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Unborn The (2003)

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A big gambling house which was operating as a karaoke bar
and owned by a Taiwanese businessman was raided today
Police found evidence of gambling activities including
large sums of cash, gambling equipment, and...
large quantities of drugs including Ecstasy and amphetamines
The gambling den was the largest in the area
and is believed to have been in operation for over 3 years
The Taiwanese owner who denied the charges
was remanded in police custody
It's raining so I can't drive fast
Don't blame the rain. You're always late
The stuff is almost finished
Shut up! You banged up my car badly but I didn't say anything
Hey! Quick! Shit! Damn fool!
Hey! Por!
Hey! What's up? Chet mad at you?
Yeah! A little bit
You deserve it
You crashed his car. Be nice to him, OK?
No! If I am, he'll think I like him
Shit! Take over will ya. I'm going for a smoke
Hey, Pop!
You smoke so happily
You're rich, huh?
If I were rich, I wouldn't be talking to you!
Shit! You stole my stuff. Bitch!
Stole what? Your mother?
Stole my mother? Bitch!
You wanna mess with me?
Come here. Come here
Wanna play games huh? Bitch! Cm'on!
Get lost, yeah go. Get in!
Gees, where did she go to smoke?
Bitch! Where you going? Come here
Wanna try it? Come on! Cm'on
Let me go, let go, let go! Shit!
How come so much stuff got me so little money?
I told you I don't know. I sold 3 tablets for 1 Baht
I sold 3 tablets for 1 Baht. That's all
3 tablets a Baht? Dumb bitch!
Why don't you ask your pusher?
What the hell?
If my man hadn't screwed up,
I'd have you. Bitch!
Stupid Ord
You want a piece of me? Bitch! Come here!
Porawee... Porawee...
Porawee... Porawee. My name is Rudee
You're my patient
A fisherman found you unconscious in the water
so he brought you here
I'm not sure how long you stopped breathing
but I see nothing wrong except some wounds
Don't worry, your baby is safe
You're 10 weeks pregnant. Didn't you know?
I'm alright now. Can I go home?
I have no money to pay
Let's talk about it later
I want you to stay overnight for observation
The drug you're taking may affect your baby
Are you still taking it?
Alright the nurse will take you to your room
You must take medication and rest a lot
Sukanya, take her to her room
I can't stand young girls nowadays
They dress horribly and have bad manners
You're lucky the swamp is close to the hospital
and the deputy director was on duty last night
You're very lucky
She knew you were pregnant so she admitted you
She probably feels sorry for your baby
Who asked you?
Excuse me. Please wait
Who's helping you? Prateep?
Yeah! Is this the deputy director's patient?
Yeah, bad girl
Here's your bed
Where's my stuff?
In the cabinet next to your bed
Are you OK?
Miss... Miss... are you OK? Miss! Miss!
I told you I didn't take the drug
Why don't you believe me?
Damn it! I don't care
Yeah, I believe you
There's no trace of drugs in your urine
The flood that you told me about
was probably a hallucination brought on by nearly drowning
and the temporary lack of oxygen to the brain
But what worries me is what you're going to do
Although you're OK now, you could have a relapse
These drugs may have side affects for the baby
Though you don't care about yourself
you should care about your baby
Did you report this to the police?
Sukanya, bring me the dead patient's file
I'll take a look at it
The hospital will have to report this incident
to the drug rehabilitation center
An officer may come to investigate
But I won't report it to the police
Well, I'll keep these drugs
It's ok, right?
I'll go in a minute
Sukanya, take her to her room
I'll go myself
You want a drink? Let me do it
Giving me the sweepstakes?
No, thanks
Where's the doctor?
She has an urgent case to attend to What do you want?
You can't help me anyway
I'm here for an abortion
Can you do it?
If not, tell me where the doctor is
She's in the forensic room. Go find her yourself
What's that room?
Delivery room, maybe
Who are you?
My name is Pipat
I am an officer from the drug rehabilitation center
Where's the other guy?
I'm replacing Dusit who used to take care of you
You haven't contacted the center for a long time
Let me remind you of the rules
Rule number one, after a four-month treatment
you must report to the center or your officer every 2 weeks
Rule number two, you must...
Test my piss to see
if it's yellow or purple every month, right?
I've heard it a hundred times
You're an energetic new comer
Let's find somewhere to talk
I must take your photo and record your voice...
to make a behaviour report for the center
Tell me your name
Your current address
Your working address
Baby Boom
Since leaving the rehab center
have you ever taken any drugs?
I know from the hospital that you were injured
Was it related to your drug habit?
How long have you been working?
Where's the other guy?
Hey! You haven't answered my question yet?
What's up? You're back on it, aren't you?
I'll go find the doctor
Give me her file and inform Doctor Rudee
How is she?
I don't know
She may be nervous because of the drugs
A baby crying! Did you hear?
There's nobody here
Can't you sleep or are you sick?
I thought I heard something
Go back and get some sleep
Did you hear about Sia Chieng's casino?
It got busted last week
Of course. It's big news
Hey! You said your stuff is good
but why'd he get busted?
My stuff is good!
What I sold him was crap
The real stuff is here man!
Come here you bitch!
I checked with all my girls
None of them dared cheat me except you
You remember this?
Hey! What are you doing?
Shut the hell up or you'll get it
You alright?
Por, I'm leaving Thailand next month
My friend in Australia needs a guitar man
He asked me to go
Don't wait for me because I may not come back
You can find a new boyfriend
Nurse! Nurse! There's a ghost in that room
There's a ghost in that room
It's following me
There's a ghost in that room
What's up?
There's a ghost in that room
Calm down. Calm down. Take it easy
There's nothing. I'll go with you
See? There's no ghost
I can't believe you're afraid of ghosts
What are you doing?
Sukanya told me that you want an abortion
Come here
I'll clean your wound
If you really think of doing it
you'll regret it
I'll show you something
This is the sound of your heart
This is the sound of another small heart
See? You have a heart and so does the baby
You may want to get rid of it today
but one day when you really touch it
believe me, you'll change your mind
You'll do everything to save its life
to stay with it as long as possible
Here's my eldest daughter
This was her when she was the same age as you
She had just graduated and was going to be a doctor like me
But two weeks after this, she was in a car crash
She died with her father before reaching the hospital
It's ridiculous that I who save a lot of people's lives...
couldn't save my own daughter's life
It's very late now. You should go to bed
- I'll go with you #NAME?
I don't want to stay here any longer
Is there something you want to tell me?
You wouldn't believe me anyway
I don't want to stay here. I want to go home
But you must promise me
that you'll come whenever you're called
If you promise, I'll let you go home
And promise that you won't hurt your baby again
I promise
You've been gone for days
I thought you were dead!
Por! Por!
Hey! Going to work?
Yeah! I'll send the car back to Chet
How have you been?
If you're not well yet, I can stay with you
Don't worry. I'm OK. Go to work
I'll stay anywhere except that haunted hospital
In all hospitals people die everyday
It wouldn't be strange if there were ghosts
But a girl like you, afraid of ghost, that's really strange!
You're not me. You'll never know
It's damn scary. It followed me everywhere
Yeah? That's why I'm seeing someone sitting next to you
Stop it, Gift!
Excuse me. Excuse me
Por? Are you sleeping?
Not yet. What's up?
Hey! Who's behind you?
Shit! Stop!
- I'm kidding #NAME?
A man named Pat wants to see you
He wants you to sign some documents
He's persistent. Is he still with you?
Yeah, I'll go get him
If he wants to come, let him come
I'll go get him
Hey! You're better now
so wash the clothes in the basin for me will ya
Hey! Damn! Hey!
Come in. Come in please
Sit down and wait for a while
I'll call her for you
Por... hey! Are you shitting?
Por! Por!
Hey! Help!
Take her to the hospital please!
Is it because of the drugs?
I must test her blood to see if she took it or not
We'll know tomorrow morning
Will you stay with her?
You can stay in this room but don't disturb her
I'll go now
Thank you doctor
I'll video her to record her symptoms
Yeah! So we'll know what's making her sick
Por! Por! Where will you go?
Por! Where will you go!
Hey... Por!
How are you?
I'm OK. Por! Por!
Mister! Mister!
Where are you? Damned ghost!
Why the hell do you haunt me?
What did I do to you? Come here!
Come here! I'm not afraid of you
Do you come out when it's wet?
I'm in the rain now. Come to me
Do you hear me? Come out now
Come out! Don't haunt me again
Damned ghost!
The woman in the swamp comes to find her baby
Your friend may be her go-between
because she also has a baby
She'll go when she gets what she wants
Hey! You took her child, right?
Give it back to her
Where's my child
I saw you in the swamp. A black Mercedes Benz
Give me my child, please
Why? How is Ord related to you? Tell me
Give me my child
A dead woman's baby
How are you related to Ord?
You took her child. Give it back to her
Give it back to her. You took it, right?
Give it back to her. Give it back to her
No! No!
Por! Por! Are you OK?
Por has never got mad like this before
What's wrong with her?
Did she really see the ghost?
Well, you can go back now
I'll take care of her
Hey! Don't you want her to sign the document?
Never mind. I must send the report to the center
If they don't accept it, I'll come back again
This had better be good!
I don't like getting up early!
The spirit has left the swamp
She came to take her child back. She came to me
Who? Come out and talk to me
Who's following who?
What the hell are you talking about?
All of us must die. It's haunted that woman
She knows everything
You're not making sense, dumb bastard!
That girl of yours. She knows everything
She knows about the swamp
the abortion
And she knows that you are involved
Just shut the hell up
Don't do anything. I'll take care of it
How are you?
You're OK, right?
No answer
Are you possessed? Or are you on drugs?
Don't take too much
Did you bring me the document to sign?
What are you thinking about?
I wonder if I can be a mother
Well, I heard that you're going home again, right?
I'll go abroad for one week
I'll be back next week
Come to hear the blood test result
I don't think there's anything to worry about
If you don't love yourself, love your child
A mother must do everything for her child
What will you do at home?
I'll find out who Mai is
Do you still believe in ghosts?
Don't think about it. There may be nothing at all
I can't just wait for strange things to happen to me
Don't worry about dead people
Take care of the new born
Don't think about the past
I'll come to get the test result
Do you know who and where she is?
Where do we begin?
I don't know but I can't wait in fear
Shit! If you don't want to help
I'll do it myself
I'll help you for sure
I thought you were delirious
because of the drugs
But now I believe you
Never mind
Where do we start?
Where did you first see her?
Nong Luang Swamp
Did she live around there?
Nong Luang Swamp
A very pregnant woman
I have a friend who may be able to help us
The corpse's face was badly bitten by fish
We can't do anything
The postmortem result shows that...
she committed suicide
We guessed that...
she jumped into the water because of her pregnancy
Are you sure it was the case at that swamp?
Yes! It was big news two years ago
Why are you interested in it?
I'll tell you later.
Why was it big news?
Just a woman committing suicide
People seriously protested against the autopsy
They said she was a ghost, who died with a baby in her womb
so they decided to take out the fetus
Umm... the baby's corpse has disappeared
Where was it?
People said it was stillborn
What's the name of that woman?
Sopida. Her nickname is Mai
She was an orphan and stayed with her cousin
She was due to graduate when she became pregnant
What's going on?
Hey! The case was two years ago
If you want to know more, look in old newspapers
I don't know about the postmortem result
I'll send it to you if I find it
Thanks a lot
Hello. Are you Mai's grand parents?
Yeah... Yeah
We are Mai's friends
What do you want?
I hadn't contacted her for a long time
I've just found out she's dead
How long ago did she die?
About 2 years. Let's talk at our home
Do you have to operate on the corpse?
Yeah, sure! Or it'll haunt us forever
Let him do it
Otherwise they'll haunt us relentlessly
Don't do anything. They were dead anyhow
The baby must be taken out before the cremation
If its spirit runs amok, we'll be in trouble
Let's do it for the majority
Hey! Hey! It's that girl. How are you?
Mai suffered badly from morning sickness, like you
Mai was pitiful
When she was alive, she was an orphan
When she died, her baby was stolen
Her corpse hasn't been cremated yet
Was the fetus stolen?
Yeah. The corpse was taken out in the evening
and the fetus had disappeared by the morning
At first we thought that the undertaker took it
but we had no evidence
That night he was killed in his home
It was rumored that he took it so Mai killed him
It's bad that people believed such nonsense
Where did Mai take these pictures?
At the college
Mai didn't have many close friends there
Do you know who this man is?
Do you know?
I don't know
If you really want to know, go ask at the college
I saw this man in my dream
Excuse me. Where can I find this teacher?
Teacher Tanit. He's upstairs
Can you take me there?
Teacher... there's someone coming to see you
#NAME? - I don't know
OK. I'll leave now
I used to teach her when I had newly graduated
She was polite
Do you know anything, or anyone who might know...
about her death or about her boyfriend or...
anyone who was related to her?
I don't know. I have to go now
We've got nothing again
Never mind. We did our best
Ord, How did you get in here?
How do you know about that night?
Which night?
It was two years ago. How the hell did you see it?
Did you know that pregnant woman?
What the hell are you talking about?
Hey, shit, damn you!
Let me go, let me go, let go of me!
You know too much. You're gonna die
You die! You die!
Hey... hey!
Ghost! Ghost!
Don't come! Don't come!
Don't come! Help! Hey! No! No! Don't come!
Don't come! Don't come!
Excuse me. Do you know him?
No, I don't
But people say he sold drugs to teenagers
What time did you come back last night?
On the night of the 21 st August, Bundit Ngerntae
Umm... about 2 AM
a safety foundation officer who was known as Ord K...
committed suicide
The police stated that he was under the influence of drugs
Before jumping to his death
he shouted that a ghost would kill him
A witness told reporters that Ord had forced his way...
into Miss Porawee's room and injured her
In a fit of rage
ran and jumped from the 4th floor to his death
Mai, I really don't know how to help you
Pat? It's me
I know where to find the child
Let's go together
Go find another entrance, OK?
This must be Mai's child
How can we be sure?
Go ask that assistant?
I've been here since it was recovered by police
I hear a child crying every night
The owner of this place believes that
the child will help him get richer
If he believes it and does only good things, it's OK
But he's greedy so it's a mess
Did you come here for the ghost or the human?
No! No! Don't kill me! Don't come! I'm scared
Help! Help! Lt'll kill me! I'm scared!
Take me away from here
Lock me up
but just take me away from here
How was Ord K related to this case?
How do you know him?
Ord was an undertaker
He brought corpses to the hospital
so I knew him
He told me that a Taiwanese businessman...
wanted a Thai infant ghost to be used in his casino
He believed that an infant ghost would bring him luck and wealth
Especially the item that had been blessed...
going through a proper ritual, it will be more expensive
The more potent, the better
How was it related to the woman at the swamp?
That woman didn't commit suicide
One day someone who I owed a favor
asked me to help her son who had murdered a woman
I hired Ord to take away the corpse
The corpse was sent to the hospital in the morning...
for the autopsy
She died with an infant in the womb
Me and Ord wanted the infant
so we followed the corpse to the temple
The undertaker agreed to take out the infant
but he asked for too much money so Ord killed him
So you took it for Mr. Chieng
Yes, but the one
that Mr. Chieng got was only an infant corpse
I had suppressed its soul at the forehead skin
and hung it around my neck
But that woman broke it
so its mother's spirit came back to take revenge on me
This is not a common suicide case
We must re-open it
because there're many concerned people
especially Tanit who is a murder suspect
The case of Miss Sopida Chantaramanee
a pregnant woman who committed suicide 2 years ago
was re-opened after the discovery of important evidence
which changes it to a murder case
The hospital officer said that he was haunted by a ghost
so he confessed all to the police
At present, the police continue to investigate it
There are two suspects, Mr Bundit Ngerntae alias Ord K
the drug dealer who died the other night
and Mr Tanit Chobchuen, a young teacher at a famous college
who was suspected of having had an affair with his student
Did you hear about the lost student?
No. What happened?
She was pregnant
I told you there's no use
Why do you keep it?
Why do you talk like that?
I know you don't care
So I'll bring it up myself
I told you to get rid of it from the start
Why didn't you believe me?
I have nothing left. I have no future
The child is the only thing I have
What can I do?
I already have a family. I'm sorry
If I die
you may be more comfortable, right?
Hey! She's not dead yet
Hey! Quick!
Mai, I'm sorry
By the time you read this letter, I might not be alive
I'm sorry for what I have done
I was felt guilty about that woman for the whole two years
I'm sorry. Please tell my child that I love him so much
Take good care of him
and please tell my mother I'm sorry. Love
Mai is a good mother
I hope you go to the heaven
It's all over now
Pat? It's Por
I called to let you know that I'll be over soon
OK. Where're you now?
At the hospital. I come for the blood test result
Today is a holiday. Will they be working?
The doctor may be. She made an appointment
Listen to what the doctor says
She has good intentions
She may teach me how to feed the baby
Good. Let her take care of you
Are you listening to me?
No! See you
I almost forget that...
the police sent this document to you the other day
Thanks a lot
There has been a case of suicide in a famous college
The dead man, Mr. Tanit Chobchuen
was a young teacher who was linked to the death of the student
named Miss Sopida two years ago
The deceased was suspected of the young girl's murder
and was under investigation by the police
I'm glad that you decided to keep the baby
because the best thing in
a woman's life is to be a mother
to give birth and raise a child
What about my blood test result?
You can tell me frankly
Nothing... just thin blood
I'll give you some iron tablets
When my son was young he got a blood disease
He was often sick and weak
but I could did everything to help him
and he grew up and graduated abroad and was successful
When my daughter died, my son was all I had left
No matter how, no matter what it takes
I must look after him
But you! You came in and brought it up again
And make he died
You like these drugs so much, right?
So have you taken them all? You like it?
You feel exhausted?
You'll be paralyzed for a while
What happened? Doctor! Doctor! Are you all right?
I'm fine. I'm OK
Do you want someone to help?
No! There's nobody left
Help me put her on the wheelchair
What's this, doctor?
After killing you, I'll take care of that nurse
I'll make them think that you killed her
I warned you not to cause any trouble
but you didn't believe me
I tried to keep it a secret for two years
I made it look like a suicide
so no one would link it to my son
But you! You damn well destroyed it all
You ruined everything
You destroyed my son, my life
and you're ruining your own life too
I'll take you to the roof deck for some fresh air
before you jump
You 'll do it yourself. I do nothing
You take the drugs and jump crazily down
Don't be afraid. It's not gonna hurt
not as much as I got hurt
Not half as much as I still hurt
Come here. Now you know pain
You can't escape any longer
Forgive me for cutting up your corpse
Nobody must doubt me
I'll make your corpse very beautiful
Let me go! No! Let go!
Why have you come here?
I'm not afraid of you. You also destroyed my son
I won't let you be reborn again
Nurse! Call the police now
During my life
I never knew the true meaning of the word mother
Doctor Rudee was right
that whenever a woman touches that little heart
she'll do everything to protect it
So far
I still haven't learnt how to be a good mother
But I know that I'll live a good life for him
I thought you were delirious because of the drug
But I believe you now
The woman in the swamp comes to find her baby
Your friend may be her go-between
She'll go when she gets what she wants
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