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Subtitles for Unborn But Forgotten.

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Unborn But Forgotten

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Go away!
CJ Entertainment presents
a You Cinema production
executive producer Lee Kang-bok
produced by Yoo Hee-sook
starring Lee Eun-joo
and Jeong Joon-ho
associate producer Suk Dong-joon screenplay Han Hyun-geun
lighting directors Bak Hee-joo lm Jae-gook
editor Gyung Min-ho
directed by lm Chang-jae
What these people wanted was time.
Those of you out there,
l'd like for you to think about the amount of spare time
you have in your lives.
l'll see you again next week. Good-bye.
Good work everyone.
You did great today.
Good work everyone.
So what's the topic for next week?
We have on ready, but it's a bit complicated.
How about dinner?
l already have an appointment, so maybe next time.
l talked to the station chief, and he seemed interested.
l hope l'm not being too much of a burden.
Not at all.
lf things work out, it could turn out well.
But l want to finish it on my own.
You should've bought the CD.
lt's obsolete, and l barely got a copy of it.
l think l'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
Was it on that day that worried you?
Soo-jin, how about you get some rest?
Resting won't matter.
l'll take care of it on my own.
Sir, here's what you asked for.
Right, thanks.
When did you get here?
Why couldn't l reach you last night?
l called so many times about today's shoot.
l was out drinking all night with my friends.
What's that on the screen?
ls it a suicide site?
Oh, this?
lt's nothing special.
You transferred from violent crimes to cyber-investigation.
Are you more satisfied now?
Well, no matter what department, l'm always catching criminals,
So l think nothing differently of it.
What's the case about?
Which case?
The one you were looking at.
l better go.
-Officer Ju, l'll be back. -Okay.
-Going somewhere? -Pardon?
Remember, we agreed for me to follow you all day today.
Seems as if the uterus expanded and pressured the bowels.
See here how the pelvis widened, and smashed into the bowels?
But the belly doesn't swell down this easily.
l think it's very strange.
But she was definitely ready to give birth.
So are there any signs that she did?
l can't be sure of it right now.
But l plan to conduct another thorough examination today.
Do you feel better?
What a strange case.
The site l'm investigating has a very strange homepage.
Think it has anything to do with her death?
Well, l'm not exactly sure.
But l think it's related to her death.
Do you have any suspects?
l'll have to investigate further.
She wasn't pregnant.
We lived together until two weeks ago.
And there was nothing strange about her body.
We went to the public bath together.
So when did she move in to that apartment?
About two weeks ago.
There must be some reason why she moved there.
Was there anything you heard or found strange?
After she looked at something on the computer,
she turned as white as a ghost.
She said she was going to die. l asked her why.
And she said she saw herself dying.
What are you doing?
This place is great! You can't tell who's who!
What's going on?
Somebody call an ambulance!
She's one of the girls who said she saw herself die.
What's wrong with it?
This is the end.
l swear l saw her stomach swollen up at the scene.
But it strangely turned fuzzy on the screen.
Her autopsy results fit with the other death.
Medical responses are clean.
But there are no clear signs of external wounds.
That's strange.
Why are these serial murders occurring?
Oh yeah, the air time will be scheduled soon.
ls that so?
Wow, it makes me nervous thinking this will be on TV.
Just a sec.
When it's done, we'll put it on Ei-suk's show.
Why? Don't like popular shows?
No, sir.
What's the title?
There's nothing definite yet.
But l'm thinking about calling it "Cybercop, 25 hours".
Sounds good to me. Let's go with that.
-ls there anything you need? -No, sir.
Make it real fun.
Thank you, sir.
Aren't you scared that a person died there?
Will it be as bad as the club?
Anyway, it's all part of the job.
Won't have anything to shoot since it's cleaned up.
But you never know.
Wow, making a documentary sure isn't easy.
Soo-jin. l have to go ask something,
so please wait here.
So many people moved in and out of that place.
They said they heard strange noises at night.
Now that someone died there,
who'd want to move in there?
Gynecology Clinic
Mari Women's Clinic
When was it open?
lm Su-young's Women's Clinic?
But this address is for Mari Women's Clinic.
Know where that record l mentioned is?
Oh that.
lt'll be hard to find here.
l'm sorry.
This album was hard to find.
l hope it can be of some comfort.
Han Soo-jin Seoul, Shindang District, 35-1
Han Soo-jin
lt's me, Choi Jin-suk.
ls something wrong?
lt's nothing. So why did you call?
You've clicked on that site, haven't you?
We need to meet and talk.
Until now, all the victims have clicked on this site.
You're saying that anyone who clicks on it dies?
That's it. After l clicked on it...
lf l click here, the main site pops up.
Shall l not?
l swear it was there before.
lf what l saw was real...
What was in there?
lt was like a very bright white room.
This picture...
lt looks like the portrait in that apartment.
Detective Choi, what brings you here?
How have you been?
l came to see the server operator.
Has there been another lCD problem with that closed site?
Not that l know of.
l guess someone else is using it.
-Really? -Maybe so.
l'll see you later.
lt's strange. l swear l erased it earlier.
Now it's been erased.
Look at that!
What's happening?
ls something bothering you?
Nothing really.
l think the captain is trying to tell me something.
Tell you what?
You know, that ghost site case.
lt's been handed over to violent crimes.
He's probably implying that l take my hands off.
How long have you been on the force?
Think a detective chases the criminal?
This may sound strange.
l've always been chasing criminals until now,
but this case feels like it's drawing me in this time.
Don't worry. l'll handle it on my own.
Jung Ei-suk speaking. Yes, sir.
Yes, l understand.
l'll come right up.
Until the rumors settle down, the two of you be careful.
Since l don't want to see Soo-jin get fired.
l'll solve it on my own, sir.
Know why you were reprimanded before?
How long do we have to hide from everybody?
The news anchor position will be mine soon.
Just wait a little longer.
But... Wouldn't it better to
bring it out in the open now?
Be a little more patient.
You can do that, right?
Was it your idea that
l get taken off your show?
The reason why you couldn't get on it
was because people would talk behind your back.
l'd never request such a thing.
Because l love you.
You trust me, right?
Say something.
Yes. l trust you.
She said she was going to die. l asked her why.
And she said she saw herself dying.
That Mrs. Oh Young-ae who lives upstairs
has clicked on that site before.
But strangely enough,
l heard she wanted to move in to room 1 308.
Most people would stay away from a place someone died in,
but she's the opposite.
Who are you?
l saw you once downstairs. Do you remember me?
l came because l have some things to ask you.
Come in.
You know about the Mari Women's Clinic site, right?
People who clicked on it died.
So why are you here?
You clicked on it recently, haven't you?
So you think maybe l'm the one who made it, right?
Since l'm still alive?
lt's not me.
l know you tried to move in to room 1 308.
The only reason why was because it was vacant.
The power of a strong curse is flowing all the way to here.
lt's passing on to me.
Sounds like it's coming from the pipes.
That would be a relief.
What were you looking for by clicking on to that site?
After l logged on, l felt something strange.
A feeling mixed with hatred and sadness.
Felt like it was trying to say something.
One thing is certain.
The hatred gradually became stronger.
That portrait. lt's the site's background.
lt all happened 1 5 days later.
1 7th, Han Soo-jin 31 st
Did you meet Oh Young-ae?
She tried to say something,
but l'm not sure what it was.
All the victims died 1 5 days after they clicked on the site.
lt's now been a week since you logged on.
So a week later, l...
Stay strong, Soo-jin.
l'm going to move in to that apartment.
She kept insisting on moving in to room 1 308.
You don't see anything, right?
Doctor, please check once more.
l'm sure something is in there.
lf people are oversensitive or stressed,
they tend to be confused.
l'm sorry, but can l try it?
Doctor. lt's there.
lt's there, doctor!
l just saw it.
l even heard it's heart beating.
lt's probably because you're tired.
Eat well and rest for a while.
l'm telling you l saw it with my own eyes!
Please calm down. lt's okay.
Are you crazy?
How about going home now?
l didn't come here
on my own will.
l feel like something drew me here.
Aren't you scared?
l can handle it.
lf there's a way to live.
What should l do now?
Just rest.
ls somebody there?
ls somebody there?
-Who are you? -Please put that away.
Are you a tenant?
Aren't you scared to be here as a woman?
l thought l heard something.
Well, l didn't hear anything.
Looks like room 1 308's tenant hasn't picked up her stuff yet.
Sunyoung Art lnstiute
l'm sure it's Yoo-shil's self-portrait.
ls there any way to find her?
Yoo-shil was a very gifted girl.
Winning a prize at the teen art competition is an amazing feat.
Being an orphan and a bit autistic,
all she was interested in was art.
Where is she now?
lt's been a long time since we've spoken.
So then...
Yoo-shil's friend was my daughter, ln-mee.
They were very close.
She might know what happened to Yoo-shil.
Miss Ahn ln-mee?
You're Yoo-shil's friend, right?
-l have some questions. -l don't know anything.
l need to know what happened to Yoo-shil.
What for?
My life is in danger.
lf Yoo-shil falls for something,
then she can't separate from it.
She'd stay up for several days painting.
She gets really attached to something she likes.
But when she started dating,
she often postponed her work.
Who was the guy?
She didn't tell me.
She painted this picture to give to him.
She was so crazy about him.
He probably told her to have an abortion.
Even though l did the same,
she said she wanted to have the baby.
Then one day l got a call from the hospital.
They said Yoo-shil needed someone to take care of her.
l thought she'd lock herself up in her place, so l visited her.
But she wasn't there.
So then Yoo-shil...
This is Yoo-shil's last present she sent to me.
Now it's only a relic.
Where was the hospital she checked in to?
Was it Mari Women's Clinic?
When l was opening this clinic,
l hired the nurse who worked here before,
but she had quit.
l think she went to another hospital.
She was pregnant for eight months.
lt was probably that long. lt seemed premature.
Enough for it to be dangerous to give birth.
She only had two months left till her delivery.
Oh yeah, there was a bruise on her abdomen.
lf she hadn't been treated,
then it would've been very dangerous for her.
But she insisted on having the baby.
Was anybody with her?
She had a friend with her.
lt was pouring hard that day,
but l remember her because she was so strange.
What was strange about her?
The child died.
When we conducted the surgery, it was already dead.
But she wanted the remains.
She insisted on it persistently,
so we gave it to her.
The girl who painted that self-portrait.
She went to the same hospital as the other victims.
Are you okay?
Yes, l'm okay.
What in the world is behind that site?
l think it's a message sent by someone.
l'm looking for the person who's operating that site.
l think that's the most crucial thing right now.
Even if there is someone,
he or she is being ordered by a spirit.
That's a common statement mentally-ill criminals say.
- "Someone told me to." -People believe that what
they can't see doesn't exist.
But we can even feel the air invisible to us.
Air is something that can be proven.
But that spirit is something that can't.
l don't believe in God, but l do believe in spirits.
That's my belief in life.
You said you saw yourself die, right?
Soo-jin, is it true that you're pregnant?
Can you explain this?
This company doesn't need to know about my private life.
Just answer the question.
ls it true about you two?
Sir, we told you it wasn't.
You keep quiet.
Whether it's true or not is my problem.
lt has nothing to do with this company.
Give me time.
So are you going to announce your marriage?
l'm not planning to marry,
and l'm not in the position to do so.
You're better off asking Ei-suk.
This has to be solved somehow.
lf a scandal like this gets out, this will look bad on us.
l'll talk to the people upstairs,
and give you three days. Until then,
l trust you'll solve it, Soo-jin.
l really don't get your attitude.
Have you ever tried to?
Know how scared and desperate l am?
Your baby is growing in my belly,
and l can't just do anything to this baby.
You had a chance to solve it, but why didn't you?
Your idea of solving it is useless now.
lt's me who can't now!
That general manager is ruthless.
You should've denied it.
l told you to say what we talked about.
l didn't want to lie disgracefully like that.
Think that innocent way of thinking will work?
Why'd you make things complicated?
lf it doesn't work out, l'm through.
How could you say that when l might die?
lf l lose that anchor spot, that's just like dying.
l'm not done with you yet.
How'd you get into this place?
lt's related to that case.
How the hell does that matter to us?
One of the victims died in this apartment.
So we came to a place someone died in?
-Let's go. -No, l can't leave!
Where did you get that painting?
lt was here before.
What are you doing?
l don't like how this painting looks.
-Throw it away! -No, just leave it!
Think it'll comfort her?
A spirit knows the minds of the living.
She's probably resting in peace now.
Officer Ju.
Can you make out this picture? Over here.
Well, l'm not quite sure.
l guess it's all over, right?
What are you keep looking at?
Can you make out this picture?
Of what?
l'm not too sure.
lf we ask ln-mee, she might know.
Her phone's not working.
lt wasn't over.
l guess l'm next.
l've abandoned you already,
but if you were born inside of me again,
l would be so happy.
Finding comfort wasn't the only thing you wanted.
An amulet to fight off all evil
You wanted to be born again,
and be loved instead.
Ahn ln-mee
Can you check this part?
Can you turn off the lights?
See this skull?
This painting is called "Holbein's Ambassadors."
lf you twist the figure's angle like this,
a very unfamiliar and distorted image appears.
Can it be a clue?
l hope so.
lt's been a while since l used this program.
lt looks like a person's face.
Doesn't he look familiar?
Think sorry is enough?
Why'd you screw around in the first place?
l'll take care of it soon.
This isn't just a personal matter, you idiot!
Get out.
Until now,
l thought about how l'll die.
l'm going to die like the rest of them.
l was so scared,
l had forgotten about the baby that was in me.
l must not have what it takes to be a genuine woman.
The baby that was mine.
My irresponsible self who couldn't be responsible for it.
l can't even forgive myself.
lf l could,
that cute baby, the baby l threw away,
l'd like to have it.
l want to have it and love it.
l need Cho Yoo-shil's diagnosis sheet when she checked in.
l think it's a crucial clue to this case.
l need to know her boyfriend's name.
Please, Nurse Jung.
Hello, Miss Jung?
Pretty and nice.
This is probably what everyone wants.
But in my opinion,
l wish we could all do the best at what we do.
Thanks for watching "Looking at the World".
ln return for all your encouragement,
l'll repay you with a more invigorating and fair show.
Thank you.
What the hell are you doing here?
What are you doing, huh?
lt's not too late.
Let's go to the hospital, okay?
There's no use.
You have to get rid of the baby.
l just got my last warning from the station.
Do you want to ruin my life?
Don't come any closer.
Don't come any closer.
What's all this?
Why do you need it?
Why are you trying to ruin my life, too?
Why? Why? Why?
Why? Why?
Why are you doing this to me? Die!
lt was you?
Yoo-shil's boyfriend was you?
Thought you could hold on to me because of that kid?
lt's your kid.
Don't talk like that!
My kid?
l'll have to check for myself.
What are you doing?
This isn't happening.
This is impossible!
Soo-jin, wake up.
Soo-jin, wake up.
The baby... Where's my baby?
Where's my baby?
-Baby? -My baby...
Soo-jin, there's no baby. Please calm down.
l heard it for sure.
A baby crying. l bore it.
l'm telling you l bore it.
l'm sure l bore it.
What are you talking about?
l bore it. l'm sure l did.
l'm sure. l'm sure l bore it.
Where's my baby?
Where's my baby?
Can you buy me a drink?
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