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Subtitles for Under the Tuscan Sun CD2.

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Under the Tuscan Sun CD2

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that sells replacement parts for a chandelier.
-Vetre-ria, -Vetreria,
-Vetreria, yes. -Okay.
Via di La Casanova,
Ah, Via di La Casanova,
-Si, -You know it?
But I know where there is another store.
-My cousin owns one. -Your cousin owns a vetreria?
Yes. Antiques.
Is it far?
About three hours.
Two if I drive fast.
Two hours?
Okay. One if I drive really, really, really fast.
That's very nice, but thank you. No.
I know you think maybe I'm just trying to pull you up.
Pull me up?
Pick me up.
Pick me up.
Yes. There is that chance.
But you are the one who grabbed me and pretend I'm your husband.
You're probably one of those crazy American women
Iike "Charlie's Angels," and you are going to kung-fu me
and steal my car.
But I'm willing to take the chance.
You're willing?
What is your name?
Of course it is.
[ Horn honks, man shouting in ltalian ]
[ Speaking ltalian ]
Do traffic lights mean anything?
Green light. Avanti, avanti,
-Avanti, -Yellow light. Decoration.
And what about red lights?
Just a suggestion.
Marcello. You're crazy.
Thanks a lot.
He doesn't have it.
Why am I not surprised?
-Uncle, I want an ice cream. -You want an ice cream?
-How many have you had today? -Two.
Only two? Then get another one. Give me a kiss first.
Maria, get her an ice cream. Nice and big.
This is your bar?
We are a family. I work here.
And I sleep there.
Above my cousin's antique store.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
Did you ever taste this?
-What is that? -It's limoncello,
We made this.
-You made it? -Yeah.
We take the lemon, and we take off the skin of the lemon,
and then we put in the bottle
with 3/4 of alcohol and 1/4 of sugar.
And you put the skin of the lemon in the bottle,
and you leave it until it's dried color.
And I forget the rest.
But just try it.
-Do you like it? -I like it.
You got your ice cream. Bravo.
My nephew.
[ Squeaking ]
Well, hello.
[ Purring ]
Veramente? No.
He says, "Take me home with you."
He does, does he?
Ciao, piccolo, Ciao, Ciao,
[ Meowing ]
I run into you in the street in Rome, and now we're here.
Didn't you have plans today?
Didn't you have something you had to do?
So what?
If you smash into something good,
you should hold on until it's time to let go.
And now is not the time.
Not in my opinion.
You have beautiful eyes, Francesca.
I wish I could swim inside them.
No. It's just that's exactly what American women
think ltalian men say.
I guess.
Thank you.
Marcello, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm really nervous, you know.
I was married for a long time.
And since then, there hasn't been anybody.
Would you like to help me change that?
You are asking me to sleep with you?
That is exactly the kind of thing
we ltalian men think American women say.
You honor me with your offer.
I'm going to make love all over you.
[ Marcello singing in ltalian ]
Mamma mia!
Che bella spalla,
-What is spalla? -Shoulder.
And what do you call this?
La gola,
La gola,
And this?
Il capezzolo,
Il capezzolo,
And this?
At least for the next 5 minutes.
Me too.
It's terrible that you bought that villa in Cortona.
Because it's not in Positano, and I am.
You have to promise to come back here.
Promise me.
Can you come this weekend?
I think so.
You think so?
You think so?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Thank you. Thank you.
@ I knew it, I knew it, I knew it @
Whoo! I still got it.
I still got it.
I still got it!
Thank God!
Oh, yeah.
Do I still look sad to you?
Ladybugs, Katherine.
Lots and lots of ladybugs.
Lovely. When do you see him again?
I would have told you I was coming,
but you would have talked me out of flying.
Oh, look at you!
God damn it, Frances.
-l... -What?
I gotta go pee!
You must be so exhausted.
Pbht! See this?
Tell me there's a baby in there.
Big old baby in there.
Right now.
I'm with you.
Oh, jeez.
So, what's it like having one of these in Cortona?
I hear the town midwife's good.
She puts a knife under the bed to cut the pain.
Florence is an hour away.
You're gonna deliver this baby
in a hospital gown designed by Armani.
She ran out on me.
She said she realized she didn't want to be a mother after all.
[ Crying ] Oh, disaster, Frances.
How do you do it?
How do you ever breathe again?
Pretty soon.
God, I missed you.
FRANCES: Marcello, I really think I'd better stay here.
Oh, I'm sorry. How about next weekend?
Okay, well how about the one after that?
No, of course, I understand.
I won't forget you.
I think a lot about you, too.
Well, until then.
There's something strange about these trees.
It's like they know.
And they know that we know that they know.
They're creepy. Creepy ltalian trees.
The baby's gonna like them
'cause it's gonna be a creepy ltalian baby
who goes around saying, "Ciao, Mamma, "
and doing that backward hand-wave thing.
Life is strange.
Where were you going when I arrived?
Nowhere important.
What's he like?
He's a creepy ltalian.
-So go see him. -I will.
I want to spend time with my creepy American friend.
I refuse to screw up your love life.
Don't be ridiculous, Patti.
You are my love life.
[ Water dripping ]
PATTl: Frances, could you come up here, please?
There's hot water in the toilet bowl.
Oh, my God.
-That's close to boiling. -Mm-hmm.
They must have crossed a pipe somewhere.
Oh, this is really bad, isn't it?
Well, it's not good, unless you want to give your ass a facial.
That's a contradiction in terms.
I guess it'd be more of an ass-cial.
[ Woman giggling in distance ]
-[ Chuckles ] -[ Gasps ]
Oh, God. Go. Go, go, go.
PAWEL: I'm sorry, Frances!
He's sorry.
We have nowhere else to be together.
What does that make me?
Saint Francesca, patron saint of horny teenagers?
Pawel, you were doing it in my bed.
I don't even do it in my bed.
Please, Francesca, help us.
My father don't let us see each other.
Maybe he thinks you're young and shouldn't be...
It's because I'm Polish.
It will be terrible if we are not together.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
"Assassinate." Did you say "assassinate"?
Did she say you were going to assassinate somebody?
No, she misunderstand.
I didn't say...
Amore, I didn't say, "assassino, "
I said, "I'm going to ask Nino"
for money to help us get married.
-Oh! -"Ask Nino." Oh!
I didn't understand.
You barely understand what the other is saying.
We are in love.
And I go with him this weekend.
To the flag-throwing festival. I am going to throw the flag.
Throw the flag. Why?
Because I can do it as good as any ltalian man.
That's why.
And her father will see.
PLAClDO: Francesca?
-Francesca? -My father.
-Francesca. -Placido, hi.
My daughter says you are taking her
to the festa in Montepulciano.
This is true?
Just a moment, please.
I told him you're taking me so he will stay home.
I don't want to lie to your father.
Come on, Frances. Who cares?
PAWEL: Frances?
If I am not with her, I will die of a broken heart.
You won't die.
[ Cheering ]
Isn't he great?
Oh, there he is!
These are straight men.
In tights twirling flags.
-Fantastic! -Yeah.
Oh, this is it!
He is fantastic!
-Yay! Bravo! -Bravo!
CHlARA: Pawel, I love you!
[ Crowd gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
Pawel! Mi scusi, Pawel!
-Oh, oh. -Easy.
Easy. Easy.
Mi scusi,
I throw the flag.
Si, amore,
They're fine.
Let's go.
What is it about love that makes us so stupid?
Take the man with the flowers,
Same deal every day,
I mean, enough already,
Why can he just let it go and get over it?
Francesca, you see my daughter?
She seems so different.
-Really? -Oh, Chiara is not herself.
Maybe do you know what's bothering her?
Placido, I don't know.
Hey, Frances, look. You can see Bramasole from here.
Thank you.
It's Marcello!
Oh, my God!
-Wait a minute. -What?
What's he doing? Don't go!
Where are you going?
Marcello! Ah!
We tried you on your cell, but you were in a dead zone.
I cannot believe you let him leave.
-He said he couldn't wait. -Couldn't wait?
-Why? -He was on his way to Arezzo.
He was nearby and thought he'd take a shot.
He was very disappointed, okay?
You've got a snail in your ear.
No! Get it out!
He left you a note.
Hold still.
He's going north for a couple of weeks.
Oh, my God.
He had a dream about me in a white dress.
A white dress? Holy shit!
Damn it, Patti, why didn't you make him wait?
I mean, come on, You're a tough dyke.
You could have tied him to a chair!
You could have faked labor at least!
I wouldn't have had to fake it.
[ lnhales, exhales deeply ]
Ten fingers. Ten toes.
[ lnhales, exhales deeply ]
I commend you on a classic choice.
What's her name, Mom?
In ltalian, the literal translation of "to give birth, "
"dare alla luce, " is to give to the light,
Welcome to the light.
All right.
Yes! Yes!
Hello, sweetheart.
-Alexandra. -[ Toys squeaking ]
Okay, I can...
Hey, baby.
Oh, you're so cute. You're so cute.
We are finished.
Come back soon. I'll cook for you.
Pawel, you too?
Chiara is waiting!
Patti, you want to come with me to town?
We could bring the baby.
[ Knock on door ]
I have to buy a white dress.
Excuse me.
-Could you give me a lift? -With pleasure.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
[ Speaking ltalian ]
I could wait and take you back.
Thanks, but I've got my boyfriend.
Wait there, I'm coming down.
Look how beautiful you are.
It's incredible to see you.
Every time we made plans, it didn't happen.
So this time, I thought I'll surprise you.
I am surprised.
What brings you to Positano?
What brings me to Positano?
What brings me to Positano?
WOMAN: Marcello.
We're going to be late.
One moment, darling.
I'll be right there.
I came at a bad time.
Francesca, wait. Wait. Wait!
I'm sorry you're hurt. But what did you expect?
What did I expect?
You came to Bramasole. You left that note.
I thought that you...
Wait. Just a minute.
Months ago, we had a beautiful affair.
And if you think I wanted more of you after that, you're right.
Because I did, of course.
You're a fantastic woman, Francesca.
But we were never able to come together again,
even though we tried.
And this sort of thing must come naturally.
I told you.
There was my friend. She was going to have a baby.
There were many, many other things.
Important things you had to do.
And you couldn't wait.
Don't worry, Francesca.
Don't worry.
There is nothing to regret.
Do you regret this?
I don't...
There is someone for you, Francesca.
She's in the fountain!
-Who is in the fountain? -The crazy blonde!
What's going on here?
She is Sylvia in "La Dolce Vita."
She's very good, actually.
Is she drunk?
I hope so.
You know, in "La Dolce Vita," he goes in and he gets her.
Mastroianni. He goes in, and he fishes her out.
Thank you.
Do you think I make a good Sylvia?
You were wonderful.
I see Zeus is gone.
Back to Mount Olympus.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be. I'm fine now.
There's nothing like a fountain and a magnum of French champagne
to put you right again.
What do you think?
You know who I really love the most from all the films?
You remember at the end
when another man has left her in the most terrible way,
and she thinks it's all over for her?
Then she sees some children playing in the street,
making music.
And before she knows it...
she's smiling again.
That's what Fefe always said.
No matter what happens...
always keep your childish innocence.
It's the most important thing.
You're back? What happened?
How'd it go with Marcello?
I don't want to talk about it.
Chiara's here. She's upset.
She's out in the garden talking with Pawel.
I can't talk about it now.
Oh. Fran.
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
What more can I do?
[ Chiara crying in distance ]
It's okay.
It's not your fault.
I want to ask your permission to marry your daughter.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
It's nice, but it's out of the question.
I have come here to ask your permission
to marry your daughter.
I will love her forever, and l know that I will make her happy.
All young men say this.
Sometimes it's true.
Never? What about you two?
Don't be ridiculous. I hate him half of the time.
Placido, don't you want Chiara to be happy in love?
Happy is about a lot of things.
It's not just about young passion.
This doesn't last, Chiara, and when it's over,
what you will have left is nothing.
He has nothing to offer you.
I have everything to offer her.
Pawel, let's go.
Wait. Wait.
Won't you give your blessing?
What if this is it?
The real thing.
A love that lasts forever.
What you describe is all in fairy tales.
No, it's not.
And how do you know? From personal experience?
No, I looked for it, and I didn't find it.
But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
That's exactly what it means.
No one has had it.
I did! I had a great love.
Your father... a great love.
And I'll never forget it.
Mamma! Mamma!
He's a poor Polish laborer.
He is nobody.
He has no family!
That's not true.
He has me.
I'm his family.
I'm his family.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
[ Speaking ltalian ]
[ Speaking ltalian ]
[ Speaking ltalian ]
-[ Speaking ltalian ] -CHlARA: Amen.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
[ Speaking ltalian ]
CHlARA: Amen.
Okay, yes. Okay.
[ Speaking ltalian ]
[ Guests chanting ]
[ Cheering ]
What are you thinking?
What do I think?
Tell me.
I think you got your wish.
My wish?
That day we looked for your snake
you said to me that you wanted there to be a wedding here.
And you said you wanted there to be a family here.
You're right.
I got my wish.
I got everything that I asked for.
Mi scusi,
[ Speaking faltering ltalian ]
You are looking for the American writer who lives here,
and you found her.
If you don't mind, I'll just...
It was crawling on you.
A ladybug.
Do I know you?
Not really.
You reviewed one of my books once.
Did I like it?
Not very much.
-Oh, no. -Don't worry.
It was, by far, the very best bad review I've ever received.
You're kidding.
I'm not.
It helped me get to my next book.
Anyway, I've been traveling around Tuscany.
Someone said that you lived up here.
I'm Ed.
I'm Frances.
There's a wedding going on. This isn't your wedding.
That would be unfortunate.
They say they built the train tracks over the Alps
before there was a train that could make the trip,
They built it anyway,
They knew one day the train would come,
Any arbitrary turning along the way,
and I would be elsewhere,
I would be different,
What are four walls, anyway?
They are what they contain,
The house protects the dreamer,
Unthinkably good things can happen, even late in the game,
It's such a surprise,
US Marshals
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