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Subtitles for Ultimate Versus CD2.

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Ultimate Versus CD2

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Hey, your heart!
I'll give you this...
Help yourself!
H-Hot, hot, hot!
Mother fucker!
I'll show you the world beyond death...
What's wrong?
We should hurry!
What's going on?
Come on, let's go.
I'll tell you something...
I hate to turn my back.
We don't have time for this.
That man is dangerous...
Who the hell is he?
You know him, right?
Cut the crap already!
I don't know him at all!
Who the hell is he?
And who are you?
What does this have to do with me?
Say it!
It is your...
You two are...
...destined to fight each other.
What are you talking about?
I've never even met him before.
You have...
The Resurrection...
Stay back.
We'll talk later.
It's time.
You said something about Resurrection...
What were you talking about?
The power of returning the dead soul back to the body.
It can be used only in the Forest of Resurrection.
Now what?
The Forest of Resurrection...
Is where we are.
I don't understand.
It's him...
...he is resurrecting the dead...
...with the Power.
What are you talking about?
What Resurrection?
I was able to kill them.
That's because...
Who's that?
Is this one dead too?
No, that girl's alive.
Hey, what are you?
Please, no killing!
I thought you were going to lose.
You know what?
I never lose.
Hot, hot!
What the hell?
They're around here...
I can smell...
I can smell like a dog...
Like a top dog breeder.
Like a dog breeder?
I smell...
An escapee.
We have your death warrant!
T-This way!
No, this way...
Wait, this way!
W-Wait a minute!
You're not a monster...
You are not a monster...
Let me talk, bitch!
You're not a monster yet, right?
Neither are you, right?
W-Wait a minute!
Don't misunderstand me!
I was just taken here...
It seems like...
...we are the only survivors...
What's going on?
I don't know...
But we need to get out of here, that's for sure.
Hey, you want to come with me?
Why would I?
I know this forest very well.
I'd be a big help.
That's a good point.
One wrong move...
...and you're dead.
I know that.
You've changed.
Get up.
You really don't remember anything?
What the hell are you talking about?
About me...
Don't you remember?
I've never seen you before.
Why did you help me then?
I told you.
I didn't mean to help.
You came after me...
...and you saved me.
You said something about my destiny...
What is going on?
I will tell you.
It's you...
You're still alive.
So, you caused all of this.
I knew you could survive no matter what.
I don't know you at all.
What do you want?
It's fine that you don't know me, because your soul does...
You're making things complicated.
What are you up to?
It's time.
Give me the girl and come with me.
Don't be stupid.
Hey, hey, what are you two talking about?
I don't like this at all.
This guy doesn't remember anything?
Leave us alone.
I can't do that.
I've waited...
Are you going to tell me what you're up to?
He wants me dead.
I'll grant you power.
Why don't you come with me?
I'll take care of her later.
Let's talk now.
What's going on?
The girl's blood gives me power.
This is the Forest of Resurrection.
A Gate...
A portal to the other side...
Where the dead become zombies...
That was a joke.
That was nothing compared to the real power.
A great power is hidden in this forest.
The darkness on the other side...
You need two keys to open the gate there...
One is a human sacrifice.
And the other key is...
...the one with blood of Resurrection.
I found them...
Five hundred years ago.
You're totally insane.
Just shut up and come with me.
I'll show you...
...the power of darkness.
You know what?
I hate being told what to do.
It's no use.
You can't kill me.
So just shut up and listen to what I have to say.
I don't want to listen.
Because you interrupted me...
...I had to wait five hundred years for her to reincarnate.
It's been a long time.
But it's okay.
I forgive you.
I've waited for her to reincarnate and mature.
I've been waiting for today.
The power of the Forest of Resurrection and her matured blood...
...will open the gate to the other side.
I finally found you, but you were in jail.
I never expected you to be in jail.
And what's more...
You were serving a life term as a serious criminal who committed disturbing crimes.
Did you make me come here?
I like you better as a criminal now.
You used to be an awful man...
You believed in this stupid idea of justice, and you really made me suffer.
In the end, you did something really stupid.
But you've changed quite a bit.
That's why I brought you here.
I'll forgive what you've done in the past.
Don't let me down this time.
Why don't you get lost?
You now have the heart of a serious criminal.
How many people have you killed so far?
Forty three people as of today...
That's my little brother.
Do you feel that?
The power of this forest...
People are born...
...and die.
The darkness after death... what's real...
I'm going to open that door.
Come with me.
Follow your instincts.
What your heart really wants... darkness.
I'd rather die than live with you.
Then die.
As I planned...
Get the girl.
I'd rather die than let you touch me.
I'd rather die!
Still a bitch...
That man could never save you.
Not the last time.
And not this time.
You've finished playing your role.
It looks like you'll never grow up.
I've waited...
The Forest of Resurrection...
I've returned here after so many years... open the gate in exchange for her blood.
And grant me power...
Grant me the power!
How come nothing is happening?
Why is nothing happening?
My blood of Resurrection...
...only works once.
I've already used it.
Can you wait until I reincarnate...
I'll kill you!
You wanted me to kill you in a moment of anger, right?
However, you can't fool me.
I won't let you interfere with my plan.
Your blood is not good enough.
Your blood cannot open the gate.
Your blood is not enough!
You know why?
Figured it out yet?
Do you know why I brought that man here?
That's right...
He was able to resurrect with your blood.
That man's resurrected blood is the true key.
I wanted to see that expression on your face.
That face...
You talk too much.
Here he comes...
...the last key.
It took me a while to remember.
I'm the one you want, right?
Don't touch my girl, fucking asshole!
You want to do it now?
Do you want to play?
Wait for me...
Don't worry.
I never lose.
Stay there.
Wait here.
This is between him and me.
One of us will return.
He's different now.
You might lose this time.
We'll see what happens...
You have to work for what you really want.
I said, freeze!
Leave the car.
What was that?
What did you say, what did you say, you runt?
I said, we're taking your car!
We are looking for escapees!
Out of my way!
So you are a Fighter.
I can tell.
Give me the car, that's all I'm saying!
Shut up, you asshole!
I'm sick of this place.
I'm really sorry.
You short-ass bitch!
Come on, get in the car!
T-That hurt!
Hey, let's go!
That was your partner!
That was not my fault!
I've found you!
Prisoner number KSC2-303!
Give me my right hand back!
Hey, I'd have two left hands!
You can't hit me with your slow bullets!
My reflexes are...
...five hundred times faster than Mike Tyson's!
Come on!
Just like last time...
No matter how much power you've gained, you can't beat me.
The darkside has chosen me.
I won't let you stand in my way.
I told you...
I never lose.
You came back...
...because of the forest and my blood.
If you leave this forest...
You might die.
But that's fine...
We'll see what happens.
I hate to be locked up in one place.
I should have been on your side.
There's nothing left to destroy in this world.
Hurry up and take me to the other side...
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