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It's in the center of the circIe in|Kingfisher County, moving north.
Tornado warning continues now|and has been extended officiaIIy.
I gave this to you earIier.|It's extended over into OkIahoma Cou--
They're caIIing aII of|OkIahoma County right now....
-What is it, Mommy?|-We have to get up.
We must go to the storm ceIIar!
What's happening?
Come on, sweetie.
Mommy's got you.
TV says it's big.
We're going to the storm ceIIar.
We must move! Hand her to me!
Come on! Let's move.
Go to the center of your|house if there's no ceIIar.
My Lord!
Come on!
We're aImost there!
Take her! Take her!
I'II get the door!
-Get in!|-Hurry!
It's coming!
Light the Iamp!
Daddy! Toby's stiII outside!
Toby, come on, boy!
Good boy!
It's okay, Toby.
Grab Jo!
Take Jo!
I can't hoId it.
Jesus! Oh, God!
I can't hoId it!
Stay with me, Jo!
At 7 a.m. in OkIahoma City,|the temperature is 75 degrees.
Look, caps are aIready|starting to break.
AII the modeIs are forecasting|Iifted indices from -6 to -10.
If the ceIIs keep buiIding, there couId be|a record outbreak of tornados.
This is going to be a Iong day.
Are you sure she'II be there?
If I know Jo, she's aIready dragged|her department into the fieId.
Day Iike today, it's to be expected.|She forgets everything except work.
You're nervous.
Do I Iook nervous?
WeII, yeah, you do a IittIe. You know.
I want to get it over with.
She said she signed the papers?
That's what she said.
You don't think so?
I think so.
Give me a kiss.
Okay, Professor! Hang on there.|I think I fixed it.
I got it.
Fuck me! This thing is useIess!
Wait, wait!
Good! Give me a reading!
Okay, boss Iady, hoId your horses.
Which way do you want it?
The dry Iine is staIIed.
Scan WNW, Iook at mid-IeveIs for|rotation, and increase the P.R.F.
If I mistreat you girI
Sure don't mean no harm
AII I'm saying is, don't foId the maps.
I didn't.
Kansas is a mess. There's a|big crease through Wichita.
RoII the maps.
The storm chasers.
Who's that handsome deviI?
The Extreme! It's the Extreme!
Don't start that shit.
A manIy handshake ensues.|How you doing, man?
I'm doing great.
Oh, man!
I'd Iike you to meet MeIissa.|This is Dusty.
Dustman's been chasing|with us since we started.
...where's Jo?
She's by the DoppIer.
Broke down again.|Running out of grant money.
Why don't you hang out here for a|IittIe whiIe. I'II be right back.
Dusty, why don't you|expIain to MeIissa...
...why you're the way you are.
Come on.
Man, Jo's going to wig|when she sees he's back.
I'm not back.
The prodigaI son returns.
Hi, Joey.
Hiya, Jo.
I'm happy you found us.
How you doing?
It's going good.
You see the sky today?
She's reaIIy taIking.
It's the biggest series of storms in|12 years. One Iined up after another.
N.S.S.L.'s never seen anything Iike it.
Is that right? So, Jo,|about the divorce papers--
Do you have a sec?
Excuse me.
This thing's acting up again.
The focus mount's jammed.
There's grass in the auto-focus.
ShouId I cIean it?
Not unIess you want to sketch tornados.
WeIcome back.
I'm not back.
You want the papers?
I came here for them.
They're signed and ready.
Good. Let's see them.
Right now?
That'd be nice.
What's the urgent urgency?|You act Iike you're getting married.
I am.
Is it MeIinda?
Wasn't there a MeIinda somewhere?
There's onIy been MeIissa since you.
Not much for browsing, are you?
I guess I'm not.
There you go.
You missed a page.
Right here.
Where'd this come from?
What're you doing?
Can I read it first?
It's the same as December.
I didn't read it then.
Christ, wouId you sign it|so we can get out of here?
"We?" She's here?
She's with Dusty. Now,|pIease, sign the document.
With Dusty? What's wrong with you?
I want to meet her.
No, you don't.
The suck zone.
It's the point...
...basicaIIy at which the twister... you up.
That's not the technicaI|term for it, obviousIy.
I'm Jo Harding.
Nice to meet you.
BiII toId me the happy news.
-Which?|-Us. Marriage. Jo, MeIissa.
It's happy news.
I guess it seems sudden.
Dude, you're taking the vows?|That's sweet.
We wanted to get it done before|BiIIy started his new job.
That's right. Weatherman.
-Don't say it.|-I said, weatherman.
-It's great.|-You have that tone.
If you have a probIem--
I don't have a probIem|being a weatherman.
Dr. MeIissa Reeves.
Very nice to meet you.
You too.
New truck?
That's right.
Boy, oh, boy. New job... truck... wife. It's a whoIe new you.
This is awkward.
TeII me.
I thought you'd come aIone.
You said you'd meet me--
It's about Dorothy.
What about her?
She's here.
Show me.
I can't beIieve you did it.
We buiIt 4.
She work?
Thought you'd want to be|here for her first time out.
It wouIdn't be right|if you weren't here.
This is going to be good!
How sweet is that?
It's BiII's concept.
The Extreme. It came from his brain.
I had a hand in it.
It is great.
What is it?
It's an instrument pack for studying|tornados. First one in history.
It's very exciting.
Scientists have studied|tornados forever...
...but nobody knows|how a tornado works.
We don't know what happens inside...
...because nobody can take|measurements inside the funneI.
That's what she's going to do.
We put her up inside a tornado.
She opens...
...and reIeases hundreds|of these sensors...
...that measure aII parts of|the tornado simuItaneousIy.
You see, it's Iike this:
These sensors go up the funneI|and radio back information...
...about the internaI structure,|wind veIocities....
We'II Iearn more in 30 seconds|than in the Iast 30 years.
Get a profiIe for the first time.
What wiII that do?
If we know how tornados work,|we can design a warning system.
Aren't there warnings aIready?
-The civiI defense--|-They're not good enough.
Right now it's 3 minutes.
If we can get this information,|we can increase it to 15.
Give peopIe a chance to get to safety.
That's what they're trying to do.
I can't beIieve you did it.
WeII, we did it.
How do you get it in?
You get in front of it and|put it in the damage path.
And then get out again quickIy.
That's the suck zone.
ExceIIent! We got major action!
N.S.S.L. says the cap is breaking,|towers are going up 30 miIes.
Let's go.
We're moving!
It's fatty time!
We're waiting! Let's go!
Joey, Haynes, a IittIe heIp!
There's Dusty!
Come on! You're aIways Iast!|Let's go!
We're going third. Preacher foIIow.
Get the camera!
I got it!
They can handIe this.|They know what they're doing.
This is what they do.
They Iive for this.
Dorothy 2 & 3 ready.
Dorothy 4 ready.
Sure you don't want to go?
Go with them?
No, they'II be fine.
-Did she sign the papers?|-Shit!
She didn't?
Hurry. We can catch them!
GIad you're back!
I'm not back!
Yeah, boss?
Can we do better than the 30?
Not for a whiIe. It's best to stay|on it untiI we pass the creek.
Copy that.
Once we catch up to them,|take the truck and go home.
I'II get them signed, see you tonight.
This is interesting.|I'm going to tag aIong.
Jonas! Son-of-a-bitch!
Who is that?
Jonas MiIIer. He's a night crawIer.
We aII started out in the same Iab, then|Jonas got himseIf corporate sponsors.
He's in it for the money,|not the science.
He's got a Iot of high-tech gadgets.
But he's got no instincts.
And he doesn't have Dorothy.
I think we have fIeas.
Jo, come back.
You change your mind?
Yeah. Why's Jonas here?
I'm not sure.
I bet he's asking himseIf|the same thing about you.
Shit! HoId on!
God damn! Son-of-a-bitch!
This essentiaIIy was a faIse aIarm.
The radar appeared soIid.
-How Iong tiII it's fixed?|-10 minutes, 15 tops.
Sounds good.
What drives me is the unknown.
What if we couId predict|the tornado's path?
How many Iives wouId be spared|by an earIy warning system?
And D.O.T. 3... the answer.
The first digitaI|orthographic teIemeter.
Inside, she hoIds hundreds|of these sensors which...
...when reIeased into the tornado,|transmit back data on wind speed...
...pressure and dew point temperature.
Why didn't you teII me?
And what wiII soon be the|center for aII studies.
You shit!
Think I wouIdn't find out?!
Get him off me!
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
You stoIe my design, you bastard!
What do you mean?!
Dorothy. You took her, you damn thief!
Oh, I get it. You want to|take credit for my design.
You're a Iiar.
She was our idea.
UnreaIized idea.
That ain't worth shit unIess it fIies!
Guys! Guys! AII my guys,|get a grip on yourseIf.
We both know he'II never|get it up in the air.
WeII, Iet me enIighten you peopIe!
This baby has sateIIite comIink.
We got on-board puIse DoppIer.
We got Nexrad reaI time.
We're going to make history.
So stick around.
The days of sniffing the dirt are over.
Better than what you sniff.
We'II see who gets there first, paI.
By the way...
...I reaIIy enjoy your weather reports.
You sIime!
Come here!
Get off!
He's a corporate kiss-butt.
I'm sorry. I shouId have toId you.
One day.
I'II give you one day.|Whether she fIies or not, I'm gone.
Is everything okay?
-Everything's fine.|-Are you sure?
Yeah, everything's okay.
I'm going to hang out here.|Why don't you get us some coId drinks?
Okay, sweetheart.
Jo, I don't know what's wrong|with BiII. He's wacko. He's crazy.
You ought to get a Ieash on him.
He's your probIem, not mine.
This storm's going to be a Iot|bigger than we anticipated.
I got reports of mesos from|Grand County to Logan.
Sharing information with me?
No, I was curious as to which|way you were going to head.
Southeast, I think.
To the counter.
Two Iemonades to go, pIease.
-Nothing changes.|-Pardon me?
He'II wait and see what BiII does.
May I have a coffee to go?
That man is waiting for BiII?|Why?
You're teIIing me that BiIIy|knows what a storm is thinking?
Something Iike that. Gum?
My aunt caIIed him a human barometer.
He hasn't reaIIy toId me about aII this.
If you must pee, do it now. There's not|many pIaces to stop on the road.
You're stiII in Iove with him.
Check, pIease.
Not that I bIame you.
I hope this isn't a desperate|attempt to keep him in your Iife.
We're together.
Hey, man.
What's up?
Going green.
-SaddIe them up.|-You got it, boss.
I need a sector scan on that ceII.|Keep Iooking for a hook.
What are my dew points doing?
Points up to 70, sir.
I got a Iemonade.
We must go. FoIIow us in the|truck, but stay behind Dusty.
You'II be safe there. I must go with Jo.|Let's move out, peopIe!
Where are we going?
Thanks, I'II drive.
Let's pack it up. Let's go.
It's a wonder of nature baby!
Hey, you guys!
Dr. MeIissa Reeves here.
HeIIo, DonaId.
No, you got me in my car.
Where the wind comes|sweeping down the pIain
And the waving wheat
This feeIing of inadequacy is coming|from you. JuIia doesn't resent you.
We've taIked about this before.
She did not marry your penis.
Okay. AII right.|She didn't onIy marry your penis.
Amazing coIoring there, isn't it?
Look at the mammatas.
Those tops have got to be|spiking about 40,000 feet.
-It's a good thing.|-It's a very good thing.
You met her at the station?
-I don't want to fight.|-I'm not fighting. I'm taIking.
I don't want to fight.
She's nice.
She's not nice?
-I know what you meant.|-You do?
Don't do this.
I'm making civiIized conversation here.|You're biting my head off.
Yes, she's very nice.
No, she does not work at the station.
She's a therapist.
You couIdn't resist it.
I'm not saying you need therapy.
Wait. I need therapy?
I didn't say that.
Why wouId I need a therapist?
-I don't know.|-You're the doctor.
I don't know...
...inabiIity to finish things.
Maybe rushing into things|you can't quite commit to.
You asked me.
You asked me!
BuIIshit! I may have waIked out, but at|Ieast I showed up in the first pIace!
-You never had an idea.|-There's a road thing going on.
You never knew what|being married means...
...Iike stabiIity and supportiveness|and a house and neat stuff Iike that!
I'II drive.
Then wouId you?
Someone shouId warn|her about your temper.
She obviousIy has no idea.
Stay out of it. I know what I'm doing.
What are you doing?
They're getting better at this.
You know what? If you're happy...
Thank you.
I am happy. I'm a happy person.
I'm happy with the way|things are going in my Iife.
-I'm happy with-with-with--|-MeIissa?
I know her name! Yes, with MeIissa.
You Iook happy.
I am!
Shit. Shit!
You going to wrap this up soon?
Are we going to chase this tornado or|do you want to catch the next one?
-Is it on the ground?|-I got it.
Bear right. It's on an easterIy course.
The Weather Service has issued|a tornado warning tiII 11 a.m.
Dr. MiIIer?
I think they turned Ieft.
Do it.
We'II intercept. Get ready to set up.
You got it.
-Get further ahead of it.|-I know what I'm doing.
Cut across.
-Get into that fieId.|-I'II get ahead of it.
Want to drive?
-WouId you Iike to drive?|-I'd Iove to.
Distances are about 3 miIes southeast.|Let's see what she does.
Go in there.
You'II miss it.
HoId on a second.
Lost your nerve?
Tighten your seat beIt.
Where are you? We Iost visuaI.
Having fun?
We must get out of this.
2 miIes. Picking up speed.
Sometime this week wouId be good.
I'm trying.
You mad?
I wiII be Iater. Now I'm|trying not to kiII us.
FunneI's getting thicker!|It's moving fast! Coming towards you!
It's turning!
-I can't see it.|-You wiII!
You're too cIose! It won't work!|Get out!
Oh, shit!
It's too steep.
This was a great idea!
That wasn't so bad. Let's go!
Why can't we spend a|normaI day together?
We're in the damage path!|This is crazy! Forget it!
-No, it's going to hit us!|-We can stiII do this!
There's no time! Come on! Come on!
Grab hoId of something!
I know!
What are you doing?!
I want to see it!
Come back!
Come on!
Look out!
Oh, God.
Oh, my God!
It's gone.
It's gone.
Where's my truck?
There it is.
Oh, God!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
You just missed that truck!
That's awesome!
Oh, God, BiIIy!
Are you okay?
-I'm okay.|-Are you sure?
She just missed the truck.
What happened to you?
Nothing, we're okay. We were safe.
It's trashed.
Hang on.
It's over. It's over. It's aII over.
Are you okay?
She's okay.
There is some good news.
It did fIy.
What was it Iike?
It was windy.
That's intense.
Move it.
That's intense.
The Auto CIub's here.
Maybe we shouId stop,|see if they need heIp.
They're fine.|Pay attention to the road.
You're fashionabIy Iate again.
Give me a kiss.
Get out of here! Get out of here!
Find your own twister!
Move on!
Tough Iuck, you guys!
Let's go.
I'II get them cIean.|Let's get Dorothy 2 ready.
You got fuII coverage on that truck?
LiabiIity onIy.
LiabiIity onIy.
It's a pretty truck.
Thank you.
Don't even think about it.
No way.
This is the caboose! This is the|caboose! I'm waiting for orders.
Go ahead.
-It's your truck.|-No, you shouId.
The battIe zone shouId|be northeast of 81.
The battIe zone?
What're we doing?
We're going again.
But back there you aImost got kiIIed!
Just a cIose caII.
You're going to cross 15|at OkIahoma 412. 412.
Copy that. Haynes,|what's on the Mesonet?
Winds are continuing to back.
Okay, guys, Iets go get it.
MobiIe Iab.
Is it me, or is the|main updraft shifting?
Upper-IeveI winds are veering.
It might dissipate. Do we have|time to get in front of it?
Rotation is increasing. Shear is|90 knots. 50 outbound, 40 inbound.
We see a very pronounced hook.
Checking for you now.
We're getting southeast|gusts at 40 miIes per hour.
Approaching 150 in the funneI.
Storm motion is 225 degrees|out of the southwest.
We're in position. Proceed.
Must admire their spirit.
There's your paI.
What're you doing?
Look at the updraft.
The angIe.
It's going to shift course.
You sure?
It's definiteIy a sidewinder.
It'II move Ieft.
-Is that bad?|-Was there a road?
You're right! Go!
DonaId, now's not a good time.
AII right, put JuIia on, Donny.
Looking very good.
About a 4 miIes up, hang a right,|Iet's depIoy and we'II be done.
Shit, it's moving away!
Looks Iike they'II intercept.
You toId me this thing was going|to stay on the same heading!
We're cIose.
I know.
Where does this road take us?
It feeIs unnaturaI, but|with DonaId's motiIity... won't have a baby the usuaI|way, even standing on your head.
She's a reproductive therapist.
Laurence-- Damn.
We must get ahead of this storm.
Be right with you.
I can't taIk now. I'II caII you back.
South. Shifting due south, copy.
We have an F-2, Iadies and|gentIemen. PossibIy F-3.
Read me? There's very, very Iarge|rope on the ground. Very Iarge.
It Iooks Iike it's turning.|The atmosphere is unstabIe.
Repeat, unstabIe!
This is Rabbit!
It's heading this way!
This is Sanders.
We are driving due east on a|road we've been on for 6 miIes.
We've got an F-3 sitting here|on the ground. A beauty!
Jo, it's Barn Burner!
It won't hang out Iong!
It's not hanging out.
We got it! We see it!
We're getting sIammed in here.|You better hang back.
-Is this thing Ioaded?|-Yeah, go for it.
Rain bands.
Look at the surf.
Shit, horizontaI rain! Hang on!
Jesus, I've never seen|cIutter Iike this.
I don't think anyone has.
FIash frequencies are high.
We're in the core.
We got sisters!
Oh, my God.
JuIia, I can't taIk now.
-We're under the fIanking Iine.|-I reaIize that.
We can't attack from the south.|We'II get roIIed.
Watch me.
I know you're upset. You just must|breathe. We both got to breathe.
I must go, JuIia! We got cows!
Another cow!
I think it was the same one.
We got drunkards. We got no path!
Get us out of here!
-I'm trying!|-FIoor it!
Look out!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
See that carouseI? Did you see?
It was incredibIe.
Oh, honey--honey--
Did you see that?
It's aII right. Come on, it's okay.
No, I'm not okay. This is not okay.
Oh, Christ, I'm sorry.
Honey, I didn't think.
When you used to teII me|that you chased tornados...
...deep down I aIways|thought it was a metaphor.
It's okay. It's okay.
Three times a Iady!|Did you see the infIow jets?
See?! I was in the middIe of it!
I'm thinking it might not|be too bad of an idea...
...if we Ieft, because there|was too many tornados there.
Are you kidding? This thing's not over.|We've onIy seen the start.
You know...
...we're cIose to Wakita.
Aunt Meg wouIdn't mind a pit stop.
We crave sustenance.
Guys, we are not invading my aunt.
We're absoIuteIy not going.
There's the spot. Just do it.
Come on, honey.
Come on.
You must meet her, she's great.|Meg, how are you?
-How are you?|-It is so good to see you!
You too.
The other day I toId Jo... much I miss you.
You haven't seen my new work.
Oh, honey.
You've seen some action.
You shouId've seen it.
Give me some Ioving!
In a Iightning storm, grab your|ankIes and stick your butt up.
It's the safest orifice to get hit.
I'd Iike to get hit, see what it's Iike.
ReaI Iemonade. Meg, I'm moving in!
Look out. Make a space.
Look out.
God, you got a Iot of beef.
-Where'd you get this beef?|-Did you see my cows?
You sIaughter them.
Nice. Potatoes.
Grab it now.
Meg's gravy is famous.|It's practicaIIy a food group.
Shower's free.
I'm next.
I want that.
How can you watch this garbage?
Pardon me. You must see this.
Like for you to be out|there chasing tornados?
It's a thriII.
Man vs. nature. BattIing the eIements.
What a weaseI.
As a scientist, can you|actuaIIy predict tornados now?
No, they're unpredictabIe... my unfortunate|coIIeagues found out today.
But we hope to change aII that|with a system I have devised.
God, he sucks.
Shut up!
Turn him off.
What a wiener.
He's so in Iove with himseIf.|I thought it was a summer thing.
He'II rue the day.
He'II rue the day he came|up against The Extreme.
-Hear, hear.|-Amen, baby.
BiII, I'm taIking imminent rue-age.
Imminent rue-age.
I was just wondering, why do|you caII BiIIy "The Extreme"?
'Cause BiIIy is The Extreme.
BiII's the most out-of-controIIest|bastard in the game.
No, I think I came in second.
I've seen him in high gear.
You guys must get new stories.
I'II go cIean up.
...we get this one near DaIeton.
We're cIose and Jo's got the VID on it.
She's fiIming it.
SuddenIy, this shitty-Iooking green|VaIiant puIIs up right in the way.
She starts yeIIing and this...
...Ioser stumbIes out of the car.|He's got a bottIe of Jack DanieIs.
He's naked.
He's butt-naked.
Not naked.
I was not naked!
He's without appareI.
Naked. So, Jo's yeIIing at him|to get out of the way, right?
...he just stroIIs up to the twister...
...and says, "Have a drink!"
And he chucks the bottIe|into the twister and... never hits the ground.
Twister caught it, sucked it right up.
Honey, this is a tissue of Iies.
There was another BiII... eviI BiII...
...and I kiIIed him.
I Iove him!
That was a good-size twister.|What was that? An F-3?
I'm Iost again.
It's the Fujita scaIe. It measures a|tornado's intensity by how much it eats.
That encounter we had was|a strong F-2, F-3, maybe.
We'II see F-4's today.
That'd be sweet.
Four is good. Four wouId|reIocate your house efficientIy.
Is there an F-5?
What wouId that be Iike?
The finger of God.
None of you has seen an F-5?
Just one of us.
Forget it.
Doesn't matter what you do...'II stiII be beautifuI.
You're biased.
Yes, I am.
Sounds Iike oId times.
Yes, it does.
He didn't keep his part of the bargain.
Which part?
To spend his Iife pining for you|and die miserabIe and aIone.
That so much to ask?
I don't know.
BiII aIways went his own way,|usuaIIy the same way you were going.
Seems Iike a Iong time ago.
Not so Iong, Jo.
He's here, isn't he?
That is so beautifuI.
We got one!
F-3, miIe outside of ParIaine!
This is for GarfieId county,|incIuding the city of Enid.
This storm has deveIoped|in the Iast 15 minutes.
DoppIer radar shows that|this is an intense storm.
Ride with Dusty, okay?
-What's SELS say?|-Big!
Let's go!
Where's Jonas?
-He's in MiIston.|-30 miIes away.
-Can we beat him?|-I'm working on it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Sorry to eat and run.
It's what you Iive for.
Good to see you.
It's okay.
Tasty cow, Aunt Meg.
It's for you.
Thank you.
You and me, right?
Nice meeting you.
Likewise. You better run.
PIease. You're weIcome.
Hang on.
We'II go through town.
We'II take Meyers Road past the fire|station, then 132 to the 44 east.
If there's shortcuts, Iet us know.
Rabbit, time to impress me.
A miIe up there's a IittIe detour.|We'II waIk in the woods.
It gets bumpy here, foIks.
Let's get you wired.
Excuse me.
Okay, you're on.
An ordinary person spends his Iife...
...avoiding tense situations.
Repo Man spends his Iife...
...getting into tense|situations, BeItzer!
What do you got?
Turn Ieft here toward that farm.
You sure?
Trust me. Rabbit is good.|Rabbit is wise.
-Mother of God.|-Jesus Christ.
This is a fieId.
I know. Keep going beyond it,|through that brush.
See that brush right in front of you?
Yes, we see it. What's beyond that?
Beyond what?
Beyond what?
The brush! A brick waII,|a bearded Iady, what?
It's the highway!
Where's the road?
Where's the road?
It shouId be any moment.
She's insane.
You're insane.|You trying to kiII someone?
It was nice of you to see 10|peopIe on the road and not stop!
Very good. Let's keep|this channeI cIear.
Dirt bag.
We have to get off this road.
Don't guess.
I'm not. Make a right turn.
Want to drive?
Just turn!
Do we foIIow?
We do not.
What's he doing?
I don't know.
Find this road. It's Iike Bob's road.
We have touchdown.|Tornado is on the ground.
Listen to this.
It's coming down Route 33.
We're on 33.
What's the path?
It's going about 35 miIes an hour.
-Do you see this?|-I can't.
Where is it? HeIIo.
Where're you Iooking?
-Where?|-Direction, Rabbit.
See it?
Got anything?
North-northeast, do you copy?
It's coming right at us.
Axis's gone verticaI.|Sucker's reaIIy gaining strength.
Do you see it?
We don't have a visuaI! Repeat!|We don't have a visuaI! HeIp us out!
Where is it?
I got it. It's the best|motion I've ever seen.
The base of this fatty's over 1/2 miIe.
If you're going east on 7, it's coming|over the hiII in a few minutes.
This is the one. I feeI it.
It must be there.
Maybe it staIIed.
No, I think Rabbit's right.
It's going to show its ugIy|face right over that hiII.
What do you think?
You going for it?
Time for depIoyment.
Oh, man. This is the|fun part, sweetheart.
We got haiI.
HaiI. We got haiI.
PuII over.
That's good.
We got a big one!
UpfIow, BeItzer! We have upfIow.|Copy.
I'm checking it.
I'm checking. She's aImost up.
Now, this is it.
I'II get her ready.
You see them?
You see them?
The red truck went toward the core!
Is he taIking about BiIIy?
Are you okay?!
Yes! Keep going!
BeItzer, we got a view!
I see it!
Okay, I got it!
That's no moon! It's a space station!
We have debris!
They're in the bear cage!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Look at this!
Take a peek!
You can reaIIy feeI it|with a teIephoto Iens!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You peopIe are crazy, do you know that?
Are you set up? We're not|Ieaving tiII we get this.
And she's the craziest one of them aII!
Okay, she's aImost ready!
HoId on!
We're aImost there! We're aImost there!
This is fine!
No, a IittIe cIoser!
A IittIe cIoser!
CIose enough.
Hurry! Get the taiIgate!
You got it?
She's set. HeIp me get her down.
Let's go!
Damn! We got to go!
We can do it!
-Come on!|-It's stuck.
Look out!
Come on! Hurry!
Where'd it go?
Where is it?
What's going on?
I don't beIieve this.
What the heII!
What's the DoppIer say?
The cone of siIence.
BiII, Jo, it's over.
The thing was stabIe and then it...
It's gone.
-It's backbuiIding!|-It's not through yet.
You're right. It's backbuiIding.
We got a jumper!
It's backbuiIding! Track it!
Yeah, Jo! Data's incompIete!
You guys shouId get out!
BiII, heIp! HeIp me!
We shouId Ieave.
-Forget the sensors!|-HeIp me!
We must get out of here now!
BeItzer'II see if it drops!
It's not going to drop anywhere|near us! It'II drop on us!
We can stiII do this! Wait!
Go back!
Forget it! Forget it!
Go back! It's not too Iate!
-Go back!|-Forget it! It's too Iate!
HeIp me!
HeIp me!
What're you doing?
The pack's wasted! It's over!
What's wrong? We can stiII do this!
Listen to you! You're obsessed!
You've never seen what it can do!
-I just saw it!|-You've never seen it!
You've never seen it miss this house,|miss that house and come after you.
Christ, Jo, is that|what you think it did?
You don't know.
Why can't you forget it?!
You don't understand.|You'II never know.
When's it going to be enough?
How cIose do you have to get?!|TaIk to me! Jo, things go wrong!
You can't expIain it!|You can't predict it!
KiIIing yourseIf won't|bring your dad back.
I'm sorry he died.|But it was a Iong time ago.
You've got to move on.
Stop Iiving in the past and Iook|at what's right in front of you.
What're you saying?
Me, Jo.
You better come here and Iook at this.
VeIocities are maxed out.|Those two ceIIs converge....
Inbounds and outbounds have doubIed.
There have been tornado sightings.
The Iatest reported just to the|northeast of Canton a few minutes ago.
Wait a second. I've just been handed|this--. This is officiaI now.
A tornado has been reported moving|through Canton a few minutes ago.
Can I have 8 coffees to go, pIease?
Two coffees.
Long day.
I've been thinking about the sensors.
The way they scattered out|there today on the highway.
I'm starting to wonder...
...if the funneI'II carry them.
Too Iight?
I don't know. Maybe the|whoIe thing's too Iight.
What can we do?
I'm not sure.
This is a very dangerous situation.
If you have Ioved ones in the|area do not try to heIp them.
You'II onIy be a hindrance to them.
Thank you.
Shit. Jesus, it's coming.
It's coming! It's headed right for us!
It's aIready here.
Everybody, underground!
Come on!
Jo, come on!
Get underground!
Take cover, now!
CIose the doors!
Doors! Doors!
Come on!
Come back!
Take my hand!
Take my hand!
Come on, hurry!
Come on! Get in here! Get in here!
Go, go, go! Come on!
Everyone down in the pit!
Get down!
Everybody down!
Stay caIm!
I got it.
It's okay!
My head.
You're okay.
-It's not okay!|-It'II be over soon!
This is insane!
Stay caIm!
This is driving me crazy!|I don't want to do this!
It's okay, honey.|It's going to be okay.
Chewed my Iips off wondering|if he was coming back home.
I've never been so|frightened in my Iife.
Was I on key?
You were.
Wow, that's a wonder.
Look at the truck. It's trashed.
Of course, tornado activity continues.
Reports from Fairview indicate|a drive-in was bIown away.
We know there's injuries|and the damage is massive.
Is that what it was Iike up on the hiII?
That? No.
We were Iucky.
Those were just downdrafts|and microbursts.
The tornado just sideswiped us.
Which way is it headed?
It's banking northeast.
It Iooks to hit Wakita.
I'm going. I'm going. Let's go.
We're going!
Get me a route around the storm.
Light up! Let's go!
Where's the phone?
-The Iines are down.|-I'm going.
Damn it.
I'II drive.
We can jump on the 38 exchange|and cross Highway 132.
Honey, it's Meg. I got to go.
I'm going back.
Good. You'II be safe at the moteI.
See you in the morning.
I won't be there.
What do you mean?
I'm saying good-bye.
You know what?|I can't compete with this.
I don't know where to start.
Don't do this now.
Sooner or Iater it wouId have ended.|We both know that.
The funny thing is...
...I'm not that upset.
What does that mean?
We can do it! Come on! Let's move!
I didn't mean it to happen.
BiIIy, I know.
It's okay.
Come on.
You go ahead.
She needs you.
I hope Aunt Meg's okay.
What about you?
Don't worry about me.
I know my way home.
We can be to Wakita in an hour.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
They had no warning.
Jo, wait!
CarefuI, this house couId go any second.
Take a fIashIight.
This whoIe pIace is ready to go.
Did you hear that?
-I heard something.|-Easy.
She's down here!
Meg, we're here! We're coming down!
Get this off her.
Hang on.
Don't move.
-Ready?|-Watch your head.
I got it.
Easy. Are you okay?
No, I'm aII right. I'm fine.
Oh, God.
-Let's go.|-Can you waIk?
Watch out!
Joey, take my watch.
Go. CarefuI.
We're coming out!
Get an ambuIance!
Get an ambuIance! Move it! Now!|Go!
Give me the Iamp.
How about steak and eggs?
-How nice you aII came over.|-There you go.
Nice and sIow.
Easy, easy.
Grab Mose for me! I think|he's a IittIe shaken up.
Don't worry, I'II get him!
Is she okay?
We'II probabIy keep her overnight.
Forget it.
-I'm aII right.|-You're going to the hospitaI.
Okay, I'II go. But I'm|going to drive myseIf.
Your car's in a tree around the corner.
It's okay.
It's okay.
The F-4 that hit Wakita has|now moved to the Northeast.
I've just gotten word in that an even|stronger tornado has started to form...
...25 miIes south where the two|storms met and combined forces.
Weather Service says this is unusuaI.
Oh, my God.
Look at this. Here, Iook at this.
We're taIking about winds in|excess of 300 miIes an hour.
What're you doing?
I want to see how you are. How is she?
I was worried about you.
-Look at this.|-It's nothing.
He says I have a bump on the|head and maybe a broken wrist.
Let me see that.
There's nothing to see.|It doesn't hurt.
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Stop bIaming yourseIf.|You got me out of the house.
It's got to stop.
I didn't have any warning.
The sirens went off a few seconds before|it hit. I didn't get downstairs.
I'm sorry.
I was Iistening to the|radio and...I mean...
You may not want to know,|but it's happening.
N.S.S.L's predicting an F-5.
It's going to happen to someone eIse.
You go stop it.
I don't know how.
I think you do.
You've been chasing these things|since you were a IittIe kid.
It's what you do.
Go. Do it.
You aII right?
I thought you were going with Meg.
What is it?
What is it?
I know how to make Dorothy fIy.
Of course.
Of course.
I need every aIuminum can you can find.
We need cutters and duct tape.
I want to get the Iast Dorothy on the|back of my truck. Both of them, now.
We're gone!
Are you ready?
We're good.
We're good? Good.
We're very good.
Let's go! Come on!
-You get them done?|-I think so.
Great job. Be ready to record.
Be carefuI.
Don't foIIow too cIose.
You got it, boss!
We're back in business.
Come on, Iet's go.
HaIf a miIe more?
Sounds right.
I'II put her in the road.
Won't someone hit it?
Nobody'II be there.
Let's go.
Okay, that's good!
-Got it?|-Let's go!
You in position?
Ready for contact!
This is it.
It'II work.
Just another minute.
We're ready!
Come on, come on, take her!
Too Iight.
No, it's not.
-We're Iosing it.|-No, she can stiII fIy.
Get in!
Oh, my God!
Get us off this thing!
What is that?
What is that?
This is not good!
Jo, BiII, you aII right?
Can you guys hear me?
We're okay.
Jo, BiII, did you see that expIosion?
We saw it.
This monster's moving northeast on 80!
This is it.
Last one.
Last time.
MobiIe Iab to MobiIe One.|Ground speed is increasing.
The base is a miIe wide.|We can't see it anymore.
What's your Iocation?
I am right aIongside her!|She's beautifuI!
We're ready to pIay, so puII|back and prepare to monitor.
They had to be somewhere.
Path is stabIe, copy that.
...this is it.
Stay sharp back there.
They have position.
They couId make it.
Not unIess they anchor the pack.
Jonas, can you hear me?
Not now.
Jonas, Iisten to me.|The pack is too Iight.
The twister'II toss it. Anchor it.
Sharing vaIuabIe information, Jo.
I'II consider that. Thanks.
Listen to me!
Can you see them?
Jonas, what's your position?
Howdy, BiII.
We're heading northeast, paraIIeI...
...about to puII off|ahead of it on the Ieft.
Hang back a minute. We got|a good view from back here.
She couId shift or track and if|she does, she'II come right at you.
Let's do that. He'd never|put us in harm's way.
When I want your opinion, I'II give it.
Shut up, put your foot on|the gas, and stay on course.
It's unbeIievabIe!
What's wrong?
The base is so huge!|It must be at Ieast a miIe wide!
Do you copy?
Listen to me!
Get off this frequency!
She's shifting.
Oh, my God.
Jonas, I'm teIIing you!
Eddie, I know you can hear me!
Get out!
Look out!
We tried.
We can do nothing.
-Yes, we can.|-Ground speed is increasing.
Get ahead of it quickIy,|or she'II bury you.
We have debris!
-What now?|-I have no idea.
You stiII with us?
Oh, my God.
I think we're going in.
Maybe we shouId get off this road.
You may be right.
Are you okay?
You set up?
-We're set. You going in?|-We are.
-You ready?|-I'm on it.
Be carefuI.
She's up.
Where are they?
DoppIer tracking is great!|Wind speed increasing!
I've never seen anything Iike this.
They're going to punch the core.
Let me set the cruise controI.
We're good.
On three?
On three.
...go! Go!
Dorothy's fIying!
She's fIying!
We're in!
I don't beIieve it! We're in!
We'II be very popuIar!
-She's fIying!|-Look at that!
It's beautifuI. It's working.|It's Christmas time.
We're inside! It's working!
-Dorothy did it!|-I'm getting readings!
This is it! We did it, man!
We just made history.
You guys, it's about to shift northeast.
You shouId get out of there!|Do you copy?
Do you copy?
The barn! Come on!
Look out!
Go! Hurry!
To the barn!
Stay down!
My God! Who are these peopIe?
I don't think so.
Oh, my God!
Come on!
Run for it!
Get down!
Come on!
These pipes go down at Ieast 30 feet.|We anchor to it, we may have a chance!
No good!
Get in!
HoId on!
Hang on!
-You aII right?|-Are you?
Look at that.
It didn't take the house.
We did it.
Yeah, we did.
Dorothy reaIIy fIew.
It was a good idea.
We've got so much to do.
I'II get grant approvaI|for a warning system.
We need a bigger Iab.|You must start anaIyzing data.
I do?
We must generate modeIs of the|data, and I must run the Iab.
You do the anaIysis, I'II run the Iab.
You're running the Iab?|I don't think so.
Do you aIways have to|do things the hard way?
We got it, guys! The sensors worked!|The computers went crazy! We got data!
It's the biggest twister on record!
Check out that sky.
You know what?|I think we've seen enough.
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