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Subtitles for Twins Effect 2 2004.

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Twins Effect 2 2004

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Twins Effect 2 : The Blade of the Rose
We will pay off the debt after these bells are sold out.
You know, sometimes, Man is useful.
Man could do some heavy word, cook, take care of child.
Even massage!
If you wanna have a baby,
You could try to find handsome man.
However, do not fall in love.
Because man is always a slave in Kingdom of Amazons.
There is no man in the Palace.
Because the Queen hate man.
Hello I am Spring. First time for me.
Don't think I am hiding something.
Today, I will show you the best we have.
This is a perfect product.
This is "Ying BangBang", who is only 18.
Come over and look!
See, soft skin.
Nice Body, You wanna touch him, right?
"Ying BangBang", turn around!
He could do anything, laundry, cook, etc.
He will not disappointed you.
And now, we have a special price.
Only two gold coins!
I will pay for 3!!
Obviously, the one who pay the most will win.
Thank you, Boss.
What are you doing?
No, I don't want it.
What You think these are fake coin
Hi,Sir, Don't be mad, I will take care of it.
What the hell, you wanna die
Look, there is a big naevus on her face
There is even a hair on it I don't like it.
You are so picky Wanna have a queen
Let me go to hell
Wait, don't be stupid
Take a look at me.
Am I pretty
How about her
She is pretty too.
Let me go, it's easier for you to finish your job.
Ok, just take a bell.
I will give you 1000 gold coins.
Stop!, Don't run.
Where is the flag stone
Mr. Hiding Tiger, the one you asked me to steal from the palace.
Right here.
Stay with original plan See you in 3 days.
Star of King appears.
The world is messing around.
Star of King appears.
The world is messing around.
Block and close the scene, go get the enemy
God, all of my bells runs away, go get them
Did you say my bells?
Yes, I catch two of them.
Give them back to me
Don't run
What are doing You are so dirty.
What, you have my bells, and you wannt hit me
Don't you konw you are so annoying
I will stay away if you give the bells back to me.
Don't make me kick your ass, I said I didn't see those bells.
You wanna fight? Come on
Who is she
Nothing to do with you.
Did you get him
It doesn't seems that you did it.
Whatever, anyway, I got him, and my job is done.
How is it
Only got two, the others are gone.
Just these two skinny ones
It's better than nothing.
Bring them back and make the soup
Are you Spring
What, you wanna apologize
You ruin my business.
Give all my bells back
Oh,you are General Ermando
Why you are so available today
Do you remember me
Of course But, Uh...
I am kinda of short on Money lately.
I see.
Can you go to look for a man for me?
If you find him, everything is cancel off.
Whom do you want me to look for
A man.
Who is very important to me.
Is he very handsome
He is very special, and not common at all.
You guys are very similiar.
What's his name
He is acting outside of the town.
However, that is illegal.
So, what should I do
He is special, a special man.
What kinda man
A kind of­
He is not like the men nowadays­
That kinda man.
Any further details
Whenever he see a pretty women He is ear­
His ear will get red right away.
Hey General, wake up.
Ok, well.
You must find him, ok
My bells.­
The bells are confiscated for now.
If you find that man.
I will give everything back to you.
Spring, Help me Bail me out­
Whatever I lost today­
I will get everything back tomorrow
Red Eagle
Did you ask people from "Wild Wolf" to get him
As an officer in the Palace.
Don't not cooperate with people from "Wild Wolf".
Why is that
I did what you told me.
But not in a right way.
How dare you say that to me You need to respect.
You are the one with no respect
You XuanJi Officer, you have to listen to me
I only listen to women here.
Not man.
You are not a real man.
Get out of here.
Please, let her go.
From now on, you are not XuanJi Officer anymore.
Your majesty.
As the person who is in charge of security team.
Someone stole something from the Secret room in our Palace.
At that time, why didni't you do anything
Your majesty!
I am watch those who are fixing the wall at that time.
And, You ever said:
The secret room is forbidden.
And, we only lose a flagstone.
Shut up
I know you are fucking with someone at that time.
And you will get a death penalty
Your Majesty!!­
Get him out, kill him
I hate those matched couple.
The Queen is getting crazy.
The star of King appear,
The world is messing around.
How is it? Who is the Star of King.
Both of them are not.
Kill him
There is only one left on the family tree.
So, he must be the Star of King.
I worried about that flagstone. I don't want him to have it.
If he decode the flagstone, and find the sword.
That will be a huge trouble.
Even the flagstone is stolen by Croching tiger, hidden dragon group.
However, they might know where is The star of King.
They don't know, the flagstone knows.
It has spiritualism It could find the star by itself.
Follow wherever the flagstone is. You find the star.
Even we find the star, so what
He is doomed to take your place.
What, you wanna die
Kill me place
How could I kill you I am not that bad.
Your majesty, she is your sister!!
You are feeling the pain

Your wound­ Don't touch me
Never, ever touch me!!!
Whatever you have touched­
I don't want tham.
Sister, the predict said that
If we are married with the King,We will get the world
You cannot lose the world, only for the love.
But I can.
I have Nei Liao
Nei Liao
Ya Ge
So, she is­
You are Ya Ting
Ya Ting, I will never forgive you
Someone try to assassinate the King
From now on.
I will make all men in the world­
Suffer and Torture
All of them will be under my control.
Go to get any information about the flagstone, Now
The Eagly will bring you to find the one Who stole the flagstone.
And, when he was besiedge by our soldier.
He has the cut would on his left arm.
Tell me whenever you find him.
Got it.
1,2,3, Go
Sorry, again.
What are you doing
Sorry, a mistake.
Are you ok
You idiot
Don't even think about the dinner tonight
Where is Peachy? I don't know.
We cannot start it without leading role!!
Melon Seed Go get the cloth of Peachy, and try it on.
Master Blackwood We would have no problem this time.
Once Upon a time. There are a fairy twins
The god want to marry them all.
However the younger sister seems to have a trouble­
Just on time Where are you
Master Blackwood is looking for you everywhere.
Your hand­
Don't worry not a big deal.
I have a business with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I will make big money.
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
The one who is the most wanted now
He is super
I wil give this to him at Tiger Jump Cliff in 3 days.
After the, I would never return.
This is...Don't touch it!! It worth a lot of money.
You stupidWhere are you, you are late.
What are you guys talking about. Get on the stage.
Go, go to change your cloth!
Prepare! 1,2,3!
Whenever he see a pretty women, His Ear..
His ear will get red all of a sudden.
Am I Pretty
Yes, you are.
Master Blackwood Give me a augury.
You are ready for the play An Augury!
Please, it is very important.
What is so important
Ok, here, take it and have a look.
White Horse.
Human and beast don't match each other This side
Master Blackwood, you are good
See, I told you
Are you happy now? Happy
You could work well if you are happy Good luck.
Am I pretty
Be serioius.
You are pretty.
Say it with some emotion
You are so pretty
Red like a apply Gotta be you.
Weiwei, Don't you every say that you only like me
Are you the head Or, you are­
Sister­It has nothing do to with me
It is actually her magic­
I won't listen, no listening­
I hate you
I think you made a mistake.
I don't want it.
I don't want have whatever he touched.
Charcoal Head
Let me stay with you.
No man could get close to me.
Since you hate man so much.­
WellI will do it
Arrest them all
Who told you to play lsuch a joke
What's up­ What's going on
Take them all
RunMy son
Don't moveStop
Get out
Get out as soon as possible
Thank you.
I thought you found the flagstone already.
Have a cake.
Turn in the flatstone.
I consider you as a talented man.
I want you to be "JISI" after I got the Sword.
After than, let's build our kindom together.
We are not on the same boat.
Well, just keep being a royal slave.
What is this
Peach gave it to me yesterday secretly.
He ask me to give this to that­
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
I will make some money with him after then.
What a diamond
We will get rich.
This is the map.
Is this River Duo yi
I see, this is the mapy for treasure.
The position of the dimond is where the treasure is at.
Oh, I know,
Block head is not back yet, grill some fish for him.
Where is charcoal head
Where is his stuff
Googoo, tell me.
They have the flagstone, and went to look for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
They said they are looking for some treasure
Treasure What treasure
I heard about Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a strong, handsome man.
Ok, done piece of cake.
No, it's not right.
Try again.
Charcoal head.
What a nice day.
I am Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
White Horse
I am handsome, and ride on a white horse. You don't have to fuss.
Have you ever watch our play?
I have to be careful of anything since I make a living everywhere.
You have to have this kinda skill.
Yes, you are right.­
Show me the map.
Where is Peachy, I did see her.
I just asked him to go for the 2nd treasure. He will get rich this time.
Yes he will.
Master, I want to work with you and follow you.
I usually come and go alone.
It's too hard for you.
I am someone who would do something big.
So, you should let us do such piece of cake.
We are your understrapper.
Let us do these kinda stuff.
Bring us with you.
Are you forcing me
Ok, I will accept you guys You need to lead me the way.
Who are you
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
You are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon And, who is him
He is a good fighter.
Who win, who would be the real one.
Well, you just come on the right time.
Actually, both of us are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
I am Crouching Tiger She is Hidden Dragon.
We are sisters.
You are looking for the treasure, too, aren't you How about, working together.
This could avoid any conflict.
We are good sisters.
Why do you have that mustache on
Well, it is popular to have a mustache now.
You like it, I can give you half piece of my mustache
Let's go.
Are we going to get some of the treasure after we find them
What That is good.
Get this on
I said I will work for you.
But I have see I will sell the bells for you,too.
Yes, we don't do nothing about bells.
So, you are stupid.
Man walking in the street is illlegal
This is called camouflage
Let's go.
I have to make it clear. I am the first one to discover this.
I need something more than 10% after we find them.
No proglem.
70% for me, 30% for you.
You know what, it should be 80-20
Well, ok.
Like that
Don't play with me I am not stupid.
I really want to sell them to make the bells.
Right,right, we are doing the same business.
But, that cool one­ My client have reserved.
No problem.­
Are you hungry.
Hey, you two. Yes, Sir.
Go get a rabbit for our dinner.
Yes, Sir
That side.
I said this side. There is one there, too
That side.
Are you ok
How is it
My master, Do we have to eat it
It is wounded, and it is so cute.
Ok, we won't eat it since it is cute.
So, you will be our dinner
Idiot, what do we have if you let it go
Talking about fighting, you are good.
Talking about being a man, I am a Pro.
I thought you are so professional
We could not bring out our real heart since we sells bells.
Yeah, you are right.
Come on, it doesn't matter.
But, I think you have a crush on that Charcoal Head.
It is not normal.
Are you falling in love
Don't be shy We are women, we could talk about this kinda stuff.
I am interested in Charoal head at all.
Ok, if you don't want him. I will take him.
Ok, I will do it.
You better shout, and let everyone know.
Actually, Crouching Tiger...He,uh...
Mr.Crouching Tiger, I have made the bed for you.
Anything else I can do?
What are you good at?
We could shower together.
I have two sexy lips.
God, I am lucky that I didn't eat so much today.
Ok, you could go now.
Come one, let me wash your back for you.
I could make you fell very comforble.
Come one, just try.
I said no
I hate when girl does this.
Are you mad at me
Come on.
Tiger, man could make me angry
You know what I am thinking aobut now? I am thinking about the Treasure.
How about money
Money is enough.
Come over here.
What are you doing Who do you think you are
Wear itYou are like a woodhead.
Young guy, take it easy.
Woman is always janus-faced.
Cake is coming, have some.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Have some cake.
I hate eating this.
Just a cake.
Two pretty girls.
I am Miss Pretty. Do you mind if sit here
Yes I mind.
I will sit here anyway.
Hey, you are pretty fashionable.
Especially your two piece of mustache.
En, you got good taste. Let me tell you.
I make this from the shop over there.
It's a actual hair. It's not fake.
It looks sexy.
You wanna sell it
Sell it to me.
No, who let you speak
No. we don't sell
How old are you.
You cannot have these.
Let me tell you.
I am The Queen's emissary.
I need to bring them back to the palace.
Emissary Prove it
The cake is the proof
I have one, too.
Who are you
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon again
Fake one
Sorry about this.
This is for the apology.
That's ok­
You said one of those young guys is the Star of King
That mean, he would be the next King
Yes, according to the Predict­
This flagstone will bring out the Star of the King.
Find the Ghost City, get the sword, and kill the Monster.
So, we don't have to suffer anymore.
Our responsibility is to protect our King And, get the sword back.
You are so great
Don't worry, you will be the King for sure.
Not really.
Then, why you guys are so excited
It's not even true.
Are you two strong enough to kill the Queen?
Forget about it.
Wrap it up, and leave.
I want it to be nice in the rest of our lives.
Come one, wrap it up.
Master Blackwood.
Master Blackwood,Master Blackwood...
Shut up. I have nothing to say to you.
Master Blackwood.
Come down and listen to me, ok?
Hey, can I borrow the lighter?
I don't smoke.
Am I pretty?
Hurry up and let's go home
They almost ruin everything.
You are not Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Are you looking for the treasure? Anything to do with someone?
See, they are bad and stupid.
They cannot even recognize who is bad or nice.
Let's go.
We cannot just leave Master Blackwood there alone.
They are doing good there.
Master Blackwood would be happy after I become the King.
And you could stay with your dream man.
This is good.
Everyone who sell bells, has it.
You don't have it
Here you go.
Ready to go.
Hurry up.
Come on, hurry up.
Charcoal, if I am the King.
We will not be the slaves anymore.
Maybe, you will be the King.
I am confident that you will be the one.
I will help you.
There should be a lot of money there.
Don't get close to me, Do I know you
Don't misunderstand.
You think I want to be the Queen
I don't like it.
So sick.
You don't say it, but I know you want it so much.
I am working hard.
Charcoal knows me.
I hate this.
Don't you touching women is illegal
Chop your hand.
We are getting close to Ghost City.
There is no ghost here.
You are one.
I am a sexy Ghost.
Go, hurry up.
Don't be afraid. I will bless you.
Climb the trees.
What the hell is this, so scary.
It is Ghost City, I told you.
What, I am scared.
Be Quiet.
Hold me tight.
Too much.
Give me the flagstone.
Red Vulture
Watch out
Why did you save me
Even we are not on the same boat/
We are still good sisters.
But, you don't even know what I am thinking.
Of course I know. Being a King is that important to you
In my whole life.
If I cannot be the King.
I will die sadly.
Hold it tight.
Red Vulture
I cannot die young.
Don't worry. We will not die.
If I die
Remember to hold my hand.
I am afraid of one man.
You are humans
The man of underground.
I am PaluPa
I am Kaguka
You smile.
You cry.
You bad.
You kill
Hug me, haha.
I wanna laugh.
Be serious.
You are useless!
You should hold me tight.
It's you.
I told you eat more, but you never listen to me.
Hate you.
Shut up.
You are playing with me
Come one, let's go to look for Charcoal Head.
We are teh ancience of Underground man. We are originaly from Northern Grassland.
We have a nice life there.
We could laugh whenver we want.
Cry whenever we want.
We love working, and we are hard working.
Have fun at night.
However, the Queen don't like these.
We are not allowed to love.
So , we have to hide in this cavity.
To continue our life.
You could see, we are hiding everywhere.
We became Ghosts.
Get crazy, and we cannot see the sunshine.
We want to revenge.
PaluPa, calm down.
Revenge, revenge.
Are those yours?
Yes, thanks.
How about this?
What is this? It looks good.
Dont' touch it.
It's too foggy here.
Let's go after the fog is gone.
It is safe befhind the rock.
It's us.
I thought you are gone.
They are not ghost but underground man.
The are so funny.
Why you are hand in hand?
And hold each other this tight?
I know you well
What, you are taking advantage of me if you hug me.
What is this place, too foggy here.
There is a door.
Here, the entrance.
Nice, I found it.
How to open it
Right here.
Do we need that flagstone
What is this damn place
Forget about it, let's go.
So many weapons here.
Where is the treasure.
There should be a sword here
There are many of them, which one is the real one
He is coming, Let's go
Hurry Up, run
We have bad luch everytime when we see him.
What, only a pool, and walls.
Nothing else.
That's me
Why is was my past?
It's cheat!
Give me money
You just cheat!
Cheat your mates?
Cheat mates?
There is a sword
There is a sword
Then you are the king,I'm the queen
We'll be rich
Be a nice man
You looks don't like a normal fighter
I'm Zheng Yang Tribe's warrior
I'm the past dynasty's general
Bet wrong
Did I said I'm the king?
You said,you want to be the queen
vent your anger to me?
It's lucky I didn't bet my body
then I lost so much!
You say it again
I don't care
What? Blockhead,forget about it
Go away
Just was lucky,you are not The Star of the King
drop the sword
I never thought take this sword
Blockhead,that's not my purpose
Put it back!
Find where is Armour right now
Let me know if you find The Star of the King
You are the spy
Don't let her escape!
Are you all right?
Release Charcoal Head now!
You do for your country,and me for my country
You cheat me all the time
I'm sorry­
Did you want this sword?I don't want it­
I give it to you!
The Star of the King appears,Huadu got chance
Everything is yours now
hurt Charcoal Head
It's not my purpose,I can't control myself­
You go first
I don't wanna be king!
You only know money!
Sister just told me
The Star of the King already got the Sword
Take easy,I already have plan
We will get The Star of the King and the Sword
If you want conquest the world,order others
You must be cool and cold-blood
With that,you might be control the Sword
Never thought a kid
can fight me with the Sword
it's killing himself
flamen,I'm sorry
I'm not good enough to be an emissary
Stop sayying that,your eyes already told me
you failed becouse you move your emotion
I'm useless
You go
Why queen do that with you
you still stay together with her?
Pay for the one I like
It's a naturally thing
13th Master,do you feel good?
Can you remove your hand from me?
I'm so sick with you
Really?Then we could play doctor and patient game
I'm so good to be a doctor,cough
Get out
What fuck the doctor and patient gam
His name is "Come with waves"
Come here two days ago
Take good care of guest
You have a cute name "Come with waves"
Someone change!
Why you doing that?We know each other
You can thought nothing happened And thought me like­
Handsome man
That's right
I'm poor,and not the king
I'm cowboy!
Just drink
Corrup yourself
You so hypocritical
You just want to sell me at first
Yes­I just want money
You don't want money?
Ok!I'll catch you and sell to fat genera Edo Bowman
Nice,then I don't need to worry anything in my life
Go now!
Ok,just go!
So coincident?
genera Edo Bowman
Did you find the man?
If you still can't find him,your business­
Of course I found him
Where is him?
I'm here,let's go
What are you doing?
I don't know!
Just go!
Still run away?
I'm the one you want
Take me go
Shut up!
You so dare to talk me like that?
You thought I'm ok with anyone?
Is he not the one you looking for?
He like man too
Take him back!
You can't order me
Now he is mine
You fall in love with Bells?
I'm fall in love with Bells
Bells Boss love Bells­
Is that funny?Can't I?
You can't do your business any more!
You go to hell,and I just don't wanna do it anymore!
Now you poor like me
Who said?I still have you
I sell you as bells
then I'll get money
You will?
What are you doing here?
I want talk to you Now I'm not Queen's man
And,I hope you can notify Charcoal Head
Even he got the Sword,he still can't fight with Queen
Tell him don't kill himself
I don't it was true or fake,just notify Charcoal Head
Ok Let's go
How can we go with that dress
Am i pretty
Ok hurry up
I already know she like king
Take them to secret chamber
I'm right
The one who moves you is the king
You wanna let him come here?
flamen please let him go
He absolutely can't fight with Queen
I want that Sword
Its you who wanna be king
the flowers op,The Star of the King appears
the world would in chaos
the flowers­
it open and fad as my mind
Sister,Its my fault.
Nei Liao never betray you
Forgive him
I'm sorry
I can't turn back
You are the only one who know me
You two,must same as me
Love as your hate!
Shaikh of each Tribe
The Star of the King already got the Sword
We can fight with Kingdom of Amazons tomorrow
You want us go war with The Star of the King?
But did you see what he looks like­
Now you get place to live,get food to eat Only have to endure women...
War will let you die
Even better than dead
If you like me­
That's too bad
Master Blackwood,is that you?
Help me­
I already know everything about you
Now I just wanna have some words with you
Who are you?
I'm not human
I'm a monster
What are you talking about?
Charcoal Head,don't be scared
You see
The Queen make me like this...
She want to trun man to woman
So she experiment on me
Now I don't sure I'm a man or a woman
If you just stay watch
Next one who becouse monster­might be you!
You!You!It might be you!
We should separate our army,and assail from two sides
Even lost your life,you should restore your country!
Charcoal Head!
Master Blackwood
I'm sorry
Stop sayying that
Blue and Spring was cought by Queen
Charcoal Head,to be a good king...
You can't just care yourself
Come out!
We come here,already be ready for dead
Arrange team!
Arrange team!
Edo Bowman
This man,I won't let him go next time
I miss you so much!
I thought I can't see you in my life
Don't cry
Your ear always so sexy.
Before a big crowd,don't be sickeningly disgusting
General,should we fight or not?
Fight!We must fight!
However we should fight together
If we overturn the Devil
We'll have normal life
Don't worry
We overturn the Devil Not woman
The furture world have the equality of men and women Everyone have freedom
With love
Ok!Let's clear Devil
Devil apply magic!run!
To the plave have sunshine!go!
I won't leaveI'm with you
I won't leave,it's so hard to get together with you
I'll never leave!
King,there is the palace
Are you ok? So pain
what are you doing Blue
Why just become two crazy bitch?
I dont know...
what are you doing
Charcoal HeadDon't do that
Charcoal Head
Hold outCharcoal Head
Charcoal Head
Hey are you all right
Blue I'm Charcoal Head.
Don't be silly just let's go
Spring dont't waste your time ok
Blue no
Charcoal Head,What are you doing with lie on the ground?
What's happen
You two just wanna attack us.
You just scratched at me like crazy.
What Why i did that
So pain.
Are you all right
Don't know who hit me with a gunny-bag cover my head.
You see?Already injured me!
It's Blockhead­
Are you all right?
It should be are you all right
Don't waste time,let's go
Charcoal Head,take that Sword back
Never ever let Queen get the Sword.
Charcoal HeadCharcoal Head­
Blockhead go help Charcoal Head with fire
You take the Sword.
I stop Qeen,go!
Charcoal HeadCharcoal Head­
You go away
Charcoal Head hold on hold on
I feel so cold...
Are you ok
Hold on­
We can make it­
We can.
We can make it
Charcoal HeadNo
Reluctant to give up
Because a man who cheated you, you'll give up the world?
Even give up your life?
Charcoal Head,just cut it off!
I don't wanna die!
One more usless guy
Nei Liao
You teach him how to take the Sword
Just like you,castrate yourself
Mabye­I'll let him go
she had ready to die for you
Why don't you kill Queen with Sword?
Queen will hate Bule forever
You are right,you have to sacrifice if you wanna have love
Charcoal Head,don't give the Sword to Nei Liao
He need the Sword to be king.
You cheat me all the time?
You cheat me all the time?
Its the last chance
You cheat me all the time
Close your eye,I'll help you
Take that Sword
Blue,are you all right
I'm ok
Only with that­
How could you get back to the original YEGE
Don't be scared
I'm here
I won't leave you
I never cheat you­
Even one time
It's ok to change­
Get up
I can't handle it­
It's gone­
It's gone
Charcoal Head win­
I'm ok
Charcoal Head so good
He don't wanna be a King
And leave all the country to me
ya,so cool
I can't image I don't need to work in my life
Hmm,Why don't we take turns? You have 1,3,5 I have 2,4,6
No way!
It was man's job
No way
It's better to have a son He'll do some work
Now ya
What should we do now So many peple there
It's ok,I'm the king
I'll leave everything to you youngs
Yes pretty,but a little cold
Almost there
They have twins now!
We should do somthing too
With what?
Why you don't wanna be a King? You need stay together with me?
You know that
If you don't say,I'll never remember it
I like you so much,even have no time to be a king
Fool let's go
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