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Two Brothers

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300 Guineas.
Now Ladies and Gentlemen, who would start with 300 Guineas -
for this magnificent pair of tusks?
Oh, please! Ladies and gentlemen, 300 Guineas!
This ivory is exceptional!
As you know, offer for sale by Mr Aidan McRory himself
It must guaranty it's museum quality.
Very well Should we say 200 Guineas? Do I hear 200 Guineas?
Isn't that McRory overthere? At the back.
I just love the way he looks. The great white hunter.
Introduce me. Go on, I want to live dangerously.
Not that dangerously.
Besides he's not well manered. He isn't having a very good morning.
Surely, 150 Guineas?
No? No one?
Not sold.
With our next lot number 38, we leave Africa, and journey to Southeast Asia.
This is a 13th century sandstone Buddha from the upper Mihcong region.
I'll start the bidding at 200 Guineas.
270 Guineas at the back. Thank you, sir
300! 350 on my left.
400 in front.
450 on my right.
500! 550 on my left.
600! 700 in front. 850 at the back.
900! 900 Guineas.
950 Guineas. Sold to the gentleman at the back. Congratulations!
We've now come to the next lot.
This is a statue dated back to late 12th Century...
Beautiful statue here.
Big money, but too heavy.
Just take the head.
Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!
Run! Run!
The rifle!
Bring those too.
We've lost it. Let's go back.
What's the bounty for a tiger in these parts?
150 Piasters.
I'll see that you get it.
Clear this out.
I'm warning you. You bite me I'll bite you back.
All right?
Yeah, drink some of this. You'll like it.
Look, look.
See, it's nice.
Come on. Try a little bit more.
You can't make war on the entire world. Did you?
Am I going to get that hand back or I'm going to lose it?
You'd like to keep that hand forever, don't you think?
You like that?
Yeah, have a little of this.
They are honey drops.
My favorite.
Umm, nice, uh?
My father, the Chief, in the name of the village
thanks you for killing the tiger.
Tigers bring death.
They kill all of our buffalos, our chickens, our people.
We honour you for the death of our enemy.
After all the help he's given me I'm glad to be of service.
Will you tell the Chief, next year, if I return for these statues -
I'll need his assistance again.
I know I can count on his friendship and discretion.
The Chief says, discretion is the Oriental's virtue.
Of course. Well to thank him for all he's done,
please tell your father I'll give him the hide.
The Chief says he'd rather have them alive.
No, I meant the big tiger, the dead one.
The Chief says, the dead one is also welcome.
He thanks you very much for both tigers.
No, I don't think you understand.
Can I help you, Captain?
Sergeant Van Tranh. Second district.
What do I see here?
Pretty subject i a safari outfit.
I see sacred statues stolen from the temples.
Is that what you see?
I see blocks of old stone found in the jungle.
In that case, in accordance with section 12, subsection 211 -
of the Mineral Resources Act.
I request you show me your hands.
Follow me.
A tiger attacked him and he lost his leg.
On your way.
He gives you this charm to thank you as asign of him gratitude.
It will bring you luck.
Looks like I might need it.
The Administrator thanks you for reporting the statue thief.
We know our lord by the gift he brings.
Where have you put him?
In the general holding cell, Mr Administrator.
Very good. Has he had anything to eat?
I gave him some porridge but he wouldn't touch it.
Good, very good.
Of course, you took his shoelaces away?
Yes. We've done everything you asked, Mr Administrator.
I don't believe it.
The famous Aidan McRory in prison.
What a ludicrous day...
Why didn't they tell me you were here?
Forgive me. But I am Eugen Normandin.
The Administrator of this district.
It's absurd. Open.
Aidan McRory in this terrible place.
My son knows all of your books.
"The Lion Hunt." "The Ivory Trader."
My wife she reads them to him.
Don't tell me you took his shoelaces, you imbecile.
You must be more careful in future.
This little escapade could have cost you...
Three years.
You see.
As for the statues, I'll tell you what, give me two or three of them -
just for the look of the thing.
I will send them to some museum back home.
That will calm things down.
As for the rest, we'll call them... souvenirs.
Listen I don't know how to thank you.
My boat sails tomorrow. I thought I'd be stuck here for another two months.
We can not permit Mr McRory to leave the country yet.
Not until the paper work is finished.
Oh, I feel terribly.
No need for that.
It's a relief just be out of that place. I'm grateful.
Really? Really, Really.
That gives me the courage to make a request.
You see. It seems almost supernaturally -
that a great hunter like you should be sent to me just at this moment.
Meet the man-eater.
If you have no objection, I think we'll call you Kumar.
For your information, I am Zerbino.
World famous animal tamer and director of the great Zerbino Circus.
Madame Zerbino and still cooking in the oven, my son.
This fire-eating sword swallower is the fearsome Saladin.
Where did you find him?
In the toy department?
He's fierce enough. Don't you worry.
Let me see.
I told you. Some toy, huh?
The sooner you learn it's not tigers who run the show the better for you.
All right. Close it up.
The village is grateful that you come back again.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to see you again.
They think you will rid the region of the tigers.
To thank you, my father wants to show you the temples up river -
where there are many statues.
Aren't those very far away?
No. Not too far. About two week's walk.
Where did you learn your English?
His Excellency asked the Australian priests to open a school here.
To teach us languages.
I'm very impressed. What else do they teach you?
To be aware of white man.
- Well... - Mr. Administrator.
We have one tiger. Caught in our trap yesterday morning.
Oh. Is one enough?
That will depend on your guest with his shooting rifle.
His Excellency's father was a great hunter.
Indeed, his father has many qualities.
But a great number of them appear to be puerility.
I see, you are admiring my scheme.
Impressive, isn't it?
Soon you want me to break up these temples and ship them to London.
London will come here to see them.
The future is tourism, McRory.
And my role is going to make it happen.
Poor Mr McRory.
If you have to bore the poor man there's plenty left of the day.
You might have waited until he had some lunch?
My wife, Matild.
My dear. May I introduce Aidan McRory -
who so kindly offer to organize the hunt for His Excellency.
I know who he is, darling.
I take it you don't support the road then.
I support any thing that will get me out of this God forsaken hole.
So mind you, make a success of the hunt.
If His Excellency agrees to let the new road to cross the land -
it could be our ticket back to Paris.
I'll do my best.
And if you succeed... You may choose your own reward.
Champagne! Champagne!
Gather up! Attention!
Champagne, open it in the name of God. The Choir! Get the choir ready!
Music! Music!
I thought about your father's offer to see the temples up river.
I'm told the statues are more beautiful than any I've seen yet.
I wondered as it appears I am staying on for a while.
You think, perhaps I could persuade you to act as my guide?
You see I really would need someone who speaks English.
They are here. Come on.
What is it now, my dear?
I've broken my heal.
Who's the lady from France?
We found her in Paris dancing at the Moulin Rouge.
Eugen thinks she might win His Excellence over to our point of view.
But... I doubt it.
Are you all right?
Ah, yes. It's just the swing.
It reminds me of being at sea.
For God's sake shut him up!
No. He's so happy. He's going hunting.
As Your Excellency's father always said.
One shot one kill.
I am not my father.
Of course, but you shoot like him.
With you, it's pff bang! Straight as arrow.
Straight as your road through the sacred jungle of my ancestors.
Come on. Come on.
The beast can't travel very far.
She must be dead by now.
We'll send you this kitten.
I'm sure you will.
You know, if we had taken him fishing he would have fallen overboard.
That sounds like Bitsy. Bitsy!
Where is he? Where is Bitsy?
And Raoul? Eugen, where is Raoul?
For God's sake!
Don't be afraid.
Five, four three, two, one.
Ready or not here I come.
I see you Sangha.
We had to rid the village of that blood-thirsty monster.
And our chance came sooner than expected.
We had just set off -
when suddenly, there was a movement in the rocks...
With no time to aim, I brought the gun to my shoulder and fired.
The bullet struck the man-eater full in the chest and with a thud it fell.
The beast rolled over and stared at me with it's green eyes -
extending and retracting it's claws in final throes of death.
We stood there silent before the magnificent creature,
and then, according to custom, I cut open the chest -
and gave the warm streaming heart to my client.
Good night, Raoul.
Good night, Sangha.
Pleasent dreams my darlings.
Kumar. Kumar, eat.
He's going to die.
You must eat, Kumar.
This is good meat.
Come on, my boy.
It's no use telling him. Make him eat.
We spent good money on him.
We'd better find the old Chinaman who stuff that jackal for us.
At that size it would sell well.
For a mantelpiece or a library.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The moment you have been waiting for!
The great Zerbino Circus is proud to present it's audience -
with a savage killer!
Out there you lazy old lump.
Time to go to work.
He's an embarrassment for the show.
We should get rid of him.
But who would buy him?
At his age, he's not worth a cent!
Not even a Vietnamese butcher would take him now.
Let's go! Move.
Get ready! For I give you... Bloody Caesar.
You are a ferocious beast.
So act like one!
So how are you enjoying your extended stay?
Very much.
I heard you are keeping yourself entertained.
Does this mean we can hope you to stay longer in our beautiful colony?
Since you have plenty to do.
Someone said you were asking about the river region.
Of course, there's wonderful temples there.
But I must warn you.
Sergent Van Tranh is getting very hot under the collar.
That can't be too plesant for him.
I wonder if it would make it easier for you -
if you have some sort of feature hat to wear.
Special adviser for hunting... And the protection of flora.
How does it sound?
Rather long.
What might that involve do you think?
Nothing much.
You could organize the tiger hunt whenever I have important visitors.
Very kind of you.
How on earth can I thank you this time?
I need the skin of that tigers.
His Excellency is being very difficult about the road again.
It's because he lost faith during the hunt.
How do we present him with the skin when the live tiger's still inside it?
You are the hunter. Figure it out.
I have an appointment with His Excellency next Tuesday.
I cannot go empty handed.
Don't be ridiculous. That's impossible.
Oh, you can do it.
Otherwise, I may not be able to restrain the Sergeant.
He says you have acquired an accomplice. Some local girl.
You rang, Madame.
- Sangha! - Bitsy!
Hey, I know you.
So this is where they brought you, huh?
Well, it's not so bad.
At least you got company.
Don't you look at me like that.
What was I supposed to do with you?
I couldn't have left you out there, could I?
You never learned to hunt. You would starve to death.
It's a pity to get eaten right away.
You get a long memory I know what you want.
Ah, ah, ah!
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Even at that age, they can take your finger off.
I've heard you keep the skins of your animals after they are dead.
You wouldn't happen to have a tiger hide by any chance?
Tiger skin? I'm afr--
We can get you a tiger skin!
Good. Can I see it?
When do you need it?
Then you can see it tomorrow. It will cost you 1000 Piasters.
Payable in advance.
I don't want it finished in gold leaf.
That's the price. It's up to you.
Do you want the skin or not?
If you do, 1000 Piasters. If you don't, get lost.
All right. Spend some of it on this little one, won't you?
Feed him well.
Happens to be a friend of mine.
Come on!
What are you crying about? You've been promoted.
You shouldn't be sad.
You were right not to leave little tiger in the jungle.
It would have grown up a man-eater.
I suppose.
You are a hunter.
You protect people from wild animals.
It is good to care for them, not to pity them.
It's exactly what I used to think.
For me, hunting is a noble occupation.
I think it's also a noble occupation to share treasures of your countries -
to people who don't know anything about them.
Wouldn't you agree?
My father agrees. If you give him money.
Nobody sees the statues here. They're just left to decay in the jungle.
The jungle is their home. This is where they live.
It's also where tigers live, but you don't mind hunting them.
Do you remember the young man who gave you this?
The one who lost his leg to a tiger?
He's my brother.
May I please, Your Excellency?
But your father always prefers to show the death wound in the photograph.
I am not my father.
So, where is the hole?
Here. Isn't that amazing?
Absolutely amazing. And very meticulous on their part.
Unfortunately the animal I shot was hit in the other ear.
So gentlemen, the sacred statues will no longer need to leave their temples -
and migrate to Paris.
Why? Because Paris...
Would you mind holding that?
Sangha! Sangha! Sangha. Bitsy.
I want him out of the house!
But mom, he's mine!
Get him out of here!
Don't touch him!
Mom, I need him.
Don't touch him!
He was only playing! I know he was only playing, mom!
Stand back from that monster!
He has a taste for blood now. We can't keep him.
Raoul, calm down.
Ok, it's over.
I am in charge of the Palace.
It's a gift for His Excellency in the name of France.
Is he really a savage as the Administrator said?
You would ask if you had seen what he did to the dog.
Excellent! It will fit in well with our collection.
Jump Kumar! You can do it! Come on! You're a big boy now!
Jump! Come on, big boy. Come on.
You can do it, Kumar! It's easy. You won't be hurt.
Go right through it. You'll be all right. You'll see.
Just jump.
One little jump.
Kumar, trust me.
Come on!
I said jump, not beg. You stupid animal! Come on.
It's time to try something different.
How dare you!
Back, back.
Come on everybody.
Everyone in here. Now!
Come on! This way! This way!
Get him! Get him!
Now we are going to teach you some manners.
Now you jump.
That wasn't so hard. That's how you break a tiger.
Is the tiger really ferocious?
Why don't you test it if you have a spare arm or leg?
Here's the key to his cage.
My master is mounting a festival.
It is to be organized exactly as it was in the time of his late father.
Have you heard of these ceremonies?
Of course.
What animal would he be against?
A savage one.
We have the best fighting beast I've ever known in captivity.
We want an opponent that is worthy of him.
A special beast means a special price.
5000 Piasters.
He'd better be worth it.
He is.
Let us know when to stop feeding him.
Are they real?
Of course. Everything about my father was real.
If rather overdone for modern taste.
And will it be just as it was in your fathers days?
The French wants to show people that everything is the same as it used to be.
Isn't that wonderful?
That they have such respect for his traditions.
They only want to show that everything is the same to hide that it's different.
They patronize me with their admiration -
so they can corner me after the ceremony to sign the contract -
for their damn road.
Why are you against this road? I just don't understand.
What's wrong with it?
Don't worry. I will tell them you did everything in your power to persude me.
Was he born ferocious?
He was a very shy animal when he arrived here.
Full of fear. It's always fear that makes us into killers.
Why did they call him Sangha?
The Administrator's child named him.
Leave me.
Your Excellency. He's very dangerous.
Leave me.
Do you remember your father, Sangha?
Was he a great lord of the jungle?
Mine was.
Did all the creatures shrink in his shadow?
That's how was with mine.
Was yours disappointed in his son?
No. Perhaps yours was not.
So you too think one must be cruel in this world.
That one must be cruel to gain respect.
We've got him.
He's promised to sign at the end of the ceremony.
Once his name is on the dotted line...
If I faint with the first sight of blood, don't say I didn't warn you.
If I were you I would get used to it.
Because if I am appointed as we hope.
Remember there's a bullfight every something.
It could happen. It could be my tiger.
Think about it. It's possible.
Raoul, stop it. It won't be your tiger.
You wait here for me.
Bloody hell. It is you, isn't it?
I am so sorry.
Don't you recognized me?
I'm not the one who's changed.
Looking for another tiger skin?
That one is not for sale.
No. But it soon will be.
You know His Excellency's tiger is a wild beast.
Yours on the other hand is a poodle. He's been trained to sit up and beg.
So he'll be torn to pieces.
How dare you lecture us? Who do you think you are?
So one tiger will die.
But every penny we earned from it will be spent on keeping the rest alive.
I asked you to take care of him. Not send him to the slaughter.
You are the hunter, not us.
You are the one who get rich by killing.
Give us the key, you imbecile.
I'll buy him from you. I'll match whatever they paid for him.
You couldn't afford it.
The key.
Come on boys!
Give us the key.
I'm finished here. Let's go.
Sangha. It's him.
It's Sangha, mama! It's Sangha. It's him!
- How could it be? - I am sure.
- You know very well he's in the zoo. - He's in Bangkok.
Whatever. He's a thousand miles away.
Move, Kumar. It's time to go to work.
You are a ferocious beast.
So act like one!
God come with you my brother.
Go on, Kumar.
Get some stones. Stop them playing.
Get them scared! Get them angry! Get them fighting!
Come on Kumar! Fight! Fight!
What's the matter with you? What do you think you're doing?
The gun! Give me the gun!
The door! Closing that gate!
Get him away.
Go! Come on! Run, Sangha, Run!
Oh, thank God.
I was not sure you'd come.
No, I'm told I was thinking selfishly.
Thank you, mademoiselle.
- Where are they? - Not far.
My soldiers took a shot at them near the temples.
But they got away.
We had to tell him that we gave his tiger to His Excellency.
He didn't take it very well.
I don't suppose you'll speak to him.
You see that old man over there leaning on his cane.
That woman with her child?
What if your tiger had torn of one of their legs off or killed one of them?
Sangha never ate anyone.
No, but he will. It won't be long.
If he had wanted to, he would've already done it.
He never learned to hunt.
He's not afraid of people.
When he gets hungry, he will go for easiest prey he can find.
Like the women in fields or the children.
You see, all great predators -
who escape from captivity become man-eaters -
when they return to the wild.
They can't avoid it. It's instinct.
But they are not like that. I know they are not.
No, you hope they are not. That's only because you love Sangha.
And you don't love Kumar?
Of course I do. More than you know.
So don't kill them! Please!
I'm the one who took Kumar from the jungle.
I'm also the one who let you keep Sangha.
So this whole mess is my fault.
If I don't do it somebody else will.
But I swear to you, after this is all over.
I will never touch a rifle again. That's a promise.
I will leave the tigers and the statues in peace.
I'll go back to my country.
I'll marry the woman I love. And I'll stick to writing books.
Then go to write books now.
I can't.
Sangha isn't a killer. Nor is Kumar.
They'll stay in the jungle. They'll learn to hunt.
But who will teach them?
Your Excellency.
I am sorry to learn that my government has decided to abandon -
the templeroad project,
just when I can promise you that the two animals responsible -
for all the disturbance are being killed.
Raoul? Where are you?
Raoul is gone.
Where are you?
Sangha, come out!
It's me, Raoul.
I knew you'll recognize me.
You must never come back to the villages of men.
Promise me.
You must stay in the jungle.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Did you hear that? Another tiger is answering them.
Now who out here would know them, do you think?
Whoever it is, could maybe teach them to hunt?
Let's hope so.
We're taking a big chance here.
I know. But that's good, isn't it?
To take a change sometimes?
Yeah. Sometimes it is good.
Today it feels very good indeed.
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