!
No, brother, l'm going to fuck your wife.
Dr. Dubois?
{y:i}Yes, Catherine.
The police are here to see you.
She'll be right with you.
What's up, guys? What can l do for you?
l don't have any leads with Tammy Racine,|so don't even ask.
Mia, we have some bad news,|maybe you'd better sit down.
Blue called us for 911.|A hotel on Fourth Street.
We got there,|and in a room on the first floor...
...we found Victor...
...with two gunshot wounds.
He was dead when we got there, Mia.
We'll need signatures here and here,|and three copies here.
l know it feels like you're signing a lot,|but you'll be wealthy when this is done.
This actually is your copy.
And there we go.
l believe that will do it.
You are now officially $20 million richer.
Thank you guys for your help.
l know some great financial planners|who can help you invest.
l know a lot about stocks,|and l have other things to take care of.
But if l'm interested, l will let you know.
l want to let you know how sorry|we are to hear about your husband.
Your dad was a great man|and business leader and humanitarian.
And l was glad to know him.
l'm sorry you lost two people|that you loved.
But hopefully this funds allocation|will give you some measure of comfort.
l appreciate that.|Can you excuse me for a moment?
Of course.
-Hello.|{y:i}-Hey, baby.
Hey, you. How are you?
l've been laying low, you know.|How have you been?
Trying to hold it together.|lt's only been a week since the funeral.
Right. When am l going to see you again?
-How's lunch sound?|{y:i}-That sounds great.
-Let's say about 1:30.|-Oh, not good.
Can we make it a late lunch,|say, 3:00, 3:30? Does that work for you?
Sure, baby. That's fine.
Well, l'll see you.
{y:i}-I'II see you then.|-All right.
{y:i}-Love you.|-Love you, too.
New boyfriend?
Oh, no.
That's one of my girlfriends.
She'll do anything to cheer me up.
{y:i}AtIanta has fairIy sunny skies,|{y:i}a high of 75--
{y:i}Where are you?
l'm at home. Where did you think l was?
You were supposed to meet me|here at 3:00, right?
{y:i}I'm sorry. I got caught up at work.|{y:i}Let me caII you right back.
{y:i}Then I'II be there.|{y:i}Stay right there, aII right?
What the fuck kind of bull--
Oh, shit.
She set me up.
Remember, he's armed and dangerous.
Use extreme caution.
Hampton Hines. Open up. Police.
Mr. Hines, l'm only going to ask you|one more time, sir.
No answer.
He's one down below you.
Lieutenant! Here's the weapon.
Just where she said it was going to be.
We got him.
{y:i}You want to save me?
{y:i}Save yourseIf first.
Be true to yourself.
And at that very moment... will have saved me.
{y:i}You want to save me?
Prove it.
l have all the proof you need.
lf you can make it worth my while.
Like $1 million. Cash.
You're trying to tell me that Victor|and Hampton are setting me up... that Victor can divorce me|and take half of my father's money?
And you know this because"...."
l'm the link between you and Hampton.
{y:i}After I feII for Hampton,|{y:i}it was his idea to kiII my husband.
And l know where he hid the weapon.
And does Hampton know you know this?
Of course not. He thinks l'm stupid.
l'm scared.
He's dangerous.|l know he killed my husband.
Okay. Just slow down.
How can you be sure?|And then when did this affair start?
l know he killed Victor in a jealous rage.
He killed Tammy Racine's husband, Lance.
{y:i}He toId me where the knife is.
l feel so stupid.
Try and relax, everything will be okay.
We got our man|in both the Racine and Dubois cases.
-We're going to need some backup.|-Let's go.
{y:i}Is this what you wanted?
-Yes, thank you.|-You're welcome.
Donna was right.|This is exactly the vacation l needed.
And l'm glad you invited me, girl.
l could get used to this.
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