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Subtitles for Two Champions Of Shaolin.

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Two Champions Of Shaolin

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Did Master Zhishan summon me?
SanDe, is Tong Qianjin here?
Yes, master
Brother Tong
Tong Qianjin
You've passed the test
You can leave the mountain now
Thanks for teaching me
During your stay in Shaolin Temple these years
I know your personality
Courageous yet reckless
Remember to stay away from fights and troubles
Or you might get yourself killed
Master, I'm a Manchurian
My father died when I was a kid
Fellow Manchurians bullied me and my mom
That's why I came to learn martial arts here
Through the years of apprenticeship
My mother couldn't bear the bullying
and she killed herself. I've got to revenge...
I know about your family background
I know you hate Manchurians
Otherwise the Shaolin Clan won't take you in
for our objective is to revolt against Qing court
Now that the Qing Court is in power
Our objective has to be kept within us
We must wait for the right time
You must conceal your hatred
Hu Huigan has a similar background to you
His father was killed by members of a fight club
He went for his revenge
I didn't want to stand in his way
He has killed Wudang Clan's Zhang Jinhong
and Peng Tianci who were the coaches
Wudang Clan and Shaolin Clan are in a feud
Master, Wudang Clan has Court's support
Even so, but Wudang's
Master White Brows and Feng Daode
We all learnt from the same master
Relations turned hostile after Hu's revenge
Get up
You and your fellow brothers
such as Li Jinlun, Xie Yafu, Fang Xiaoyu
Fang Meiyu will leave our base very soon
Of course SanDe will join you too
Contact Hu Huigan when you've reached Canton
You must not forget our Shaolin objective
Revolt against the Qing and restore Ming Dynasty
Wait for the right time, don't be reckless
Yes, Master
I understand
I've a feeling that...
Shaolin Temple will soon have to face a disaster
Now it's just the beginning
How we deal with Wudang is essential
You must have self discipline
Have you heard about what happened in Canton?
There's one called Hu Huigan of Shaolin Clan
Famous for his fancy boxing; has wiped out the club
He has killed a couple of coaches
Zhang Jinhong, Peng Tianci
Our Wudang Clan can't just let him bully around
Brother Lu, calm down
The master is aware of this
He will take care of it
Where's Brother Wei?
He's like a little kid
But he's much younger than us
I guess he's angry because you sent Erhuan
...on an errand but not him
Erhuan and Wei are a good match
But Brother Li
If Brother Wei marries your daughter
You'd become his father-in-law, you'll be his senior
Master is here
Sit down
Have you heard about what happened in Canton?
Shaolin Clan is opposing us
and they are opposing the court
The court has been very generous to us
We should take care of it
Wei Xinghong
How old were you when you first got here?
How many years has it been?
You adopted me when I was 1 3
It's been 6 years
Right, you're 1 9
soon going on 20
But why are you still acting like a kid?
Were you paying attention?
Were you?
Why don't you answer me?
I heard it, but...
You think it's wrong?
I dare not to
But I thought that you and Master Zhishan...
were students of the same clan in the beginning
It's better to have good relations.
Shaolin's opposition to the Qing Court is right
We are all of the same race
How dare you! You're a kid
What do you know? Zhishan is stubborn
Shaolin clan isn't doing the right thing
The Qing has already unified the whole country
It's just their wishful thinking
It's like committing suicide
You told me not to be childish
But then you said I'm a child
Fine, that's enough
Sit down, I'm going to assign some work
You've been here the longest, and you've
Iearnt the unique skill of the court's secret weapon
You'll lead the first team down the hill
I'm sure you can do your job properly
I'll do my best
Great! Head to Canton immediately
Kill any Shaolin Clan members you come across
Yes, master
You'll be the second team, back Dezong up
Yes, Master
Xinghong, wait for Erhuan
And be the third team
You're both young and fresh
You can take care of each other
Yes, Master
Master White Brows
...has sent his eldest pupil Gao Jinzhong
and the three Yuan brothers
I'm sure you know of Gao Jinzhong's good skills
And the Yuan brothers' monkey boxing and monkey rod.
They can tackle Hu Huigan's boxing
Gao Jinzhong has contributed a lot to the court
He had the traitors arrested and now leads the army
He has good connections with the court officials
They keep a low profile
and they will contact you
Yes, Master
This is our Wudang Clan's Magnet Order
You know this symbolizes our clan
Take one of each
and you can summon members of our clan
from other towns to help
This is the base of the magnet
When they are together again
It means absolute order from me
You must listen to the orders
Yes, Master
Mind your own business
I don't care
I don't care what will happen next
But you are in my way
You are from Shaolin Clan
Please, I know this is an act
How did you know?
Try to be more convincing next time
Let's be frank
Who are you?
He's powerful
I've heard of someone called Tong Qianjin
who is very strong; reckon that must be you
That's right
I heard that Wudang Clan keeps picking on us
You must be the fools who are doing so
Go on
Chase him
He's seriously hurt!
It's the Bloody Knife
Carry him inside
Is there any blood outside?
Wipe it clean
Don't move, I'm bandaging your wound
Where's Brother Jin?
Are you afraid that I'll eat you alive?
It's me
It's Li Dezong
Who's Li Dezong?
Li Dezong is originally from the Wudang Clan
Then he joined the court's special army
The Blood Knife is his trademark
Consider yourself lucky to be still alive
I got ambushed, not a big deal
I guess his style is quite common
If I was prepared, I could handle it
Is that so?
Of course
You two seem like you're very skilled
And trying to keep a low profile
You know about Li Dezong also
It's a long story
Our late father was in the court's army too
He worked with Li Dezong
He refused to be a killing machine
That's why he escaped from the palace
And led his life in hiding
He said that...
all men should practise proper kung fu
but not like the flying daggers type
But girls are weaker
So it won't hurt to learn this
That's why he taught my younger sister
I didn't learn it
I just learnt how to counter it
In case I need it
Wudang Clan's members are everywhere pick on Shaolin students
If you can't handle
Li Dezong's Bloody Knife, you'd be in trouble
Please teach me
Oh, you both have come!
Have you fought with Hu Huigan?
Not yet
But I fought Tong Qianjin
He got hit by my Blood Knife
Master said we could just kill them
He got injured and fled
I haven't found him yet
But I'm sure he'll show up
You scared me no doubt
Are you planning to look for Li Dezong?
Yes, got to teach him a lesson
Where will you go?
The place where I saw him the other day
I'd try to see if I can find him
Be careful
I know
They are no match for me, just one stroke
...and they'll fall
What are you boasting about?
You aren't that good
What do you want to eat?
Here comes Hu Huigan, better leave
Come on...
Great! Hu Huigan lives up to his name
He has wiped out the club
A while back they were being very arrogant
But on hearing your name they fled
You are...
Brother Hu, I'm Tong Qianjin
Tong Qianjin
Tong Qianjin
Master asked me to contact you in Canton
I got picked on by a bunch of Wudang pupils
Got injured in a fight. I've just recovered
Brother Hu, if you're free
Come to the place where I stay at
and I'll fill in the details
Brother Hu, you're lighting the lanterns
...during the day! Why?
It's too dark
Too dark? Right
What's with you two?
Show the characters
Turn them over
Hu Huigan of Xinhui, fight club winner
I'm impressed
You both go back first
I want to speak to Brother Tong
This is it
Didn't expect me?
You think?
I knew you were following us
So, come inside
Sure, I'm not afraid of you
You are...
I'm Jin Tailai, my sister Jin Bier
You might have heard of my late father Jin Kun
Children of Jin Kun... I see!
That's why Tong could catch my darts
You wanted to take over my late father's post
He would rather retire than to be connected to you
Anyway he told us that
if our flying daggers can't control you
We haven't finished our apprenticeship
So you believe that your skills
are above mine?
We don't even have to step in
Just our friend Tong here can beat you
Alright, show me what you've got
That was a good move
Don't be afraid. I won't kill you
Bring his body back to your base
and I have a message
If Wudang Clan still tries to trouble...
Shaolin Clan, please know your limits
Tong Qianjin
This time he allowed them to return
Fine, tell them to lead us
We'll pay him a visit and get even
It's to his advantage if we go to his place
We must lure him here
We'll be waiting
Hu Huigan and Tong Qianjin of Shaolin Clan
have repeatedly hurt members of Wudang Clan
Wudang pupils Li Bashan, Lu Yingbu
invite Hu Huigan and Tong Qianjin to the stage
in front of Yiling Temple at Xiguan...
three days later. One on one duel;
There will be no reprimands should there be injuries or deaths
No hurry...
Over there
Be careful
Bier, you can fight, but no flying daggers
Qianjin, for others' wives
might just twist their ears
Yours could be throwing daggers at you
I'm not worried, I can counter them
Even if you can't
Your brother-in-law will help
On your wedding night
If the bride prefers to use the flying daggers
I don't think your brother-in-law could help
Master Hu, Master Tong
Wudang Clan has posted a notice in Xiguan
outside the temple, challenging you both to a duel
We've been waiting for the whole morning
I guess the Shaolin representatives are cowards
Don't be so sure
We've got plenty of good men in Shaolin
Who are you?
I don't think you're Hu Huigan or Tong Qianjin
They will be here soon
It's not your time to die yet
There's no need to get yourself killed
You are very obnoxious
Let's begin
We don't want to fight you, get lost
I think you're trying to get yourselves killed
Don't be so violent
I'm Tong Qianjin
I'm Hu Huigan
Brother Li, Tong Qianjin killed my elder brother
Let me take care of him
Qianjin, let me take over
Be my guest
Brother Tong, you're good
Watch closely
Well done, Brother Hu
Good move
It's clear who has won. It's clearly stated that
there'll be no reprimands for deaths or injuries
What are you trying to do?
Brother Hu, Qianjin, let's go
They've stated clearly
in black and red
The Spirit Tablet of Li Dezong
My brother is dead. That woman's flying daggers
skill is as good as his, we can't beat her
We must get rid of her
Any idea when will Erhuan and...
Brother Wei arrive?
Then we will...
Just tell me about
what happened the other day
Inside please
Come here
Here comes the bride
The bride
First bow
Drink up...
On this happy day, I'd like to have some fun
But it's no fun on my own
Let me get the groom
The groom
Come over here
The groom can't practise kung fu today
Not today?
I'm afraid the bride won't agree
Let's have a few drinks
Then the Shaolin fancy boxing would be better
It's alright. Let's go
He's drunk
He's drunk
If he keeps on like this
He's going to ruin your banquet
I'm fine, I'm not drunk
I'm just having fun
Lock him up in the store room
Don't let him out
That's not very nice
He'd understand when he sobers up
Keep it down
You look nice
I'm not drunk
Enjoy yourselves
Who are you?
My aunt got sick, she's left
I'm filling in for her
What are you doing?
Today's your special day
You can't have weapons in here
I'm hiding them
We are kung fu practitioners, it's no taboo
for us, put them back
I told you to put them back
You asked me my name
Now let me tell you
I'm Li Erhuan, daughter of Li Dezong
I'm here for revenge
I'll kill you first, then I'll kill Tong Qianjin
What's going on?
What are you doing?
What? Delivering a gift?
That's very rude walking in like this
Gift delivery
Your name is...
Feng, Tong Qianjin's senior
A relative named Feng?
I can't recall
You have forgotten about your masters
Your master and his fellows
Master Feng?
Feng Daode?
You can't recall?
Master Feng Daode requested me deliver a gift to you
Li Bashan
Who did it?
Your dagger-throwing wife is dead
Tong Qianjin, you can join her in hell
Looks like a duel is about to ensue
Better run
What now!
Not a sound
Is the banquet over?
Got me drunk so as I can't tease the newly weds?
Can't believe it
Tong Qianjin, some friend you are!
Tong Qianjin, Tong Qianjin...
Tong Qianjin
Brother, The Jins are dead. We've got Tong Qianjin
Let's cut his heart out for sacrifice
Then you can rest in peace
Brother Li, Erhuan
Brother Wei, you're back
Who's he?
Tong Qianjin
Brother Wei, I heard from Erhuan that
master told you to liaise with Master White Brows
How did it go?
Master White Brows has sent Brother Gao Jinzhong
and the Yuan Brothers here
But I haven't seen them yet
He told me to let you know that...
Monk SanDe and others of Shaolin
have arrived at Xichan Temple
Brother Gao will take care of them
He told us to wait for his news
and not to take any action yet
He looks like a tough man
Brother Li, how did you manage to nab him?
Brother Dezong died in his hands
I laid an ambush on his wedding banquet
To make a spiritual offering for Brother Dezong
What I think is, since Master White Brows
told us to hold and wait for...
Brother Gao's news, and at this time
you attacked them. We could still say that
I haven't got back in time
But if you kill Tong Qianjin now
You'd be ignoring his orders
We must revenge for Brother Dezong
Of course, but we should wait
Try to contact Brother Gao first
and we'll ask him what we should do
I think Brother Gao will let us take care of this
Erhuan, I know you're very sad
But since we've got him
Just hold on for a couple of days
Lock him up
Watch him closely
Anything on Tong Qianjin whereabouts?
Not yet
Couldn't find a thing
It's all my fault, I was drunk
And I didn't know what happened
There's no need to blame yourself
Why don't you put the lanterns down?
I've forgotten about it
Monk SanDe has arrived at Xichan Temple
He wants to set up a base there
Li Yasong, Xie Yafu, Fang Xiaoyu
Fang Meiyu and the others
...will gather there soon
Brother SanDe forbid you getting into any trouble
Lay low at first; we've got bigger things to do
You must listen
I got it
Take the lanterns towards the back
Might as well burn them up
Go to Xichan Temple
Check if Brother SanDe has heard news of Tong
What is it?
Brother Hu, Brother Li, the Qing army has
raided Xichan Temple
Early this morning
The Qing army raided the Xichan temple
What about Brother SanDe?
He's badly injured, told us to leave first
He stayed behind and fought
He said we shouldn't all die there
Even we were outnumbered by the army
But Brother SanDe is very skilled
The army couldn't hurt him
But there was one person in a mask
And other three in monkey masks
They were pretty good
And they've hurt Brother SanDe
It means Wudang has other experts here then
Li Bashan isn't that good
They were in masks so that they couldn't identified
This could be trouble
Brother SanDe, you're badly injured
Why did you bring the wooden bucket all the way?
This symbolizes our commander-in-chief
I'm going to die
You must keep our mission alive
Revolt against the Qing and restore Ming Dynasty
Who are you?
Fang Xiaoyu
Fang Meiyu
Li Yasong
Xie Yafu
Li Jinlun. And your name is?
Who are you?
You're from Wudang Clan
You've got some nerve!
You must be Hu Huigan
That's right
I've heard a lot about you
May I speak to you alone?
What have you got to say?
If you're afraid to speak to me alone
You can all fight me at once
I wouldn't mind
I'm not scared of you. Come on
Brother Hu
I really want to listen as to...
what our Wudang friend here has got to say
Just wait outside
You too
This belonged to my later father. He told me
when I see people worshipping the wooden bucket
Show this and he'll know
that I'm a fellow Ming loyalist
What's your good name, and who's your father?
Wei Xinghong; my late father Wei Xiaoqin
He was killed during an uprising against Qing
Master Wei, you're a second generation loyalist
You look very young
How did you end up in Wudang Clan?
I was very young when my father was killed
I was adopted by my tutor Feng Daode
He taught me martial arts. I owe him a lot
Who would have thought that Wudang Clan now working for the Qing court!
I'm caught in the middle
Mr. Wei, you must remember your principles
You know what happened to Tong Qianjin?
Wudang Clan has him locked up
Was about to be offered as a sacrifice to Li Dezong
I stopped them
Don't worry, Brother Hu
I'll save Tong Qianjin
Thank you, Mr. Wei
I'll take your leave
Since I'm still with the Wudang Clan
Please don't tell the others about my identity
Of course
The masked man at Xichan Temple
was Gao Jinzhong, student of Master White Brows
I haven't seen him or his...
three sidekicks, the Yuan Brothers
All I know is Gao Jinzhong is an expert
The Yuan Brothers practise the monkey boxing
The style is to counter your fancy boxing
You must be careful
Let him go, don't stop him
Brother Hu, why did you let him go?
I've got my reasons
Really? Fine
Another round, hurry...
Tong Qianjin, I'm here to save you
Don't make a sound
You are one of the them?
Yes, my friend. But...
It's a long story
My name is Wei Xinghong
Just ask Hu Huigan
Brother Wei...
It's alright
Just go, hurry
Legs are numb, no problem
Who's that?
It's me
Hello Xiaohong
What were you doing?
I was sleeping
You didn't bother to do anything
except sleeping since you got here
I went to see Master White Brows
I rushed back here, that's why I was tired
Go back to sleep then
Don't go yet
I thought you're tired
What now?
Nothing much
I've had my nap, let's have a chat
Have some tea
Brother Hu, you said that Tong Qianjin is a hero
But I think he's very fussy
So his wife's dead, what's the big deal?
Under the Qing dynasty's rule, so many are dead
Brother Hu's father, your own mother
And countless Shaolin brothers
It's indeed a great loss
You lose again
It's good that I'm drinking tea. I would be
drunk if I was drinking wine
Tong Qianjin has escaped!
Must be someone from Shaolin Clan
Grave of Jin Bier, a chivalrous woman
Grave of Jin Tailai, a martyr
Grave of Zen master Monk SanDe
Do you know them?
Then you...
I was just passing by
You stood still for a while looking sad
And her tombstone has "chivalrous woman" on it
I thought she must be someone close to you
I saluted her with a drink
Our master saluted you a drink
We'll do the same
You are very kind
May I know your name?
Gao Xiuwen
And yourself, warrior?
Tong Qianjin
Nice meeting you
Would you like to join me for a drink over there?
Brother Tong
You got here already
We're all here to pay our respects
Don't be too depressed on your own
I've got company
Mr. Gao
Let me introduce
Mr. Gao
Hu Huigan
Li Jinlun
Li Yasong
Xie Yafu
Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Meiyu
They are all my sworn brothers
Mr. Gao...
It's not often that I get to meet...
so many heroes!
Brother Tong, Mr. Gao's pageboy
has potential to learn martial arts
Oh? Which style?
Monkey Boxing
You two behave, we have guests here
Mr. Gao, please excuse me for what I'm about to say
You all kind of look like monkeys
That's very strange
Then I would be the monkey leader?
Little ones, don't just stand there
Bring some wine and fruits here
With people like you...
Guess those in the tombs must be heroes or heroines
It's fortunate for me to be here
Let me pay my respects
Thank you, you are very kind
Let's sit down and have some refreshments
Mr. Gao looks like a gentlemen.
With so many servants and expensive utensils
You must be from an affluent family
Not at all
I travel around, mourning for my country
For the grieved has yearnings
Please don't think I'm silly
Do you know why they got beat up?
They were gambling
and let Tong Qianjin got away
Can I borrow your dagger?
I've got it
I must have dropped it somewhere
Where did you find it?
Those four were innocent
You set Tong Qianjin free
You left it...
in the room where Tong Qianjin was held
I haven't told my uncle yet
He'll kill you if he knows
I'm not scared, but I owe my master
You know that you owe your master
Why did you do it?
We are all of the same race
Wudang Clan shouldn't help the Qing court do away with Ming loyalists
I've tried to convince the master several times
All I got was a lecture
Master said that
Shaolin Clan has always got the edge over us
This is our only chance to get recognized by the court
By oppressing Shaolin Clan?
So we disregard our own race
just for competition with Shaolin Clan?
Master said that the Qing court has united the whole country,
there's no use to revolt
I don't really know what's going on
But I think the master is right
You're his adopted son
You ought to obey him
I appreciate his upbringing
But what about my parents?
The court killed my father
I'm going to get my revenge
You know you'll get your revenge
Tong Qianjin killed my father
Why did you let him go?
Where are you going?
Back to Wudang. I wish to speak to the master
Why has Erhuan left?
We had a fight
You two are so childish
What are you doing, Brother Gao?
I'm pleased to make some new friends
I've told my servants to make some dishes
Just to share with everyone
You already gave us all a treat the other day
On the contrary we should treat you today
We can't accept this
You are all heroes
There's no need to be so formal
Never mind, let him since he's got all prepared
Thanks, Brother Tong
I've prepared a gift
Kindly accept it
We really can't
Just have a look first
Take it over
There're seven of you together
Here are seven swords
We really can't accept this
Good swords for good warriors
Excellent swordplay
I consider myself fortunate to have met all of you
I'm very happy
I'm totally impressed with your swordplay
That's very kind of you
I think it's impressive
Too bad I don't know anything about martial arts
Oh no...
What's going on?
Mr. Gao
What are you doing here?
I've got the general's order
to arrest Shaolin culprits from Xichan Temple
They are all my friends
We were just having a drink
They're no rebels
I take your word to be true
But what should I tell the general?
Take my name card to him
I'll be responsible for everything
Thanks for helping us
Mr. Gao, you are...
Brother Hu,
Just because of my family's wealth
And since we've contributed to the court
That's why they'd respect me
I've got something else in mind
Please let us know
I know that you are
Just like what the officer said
heroes of Shaolin Clan
I'm aware of the racial conflicts
The Qing court invaded our country
Everyone should stand up to oppose them
Although I know I can't do much
But I've always hoped
So you're are a fellow Ming loyalist
It's just great
I know of Shaolin Clan being Ming loyalists
I've always admired the Shaolin Clan
That's why we've become good friends
As for connections with the court
That's just a cover up
So you are a patriot
I don't deserve such praise
After what happened here tonight
The court will get suspicious
I think you should leave this place soon
I know of a place which is concealed
There will be enough room for all of you
Our plan to revolt will take a while to accomplish
It's not something we can achieve overnight
We must have a meeting point
In order to recruit more, and to plan strategies
If you're free, Brother Tong
I'll take you to that place tomorrow
And we'll go from there
Who is it?
Back off
The Yuan Brothers
Please excuse them
You want to play around, is it?
Stop it
This is Brother Gao Jinzhong
Yes, and you are...
Wei Xinghong
Brother Wei, my master has told me that
You're Master Feng's student
I'm impressed
Thanks. The Yuan Brothers were lenient
Brother Gao and the Yuan Brothers are here
This is Brother Li Bashan
Brother Li, I've heard a lot about you
Hello, Brother Gao and Yuan Brothers
Please come inside
Have a seat
My master and Master White Brows have orders
We'll listen to you, Brother Gao
We're all brothers
In these past few days
I've learnt a lot about the enemy
That's why I let Yuan Brothers...
to test our clan's martial arts skills
Brother Li, please forgive me
We should know what are our chances
To be frank
Brother Wei is good
Although we outnumber them
But they still have their advantage
They've got Hu Huigan and Tong Qianjin as their leaders.
Then there are a few good ones
With our Yuan Brothers together
...they can fight Hu Huigan
But that's about it
Brother Li, Brother Wei and me
we can handle the rest of them
We'll win for sure
But we can't kill them all
I made a mistake at Xichan Temple
A few managed to escape
Brother Gao is right
I've set up a trap...
for Tong Qianjin to walk into it
After we get rid of him
With our collective effort
We can take care of the rest
Tomorrow I'll take try to tackle...
Tong Qianjin first
Brother Wei will back me up
Brother Li and the rest will come together finally
And we'll kill them once and for all
We'll do as planned
What do you think of Mr. Gao?
Nice man
How nice?
A scholar, decent, friendly
Do you have any doubts?
What are you talking about?
A scholar, who knows no martial arts
yet likes to befriend people like us
Generous, a Ming loyalist
He's too good to be true
What's wrong?
It's strange! You don't like him because he's nice?
Be careful tomorrow
Stay here
Brother Hu, I'll go with Brother Tong first
Then I'll come back to invite you
Thanks, Brother Gao
Qianjin, have a safe trip
I know, don't be so fussy
Brother Hu
What do you think of Mr. Gao?
That's difficult to say
I've told Tong Qianjin to be careful
I might be wrong
It's you!
I'm looking for Hu Huigan and Tong Qianjin
Why didn't you first ask me if they were here?
No use to barge in just like that!
I mean, it's sort of urgent
You can't just walk in
I'm Li Yasong. You've gotta beat me first
Anyone here who'd listen?
What are you doing here, a Wudang student?
Anyone else here?
Brother Hu, he's trying to stir up a commotion
Catch him
Stop it, Yasong
Mr. Gao is Gao Jinzhong
His page boys are the Yuan Brothers
They're trying to hurt Tong Qianjin
Where is he now?
Tong Qianjin has gone with them
Can we trust him?
This Mr. Wei...
saved Tong Qianjin
Like us
he too is a Ming loyalist
Gao Jinzhong is cunning and is very skilled
Come with me
I know where they're going
Get the weapons
Hurry or it'll be late
Let's go
Brother Tong, it's still a long way off
I'd suggest we take some rest first
Here's a tea house
I've told my servants...
to prepare a meal for us
Let's take a break first
Sure, that's very thoughtful
There's no one here!
It's empty
No one's here...
Maybe Brother Gao's cover has been blown
Let's go to help
Brother Tong, your name is Qianjin
That means exceptional strength; are you that strong?
Well, it's just a name
But I've turned out to be quite strong
Brother Gao, you don't look convinced
Look at that tree
If I can uproot it, will you be convinced?
Fine, I'll show you
Watch carefully
Be careful, Brother Tong
The chapter about Lu Zhishen uprooting a willow
in the Tales of the Water Margin is only fictional
Brother Gao
Brother Wei, is Brother Li here with the back up?
You've already controlled Tong Qianjin
While he concentrated on uprooting the tree
I placed the 3 Poison Needles on his vulnerable points
Great. Brother Li and the rest will be here
But I've just seen that...
Hu Huigan and his men are coming
I wonder if they would be suspicious!
That's alright
I can kill Tong Qianjin
...very easily now
I'll kill Hu Huigan later
With you and the Yuan Brothers
That's easy enough
But you shouldn't waste your strength
I'll guard Tong Qianjin on the side
With him as our hostage
Hu Huigan and his men won't dare to fight
Even if they won't listen...
If we kill Tong Qianjin in front of them
That will certainly disturb them
You're quite thoughtful for your age
Get the weapons
Carry Tong Qianjin to the teahouse
Give me a knife
Go to Brother Gao's side
Brother Tong, you've been attacked by Gao Jinzhong
The needles have penetrated the vulnerable points
I must use a magnet to get them out
When I left the base...
My master gave me an iron order
That's a magnet
Hold on, I'll save you
Hu Huigan
Looks like you've found out the truth
Drop your weapons now
With my order
Tong Qianjin will be killed
Tong Qianjin can't tell who's on our side
His death won't be a loss
Gao Jinzhong, go ahead
But I think Tong Qianjin is tough
It won't be that easy to handle him
Brother Wei, go ahead
Sorry, Gao Jinzhong
Tong Qianjin is my friend
You have any idea how Hu Huigan
...knows that you're Gao Jinzhong?
I told him
Wei Xinghong, you're a rebel now?
Yes, that's right. I'm against the Qing Court
You three go fight Hu Huigan
I'll get Wei Xinghong
Don't let Gao Jinzhong get through
Be careful Brother Hu, they're the monkey boxers
Now they're using the monkey rods
Are you alright?
I'll get the needles out now
You've been hurt at the three vital points
Although the needles are out
But you can't use strength
Or your life will be in danger
They can't fight Gao Jinzhong on their own
I'm ready to sacrifice...
in order to get rid of him
Tong Qianjin
Wei Xinghong, are you mad?
Why are you helping the Shaolin Clan?
Wudang Clan shouldn't kill Ming loyalists
You traitor!
Brother Li, although you joined the clan much earlier
But I've learnt a lot more than you did
I won't kill you for Erhuan's sake
Don't force me to
You're forcing me to do this!
Excuse me
Dad's dead! My uncle is my only family
You've killed him
Xiaohong, you've been kind to me
But you didn't help me in my father's revenge
Instead you helped the enemy
Now you've killed my uncle
Why? Why?
Master took you in since you were little
We grew up together
The master has ordered me...
to bring you back to the base
But now you're a traitor
How can you go back with me?
You're doing this for Shaolin Clan
But you've got no connections with them
You have forsaken everything
and everyone, including Master and me
You've killed your brother and my family!
God, what were you thinking?
What kind of a person have you turned to?!
You've been hurt by my needles
You are trying to get yourself killed?
I think you'll be the one to die first!
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