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Subtitles for Umberto D - Vittorio De Sica 1952.

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Umberto D - Vittorio De Sica 1952

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We want an increase![br]We want an increase!
We want to be heard.
We're taxpaying citizens.
We're starving.
We're tired of waiting.
We want to see the minister.
We want to see the minister.
You don't have a permit.[br]You must disperse.
Go home. Go on.
You should be ashamed.
The way you treat us is a disgrace!
Go home. Go on.
Let's go, old geezers.[br]Come on.
Keep him quiet, for God's sake!
Quiet, Flike.
Scoundrels, all of them!
Quiet or they'll hear you[br]and arrest you.
I'm not talking about the police.
I mean the organizers of the protest.
They should have gotten a permit.
They wouldn't give us one.
Then we should have stayed home!
A 20% increase[br]would be enough for me
to pay off my debts in a year.
I don't have any debts.
To tell the truth, I don't either.
- This is our chance. We can go.[br]- Let's go.
Good day.
I have no one,[br]no son or brother, to help me out.
I'm just a good-for-nothing old man.
Orazio Valenti.
Umberto Domenico Ferrari.
Who can live[br]on 18,000 lire these days?
My landlady charges me 10,000.[br]She even raised my rent, that old -
Go ahead and say it.[br]We're both men.
If she's a bitch, she's a bitch.
Do you need a watch?
No, I have a watch.
I don't have it with me,[br]but it's a very nice watch.
I have two.[br]That's why I'm selling this one.
What make is yours?
It's nice.[br]It has a gold case.
Well, here's where I live.[br]Good-bye.
Who's done here?
How rude! I'm not finished.
Thank you.
Listen to this.
In a store it would cost you[br]20,000 lire.
- How much are you asking?[br]- 5,000 lire.
My throat feels scratchy.
- Be patient. It'll pass.[br]- I hope so.
See you tomorrow.
Here we are. He's so cute.
Hey, I saw everything.
Tomorrow I'll kick you out,[br]and your dog too.
I'll kick you out, I said.
You're overreacting.
She'll lose all her customers.[br]Don't listen to a word she says.
- May I walk with you a while?[br]- Of course.
You can have it for 4,000.
4,000! That's a lot of money.
But a good watch lasts forever.
I don't care.[br]Look, I'll give you 3,000 lire.
There's more than that in here.[br]It's all in small change, I'm afraid.
- I said 4,000.[br]- It's all in here.
Listen, you can take the bag
and give it back to me[br]tomorrow at the cafeteria.
See you.
Spare some change.
See you.
Spare some change.
Who's in my room?
Who's in my room?[br]- How should I know?
What's all this yelling?
Be quiet and stop yelling.[br]How dare you behave like this!
Quiet down and come with me.
Get it through your head.
It's not your room. It's mine.[br]- What do you mean, yours?
They're dear friends of mine,[br]just resting for a while.
And why bother making a fuss?
You're leaving at the end[br]of the month anyway.
What a way to treat someone -[br]kicking him out after 20 years!
Watch me![br]Meanwhile, pay your back rent.
I have the money right here!
Stop yelling!
Who's she think[br]she's going to kick out?
Where would I go?
They skin you alive.
They want 20,000 lire for a rat hole,[br]and then it's full of rodents.
- I know.[br]- Kick me out!
She charges 1,000 lire[br]an hour for the room, you know.
1,000 lire every time.
- Could you give me the thermometer?[br]- Yes.
Do you feel sick?
Not too hard.
Did you hear the door just now?
She put them in the living room.
She could have done that before.
No, she couldn't.[br]There were two others in there.
The dirty, rotten -
Have you seen all the ants?
Can you see anything,[br]Mr. Umberto?
No, nothing.
You can a little.[br]Did you know I'm pregnant?
My God.
And you say it just like that?
How do you want me to say it?
- Does she know?[br]- God forbid.
You can go in now.
Are you sure?
Three months, Mr. Umberto.
- Excuse me.[br]- Come in.
Come see.
The tall one is from Naples.[br]The short one is from Florence.
- Which one is yours?[br]- Both of them.
Which is the father?
I think... the one from Naples.
What do you mean, you think?
They both deny it.
Come here.
Come on. She's crying.
Answer me!
She's done singing.
Bring me a hot water bottle.
- What are you doing?[br]- He wants some hot water.
Come on.
Good boy.
Do you want to play[br]with the ball, Flike?
Come in.
I pay the maid.
If you want hot water,[br]hire your own maid.
I'm throwing your things out[br]on the 30th.
I'm evicting you.
Kiss the baby for me.
Did you hear me?
Come here, boy.
Good boy, Flike.
Damn these ants!
Ants everywhere.
- What is it?[br]- Where's the thermometer?
On the dresser.
I have to put it back.[br]Otherwise, she'll yell at me.
Come here, please.
What do you want?
Take a look.
What do I have to do?
Look in my throat and tell me[br]if you see a white coating.
It's so big.
Is there a coating?
She's hoping I'll die,[br]but I'm not going to.
Take this to her.
That's 3,000 lire.
And get a receipt.
All right.
Mr. Umberto.
Mr. Umberto.
She says you owe her 15,000,[br]and it's all or nothing.
I've got to go,[br]or she'll yell at me.
Good evening.
How about 2,500?
I said 2,000 yesterday,[br]and I say 2,000 today.
How about 2,400?
They have great sentimental value.[br]They're practically new.
I've never opened them[br]because I didn't want to ruin them.
I'm only giving them to you[br]because I have a fever.
These ants are driving me crazy.
She'll have the rest[br]when I get my pension.
Get me the thermometer.[br]She's made my fever go up.
To pay my debts, I'd have to go[br]a month without food.
Did you do your assignment?
You didn't have time, eh?
Certain things can happen[br]if you don't know your grammar.
Everyone takes advantage[br]of the ignorant.
Now there's more. You'll have[br]to wait till the 27 th for the rest.
This is ridiculous.[br]First 3,000, then 2,000 more.
Take them back to him.[br]It's all or nothing.
Either he gives me 15,000 lire[br]or I evict him. Go.
- Good evening.[br]- Good evening. Go right in.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?[br]Down there.
Madam is at the end of the corridor.
Maria, shut the door!
Her fiance.
I was the only successful one[br]in all Macerata.
Till tomorrow.
What is it?
Yes, a cold.[br]San Martino della Battaglia 14.
Third floor.
Thank you.
What's going on?
Come in.
Stay there. I'll come to you.
Who's Mr. Ferrari?
I am.
I got dressed[br]so I wouldn't keep you waiting.
Sorry. Umberto Domenico Ferrari.
Spalmagulli, Armando.
Please, come in.
I'll just shut my suitcase[br]and then I'm ready.
Mr. Umberto, are you seriously ill?
Yes, it's serious.
- You're leaving us in the dark over here.[br]- Shut up.
Are you kidding?
What are you looking at?
Come here. Good boy.
If he realizes I'm leaving,[br]it'll be the end.
Down, boy.
Do me a favor.
Play with the dog a little.[br]Here's a ball and ruler.
I don't feel like playing.
I can't say good-bye to him,[br]or he won't let me leave.
Very well.
Go on, boy.
- What are you doing?[br]- Come and play with the ruler.
- Is your boyfriend down there?[br]- Leave me alone.
Mr. Umberto.
Don't give him any milk, all right?
And please keep an eye on him.
All right.
He's fine. He's playing.
Please take care of him.[br]I won't forget you.
I won't be gone long.
Shall we go, Mr. Ferrari?
Give me your suitcase.
No, it's very light.[br]Just pajamas and a bar of soap.
Keep it, then.
This guy's healthier than I am.[br]What's he doing here?
I'd like to keep him a little longer,[br]so he can get the full treatment.
All right.
Thank you, Sister.
Say "ah."
That's fine.
Brush his tonsils with iodine.[br]You can go home tomorrow.
Excuse me, Doctor.
I also have a pain here.
What kind of pain?
Can't you see your fever's gone?
It's just common tonsillitis.
If you were younger, I'd tell you[br]to have your tonsils taken out.
But what's the use, at your age?
You should have insisted.
Mr. Umberto,
You should have insisted.
I'd really like to save[br]a little money, you know.
I'll teach you how to get them[br]to let you stay here.
All I need is one week.
This ward is better than a hotel.
Did you ask the nun for a rosary?
Thank you. Oh, Sister-
He's such a nice person.
He'd like to stay a little longer.
He needs more treatment.[br]Can't you see how haggard he looks?
Just imagine: His pension isn't[br]even enough to support his dog.
We'll see.
Thank you, Sister.
Ask her for a rosary.
Could I have a rosary?
How are you, my dear?
I'm fine.
This was all I could bring.
A banana!
Sit down, dear.[br]Pull up that stool.
May I sit here?
Of course. Sit down.
What about Flike? How is he?
I wanted to bring him upstairs,[br]but it's not allowed.
He's downstairs in the courtyard.[br]- In the courtyard.
Flike's in the courtyard.
Shut that window!
Shut it!
So, is that the father?
Mr. Umberto,
if you asked me[br]to swear to it, I couldn't.
But I sense it was him.
What does he have to say?
When I come back, I'll make him talk.
I'll talk to both of them.
Even the short one,[br]the one from Florence.
Both of them.
Give us another one, Sister.
Good morning, Sister.
Your daughter?
Excuse me, Sister.
How is our father?
He's very ill.
So he asked to borrow 4,000 lire,[br]but I didn't give him a cent.
Good move.
Yes, she's marrying the manager[br]of the movie theater.
That way she can get in for free.
I hope she doesn't have children.
She says you have to leave[br]because she needs your room.
That's why she's getting married.
Absolutely not.
I'm paying my back rent,[br]so she can't kick me out.
She can't evict me.
Mr. Umberto, he's waiting.
I'm not going to the shelter.
Get well soon, Mr. Umberto.
- Tell her I'm not going.[br]- Yes, I'll tell her.
Let her go to the shelter.[br]I'm not going!
During the war[br]she called me Grandpa.
I gave her some meat[br]from time to time.
After the war she went crazy.
She even hates my dog.
If you saw my dog,[br]You'd know it's impossible to hate him.
Take care of yourself, Mr. Umberto.
But I'm coming back here, you know.[br]I'm gonna try again.
Good luck.
I'll come and visit you.[br]What's your address?
- Via San Martino della Battaglia 14.[br]- That's where I'll find you, right?
- Even the police couldn't get me out.[br]- That's the spirit!
Good-bye, and good luck.
- Excuse me, isn't the maid here?[br]- No, but the lady of the house is.
What are you doing?
I'm working.
This is my room. I live here.
Who said you didn't?
What are you supposed to do here?
A lot of stuff.
Excuse me.[br]Did the maid go out with the dog?
What dog?
My dog!
I'm not here[br]to keep an eye on the dog.
I'm pregnant. You understand?
Good morning.
- Where's Flike?[br]- I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?[br]- I don't know.
Don't make me shout.[br]Where's Flike?
Madam opened the door and he left.
Where were you, you fool?
I kept the door shut,[br]but she kept opening it.
If anything's happened to him,[br]I'll kill her.
Please hurry.
- What if I run someone over?[br]- I'll pay the damages. Just hurry.
- How much?[br]- 200 lire.
- Here.[br]- I don't have change.
Do you have change for 1,000 lire?
Could you make change[br]for 1,000 lire?
Give me that glass.
- This one?[br]- Yes.
Fifty lire. 950 is your change.
- There.[br]- Thank you.
- What do you want?[br]- I'm looking for my dog.
You're number 15.
Excuse me.[br]Is this where you kill them?
- Thank you, sir.[br]- Good-bye.
A mutt with intelligent eyes.
White with brown spots.
He ran away from home.[br]- When?
Yesterday,[br]or perhaps the day before.
What do you wish to do?[br]Do you want the dog or not?
- What if I don't take him?[br]- Then we'll have to kill him.
- You'll kill him.[br]- Filippo.
Yes, sir.
Take this gentleman to see[br]the dogs caught in the last two days.
- Come with me.[br]- Thank you.
Well, what have you decided?
So you'll kill him?
We have to.[br]What else can we do with them?
- But 450 lire...[br]- Next.
We caught this one the day[br]before yesterday, that one yesterday.
That one the day before yesterday.
That one ten days ago.
This one yesterday.
And this one the day before.[br]Watch out for the cart.
See, he's not dead!
Good evening, Mrs. Malantoni.[br]Good evening, sir.
What do you want from me?
We'll be going to your funeral,[br]not the other way around!
You think I owe you something?
What are you yelling about?
You wretch! Pay your debts.
My debts!
That's not the reason[br]You want to kick me out.
Tomorrow the doorman[br]will kick you out.
There are laws, you know.[br]I pay my debts.
I worked for the Ministry[br]of Public Works for 30 years!
I've always paid my debts.
She doesn't even know[br]what a bill is.
have seven people to support.[br]Spare some change, please.
I have seven dependents.[br]Spare some change.
Thank you.
My dear Ferrari, how are you?
So-so. How about you?
I can't complain.[br]How are things?
- You know. Getting by.[br]- Excuse me. I'm catching the bus.
I'll take the next one.
My dear Ferrari, how are you?
I'm having a dispute with my landlady.
I'm sure I'm going to win.
I'll get an injunction and stop her.
I'll pay 7,500 lire and I'll stop her.
All I need is half the money.
I have to find 2,000 lire.
- You're still at the same address?[br]- Yes, I'm not moving from there.
The landlady would like[br]to kick me out right now.
You understand?[br]2,000 lire is all -
I'm sorry.[br]I don't want to miss my bus.
Good-bye, Ferrari.[br]So nice to see you again.
If you see Carloni,[br]give him my regards.
- He's dead.[br]- Dead?
Thank you.
Ma'am, I have two children.
Thank you.
I have seven dependents.
Be still.
- Flike, what are you doing there?[br]- Commendatore!
How are you, Commendatore?
I was just wondering[br]what Flike was doing here.
He's playing.[br]He plays all day long.
He's so clever.[br]How adorable.
He's so cute.
- How are you?[br]- Fine, thanks.
- Can I buy you a cup of coffee?[br]- I can't. My bus is leaving.
- Just a cup of coffee.[br]- No, thanks. The bus is leaving.
- A drink. Something.[br]- Really, I'd love to, but I can't.
- At least allow me to walk with you.[br]- Of course.
What are you doing these days?[br]- Nothing.
I'm a pensioner, so I'm just getting by.[br]I don't do anything.
Lucky you, with nothing to do.
You're late, sir.
Do you think[br]there's going to be a war?
Who knows?
We're leaving.
- Congratulations once again.[br]- Congratulations.
Thank you, dear.
- All the best, dear.[br]- You promised to come visit us.
- I promise.[br]- Come see how the baby has grown.
All right.[br]Give the baby a kiss for me.
- All the best.[br]- Thank you.
- All the best.[br]- Thank you. Good-bye.
Don't forget tomorrow,[br]and don't be late.
We can't be late.
Good-bye, dear.
- Paolo.[br]- What is it?
What is it, Olga?
My dear.
Flike, you naughty boy.
You had us all so worried.
You ran away, didn't you?
Have a piece of cake.
She wants to make[br]one big formal living room.
Mr. Umberto, eat the cake.
What's the matter, Mr. Umberto?
I'm tired.
Of her?
It's a little of everything.
Wherever you go,[br]You'll be happier than you are here.
That's the way it goes.
Go on, eat.
Where's he going?
Leaving already, Mr. Umberto?
Where are you going?
I found a place.
Then we'll see each other[br]from time to time.
Listen, you need to leave as well.
There are lots of jobs in Rome.
Don't stay here.
She'll kick me out the minute[br]she finds out I'm pregnant.
Can't you go back to your hometown?
My father would beat me.
Will we meet again, Mr. Umberto?
I left a few things in the dresser.[br]You take them.
Get rid of the one from Florence.
Yes, Mr. Umberto.
I'm sorry, but you can't[br]bring the dog on.
- Before 8:00 you can.[br]- You telling me the rules?
If it's a hunting dog, you can.[br]Otherwise, you can't.
I could say I'm going hunting.
For what?
Couldn't I have a gun in my suitcase?
All right.[br]Where are you getting off?
Via Leccosa.
- That whistle just keeps blowing.[br]- I'm so sleepy in the morning.
He's little, but he's mischievous.
- No, he wouldn't hurt a fly.[br]- If you say so.
- How many dogs do you have?[br]- About 20. Why?
Do you keep them here all day long?
We have fresh air and space.
I'd like to board my dog here.[br]Can I see where they sleep?
- They sleep in the house with us.[br]- Three of them sleep with me.
A blind one, plus two others.
They snuggle up against me all night.
I'm going on a trip.[br]I'd like to leave him here.
For how long?
A while.
Board is 100 lire a day.
Bread is expensive.
There are other expenses:
tripe, pasta, tomato sauce,[br]because we cook for them.
And besides the food,
there's the bleach[br]and everything else.
Tripe is expensive,[br]and so is bleach and sawdust.
And we have to eat, too.
I'd like to leave you 5,000 lire.
Actually, almost 6,000.
Plus this suitcase full of stuff.
When are you coming back?
I don't know. We'll see.
See all this nice stuff?
You know, some people leave[br]their dogs here and never come back.
What do you do then?
I run them off.[br]What do you expect?
Do you ever walk them?
There's a boy willing to do it,[br]but he wants to be paid.
We keep them here.
We train them,[br]and they get used to it.
No, they don't get used to it.
No. I'm not leaving him here.
More money and less talk.
You wasted my time.
Hi, honey.
Good boy.
- Hello, Daniela.[br]- Hello.
Daniela, do you really love Flike?
Really and truly?
Then you can have him.
Yes. And you can have[br]the leash, too.
- Miss, this dog is mine.[br]- What do you mean, yours?
Yes, it's mine.
I'd be very happy[br]if the little girl would take him.
Who will clean up after him?[br]Dogs are dirty.
Guess who'll end up[br]with the dirty work?
- I'll clean up after him.[br]- Oh, sure.
No, her mother doesn't want a dog.[br]Come on. Let's go.
He's never any trouble.
He's as obedient as a child.
You'll see. She'll be happy.[br]- Sure, it's a bargain.
But I'm giving him to her for nothing.[br]A dog like him, for nothing.
Right. And that's why[br]You're getting rid of him.
Come on. Let's go, Daniela.
Walk, you spoiled little brat.[br]Come on.
Daniela, let's go.
Flike, come here.
Flike, come here.
Flike, look at the pinecone.
Come on. Here, boy.
Come on. Stand up.
Come on.
Come on. Run.
Here it is.
Come on, Flike. Up!
Good boy, Flike.
Run, Flike. Run!
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