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Give me room.|Here we go.
- What's this game called?|- Lightcycle.
You're getting brutal|and needlessly sadistic, Sark.
Thank you,|Master Control.
We've kidnapped|military programs.
I can arrange more|lethal matches.
- Interested?|- Sure.
I'd love to go up against|one of those guys.
It'd make a nice break from|those accounting cream puffs.
- What branch of the service?|- Strategic Air Command.
Look. This is|all a mistake.
I'm just a compound|interest program.
I work at a|savings and loan.
- I can't play these video games!|- Sure you can.
- You look like a natural athlete.|- Me?
I get out of breath|checking on T-bill rates.
You're gonna make my User,|Mr. Henderson, very angry.
- He's a Full Branch Manager.|- Another religious nut!
I'd say|"Welcome, friend",
but not here.
I don't know|what I'm doing here.
Do you believe|in the Users?
Sure. If I|don't have a User,
who wrote me?|- That's what you're doing here.
Master Control Program's been|snapping up all us programs who believe.
If you're useful,|he takes over all your functions.
If he can't use you, he sends you|here to get your bits blasted.
- What's your name?|- Crom.
I'm Ram.
They'll train you|for the games,
but... I hope you make it.
What's been going on|in the other sectors?
I've been stuck here|for 200 microcycles.
It's murder|out there.
You can't travel in|your own microcircuits...
without permission from|Master Control Program.
Sending me to play games.|Who does he calculate he is?
Okay, Clu,
tonight we check everything|in the right hand column.
Where are you?|There you are.
- Clu?|- Yes, sir.
- This is top priority.|- I know, sir.
It isn't just correcting my|bank statement or phone bill.
- This is a must!|- I understand.
I wrote you and taught you|everything about the system.
- Thank you, but...|- No buts. That's for users.
You're the best program|ever written.
- You're dogged and relentless.|- Let me at 'em.
That's the spirit.|Keep that tank rolling.
I'll cover you|from this end.
You think we can merge|with this memory, Bit?
Flynn is saying|to look over here.
I don't see what|we're looking for.
Come on, you scuzzy data,|be in there.
We've got company.
I don't|believe this.
A Recognizer.
There's too many!
What is this?
Get out of here!
Busted again!
That was my|best program.
Got a pirate program here.|Says his name's Clu.
What did he pull?
He came into the system|with a stolen password.
We caught him trying to|raid our high-clearance memory.
No! I must've|gotten in by mistake.
- Who programmed you?|- I was simp-
You're in trouble,|program.
Make it easy on yourself.|Who's your User?
Forget it,
Mister High And Mighty|Master Control.
You aren't|making me talk.
Suit yourself.
Get me Dillinger.
Good evening,|Mr. Dillinger.
- Thank you, Peter. You can go now.|- Yes, sir.
No problem, Master C.|If you've seen...
one electronics show,|you've seen them all.
What's up?
- Flynn?|- Yes.
He's looking for that old file.|Can't you appropriate it?
I put it in my memory|which he hasn't located.
- He might find it.|- I'm afraid so.
I spotted him this time|and kept him out.
It's getting trickier.
We should shut down|all access...
until we find|that Flynn.
- There's a 68.71% chance you're right.|- Cute.
Come on!
Alan, think I can have|some of your popcorn?
Yeah, sure.
Sit down.
Thank you.
We've had|to shut down...
all Group-7|personnel...
just briefly.|Security.
Someone has|been tampering.
You don't think|it's me!
I don't even balance|my checkbook on downtime.
It'll only be|a couple of days.
- What's your project?|- It's called Tron.
It's a|security program.
It monitors contacts between|our system and others.
Anything not scheduled,|it shuts it down.
I sent you|a memo.
- Part of the Master Control Program?|- No.
It'll run independently|and watchdog the MCP as well.
Sounds good.
We should have you running|in a couple of days.
I hope.
Oh, boy.
Mr. Dillinger, I'm very|disappointed in you.
I'm sorry.
I can't afford an independent|programmer monitoring me.
You realize how many|systems I've gone into?
How many programs|I've appropriated?
Come on!
A couple of days!
Hi, Dr Gibbs.
Here goes nothing.
You hear what|you just said?
"Here goes nothing".
Actually, we propose|to change something...
into nothing|and back again.
You might have said, "Here goes|something, here comes nothing".
This is the|big moment.
This'll narrow your theory|that the scan U-V beam...
is superior to|single pulse exposure.
Laser activity will|exist in 30 seconds.
Put on your goggles.|Leave the bay.
Let's see if we've|got the green light.
- Target area shielded?|- They verified safety.
20 seconds.
- Looks good.|- Let her rip.
This is what we've|been waiting for.
10 seconds.
5 seconds.
- Beautiful!|- Hi, Alan.
Having fun|disintegrating things?
Not disintegrating,|digitizing.
A laser dismantles|the molecular structure.
Molecules remain suspended|in the laser beam.
When the computer|plays out the model,
the molecules|fall back into place,
and voilá!|- Great.
Can it send me|to Hawaii?
You've got to purchase|your program 30 days in advance.
- How's it going upstairs?|- Frustrating.
I had Tron|almost ready...
when Dillinger cut everyone|with Group-7 access out.
Ever since|he got...
that Master|Control Program,
the system's got more|bugs than a bait store.
You gotta expect|some static.
Computers are machines.|They can't think.
- Some programs will be thinking soon.
Computers will|start thinking,
and the people|will stop.
I'm gonna put|some data through.
- See you.|- Bye.
Come on.
- Did you say Group-7 access?|- Yeah.
What a hassle.|l was all set.
- Did he say why?|- Something about tampering.
Flynn has been|thinking...
about breaking|into the system...
ever since|Dillinger canned him.
And he had|Group-7 access.
Flynn had access|to you, too.
I want to go|to Flynn's place.
- What for?|- To warn him.
- Of what?|- That Dillinger's onto him.
I don't see why I have|to do that guy any favors!
I don't know what|you saw in that guy.
I loved him for his brain.
Don't put change|in the meter.
We're gonna need|it for the games.
Boy! I haven't been|here in a long time.
Hey, Bobby,|up here.
- Where is he?|- I don't know.
- Where is he?|- I don't know.
Somewhere in here lost|in one of his games.
- Do you know where Flynn is?|- On his machine.
He's really on|a roll!
One more Reco|before he ties.
Another Reco and he gets|the world's record.
He's going for|the record.
The all-time|record coming up.
This is it.|It's all over.
Flynn's gonna make him|a part of history!
Flynn,|how'd you do it?
It's all|in the wrists.
999,000 points!
Hey, good|to see you guys.
Nothing classes up the joint|like a clean-cut couple.
We gotta talk.
You can't hear yourself|think in here. Come on.
- Come on.|- I'll be down in a minute.
How's the world|of serious science?
Go make yourselves|at home.
The best programmer|Encom ever saw,
and he winds up playing|space cowboy...
in some back room.|- Let me handle this.
- Go right ahead.|- Have you been sneaking...
into the|Encom system?
You never were much|for small talk.
Does she still leave|her clothes all over?
- No!|- Alan!
I mean,|not that often.
You can see why|all his friends...
- are 14 years old.|- Touché.
I have been doing|a little hacking.
- You did break in.|- Tried to.
I can't seem to quite|get the connection.
- If I had a direct terminal...|- Flynn, are you embezzling?
Embezzling is such an|ugly word, Mr. Bradley.
Actually, I'm trying to|get some evidence together.
- I don't get it.|- Okay.
- I don't get it.|- Okay.
Sherman, set the Way-Back|Machine for 3 years ago.
Kevin Flynn,|one of Encom's...
brightest young|software engineers.
He's so bright that|he goes in at night,
and begins writing a|program for video games...
called|"Space Paranoids".
You invented|"Space Paranoids"?
"Paranoids", "Matrix Blaster",|a whole slew of 'em.
I was this close to starting|my own enterprise.
But enter another;|not so young or so bright,
but very sneaky;
Ed Dillinger.
One night,|our boy Flynn...
goes to his terminal,|tries to read up his file.
I get nothing.|There's a big blank.
3 months later...
Dillinger presents Encom|with 5 video games...
that he's invented.
The slime didn't even|change the names!
He gets a|big promotion.
Thus begins his|meteoric rise...
to...|What is he?
- Senior Exec.|- Senior Exec?
Meanwhile,|the kids...
are putting 8 million quarters|a week into Paranoid machines.
I don't see a dime, except|what I squeeze outta here.
I still don't understand|why you want to break in.
Somewhere in one of these|memories is the evidence.
If I got in far enough|l could reconstruct it.
- My password, Dillinger's|instructions to divert...|- Too late!
Dillinger's cut off|Group-7 access.
Wait. What|are you saying?
The guy knows|what you're up to.
Great.|You're kidding me?
Now there is|nothing to stop him.
It's just Dillinger and|the MCP running things.
Not if my Tron|program was running.
That'd shut|the system down.
If your file|was in there...
If we can get in there,|I can forge a Group-6 access.
Shall we dance?
I shut down Group-7|for a very good reason.
If our people can't get|access to their programs...
You know how frustrating|it is when you're researching.
I sympathize, but l|have data coming from MCP...
telling me there's|something screwy going on.
That MCP is|half our problem!
The MCP is the most efficient|way of handling what we do!
I can't worry about|every user request.
User requests are|what computers are for.
Doing our business is|what computers are for!
Encom isn't the business|you started in your garage.
We've accounts in 30 countries,|new defense systems,
one of the most sophisticated|pieces of equipment.
I know all that.
Sometimes I wish I were|back in that garage.
That can be arranged,|Walter.
That was|uncalled for.
You can remove Alan and me,|but we helped create it.
Our spirit remains in|every program we designed.
Walter, it's getting late.|I've got better things to do.
Don't worry about|Encom anymore.
It's out of|your hands now.
I don't think|I'm cleared for this.
- I'm certainly not.|- Want to move aside?
Give the kid|a little room.
This guy's a little|like Santa Claus.
I make these myself.|You want one?
They never should have|gotten rid of me.
- Now that is a big door.|- Shut up.
I programmed you|to want too much.
I was planning|to hit the Pentagon.
The Pentagon?
It shouldn't be harder|than any big company.
- This is what I get for using humans.|- I wrote you!
What do you want|with the Pentagon?
The same thing I want|with the Kremlin.
With the information|l can access,
I can run things 900 to 1200|times better than any human.
If you think|you're superior to us...
You wouldn't want me|to dig up Flynn's file...
- and read it up on a VDT at the Times.|- You wouldn't dare!
Hi.|Working late?
Okay.|Come here.
I'm gonna put him|at my terminal...
and meet you in|your office upstairs.
Don't fall asleep.|If and when I activate Tron,
you'll only have|a few minutes...
before Dillinger|catches the break.
As long as we|stay off the top floor,
Dillinger will never know|we've been in here.
Good luck, hot shot.
- Ahem.|- Flynn!
After you.
Keep those programers|out of the system.
Get me that|Chinese language file.
- You are going to stick with me?|- What for?
You're the one who never|needed help, remember?
I'm scared of the dark.|All this technology scares me.
This way!
- When did they put this in?|- This is where I work.
I've got a direct terminal|in the laser target area.
You can stay there|all night.
Like a man says,
"There's no problems,|only solutions".
Remember, this lazer|is my life's work.
Don't spill anything.|Huh?
Have fun,|sweetheart.
Hey, it's the big|Master Control Program.
Sit right there.|Make yourself comfortable.
Remember the time we spent|playing chess together?
Stop! Please.
You realize|l can't allow this?
How are you gonna|run the universe...
if you can't answer|unsolvable problems?
Let's see|what you've got.
I'd like to see|what you're made of.
You don't look a thing|like your pictures.
You're entering|a big error.
I'm going to put you|on the game grid.
You want games?
This isn't|happening.
It only thinks|it's happening.
Vacate entry port,|program.
I said,|move!
Look, if this is about|those parking tickets,
I can explain|everything.
Prepare all programs|for war games.
I've got a challenge|for you, Sark; a new recruit.
It's a tough case, but|treat it in the usual manner.
Train him|for the games,
let him hope,|then blow him away.
You've got it.
I've been hoping you'd send me|somebody with a little guts.
What kind|of program is he?
He's not any kind of program.|He's a User.
- A User?|- That's right.
He pushed me|in the real world.
Somebody pushes me, I push back.|So I brought him here.
What's the matter?|You look nervous.
Well, I was just...
I don't know.|A User, I mean...
Users wrote us.
A User even|wrote you!
No one User wrote me. I'm worth|millions of their man-years.
What if...?
You'd rather take|your chances with me?
Want me to slow down|your power cycles?
I need that!
Then pull yourself together.|Get this clown trained.
I want him in the games|until he dies playing.
Acknowledged,|Master Control.
End of line.
Game unit 18.|In here, program.
Who you calling|"program", program?
New guy?
Another free program|off line.
You think the Users|are still there?
They'd better be.
I don't want to|bust out of here...
and find nothing|but cold circuits.
- Who are you guys?|- Hold it!
Watch those|force fields.
You'll be having plenty|of chances to get hurt.
Just so I can|tell my friends...
what this|dream is about,
where am l?
You're a...
guest of the|Master Control Program.
Oh, great.
- He makes you play video games.|- No sweat.
I play video games|better than anybody.
Move out!|This way.
You, you come|this way.
- I've gotta see the guy in charge.|- You will.
Look operative.
Command Program Sark's|carrier is approaching.
He will explain the|training procedures.
The Master Control Program|has chosen you...
to serve your system|on the game grid.
Those of you|who continue...
to profess a belief|in the Users...
will receive the standard|substandard training,
which will result in|your eventual elimination.
Those of you...
who renounce...
this superstitious|and hysterical belief,
will be eligible|to join the warrior elite...
of the MCP.
You will each receive|an identity disk.
Everything|you do or learn...
will be imprinted|on this disk.
If you lose your disk|or fail to follow commands,
you will be subject|to immediate de-resolution.
That will be all.
Move out.
Who's that guy?
Tron. He fights|for the Users.
That's pretty good.
You gotta be good|if you want to survive.
What's your name?
My name's Ram.
Hey, Ram,
what were you|before?
I was an|actuarial program.
I worked for a big|insurance company.
Really gives you|a great feeling...
helping folks plan|for their future needs.
If you think of the|payments as an annuity,
the cost is|quite minimal.
Yeah, that's great.
Actuarial program. Nice.
How about yourself?
I don't remember|too much.
Name's Flynn.
Disorientation|is normal in transport.
It'll come back.
This is it.|Good luck, Flynn.
Sir, conscript|being moved...
from pit cell|to ring game.
You guys sure|are friendly.
Let him fight|one of his own kind.
You think you're|gonna wipe me out?
That new guy was|asking about you.
Too bad|he's in a match.
I'll probably|never meet him.
You might.
There's something|different about him.
That was|a very fancy shot.
Okay, here's|an easy one.
Finish the game!
- No!|- Kill him.
You'll regret this.
I want him in the games|until he dies playing.
This is the holding area|for the lightcycles.
You made it!
Wait here.
Where did you|hear that name?
- That's your name.|- The name of my User.
How did|you know?
- I'm a program|from a User that knows Alan.|- He's disoriented, Tron.
I'm remembering|all kinds of stuff,
like my User wants me|to go after the MCP.
- My User wants that, too.|- I know.
Prepare to transport|to lightcycle grid.
We have|transport.
This is Blue Leader|to Blue bikes.
Run these guys|into your jet walls.
Copy, Blue Leader.
This is Gold-1|to Gold-2 and 3.
Split up.|Take them one on one.
Watch it!
Taking him|into the maze.
This is it.|Come on.
Gold-3 to|Gold-2 and 1.
I'm getting out of here|and you guys are invited.
Got it.
- Ready.|- So long, sucker!
Greetings, programs!
Warriors escaping game grid.|This is an illegal exit.
You must return to game grid.|This is an illegal exit.
Gold-2 to Gold-3.
Those demons|are coming down.
Get them!
Send out every|game tank in the grid.
Get them!
I should never have written|all those tank programs.
Targets leaving|protective field.
All units|exiting game arena.
Target units|accelerating!
Pursuit force|minus one tank.
Close ranks.
Oh, man.
On the other side|of the screen,
it all looked|so easy.
They must've gone|right past us.
We made it...
this far.
Pursuit force reporting.|We lost visual contact.
Get the pursuit forces|back into the canyons.
Those programs|never made it out.
We'll have them back|before the Interrupt Interface.
We'd better,|null unit.
I'll be lucky if the MCP|doesn't blast me.
I want those|conscripts!
What is it?|What do you see?
Watch it.
Come on,|you little bugger.
Look at that.
When do we pay|our visit...
to the old|Master Control?
There's|just 3 of us.
If you know anybody who's|got an army for rent, fine,
but my User told me|to take that sucker out,
or I'm never|getting out.
We can't get|to the MCP...
without the help|of my User.
I have to get to that|Input/Output tower,
and communicate|with him.
Check in with Alan.|Maybe he knows...
What's that?
That...|is just...
what I need|right now.
Oh, it's nice.
Boy, you forget how good|the power feels...
until you get|to a pure source.
My friends,|my fellow conscripts,
we have scored!|l feel so much better.
Pursuit force reporting.|No sign of escaped units.
Moving into|next sector.
Thank you.
I can|feel it.
Feel what?|You okay?
Let's move out!
Come on, Flynn,|put a cork in it.
One second!
Range... 9,
Mark... 45,|48 degrees.
Hold it.
Hold it.|Fire!
Ram, Flynn,|do you read me?
Pursuit force reporting.|2 escaped units de-rezzed.
Tron unit heading|into next sector.
Come on!
We gotta get|outta here.
No sign|of life.
Looks like|we got 'em.
Continue pursuit of|remaining conscript.
Acknowledged. Proceeding|towards sector frontier.
We're gonna|make it, Ram.
We gotta find you|a place to rest.
Hang in there, Ram.|This looks like a good spot.
Those tanks won't|find us here.
I thought this was|supposed to be easy.
What's going on?
You see this?
You shouldn't|be able to do that.
Now for some...
real User power.
Hey, this|looks promising.
This is just like|the old arcade grips.
Let's get this|show on the road.
Now we're smokin'!
How can you steal|a Recognizer?
You don't look good.|We'll get you fixed up.
Come here.
Oh, my User!
Users are Users.|They...
Are you a User?
help Tron.
Damn Recognizer.
The thing just|goes straight.
I gotta get to|that l/O tower.
Program Alu, request|additional information.
Prepare hanger for|game simulation transport.
Attention all units,|lock onto matrix code.
Prepare for|digital beam transport.
Activate|hanger doors.
What's the progress|on the simulation?
30, 56, 99|are correct.
Limited 4 and 8|are missing.
Don't scream.
30, 56, 99|are correct.
- Limited 4 and 8 are missing.|- No, I...
I knew|you'd escape.
They haven't built a circuit|that could hold you.
Listen!|We have to make plans.
Where|can we go?
This way, quickly.
Hold it!
- Yes?|- What do you mean, "yes"?
That all|you can say?
- Anything else?|- Yes.
- Positive and negative, huh?|You're a bit.|- Yes.
Where's your program?|lsn't he gonna miss you?
I'm your program?
Another mouth|to feed.
Watch out|for nested macros.
- Who are these weirdos?|- Inoperative data pushers.
Control Programs!|Come on.
Pretty good drivin',|huh? Oh!
- No!|- Who asked you?
This baby doesn't handle|so good in town.
- What's this do? How 'bout this one?|- No, no.
Here comes|a headache.
- Ahhh!|- No-no-no-no!
- We gotta stop this thing!|- Yes!
I'm glad you agree!
Uh, I'm fine.|No problem.
Oh, this town|is full of live ones.
This is where Tron|said he was going.
Losing Flynn.
I don't|believe this.
More guards.
They don't see us.|I'll go first.
- Are you all right?|- Yeah. Let's do that some more.
I think|the guard saw me.
Come on!
I can't stand this commotion.|What do you want?
I've come to communicate|with my User.
proposition|at best.
I could be de-rezzed|for letting you in here.
They hate this tower. They'd|close it down if they dared.
They keep me around|in case...
one of them wants to|deal with the other world.
My User has information|that could...
make this a|free system again.
- Really!
You'd have programs|lined up to use this place,
and no MCP looking|over your shoulder.
When you've been in the|system as long as I have,
you hear many promises,|reassurances,
- many brave plans.|- Please?
The guards|are coming.
There they are|with the Guardian.
All right, Yori.
Who is your User,|program?
He calls me.|May I pass?
All that is visible...
must grow|beyond itself,
and extend into the|realm of the invisible.
You may pass,|my friend.
The Tower Guardian|is helping him.
He thinks.
Bring in|the logic probe.
More power!
It's begun.
Tron, location query.|Confirm.
Confirmed, Alan-1.
I am creating the information|that will erase the MCP.
Dedicate yourself to getting|the disc into the heart...
of the MCP.
This interface is|located at its base.
We will not be able|to communicate again...
unless you succeed.
This is the key|to a new order.
This code disc|means freedom.
I think they're|breaking in.
- Thank you, Dumont.|- Hurry! The Users are waiting.
Where's the program?
What program?
Take him!
Stay close.
If I can get us on the|scanning transport beam,
this simulation|will take us...
across the game sea...
back into the|central computer.
Look out!
Commander, you've enjoyed|the power you've been given.
I wonder how you'd take to|working in a pocket calculator.
We did take care of|that User you sent us.
Incompetent zero.
Now you've got|2 renegade programs...
flying all over the system|in a stolen simulation.
I'll get them.|It's only a matter of time.
You've almost reached|your decision gate.
I can't spare you|any more time.
End of line.
It's me, Flynn!
- Greetings, program.|- You're alive!
Yeah, I uh...
Where's Ram?
He didn't make it.
Come on.
This is Flynn.|The one who busted me out.
Well, then l|owe him some thanks.
It's no big deal.
I ought to know Lightcycle.|l wrote the program.
- You wrote the program?|- It's time I level with you.
I'm what you|call a User.
You're a User?
I took a wrong turn|somewhere.
If you are a User,
everything you've done|is according to a plan.
You wish.
You know what|it's like.
You keep doing what it looks|like you're supposed to,
no matter how crazy.
That's the way it is|for programs, yes.
Most of the time, that's|the way it is for Users, too.
Stranger and stranger.
So, nice looking ship|you got here.
What do you want done with|the Tower Guardian, Dumont?
Put him with|the others?
No, bit brain, prepare|him for inquisition.
I need a bit|of relaxation.
First, rezz up the|carrier for pursuit.
One other thing.|Don't think anymore.
I do the thinking|around here.
This isn't going to be easy.
If those grid bugs get us,|we've had it.
Had enough?
What do you want?|I'm busy.
Busy dying, you worn out|excuse for an old program.
Yes, I'm old.
Old enough to remember the MCP|when it was a chess program.
He started small|and he'll end small.
Very funny. Maybe I should|keep you around for a laugh.
- What's happening?|- Power surge in the MCP.
Get off this beam.
There isn't a junction|for 7 or 8 nano seconds.
- There's another beam!|- It's too far.
He's creating|a junction.
Did we make it?
Hurray for our side.
ls he de-rezzing?
No, but I couldn't|tell you why not.
I'm all in one piece.
I'm still with you.
Tell the guy with|the jackhammer to lay off.
How'd you do that?
Elementary physics: a beam of|energy can always be diverted.
Are we there yet, Mommy?
Tron's dead.
Who's that?
That is a User.|He came here to help us.
Tron believed|in him.
If the Users can no longer|help us, we're lost.
So, we have erased|that program...
- You were de-rezzed.|- Not me, Sark.
You're nothing special,|just an ordinary program.
So are you, one that|should have been erased.
You're nothing.
Take that program|to the holding pit.
I'm taking|our friend...
and some other religious|fanatics to Master Control.
When I disembark,
this ship and|everything on board...
will automatically de-rezz.
This means you.
Move on!
lmmediate vectors|detached.
Route us|to the MCP.
I want to get rid|of this dead weight,
and catch a transport beam|to the game domain.
These walls...|Yori, something's happening.
I still have power.|Sark doesn't know that.
Leave me alone.|We've failed.
Only if we give up!|Come on, look, the wall!
You brought|me back.
How? Why did|you bring me back?
I need your help.|Come on!
Do something with|these controls!
I'm on it.
The MCP, the heart|of the whole system.
I feel a presence.|Another warrior is on the mesa.
We're getting|closer.
I don't know|how you survived.
It doesn't matter.
Prepare to|terminate.
All programs have|a desire to be useful.
In moments, you will|no longer seek communication...
with each other or|your superfluous Users.
You'll each be part of me.|Together we will be complete.
You should have|joined me.
We'd have made|a great team.
- You're very persistent.|- I'm also better than you.
All my functions are|now yours. Take them.
Your User can't|help you now,
my little program.
I got it.|Steer us by the beam.
Right next to it.
What good will|that do?
I'm going|to jump.
It's the only way|to help Tron.
Don't.|You'll be de-rezzed.
Don't worry.
Come on, let's go!
We did it!
That's nice.
We thought you|were dead.
Where's Flynn?
He threw himself into the beam|and distracted the MCP...
just long enough for you|to get your disc in.
He saved us.|He really did it.
Look at|the I/O towers.
Every tower|is lighting up.
Priority one!
Try to|look official.
Here comes|the boss.
Pick me up|in an hour.
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