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There he is. Hey, Andy! Where you been?|lt's an all-hands function.
Come here. I want you to meet Joanie.|Joanie, this is Andy Tyler.
- Hello.|- My best friend. We went to Annapolis to gether.
- Nice to meet you.|- Hey, I got you one of Larson's stogies.
- To our navy's next sub skipper.|- Thank you.
Lieutenant! Gonna hoist up a few beers|with the enlisted boys later?
- You got it, Griggs.|- All right.
- Mr. Tyler! Mr. Tyler!|- Hmm?
My mom is here visiting. Can I bring|her over to meet you?
- Sure thing, Trigger.|- That's the lieutenant I was talking about.
Lieutenant Tyler!
Hello there, Prudence, Louise.|Mrs. Dahlgren, Captain.
Where's your date, Andy?|It's not like you to arrive stag.
I'm afraid I couldn't get one|on such short notice, ma'am.
Captain, could I have|a word with you?
- Certainly. Darling, will you excuse us?|- Okay.
Be right back.
I didn't get my boat.
I know.
With all due respect, sir, there's|only one way that could've happened,
and that's if you withheld|your recommendation.
That's right. I just don't think|you're ready.
What do you mean,|I'm not ready?
Sir, I have worked my tail off on the S-33.|I'm qualifiied in every area and then some.
- No executive officer has higher marks than I do.|- Andy!
You're just not ready to take on a command|of your own.
Now I've made my decision.|It's done.
Mr. Tyler.|How you doing, sir?
- Having a good time?|- Hell, yeah, Chief.
- How about you?|- I'm looking forward to getting underway.
I'm a sea dog.|Need some salt, sir.
He torpedoed me, Chief.
Nine months|aboard the S-33,
doing the best job|I know how.
Doing everything once|and then doing it again,
just to make sure I didn't miss anything|the first time.
You'll get your chance, sir.|There's other commands in the navy.
You knew?
Didn't warn me.
Ain't my place, sir.
Club's secured!|Time to go!
Let's go. Get out.|Everyone out.
Come on, let's go.
What's the meaning|of this, Sergeant?
- You the senior man?|- That's right. I'm the X.O. of the S-33.
These men have|a 48-hour liberty pass.
No, sir, not no more.
What the hell are those yardbirds|doing to my boat?
Looks like a god damn|Nazi submarine.
Hey, Andy.|This is a fine navy day.
They wouldn't give me five minutes|to consummate my marriage. Five minutes!
- What's going on here?|- Hell if I know. Put your cover on.
Yes, sir.
- Mr. Tyler, call the crew to quarters.|- Aye, Captain.
Quarters! Everybody fall in!|Let's get in formation now!
Let's go! Now!|Formation!
Prepare crew three.|Muster with First Lieutenant.
Prepare crew three.|Muster with First Lieutenant.
Captain Dahlgren, all crew members|present and accounted for, sir!
Very well.|At ease.
I'm sorry your liberty's been cut short,|but our schedule's changed.
We have two hours to get stowed for sea|and set the maneuvering watch.
Mr. Larson, have your torpedo men load|the tubes with their four best fish.
Mr. Emmett, warm up the diesels|and line up a battery charge.
Mr. Tyler, we have drystores, ordnance|and perishables to get below decks.
Gentlemen, it's our turn.|That's all.
Aye, Captain.
- Crew dismissed!|- You heard the man! Stores load!
You got six seconds to get on your|boondockers and dungarees and turn to!
Mr. Tyler, is this for real,|or is it a drill?
"It's our turn"...|what does that mean?
l thought we had a two-day libertypass.|What's going on?
I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.|Get your jobs done now.
All off-going duty officers,|report to the dock.
Captain Dahlgren, could you fill me in|on what's going on, sir?
We're obviously not going|to the Caribbean Station.
No, we're not.|We're going on a special op.
You'll be briefed with Mr. Emmett|and Mr. Larson once we get underway.
- Aye, sir.|- Andy, listen.
I'm gonna need the very best|from you on this run,
regardless of any differences|you may have with me.
Are we clear on that?
- Yes, sir.|- Good.
Now go find Radioman Wentz and quietly|escort him to the materiel office.
Mr. Tyler.|How are you, son?
I'm fine, Admiral Duke.|What brings you up here?
He does.|That's Lieutenant Hirsch.
He's gonna be riding|your boat.
You're not working for Sublant on this run.|Mr. Hirsch has operational control.
He's the boss. Anything he wants,|he gets.
Is this him?
Yes, sir.
- He'll do.|- Thank you, Wentz. That's all for now.
- Lieutenant, prepare the boat to get underway.|- Aye, sir. Admiral.
Mr. Tyler, please,
don't tell the other guys|I'm half German.
They'll hate me.
Yeah, sure thing, Wentz.
Prepare crew three.|Muster with First Lieutenant.
Prepare crew three.|Muster with First Lieutenant.
Duty Officer Lane|to the paintshop.
Duty Officer|to the paintshop.
You all right, Mr. Tyler?
Tiptop, Eddie.|Tiptop.
Wanna thank you|for that liberty pass.
My girl thanks you too.
You're a good man, Mr. Tyler.
Heart's in the rightplace.
Just need to give it|some time.
Yeah, I heard|about what happened to you.
That's one of the advantages of bein'|seen and... not bein' seen.
You'd be surprised some of the shit|we mess-doers hear.
Boy, don't go droppin' my eggs.
Damn.|Excuse me, Mr. Tyler.
Look, all you gotta do is pick 'em up|with both hands, boy, both hands!
When the hell were you gonna tell me?|I hear this from the chief.
What do you want me to say?|He shit-canned me.
Now you're gonna transfer|to another boat.
Excuse me. Can either one of you two tell|me where I can find the exec of this thing?
Yeah, that's me, mac. Move your truck.|We'll unload shortly.
You'll unload it now.|Here's the manifest.
- Get those crates belowdecks.|- Who the hell are you?
Marine Major Coonan, Office of Naval|intelligence. I'm goin' to sea with you boys.
That's my luggage. You got a problem,|talk to Mr. Hirsch.
Clear!|Cast off all lines forward!
Cast off forward!|Take in all lines aft.
Cast off aft!
Rudder amidships,|all ahead one-third.
All ahead one-third!
Bridge hatch shut.
Engine room, secure the diesels.|Shift propulsion to the battery.
Engine room, secure diesels,|shift propulsion to the battery.
- Main induction indicates shut.|- Aye.
- Green board, Skipper.|- Very well.
Passing the 100-fathom curve.|On course, on time, sir.
Engine room reports secured diesels,|propulsion switched to battery.
- Very well. All ahead two-thirds.|- All ahead two-thirds, aye.
Mr. Emmett, take her down. Make her depth|1-5-0 feet, ten degree down bubble.
One-five-zero feet, ten degree down bubble.|Aye, sir.
Chief of the watch, sound the dive alarm.|Pass the word to 1 MC.
- Open the main ballast tank vents.|- Aye, sir, passing the word.
Dive, dive, dive.
Sir, main ballast tank vents|indicate open.
- Aye. Both planes dive, 15 degrees.|- Both planes dive, 15 degrees.
All clear!
- Decks awash.|- Decks awash. Aye, sir.
First time on a submarine?
That's right.
Six-zero feet.
Lower the scope.
Captain, engine room reports minor flooding|from shaft seals and brine pump.
- Bilge is at 18 inches and rising.|- Very well.
How deep does this thing go?
She'll go all the way to the bottom|if we don't stop her.
Normally we try not to get|below 150 feet.
Any deeper, the leaks|overwhelm the pumps.
These U-boats are antiques,
older than most of the crew.
- One-zero-zero feet.|- Aye.
Excuse me, Mr. Emmett.
Put a pipe patch on it,|lash it with marline.
- The yard can fix it when we get back to port.|- Aye, sir.
Relax, gentlemen.|She's old, but she'll hold.
Last night, at 0300 hours,
a British destroyer reported depth charging|and sinking a German U-boat.
However, some time thereafter,
Allied direction finding stations|triangulated a coded enemy radio signal...
to this position here,|near the chop line.
We believe the U-boat|was disabled, not sunk,
and is drifting eastward|on a four-knot current.
Now, French resistance reported|a resupply submarine...
sailed from the Lorient U-boat|pens yesterday afternoon,
with engine parts|and mechanics.
We believe it's gonna rendezvous|with the disabled U-boat.
On board that U-boat is this.
- A typewriter?|- An Enigma code machine.
It allows the German navy to communicate|with its submarines in secret,
and our inability to decipher their messages|is costing us this war.
- Mr. Coonan?|- All right, this is basically a Trojan Horse operation.
The S-33 will rendezvous with the U-boat,|posing as the German resupply sub.
I will lead a boarding party dressed in|Kriegsmarine uniforms to the enemy submarine.
We will take it by force|and secure the Enigma.
Any German survivors will be transferred|to the S-33, and the U-boat will be scuttled.
The German resupply submarine|will arrive at the rendezvous...
and will assume that the U-boat succumbed|to its wounds and sank.
The Germans must never suspect|we have the Enigma.
- That is vital.|- So it's a race?
- Yes, effectively.|- Who's the boarding party?
Well, since you're the X.O.,|you, sir.
Mr. Emmett, Mr. Larson, Mr. Hirsch and nine|of your ship's company.
The captain, of course,|will remain onboard the S-33.
Mr. Coonan, our boys are submarine|sailors, not combat Marines.
The boys onboard that U-boat|are sailors too.
Your men'll be ready, Lieutenant.|I'll train them myself.
You've come|to the right boat.
Ahoy! Friends!
Stop!|We have many wounded!
Take us prisoner, please!|We'll be no trouble.
Give us a hand!
We need water...|and food!
We just want to get home!
Give us a hand!
We have no--
l'm telling you, she was hotter|than Dorothy Lamour.
- Really?|- Yeah, I could tell she was interested,
but she was classy, you know?
The type of girl that wants you to take|her to a country club dance.
Yeah? Like you've ever seen the inside|of a country club? - Hey!
Like l'd even want to,|allright?
Anyway, I can see l'm not getting|anywhere with her,
so what I do is,|I use my secret weapon.
I tell her about the S-26.|Does the trick right away.
Don't be talking about that|while we're underway.
- Why? What happened with the S-26?|- Yeah, what happened?
- You guys don't know?|- No. - No.
She was running a test dive|down off Norfolk.
Shaft seal failed.
She sunk to 400 feet.
Know how much water pressure|there is that deep?
Mazzola, you will be the first one|eating powdered eggs on this cruise.
Keep it up, you hear?
Come in.
This is our position, Captain.|We're still bucking some pretty heavy seas.
I estimate us to be about three hours|behind schedule.
I told Mr. Emmett to run at flank speed|and hold off a trim dive...
until we make up the lost time.|- That's fine, Lieutenant.
You're a first-rate X.O., Andy.
A damn good submariner.
I know the men like you.
I'd give my life|for any one of them, sir.
I know you would.|I'm not questioning your bravery.
The question is:|What about their lives?
You and Mr. Emmett are good friends.
You went to the Academy together.
Would you be willing|to sacrifiice his life?
Or what about some of the younger|enlisted men?
You know, a lot of those guys look up|to you like a big brother.
You willing to lay|their lives on the line?
You see?|You hesitate.
But as a captain, you can't.
You have to act.
If you don't, you put|the entire crew at risk.
Now that's the job.|lt's not a science.
You have to be able to make hard decisions,|based on imperfect information.
Asking men to carry out orders|that may result in their deaths.
And if you're wrong,|you suffer the consequences.
If you're not prepared|to make those decisions...
without pause,|without reflection,
then you've got no business|being a submarine captain.
Tell Mr. Hirsch l'd like a word|with him, would you?
Aye, sir.
- More soup, Captain?|- Thank you.
I wish I was going|with you, gentlemen.
I feel the same way|you do, Carson.
Gentlemen, I'd like|to propose a toast.
To the officers|and crew of the S-33...
and our distinguished guests,|Mr. Hirsch and Mr. Coonan.
- Success, gentlemen!|- Success. - Success.
Captain Dahlgren, sir?|What is it, Wentz?
Chief says we've picked up|a radar contact at 0-7-0.
Very well.|Mr. Larson?
Signal lamp|off the starboard bow!
I see it.
Pass the word along:|Submarine sighted off the starboard bow.
- Stand by to man battle stations.|- Aye, sir.
All right, here we go.|One last time.
Lieutenant Tyler's raft gets from the conning|toweraft. My raft gets the gun crew.
And no one... no one...|shoots till I shoot first.
- You readme?|- Yes, sir.
Outstanding.|Lock and load.
It'll be all right, son.
Captain, l estimate the German resupply|sub has a 14-knot speed of advance.
- My latest plot puts them at 12 hours away, sir.|- Very well, Mr. Larson.
Captain, the boarding party's ready, sir.|Await your go-ahead.
Put her low in the water. I wanna give that|U-boat as little silhouette as we can.
- Sir?|- Prepare to disembark the boarding party.
Aye, Captain.
If this thing goes south,
I will blow that Nazi boat|right out of the water.
- Understood, sir.|- Very well.
All set, Captain.
Now you listen to me.
You get them their damn trophy|and get the hell outta there.
- Aye, sir.|- The boys are gonna be fine.
I know they will, sir.
Good luck, Andy.
Good luck, Andy.
Godspeed, Skipper.
Easy, Mr. Hirsch.|We're almost there.
We'll bushwhack 'em|real good.
All right, we got 12 men topside,|three on the bridge,
four on the foredeck, five aft.
Now remember:|Both rafts need to be tied up...
before we move.
Jesus H. Christ.|They got machine guns.
Steady, gentlemen.
Wait for the signal.
Mr. Hirsch.
Mr. Hirsch.
- Hello the boat, you asshole.|- Shut up.
Goddamn you, Hirsch,|say something.
- Let's go!|- Board this thing! Get out of the rafts!
Conning tower!|Move, move!
Clear the conning tower now!
Another one there!
- Griggs is hit!|- Get him off!
- Move, move!|- Trigger, on the back!
Griggs! Griggs!
We gotta get inside!|Griggs!
Chief, Tank, come down now!
Quick, open it!|Fire!
Tyler, let's go!|Inside!
Cover your men!|Go, go!
Don't let 'em close it.|Don't let 'em close it!
Two, three, four, five.|Shut it.
Let's go. Go!|Get down! Go!
Go, go, go, go,|go, go, go!
Get off him, get off him! Don't move,|don't move! Get back, get back!
Just drop it! Drop it!
Get 'em outta here!|Get 'em outta here!
- Did they hit you?|- I'm okay, sir.
Stern team, go!|Bow team, go!
I'm outta clips, sir.|You go ahead.
- Rabbit!|- All right, get 'em outta here.
Get 'em outta here! Let's go! Get down!|Down, down, down, down! Get down!
All right, who's the captain?|Huh? Who's the captain?
Kapitan? How about you, ugly?|You the captain, huh?
Trigger, if anybody moves, you shoot 'em|right here in the forehead, understand?
- Yes, sir!|- All right.
Hirsch, we got it.
Get down, down!
- Down there!|- Down, down!
Rabbit, check the bilge for a scuttling|charge. Give me your weapon!
- Move, sailor, move!|- Aye, sir!
Goddamn it, stay there.
- Hirsch, I think we got the code books!|- That ink's running. Dry it.
It's water soluble. Yeah, use the blankets,|use the blankets.
Nothing but pipes and valves,|Mr. Emmett.
Bow compartment secure.
Bunch of Marys.
How you doing? You're number ten.|There you go.
You having a good night?|Uh-huh.
Ain't gonna be none|too happy you lost his boat.
Lucky number eleven,|let's go!
It's your first time looking at|a black man, ain't it?
Get used to it.
Let's go!|Get over here!
Allright, hurry it up.|lt's gonna be sun up in an hour.
- Fuse is burning, sir. - All right,|she's burning! Let's get this raft loaded!
Let's move!
Sir, we got all the prisoners|transferred to the S-33.
Very well.
Hey, Andy.
Make sure you got everything!|Get it in the raft!
Get everything below decks.|Let's go!
Everybody, below decks!|Get down!
- Chief, take her down! - Aye, sir!|- Scuttling charge!
- Let's go, Hirsch!|- The Enigma!
Trigger!|Grab hold!
Trigger! Attaboy!
- Got it!|- Help me! Help me! Oh, no! No!
- We gotta get outta here!|- There's still men in the water.
- Let's go!|- Chief, there's still men in the water.
Andy! Andy!
Take her down!|Take her down!
Tyler, let's go!
- Chief, you find those vents?|- Everything's in German!
Rabbit, get to the torpedo room. Where's|the goddamn 1 MC? Trigger, get on the helm!
- Mazzola, take the planes!|- Aye, sir.
- Wentz, what about these?|- l don't know.
There's no label! Okay, those are the aft|ballast tanks vents!
These are the midship vents, and|these are the main induction valves.
Make sure they're shut.|Tank, I need speed!
Get the screws turning.
The lights are on, so there's got to be|some power left. - I can't read this!
Rabbit, find out how many fish we've got in|the tubes! Figure out how to launch 'em!
- Go!|- I can't read this!
- Go help Tank, Hirsch. Go, Hirsch!|- Find the Christmas tree.
We've gotta make sure we don't|have any holes in the boat!
"Klar, klar, klar."|Wentz, what the hell is "klar"?
"Klar" means "clear".|All compartments secure.
- White for green? - White for green.|- No holes in the ship! Dive the boat!
Opening ballast vents!|Opening midship valves!
Opening midship vents!
This is forward trim, aft trim.|These are auxiliaries.
Main motor.|Auxiliary, auxiliary.
This is in meters.|Everything's in meters.
Passing 15 meters.
Recommend shutting main vents!
- Make it so! Wentz, get in the sound room!|- Yes, sir!
- Make depth 20 meters.|- Depth 20 meters, aye.
- Chief, take the dive!|- I have the dive.
At 20 meters. Bow planes at zero. Control|your depth with the stern planes.
Bow planes at zero.|Controlling down with the stern planes.
Oh, shit.|All ahead full, sir!
Batteries are flat|and draining fast!
Mr. Tyler, I hear the S-33|breaking up. Wait.
I hold a submerged U-boat,|0-1-0.
Real close.|Less than 1,000 yards.
- Goddamn resupply sub. What's our heading?|- Two-eight-zero, sir!
All right, right full rudder!|Steady on 0-1-0!
Aye, sir! Right full rudder.|Steady on course 0-1-0.
Tank, starboard back full.|Rabbit, get back to me.
Starboard back full.|Aye, sir.
- Watch your depth. She'll squat.|- Rabbit!
We got four fish. Tubes are flooded, but|I can't open the doors until I'm equalized.
- l can't find the valve!|- Wentz, help Rabbit!
Enemy submarine close aboard. Torpedo|in the water. Torpedo in the water!
All right, belay that.|Wentz, stay where you are!
Hirsch, hot foot it|to the torpedo room!
- Helm, mark your head every ten degrees.|- Aye, sir.
- Now passing 3-2-0.|- Turn, baby, turn. Turn!
Equalizing valves. Holy shit! What's what?|This is crazy. I can't equalize the tubes!
What do you need?
- Equalizing valves! - Valve?|- Equalizing valves!
- Gyro?|- No, drainage. Drainage. No.
Now passing 0-0-0.
Swing, you bastard, swing.
Chief, standby in case|we have to flood forward trim.
- Impulse? - No.|- Differential... Pressure differential?
- Turn 'em! - Yes, turn 'em!|- Which way?
Torpedo missed.|It's in our baffles.
Two more torpedoes|in the water!
Best bearing to the U-boat:|0-1-0.
Aye, Rabbit, get ready|to fire a spread.
Tubes one and two.|Zero gyro. Fire!
Rabbit, fire!
What's going on?
- What is that?|- Wrong one! The fish is stuck!
- We missed an interlock.|- Rabbit, get those fish out before they blow!
Look for "impulse air"|or "firing air."
That was "impulse"|there and there!
One, two, away.|Lining up tubes three and four.
Three and four, fire!
All fish running|hot, straight and normal.
I think they all missed, sir.
U-boat's breaking up!
I hear bulkheads collapsing.
The 33 boat, Mr. Tyler.
Let's take her up and look|for survivors, Chief.
- Give me some rise on the planes!|- Rise on the planes, aye.
Deploy main ballast!
Oh, crap.
Please! Help!
Help! Help!
Do you speak English?
English.|Do you speak English?
What's your rank?|What do you do?
What's your job?|Your job.
You're an electrician. Good. You can us|help squeeze more juice out of them batteries.
Sir, I see the skipper.
Battery's dead. Whatever juice was left|we used up when we maneuvered.
Battery's dead. Whatever juice was left|we used up when we maneuvered.
What about the diesels?
Starboard's a wreck.|We need the dry dock to fix it.
Port side diesel's the good news.|Whoever the Krauts had on it...
didn't know a piston head|from his sister's titty.
I think I can fix it.
Okay, Tank.|Do what you can.
Yes, sir.
Allright. Listen up.
We've decided on a course.
We're headin' for England,|Land's End.
lt's the closest,|besides occupied France.
Rabbit, how many|torpedoes do we have?
Just one. It's in the stern tube, which|is busted, bleedin' air from somewhere.
- Sir?|- Yeah, what is it, Trigger?
Can't we just use the radio...
fire off a Mayday|and wait for a rescue?
That's impossible.
If we transmit, the Germans will direction-find|our position to a grid...
with their missing two U-boats.
If they even suspect we have the Enigma,|they will change their entire coding system.
And that would completely negate|the purpose of our mission.
Mr. Tyler,
if we head for England,
we're gonna go straight through|the western approaches.
- He's right. I mean, that's Jerry's backyard.|- Listen, guys.
It's full of U-boats. And we've got|nothing to defend ourselves with.
Do you think I got|all the answers here?
Think I know how we're gonna get out|of this? I don't. I don't know how.
- I say we use the radio.|- Nobody asked you.
- We use the radio and take our chances.|- I said can it.
- It's what the captain would have done...|- Captain's dead.
This is crazy.
This whole thing is crazy...
riskin 'our lives|over a typewriter.
- lt's not a typewriter. - The hell it ain't.|It's got buttons like a typewriter.
- Yeah, well, it's not.|- Whatever it is, it's crazy we get killed over it.
The navy says it's important,|it's important.
The navy says it's more important|than you, him, me, fine.
We're gonna die trying.
And that ain't crazy.|That's our job.
What I don't understand, Chief,|is how come you're not in charge?
Scuttlebutt is Dahlgren was kicking|Tyler out of the navy anyway, and...
You stow that shit|right now, sailor.
Lieutenant Tyler is your commanding officer,|and you will respect that man assuch.
- Do you understand?|- Yes, Chief.
Look at them sons of bitches.
You know my pop|was a fisherman?
He had this old 60-footer|he'd run all over the gulf.
Noisy two-stroke diesel.
Rotten to the gunnels,|that thing.
I could scrub that deck three times|a day, and it still stunk like fish.
And I swore I'd never skipper|a boat like that, Chief.
Hmm, I saw myself...
standin 'on the bridge|of a battleship.
A real sea captain.
Mr. Tyler, permission to speak freely?
Of course, Chief.
This is the navy,
where a commanding officer|is a mighty and terrible thing...
a man to be feared|and respected.
Allknowing, allpowerful.
Don't you dare say what you said to the boys|back there again... "I don't know."
Those three words will kill|a crew, dead as a depth charge.
You're the skipper now,
and the skipper always knows what|to do, whether he does or not.
- Aircraft off the port bow!|- Shit!
Real sorry, sir.|lt dropped right out of the clouds.
Rabbit, Trigger,|standby the flakgun.
- Sir.|- Sir.
It's German. Looks like long-range|reconnaissance.
What the hell's it doing|way out here?
- Jesus, here it comes.|- All right. Sit tight.
As far as he knows, we're all playing|on the same team. Everybody wave.
Sir, we're sittin' ducks. If we shoot|first, we can blow 'em out of the sky.
We miss, he's gonna radio us in. That|plane's gonna be the least of our problems.
This is crazy.|You're gonna get us killed.
He's comin' around.|He's comin' around!
He's attacking!|Rabbit, do something!
- Mazzola, shut up. Rabbit, ignore him.|- Do something!
He's coming straight for us! He's|coming right at us! Do something!
- Acknowledge me, Seaman Parker.|- What are you waiting for?
- Yeah, Rabbit! Shoot him!|- Seamen Parker, I'm ordering you!
Do not fire that weapon!|Get your finger off that trigger!
Pull the trigger!|Pull the trigger!
We're gonna die!|Do it! Do it!
Come on!|Goddamn it, can't you see him?
What the hell are you doin',|huh?
This is not|a goddamn democracy!
Mr. Tyler,|I see a mast on the horizon!
Shit! That's a Nazi destroyer.
That plane must have been|runnin' a recon screen for it.
Clear the bridge!|Chief, secure the diesel and dive the ship!
- Dive the ship!|- Aye, sir!
We don't have a green board.|The engine room's not ready.
Vents won't open.|We lost hydraulics.
Tank, secure the diesel and|rig the engine room for dive!
Tank, acknowledge!
Goddamn it! Mazzola, go see what|the hell's going on back there.
Drop it, you Nazi son of a bitch!|Drop it!
Goddamn it.
I'm real sorry, Mr. Tyler.
Took me right off my feet.
Listen to me.|You've got to secure the diesel.
And find out why the vent valves|won't open now!
- Yes, sir.|- Goddamn it!
Eddie, get this son of a bitch out|of here. Chain him to the bunks.
Make sure his hands and feet are secure.|Put him into submission!
- Lieutenant, we have a problem!|- Take care of it, Eddie.
Oh, shit.
Tell Tank to finishing those repairs.|The destroyer is sending a launch.
He needs five minutes,|Mr. Tyler!
We don't have five minutes,|Chief.
Lieutenant, the deck cannon... If we|fire a shell below the water line...
lt wouldn 't do a god damn thing. No,|that tub could take a hundred shells.
What we need is a working torpedo,|which we do not have.
Trigger, stand by on the flak gun. When I give|the word, turn that launch into driftwood.
- Yes, sir. - Gonna find out who|we are in about 60 seconds.
Trigger, ready on that weapon?|Chief, tell Tank he has one minute...
and get Wentz and Rabbit up here|with the machine gun.
Hirsch, what happens when|they find out we're not German?
After they shoot us as spies,|they'll radio into headquarters.
They'll tell them|the Enigma's been compromised.
What if we take out their radio,|before they can notify anyone about us?
- How?|- With that deck gun.
lt's gonna be one hell|of a shot, but we can do it.
Then we dive like hell,|and we get under them quick.
We lure 'em a little bit closer to|the continent, in range of allied air cover.
- Then we call in an air strike.|- Yeah, we call in an air strike.
Son of a bitch cut off|pressure to the hydraulics.
We need to find|the stop valve.
See that structure topside with|the big antenna sticking out of it?
- Yes, sir.|- That's the radio shack.
You and Wentz get on the deck. On my command,|put a shell right through the porthole.
- Get to it, gentlemen. Get to it.|- Yes, sir!
Tell them to go away,|Mr. Hirsch.
- Talk to me, Rabbit! - Deck gun manned|and ready in all respects, sir!
Clear the deck!
All right.
Come on!
Dive! Dive!|Dive! Dive!
- Come on. Why aren't we diving?|- Repairs aren't complete, sir.
- Eddie, man the planes. Tank, all ahead full.|- Aye, sir!
- Aye, sir! - Manning planes!|- All ahead full, aye!
Nice shot, Rabbit.|That radio's history.
Come on.
- We're heading right towards them.|- That's right.
Their deck guns can't get to us|if we're in close enough.
Let's hope we can dive|and clear her keel.
That's it.|Hydraulics restored!
Thank you, Tank.|That did it. We're going under.
Passing five meters.
Passing ten meters.
Fifteen meters.
Twenty meters.
Trigger, left full rudder.
Tank, all ahead two-thirds.
Contact maneuvering.
Heavy cavitation.
- Splashes.|- Shit.
Step away from that bulkhead,|Mr. Hirsch.
The shock wave from one of these|explosions can snap your spine.
Chief, you ever been depth charged?
Once, off Murmansk,
back in World War 1.
One charge came so close, it rattled|four teeth out of the skipper's head.
Wasn't even close.
Control, starboard E-motor's|seized up.
The German must have|sabotaged it.
Goddamn it.
There's no way we make it to Allied|air cover creepin' along on one shaft.
Get down!
Eddie, help Chief.
Ye-Yes, sir.
Mr. Chief, I got that.
Tank... you alive back there?
Yes, sir.
Good. Port ahead two-thirds.
Port ahead two-thirds.|Aye, sir.
Tank...|can you fix the stern tube?
I don't know, Mr. Tyler.
I don't want|an "I don't know."
Can you fix the torpedo tube?|Yes... or no?
Yes, sir.|I think I can.
Thank you, Tank.
Chief,|make depth 1-6-0 meters.
That's more than 500 feet.
Take us down, Chief.
Aye, sir.
One-six-zero meters.
- Twenty degrees dive, both planes.|- Twenty degrees dive, aye, sir.
Mr. Tyler, sir,
uh, do you plan on going up|against a destroyer...
with only one fish in the tube|and a busted motor?
Yes, I am, Eddie.
- How wise is that, Lieutenant?|- Not very.
But have a look. Chief.
There is no way|a two-knot submarine...
can get in firing position against|a 30-knot destroyer unless we go deep.
At 160 meters,
we can shoot out a bunch of junk|from the forward tubes.
It will resurface|and create a debris field.
Now the destroyer's gonna go to|the center of that debris field,
shut off its engines to make it|real nice and quiet...
and do an acoustic search|to make sure we're dead.
But we're not.|See, we're here,
on our way|up to periscope depth.
Allright, principle|of ascent velocity.
Our positive buoyancy pulls us|up and away from the destroyer.
And when we surface, we'll be showing|it our ass at 700 yards.
That is a perfect setup for a stern shot|on a stationary target.
Boom. It don't get|much prettier than that.
Boom. It don't get|much prettier than that.
All right, Mr. Tyler.
All right.|Passing 1-3-0 meters.
Very well. Rabbit,
I need you to load Mazzola's|body into tube three...
and put an escape jacket|onto him to make sure he floats.
Wanna shoot him out|like garbage?
His body is gonna|save our lives.
I'll say a few words|for him.
Hirsch, go with Rabbit.|Eddie, can you man both planes?
- Yes, sir.|- Mr. Tyler. - Yeah.
If you can't take out|that destroyer,
the danger is not|that some of us may die.
It's that some of us|may live.
These men have seen|and heard things...
that must not be revealed|to the enemy...
our secrets,
such as our radar|capabilities...
and our understanding|of German encryption.
If we fall into German hands alive,|we will be tortured without mercy.
Either you succeed|in sinking that ship...
or you must see to it|that none of us survive...
to be captured.
We commend his soul|to God...
and commit his body|to the deep.
Mr. Tyler, contact is zigging.
Contact getting closer.
More splashes.
Tank, line up to pump|engine room bilge to sea.
Yes, sir.
fire the tubes.
Bye, Mazzola.
They're setting them charges|too shallow.
Secure that air valve!
Chief, what's our depth?
One-six-zero meters.
- Zero the planes.|- Zero the planes.
They're too close together!
l can't count them.
take us to 200 meters.
We're gonna get under|these damn things.
take us to 200 meters.
Aye, sir.
Making my depth 200 meters.
Ten degrees dive,|both planes.
Ten degrees dive.|Aye.
One-seven-zero meters.
what's the status|on the stern torpedo tube?
There's a couple things wrong.|I can operate the muzzle door,
but I'm still working|on the impulse air.
One-eight-zero meters.
Mr. Tyler, depth gauge back here|says 180 meters.
Thanks, Tank. I know.
Keep working.
One-nine-zero meters.
Two-hundred meters.|Zero the planes.
- Zero the planes, aye.|- Zero the planes.
Mary, mother of God.
Those Krauts|sure know how to build a boat.
Chief, take us up!
- Blowing negative! Planes full rise!|- Clockwise, Hirsch!
- Rabbit, help me out!|- Go! Go!
Chief, are you seeing this?
Needle's off the scale!|We have to blow main ballast tanks!
Do it, Chief!
- She's still going down!|- Ballast tanks are bone dry!
l'm gonna try the trim tanks!
Come on, come on, come on!
She's going up!|She's going up!
Mr. Tyler,|we're coming up.
But I've lost control|of the ballast tanks.
I can't stop our ascent.
Where are we|with the stern torpedo?
Piping's damaged.
There's a break in the air line, so|there's no pressure to launch a torpedo.
I tried to bypass the leak, but it's|way back in the bilge underwater.
There's no way to reach it.|I can't fit.
- Can somebody else get to it?|- I don't know.
Maybe somebody smaller.
That's Rabbit or Trigger.
Comin 'up on 200 meters.
You gotta pick one.
lay aft with Tank.
Move it, son.|You got a job to do.
See, we got no air pressure|to fire the torpedo.
One of these pipes is busted|and leaking air.
- How am I gonna find it?|- You'll see bubbles coming out. A lot of'em.
Find the isolation valve|aft of the leak and crank it down.
- Got it?|- Yeah.
I rigged this hose|so you can breathe through it.
Now listen to me. As soon as you finishing,|you get out of there.
- Okay?|- Yeah.
I can hear her.
Making slow turns.
She just stopped her screws.
I think they see the debris.
I think they're buying it.
One-eight-zero meters.
Chief, can you slow our ascent?|We are not ready.
Can't, sir.
We got a one-way ticket|topside.
If we surface without|a torpedo to fire, we're dead.
There's two air leaks.
I got one, but the other one's|way in the back.
- I need some more slack on the hose|to get to it. - That's all there is.
One-five-zero meters.
I hear Morse code.
What the hell is it?|Are they signalling us?
What's it saying, Wentz?
"I am U-571. Destroy me."
Coming up on 9-0 meters.
Sir, she's started|her engines again.
No go, Mr. Tyler.|He can't reach.
Trigger, in one minute we're gonna|hit the surface. Do you understand me?
Now you've got|to go back in there and try.
I wouldn't ask you if|our lives didn't depend on it.
- Sorry, sir. I can't reach it.|- No, no, Trigger.
Now listen to me.
You can reach it,|and you will.
Now you are gonna close|that valve.
- Sir, I can't!|- You're the only chance we've got.
Now you're gonna go|back down in that bilge,
and you're gonna do|your job, sailor.
- Report to me the instant that torpedo's|ready to fire. - Yes, sir.
Thirty meters.
- Talk to me, Wentz.|- Destroyer is under way.
Steady bearing.|They're closing our position.
Shit!|Come on, Trigger!
Twenty meters.
Hold on.|We're gonna surface.
Raising scope.
Got her.
She's heading right for us.
- Helm, come right ten degrees.|- Aye, sir!
- Watch your bow planes.|- Aye, sir. Watching my bow planes.
Tank, start the diesel.|All ahead full!
Port diesel ahead full!
Shit, they've got us bracketed.
We're hit! We're hit!
- Wentz, get in here!|- Eddie, secure that hatch!
Tube still not ready!
- Request permission to abandon ship!|- Not yet, Chief.
Control, aft torpedo ready|in all respects!
- Hold us right there, Rabbit. Hold us steady|right here. - Steady on bearing 8-0 degrees!
Tank, fire right now|or we die!
Come on, come on.
Well, that blew 'em|right in half.
Hell, Mr. Tyler,|if you ever need a chief,
I'd go to sea with you|anytime.
Thank you, Chief.
Tank, you okay?
Trigger drowned.
That kid didn't give up,|did he?
Neither did you, Mr. Tyler.
We can't keep her afloat|much longer, sir.
Let's abandon ship.
(c)2001 DivX film i titl by Bane|mailto: banel@EUnet.yu
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