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Subtitles for Under The Roofs Of Paris.

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Under The Roofs Of Paris

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Bravo. Not bad this time.
We'll take the refrain again and it'll be even better.
Everyone got a copy?
Let's hear that chorus.
Under the roofs of Paree What a joy for Nini
To run into her old sweetie
So he says: It's a sign! Now is the time
To make the church bells chime
Between us nothing's broken And I'm not jokin'
So forget the past And kiss me fast!
And Nini did forgive And happy ever after live
Under the roofs of Paree: It's definitive!
It's a hit. You sang well this time.
You, here!
No, miss. But you can sing the refrain with us.
Hit it, Maestro!
That's it for today.
The accordionist is selling.
Look, you louse! Lay off my customers.
- What's it to you? - I'm no accomplice.
- Then turn me in. - Give the money back.
Keep it down!
But you realized every day a bit more
My dear, what happiness is for!
Under the roofs of Paree
Enough already! We know that one.
Fine. Then you won't hear it ever again.
Oh, that song!
Who is it?
What do you want?
I came to say good night.
Good night.
Can't you give me a nicer good night?
Leave me alone.
You're so mean to me.
I wanted to take you dancing.
I don't feel like dancing.
You sure?
Sure you're sure?
Hey, boss, what's the damage?
Twenty-two francs.
Good night.
So long.
I win.
I won't fight with you.
Me neither.
But you're always around.
Go fight outside.
You, too!
Shall we roll for her?
The winner takes her out. The loser lays off.
Well, you're home.
It's nice out tonight.
How do you say it in Romanian?
Charming. And funny, too.
Good night.
Good night, Albert.
- Pola. - Good night, Pola.
I have something else to say.
Then say it.
So it's no.
What now?
I can't go home.
Why not?
I don't have my key.
All right.
- Can I turn around now? - Not yet.
Won't you be cold?
What are you afraid of?
Were you thinking that I...
Aren't you presumptuous!
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
If you're not afraid,
then get undressed.
I've had enough! This is my house.
If you don't like it, scram!
All right. You can stay.
Don't come near me.
I have to lie down somewhere.
Leave me alone.
"Leave me alone!" But I am leaving you alone.
Will you leave me alone!
Turn on the light.
I can't sleep without a light.
This is a nightmare!
This kid's ridiculous!
Where'd you learn to carry on like this?
What do you take me for?
Not afraid to catch cold?
Okay, take the bed. I'll sleep on the floor.
You can get back in bed now. I'll stay down here.
No, this is your house.
Nobody home?
Hurry up!
Open up!
C'mon, open up!
Hurry up, dammit!
Open up!
In the name of the law
I'll break the door in
Open up, in the name of the law!
We've been here for hours We should break the door down
Hello, Albert.
That was smart.
- Ain't it funny? - Not a bit.
Poor little fella!
What do you want?
I gotta take a trip. Can you watch this?
- Put it down. - You're a pal.
- Thanks so much. - Okay, spare me.
Is that all?
Yeah, good-bye.
Are you still here?
I don't want to go home.
Okay, stay here.
Make yourself at home.
Ask for the latest hit song, "It's Not Like That."
As sung in the music halls.
Words and music, one franc.
This charming lady will sell you the song with a smile.
Give 'em a big smile.
I'll sing it first, then we'll do it all together.
When a man's alone Living on his own
Life is monotone
When it's time for lunch The guy's in a crunch
He doesn't care to munch
The local restaurant Is no place for detente
He will barely stay For a cafe au lait
He's throwing his health away
It's not like that when you're in love
That's when you become a gourmet
Bring on the cake, my love
The pastries and the sundae
Sometimes she invents
Desserts with weird contents
Your stomach can make a faux pas Oolala!
But she says to you so sweetly
"I can't take another bite!"
But stuffs you so completely
That you begin to turn white
But if you get sick
She says: "You eat like a horse
"You have no remorse" Love's a charming course!
Now let's hear it. All together now.
Give me a song.
Let's take it from the top.
The fat guy got it.
You were scared.
Who, me?
I'll show you.
I just love a brave man!
Don't go.
I'm going!
Are you two finished?
I'm going.
I'll show them how brave I am!
What do you want?
Let me by.
He's gone. Lucky him!
I want to talk to your friend... the singer.
Know where he lives?
Come over here.
Emile, I'm getting married.
I advise you to stay away from the kid.
Quit hanging around the women I like.
Who is it?
Open up.
Who is it?
In the name of the law
I'm not falling for that one again.
Police: Open this door!
Lay off me. You can wait.
I'll break the door in.
That's enough! Get lost.
This is too much.
You're in for it!
Go get the locksmith.
Is all this yours?
No, it's not mine.
Hey, kid. Come here.
Can you deliver this note?
Where'd it come from?
Someone left it here.
You won't talk?
Go on.
How nice. An early morning visit.
Your friend Albert just got arrested.
I hid the case at his place.
They found it.
How do you know?
I was walking by his house,
and I saw some detectives taking him away.
We should get out of town.
For a while, anyway.
Your friend Albert...
Have you had any news?
No, they wouldn't let me see him.
How long has he been in prison?
Fifteen days
Your friend didn't know the contents of the suitcase?
Of course not. He knew nothing.
You carried out this robbery with an accomplice.
Where ya been for the past month?
I took a little trip.
Leave me alone!
You haven't changed. Not glad to see me?
- Where have you been? - On a trip.
I'd better go find her.
Don't bother. She'll come back on her own.
Come to the dance?
Not tonight.
Why not tonight?
Got a date?
In that case...
Come on.
Hello, Albert.
Hello, Pola.
Won't you dance with me?
Hey, you...
I hope you'll behave now.
I forbid you to look at her. Or else...
And now...
Step outside, if you're a man.
As you like.
He's fighting Fred?
Don't go, Louis!
If you go, take this.
I don't want any.
Admit it, you're scared.
Okay, let's drop it.
But keep out of my sight. Got it?
You guys coming?
I didn't say good-bye.
Did you see two guys run by?
We didn't see anyone.
I didn't know you loved her.
- I don't. - Neither do I.
You dope!
Stay here.
- You win. - Are you kidding me?
You fell for it?
Couldn't tell it was a joke?
I never gave Pola a thought.
Go ahead and kiss her.
Pola, meet your fiance.
Not bad. Let's take it again.
And you, miss?
It's free today. But you'll sing with us.
All together now.
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