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Turn Left Turn Right

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(Love at First Sight) (by Wislawa Szymborska)
"Beautiful is such a certainty,"
Can I share your umbrella?
I'm going over there. It's on your way, right?
"but uncertainty is more beautiful."
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Try again.
No way!!!
We're making POP music here, not classical!
Give me something COMMERClAL!
Excuse me, Sir.
Can you explain what you mean by "COMMERClAL"?
I want the singer to go like this...
Play along like this... sexy...
Get it?
Let's try again!
Sorry, Sir... I'm not suited for this job.
What a waste of time!
Get me a girl for tomorrow.
No recording today?
Hey, remember me?
Last week we shared an umbrella.
What a coincidence... Want a lift?
No thanks.
It's on my way!
You don't even know where I live.
Taipei's not so huge, everything's on the way!
So where's your place? Show me the way.
Where are we?
You don't know how to get home?
I just moved in. Darn, where is it...
It's all right, I'll look out for the sign.
Do you smoke?
Smoking is bad.
It can give you cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems.
I had an uncle...
You're just so precious...
So tasty...
Is this it? Which building?
Do you live alone?
I'll go up with you!
Next time I see you, I'll eat you up!
(St. George's Publishing House)
Still haven't finished the draft?
Lost it?
Left it in the taxi?
Or was it the bus?
Wind blew it away?
Dog ate it?
None of the above? Is it a big problem or a little one?
It's a major problem.
What major problem?
George, did you translate the first volume or the second?
Did YOU translate the first or the second?
Did you do the first or the second?
Did YOU do the first or the second?
The first!
I said I'd do the first, you'd do the second!
Why did you do the first?
Want to publish two versions and see whose is better?
Sorry, sorry, I don't know what I was thinking...
When is the "Midnight Ghoul" series due?
Can we buy more time?
No more than a week!
Go start on the second one now!!
No, please...
I just moved... I don't want to move again!
What's this about moving?
I got so scared when I translated the first one...
and I even saw a ghost!
FlNE, then I'll do it. You edit.
YOU pay everyone --- take the damn company!!
OK, I'll do it...
"...the shadowy trees were terrifying;"
"it was like passing through the road to hell."
"As the frightened girl was rushing home,"
"a ghoul quietly appeared before..."
Next time I gaze upon you, you will die...
"The pitiful girl hid in her home,"
"hoping to escape the cries of the ghoul;"
"but he could slip in through cracks in the door"
"Janfusun Fancyworld is a popular spot"
"for school summer camping trips..."
"...the lake is in the Taipei suburbs"
"it has campgrounds, a gym, barbecue pits..."
"...and all sort of mechanical rides"
Good! Great musicality!
Let me hear you play a festive song!!
What festive song?
A song of celebration, like the birthday song!
You can play "Happy Birthday", right?
Of course!
Christmas songs?
How about Chinese New Year?
"Happy New Year"! Do you know it?
"Happy New Year"?
Happy New Year...
Very good! "Dragon Boat Day"?
"Dragon Boat Day?"
Report for work tomorrow!
It's just a job.
I studied culinary arts in France.
For X'mas, we've got to do a X'mas feast.
A New Year's feast for New Year's.
And a Dragon Boat banquet for Dragon Boat Day.
You've got the goods, you'll make it to Vienna some day!
And once you're famous,
I'll never tell anyone you worked here.
Do you like it?
You do!
Have a snack first!
Eat while you listen
Listen while you eat
Don't just eat and not listen
Hey! You over there!
We're starting now!
Please just have a look. George, please...
I won't publish it...
It was written by a Polish poetess, Wislawa Szymborska.
She even won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
I know! I know it's a good poem!
But there's NO MARKET for "MiXosc od pierwszego wejrzenia"
Yes there is!
Oh, yeah, how many copies would get sold?
Not even a hundred.
You want to lose your job, have me go bust
and watch the company go under?
At least listen to my translation
and give me some comments.
"Both are convinced"
"that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together..."
"Beautiful is such..."
Hello? Hold on.
Important business.
You've saved my life!
Where should we go for lunch?
Hi kitty cat, got a minute?
I translated a beautiful poem.
I'll share it with you.
"Both are convinced"
"that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together..."
"Beautiful is such a certainty,"
"but uncertainty is more beautiful."
"Because they didn't know each other earlier,"
"they suppose that nothing was happening between them."
"What of the streets, stairways and corridors"
"where they could have"
"passed each other long ago?"
"I'd like to ask them whether they remember"
"-- perhaps in a revolving door ever being face to face?"
"an 'excuse me' in a crowd"
Excuse me.
"or a voice 'wrong number' in the receiver."
Is this Ching Ang Bookstore?
Wrong number.
I'm sorry.
"But I know their answer:"
"no, they don't remember."
"They'd be greatly astonished"
"to learn that for a long time. Chance had been playing with them."
"Not yet wholly ready"
"to transform into fate for them"
"it approached them, then backed off,"
"stood in their way"
"and, suppressing a giggle, jumped to the side."
(Life is full of coincidences...)
(...even two parallel lines might some day meet.)
-To hell with you! -Damn you!
-You handsome princeling - You poised beauty
-Who doesn't pay rent. -Who doesn't pay rent.
-I'll never rent to a musician again. -I'll never rent to a writer again.
What's wrong with you? Watch your step!
Sorry, pretty lady!
Oh no!
Oh no...
Oh no...
It's all wet!
Sorry... Sorry...
I'll do it...
No, don't! Let me do it, I'm already soaked...
I'm so sorry, really...
Mom, should we help them?
No, they're fine.
"Both are convinced"
"that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together..."
"Beautiful is such a certainty,"
"but uncertainty is more beautiful."
Wow, your poem's fantastic!
I wish I were that talented.
It was written by a Polish poetess, Wislawa Szymborska
It's called... ' ' "MiXosc od pierwszego wejrzenia"
which means "Love At First Sight".
To speak Polish like that you ARE talented!
Wow, your song is so beautiful!
If only I were that talented.
It was written by a British composer, Edward Elgar,
It's from his Six Very Easy Pieces.
To play violin like that, you ARE talented!
"Chance had been playing with them."
"Not yet wholly ready to transform into fate for them"
"it approached them, then backed off,"
"stood in their way"
"and, suppressing a giggle"
"jumped to the side."
How old were you when you last rode a carousel?
1 3!
How about you?
Where was it?
Janfusun. How about you?
Also at Janfusun.
What a coincidence!
That year we went to Janfusun for our school trip,
and on the train I met this really adorable girl...
Her school was also going to Janfusun.
But I was even more shy then than I am now.
The whole vacation, I couldn't get myself to say a word to her,
and she never once even looked at me...
... even after that she still didn't look at me...
and soon the camping trip ended...
On the way back to Taipei, we passed so many stations,
but I still couldn't get myself to go over to her...
Give me your phone number.
At that moment I was SO happy!
But afterwards, she never called.
Maybe I'd written the number wrong?
Or perhaps something had happened to her?
I might never find out for the rest of my life!
I only have a hazy memory of how she looked.
All I clearly remember is her student number, 784533...
Are you... 763092?
I waited twenty-one stops for you!
Waited till you got off!
Give me your phone number.
My book bag!
You're pretty absent-minded!
My mother says
I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on!
Where's your bag?
Are you teasing me? I didn't bring my bag today!
Yes you did! You dropped the whole manuscript!
It must be at the fountain!
No! On the grass!
Hold it, please.
I've gotta go!
Me too!
Give me your phone number!
-What's your phone number? -What's your phone number?
-I'll call you. - I'll call you.
If I collect that rent, I'll take you out!
I'll take you out even if I don't collect!
Forget it, I'll go get it next week!
Both are convinced
that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together
"Beautiful is such..."
Did I take it?
Yes! Already took it!
Darn, expired!
Oh well, love cures all illnesses!
Good night, 763092!
Good night, 784533!
Can't sleep!
I'll probably wake up in the night laughing!
"Life is full of surprises.
The kite you're flying might suddenly sail away..."
Revival Mental Hospital!
Funeral Home
Sorry, wrong number
Taipei Fire Department.
2-7-8-5-6-2-1 -2...
Shilin Police Station!
Sorry, wrong number.
Is this 784533?
Wrong number.
Excuse me, I'm looking for 763092.
Wrong number!
2-4-8-3-1 -5-9-7...
24831 597
2-4-8-3-1 -5-9-7
Fast Food 88!
Is this 784533?
What? Didn't I say "Fast Food 88"?
Sorry, wrong number!
2-4-8-3-1 -5-9-7
Fast Food 88!
Is 763092 there?
What? I said "Fast Food 88"!!
Sorry! Wrong number!
2-4-8-3-1 -5-9-7
What would you like?
Beef rice.
Are you 7-8...
Are you Fast Food 88?
Do you deliver?
Yep! What do you want?
I'm sick, what should I eat?
Something not too oily... something bland?
Have some fish!
I don't eat fish!
You're a pain!
How about chicken?
Hold on.
Fast Food 88!
Is 7-6... Do you deliver?
Yes, hold on a sec!
Flat A, Block Four, 10 Fujing Street!
Phone number?
What'll you have?
I'm a bit sick.
Something not too oily, something bland?
Do you eat fish?
Then how about chicken?
Ok, fine!
Flat B, Block Four, 10 Fujing Street!
Phone number?
Got it.
Be careful.
Anybody home?
Leave it there.
How much?
A musician!
A struggling undiscovered artist!
Why are you fretting about that scrap?
It's a phone number!
Can I get to Block Four, Flat B, from here?
No, go back down and use the next entrance.
What a pain!
Phone number?
Can you tell what it is?
No way! How could anyone read this mess?
Maybe I'll figure it out soon.
You wish!
Toss it!
"Are you with your loved one this Christmas Eve?"
"Are you wandering alone on the street...
...waiting for midnight to arrive?"
"Or having a great time at a party?"
"This song goes out to all of you."
Block Four, Flat A?
Still not better? I know, stir-fried chicken...
Sick of chicken?
Try fish.
I'll make sure they add extra ginger.
Block Four, Flat B? Chicken again?
Sick of it?
Want fish instead?
Are you sure?
Two orders of fish,
one with extra ginger!
Ok. Two fish, one with extra ginger!
Ran out of medicine again?
Didn't get more? Still waiting for that call?
How much?
Forget it! Took it from the shop!
Still haven't figured out that number?
Is it really important?
Who is it? A girl?
I don't even know her name.
All I know is her student number, 784533!
We met during a school trip over 10 years ago.
We finally met again recently
and exchanged phone numbers.
I can't believe they got washed out by the rain.
Do you like her?
Even ifyou don't say it, I can tell!
Can you see into the neighbor's place?
You can't deliver it from here.
Don't be so lazy!
Do you know who lives next door?
Aren't you curious?
The old lady next door is SUCH A PAlN!
It's best you NEVER meet her!
Still haven't chucked that out?
If he were looking for you, he'd have called!
Maybe his got washed out!
It was raining really hard!
Yeah right, WHAT a coincidence!
It smells awful...
Help me...
I'm having trouble breathing...
High fever... then chills...
Send an ambulance, quick...
Flat A, Block Four, 10 Fujing Street...
Open up!
Open up!
Miss, was it you who called for an ambulance?
I don't know...
I got up to get some water, and suddenly... I just fainted...
I really don't know!
Must have been you, sick and dazed!
Let me grab some things...
They took so long...
Oh, it's not for me...
Why is my ambulance taking so long...
I feel awful...
What's wrong? Where does it hurt?
A few days ago I got caught in the rain, got a bad cold.
It's been getting worse,
first fever, then chills...
Today I could hardly breathe, I even fainted...
I know you!
You were in Foreign Languages at university!
Remember me?
The day after school started I jumped out at the entrance
with a bouquet and shouted "SURPRlSE"!
... I was a senior in the Medical School!
Remember me?
I remember. I was so scared I ran away,
and never walked to class that way again!
Boy, those were wild and crazy times...
You've got pneumonia... Admitted!
I don't want to be admitted.
I'm waiting for an important call.
What's more important than your life?
See? You've even packed your stuff.
How long do I have to stay?
Till I've won you over.
Doctor, he's really sick!
What's up? Where does it hurt?
A few days ago I got caught in the rain, got a bad cold.
It's been getting worse,
first fever, then chills...
Today I could hardly breathe,
I even fainted...
Touch of pneumonia.
Go wait outside. Get your medicine and go home.
What the hell? No way!
No X-ray? Won't you keep him here for observation?
You call yourself a doctor and this a hospital?
His ambulance never even came for him!
If I hadn't stopped by, he'd be DEAD by now!
He's got all his stuff and you won't even admit him!!
Admit him?
So anyone who shows up with a suitcase can just move in?
Waste of public funds!!
Give me your name! I'll sue the shit out ofyou!
You'll be ruined for life!
Name? Your name?
Fine, you want to stay, stay to your heart's content!
Stay a few years! Stay 'till you die!!
Bring your stuff and move in too!
Make way...
A guy like you needs a tough woman...
We're really destined for each other.
At first I worked in a restaurant in Tainan.
Business was booming. I was burning out, so I went to Hwalien,
but it was just as busy there, so I moved to Hsinchu,
no customers there... and where I work now, even less
Anyway, that's how I ended up in Taipei... and met YOU!
Early this year a fortuneteller told me
I'd meet someone destined for me... turns out to be you!
I started at a hospital in Kaohsiung,
then I was lured to Hwalien with a big offer,
then a place in Hsinchu offered me even MORE money...
Who would've thought, here they offered free room and board
Otherwise you wouldn't have met me again in Taipei!
Can you hook up an answering machine at my house?
Can you hook up an answering machine at my house?
What phone call could be so important?
Who is it? Your parents?
A boyfriend?
Someone you've got a crush on?
You're still waiting for that call?
You wait at home till you're nearly DEAD and you're still waiting?
If she was going to call she'd have called ages ago!
You think her phone number's smudged too?
I'll do it myself.
Will you help me?
Of course!
You can count on me!
ALL RlGHT, I'll help you...
She'll NEVER get through to you anyway!
A rival! A quick battle for a quick outcome!
I came last night to watch the soccer! I didn't have time to tidy up.
How was I supposed to know you'd come home so soon!
What's all this trash? Did you have a party?
There were matches all week!
Monday it was Manchester United against Arsenal...
Tuesday AC Milan against...
Did you SLEEP here?
What's the big deal?! You gave me the key so I could come over!
I gave you the key so you could get me a message machine!
I'll clean the place up for you!
"You've reached an answering machine. My man's not home."
"Leave a message."
"MY MAN??"
I love you!
I want to be your girlfriend!
How do you work this? How can I record a new greeting?
I'll never tell you!
I made that message just for 654321...
But in any case she'll never call you...
Where's the manual?
Gone! I threw it out!
You and 654321 aren't meant to be.
You met once and screwed things up, then did the same thing all over...
It's just a dead end...
Give back the key.
What key?
You must have copied my key.
Here it is.
Come get it!
The one I like is 784533...
Not 654321
Who is it?
What are you doing?
Taking a shower!
Why in my FLAT?
Your faucet was leaking, the lights were going dim!
I worked up a big sweat fixing things. I HAD to shower!
How did you get my key?
I made a copy when
I installed the answering machine.
"This is a recording."
"My wife's not here right now. Please leave a message."
Why do you call me your WlFE??!!
Wait and you'll see!
How do you work this?
Where's the manual?
Marry me!
The moment I saw you at school, it was love at first sight!
When I saw you again at the hospital, it was love at first sight again!
Where else could you find two "love at first sights?"
I'll never give up!!
But I don't have feelings for you...
Yes you do! You just don't know it!
Let's at least get engaged!
But there's someone I love!!
I know-767092, right?
No! He's 763092!
You don't even know his name! You'll never find him!
No way are you two destined for each other!
How can he be better than me?
Is he richer? Is his car nicer?
Is his house bigger? Is he more handsome?
Is he as buff as me?
As buff as me?!
Have you seen 784533?
I am really sad!
I lost 784533!
Sorry, we have to go.
Have you seen 763092?
Can you help me look for him?
It's a deal.
Baby, do you remember me?
Do you have something to tell big sister?
What're you doing?
I can't translate baby talk!
Sorry. He's usually so well-behaved.
I don't know why he's acting so strange today...
It's ok.
I can't understand dog talk!
Sorry! He's usually so good!
I don't know why he's like this today...
"This is a recording."
"My wife's not home right now. Please leave a message."
Forget it!
This is 21 087591! Got something to say, say it!
Forget it! I give in...
This is 21981587. Leave your message!
Your order?
Beef noodles.
Sorry, traffic jam.
It's ok. Sit.
The right girl? No problem?
What are you doing?
Your order?
Beef... noodles.
Does she have a lover?
She doesn't even have any friends!
And even YOU are hardly in the picture, far as I can tell!
No friends... that's great...
Boy, she's so pretty, really stands out sharply in the crowd,
radiating brightness...
Look, so elegant and refined...
Now, THlS is what you call a true woman.
Who gives a shit???
Give them back!
Why is my boyfriend in every shot??
This can't be.
Not in this one!
He's not in this one!
Nope! Here he is!
Boy, everywhere, just steps apart... Iike they're destined for each other...
THAT's destiny? Being left or right, a few steps apart?
Say you're a thief! And she's a whore!
So if you end up in the same jail cell, is THAT destiny??!!
If he's dismembered and so are you
and you're buried in the same hole, is THAT destiny?
Keep an eye on your boyfriend!
You keep tabs on your girl!
I'll help you, here!
No need, I'll do it. You go make your deliveries.
Yeah, right, they'll all die if they miss a meal...
That's no good... it'll flip over...
No, it'll be fine.
What are you doing?
I told you we're destined for each other!
Just when you're in a fix l show up in the nick of time,
I'm really your better half,
the most important woman in your life!
Without me, you'd be lost!
No, no, you can tell it won't fit in there!
Let's just try.
But it's too big for your trunk.
No problem.
-No. -No problem.
It'll scratch your car!
Oh, no, you're right.
What should I do?
I know!
I'll call a car!
-Careful... don't scratch it... -Watch the pole...
Really, don't bother!
This is no good!
There! Done! Let me take care of the man's work!
I told you we're destined for each other.
You know, I usually don't even take this road...
and the day I turned this way I ran into you, and
it's lucky, 'cause there's no way you could move this!
And who else but me could get a hold of an ambulance!
Boy, is that heavy!
Well, I guess you're not so neat and tidy either.
Hey, it's time for the game, it's the semi-final.
This one will be a great game.
Good pass!
Shoot! Shoot!
Missed again?!
This isn't what "destiny" is like.
If two people meet and they both fall in love,
that's destiny for sure.
If neither loves the other,
even if they meet millions of times, it's still not destiny!
If one's in love and the other isn't,
and the one who's in love grabs on and won't let go
while the other just wants to run away,
not only is it not destiny... it's pain.
I used to like watching the matches,
even like to have friends over to watch with me...
But I guess you kind of scare me...
1 to 1! It's tied!
Ok, it's done.
Say goodbye to the Mrs Hu?
Bye, Mrs. Hu!
Whew, your horse is a monster.
I'm soaked through, I'd better take a bath!
Can you please not take a bath?
I... don't really like you.
And I really don't like you taking a bath here.
Last time you did it I scrubbed the tub for three days.
I bought the shampoo in Japan,
I only used it now and then to cheer myself up
but after you used it I threw it away.
And the soap, towel and robe, well, I threw them all out...
I guess I just don't love you...
if I did it wouldn't feel like this.
The horse is the one 763092 rode...
it's dirty and heavy,
but I was determined to bring it home...
How can I just leave like this?
Let me borrow a hair-dryer.
I've got tons of money...
a car, a house...
Did 709394 ride on this horse?
It's 784533!
Last time when we met, we rode a carousel together in a park...
You'll never see 709394 again.
Why don't you marry the friggin' wooden horse and ride it to hell!!
You've been so kind to me...
we can be friends, ok?
Is this a consolation prize?!
You have no idea how many nurses, patients, women
would love to have me take a bath in their houses...
I'm in a bad mood today, so don't you "humph" at me!!
So those two have been neighbors all this time! Incredible!!
You'd better not tell them!
I hope they never meet again for the rest oftheir lives!
Ifyou don't tell them, they won't.
I hope they never meet again for THREE lifetimes!
Let's make an oath!
A blood oath!
A pact!
If I ever tell them... I'll be struck by lightning...
my guts will burst and my body rot!
My son will be born without a peepee!
Have we met before?
Probably more than once!
Maybe ten times!
A hundred times!
A thousand times!
Ten thousand times!
A million times!
So it's WE who are destined for each other!
And they're just extras in OUR romance!!
784533, I've written a song.
Happy Birthday!
Why such a big photo?
The bigger it is, the more shocking it'll be...
What do you think she'll do when she sees it?
She'll want to die!
Do you have another copy?
Sure do!
What're you doing?
Killing off another one!
1, 2, 3!
Naughty you!
Knock it off!
"Both are convinced"
"that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together."
"Beautiful is such a certainty,"
"but uncertainty is more beautiful."
"but uncertainty is more beautiful."
What's up?
Sit down, sit down...
I'm seeing someone now! She's my girlfriend!
She's totally smitten! Can't stand being apart one minute!
So, what's wrong? You mentioned some weird pictures...
I didn't want to bother you. But I just couldn't figure it out,
and I didn't know who to talk to about it...
Of course you can talk to me! At least I understand a little...
I've received these photos...
Each one has me and 763092...
All this time we've been this close to each other,
but we still haven't met!
God, it's so awful!
Worse than living in two separate places!
Maybe it'll be like this your whole lives?
Even when you're 90, you still won't know you're passing right by each other!
You're on the flyover, he's down below!
You get to street level, he goes into a tunnel.
You go into the tunnel, he goes up on the flyover!
Cheer up. Forget what I said.
He and l, we're both like people who've lost their shadows...
What'd she say?
She said she's lost her shadow!
Don't go all soft on me!
We took a blood oath, right?
What is it? Want to get back together?
Too late! I've chosen a doctor, instead of you.
Congratulations! You've found a willing boyfriend.
How about you? Have you found 784574?
No, she's 784533!
Who cares?! It's not even her name!
Something very weirdo has happened.
I've received these photos...
...all along, in so many places,
we've been just so close...
Just like I've been saying, not destined for each other.
Maybe we'll never meet again...
So what will you do?
I'll just keep hoping that at least she can be happy...
She and l, we're like two people who've lost their shadows...
What's up? Have you guys finished talking?
He's also saying he's lost his shadow!
It's only the rain.
I'll leave you guys alone!
I'm not working at the restaurant anymore...
Here's my home number.
If you need me, give me a call at this number.
Why'd you give him our home number?
I gave him HER number!
Didn't you say we've taken a blood oath?
I didn't tell him it was her number.
Let's see what he does
...if I'm still in his heart, he'll get through to her;
if not, he'll never find her!
-You... -What?
You know I prefer him to you
I'm only with you 'cause he chose HER!
Why do you have to rub it in?
'Cause you haven't told me to stop!
Well, you know I prefer her to you, same deal,
I'm only with you 'cause she chose HlM!
If I'm in your heart, just give me a call!
Let's go.
Excuse me...
Perhaps you can play us one more number.
Maybe your favorite piece of music, or something you composed yourself.
Have a seat.
I've read your translation of...
Wislawa Szymborska's "Love At First Sight".
It was quite good!
Thank you.
There's a poem from China's Sung Dynasty, written by Li Zhiyi.
It's quite similar to "Love At First Sight".
Do you know it?
Do you mean "Fortuneteller"?
"l live at the head of the Yangtze River, you live at its mouth"
"l think of you constantly but never see you"
"Though we drink the same Yangtze water"
"When will this river rest?"
"When will my pain end?"
"lf your feelings are just the same as mine,"
"We'll never stop longing for each other."
Relax, take your time... no hurry here.
Can you recite it again... in Polish?
This is a piece I wrote for a girl I lost.
It's my way of saying I miss her,
and I hope she's doing well.
That was very impressive!
You've got the job.
Together with the wooden horse it's 12 boxes
going to this address in Vienna.
Have a look, and sign if it's all correct.
"This is 21087591! Got something to say, say it!!"
It's me.
Well, just thought I'd call to let you know
I've been accepted by an orchestra in Europe. So I'll be leaving Taipei.
Just called to say goodbye...
"This is 21981587. Leave your message!"
It's me.
I'm leaving! Wanted to say goodbye.
I'm joining an American publishing house. I'll be leaving Taiwan
and won't be back for a while...
"It's me."
"I'm leaving! Wanted to say goodbye."
"I'm joining an American publishing house. I'll be leaving Taiwan"
"and won't be back for a while."
"...actually, there's something I want to talk to someone about but,"
"you know, I don't have any friends..."
"It's me."
"Well, just thought I'd call."
"I've been accepted by an orchestra in Europe. So I'll be leaving Taipei."
"Just called to say goodbye..."
"...actually, besides you, I don't really have any friends..."
"Lately, it's been the same every day. I go out wandering, stop somewhere,"
"wait for an hour, maybe two,"
"to see if he might pass by..."
"I've been acting like such an idiot lately."
"l keep thinking if I cross the street I'll run into her,"
"so I cross over;"
"then I decide if l cross back over I'll see her,"
"so I cross back over;"
"after a while I don't even know where I'm going..."
I thought maybe I could find him on the Metro,
so I went and got on.
I rode the Danshui Line, the Mushan Line, the Nanshijiao Line;
riding back and forth from morning till evening,
until they stopped the trains and kicked me off...
Once I suddenly got the feeling...
that she'd be at the bookstore,
so I made a special trip over there...
I waited for two nights straight.
I'm tired.
Anyway, well, it's better for me to go away, go overseas,
at least there he won't be somewhere to my left or right.
If I know I can't possibly see him maybe I won't feel so bad...
If I go all the way to Europe and somehow she's still near me,
I guess I'll be able to spot her, since she'll really stand out in the crowd!
She recited a Polish poem for me,
there's one part I really like...
"Not yet wholly ready"
"to transform into fate for them,"
"it approached them,"
"then backed off, stood in their way"
"and, suppressing a giggle, jumped to the side."
Or maybe it's like the poem said,
it just isn't the right time yet...
when the time is right, that's when we'll see each other again...
We've already lost each other once,
and that was 13 years ago, so maybe we'll find each other again...
I know 13 years is a long time, but
even if it's another 13 years, it'll still be wonderful when I see her again...
And if after another 13 years I still don't see him,
it'll still be wonderful when I finally do see him, even another 13 years later!
As long as I get to see him...
I just really want to see 784533...
I just really miss...
Can't you please give me a miracle?
Let me see him one more time!
One last chance...
Just one more minute...
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