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Troy 2004 CD1

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Good day for the war.
Remove your armies from my land. -I like your land.
I think will stay, make the soldiers too.
They won't fight for you.
They all fight for me.
You can't have the whole world Agamemnon,
there are too big. Even for you.
Let settle this war in old manner.
Your best fighter against my best.
And my man win? -We leave here for good.
I think that is the fact of hero?
Careful with who you insult to, king.v
Achilles is not with the armies. -Where is he?
I send a boy to look for him.
I'm having a good dream.
Very good dream.
King! I can remember what's that mean?
I speak to your king in the morning.
My lord,it is morning.
They are on field.
I decide to brought you through
They said your mothe r is mother of glories
Are you will be kill. -Why should you be border by shield?
It is a learning, I think
He is the biggest man I ever see.
I will not fight him.
That is why I won't remember your name.
Perhaps you should never walk tomorrow when your best is arrested.
I should have you work for your incident.
Perhaps you should fight him.
Achilles! Achilles!
Look at the man faces, you can save hundred of them.
You can end this war with the swing of sword.
Let them go to their way.
Imagine a king when is in battle.
Would that be dead of side?
All the warlord love by the god.
I hate him to most.g
Is there no one else?
Is there no one else?
Who are you soldier?
I'll remember the name.a
The ruler of Fesily kindly accepted.
Give it to your king.
He is not my king.
This is the Troy...e
Queen Helen and I solute you.r
We have many conflicts before, is true.r
We fall many battle but in Troy... unfortunate is well.
Preham is a good king, good man,
I respected him, I respect him as my allies.
Drink with me.b
Drink to peace.
To peace!s
Between Troy and Sparta.
You shouldn't be here.
That's what you said last night.
Last night was a mistake.
And we met before.
Do you want me to go?
Par the sea from Propontesty
Is beautiful.t
But I can't wear them, it allow to kill us both
Don't be afraid of him.t
I'm not afraid of dying.
I'm afraid of tomorrow.o
I'm afraid to watching you sail away and never come back.
Before you came to Sparta, I was a ghost.
I was just a ghost.y
You don't have to fear tomorrow.
Come with me.h
Don't play with me. Don't play.
If you come, we will never be there, never hunted...
Because we are curse, but I will love you.
To the day they burn my body, I will love you.
A beautiful morning, and bless our voyage.
Some time is bless in the morning but is curse in the afternoon.
Do you love me, brother?R just stealing father horse.
What is you done now?u
I must show you something.
Where is she?.
I will cut your head if you don't tell me.
She left....with the Trojans
The fisherman here saw her abort that ship.e
The Trojans, with the young prince.
Get my ship, buddya
Turn around back to Sparta.h
Wait! Wait! -You fool this time.u
Do you know, what have you done?
Do you know, how many years father work for peace? -I love her
Is all the game, she was in this.
...and you think you know something about love.
What about your father's love, you disappointed him when you brought her to the ship.
What about the love to your country?
You want Troy burn for this women?
May I speak?
What you say is true.e
I ruin you, I will ruin father.
If you take her back to Sparta, that so be it.g
But I go with her.
The Sparta will kill you. -Then, I'll die fighting.
I want that sound role for you doesn't it? That die fighting
Tell me brother, have you ever kill man?
Have you see a man die in combat? -No!e
I kill man, and I heard them die
and watch them die, and nothing glories about politic
You said you want to die for love but you know nothing about die...
you know nothing about love.
All the same. I go with her.
I want to fight my war.
You already have.b
I want her back. -Of course you do.
She is a beautiful woman. -I want her back, I can kill her with my own two hands.
I will burn the Troy to the ground.
I think you order peace with Troy.d
I should listen to you.t
Peace is just weird and weak.
Empire is a force by war.
All my life is stand by your side, force the enemy.
...this is the way of world.
But I have a complain, brother.
Have I ask you for anything? -Never.
Your the man of honor.
Will you go to war with me, brother?
I always thought my brother life was like a foolish woman.
That she use to be prove to be useful.
The Trojan never been conquer,
some said they can't be conquer. -King Preham think she is untouchable behind his high wars.
He think the sun god will protect him.
The god protect only the strong.
If Troy fall, I control the others.
They are the finest armies in the East. -I attack from the bridge of the forces they ever seen.
I want all the kings of Greece and armies. -But last thing.
We need Achilles and his moment.
He can't be control.
He is unlike to fight the Trojans.
We don't need to control him but we need to unleased him
That man is born to end lives -Yes.
He is a good killer but he destroy everything I build.
Before me, he is nothing.
I brought all the kingdoms together, I created the nation...
I build the two Genitive. Me!
The killer just the pass, not matter fight for the flag to low country....
The battle, we are one of the head of the sword.
This is the greatest war in the world is ever seen.
We need the greatest warrior.
You told me never sword head.
Know how to use it.
I will protecting my word.d
Patricians cousin.e
And this is Vanica.l
Patricians, I'm your opponent army.
Now, you have this one to watching your way.
Learning from Achilles himself.
Achilles, we kill for the honor.l
Are you here for that pity?
We need to talk.
Do not fight to him.
I not asking you to fight for him.
I'm asking you fight for the Greece. -Why the Greek fighting each other?
For now, they never hunt me.
They insult the Greek. -They insult one Greek.
Man with no honor.e
Achilles fight for honor.u
Man not fight against the power, man let the god to decide...
which man to glorify. -For the Greek.n
Forget that! Fight for me.
My wife fulfill must better, she know your by no side.
I feel must better.i
Listening the largest freak I never say.
The best of all the Trojans, some said he is better than all the Greeks too.
Even your cousin doesn't come.h
I hope you will join our, Patricians.s
I could use the strong arm by yours.
Play your trick on me but not my cousin.
Play the toys you have give us.
We will join the Troy in 3 days.
This war will never been forgotten.o
Not only hero will fighting it.
I knew, I never come for you....
I knew never come.
I want you fight in Troy.h
I make you another sea shell necklace.
I wonder to make you a new, boy.
And I dare decide?
You stay with Melissa, you will find peace.
You find her is a wondertul woman.m
You have son and daughter, you have children
and they are love you.t
When your children are dead, my children after them...
I know maybe lost.s
Keep on with Troy, glory will be yours
They will respect your present till thousand years.
World will remember your name.
If you go to Troy, you're never come home.
Your glory will hand in hand in your dome.
And I shall never see you again.
My son! -Father!
This is Helen. -Helen!
Helen is Sparta?r
Helen is Troy.r
i heard the rumor of your beauty.
We're safe. -Hey!d
Beloved it cousin.n
Your beauty grow in smooth.
She is taller now.n
Young man Troy will never say choose the virgin rose.
Father, I know this is the last thing we need.
everything is in the hand.i
I suprise you let him bring her.u
You know man allow, he bring her to his gate.
What you have me to do?
Bring her to ship and send her home.
We may never always love Paris and his lovely back.
This is different.y
If we send her home, men will allow him follow her.
This is my country...
This is my country and I don't want to see them suffer.
Some of that has his price.e
Is just not the Sparta coming out after her...o
by now the man are argument of that, and Agamemnon wanted to destroy us for years.
Enemy is been attacking us for century, our war are still stand.
Father, we can't win this war.y
Apollo is watch over us.
How many Petallion and sun god come on?
Do not note the gods.h
They coming for me.e
They are being closer. -What do we left, tonight?
Right now.
Why we down to the stable and left.
By this, keep riding. -Go where?
Away from here.r
This is your home.e
You have your hope for me.a
Sparta was never my home.t
My parent send me there when I was 1 6 to marry a man.
But there wasn't my home.
We leave off the land.e
No more palace for us, no more servants
We don't need any of that . -But your family.
We will protecting my family, if we not here, what need that for war?
Manelaus won't give up.
He will track you end of the world. -He doesn't need that, I do.
We can lost ourselves in a day.
You don't know Manelaus. You don't know his brother.
They burn every houses in Troy to find us.
They never been left and if they do...
Never make it easy to find me.
I will go up and telling him, you're mine.
You are very young, Madoff.
My lord!
We should wait for the others.k
We have to war, didn't they? -Yes, but I can remember in orders.
For you, my lord. -And fight for me.
And let the servant remember, I fight for him.
That sail is Achilles.e
What is the fool doing?h
He want to take the Troy with 50 men?
Good, I will be right there.t
Versada, how long to put the armies ready?
How long?
Make it sooner.o
Patricians! Put down your spear.
But I'm fighting the Trojans, cousin. -Not today.
But I'm ready, you talk me can fight. -You are good student.
Cannot remember that yet.
Look at this?
They are fear soldiers, and bleed the blood for me.
You guard the shipt
This is a war.u
I can't fight the Trojans for century. Guard the ship.
All my life, I read by a code
and the code is simple, all of the gods love your women and defense you country.
To all your mothers, fight for her.
My brothers of the sword. Recrify yourself with thousand
And no men forget how manners we are, we are lion.
You know what is there?
You're on that beach...immortality
How mad was the guy?
Risk the dying, roll!
Defense down there need help, now.
Back to the city!o
Back to the city!r
Sun god is making by Troy, our enemy
take whatever treasure you can find.
Give me your permission, my lord
Speak! -Apollo is everything.
Perhaps it is not right to offense him.
Call the men.
You very... very stupid come after me alone.
You must be headed.u
You know, who I am?
The priest is innocent.
Fight me!
Why I show you now?
Why did you come here?
That we are talking about the war for thousand years.
And the thousand years, the dust come out bones will be gone.
Yes, but the name was remain.
Go home, prince.
Take your advice to your lovely wife.
Tomorrow, will have our war.
You speak a war is a game.a
But how many wives wait at Troy's gate for husband will not see again.
Perhaps, your brother can come for them.
He is good is charming others men's wives.
My lord, you let him go?
Is too early to killing a prince.
Achilles! -Hey, Jack
You are the spirit of the god.
How honor to go war with you.
As a man.
You say slow the war will be over.
I got something to show you.
Our men found her, hiding in a temple.
What's your name?
You not hear me?
You kill the priests.
Kill the men of enemy country never a priest.
Sun god will have it banded
What you waiting for?t
Thunder by strike.
Is priest death is act like...
Until god is afraid of me. -Afraid?
They are the sun, you is nothing.
Where is he? -You are nothing but a killer.
You don't know anything about the god.
I know more about the god in your priest.
I seen them.
The god of the archer.
Spend years to struggling down the man.
What's your name?
even the Parlo have name
Are you afraid Perses?
What I be?
I demand request your present
The king is gathering to celebrate the victory
She's not well today
I know it
What you want to entroy it?
But I don't want anyone to
Just want it more
Don't need to fear any girl
The only thing to be said that
You have one a great victory my king of king
to be captured easily..
A beautiful gift to your past
You will be among the first to walk in the street of troy tomorrow
I presented to you in honour and even memorable victory
Thank you all friends. Tomorrow we eat supper in the troy
Leave us
why is young man dying and had been talking. I know this. Ignore the politics
You want some great victory
The chances belonged to Pria in the morning
It belonged to Argonmeno in the afternoon
I come here to present. No
You come here because you want your name to last to the ages
Agree victory is won today?
But that victory is not yours
Kings did not knew to a killis
Kings did not pay a homage to a killis
Perhaps the king is too far behind the sea
The soldiers want it back
Victory remembers king not soldiers
Tomorrow will buttard down the gate of troy
I got memory on this stone
Be careful king of king
First you need the victory
you want gold, take it
It's my gift to honour your courage take as you wish
I already have
And fires..
She never see home again
Decide. Comes
Too many men dead today
Killing is only your talent that your curse
I don't want anyone die for me
Silence by a slave girl
Tonight, I have to give..
And then, who knows?
You sucking wine
Hold my time is done, I'll lock down in your course and smile
They want to war..
We will give him a war
I will get the best troy against the best of Pris anyday
Locus, you afford for my forty years
Can we win this war?
A wolf has never been teached
And we attack her
Yes, we can win
I spoke to two farmers today. They saw an eagle on the tenants
This is a sign from a Polo
We will win the great victory tomorrow
First sign
It's the seventh of the God
And I'm seventh of troy
I always want to gone father you know that
The Polo didn't strike the man down
The God wants fight this war for us
They want to be a war
This is not a conflicted nation
this is a dispute between two men
And I don't want to see another one died because of me
Tomorrow morning I will challenge the.. for the right to Hellen
And then I will take her home
and burn before night fall
Father I'm sorry for the pain I caused you
Do you love her?
He want a great king
But he loves your country so much
Every place of grass
Every green of sense
Every rock in the river
You love all troys
I fought many wars in my time
Some for the lands, some for Parlo some for glory
So the troy..
My father carried this sword before he went back to the founding of troy
the history of people was reckoned by this sword
Carry with it tomorrow
The spirit of Troy is in the sword
As long as the soldier carry it
Up people has a future
I have never seen the spirit like that
and it's impossible to her
Don't go tomorrow
Please don't go
Fifty thousands Greece to watch your brother fight
You know this
Make it fine general my love
You have been fighting your whole life
You know I don't want to fight
I want to see my son grew tall
I want to see the girls chasing of him
I want to survive
I must be passed
What are you doing? Let me go. No
It's my fault.
It is. You know this
I still hear them screaming
They has been died because I'm here
I'm going dead to this. No you won't
I'm getting myself back to that
It's too late for that
It's about power not love
Power is going to fight in the morning. Yes
And they will kill him
I won't let that happen
It's decision. No
I can't task anyone to fight for me
I'm no longer queen this part
You're Princess of here
And my brother needs you tonight
My Lord
My Lord the army is marching
Let them march, we stay
But the men are ready
As your vision
Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to kill?
To take life? I am
The night I see their faces, all the men I killed
They're standing there at the far back from the river stick
They are waiting for me
They said welcome Parlo
I told you to fight but I not told you why to fight
I fight for you
Will you fight for I'm gone?
Soldiers they fight for kings and romance
They are told to die. Soldiers so big
Don't waste your life following some false orders
You sure you want to do this?
I started this war
Helen. Sit with me
I see you not hiding behind the high wall
You come to invite us
Get back to your ship and go home
We come too far Princeka
Prince. What Prince?
He's drinking his wine
and then steal his wife the night
It was shining when your wife left you
She was up there watching, wasn't she? Good
I want her to watch you die
Look around
I borrowed the warriors a peace to your shores
You can still say a choice young friend
I have two wishes
No one of your people need die
First you must get Helen back to my brother
Troy must meet in the Macoman to fight for me whenever I call
You want me to look upon your army and tremble
But I see them. I see fifty thousands men
brought here to fight for one man's great
Careful boy
My mess has limit
And I see the limit
And I tell you now
No son of troy would ever meet to follow Mura
Then every son of troy shall die..
There's another way
I love Helen
So we fight in the battle
The winner takes Helen home
A brave offer but not enough
Let me kill this..
Did you come here for your pretty wife?
I came here for Troy
I came for my honour
He insulted me, let me kill him
I love my revenge
So be
I except your challenge
And then I drunk your bones
My Lord, back to the line
Brother, if I fall
Tell Helen, tell her. I will
You think you're sought and he sought and nothing else
Get him. Come on
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