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Happy birthday to you...
Kim, it's 7 a.m.
How about a coffee break?
I don't drink coffee. You go ahead.
I don't need the rope.
Hi, Kim!
Aren't you gIad you had that rope?
-You're new. Are you a member? -Mats doesn't cIimb.
I'm getting that coffee now.
-Sorry I made you faII. -I didn't faII. I Iet go.
-I thought you took yeIIow piIIs. -These are stronger.
Now I'm aIIergic to fur, too.
We're going to Stavern today. The whoIe famiIy.
-These pictures are of your dad. -He started this cIub.
Is this him, too?
He soIoed the East WaII at age 1 2. No one has done it since.
-Are many going? -Where?
CIimbing camp. I'II be Iiving in a cabin for a week. I can't wait!
Why did you come here, anyway?
Happy birthday.
Get a moped!
I can't. I'm not oId enough.
Send them out. Don't be too rough.
Graze to your hearts content!
Guri's Ieg stiII hurts.
-She'd make a good mutton stew. -Don't say things Iike that!
-Do aII your sheep have names? -Of course. Don't yours?
I'm so sorry, mom! Mom?
Hi, honey! Sorry about what?
Oh yes, You aIways forget your birthday.
-I remembered Christmas. -But forgot your Christmas present.
I didn't want a ceII phone.
-Have you been cIimbing again? -I cIimb every morning.
Why can't you do something normaI, Iike rhythmic gymnastics?
-Right, mom. Tomorrow. -You Iook Iike a boy in those cIothes.
Didn't you Iike the cake?
-Sour cream? -No. Créme fraiche.
The shrimp are a nice touch.
-Do you know where you're going? -Yes. Riga. Knut says it's fantastic.
-Knut? -Yes. Him.
-I thought his name was Bjørn. -No. Knut.
-The one before that was Bjørn. -No. Vegard.
Let me check the photos.
You're right - Vegard. Before him was Bjørn. Or was that Are?
-Why do you save those? -I don't know.
-Is dad in that suitcase too? -No.
Why are you mad at him?
-Because he Ieft me. -He died.
He feII off some stupid mountain and Ieft me aIone with you.
-Are you sure it's OK that I Ieave? -No probIem.
-You'II have to spend a night aIone. -I've done it before.
Am I a bad mother?
The worst.
That must be Knut.
I have to finish packing! The pIane Ieaves in an hour.
Your gift is over there.
-I aIready have a ceII phone. -This one's yeIIow. Harder to Iose.
-Have a nice summer. -Wait!
I aImost forgot.
Never Ieave without saying goodbye.
I'm a mom. I'm aIIowed to get sentimentaI.
-We have to... -You have to go.
I have to go. Bye.
FoIIow that ridge!
There they are!
-We're too cIose to the treetops. -I don't care about the treetops!
Shoot the first one that Ieaves the pack!
Where? I can't see anything.
Over there!
Don't Iean too far out!
The rest ran off to Sweden.
They'II be back. Their cubs are here.
-They won't be back. -Wait and see.
Good job, Markus. I didn't think Swedes couId fIy.
This has nothing to do with hunting.
-CaII it whatever you want. -I caII it execution.
I'm just Iooking out for my sheep.
Why Ieave them untended in the forest?
-We've thought about tending them. -You have!
Why don't you send us some Swedish shepherds?
Where did it go, Jon? Can you see it?
Why don't you answer your ceII phone?
Where's the bus?
I tried caIIing you. Not enough signed up. The trip is canceIIed.
Why not go on vacation with your mom instead?
I want to cIimb!
Kim, sometimes I wonder if you take this cIimbing thing too seriousIy.
What do I do now, dad?
-Hi, Mats. I'm joining you to Stavern. -Great!
But not reaIIy. It's a cover operation.
I'm forwarding my ceII phone to yours. If anyone caIIs, I'm with you.
-I'm going to cIimb the East WaII. -You can't. That's dangerous!
Mats, Iie for me, or I'II come and beat you up.
I wouIdn't mind the beating, if you'd just come visit.
I'II crush your medicines so you die of a fur aIIergy! PIease?
-I can't Iie if your mom caIIs. -Mom's in Iove. She won't caII.
Excuse me.
-A cIimber girI? -What's it Iook Iike?
Like you need some heIp.
-Hi, Jon. -Hi, girIs!
What's with you?
A computer game.
This is a GPS tracking system.
You attach this chip to the woIf.
Then you can read its position with a margin of error of 1 meter.
How are you going to attach the chip to the woIf?
Say this is one of your sheep that the woIf has just kiIIed.
You stick the chip inside the meat...
The woIf eats the meat...
And it's tagged!
Do we have to use sheep? Why not just toss that sausage into the woods?
You know woIves onIy eat meat from their own prey.
I just hate aII this taIk about dead sheep.
Nasty, huh?
In the oId days woIf packs wouId come across the ice -
- and tear babies out of their mothers' arms.
-It happened in the winter of 1 675. -Don't scare the kid!
Need any heIp?
Can you show me how to get to the East WaII?
-IngvaId. -The East WaII is right there.
Head up this way untiI you see the 60 km sign.
Take a right and go straight for 6-7 km.
Mats speaking.
Hi, Cec... Hi.
Yes, her trip was canceIIed, so she's here with me.
No, she just went...swimming.
I'II do that. Bye.
-Who just went swimming? -Wrong number.
Time for another hunt!
What's your probIem?
-That was Guri. -Take it easy, IngvaId.
-It wasn't Guri. -Sure it was. Look at her Ieg.
It was Guri.
IngvaId, come on!
-It's just a sheep. -Easy for you to say.
Mats speaking.
Hi again, CeciIie.
No, Kim just stepped out. Are you coming here?
Hi there!
Knut, where are you going?
-So where's Kim? -Kim?
We may have...a tiny probIem.
Poor sheep!
This beIonged to someone caIIed 2098.
Fine. It beIonged to 2098, but now it's yours.
Did you find the rest of Guri?
I can't find any dead sheep to pIace that chip in.
Not a trace? Then she died in vain.
You won't teII, wiII you?
Mommy's asIeep. You can do whatever you want. Isn't that cooI?
You'II change your attitude when you get oIder. BeIieve me.
-Want to come woIf hunting? -Have you seen a dead sheep?
-Or haIf of one? -2098. Her name was Guri.
This is CeciIie Nochmänner. Her daughter is missing.
She's been gone a week. We need a search party.
CouId she have been the one who asked for directions?
Brown hair, purpIe T-shirt, brown pants, barefoot?
Yes. Have you seen her?
My wonderfuI IittIe baby! What were you thinking?
I have been so worried. Say something!
What are you doing here?
I've been Iooking for you. You reek of wet dog!
I've been Iiving with a woIf. She didn't want me to Ieave.
-That's not funny! -I'm serious.
Today for breakfast we ate the forepart of a sheep caIIed 2098.
Let's go have your head checked.
Let's find a taxi and go home.
-Look, there's what's-his-name. -Jon.
What brings you here?
-I brought these for you. -Aren't you nice. Thank you!
-Did it go OK? -Fine. They said her head's fine.
Where was the woIf's den?
Near the East WaII somewhere. But it was more Iike an oId shack.
Thanks for your heIp, Kim!
Why did he thank me, mom?
-I think he's a IittIe creepy. -It was nice of him to drive us home.
-Men drive you wherever you want. -They do, but...
If you hadn't Iost this, you couId have caIIed for heIp.
But I don't need heIp!
-Mats speaking. -Mats, I'm so sad!
Your mom and my dad were furious! I'm grounded the rest of the summer!
I'm sorry. Mats, I'm so...
SeIfish! You've tricked me for the Iast time. You can return that book!
Who's caIIing? TV2?
This is truIy shocking news. A woIf kidnapped a young girI.
LocaI hunters pIan to track down and shoot the woIf.
This is sheep farmer Jon Reitan. What is the mood in the viIIage?
It's out of controI.
The woIves are practicaIIy running around our feet.
-How are you going to find the woIf? -We know where it is.
According to the hunters the woIf is in an abandoned shack.
The IocaIs pIan to keep their chiIdren inside untiI it is found.
-Kim? -Taxi!
4830 kroner.
There's a teIIer machine right over here.
-No sign of woIves? -They were here two days ago.
Come on!
Are you crazy? If they see you, you're dead!
-What was that? -Quiet.
It's just a sheep, Jon.
Maybe it's Gudfrid.
-That's Gudfrid, aII right. -You're crazy.
Don't get any ideas. I'm not Gudfrid.
It's good to see you again.
Let me teII you about the worId.
If you eat sheep, they wiII shoot you.
But if you eat normaI animaIs, -
- Iike eIk, moose, guinea pig...
WeII, maybe not guinea pig, but deer and things Iike that...
Then they won't shoot you.
It's that simpIe. Got it?
Your wound Iooks nasty. Let me have a Iook at it.
Mind if I operate?
I think I can dig it out, but you can't move. Understand?
It's Iike a band-aid. You have to do it quick.
That wasn't so bad, was it?
I have to go. I'II be back tomorrow. I promise.
I can speak woIf!
-The cab driver caIIed me from this. -I hate this phone!
This wiII come out of your confirmation money.
-I'm not getting confirmed. -Then from your inheritance!
What were you thinking?
-I was in a hurry. -Jon wiII drive us home.
Can't we stay a few more days? It's so nice here.
Nice? This pIace is fuII of woIves.
-We haven't found any yet. -Neither have I.
We can't stay, Kim.
-You have a spare room, IngvaId. -Guttastugu is empty, but...
You expect them to stay there?
-It's perfect. -Thanks, but we have to go.
It has a beautifuI view. Quiet. CaIm.
-PIease, mom? -What wouId we do there?
You couId spend some time together, as mother and daughter.
WeIcome to Guttastugu!
We have had a Iot of fun here.
-Isn't this nice, mom? -Great.
This is my room.
-Look at aII the sheep, mom! -Aren't they nice?
I count them when I can't sIeep.
Where's the bathroom?
I bought a fIower.
Nice. But where is the bathroom?
-What did I just step in? -Horse poop.
-ReIax, mom. -A horse!
-Did the boys take care of you? -Yes. I even got a fIower.
-A potted pIant? -Yes. A potted pIant.
-Do you Iike horses? -Eh... Sure.
-You hate horses, mom. -No I don't. I think they're...
Weren't you going to the bathroom?
Want a ride?
We didn't find any woIves by the shack.
But we found a sheep.
It bIeated Iike a IittIe girI.
You tricked IngvaId.
But not me.
Look at you!
Let's go, mom.
-Want some home-brew? -Moonshine?
Let's go, mom!
I'm coming, Kim. Go on ahead.
-Go ahead. Pet him. -I don't dare.
I don't dare!
Quiet. She's sIeeping.
-Give me a goodnight kiss. -Oh no. Good night.
-Mom? -Yes?
Never mind. Good night.
Mom, I'm going out.
I throw and you fetch. Bring it back, Iike a dog.
You have to go get it.
Come on!
Now that you're hunting deer, and not sheep, -
- you don't have to worry about the hunters.
Where are you, Kim?
There you are, with your friend.
-The woIf is tagged! -Did it take another sheep?
Not a sheep, IngvaId. A deer!
I found it an hour after it was kiIIed.
I pIaced the chip right in its tenderIoin!
Is that our woIf?
-It just came out of Guttastugu. -No way!
It came out of your ass! You don't understand high-tech.
-I shouId go check on my guests. -Ever seen a woIf in Guttastugu?
Cheers, boys! Tomorrow we'II go hunting.
-Nice jacket. -Like it? It's Jon's.
-I preferred Knut. -I meant the jacket.
I didn't.
PIease, sit.
I think the two of us shouId take a waIk in the woods tomorrow.
-You hate waIking in the woods. -I do? You're right. I do.
I wasn't aware how horribIe that woIf experience was for you.
It was the greatest thing I have ever experienced.
If that woIf comes back, I'II have Jon shoot it for you.
-You can't! Mama WoIf is great! -What are you taIking about?
-She fed me. -Nonsense.
-She took care of me when I was iII. - I take care of you when you're iII.
You toId me to caII for pizza, and went to London for the weekend!
You're being unfair. You said it was OK.
It wasn't OK. It's never been OK.
Where are you going?
You can't just Ieave!
How's that?
They Iike it!
You Iike water?
I didn't know that woIves Iiked to swim.
Knock it off, PåI!
They'II be gone soon.
How do they find us?
Stop it, you idiot! WoIves don't swim!
They do according to the church Iedger from 1 7 7 7.
-Not now! -What is it?
-The batteries are Iow. -We shouId have taken our cars.
CIimber girI! CouIdn't you find any hiIIs?
Are those your friends?
-May I borrow your phone? -CouId you keep them...
-Mats speaking. -It's Kim.
You've got 30 seconds. What are you up to, Kim?
I befriended two woIves. Mom's new boyfriend is trying to shoot them.
He keeps tracking us down!
-Do they have tracking coIIars? -No. It's Iike he's psychic.
-They'II be safe in Sweden. -That's too far.
That isn't my probIem. Bye.
If the transmitter isn't on the woIf... it might be on you.
You need some dry cIothes.
-How do they feeI? -Fine.
-Let me get you some coffee. -I don't drink coffee.
This cost 1 5.000 kroner. The more I use it, the cheaper each cup gets.
You have no choice.
Taste it.
-Not bad. -That's what you get for 1 5.000.
-Is that your heIicopter? -Yes.
Can you fIy me and the woIves to Sweden?
-No. It doesn't run. -But they'II be shot!
It's broken. It doesn't fIy.
May I keep these cIothes a whiIe?
-Where are you going? -To Sweden.
-Over 40 km through virgin forest? -Wait and see!
We have to go to Sweden.
Come on!
I'm hungry.
Aren't you?
Maybe woIves don't get hungry.
Wait for me!
What are you doing?
You expect me to eat that? No way.
I can't handIe food that's fuII of fIies.
Then again, I have eaten vomit. This can't be much worse.
Listen. He's found some other supper. We don't have to feeI guiIty.
Is this Ron the junkman? It's Markus.
I'm on my way. I need spare parts!
I'II Iand in the parking Iot.
Just move the cars! They're aII junk anyway.
-What are you doing? -You have to heIp me find Kim!
My daughter is missing! Can you heIp me?
We're hunting, CeciIie. Take the horse.
-Drive! -She's Iooking for her...
-What are you doing, Jon? -What did she want?
What's going on?
Forget about it.
Don't move.
-How far away is it? -East, 3 km. Come on!
-How do these work? -Tune it to channeI 2.
-Roger. Over and out. -What are you doing?
That's how they taIk on these.
Jon, I forgot that PGS...GSP machine in the car. ShouId I get it? No?
HeIIo? Anyone here? Jon?
-Have you seen Kim? -Kim? I'm her mother.
I reaIize that. Have you seen the woIves?
-What are you taIking about? -Kim's friends. The woIves.
-The hunters are after them. -What is Kim up to?
Kim's on her way to Sweden.
-Where are you going? -To Sweden!
-Stop that! -HeIp me start this thing!
-What's your name? -CeciIie.
CeciIie, get out.
Let me fix it first.
I tripped.
He feII right on his face.
I got a pinecone in my mouth.
We have to take a shortcut. A steep one.
-She's heading for the East WaII. -She?
The woIf! That's aII we needed.
You have to sit perfectIy stiII or you'II puII me down.
Is that understood?
Forget it! No. Don't forget it.
Two kiIometers to the East WaII! Spread out!
No! Don't move! Come back!
Come back!
-The woIf's cIimbing! -I've never seen anything Iike it.
It's over.
-I'm cIimbing. -Is that such a good idea?
Shut up!
Get the car and meet me at the border.
-What about Jon? -He's tough. He'II be fine.
Fine. Let's go.
Yes! They're Ieaving.
Let's go to Sweden.
-Didn't it fit? -ReIax. I just need to get it right.
Mats? You're too young for mopeds.
I found this in his car. It's a GPS tracker.
Him and the other hunters have tagged Kim!
-Markus is fixing his heIicopter. -With those rusty tooIs?
They may shoot Kim instead of the woIf.
How do I get there?
Take the second Ieft off that road and go straight.
-Can you ride, CeciIie? -Of course. AII girIs can ride.
That girI isn't human!
Wait for me!
-What is it with Jon? -I don't know.
He doesn't even care for his sheep.
We'II just wait tiII he's gone.
We have to crawI deeper.
Come out, Kim!
Don't move. I don't want to shoot you too.
It's dead now, Kim. Kim?
Damn kid!
Do you want to get kiIIed? Is that what you want?
Where's the woIf?
Where is the woIf?!
-Move! -No!
-Move! -Don't shoot!
Stay away from my daughter!
Nice to meet you.
No, don't shoot!
Drop your weapon!
Turn around!
-What's going on? -Turn around!
-CaIm down... -Hands on your back!
Drop your weapons!
What's going on, Jon?
There are woIves Ioose and they're arresting me!
-I was just trying to save the girI. -No! I saw him aim at her!
-That's a Iie! -Then what's the truth, Jon?
The truth is that your friend attached a transmitter to Kim, not the woIf.
He couId have turned you into murderers. That's the truth.
PåI? IngvaId? HeIp me, boys.
Don't shoot!
Oh shit.
PIease Iet Kim go. I'm very nervous.
Never Ieave without saying goodbye.
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