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Subtitles for Ukigusa 1959 - Floating Weeds.

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Ukigusa 1959 - Floating Weeds

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1959 Art Festival Entry
Daiei Co Ltd presents
Producer: Masaichi Nagata
Planning: Hideo Matsuyama
Screenplay: Kogo Noda and Yasujiro Ozu
Photographer: Kazuo Miyagaw Art Director: Tomowo Shimogawara
Music: TakanobuSaito Colour Consultant: Shozo Tanaka
Ganjiro Nakamura - Machiko Kyo
Hiroshi Kawaguchi - Ayako Wakao
Haruko Sugimura - Hitomi Nozoe ChishuRyu
Directed by Yasujiro Ozu
Hello. Hot day, eh?
Good morning
Terribly hot, isn't it?
What are they going to show next?
Look. Kabuki plays
Sword fighting plays?
l liked that strip show last month
Remember that plump girl in pink?
The new show isn't like that
lt's a grand kabuki show
This troupe is coming all the way...
...via Okazaki, Kariya and Cape Chita
Give me a free pass as usual, will you?
l remember l saw this troupe years ago, during the war
lt was at Yamada Town l saw this Komajuro
How was it?
He played very well, too
He played Chuya Marubashi
''A pint here and a quart there
''Quite a lot that l'm aware''
Will the boat be late again?
Not that l've heard. She'll come on the dot
Once in a blue moon, eh?
lt's going to be very hot today
-lt's overdue, eh? -No, not much...
At last?
Kayo, youtake care of that
Don't bother
Was it yours, Sugiyama?
Don't leave anything
Ready, Roku?
-Youtoo? -Sorry?
Don't forget anything
Don't forget me, dear
Till from me you hear
Give me one
Give me one
Give me plenty, miser
Say, do youhave a sister?
-No -l do
-How old is she? -Twelve
Good afternoon
Hang this on the wall, sir
Aioi Za, eh?
Do come to see us
Hey, Brother. Does it start tonight?
-Yes -l see
Hello there
l'll come tonight
l'll be expecting you
Master, your wife is here
Good business, eh?
Can l have a match?
Tell me
What's your name?
Youbig kidder!
-Another sake, Master -All right
l'll be expecting you
Let's go together, Okatsu
Who'll take care of the customers?
Do come tonight
-Goodbye -Goodbye
l'll be seeing you
l'm sure he has an open hand
He's an Osaka actor, then?
And an old-timer around here
He once played in our town, too
They say he used to play at the big Kado Za in Osaka
ls that so? That means...
Don't move or you'll get cut
My gosh. Don't youcut me, Aiko
Hey, go away
-Please -Thank you
What a hot day
lt's terrible
ls it your daughter? Very pretty
Hello. Are youhelping your dad?
Great of you. Admirable
Youcan rest assured, eh?
Aiko Ogawa?
Cute name
Listen, Aiko Are youthe only child?
The apple of his eye?
Great help to your dad
Will youmarry a barber, too?
Marry someone who's good-looking. A man like me
Good and kind
What a cute little thing youare!
Very lovely
Give me a cup of tea
-Good afternoon -We're back
Youmust be tired
We're back
-Hello. -You must be tired
lt's hot. lt's terribly hot
...bring me my kimono
l have to visit a patron
-Welcome -Oh, welcome
Good afternoon, sir
-l brought this for you -Oh, thank youvery much
The owner's here, Master
Come right in
Thanks for earlier, sir. Please sit down
lt's been a long time
Yes, it has indeed
Yes. lt feels great to be back here again
When was the last time?
Was it immediately after the surrender?
lt was
lt's already twelve years since then
That many years?
Time flies
l see several new faces
With the changing times, youknow
My leading lady, Sumiko, sir
l'm pleased to meet you
Nice to meet you
What happened to the man who played ''Bat'' Yasu?
Youmean Tatsunosuke?
He died at Fukuchiyama
Died? What happened?
lt was a stroke
Such a good player. l'm so sorry
And this is his daughter, who was just a kid then
Grown up into a fine young woman
She used to be just like a Chinese nut
What's a Chinese nut?
A peanut
What do youwant, Kimura?
l'm leaving now. Anything else?
Do your stuff
Flat rate, as yousaid?
That'll be fine
Next stand?
Yes. ShinguTown, Kii
l see
So long, Master
Mr Marudai's present, Master
ln witness of it...
...give us your hands
Once more
Once more
ls that the leading man?
He seems pretty old
Good afternoon
Give me a sake
-l'll put money here -Thank you
l knew you'd come. l saw the parade
How have youbeen? All right?
Come right in. lt's much cooler in here
Thanks. Thank youvery much
l'm glad to see that you're fine
-Youtoo -Thanks
Twelve years have passed
lt must have been so hard. So many years
Youhad sore shoulders last time
All right now?
Had l?
Youtold me the pains were killing you
Did l?
lt's OK now
lt's very breezy here
Sorry to bother you
Not at all
Thanks. Thank youvery much
How is Koyoshi? All right?
Sure. Finished high school last year
Youwrote that to me
Did l? He's working now
-Where? -Post Office
To save money
He's keen to study electronics at school
But then l'll be all alone here
And you'll be lonely
-But he's saving up for schooling -ls he?
l'd hate to discourage him
l know
Tell me
What does he know?
l mean...about me
Does he think that his father is dead?
And that l'm only your brother?
Pretty flowers
Don't youfeel sort of lonely?
About what?
About Kiyoshi
l can't help it
l'm not worth my salt
Let's not talk about it
Forget it. Let it remain that way
l'm sorry for you, though. Forget it
-Have a drink -Thank you
Forget it
That's Kiyoshi
Welcome home
Oh, hello, Uncle
l should have come home sooner
-Are youworking? -Studying with the postmaster
How you've grown up!
He's of conscription age
A first-grade conscript, no doubt
He sure has grown up
No wonder we're getting old
lt's years since we last met
How long are youstaying?
As long as my show draws. A year, maybe
lt can't draw that long
lt will
-ls this your work? -Yes
-What's this? -Don't tamper with it
l'll go and see your show. What do youplay?
Forget it. lt's not meant for you
Who is it for?
The audience
-l'm one of them -l know
lt's nothing sophisticated. Forget it
Why put on such plays? Do something better
But l can't
Why not?
Today's audiences don't understand good plays
So youshan't come to see it
Last time we went fishing together
-What fish bite now? -Well...
-lt doesn't matter. Let's go again -lt's hot
l don't mind. Let's go, shall we?
How about tomorrow? A Sunday?
-Shall we? -Sure. Let's go
ls it a date?
He sure has grown up
-ls it warm enough? -Yes
Very logical. He argued me down
Really? What did youargue about?
He's becoming very wise
Very brainy
Welcome, two good patrons
-Tetsu -Yes?
-Sadahachi -Well. Boss?
''This is our last night in Mt Akagi
''l'm leaving my home village of Kunisada...
''...and my territory
''l have to leave you, too, my loyal men
''This is the last of my Kunisada group
''To think of it...
''...the breeze sounds lonely
''A flock of geese...
''...flying to the south
''The moon is setting behind the western hills
''Where shall l go now?
''Where my legs will carry me...
''l'll be roaming aimlessly to the end of the world
''That's Brother Enzo
''Stout-hearted as he is...
''...he must feel lonesome to leave home
''You, noted sword...
''...thoroughly tempered by the famous Yoshikane of Kaga...
''...and cleansed in the brook from the perpetual snow
''You, at least, my right will guard
''Though all the world betrays me, you'll be with me, faithful one
''The geese are flying away
''The crow must lament for me''
Great performance
The barber's daughter
Which one?
Do yousee an old dame with a towel on her head?
Behind her. Munching on a bun now
What a big mouth she has!
Which one is your find? ls she here?
She's out there. That one
The one who's smoking now
She's cute
A real find, too. And mine?
Your girl isn't here
She's cuter, mind. Not my taste, though
Really? l can't wait...
Watch out
They may see you
They liked it, eh?
Full house?
Not very...
...for an opening
lt'll work. l'm sure
Do youthink so?
Yes. Remember the last stand?
Why are you so pessimistic these days?
Don't youworry
And mark my words
l'm sure
Where do yougo after that scene?
l climb down the mountain
And after climbing down?
Don't yousee? l come straight to you
No kidding
l'm not kidding at all
Here he comes
-Hello -Come in here
lt's hot, eh? lt's sticky
Where's my girl?
Don't worry. She'll come
Come to see the Master?
He's gone out
Let's have a drink
Hurry Yae, your man's impatient
Hello, darling. How's the big boy?
-This one? -Your taste
Just joking
No good?
-Stop joking -What are youtalking about?
Look at me
l'm freezing to death
Have a drink, then
You're awfully reliable, Kichi
Nice man
Youson of a...
l'm on the spot. Am l sad?
-Why so sad? -Shut up
-My mama's dead -Really?
l'm catching a chill
Get warmed up
-Welcome -Hi
Doing your stuff?
Hi, come in
What's your name?
Cute name
A real find, Senta. Have a good time
l'll be seeing you
-So long -So long
Do come again
Hey, Senta. Brace up
''Though all the world betrays me''
Give me sake. Hurry!
Oh, youbig hunk
More sake sold, Master
All right
-Hello -Where's your dad?
He's out now
Out? lt's hot, eh?
Did youcome to see him?
Well, not exactly
l came to see you
l'm serious
Just feel how my heart is thumping
Mama! Mama!
What is it?
What happened?
What do youwant?
l wonder if l can have my face shaved
Aiko, go inside
Come over here
l'm afraid l haven't much beard yet
l may not need a shaving
l think not
Sit down
Thank you
They don't bite at all, Uncle
Be patient. Take your time
You'll get sunstroke. Put this on your head
l'm OK
l think youoverdid it
l'm afraid your performance was too hammy
lt was all right
But that character is unrealistic, isn't it?
What's that?
lt's too unreal
Don't be silly
He's a man of old times
Youdon't understand. A fossil
What are youtalking about, wise guy?
My audience likes my performance...
...whether it's hammy or not
Youlack progressive spirit
Stop talking about the theatre
...l've lost my bait again
l hear youwant to go to college?
Nothing better than studying
But your mother will be lonely
Doesn't matter
lt does. lmagine how she'd feel
Think of her
She approves of it... it doesn't matter
Yes, it does
Don't make her cry. She's a good mother
Aren't youclumsy?
ls the bath hot enough?
lt was. l'm done now
Fetch some water
l feel so refreshed
-Master isn't back yet? -No
Where did he go?
-He went fishing -Fishing?
Yes. l was having my face shaved at the barber's
l saw him pass with a young man
A young man?
Didn't youknow?
A mail clerk, l saw him in the mirror
What happened to your face?
l got cut at the barber's
Take a bath, Kayo, as the Master is late
Well... then...
Eat, folks. Supper's ready
Get up Grandpa, and eat
You're back
Where have youbeen?
l was with the boys
Good catch?
Did youcatch many, Kichi?
And he caught a swellfish. A great big puffer, too
-A good catch -We enjoyed it, eh?
See youlater
-Were youreally together? -With whom?
-With the boys -Yeah
-Where did yougo? -Fishing
l see. Who was the young man with you?
One of my patron's sons
A mail clerk?
Who told youthat?
Never mind
l don't
Who told you?
Youseem worried
-Why? lt's strange -What is?
Are youfeeling guilty?
About what?
Ah, l see. You're jealous
Stop it, silly, stop it
Why should l fool around when l have you?
l'm an old man, silly
l'm not young any longer. Youknow me. Don't you?
Youold sinner
Youmust know something
Why don't youtell me?
l won't quote you... anyone
What do youknow?
Speak up
Watch out, Masa!
You've known the Master for years
Youought to know
Youcame here with him before my time
So tell me. l'm begging you. Please
l can't help it
Can't help what?
What can't be helped?
And why?
He's bound to see...
...his old flame
Just what l thought
Who is she?
What is she?
What kind of girl?
What does she look like?
Better ask Robusaburo
He knows her too? l see
And Rokuknows about it too?
-Can youstand this, Master? -Stand what?
Such an empty house
Why did we have to come here?
What is it, Roku?
She's out there
l see
-Where? -That one
ln front of that pillar back there
With a fan
Thanks, Roku. l'll buy youa drink
What an insult!
What's up?
lt's terrible
What are yougrumbling about so tediously?
Youcan't help en empty house, when it's empty
ls that rain?
lt's raining, Master
Gosh, misfortunes never come alone
Swift is Heaven's vengeance!
What are youhinting at? Stop complaining
You're tedious
l have enough of a headache already
Serves youright. l knew this would happen
Hey! Behave yourself!
Wait a minute
Let me see
-Are yousure? -Yes
Wait a sec. What shall l do? Wait a sec
No, l can't
Whoa, whoa
l have a dilemma
Suppose l dodge
You'll come...
No good, either
Hurry up, will you?
Hurry up
Hold your jaw
Good afternoon
Give me a sake
-Tell me... -Yes?
ls Master Komajuro from my troupe here?
Yes, he is
l'm anxious to see him
A visitor
Wait here, as l'll defeat youthis time
l don't mind fixing a game for you
What are yousaying?
l was pleasing you, mind
Don't mess with the men
What do youwant?
What is it?
l can't come here?
So the proprietress here was your important patron?
Where are yougoing?
l must thank your patron
Don't stop me
l must thank you for your attentions to him
Thanks so much
Don't fake ignorance
Go away!
Get going!
Hey, you. Are youher son?
Hey. Stop it
Who's your father?
What is he?
Why are youso flustered?
A nice son youhave
Eh, Madame?
l must tell them something!
Let me go! Let go!
Youfool! Prize fool!
Let me go! Let go!
Be sensible, youfool!
Sensible, no way!
How dare youinterfere!
Youhave no say in their affairs!
What's wrong with me seeing my son?
My own son!
Any objection?
Say so, if youhave any!
Youcan certainly dish it out, can't you?
Shut up, youlousy...!
How dare you!
Forget about Okaya? Who got youout of the hole?
And at Toyokawa, too!
Each time youwere stranded, youbegged me!
Where would yoube without me?
Each time l had to appeal to the impresario on all fours!
-Remember all that! -What!
Youimpudent, ungrateful brute!
Shut up!
Who are you? Remember who youwere!
Youwere a common whore!
Youfell for me and came to me a-begging!
Who trained you into an actress, remember?
Youungrateful wretch...
...lower than an animal!
Youbig fool, you!
l can get along all by myself...
...without any help from you!
Don't make me laugh, fool!
Fool, yousay?
Youtook the word out of my mouth!
How dare you!
l talk! So what?
All right!
l'm through with you!
l forbid youto come into that house!
My son is different from you, mind!
He belongs to a higher race!
Don't forget that! Youlousy...!
What are youtalking about? Youfool!
Fool! Youfool!
Stop making noises, samurai!
What's the matter? lt's practically empty
A miserable failure
We'll be stranded
Buddha help us
Listen, Kayo
l want youto do me a favour
Like what?
A young man is working for the Post Office here
A good-looking boy named Kiyoshi
Yes? And what about him?
-What's this? -Keep it
Go and see this boy...
...try to come on to him
To him?
He'll fall for you, l'm sure. Do that for me
l'm sorry, l can't
l'm being serious, Kayo
But l don't even know him
Very well
All right. lf youfeel that way
But, youknow...
Forget it!
l don't know if l could succeed
l know youcan
l have yet to find a man...
...who wouldn't say ''yes'' to you
Youreally think l can? l might fail
Tell me... Why?
Just try
To see how good youare
Keep the money
OK. Thanks a lot
Tomorrow, then
l'll try, then
A telegraph blank, please
-And a pencil -Here's a pencil
l can't write with a pen. Please
l saw youon stage
Your name is Kiyoshi, isn't it?
How do youknow?
A little bird told me
Here, dispatch it
''Come outside to see me''
''Come outside to see me''
-To whom? -To you
Take over here a moment
Come to the theatre after the show tonight
l'll be expecting you
l'll be back soon
Where yougoing?
To the Post Office
Give me a bowl of noodles
l'm glad youcame
l thought youcouldn't come
You're trembling, aren't you?
Me too
The sky's as blue as a tragedy
Don't be silly
l want to eat a big cutlet
l'm so hungry
Oh, for a fried lobster and a bottle of cold beer
With an electric fan turning
Many are actually eating some now
That girl at Handa, remember? She wrote me a letter
l got one, too
The one with a mole?
l got one myself
So we're three brothers, eh?
My gosh
l saw that barber's daughter
Stop it, will you? She's no good
Forget her
By the way, why is the Master so easy-going?
Where does he go every day?
l see him stepping out every day
l don't know. No wonder Miss Sumiko's worried
What became of the manager?
No news from him yet
No news is bad news
l fear he's run away...
...or else he'd be back by now
What if he fails to come back?
We'll be stranded again
Look at that plane
Come over here and drop us a dozen bottles of beer
Can we afford to see each other every day like this?
What about your work?
l'm on leave. And you?
The show's ended
Why did it flop like that?
We'll have to part for good soon
What will we be doing this time next year?
Stop talking like that
You'll be married, l believe
Of course not!
Why not?
What about you?
What do youthink?
Please. Don't
Why not?
Nobody's looking at us
But why not?
l'm not such a good girl
l'm not good enough for you
Don't be silly
At first...
...l was going to seduce you
l knew nothing about you
Miss Sumiko asked me to see you
l was anxious to make youfall for me
lt doesn't matter how it began
lt doesn't matter at all
Youlove me, don't you, like l love you?
Please. l tell you
Youmustn't care for me
What became of the manager?
lt's terrible
We mustn't avail us too much of the impresario's kindness
lt's awful
lt's good when it's good
But when we get stranded...
...a terrible profession
lsn't Kiyoshi late?
Why is he coming home this late?
He must be with the postmaster
He's been late a couple of nights
He can't help it, then
l'll have to go away soon
So l want to see him while l can
What a lot!
You'll be lonely again
ls the next stand Shingu?
According to my schedule, yes
l'm not sure now
l've always wanted to visit Shinguagain
But no relative of yours lives there now, l fear?
Even the Tsukinoya lnn is run by someone else, l hear
Nothing's constant under the sun
lt's the way of the world
Tell me, who is that woman?
That woman who came here
Oh, that one. She's no good
Forgive me
My error
l should have known much better. But by mere chance...
-Darling -What?
Do youthink l'm jealous?
l know better than that
l know you're a fast worker
Ouch. Do youmean it?
Forgive me
By the way, don't youthink she might talk to Kiyoshi?
About what?
That you're his father
l don't think so
She shan't come here again
But she might see him
That would be terrible, yes
But l don't think she will
...youwant to remain as his uncle?
That's right
He mustn't know, or he'd be unhappy
Forget it
l'll remain his uncle for life
Wait a minute
Where have youbeen?
Come with me!
Come this way
Tell me...
...who were youseeing?
Who was he? Speak up!
When did youfirst see him?
Speak up, wench!
Are youdeaf?
Never mind who l was seeing. Leave me alone
What are youtrying to do to him?
Swindle him?
Youthink so, Master?
Don't change the subject!
l know what someone like you would try!
Do youhave an excuse?
Speak up, if youhave one!
lt's only natural...
...that youshould think so
Even Miss Sumiko at first...
...paid me to persuade me
What did she persuade youto do?
Tell me what she told youto do!
Forget it. lt doesn't matter now
Speak up! Or else!
Or l'll break your arm!
She asked me if l'd come on to that young man
Sumiko asked youto do that? She did?
Do youmean it? Are yousure?
ls it true?
All right!
Bring her here at once
Hurry up!
Bring her here!
Right away!
Youwanted me?
Come over here!
What is it?
What are youdoing?
Youfilthy...! Youwant to ruin my son?
l told youto lay off, didn't l?
l didn't do anything
A great boy he is. Having an actress for a mistress
Don't call him names, you!
Like father, like son!
Are youangry now?
Serves youright
The world is a wheel
Youcan't always be lucky
l want youto remember that!
What? Remember it yourself!
Youslut! Youfool!
l don't want to see youagain!
Go away!
-Wait a second -What! Let go!
Do youhate me as much as that?
Don't yousee why l had to?
Youkept the truth about that woman from me
Feel for me!
Now we're even
Let bygones be bygones and come round
Let's be friends again
We're stranded. Let's not quarrel now
Shut up. There's no point
After all youdid! l'm through with you!
Master! Wait!
The fool!
The slut!
Why are youso quiet tonight? What is it?
lt's terrible
Pull yourselves together
Get me another drink
-Do youhave money? -No problem
Eh, Sister?
-Me too, then -Me too
-Do youhave? -What?
Youknow l don't. Don't make me blush
Do youagree?
Terrible guy
Don't paw me like that, youterrible man
l'm not doing anything
What are youtalking about?
Let's get out of here
Where are our drinks?
No money, no drinks
...why is the Master lingering on like this?
That manager will never come back
l know. That's why l've been thinking
-About what? -Forget it
What's on your mind? Tell me
Have youever done that before?
Yes, once. With Ohmi & Company
l see. Me too
-And you? -What?
Not so loud
Let's go before it's too late
We can use the money in the Master's purse
l won't
Listen. Why must we be loyal to him endlessly?
l disagree with you!
Yes, sir! Though l won't stop you
Not so loud, please
l have a penetrating voice!
Though l won't tell on you
Shall we drop the idea?
Maybe we should
Yes, of course
Why trifle with the Master? After owing him so much!
A man who is ungrateful... not a human being at all
Youguys disgust me!
l never realised...
...that youtwo were such bad boys
After being together for years l'll really be mad!
l know how youfeel
lt was ungrateful of us to think of it
Yes, l guess it was
Now, Kichi. We've changed our minds
So come round
Drop your silly ideas...
...and try to live like human beings
Very well. l'm sorry
Let's drink
Give us three drinks, will you?
Do youhave it?
Don't worry
Preparing for the worst, l'd put this aside
So youhave a nest egg? ls that all?
A paper charm against pickpockets too
Get us three drinks
Here she is
Get me a drink
Make it hot
Here's an angel
Evening, Miss Sumiko
So you've been here, boys
No news from the manager yet?
No, nothing
Chances are he won't come back anymore
What a bad fellow he is!
Where are our drinks?
What about this? What do youthink?
What do yousay?
ls that all youcan do?
This is the best we can do
That's the very best, mind you
l see
Only that much
Can't help it
Enough for railway fares
Very well
Let's do it again
Was the camera all youwere robbed of?
And a lighter
Kichi owes me lots of money
Too bad for the Master. He had his purse stolen
What a terrible fellow. l'll kill him if l see him
l got sort of suspicious of him
He'd never been straight, either
That's right
He even stole my charm against pickpockets!
He stole all l had. Terrible fellow!
Tell me, Sensho
What is your plan for the future?
What is to become of us?
Your cup is empty, Yatazo
Thank you, sir
How about you?
l must ask your forgiveness...
...for this situation
But every cloud has a silver lining
l'll inform you when l make a new start
l want youto join me, if you're free then
Where are youplanning to work, Kamenosuke?
My brother-in-law is running a pickle shop at Hamamatsu
l see
And you?
l'll go and see my former employer
He may hire me again
A bath-house owner, isn't he?
Yes, he is
Those who can quit the stage had better do so
Yousay you'll go to school again?
Yes, sir... a working student if possible
We're going to be broken up...
...but l want you to remember me sometimes
We've had hard times...
...but we've had good times, too
Let's go merrily. This isn't a wake
Good idea. Yes, let's
Why don't youjoin us, Miss Sumiko?
This is a farewell party
-Please, Miss -Come here
Please sit here
-What happened to Kayo? -What happened?
Play merrily, auntie
...why can't you be nice to Miss Sumiko?
Well, old Sensho...
...and you, Roku
We've been together for a long, long time, haven't we?
Yes, sir
He's speaking to you
We've been through thick and thin
l'm afraid l was rather strict with yousometimes
We've been together for many years
Forgive me...
...if l was
What happened, Grandpa?
We're in a mess
What happened?
We've broken up
My goodness. Really?
The impresario tried to help me up...
...but it was in vain
He's been very kind to me
Why don't youcome in?
Where is Kiyoshi?
Weren't youwith him?
No, l wasn't
A young person came for him with your message
-A young person? -A girl
And he went out?
Yes, with her
What's the matter?
This is terrible
What is it?
...he's ruined, l'm afraid
What happened?
What did he do?
This is horrible
What in the world did Kiyoshi do? Tell me!
A penny for your thoughts
Are yousorry?
Of course not. l brought youhere
-But... -But what?
lt was my fault
We shouldn't have come
Youmust never have dealt with a girl like me
l'm not good enough for you
The Master must be angry
Why do yousay that?
My uncle has nothing to do with it
Youtold me youwanted to go to college and study, didn't you?
Good idea
Do so by all means...
...or else you'll be sorry afterwards
Then you're sorry?
l needn't go to college
l think l'll take youto Mother
She'll consent to our plan
-Even if she won't, l'll... -Please
Drop that idea
Go home like a good boy. Go home to your mother
Do so by all means
What for?
We're to part. To break up for good
What will become of you?
The troupe's been broken up
Forget it. Forget about a girl like me
l can get by, some way or other
Don't be silly!
Go home, for mercy's sake
l beg youto
Please go home... Please...
Where did he go, anyway?
Like father, like son
Fast worker
l didn't know that
l thought he was better than me at all points
l'm afraid...
...l was too optimistic about the whole thing
l'm beaten hollow this time
All my plans have gone to pieces
Listen, darling
You're imagining too much
Look here...
...what can youexpect when he eloped...
...with a girl like this?
l mean it. l'm disappointed in him
But, darling...
...l'm sure he'll come back
He's not a bad boy
He'll come back
Think so?
Youthink he'll come home?
What if he won't?
l know, yes...
...l know
But young people today are so rash and reckless
He'll come back
He's bound to come
When he comes home, why don't yousettle down?
Darling, tell Kiyoshi the truth
He's old enough to understand
He'll find out one day
He's bound to find out in the end
Had we told him before, this wouldn't have happened
Please. Tell him everything
l beg youto. Tell him
And make this place my home?
l wish youwould
-Shall we? -Will you?
Thank you. Very much!
He'll be delighted
...where can he be now?
Do youwant a drink?
-Why not? -l'll make it hot
Here he is!
Where have youbeen?
Answer her
l want youto meet someone
What is it?
Why, you!
How dare youshow up here?
l'm sorry, Master
l'm the one who's sorry. Youslut!
Don't, Uncle
She's apologising
How dare you worry Mother like this?
Don't scold him so
Shut up!
They're gluttons for punishment!
-Slut! -Stop, Uncle
Don't! Please!
-What? -What!
Do youknow who this is?
He's your father. Your real father
Apologise to him!
l see. Just... l thought
...youtold me my father had died when l was a baby
l believed it. l still believe it
l don't want a father at all
Not in my life
...he didn't want youto know...
...that youwere an itinerant player's son
How come? Why?
He wanted youto study hard...
...and become somebody
So he worked hard...
...and remitted your schooling expenses
That's enough
-Stop it -But...
Say, Uncle...
...why show up all of a sudden?
Mother. Tell me that now?
Youtwo are selfish
l don't want a father
Go away
Out with you!
Get going!
Forgive me
l knew nothing about it
l'm afraid he's right
Very natural, too
One can't suddenly show up out of nowhere...
...and exert parental authority
But, darling...
...why talk like that?
On second thought, l decided not to settle down
lt would be better...
...much better for us all
But Kiyoshi isn't mad at youany longer
...l'm going to turn a new leaf
Let me part tonight as his uncle, as before
Next time l come back here...
...l'll be a good actor he can be proud of
Let me look forward to such a day
Yes, such a day will come
But, darling...
Then celebrate my success and rejoice for me
Take me with you
l'll work hard to help you
l can't part with youlike this!
Master, l'm begging you...
...take me with you
Did youhear her?
Very pathetic of her
Be good enough to look after her as well
l'm sorry l scolded you
Forgive me
Help Kiyoshi to make good
l'm counting on you
Youunderstand? Oblige me
Kiyoshi! The Master!
Go see him!
Hurry up!
See him! Hurry up!
Will youhurry!
Where's Uncle? Where is he?
What's happened to Uncle?
Your father?
He's left for the road
Don't stop him
Leave him alone
Each time Father came to this town...
...since youwere a baby...
...he left this place with such a sentiment
lt's all right...
...only if youcan become somebody in life
Where are yougoing, Master?
Give me a light
Tell me...
...where are yougoing?
l'm at a loss where to go now
Do youhave a plan?
Youdo? Tell me
Where are yougoing?
Kuwana Town
Which impresario?
Mr Kaneyoshi may give me a chance, l think
Can l go with you?
l happen to know Mr Kaneyoshi very well
Youdon't want me to go with you?
l'm taking a chance
Shall we try?
Yes, let's try. Good idea
Shall we?
Sure. Yes, let's try
Very good!
Two tickets to Kuwana
Don't forget your baggage
How do youlike it?
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