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Under Fire CD2

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Pare. Pare.
Alto. ¡Alto!
- Calm down, Regis. - I'm not stayin'!
For Christ's sake, they wanted to look at our credentials. What are you doing?
¿Me escuchan? Si va una combi, deténganla.
¡Bájese! ¡Alto!
Get down!
Look out!
Stop! Stop it!
- Periodista. - Televisión.
Let's go!
¡Abre la puerta, por favor!
Gracias, señora.
You all right?
¡Alto! ¡Alto!
Stay down.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- ¡Viva Rafael! - ¡Que viva!
The translator from the hotel.
You're looking for Rafael?
- Yeah, if it's possible. - How'd you know?
Mr Price doesn't do anything before announcing it first to the whole world.
It's a good story. You'll be more famous.
Vengan, compañeros.
What is it?
Rafael is dead.
- I can smell it. - Vengan acá.
Come on.
What were you talking about?
He's dead. I know it.
I wonder what they want with us.
I don't know.
No les he dicho nada.
- This is Comandante Cinco. - Es un placer.
León has fallen and today we took Matagalpa.
Masaya is next and then Managua.
Because Nicaragua will soon be free, Mr Price,
we've decided that it's time for you to meet Rafael.
- We need a photograph. - The Western press needs a photograph.
The world is not divided into East and West any more.
It's divided into North and South. Come with us.
You're a great photographer. Make him alive.
Why are you laughing?
You're crazy.
We have momentum, but many more lives will be lost.
Even Washington is starting to admit that Somoza is not loved by his people.
They have detained $25 million in new arms shipments to Somoza
at an airfield in Florida,
until they find out if Rafael is alive or dead.
If Washington thinks Rafael is dead, they will ship the arms to Somoza.
Do you understand?
- I'm a journalist. - This has nothing to do with journalism.
Enough of our people have been lost already.
We need to keep him alive a few more days.
Once the war is over, none of this matters.
I don't do things like this.
I know this is difficult for you,
but you must do it.
In the morning, when there's better light.
It will be a great picture.
It sure would be a prizewinner, wouldn't it?
I've won enough prizes.
But you haven't won a war.
Are you sure?
Foto muy complicado, huh?
Yeah, it's complicated, all right.
Do I go back and say I missed the biggest story in the war?
Do I go back and say that I saw Rafael stone-cold dead?
Or do I just say that we fell in love with the guerillas because their cause was...
Yeah, sympathetic.
Christ, what are we doing here?
Más arriba.
That's fine.
Yeah, that's good.
All right.
¡Viva Rafael!
¡Viva Rafael!
- ¿Le gusta? - Mucho, mucho, mucho.
Under a still, grey July sky... Start again.
Under a clear, steel Managua... Scratch it.
President Somoza has ordered the air force to bomb the capital under a sky of...
- Hi. - Hi.
- Look. - Oh, my God.
- What the hell is he doing here? - I have no idea.
Can you frame me with that smoke in the frame?
- Yeah, we got the smoke. - Well, roll it.
This is Regis Seydor in Managua.
This tiny nation of smouldering volcanoes has erupted into a civil war.
Fighting has broken out on the streets of the capital for the first time...
- Alex. - Congratulations.
- On what? - "On what?"
The news services, the wire, The Washington Post, The Times.
Everybody's got it. It's a fabulous picture.
- Yes, it really is fabulous. - Yeah, it is.
- How come you're back? - I came back to see Russel.
See me? About what?
The East Coast is in love with Rafael. They were sure he was dead this time.
They're gonna do a musical. You can't move without seeing his mug on T-shirts.
He's bigger than Farrah Fawcett.
You look great. Things OK?
Things are great, yeah. I've never been happier. You two, uh...?
- Terrific. - Yeah?
Alex, you know me, I'm a little slow.
Exactly why are you here?
I wanna do an interview with Rafael.
You're the only man who can take me to him.
- What's the matter? - Nothin'.
We may not be able to find him, you know.
I have supreme confidence in you.
- Claire looks good. - Everybody looks good in the tropics.
What the hell does that mean?
- Alex, I'm in love with her. - I know, and she thinks she loves you.
No, it's past the thinking stage.
Can I ask you something? This probably doesn't mean a goddamn thing, but...
it's something that interests me.
Were you guys making it before we came here?
- Is that the truth? - Yes.
For God's sakes, Alex. We're friends.
Alto. Alto.
Periodista. Periodista.
- ¡Bájese! - Prensa, prensa.
Buenos días.
- You must go through a lot of rental cars. - Don't worry. I put it in your name.
Give me your papers.
Come on, come on.
Get those bodies on the truck... fast!
And you too! Now!
Hey, Pricey! Welcome to Somoza's meat market.
Hey, no pictures, huh? It might look bad.
What do you get paid, by the hour or by the body?
I get paid the same way you do.
What the fuck are you doin' in Sebaco? This place is about to blow.
- Why'd you shoot Pedro? - Who the fuck is Pedro?
Jesus Christ.
There's a motherfuckin' war goin' on here, pal! A lot of sad stories.
- Do you know those guys? - Yeah. I used to.
- Motherfuckin' cocksucker! - I don't suck no dick!
- You goddamn... - Hey, hey, hey!
I prefer not to blow your brains out in a dump like this! I got my priorities!
You better get him outta here before he's a number. It'd be a shitty town to buy it in.
- Why them? Just why them? - Why them?! Why them?
Come here, I'll show you why them. You too. Come on.
Come here.
If your mug shows up in this box, you come through Sebaco, I own your ass.
- Where did you get those photographs? - Is this a fuckin' interview?
I'm not gonna quote you. Where'd you get those pictures?
Off the record?
Some Pachuco gives 'em to me.
Ain't none of my business, but I hear he gets 'em from a Frenchy.
They say Somoza likes women, but this one ain't got a chance.
Nice, huh?
You ever meet Tacho? A real piece of work.
Oh, Jesus.
- Is she dead? - Not yet.
Hey, give me those pictures.
Hey, you got any dope? Tough place to find decent dope.
What do you expect? We're the ones gettin' our butts kicked.
Some motherfucker stole my pictures and I don't know what fuckin' happened!
Goddamn it! Fuck me!
- Didn't you ship your film to New York? - No, I developed it in my room.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Alex!
Slow down, man. It's not your fault if somebody took your...
Yes, it was.
What about Rafael?
- I don't think it's Jazy. - He said it was a Frenchman.
How many Frenchmen do you know who live around here?
Quédense aquí.
I'll look here.
- Are we looking for negs or prints? - Anything.
¡Abran la puerta!
- I'll get the door. - Yeah.
Abran la puerta o la tenemos que bajar.
- What do you want? - Where is Mr Jazy?
He's not here.
- Who are you? - I'm his girlfriend.
No, no, I'm sorry.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
That man has a lot of girlfriends.
He knew I'd find Rafael.
He wanted me to. Probably even knew he was dead.
And I'd take pictures of every fuckin' thing I saw.
He kills people.
Let's get outta here.
We've been to every bar in town. I still don't see Rafael.
Yeah, well, just hang in there a minute.
This is what I wanted to show you.
You brought us through three roadblocks to show us a statue of Tacho?
It's not Tacho. It's Mussolini.
Tacho went to Italy to commission a statue of himself.
He found a warehouse full of il Duces on horseback.
He got a great deal on one. Brought it back here.
He switched heads.
You can't tell, can you?
What are we doin' here?
I think what he's trying to say, what we're trying to say,
is that things aren't exactly the way they seem to be.
Well, things don't seem to be too great, so I can't wait to hear this one.
Here we are, two guys in love with the same dame, in the tropics, bullets flying...
- Alex, that's not why we're here. - Oh, yeah?
I left this country because of this man. I came back because of this man.
Now the cutest couple in town's got me looking up a horse's ass
on a midnight tour of Managua.
What's goin' on?
Rafael is dead.
- In the picture he's dead? - He's dead.
- How in the hell did you... - Who cares how?
Alex, I think I finally saw one too many bodies.
Somoza is a killer.
I thought the war would end sooner. How many reasons do you want?
You saw too many bodies? That's a lot of bodies.
You stupid son of a bitch.
- Did he talk you into this? - No. I wanted Rafael to be alive.
Had you been there you'd understand!
I've seen a hundred Rafaels, a hundred Somozas.
Don't you ever tell me who's sentimental!
You just served me up your careers. I could bury both of you.
Look around you. Look at the war. Can't you see what's goin' on?
I'm not just talking about Rafael. That's a lie I despise, but I understand.
I'm talking about the two of you lyin' to me.
I didn't know how you'd take it, Alex!
How could you lie to me?
This is a motherfuckin' story.
What am I supposed to do with it?
Have you found Rafael yet?
You know, there's a rather strange one goin' around about him.
Thought you might have the answer.
You see, there's a rumour that Rafael is dead,
that Price's pictures are phoney.
That's bullshit. Rafael's alive.
All right, mate.
Listen... I feel terrible.
- I wanna talk. - I don't.
Listen, tomorrow I want you to take me to try to find Jazy.
I'll do a piece on this sexy French spy and then New York can take it or leave it.
We looked for Rafael and couldn't find him.
- You owe me one. - Yeah, right.
Are you sure this is the way to Jazy's?
I hope so. I might have got turned around at the last roadblock.
¡Rápido! ¡Rápido!
I thought he lived near here, but it feels different.
Yeah. When did the fighting get this close?
Where in the hell are we?
I don't know. I don't know what's going down here.
This looks pretty rough.
This town looks like it's ready to go, Russel.
Alex, I don't like this. Let's get the hell outta here.
- Which way is the hotel? - I'm not sure.
- Turn here. - Let's go.
- Take the flag with you. - I'll ask this old gal.
Which way is the Hotel Continental?
I don't know. Ask the soldiers.
Al muro. ¡Al muro!
Arriba las manos. ¡Arriba!
You fucks! You fucks!
Dos a la izquierda, dos a la derecha, dos más allá.
Psst! Psst!
Come, follow me.
This is all I can offer.
Gracias. Gracias.
Ladies and gentlemen. Señoras y señores.
May I have your attention, please?
El presidente Anastasio Somoza.
It is with grave concern
that we announce the death of senior correspondent Alex Grazier,
who has been murdered at the hands of terrorists
operating in the barrio El Dorado district.
Roving bands of Sandinista hooligans
have made the streets of Managua unsafe for our peace-loving citizens.
Our deepest sympathies are extended to the friends and family of Mr Grazier.
Our international press corps is herewith informed
that all necessary steps will be taken to protect its safety.
Mr Kittle has prepared statements for you.
Thank you.
I have the statements here if you'd like to come up and get them.
- Can you get me a taxi? - There are no taxis, sir. No cabs, sir!
Claire, I'm sorry.
- Did you hear from Russel? - Nobody has.
- Do you wanna help me find him? - Claire, there's fighting all over the city.
Jesus Christ, Claire. A human tragedy. What can I say?
Fuck off, Hub.
¡Muevan la puerta!
Es el fotógrafo yanqui.
There's nobody here.
You, look in there, and you, over there.
Revisen todo.
Nobody there.
No hay nadie.
Private Garcia, is he there?
Is he there or not?
Is he or isn't he?
- No, he's not there. - Let's go.
Agarren más municiones.
The Guardia did it.
I've got pictures.
Let's go.
Amigo, hola.
Do you control this area?
Who knows?
Let's get out of sight for a minute.
Move! Move or I'll shoot.
Muévete. Muévete.
Who are they?
They are friends.
- ¿Quiénes son? - They are friends.
Son amigos. Amigos.
Shut up or we'll kill all of you.
Which one? Him or him or her?
Kill all of them now!
Here we are.
Shut up! Murderer!
The boys are confused. They think I had their family killed.
- You are a murderer. - Murder! Murder is a word for criminals.
I protect the stability of a continent.
- Son of a bitch! - Pigs!
- Please. - And you got caught by boys.
Yes. Poets too, I imagine.
Is your recorder on?
Kill her!
Good. I have a speech to make.
- Who are you? - They are journalists.
- ¿Periodistas? - Sí.
Take a picture as I blow his head off.
No. No photo.
Keep your hands up.
I like you people, but you are sentimental shits.
You fall in love with the poets. The poets fall in love with the Marxists.
The Marxists fall in love with themselves.
The country is destroyed with rhetoric,
and in the end we are stuck with tyrants.
Shut up, you bastard!
Somoza, he is a tyrant too, of course, a butcher.
But finally, that is not the point, you see.
If we wish to survive, we have a choice of tyrants.
And for all the right reasons, your poets chose the wrong side.
Shut up! Take the picture now!
- No. No picture. - Yes!
Your picture of Rafael was brilliant, but I am alive and better-looking.
A good-looking Frenchman, with a sympathetic face,
is murdered in cold blood
while fighting for the survival of Europe and America.
You will have another magazine cover.
- What are these bastards saying? - I don't know!
Let's kill them all.
Muy complicado.
Take the picture or get out!
- You chose the wrong side. - In 20 years we will know who is right.
Get out!
Are you going to take the picture as the bullet enters the skull or as it comes out?
- Shut up! - Don't move!
It's just a story.
Shut your mouth.
They say that if somebody is holding a gun on you, you shouldn't stop talking.
That's the theory.
Who knows?
Maybe it's a good thing that I talk too much.
We gotta get outta here. The whole fuckin' army's looking for me.
Yeah. They're not looking for me.
Let me take the film. If I can't make it back to the hotel, I'll come back here.
Look, it's more dangerous being with you than being alone.
Get the flag. We'll put the film in it.
Is anyone there?
- What is it? - I need to get this to the hotel.
Please come in.
- Have you seen this man? - No, I haven't.
¡Abran paso!
¿Lo ha visto?
...Russel Price, un bien conocido foto-journalista
que estaba viajando con Grazier.
El presidente Somoza ha cambiado su posición anterior,
y ahora dice que el tiroteo fue accidental.
Tacho, como Somoza es conocido popularmente, ha regresado...
You knew the man who was killed?
50,000 Nicaraguans have died,
and now one Yankee.
Perhaps now Americans will be outraged at what is happening here.
Perhaps they will.
Maybe we should have killed an American journalist 50 years ago.
17 July, 1979- President Anastasio Somoza flees to Miami, Florida
with the bodies of his father and brother.
- Have you seen the Guardia? - No, I haven't.
- Is the war over yet? - I don't know.
The tanks are coming!
Rafael! Rafael! Rafael!
Rafael! Rafael! Rafael!
Hey, Price.
Hey, Pricey!
It's all over, huh? We made it.
I like this music.
What the hell are you doin' here?
It's a free country.
I mean, it's free now, anyway.
Nica libre. Rum and Coke, no ice. You want some?
You aren't gonna turn me in, are you?
See you in Thailand.
Do you think we fell in love with too much?
I'd do it again.
Visiontext Subtitles: Sarah Emery
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