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Twins Effect The

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In the year 2046, vampire bats from a distant planet...
has come to a city on earth and started their menace.
Civilians were killed, causing great havoc in the city.
People lives are at stake...
The local special task force are assigned to
destroy this evil,
to save the city in distress.
Hey ...
We are the best of partners, Cheers!
You wait up here first ...
To attack, a man should lead. Make way...
Diana is my third partner in STF ...
Also she is my only love.
To avoid such a tragic ending, I decided to ...
stop loving my partner in future.
Young master, what do u think of this place?
Not bad. Hi, u are the young master?
You have a unique taste, ever consider when to rent it?
Anything just tell me first, then I will inform my young master. Understand?
Ok, then Mr Rentfree when do u wish to rent it?
Rent? Did I mention I want to rent it? U think we can't afford to buy it?
The deal is closed. If not enough money, I can give u more later...
Young master, we are still vampires ...
I am still worried about your safety staying in this place.
Rentfree, your mindset is still way back few hundred years back...
Being a new generation vampire, one should have better visions. Understand?
Please take your seats.
I think here is too cramped...
Waiter, this lady thinks this place is too crampy.
Do u think we can ask the guests to shift?
I think for invalid reasons, it isn't easy.
That's true, but I have money...
Do u think I give everyone $5000 each, is it enough?
OK, I'll give it a try sir.
Dear, u are really fantastic...
Sir, that mister say he will give u $50000 instead...
Dear, do u know that I bring u out for dinner is endangering myself?
Oh, u mean your ... Shhhh!
Don't say it out. Coz she always appear whenever I speak about her...
I know u are talking about Helen ...
Missy ...
What did u promise me?
What did I promise u? Firstly before I love u, u will not betray me.
What does that mean?
Only that I can ditch u, u can't ditch me first.
Secondly, your future partner cannot be more pretty than me.
I can't promise u that ...
Dear, come here. Turn around and let her take a good look.
You see she is twice better than u in every aspects.
That's why I choose her...
I was just joking, ok that's enough.
Lend me your knives...
Take all u want.
You mentioned before...
if you betrayed me, you would leave something behind.
Sir, want to call police? No ...
Is it that if I cut, we'll write off everything?
Yes. Good!!!
Take this.
Let me drink a bit. Wait...
You can't drink this, order another glass. Waiter, give her another glass of red wine.
Why can't I drink this? Rentfree...
This is just my personal opinion.
Stop crying.
I not crying ...
Just now that person, when I just know him...
He was only 130+ pounds...
When he overshoot 160 pounds, I lost feelings for him long ago.
But I respect him so I did not ask him for a separation.
He actually betrayed me for another woman...
He does not respect me. I am happy about the separation.
Helen ...
Can we be friends? My name is Kazaf. I just came back from overseas...
9877...try the rest yourself.
Any news? I can't find her after making a few hundreds of calls...
I suspect the girl is lying...
So a girl cannot be trusted at all ...
She's cry and laugh hysterically. I think she's crazy.
I just like her the way she is... She's cute.
Master, even if we found her... humans will never accept a vampire afterall.
Still a vampire finding a mate is easier, just a look at her and then yourself will do.
I prefer something more challenging than this ...
Something more challenging?
Have u seem anyone in love with a beef steak, or a salmon fish?
When u are hungry, u will just eat her.
If I love her, I won't harm her ...
Anyway every week my father will send me blood.
Hello, may I speak to Helen?
It's really you! I am the guy from the restaurant...
Are u crazy? What time is it?
Hey, help me take a photo.
My idol! Is that u?
How u got hold of my photo?
No lah, coz u are my idol. Before I joined STF, I've heard much about u.
When did u come out? How come I did not see u...
I took an earlier flight just to see how u look like...
Oh is it?
I've checked ur records, u've destroyed more than 100+ vampires and is the best warrior in STF.
U knew me quite well. Oops let me help u ...
Hey !
I've got it!
Thanks, but let me do this myself in future.
Being my assistant, u have to follow two rules ...
Firstly, u have to follow whatever I say.
That means I just do what u say. Absolutely right!
To increase our powers, we take this...
Eek...this will ruin my taste...
Yeah but for a vampire slayer this is a must.
We need a antidote after taking this. If after a night we still can't get this, we will become a vampire ourselves.
If one of us become a vampire, what should we do?
To be impartial, just kill.
How does the antidote looks like? Here, this the one.
Banana oil ? Yeah, this is just a camouflage.
No smell of banana...!? Already told u it is not.
Why? Shhhhhh ...
Let me introduce, this is my new partner Gypsy.
This is my sister, Helen.
Hey...stop it!
U'll sleep in my bedroom...
Give me some face...
How about this... You sleep here, she sleep in my bedroom and I sleep living room.
NoNoNo...u sleep in my bedroom, she sleeps here and I sleep in living room.
Hey, isn't your sister a amicable person as what u mentioned?
Yes...errgh but everyone has different responses. She's just different ....
What again?
I just used a little bit she also cries .....
Next time use mine...just don't use anything belonging to hers.
Actually I can leave u all alone, but u all looks like that fatty.
Hey, why did u touch my things?
Just taking a look at what u've dumped.
Who says I dumped them? U are so ridiculous. Yeah, so what?
Hold it !!!
Why are u girls fighting for?
What are u all up to?
What has it got to do with me? Why don't u all pack up after u fought...arrgh!
Hey it is u. Yeah just wanted to see if your phone is dead?
Ha, full of power. So what?
U sounds gloomy. Yeah...moody today.
Why? What has it to do with u?
U not happy I can tell u a joke.
See u the day after at 12 noon...Bye!
At 12 noon? Yes, any problem?
The sun is the glariest at noon. U want to die, huh?
Change it to 12 midnight. I can't ... I already promised her...
Dun worry, we can catch him eventually.
I am not worry about that. Basically, vampires are rare in SE Asia ...
But this morning I thought I was wrong when I received this new assignment.
But it could be due to this... The vampire royal blood is murdered ...
Your father has evacuated ... He asked u to take care of yourself.
It's written here asking u to protect this book, called "Day For Night" ...
Five of the six vampire princes are killed. I suspect it is due to the book "Day For Night"...
What book is this? This is "Day For Night"
It is your family heirdom, hence we can't lose it.
"Day For Night" is the NorthWest vampire gift to the royal family. Inside contains his 1000 years blood clod.
Any vampire who takes it can also lives in board daylight.
What does this has to do with the royal princes?
The keys to open the book is subdivided among the six princes.
So he's the last key to open the book. Yeah, so we have to find him fast.
I've heard long time ago there's a vampire who tried this method. Yes, 2000 years ago there's one vampire duke nicolas from poland have tried this.
How he did it?
According to the books, he used a sort of sunlight lotion so that he can walk and dance under the sun, and even swim and enjoy the sunlight.
Swim and dance? Where to find such oil lotion?
It is already a legend... But I think we can use 2 droplets of kuai grass...and that....
add some pure lotus oil and ...some red wine....
and some pure sesame sauce....
and some cold syrup.... Are u sure?
All science are developed in this way.
That's true....let's continue....
U see, after a stir and we'll put it in oven for 3 hours and then baked under sunlight ...
Baked how long? 300 years only. 300 YEARS !!??
The longer the better in quality. If u don't want, 3 hrs also can...
Have u tried this? Of course not, that's crazy.
Then who have tried that? Maybe duke nicholas tried before...
Who are you? Kazaf
Your outlook is cool... Is it?
Aren't u happy? If u don't like to wear properly, don't come out.
Didn't u just said I looks cool. I said the reverse...
I wanted to tell u my secret...i have skin disease... I can't go under direct sunlight. So I am in danger coming out with u.
If so, why not u change our appointment to night time?
A man must keep his promise.
Hello, sorry I am late. It's all his fault ...
He went for a costume party and don't even have time to change ... Sorry, it's my fault.
Both of u are ... ???
Oh..err...yup, where's Ivy & Jackie?
Yes, they are just inside. Please make yourself comfortable...
Hey, do u always do that? Aren't u happy attending weddings?
Thank you Thank you ! Congrats, Jackie.
Hey wait, I may look handsome today but don't be mistaken...
Ha, here comes the groom. Oh congrats!
Thank you! Oh I am rather nervous today... first time mah.
Dear son, what's there to be nervous about? Your father in the early years has to carry your mother...out the bridal carriage...I am not the least afraid...
Jackie, your wife seems to be missing...
Hey son, where's your wife? I am looking for her too. You guys make yourself comfortable...
He's your boyfriend? Yeah.
Why his whole body smell of oil?
Where's my wife? She's drinking over there...
Honey, why have u been drinking so much?
Hubby, I've just learned a new game. Let me show you ...
Stallone...Ah...Stallone.... Bruce Lee...Ah...Bruce Lee.... Jackie...Ah...Jackie....
Oh no, dear how much have u drink? Didn't I tell u to behave elegantly today?
Yeah, I've almost forgotten...
Hey hubby don't go yet! Let me tell u all... My hubby is giving me a 4 carat wedding ring.
I am so happy...
Jackie, I have something to discuss with you. Ok, help me keep an eye on Ivy.
Oh Jackie, we've known for more than 10 years. It's my fortune to bring along u and your wife.
Yes, u are my indeed my good friend.
So if there's something I did not do well today, please forgive me.
What's wrong? No, just that I've lost your 4 carat ring only.
What did u say? You ... Wait wait listen to me first.
Have u checked thoroughly? Yes, did I passed it to you?
No, its not with me. Oh dear... We are in deep shit.
Tell u what...u better do another search. Ok, I will get some help to look around.
Does my wife knows about this? No, it's really not with me.
Is there something wrong with you? How can u lost such an important thing!?
Let's take a photo together. Ok.
Come closer. 1..2..3...Ok!
Come, let's find something to eat.
What would u like? Anything also can...its free-of-charge.
You don't feel like eating? Your stomach is calling...
I will take banana. Take banana is enough?
Yes, I like bananas. Ok let's take more. Anyway it's free.
Hey latest news, I heard the groom lost his ring just then...
Welcome, let's give an applause to our newly wed couple...
This time I want to keep it a secret also cannot...
*Host* ...our loving couple has selected this day to hold their wedding...the day when they first met 7 years back...
*Host* ...I think everyone is looking foward to admiring the wedding ring which the groom has taken 2 years to find...
Lend me your ring.
Why? Take this temporary... *To Groom* ...take this first...
I've lost it... Are u sure?
After the marriage, I will compensate u a new ring. *Host* Time to drink the nuptial wine...
No...look at yourself. I want to drink ...
No dear, u can't drink this glass...
Dear, are u crazy?
Oops sorry dear, I won't do it again.
Ivy, don't marry him. Come with me...
You are not fit yet...
Glorious son, this woman is fantastic.
Dear, u are fantastic.
Hubby, here I come.
Hey your whole body is emitting smoke.
Smoke? Oops, my oil lotion not working anymore. Let's run...
Why u always like to stare at my back?
Nothing, but it is quite nice. Oh, is it? it becoz of this, you always prefer your partner to follow behind?
Of course not. I want to ask u something, why do u want to be a vampire slayer?
My parents are killed by vampires and hence I sweared to avenge them.
And u are the best among the vampire slayers. That's why I called you my idol.
You believe? I bluffed you one...
Actually u are the most good looking one among the vampire slayers...
The reason so simple?
Girls are simply so simple.
Ha, I just bluffed u again... You liked to bluffed people?
Your ex-partners all think you are a sensitive person.
I bluffed them too.
You stayed up here, let me do it.
Let me kill him.
Let me do it. Too late! He has escaped...
Damn, we let him get away.
Escaped huh? Where's my antidote?
It's with you. No, should be with you.
Yeah, its with me.
Banana fragance? Hmmmm...nice!
Your bottle has any banana fragance? No, u said it shouldn't have.
Wow, strong banana fragance.
How u know I live here?
I followed u before. You always follow people?
You don't like it? Hey, why did u live in a church?
Oh, u are a catholic. Are u so religion? Yup, I brought some banana cakes for you.
Hey don't worry. Just now there's still many left.
No, there's not even one left.
Wait, did u smell that? I think it is banana fragance.
Hey, over here.
Why must u choose banana oil as a camouflage?
Why, what happen to you?
I think the toxic is overtaking me. Take this.
If I become a vampire later, kill me with this.
The antidote maybe is inside the cakes, eat them.
Please don't die, don't leave me alone.
I'll promise u I'll be your good partner. I'll listen to everything u say.
I won't quarrel with your sister. Please wake up, ok?
You want me to be frank? Yes, I truly love you.
Did u hear what I said?
I not dying yet, but I don't understand what u saying?
What? What did u say?
I saying I won't die so easily. But I don't understand what u saying just now? But I know its very long...
You take a rest, I won't disturb you further. 279 00:47:07000 --> 00:47:12,000 How dare u... This time let u kiss, no more next time...
What did u say just now?
Hey, why looking for me so urgently?
Tonight I am going to tell u honestly who I am.
You better dun give me the creeps. I'll be angry.
I just want to tell u, I am not human.
You are not humanly dare u behave like that when talking to me.
I am a vampire. Look at my eyes ...
Quite nice, where u buy those contact lens?
Vampires suck blood this way.
You think I don't know what u want. You must be thinking of how to ditch me.
But I am really a vampire. Would u love a vampire?
So what? Can a vampire ditch a person?
I know, u dislike me because I am troublesome and fierce.
But 9 out of 10 girls in Hong Kong are like that. You can always find another one.
Go ahead and try...
I have a few puppies at home, so why can't I keep another vampire bat?
Maybe my brother will object to you...
I am not only a vampire bat, also a useless one.
Hey what happen? I forgotten I have a long time without taking in blood.
What are u trying to do? Bring u to find blood.
You stay here, I'll go in alone.
Be careful.
Kazaf! Something's wrong, let's go quickly.
Why? Our presence been exposed? Did u hear that?
What noises are that? Bats...
Where there are bats around, there may be vampires around.
For no reason, the alarm went off. Do u think there's theft in the hospital.
Thieves won't be so stupid as to steal things from the hospital. How u know?
Theives nowadays steal anything. Who knows, they may even steal your ambulance.
Wow, u got that right! Is it?
Wow, who are u people? Oh it's u jackie. Last time I've saved u, can u help me this time?
I think your friend cannot make it. Yes, he needs a transfer to another hospital.
I can't... He's urgently needed a transfer. If u don't drive him there, he will die.
Hurry, take the driving wheel! Please ...
Jackie, drive faster!
What happen?
What is going on?
Catch hold of the wheel!
I can't drive!
Hold the driving wheel firmly.
Okay I've made it.
Are u alright?
Who are these people actually? Damn, I've killed some people...
They are vampire bats.
What did u give them?
Pills for the mental illness. You gave them a lot!
They have gone crazy, give them some music! Ok!
Drink this.
Drink, I've added this.
Does it helps?
Oh yup...
Jackie asked me to return the ring back to you.
What do u mean by this?
If the ring is stuck on my finger, u will never get it back.
Morning too!
You helping my brother iron his clothes? Yes I will iron his clothes in future.
Ayy, u are fortunate. The one u love ought to be loved.
The person u love cannot be loved? Can! He's really fantastic...
Sometime u feel that he's cannot be love, the feeling seems to become stronger.
But I still feel there's lack of something.
Lack of what?
It is ...
Lack of what? It is ...
Something you and my brother don't like.
You fell in love with a vampire bat?
But he's a good vampire...
All vampire sucks blood and kills. No, he would rather go hungry than killing.
He really treat me very well.
Help me talk to my brother...
Your brother and I are vampire slayers.
Please ... Please help me ...
Sister-in-law, please ...
We are family ...
Being your sister-in-law, I really should help you.
I've already said my brother is in luck.
You are so gracious and beautiful...
So u will talk to my brother...
My idol!
Can that work? It's all wrong...
Yeah it's wrong but your brother likes it. You really think my brother will fall for this?
He likes the type whose plain and yet simple.
Will it works? Then let's do it.
Hey, can u call me one more time?
Sister-in-law, hehehe....
You have an appointment? What else?
and perfume fragrance too...
Hey, I can go now. Do u like my dress?
A royal vampire living in a deserted church, huh how pitiful...
Tell me where the fifth prince.
For you. What is it?
A black gown?
Vampire wedding gown is black. Really?
How about we do this way? You check that way, I check this way.
Hey why did u ask me to go that way?
What u doing? Don't hold me back!
Did u do that on purpose? They are truly in love...
But that's my sister. She's with a vampire. And we've sweared to kill all vampires...
That time I have not learn to love someone. When you love someone, you don't care about anything else...
Look at me, I purposely wear this gown just to make u happy...
Didn't u promise me u follow whatever I told you to?
I know, I will wait for u here.
Reeve, u will never expect it's me. Meeting an old friend is nice...
This is my room.
That's my bed.
Can I take a nap?
Yes, just sleep.
Take a nap is good.
Our bed are not just for sleeping, that's why it is slightly bigger.
What other purpose? We can lie and chat...
Most people like to chat on the bed...
Pillow talk...u heard before? Nope.
Let's have pillow talk then. Good.
Why u so quiet suddenly?
Why? Someone inside the house.
Hey sister-in-law, u back?
Come with me at once.
Why? Your brother is in trouble.
Only he can save your brother.
Kazaf, I've been waiting for this day.
I am not here for you. Let Reeve go...
You still talk as though u were a prince.
Bow to me and I can grant u a quick death.
You still need my blood, if I kill myself it will be useless to you. Let him go.
Why should I listen to you? Your friends already went to look for Reeve.
Maybe I will consider releasing this fellow.
If u want me to release him, drop your knife.
Not a chance, let him go.
Let him go!
Brother, it is me. No! Brother...
I am your sister. I am Helen.
Looks like u appear to be much more stronger than your brothers.
Let me do it!
Three new vampire slayers has emerged...
Translated By JasOps® July 2003 All copyrights reserved ©
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