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Fuck you!
Oh no, not now.|Fuck!
l got a fire in here.
Who cut off my music?
You cut my music off.
Are you Harlin?|ls Harlin around?
l doubt it. He's dead.
- Are you the owner?|- Yes.
- Why do you call it ''Harlin's''?|- Because Harlin used to own it.
Could you take a look at my car?|l think the radiator hose is bust.
lt's going to be a hot one today.|Then again, it might not be.
You can't ever tell. When it's hot,|l don't even like to get out of bed.
- Nor when it's cold.|- Harlin ...
- Darrell.|- l think the radiator hose is bust.
- Your radiator hose is busted.|- l know. What did l just tell you?
lf you know so much,|fix it yourself.
lf l could, l wouldn't be here.|Fix it, or l'll go someplace else.
Someplace else?|That's 50 miles from here.
The station downtown|closed some three years ago.
Okay. Can you fix it or not?
- Yeah, l can.|- Great.
l'll see if l have a hose|like that one. lt'll take some time.
- How much time?|- l don't know. Time.
- What time is it now?|- 10:20.
Arizona ...
- lt must be 90 already.|- 92.
- What happened to your hand?|- An accident.
You've got to be more careful.|Hands is important.
l don't know if you can still|see it, but when l was a kid ...
lnteresting ...|Where can l get something to drink?
There's a diner. lt ain't much.
Us simple folk like it.
l'll be back in a couple of hours.|Just be real careful with it.
- lt's just a car.|- lt's a '64 Mustang Convertible.
That's the reason why you live here|and l'm just passing through.
- l'll just get some things out.|- Knock yourself out.
Just like a town,|only uglier.
- Hey, you there.|- You want something, old man?
Run over to the corner there|to that machine and get me a pop.
- You can't do that yourself?|- Hell no, l'm blind.
- l lost my eyes in Vietnam.|- Sorry.
Don't be so sorry. Just get me|a pop before l die of thirst.
- Got change?|- You want a blind veteran's change?
What the hell has the world come to?
Get me a Dr. Pepper.|Cola's nothing but flavoured water.
And open it. l can't.|lf you do it, that's a good boy.
Unbelievable. Fucking ...
That's for Mother Earth.|l'm about 50% lndian.
- Congratulations.|- Here's to all our relations.
- You want some?|- l'll pass.
The dog looks sick.
That's because he's dead.|l hope you wasn't patting him ...
- What do you want with a dead dog?|- He's only just dead.
What was l to do? Me and Jesse|have been pals since the war.
Come on, Jesse.
See you later, unless|l come across something worse.
- Need a hand, beautiful?|- l'm just going to my car.
- That's right on my way.|- Mother warned me about strangers.
l'm Bobby. Now we're not strangers.|See how easy that was, beautiful?
- Do you have to call me that?|- l don't know your name.
- Maybe l don't want you to.|- Then why did you stop walking?
- You're full of yourself.|- l like that about me.
- lt's Grace.|- Grace, can l carry your package?
- Can you manage? Shall l take that?|- No, it's no trouble.
- What happened to your hand?|- An accident.
You should be more careful.|lt's just drapes and curtain rods.
l got so tired of the old ones.|My mother made them.
l just knew l had to have these.|Ever felt you had to have something?
- Yes, l have.|- This is it.
- Thank you, Bobby.|- You're welcome, Grace.
- You're not from around here.|- No, my car overheated up the road.
Lucky you weren't in the desert.|A day like today, you'd be dead.
When are you leaving?
Not until l get my car back.
And here l made you|all hot and sweaty.
- Morning, Grace.|- Morning, Sheriff.
- Got my drapes.|- You got yourself a helper, too.
Morning, Sheriff.
- Nice to meet you, son.|- Same to you, Sheriff.
l could use some help|getting these boxes in the house.
You could shower.|Get something cool to drink.
You're still lucky.
- Where are you coming from?|- All over. Detroit.
Chicago, Miami. l have some|unfinished business in Las Vegas.
- What is it you do?|- Whatever pays best. Bartending.
Used to teach tennis.
Used to play some competitively.
l never played tennis.
- l'm sick ofyour bullshit|- Easy, easy.
- Bobby, l wantmy money.|- You got that?.
You'll getyour money.|You don'thave to do this.
You have two weeks, asshole.|Take two fornow.
- Some more lemonade?|- That would be great.
- What do you do, anyway?|- A little of this, little of that.
- Mostly l tell fortunes.|- Where did you learn that?
From my father.
Come here.
Sit down.
There's something in your past ...
Something ... There's a pain.
There's something you want badly.|lt seems far away to you right now.
But you're determined.
And you'll do what you must|to get it.
- You can tell all that by my face?|- All faces tell me the same.
Everybody has a past. They have|pain and something they want.
- What is it you want?|- The same thing you do.
Really?|l want to hang drapes.
Can you hold me?
Tighter. l won't break.
There. Lift me down.
You can put me down now.|l'm safe.
l'm tired of hanging drapes.
- Now what should we do?|- l got an idea.
What would that be?
- All right, no more games.|- What game do you want to play?
You carry my parcels|and we go to bed?
- l'm going back to town.|- l like to know about a man first.
- Find out what he's made of.|- Thanks for the lemonade.
- You didn't answer me.|- You're still playing.
What is it you want?
Jake ...|l thought you were in Phoenix.
Who the hell is this?
- Who in the hell are you?|- Her husband.
Who are you? lt had better be good,|or l'll break you in half.
l was just giving your wife|a hand with the drapes.
- lt didn't look like that.|- That's all.
- A lot that means.|- Grace, tell him.
l suppose he just wandered up here?|l should paddle your ass raw!
You sucker me up here so the two|of us can beat each other over you?
Forget it.
You don't just walk in and walk out.
- You broke my nose!|- lt ain't broke.
Get going, pipsqueak.
- What the fuck do you want?|- Hop in. You'll die in this heat.
You're not still upset over that|little love tap, are you? Get in.
- What happened to your hand?|- An accident.
- You've got to be ...|- More careful. l know.
l'm Jake McKenna.
- Bobby Cooper.|- What brings you to Superior?
- Car overheated.|- ls Darrell taking care of you?
- He's dumb as a sack of hammers.|- Yes, he sure is a character.
- Where are you headed?|- California.
- Do you live there?|- A man wants me to sail his boat.
You're a sailor-man?|That would be the life.
Just get on a boat and sail away.
- A man could disappear like that.|- lf l'd known she was married ...
lt wouldn't have made a difference.|You're a man without scruples.
l can smell it on you.
Yeah, that's the sweat of a man that|hasn't an honest bone in his body.
Don't be offended. A man without|ethics is a free man. l envy you.
A woman with her looks and a man|my age, what was l to expect?
Women ... Can't live with them,|can't live without them.
Can't live with them,|can't shoot them.
l bet she had you hard as a rock,|wiggling her ass in your face.
You wanted to pull her pants down|and hog her out, and then l bust in.
You got a temper. l bet|you just wanted to snap her neck.
l bet you just wanted to kill her.
Would you? Would you kill her?
- Why would l kill her?|- l'm sick of her little games.
You could do it and drift away|on that boat without being noticed.
l'd love to split the $50,000 life|insurance policy with her murderer.
l've done some things,|but l'm not a murderer.
How do you know|if you've never tried?
You're joking, right?
That's right.|lt's nothing but a joke.
Enjoy your stay, lad.
- You got a soda?|- Habla slowly.
- A cold soda.|- Something to eat.
No, no. Drink.
Keep it in you and nobody gets hurt.|The same goes for you, punk.
Give me the money.
That's it? Lady, l've got kids|to put through school.
What have you got, pal?
Beautiful. You're getting tasty.|Give me the pack.
- lt's just books.|- l'm a reader. Toss it.
- lt's personal family things.|- Give me the bag.
- No.|- No?
- This is no good. Come on.|- No?
He doesn't want to give me the bag.
- He doesn't have to.|- Come on!
- Not my wedding ring!|- Extra never hurt.
Seňor, you're hurt.|l'll call the police.
No. No police.
- Here. No police.|- $100, no police?
No police.
- What happened to your face?|- l had an accident.
Another accident?|You've got to be more careful.
What the hell happened to my car?
l had to change your bottom hose|too, but it runs like a dream now.
- How much?|- Let's see ...
You got parts and labour.|Let's just call it ... $150.
- How much?|- 150.
- To replace a radiator hose?|- A hose in a 1964 Mustang.
lt's a Ford, not a Ferrari!
lt's not just a Ford.|lt's a 1964 Mustang.
- What's that got to do with it?|- l don't know.
But it's the reason l'm living here,|and you're just passing through.
You owe me $150.
l just got rolled.
Get out your American Express|gold card and call the guy on TV ...
- l don't have a credit card.|- Then you'll have to work this off.
l've got a Movado. lt's worth|$7,800. You could sell it for that.
- l can't see no numbers.|- That's why it's expensive!
Look at the gold.
No day, no dates. Far as l can tell,|this ain't worth a duck's fart.
l got this for $3.75. lt's got lots|of doodads. l'll stick with that.
You son of a bitch!
- My lawyer will shut you down.|- No credit cards, but a lawyer?
Sweet talk me all you want to,|but didn't you read this sign?
- What sign? l want my car.|- l want my $150.
- What's the line on Dallas?|- You deadbeat Lose my number!
- Mike, you ...|- Mike who?
Cici, it's Bobby. l know|it's been a while, but l'm in a jam.
- You need money?|- $150.
No, youstole my CDs. Or was it|my ex-roommate, who you fucked?
Okay, where's my Mr. Coffee?|Cici?
- Rosarita. Bobby.|- Fuck you!
- Mom, it's Bobby. Your son.|- He's dead.
- No, l'm not dead.|- You are to me.
Hallo? Mr. Arkady,|this is deadbeat Cooper calling.
The motherfucker's calling collect.
Bobby, l expected to be seeing you,|not talking to you over the phone.
What a day l've had. This will sound|like a highly improbable story.
l had the money. l'm on my way|to Vegas, and my car breaks down.
l go into this store to get some|food, and the place gets robbed.
- And the robber gets your money?|- There were two, and they got shot.
The old lady shot them.
She kills them, and the money|in the bag gets shredded to pieces.
What are the odds?|So l thought maybe you could ...
Can't you wire me $150?|l'd pay it back with the rest.
- Which you don't have.|- l can sell my carin Vegas.
Where are you?
ln this little shithole|200 miles east of Phoenix.
- Couldn't you send it ...|- No! Listen to me, you punk!
l don't care if you got hit by a|truck and run over by a steamroller.
You owe me $13,000|and l want it on my desk tomorrow!
Orl'll showyou whatbad luck is!
- You understand?|- Fuck you too!
- What did you say?|- No. l'm sorry.
- There's just been so much stress.|- You've owed me for four weeks.
Nowyou wantanother week.|That's fiive weeks.
That's also five fingers,|because it's a finger a week!
Come tomorrowand be nice.
And maybe l don't take|the otherthree fiingers ...
Get your ass down to Superior.|This deadbeat won't see tomorrow.
You get three heads in a row,|odds are the next one will be tails.
Shut up and drink your coffee,|and stop flipping that damn quarter.
- Can l get you something?|- A beer. A Beck's.
- Ain't got Beck's. A-1, Coor's?|- Heineken?
- No. We've got Miller.|- Boyd thinks the odds are 50-50.
- ''Genuine Draft''?|- No, just regular plain old Miller.
You can fucking take it or leave it.
l'll fucking take it.
- Flo. A cheeseburger bleeding.|- l'll be right back with that beer.
And a waitress named Flo ...|Christ!
- He doesn't know statistics.|- What are you? A rocket scientist?
Fucking cat.
Got a quarter for the juke?
l want to play a song.|Got a quarter?
- What happened to your hand?|- l cut myself shaving.
- Yes, l've got to be more careful.|- Any requests?
- All country shit sounds the same.|- How about l pick one out for you?
Don't you just love Patsy Cline? Why|doesn't she put out more records?
- Because she's dead.|- That's sad.
- Don't that make you sad?|- l've had time to get over it.
You ain't from around here, right?|Where are you from?
- Oz.|- No, you ain't from Oz!
- Oz is from that movie.|- You are too quick for me.
No! l'm seeing,|but l'm not believing.
What are you doing with my girl?
l asked you a question.
- Toby, we were just talking.|- Shut up. Get back to our table.
Don't make me ask you again.|What are you doing with my girl?
- l wasn't doing anything.|- That's not how it looked to me.
- You tried to make time with her.|- ls everyone in this town on drugs?
- l just asked him for a quarter.|- Shut your mouth.
We've got business to take care of.|And l ain't never taken no drugs.
Maybe you should. l wasn't|trying to make time with your girl.
l'm calling you out.
You want to fight over her?
You don't know who l am.|The name's Toby N. Tucker.
People call me TNT.
- You know why?|- They're not very imaginative?
Because l'm just like dynamite.|When l go off, somebody gets hurt!
Fine.|l tried to make time with your girl.
Now l'm terrified, and l've learned|my lesson, and you can go away.
- Jesus Christ.|- Stand up.
- Or l'll beat you where you sit?|- Finish your pop and leave him.
Don't you never mind, Flo.|This will be over real quick.
One Touch Toby.|Come on, pussy.
You're real lucky this time.|But l'm going to see this through.
l think l'll make you walk home.
- What was that all about?|- Toby thinks everyone wants Jenny.
lt's Jenny who wants every man|she sees.
- l can't open off-sale for you.|- lt's the desert.
lt makes people go bonkers.
- l'll help myself to some coffee.|- You be careful now.
- Son of a bitch!|- Look what you've done.
- l burned my gun hand.|- lt's all red.
l'll put butter on it later.
Joe, get a mop and clean up.
Shasta, don't scare that nice man.|Sorry about that, sugar.
Let's see. $3.25.
Have a nice day.
l'll sure try.
Goddamn it!
Why?|Get me out of this fucking town.
Jake's the name,|real estate's my game.
What can l do for you, lad?
What can l do for you, lad?
- l hoped we could talk.|- About what?
About your wife. About your|$50,000 life insurance policy.
- You'd split it with her murderer.|- l think the heat's getting to you.
You brought it up.
- l don't always mean what l say.|- You meant it.
You're a slimy bastard who'd|have his wife killed to get rich.
- What does that make you?|- The slimy bastard that'll do it.
You're a jealous man. lf you can't|have Grace to yourself ...
You're not the sharing kind.
l have what you call|a love-hate relationship with Grace.
- You love her, but you hate her.|- No, l hate loving her.
l hate having to tolerate|the little games she plays.
Like fucking half this town behind|my back and laughing at me. Bitch!
She wants me to hit her. She|likes it. She likes to torture me.
But after all ...|She's my family.
She's my little girl.|My baby.
l couldn't stand to watch her|as she sucks her last breath.
No. Not me.
But you ...|You've got a killing in you.
Let's say l want the bitch dead.
- What do you want?|- How do you put a price on murder?
l put it at $50,000|minus your cut, of course. Which is?
- 20,000.|- l don't have that kind of money.
- Getting the insurance takes time.|- How much can you get?
Maybe 10,000.
- l need 13,000.|- That's a bit much.
We're not talking about buying|a car, but about killing your wife.
lt's 13,000 or it's nothing.
You drive a hard bargain.
But l had a feeling you were my boy|when l first met you.
lt looks like|we've got ourselves a contract.
Do we shake hands?
lf you can't trust the man|you've hired to kill your wife ...
lt's got to look like an accident.
lf it don't, it's no good.
l'll be a penniless murder suspect|while you're living it up somewhere.
How do you want it?
- lt can't be done at the house.|- l want some money up front.
Why don't l buy you a plane ticket|while l'm at it? l know you.
Listen ...
You go to the house to see her.|Tell heryou had to see her.
Yousweet-talk the woman. A young|buck like you mustbe good at that
Then shift the conversation.|Talk about the Jeep. She loves that
Maybe the only thing she does love.
She'll take you fora ride out|in the desert someplace quiet
Riding through the red rocks|and mesas. She loves it out there.
So do l. We've got that in common.
There won'tbe anyone around|butyou andsome prairie dogs.
And then ... sweet-talk her.|ltmakes no difference to me.
Putherat ease,|and then ...
... do it!
- You could leave him.|- lt's not that easy.
- Walk away.|- Maybe you can take chances.
You can wander wherever|you please. l can't.
l don't want to be alone.
l wish l was a bird.
Some of the old lndians thought|you could change into animals.
l wish l could. lf l was a bird,|l'd fly to Florida.
l've always wanted to go there.
Then l'll fly to New York, maybe.
Then l'd fly to St. Louis|and all over Texas.
Then l'll fly to California.
Then l guess l would've seen it all.
Then l could die.
They say you don't feel anything.
That the shock kills you|before you hit the ground.
l've always imagined|it's just like flying.
l bet, right now, you don't know|if you want to kill me ...
... or fuck me.
Stop! l can't!
- What's the matter?|- Nothing.
Doesn't feel like nothing.
Get out of town quick, Bobby.
Don't do this to me. l've been|fucked over by too many women.
You're the queen of hot and cold.
- lt's such a mess with Jake.|- l know all about being in a mess.
Jake was with my mom.
After my real father died.
He used to call me|his ''little half-breed''.
He kept my mom on the side.|He had a wife someplace else.
He'd control me.
You lookso pretty.
Putyour arms around me.
- Why?|- Don't fuck around like your mama.
He was raping me the whole time.|For years.
My mom ...
lt tore her up 'cause she couldn't|do nothing about it.
She became an alcoholic.
They found my mama down here.
At the bottom of Apache Leap.
Virgil, Sheriff Potter, said|she was drunk and went insane.
l'd never believe|she ran off that cliff by accident.
She was like me.|She just wanted to fly away.
l'm so sorry.
What are you going to? Life, right?
- Have you ever been to California?|- Yes.
- ls it pretty?|- lt's another world.
lt's beautiful beaches|and blue water.
Clear sky,|as far as the eye can see.
Take me with you.|l won't hang on you.
You can dump me there.|l just want to leave.
l can't leave before l get hold|of the $150 for that crazy mechanic.
- Darrell? He and Jake ...|- Do you have money?
Jake only gives me $20 at a time.
lf you could get money,|l could get us out of here.
- There's money. A lot.|- Where?
Jake hides it in a safe.
ln the bedroom floor. My mom said|there was more than $100,000 there.
- ln cash?|- There's nothing else with Jake.
He sits there, he laughs,|he talks to himself and counts it.
$100,000 ... son of a bitch.
What do you mean?
- We need the combination.|- lt takes a key.
He keeps it on him all the time.
So it's slapping up against me|when we do it.
Then how do we get it?
Kill him.
l can't kill anybody.
lt's not like he's a young man.|He had time to live.
lt would be quick.|He doesn't even have to feel it.
Do it at night. Come up|behind him when he's asleep.
Or when he's pounding me ...
l see it.|lt's in you. l see death.
lt's in your heart.|Do it for me.
l'll do anything for you. You need|the money to get out of here.
lt's three miles back to town.|lt's a lot more than $100,000.
Where are you going?
Hey, you there!
They're cursed.
All the miners last century killed|off all the lndians at the mine.
Earth ran red with blood. l've seen|peculiar things on a hot day.
Saw a scorpion sting itself|to death. A killer killing itself.
l've seen a coyote tear its own|leg off before it bled to death.
A white man will get himself killed|just rubbing shoulders with another.
Kissy, kissy. Nice little pussy|there, you see it coming.
That will be the death of him.
You sure see a lot for a blind man.
l'm blind, but l can still see.|We're all eyes in the same head.
Everything is everything.
- What?|- Everything is nothing too.
Maybe one day l'll have time|to sit on a corner and spout wise.
Think you'll live that long,|motherfucker?
Everybody's got a mother.|You don't rip up the mother.
lt's like popcorn. The more|you eat, the more you want.
- l've got things to do.|- You don't see me stopping you.
Ain't you got anything for the sick?
Sorry. l'll catch you next time.
You tell your lies pretty good.
- Hi.|- Patsy Cline.
- l just wanted to thank you.|- For what?
- For defending my honour.|- l wasn't defending your honour.
- You were going to fight for me.|- l was gonna pound your boyfriend.
He ain't my boyfriend. l let him|take me out, but l ain't spoken for.
- Not yet, that is.|- l ain't going for you.
Marry Toby. You won't|do any better in this town.
That's what l thought till you came.|l saw your car at the gas station.
That's a cool car.|Do you want to take me for a ride?
No, l don't. l just want ...
You wouldn't have $150 ...
- Shit.|- l told you it wasn't over.
- You're at it again with my girl!|- No, l'm not. Tell him.
You're too late.|We're riding off in his car.
- What?|- What's your name?
That tears it. l'm going|to bust you up for good.
l'll break you in a million pieces|and break them into a million more!
You don't know me.|l'm psycho-crazy!
Yes, you're TNT and when|you go off somebody gets hurt.
lt don't matter if you beat him up,|because we love each other.
- l want to have his love child.|- Would you shut up!
You're going to pay for that.|Come on.
- Toby!|- Sheriff Potter ...
Your poor mama hasn't seen you|since this morning.
l was just home for lunch.
l want to see smoke coming out|of your ass on your way home!
Bye! Don't go nowhere without me.|l want to have your love child.
Where are you going?
- Up to Harlin's.|- Get in.
There was a young fellow up|at Jamilla's today when it got hit.
She says he got whacked|by one of the robbers.
l wish l could help you.
l just want to get up to Harlin's|and get out of town quickly.
That's a nasty cut.
l fell on a rock.|lt's not as bad as it looks.
- Everything all right?|- Yes. Where are you going?
Just up at Darrell's.|So how's the wife?
- ls the little eskimo baby walking?|- Yes, just fine.
Have you seen my wife?
l'm looking for her.
No, but if l see her, l'll|tell her you're looking for her.
What have you got there?|Some trash?
Kind of peculiar how things happen.
A man's car breaks down. There's|a robbery, people get killed.
All that money ...
And now ...
Now old Jake|is out looking for his young wife.
And then you show up.
Time's running out, son.
l'll be seeing you in the morning.
Hey there, bud. l started|to think you wasn't coming back.
Feel like you're running in circles|without getting anywhere?
- You've been there?|- You just have to tough it out.
- You believe that?|- lf you think bad, you get bad.
- That's a decent philosophy.|- No charge.
- Darrell. About the $150 ...|- 200.
- l'll send it from the next town.|- You owe me 200.
You said it was 150 for the hose.
Yes, but this morning l had to|replace a gasket. That's $50 more.
- l didn't ask you to replace it.|- lt was shot.
l didn't tell you you could do it,|and you can't do unauthorised work.
Suddenly you're a mechanic?|Didn't you read the sign?
Am l supposed to let you|drive out of here with a bad gasket?
Then you get in an accident|and get killed, or worse.
Who do they blame? Me.|And there goes my reputation.
What reputation?
You're just an ignorant,|inbred tumbleweed hick!
- Are you insulting me?|- Listen, you stupid fuck ...
You listen,|you sorry son of a bitch!
You owe me money, and this car|ain't going nowhere till l get it!
lf you take another five hours,|l'll do work for another $50.
Get your ass out of here before|l call the sheriff, who knows me!
You want to play?|l'll play. Come on.
You want to smash something?|Here, l'll smash something.
- Has all the fight gone out of you?|- Just leave the car alone.
Too late. You pissed me off.
Goddamn it,|you son of a bitch!
There you go,|sweet-talking me again.
l'll get you your money. l'll just|get some things out of my trunk.
No, you won't.
- What did you do to my trunk?|- You didn't leave me no key.
- You had to get in the trunk?|- l'm very thorough in my work.
You motherfucker!
You just can't help yourself.
You're out of control.
- l need a ticket.|- Where to?
- Out of here.|- ln particular?
l don't care.|l just want to get out.
- Mexico.|- Let's look.
You could go to Ciudad Juarez.|The local bus leaves in two hours.
- How much?|- One-way is $30.55.
- 20 more will get you back.|- No, one-way.
27.60 ...
l have ...
- l have 27.60.|- Sorry, the ticket is 30.55.
l bought a beer.|That was a dollar something.
Gave a quarter to a girl|for the jukebox.
- And then the blind mand ...|- Yes, but the ticket is 30.55.
l'm just a little bit short.|That figures.
l just wanted to get out of here.
Excuse me.
l don't think you understand.
See what they did to me?
They'll come for me.|They'll kill me!
lf l don't get a ticket,|l'll do something l don't want to.
l don't want to hurt anyone.
l'll do whatever l must to get out.|l'm saying l must get out of here!
l need for you to remain calm.|Because l can't even breathe now.
l am going to give you the ticket.|Please try and remain calm, sir.
Keep the change. lt's bus no. 323|and it will leave at 7:52 tonight.
l'm sorry.
l have to take a break. l'm sorry.
What is this shit town?
A pigsty.
Bobby Cooper ... Got you!
Where's the fire? l don't know about|Nevada, but we have speed limits.
- l'm going 5 mph. l'm a tourist.|- Are you a Russian?
Yes, and l'm a rich Russian.|Maybe we could work something out.
You trying to bribe me? Just because|you ain't commies no more, -
- don't you think|that money can buy everything.
What have we here? Concealed|is a definite no-no in this town.
Know anything about Jamilla's store?|Get out and spread them!
l want my lawyer!
l love America. Great country!
Get up! Toby N. Tucker doesn't beat|someone without giving him a chance.
You fuck! What did you do that for?
lt's what any offended man would do.|l'm stomping your ass!
- What are you fighting for, anyway?|- My honour!
- Do l have to beat you lying down?|- Leave him alone!
l don't want you to see this mess.
- We can still be together.|- Get away from me!
- What's this?|- Give me that.
- You think you can go to Mexico?|- You won't have to see me again.
This means something to you.|Well, Jenny means something to me!
What about that?
l'll beat you so bad you'll be|eating soup the rest of your days!
l'm going to beat you up so bad!
Let go! You're killing him!
Get off him!|Go away! Go home!
Darling,|l have to defend your honour.
- lt ain't over, bitch!|- You killed him!
- Hello?|- Grace, it's Bobby.
Aren't you in Vegas?|What do you want?
l can't get you off my mind.|l think of nothing but you.
l want to get out of here,|and l want to take you with me.
l thought you couldn't get your car.
l could if l had Jake's money.
- Did the money change your mind?|- No, l want to leave with you.
- Are you sure?|- l came back for you.
l want you. l stormed off because|you spooked me talking about Jake.
l've realised it all comes back|to us getting out of here.
We have to get the money. Then l|get the car, and we're the hell out.
- But you couldn't kill anybody.|- l would do it for you, Grace.
So you can fly.
Fly away like a bird.
Grace ...
Grace ...
After dark.|l'll leave the back door unlocked.
- Who was that?|- Wrong number.
You took a long time talking|for the wrong number.
But then, you make friends|so easily, don't you, Grace?
You look like your mama, standing|there in the afternoon light.
What are you looking at?
Nothing, Jake.|Absolutely nothing.
That's it.|Sun's going down.
Regular people go home.|Sit around a nice dinner table.
They trade stories about the day,|the heat, maybe tell a little joke.
Then they kiss ...
... sleep, wake up|and do it all over again.
The day was all right.|We all got through it.
No, keep it. The day ain't over yet.|Night is part of day.
You see things in the shadows,|and you hear things in the dark.
- You afraid of the dark?|- Boy, l live in the dark.
And all because of a woman.
Want some?
People fear what they can't see.|l see nothing, so it doesn't matter.
A kiss from a beautiful woman, a|lick from a dog, the kiss of death.
lt's all the same to me now.
We're all floating like sticks in|a stream. Just enjoy the ride, huh?
That's about it.
- Not me. l've got plans.|- That makes the Great Spirit laugh.
We all got plans.|l planned on seeing all my life.
- You never planned on coming here.|- l don't plan on sticking around.
l was a smart ass too. l got smart|with the wrong man's daughter.
l got acid poured|on my peepers for my trouble.
Human beings ain't only human.|They got animals inside them too.
l hope she was worth it.
She was worth it.|Worth every black minute since.
Time's up, old one. Got any|last-minute words of wisdom?
Things ain't always what they seem.|Ask yourself: ls it worth it?
Because one day Earthmaker will|come down, look right in your heart.
You better know what you're doing.
Are you a human being|orjust some hungry ghost?
You're crazy.
l'll be seeing you.
l won't be seeing you.
Cheap bastard.|Gave me back my own change.
Come on, Jesse.|We're going for a walk.
Nice air outside, huh?
You coming to bed, or aren't you?
You fuck around like your mama,|but you always come home to Daddy.
Because you know Daddy's the best.
- You've been a bad girl, right?|- Please forgive me, Papa.
Fuck it away.
But it won't go away. Because|your mama won't leave you alone.
You broke her heart when you stole|me. You've been a bad girl, bitch.
Baby, l'm sorry.|l didn't mean to hit you so hard.
lt just got away.
Forgive me.
- What's the matter?|- Did you hear something?
- lt was the wind.|- Someone's inside.
Come on, baby. Don't stop now.
- Where did you get that gun?|- Stay here.
Don't go. Let's call Virgil.
You're just like your mama,|always scared of things.
Well, well, as l live and breathe.|Give me that pipe.
l didn't expect to see you again.|Thought you'd be on your way by now.
That's my gun.|That fucking Darrell!
That redneck gets paid|no matter what!
- You've been working me all along.|- That's what they call irony.
- lt's not what you think.|- lt's a big house.
You never made it to the desert.|Did you eat her here in my bed?
Now you've tasted both of us.
Okay, l fucked her!|But it's her you should worry about.
She wants you dead.|She wants your money.
- What are you babbling about?|- How do you think l got in?
Did you hear glass break?|Did you hear any door shatter?
Did she linger long enough to leave|the door open before coming to bed?
- You'd say anything to get off.|- You know Grace.
You know how badly she wants|to get the fuck out of Superior.
What is she to you?|A woman who wants you dead.
Let me kill her! All l want is $200|so l can get the fuck out of here.
- $200?|- Yes. l swear to God l'll kill her!
Get up. l'd be doing the world a|favour killing you. You're pathetic.
Go on. Go kill Grace.
Well, is he ..?|lt looks like you got him.
He must have slipped past me.|lt's that drifter from this morning.
Put that down.|lt's all over now.
Put it down.
That's my Grace.
Not about to let someone get the|best of you. That's why l love you.
Grace! Do something!
Help me, Grace ...
Like you helped her?
Why did you wait so long?
No gun!
The money.
Get the key!
She was right.
Look at all this.
There must be $150-200,000 ...
Oh, Grace, you were right.
Fuck me.
What about him?
Let him watch. l want him|to know what he's missing.
- We're closed.|- Open up.
What do you want?
What the hell? l've got a waitress|coming over. What do you want?
- l want my car.|- You got the money?
- $200, and earlier you were broke.|- Just get my keys.
- l don't want no dirty money.|- Get the keys.
There's a $50 overnight storage|charge that we must talk about.
There's a scratched hood,|and how much did you get for my gun?
- Let's just deduct this. The keys.|- Don't know nothing about no gun.
40,000 people die every day.|Why aren't you one of them?
- Topped her up for you. No charge.|- l'm getting out, you're staying.
But remember, your prints are|all over that gun, -
- so be careful whose rectum|you point your finger at.
Left foot red.
She did it. She fucking did it!
Bobby, what's the matter?
Nothing. l stubbed my toe.|lt hurt like hell.
l put the cars in the garage|so people will think we went away.
- Good thinking.|- l know a back road we can take.
A funny thing. The Jeep wouldn't|start. l had to push it.
A funny thing ...
YOU ARE LEAVlNG SUPERlOR|We know you'll be back!
Fuck you, Superior!
- l feel so relieved.|- Where should we go?
l've dreamed about going there|and lying on the beach, -
- letting the water|lick up against my toes.
l'd kill to go there.
You already have.
- l thought you'd left me.|- What do you mean?
When the Jeep wasn't there,|l thought you'd left with the money.
l've never had much luck|with women.
The shit l've taken ...|l thought you were just like them.
When you came out of that house ...
Well, you're here.
We're starting in the shit, but it's|new for me to be with someone.
With you.
l love you, Bobby.
We're going to pull this off.
We're going to pull this off.
- Don't stop!|- He doesn't know anything.
- He's going to check the trunk.|- Pull the fuck over!
Sorry about that little swerve.|Ajackrabbit shot across the road.
You had to fuck him, didn't you?
No, baby. He killed Jake. Said he'd|kill me if l didn't go with him.
- He wants the money.|- Don't lie!
Okay. But he never made me come.
l was only doing it|so we could be free.
- lt meant nothing.|- You're fucking him too?
ls everybody fucking everybody|in this town?
You get him to do your dirty work|and take the money and dump me!
No, baby. You've got it wrong.
This road don't go to Globe, Grace.|Where were you going to meet me?
lt's not like that, Virgil.|l got the money right here.
Right here.
l watched you fuck that pervert for|years while you said you loved me.
What about our opening that fine|sporting goods store in Milwaukee?
Just you and me, Grace.|What happened?
You just talk. l sit around getting|older waiting for you to free me!
You never did! He did!
This is some girl, huh? Of course,|you've had a lot of practice.
- Just like your crazy mama.|- Shut up!
- Take your share and go!|- l don't want the fucking money!
lt's you, Grace. Only you.
l want you to be my wife.|What do you say, Grace?
You sound just like Jake. Go back|to your family. They love you!
There's at least $200,000. We split|it three ways and all just walk.
Shut up! You know shit|about what's going on.
- Virgil, stop.|- Get the fuck back, Grace.
Did you get the story about wanting|to be a little bird flying away?
Were you going to help her fly away?|Grace, get back!
Did she tell you the story about|how Jake forced her to marry him?
And how he killed her crazy mother?|l bet she didn't tell you one story.
And it's the best one of all.|Right, baby?
Old, crazy Jake|was really her papa.
She liked fucking her papa.|She killed him, and she'll kill you.
No, you!
Grace, no!
Bobby, get the fuck up!
Aren't you going to ask me?
About what horrifying, sick shit|is coming next?
Don't you really want to know?|Was Jake my father?
- What do you want me to say?|- Yes, l was fucking my daddy!
And l married him!
l just wanted to be a kid ...
... and he took that from me.
They treated me like ... meat.|A piece of meat.
Fuck them! Fuck the whole town!|They deserved to die!
Grab him further up.|Bend your knees and swing him.
See you, Virgil.|And God bless.
ls this bothering you?
My hand is bothering me.|We've got to burn this.
You think, now that Jake's dead,|and l've got all the money, -
- that one day l'll just ... pop!
Don't you think l would've done it|by now if l wanted to?
What can l do|to make you feel more relaxed?
- You could give me my gun back.|- Let's just finish what we started.
What happens to people's spirits|when they die?
Nothing.|They're dead meat, that's it.
- You don't believe in anything?|- l believe in this moment.
You want to help me with him?|He must be 300 pounds.
You hit me!
You hit me, Bobby.|Motherfucker!
Well, nothing.
We dump Jake, split the money,|then you're on your own.
- l want to stay with you, Bobby.|- So you can sell me out again?
l was baiting him, like|when you told Jake you'd kill me.
Try Mexico. With all that bread|you'd live like a queen.
l don't want to go to Mexico.|l want to stay with you.
Don't you think l care about you?
You're a lying, back-stabbing,|psycho bitch who'll kill me one day.
But it's nice to know you care.
lt's good to split here. lt'll take|them months to find the body.
We've got to get out of Arizona.|Remember. No body, no crime.
We'll dump the car in Phoenix.|You'll find someone else.
- There's always hope with $100,000.|- Hope's a four-letter word.
Hold him.
You make a pretty couple. You|should've been more careful, Jake.
See you around.
Grace, help!
l'm sorry l hit you.
- Thanks.|- Can you make it back up?
l broke my leg!|ln the trunk there's a towrope.
Tie it up.|l think it'll make it down here.
The trunk is locked.|You have to throw the key up.
l can't throw anything.|l can't move.
You have to come down.|You can make it. Please, help me.
l'm coming down.
Just wait.
l knew you couldn't go after all|we've been through. Where are you?
l'm coming down.
We'll go to Mexico.|We were meant to be together.
Bobby, l can't do this alone.
Pull yourself together.|l'm not going to leave you.
l never wanted it|to go down like this.
lt was different with you, Bobby.|You had dreams, like me.
We could still make this work.
l didn't want to hurt you.
Right here.
You know why else|l can never leave you?
- Because l love you, Grace.|- l love you, Bobby.
l don't know whether to love you|or kill you!
l love you, Grace,|but l can't trust you.
You're such a good girl.
Jake can't help you.
You're still lucky.
Arizona ...
English subtitles:|Helle Schou Kristiansen - lFT
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