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Subtitles for Ultimate Versus CD1.

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Ultimate Versus CD1

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There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side.
These are concealed from all human beings.
But there are some who notice their existence.
And some are willing to open the door and try to gain the power of darkness...
Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal, known as...
The Forest of Resurrection.
It was a long time ago when the evil soul uncovered its existence...
This way.
You better be right.
It's okay.
Just trust me.
Where are they?
Don't worry, they're coming.
I'm not worried.
I just don't trust you.
Do as you please then.
It's quite a big deal for a pick-up, isn't it?
Where's the other car?
We gotta wait for him.
Then we'll leave.
Are you serious?
It's not safe here.
It doesn't matter.
We have specific orders from him.
Look, the roads could be blocked by now.
We gotta go!
What about roadblocks?
That's not our concern.
Hey, you...
Shut up, what the hell are we doing here anyway?
No, you shut up.
An order is an order, stop whining.
To hell with those orders!
Do you know what we had to go through for this?
Besides, this place gives me the creeps.
Don't bother.
These assholes can't do anything but follow orders.
On your way to a party?
Or are you trying to promote hoodlums?
Better watch your mouth.
After all this running around...
...all we get is a useless bunch of punks.
Count me out.
I see.
So, shall I give you some time to rest?
Like forever?
We were also ordered to keep this guy alive.
Shut up, come on, come on, come on!
I don't understand why this one is so special.
But you have to follow orders, too, right?
Don't be so nosy.
Wait a minute!
Calm down, all right?
You'd better be quiet, too.
Don't be so tense.
Fighting wouldn't do any good here, right?
That goes for you, too.
We'll let you get out of here when he comes, so be patient.
You know what?
I really hate waiting.
Stop it for now, it's not a good time.
That's right...
There's still...
After he gets here...
We'd better get out of here quick.
No matter how many times we come here, I hate this place.
It's ominous.
A forest to the southwest is an ominous feng shui sign.
Oh, really?
Meeting with you guys is ominous enough.
I told you to shut up.
Don't start again!
Bring the girl.
Hey, what's with this girl?
Who knows?
The order was to kidnap her and bring her here with us.
One stupid girl and one asshole...
What the hell is he planning to do with those two?
I don't have the slightest idea what he is thinking!
Hey, come on.
He must have some plan.
Hey, wait.
I'm taking no part in kidnapping.
What did you say?
Five men on one girl, you must be proud of yourself.
Hey, let her go and take off your toupee.
Shut the fuck up!
Do you know who you're talking to?
Perhaps you're misunderstanding the situation, hmm?
A crook like you could be spending the rest of your life in jail if we weren't here.
So just shut your smart ass mouth up!
Here's the thing, I'm a feminist.
What're you gonna do about it?
Hey you, let her go now.
Watch it.
I'm telling you, you should just let her go now.
Hey, are you crazy or what?
Don't make me tell you again.
Let her go right now, or you'll pay for it later.
So what are you going to do now, tough guy?
Where did they go?
It's scary here.
I'll kill that guy.
No, you shouldn't do that.
If you do, he'll become a monster like them.
I don't get it...
You know what?
Then I can kill the bastard twice.
That's nonsense.
This is not good, let's get out of here.
Don't be stupid, we can't let them get away!
We have bigger problems, don't we?
Look, this is your fault, isn't it?
It's not just that, think about it.
Thinking isn't going to do a bit of good.
They were not dead...
This can't be happening.
We'd better catch them before he gets here.
You're right.
Why did you do that?
You didn't have to kill that man.
What's your problem?
If you did something like that, you're no different from those men.
They're bastards, I'm not.
I'm sorry...
Thanks for helping me.
I didn't mean to help you.
They just piss me off.
So, what are we gonna do?
Didn't you have a plan?
Plans always change.
What are you talking about?
They're going to kill us!
But they were...
...definitely dead.
So, why were you in jail?
Shut up, let's go.
Something's not right with this forest.
Like what?
People are everywhere...
...but you can't hear a thing.
Nobody's here.
Yes, they are.
What makes you think that?
I've had a strong sixth sense ever since I was little.
What's wrong with you?
Where the hell do you think you're going?
Stay back.
This man...
What are you doing?
Hey, stop!
Don't do that!
Hey, wait!
Let that man rest in peace!
I don't believe this...
You're crazy.
Let's go.
We'll take their car.
Stop it!
Let's just go.
They must still be around here.
Something's wrong here.
That again?
I can feel it!
Those guys back there...
There is something here!
They were...
...definitely dead...
...but they came back to life.
So what?
The dead can come back to life here.
So, what are you saying?
...been here over and over...
The ones we killed...
We buried them!
They are supposed to be buried right here!
Where the fuck are they now?
Where are they?
I didn't mean to...
I just...
Let go of me!
The game is over.
What are those monsters?
I thought they were your playmates.
So, do you want me to kill you?
Then you can be my next playmate!
Don't kill this one!
You have orders!
Hey, you've got the wrong man.
I don't care.
Just let the guy go.
That's why you're nothing more than a punk.
This is getting complicated.
Hey, she's been taken away.
What are you talking about?
That runt shot my arm and took the girl.
Jesus, the both of you!
You're both crazy!
Are you turning back now?
I'll play with you later.
So, just wait here.
You just let him go?
I'm disappointed in you.
Don't you get it?
It'll be easier if we let that guy find the girl for us.
We'll get them both after they're together.
Now I see!
You're using your brain!
Keep both of them alive...
Those were his orders exactly.
Oh, too bad.
It doesn't matter anymore.
He's going to die anyway.
I'll be in charge from now on.
It's all been planned, he's just coming here to die.
Don't fool with me!
What was that?
It'd be a pain in the ass if you became a monster... die slowly.
Are you okay?
But this place is fucked up.
Nothing can stop me...
Not even those monsters...
Don't worry.
Come on, run faster!
Are you okay?
It hurts...
Your hand!
They took it...
Those bastards!
Damn it!
We'll make them pay for this.
Shouldn't we report back?
We'll search for them...
...and destroy them!
We don't know where they are.
I know what they're thinking.
They must have taken the mountain paths instead of going down the highway.
I was trained at FBI headquarters in Langley.
I'm an expert at profiling.
An expert?
So, Expert, where in the mountains?
Don't worry.
I'll track them down.
I grew up at Yellowstone National Park in Canada.
A natural born hunter!
A hunter?
Which way?
Shut the fuck up!
What's wrong with this place?
He'll come after us.
Let me go!
This is so insane.
You did all this?
It's all your fault!
You're crazy...
What do you want?
You don't have to kill this one.
Shut up, don't preach at me.
You can't hurt people for no reason.
In the world these days, a lot of people are better off dead.
That's not for you to judge.
What are you, a preacher?
Okay, fine.
Let's go.
Look, no more killing, okay?
We've been waiting.
Since you three are here...'ll all be over soon, right?
M-My gun...
Hey, who the hell are you?
How did you get here?
I was kidnapped...
I can't remember.
I can't remember anything about what happened...
...before I got here.
What the hell are you talking about?
How about you?
Why were you in prison?
I was...
You don't remember either?
I forget things easily.
So, you too...
When did you get here?
Just now.
What the hell was with those two idiots and all the monsters?
What are you up to?
Something bad.
Where are the others?
They're all dead except us.
I see.
And why are you alive?
Got a problem?
Yeah, you.
A scumbag like you should be dead.
Well, well, well, who are these scary people?
What's going on?
You're dead.
No, let's get away from here.
That was pretty good, boys and girls.
But not good enough.
Hey, baby.
What are you?
If you want to kill me...'ll need to bring an army.
I'll give you power... death!
It's him!
No, we have to go!
No, he is...
Please, let's go!
Human life is only an instant.
Your body will eventually rot.
Do you want to be dead?
Or eternal life?
Any trouble?
Yes, a little accident.
Are you okay, officer?
Don't call me officer.
Did you do it again?
You better behave yourself.
Or, you'll be joining those idiots on the mountain...
You want to fight me?
The master of all martial arts?
The Fighter?
Okay, Fighter.
We don't have time for this crap.
Those criminal bastards!
Let's kill them all!
Right, Fighter.
US Marshals
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