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Yes, yes, yes, we take care of things here.
Well, well, well...
your family has left you with a bit of a burden, haven't they?
A property, left to you.
You haven't got any brothers or sisters, have you?
No, only child, very lucky.
Let me tell you something, life is full of responsibilities...
miss chaplin.
When you inherited your parents' property, their farm...
you inherited their responsibilities, their debts, your debts!
Mate, that chick is a doll.
You know, she is like untouched country.
No, mate, aggie is the boss here, but she is on another call.
I can't stop apologizing enough, i really can't.
Let me put you on to her nephew, he's the other boss.
Aggie whipple's charters, wayne whipple speaking.
Yeah, mate.
We can fly you out there, it 's dry this time of the year though.
I know the lake you're talking about. What 's wrong with it?
A loony marion guy reckons he was abducted.
No, that was months ago.
No, mate, i can assure you there's no aliens up there.
No worries, whenever you want to go, you pay me and i fly you.
No worries, mate. Alright buddy, i'll talk to you on wednesday.
Dickhead, don't be drawing on my girl, alright?
We here at the firm we take no pleasure in performing these tasks.
But you knew, you knew!
You knew of our strict policy on failure of payment!
You failed us.
- Thanks. - I'm sorry, is there anything...?
- He's the biggest arsehole ever. - Excuse me?
Don't think because it 's your first day, he's going to go easy on you.
I would rather go back to working in a bake shop...
than be that thing's partner.
Come on, constable, let 's go! We haven't got all fuckin' day!
There's a prang out on south road, you can do your fuckin' nails later!
Good luck.
Hi, gran, it 's me.
Rene, your granddaughter.
I'll be in the city tomorrow, okay?
All right?
I need to come and stay with you for a while.
No, i can't stay here.
The farm is gone, gran.
I know mum and dad loved the place.
So did i.
Anyway, i'm getting a ride.
No, he's from the city. Yeah, that agent guy.
Here she comes. I gotta go, mate. I'll catch you later.
All the way, rene, all the way.
Get it all sorted out?
Ok, let 's hit the road.
- Come on! - Come on, kid!
Come on, kid, you nearly got through me the last time.
By the way, ruthie...
tell george earl is taking the boat out on sunday.
- That 's great. - They might have a nice day.
- I'll tell him. - Thank you. Bye bye. See you later.
We stay here or we head up to oneawelly's dam.
- It 'll be just like last year, mate. - Mate.
I can't go up to silverwood. Ronnie is at silverwood.
Ronnie is at silverwood. Ronnie, who didn't have the decency...
to return to me my prized mower.
You prick!
- Let 's go and see him. - No, mate, no.
You wanted the mower then?
Are you all right?
Bugger me!
You call this a shortcut?
Stay here.
Can anyone hear me?
Don't you know how to drive, you wankers?
You drive too close together...
you should always have two car lengths ahead of you.
Just some chick, mate, she is really messed up.
I did what i could.
Is there some other road we can take?
- Shit! - What?
We should have gone right back to the warren ridge turn.
No, you should have flown us out, wayne.
Not with those bloody rocks falling from the sky, honey.
Everyone's leaving town on warren ridge road.
With all the traffic and congestion, believe me, this way's faster.
Can i use your phone?
Those things you saw out there, that 's only the beginning.
The beginning of the end.
The end of what?
The world, the universe, everything.
God, i hope no one is hurt.
But someone may be hurt.
- I don't see anyone. - We have to see if anyone's hurt!
Stay in the car.
Be careful.
It 's okay, love, don't move, we'll get you help, alright?
What the hell are you doing?
Sally? Shit! Shit!
It doesn't work.
Dry your hair.
My name is rene.
Miss catch of the day. I know who you are.
I've seen you around town, you know.
Let me in, let me in!
Please let me in!
Help me!
Open the door!
Let me in!
About time!
This mad thing, it killed aggie, punched a hole through her head.
Are you sure she is dead?
Mate, it punched a hole through her head, what does that tell you?
- Yeah, but is she dead? - What? Are you fuckin' nuts?
It was eating her brain.
- It 's that loon marion, isn't it? - Yes. Do you have a car?
It 's stopped up on the road. Aggie has the keys, but she doesn't have a brain!
Police, open the door!
Constable, get out of the way! Move your fuck arse now.
What are you? Dumb and stupid? She said open the fuckin' door!
When i was a kid, we respected our parents, we didn't fuckin' eat 'em!
It 's all that crack marijuana, fuckin' hippie, surfie, dole bludging pricks!
Marion? Marion...
you keep those fuckin' guns pointed at me, pal...
and i'll finish you off faster than a birthday cake in a fat chicks' party!
Drop the guns now, sonny.
Fucking now!
Kill them!
Hon, come on!
Come on! Come on!
Fuck me!
Downstairs, go.
Come on!
Hurry up you bastards, move, they're right fuckin' behind us!
Move you fuckin' poofters, move it! Shut the door, you hairy prick!
Shut it, you wanker!
Shut it!
Jesus christ!
What the hell were those things? How can they get back up again?
What is this place?
- The only safe place. - It 's like a morgue in here!
The only safe place? Can i have a cup of tea with this fruit cake?
- Everyone try and stay calm! - Can anyone tell me?
We're all going to die.
- We're stuck in this tin can now. - No one is going to die.
Alright, fuck it, just fucking listen up!
No one is going to die, not today.
Not on my fuckin' watch!
What about all those dead pricks dying outside?
Hey, don't you fuckin' mess with me boy, fuckin' wanker!
Constable, what 's this dickhead got your fuckin' weapon for?
- Still got a license, big boy? - It 's upstairs, want to get it?
Molly, you tell this boy what 's gonna be.
we haven't got all fuckin' day!
Well, until you provide us with a license for a category h weapon...
a firearm, including an air pistol and a blank-fire firearm...
under 75 cm in length and a registered gun club membership...
that complies with the amended weapons act regulations of 1997...
and is signed by a member of the body of the certifying club...
i will have to confiscate the guns from you.
Give me a fuckin' reason. I'm fuckin' beggin' you. Boy!
Good boy. Good boy.
Good boy.
Alright, i'm the law here, so you fuckin' listen to what i say...
when i say it and we get through this ok.
We got help on the way, we got help on the way!
So you listen to what i say, when i fuckin' say it...
and we'll all be eating mrs. Welman's bbq snags by tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Welman was eaten out on the road half an hour ago.
You keep fuckin' messing with me, boy...
and i'll straighten you out faster than a poofter in a fuckin' rodeo.
The phone doesn't work.
Give it to me!
Come in, base.
- Base, please come in - it doesn't work!
- Tracy, do you hear me? - It doesn't work!
- Shut up! Don't go... - it was the storm...
...stopped it all. Mobiles too. - Constable, calm down.
- Where are the rest of the police? - They're on patrol.
They're all dead, eaten alive.
- I've never seen anything like this. - I have.
- What the hell is happening here? - It 's an invasion.
You have to be fuckin' kiddin' me.
The end of life as we know it. We are the chosen ones.
The ones who will stand and fight.
It 's getting better, you've got shits for brains.
- You're a fuckin' loonie! - You have all been sent to me...
...for a reason. - Will you just shut your fuckin' mouth?
You dead shit fuckin' monkey bag fucker!
These things are brain eating zombies.
There's no such things as zombies.
So how does it feel, rene?
How does it feel to be trapped in this town with the rest of us?
Just leave me alone.
You don't even look at me when i speak to you.
That title was mine again. I won that competition fair and square.
Roping two pigs together isn't a talent fit for winning miss catch of the day.
No bloody way!
She looked alright, though, in that outfit she was wearing.
Maybe i don't look as good as you in a bikini right now...
with wayne junior on the way, but...
but i've got a singing voice like an angel and if you hadn't cheated...
come on, sallyanne, i was broke! That was the only reason i entered.
...and forget all about your duties as queen.
You are to preserve the best interest of the town. That 's your n 1 priority.
Ladies, you need to shut up with the girlie talk and calm down.
- The situation is under control. - Help will be here soon.
If you feel scared, just think of a happy place.
Your folks' farm always seemed to make you happy.
- I'm having a turd of a day. - Remember when we were kids...
your dad used to swing us on that tyre he hung from that tree?
We were happy then, there was room to swing...
but you couldn't swing a cat in here!
Thanks, molly.
I don't get this, how do they know where we were?
- They can smell us. - Great!
- They want to feed off us. - We're like spam in a fuckin' can...
- good job! - Are we safe in here?
No food, too many people.
- And water, where's your taps? - No taps down here.
The bottled water is upstairs.
You don't want to drink the tap water.
Tap water is tank water...
tank water is rain water, the rain is all part of this attack.
And there was this light coming down from the clouds...
and it was sucking up bugs and stuff.
Well that explains it, a light coming down sucking up bugs. Bullshit!
Well, people hallucinate some times when they panic, i know i do.
It 's probably just the sunlight coming through the clouds.
That 's what it was.
- That was no sunlight. - And the meteorites falling? I saw that.
The whole town saw that.
Well, i am no weather girl...
but i am sure this kind of thing happens all the time.
You're a fisherman.
We used to sell these in my store.
Damn things sold better than the guns ever did.
It brings me good luck.
And you call this good luck?
I'm still breathing.
- She's one of them! - No, she's having a baby!
- What baby? - Get me to the hospital.
- We have to leave. - No one leaves until i say so.
- We have to get her out of here. - We've got two cops here.
- They know how to deliver a baby. - That 's right, we do.
- There you go. - I'm sure you do, molly.
See if the cervix is dilated and, sergeant, you mop up her water.
We're out of here! Molly, get her ready now, do it now!
Alright, we're leaving, let 's go.
- We must prepare. - They're leaving.
- They'll die, we must stick together. - We have to take her to the hospital.
That 's a girl.
I'm staying here.
- We're leaving. - Come, slowly.
Come on!
Come on!
We gotta get her going!
God! Let 's get out of here!
You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me, pal! Put it down!
Put the bag down, get your hands away!
Get your hands away. Get up, up, up!
- Where is the car? - Garage.
- How do we get there? - Through the kitchen.
- Where are the car keys? - In the hallway.
- Can we get to them easily? - Depends on what 's still up there.
Remember, i'm in charge.
You go first, big guy.
They're all gone.
The contractions have stopped.
Fuck a dead duck, you little fuckin'... fuck!
These crazy fuckin' pimply faced fuckin' gang banger!
Fuckin' come into your fuckin' house, fuckin' unin-fuckin'-vited!
Come on!
What 's wrong with fuckin' youth fellowship? What 's wrong with it?
Fuck ya, fuckin' fuckin', fucker!
All the way, rene.
Fuckin' hell, you fuckin' piece of shit!
Die, you fuckin' headless fuckin' mother fuckin' piece of shit!
Take the fuckin' guns, constable!
See you on the other side, sunshine.
Upstairs to the bathroom now!
Get fucked, prick, we're heading to the car!
Crap, everyone upstairs now!
Follow me! Follow me!
Backing up! Backing up!
There's so many of them.
These things won't die. I've never seen anything like it.
Shoot 'em in the brain.
They won't get back up again.
Garage is down there.
We're still the law here. Nobody goes down until i've checked it out.
On your bike, constable.
Go on, get down.
What is it, constable?
What is it, constable?
It 's clear!
Come on down.
Are you okay?
Are you sure?
Shift your arse, pal, i'm driving this shitbox.
Nobody is driving this shitbox but me.
- Take me to boongabby hospital. - It 's too far.
I don't want to go back into town.
Hurry up! Let 's go!
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
Just get us out of here!
We're nearly out of berkeley now.
Shift your arse, princess.
I'm watching you.
I feel like i'm going to throw up.
Me too.
My god.
This can't be real.
It 's metal.
You know, i don't get this.
It takes the council 2 years to fix a pothole in front of my place...
yet they can knock this up in a couple of days.
This ain't no council job, waynie.
Maybe those things built it.
What do you reckon built it then?
I've never seen anything like this before.
I saw a pineapple twice the size of a watermelon, but nothing like this.
Here we go again with your crazy-arse alien story. The whole town... sick of it! - They're not aliens...
they're zomies, okay? Happy?
We should go back in the van.
That 's really gonna help, wayne.
- Well, what do you reckon? - We just gotta think calmly.
My god. We're trapped.
We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die!
Nobody is dying today, not on my watch!
We're okay.
I'm gonna fuckin' climb it.
- What? You don't even know how it is. - This is not in discussion!
No way are we going back.
Maybe there's an opening further down.
We're all fenced in.
Dead set?
Can i have a look?
Doesn't matter, i climb the poofter here.
Sir, do you think that 's such a good idea? You don't look real well.
- Who the fuck is in charge here? - You don't know what 's inside it.
And what about that help you said was coming?
Constable, collect all their weapons and hold on to them...
till my return.
Good luck, mate.
I need you to relinquish your weapons.
Jesus christ, you're taking your sweet time, aren't you?
The storm.
It 's gonna rain.
It 's the rain. I've seen it.
It 's gonna rain.
Just get in the car.
Come, molly, we have to get in the car.
Babe, you're smoking!
Pour this on me!
Take it, take it, hon.
No, she is one of them!
We have to help him.
Fuck him!
He's gone, let 's go.
Come on!
- Are you burnt? - No, it doesn't burn, it 's weird.
Take it.
Molly turned into one of those things.
You must have seen her.
Who the hell is that?
It 's another one of those zombies.
Let 's get out of here. Come on, let 's go!
I wanna go!
Hey, nutbag, drive.
I can't take this anymore, it 's just one monster after another.
Aliens, we must fight them.
Like hell we must! Keep driving.
I just want to go home.
I'm having a baby.
Molly turned into one of those things.
- What are you talking about? - She was normal when i saw her.
Look, i know what i saw.
Fine, molly turned into a flying zombie, wonderful!
More importantly, what the hell was that thing back there?
You reckon it was one of those aliens you have been talking about?
- Can't remember what they look like. - We're gonna die.
Well, think, it could have been any poor bastard back there.
I just want my mum.
- There's gotta to be another way out. - Damn, skippy, we're flying out.
What makes you think things are better over that wall?
- It couldn't be any worse. - Listen to him...
if we go over the wall, we should go prepared.
- What do you suggest? - Well, we need supplies and stuff...
...we should stop in town first. - We should go straight to the airfield...
because those things could be everywhere.
No, no. Honey, she is right, we should go back into town.
- This is crazy. - All right.
Alright, take us into town.
Maybe they all got out in time.
No, we left town long before anyone else.
Right, get out.
Just stay there. Can you see anyone?
- You want to get out of here, right? - Of course.
Watch him, make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
And we'll go in there.
Babe, give that gun to rene.
- No way, i'm not giving it to her. - Babe...
give that gun to rene, i give you mine.
Good girl.
Alright, stick close to me.
Let 's shop.
It 's warm. Tastes like camel piss.
Roping two pigs together isn't a talent fit forwinning miss catch of the day!
You know, you act crazy.
I'm just doing what i must do.
Why do you believe you must do anything?
You know why.
- That alien story of yours. - Yes, i was attacked.
- I've heard that story before. - No, you haven't.
I was almost eaten by their killer fish.
It all seems so crazy.
Giant walls, acid rain, zombies.
Crazy has definitely come to this town for a visit.
After the fish attack they abducted me.
I must have fought them off somehow...
i can't remember how, but they threw me back to earth.
Not only did i survive the fish attack and the abduction...
i walked away without a scratch.
It 's a gift, a power i have.
I must use it to fight, but i can't do it alone.
There is no one left but us four.
Jesus christ, babe, could you make any much fuckin' noise?
The other two are heading down the same track as the cops.
Think about what you've just seen.
I am not crazy, the strongest ones are always the last ones left.
You have the same strength i have.
I don't feel strong, i feel sick again.
I think the infection is in the air now.
But time is short, so you'd better ask yourself:
Are you a fighter, fish queen? Or are you zombie food?
I just want things to be back to normal again.
- I want my farm back. - Then take it back.
Take the whole town back.
Alright, let 's go.
- Stop, save your bullets. - Mate, where did you hide those?
Go, go!
Come on, let 's go.
Come on!
Get in, get in! Come on!
Come on, come on, the loopy prick's gone. Get in!
Come on.
It 's the rain, get your coat off.
Rene, come on!
- You stay here, alright? - No, wayne, please don't go.
I'll be back, alright?
- What are you doing? - We need this stuff.
Here, take this.
Come on!
Come on!
Who are you, what 's going on?
Come on!
I'm over the wall!
- We have an explosion. - Roger. Going to investigate.
Send help over here. I've found a body.
We need assistance, we need assistance!
Over here! There's somebody over here!
We've found a body, looks like a police officer.
- There's nobody else? - We've found one victim...
iooks like the pilot.
Stay behind the barricades.
If you go through the barricade, you'll be shot.
If you go through the barricade you will be shot!
We will open fire!
The army is preventing anyone from entering or leaving...
the town of berkeley.
Those who broke through the blockade this morning...
are now quarantined alongwith the rest of the town's residents.
It is believed that fragments from the nierle comet...
created a meteor shower overthe township.
No evidence of the alleged plague sweeping through the town...
has been reported since the departure of the alien craft.
At this point we can confirm that berkeley...
is the only community to be bombarded with these fragments.
It 's a boy.
- He's fine. - Good.
I'm sure wayne will be okay.
Nurse, nurse!
I've been shot. Someone shot me!
Someone shot me!
Someone shot me!
All those people...
they wouldn't have died if we didn't shoot them.
I think you are forgetting the whole thing...
when they were trying to rip off our heads and suck out our brains.
Your wounds from the fish attack that magically heeled...
the rain did that, didn't it?
Aliens are the saviours, not us.
One day you're out on your boat, you get attacked by zombie fish.
They munch at your face...
like you are the main course at a crazy country boy buffet.
You walk away, tell the town your story...
they think you're mad, everyone thinks you're mad.
You think i'm mad.
- No, you're not mad. - It happens again...
this time it 's not zombie fish, it 's zombie berkeley.
But this time i'm prepared.
I'm ready to fight whatever they can throw at me.
Still, i wasn't strong enough.
The strongest ones are always the last ones left.
If that 's not me, it must be you.
I'm just a fish queen, nothing more.
If that was the case, you wouldn't have battled the undead and lived.
You would have been the entree on a smorgasboard of brain food.
Take care, marion.
- Brings me good luck. - You call this good luck?
The outbreak moved faster this time.
It spread so quickly, it couldn't be stopped.
It spread beyond berkeley and across the country.
Those that i could save from the medical centre are here now.
Safe. At least forthe time being.
The last couple of months have been nothing but clear skies.
The aliens haven't come back, maybe some day they will.
Until then, i must contain the infection.
Sallyanne said that my first duty as catch of the day winner...
is to preserve the best interests of the town.
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