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To our fathers and their children...
Once upon a time, there was a country...
and its capital was Belgrade.
April 6, 1941...
I'll kill them, my friend!
Careful, my friend!
I'll kill them!
Don't, it's dangerous!
lvan, my brother!
The Vice-President spoke of increased cooperation
between the two nations of Yugoslavia.
That's my brother...
and his best friend, Blacky!
Hooligans! Hooligans!
What can I do? They're all I... have.
Come in for a cup of coffee.
Impossible, man, I'm in a hurry! My friend's tired!
I'm tired...
I'll buy you lunch tomorrow at "The Russian Tsar"!
Get off that horse and get in the house!
Vera, I'm a free man, you hear?
A free man? You're kidding!
Damn it!
Vera, I have something important to tell you.
Don't be angry...
We enrolled Petar in the Communist Party.
A whore-house rather!
He's one of us now.
Get inside!
Okay, just one last word to my friend.
Get inside. I have to sort things out with him.
See who I have to live with!
I love you. Let me kiss you.
Not on the lips, fucker!
Blacky! Get in the house!
She's like this every morning!
I'll leave you, just like Marko's wife left him.
I'm a free man...
Eenie, meenie, minie, mo...
Part One - The War
In the attic, a small apartment...
On the wall...
Looloo... Breakfast!
A small clock on the wall...
Is ticking... tick-tock...
In the attic... an apartment...
Does your mother obey you?
That's it! Do it! Go on!
- Let go! - The best is yet to come!
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
How can you keep eating?
I can and that's that.
How can you, with all these bombs?
Out of spite!
You want me to die hungry?
My shoes!
Not my shoes!
You fat horse!
I've had enough.
That does it!
They're bombing my city!
Raiding my city!
My own city!
Where are you going, Blacky?
To "greet" the fucking criminals who've come to destroy my city!
- I know where you're going! - You do?
I know!
To see that whore!
What whore? You're crazy, you really are.
That actress.
What? I'm defending my country!
- Don't lie! - Vera!
You're defending that whore!
God, it's impossible to have a serious talk with you!
What are you saying?
You get on my nerves!
Here it is!
I'm saying what the whole town is saying.
What is it, my love?
You never leave that theatre!
You're in that theatre every night.
I know, I love the theatre.
You love the theatre?
You love the theatre!
So? What's so strange about that?
You love that whore, not the theatre!
If you weren't pregnant...
You'd what? You lying creep!
- Me? - Yes, you!
You, you scum!
What is it? What?
Shame on you, Vera!
What's happening?
Don't cry! I'll build you a new zoo.
Come on...
Get lost!
The survivors will be eaten, can't you see?
Here's some money.
Buy some milk for the baby monkey.
Come on, stop crying. The Germans will make fun of you.
National Theatre Clearance Team
Working hard, artists?
You bet!
Bato, sweets!
Uncle Blacky!
Are you avoiding me? Let's not play games.
You're dead right!
What do you mean?
You know very well what I mean!
No, I don't.
I don't!
You want me and Bato in a prison camp?
The whole city is talking about it. You thief!
What's the town saying?
Don't try to act stupid.
You steal people's gold and money. You steal!
I only steal from the rich...
what they stole from the poor!
- Stop it... - You stop it!
Working hard?
Do you love me?
Well, yes.
Come on, give me a kiss!
You love me! I've been looking for you for days.
I'm scared.
You get on my nerves!
You get on mine! Have you seen this?
You're a wanted man.
Ten thousand!
Ten thousand for my life! Rubbish!
Fräulein Zovko...
Oh, Franz! Good morning.
I've been waiting.
We have a table waiting at "The Russian Tsar".
Yes... and my brother?
Seisenberger, do me a favour. Take this "vehicle" and follow us.
But carefully!
Ivan, open up!
Stay there by the door and don't move!
lvan! My God, it stinks in here!
Vera, take a seat!
My brother's like Noah saving the world after the flood.
Don't move and keep quiet!
What are you doing?
Shame on you!
Always hanging yourself!
My God...
I've had enough of this life...
Enough? Instead of helping me and being a hero,
you hang yourself like a sissy! Shame on you!
An announcement from the Gestapo
to citizens of Belgrade and other towns.
Bandits robbed a train full of arms and munitions last night.
The attack was the work of the Communist criminals,
Petar Popara, known as Blacky, and Marko Dren.
What have you done?
Nothing. Last night, we roughed up a few thieves.
Marko, oh Lord...
Someone ratted on us.
Some bastard squealer gave our names!
Our comrades were arrested.
Was Blacky arrested? Taken in?
Arrested, my ass, just as they'll never catch me.
Come on, hurry up!
Why do I have to come?
Because you're my brother.
Let him go!
Come on, people!
No, it's nothing! I can manage!
Who is it?
It's me, grandad!
Who is it?
It's me! Marko!
Marko, for God's sake!
It's me, Marko! Open up!
It's you, Marko!
Yes, it's me.
Come on in! The Germans could be here any minute!
Go downstairs, I'll take care of your stuff later.
The cellar's behind the stove.
Let them through! Come on!
Where are you taking those animals?
It's not a zoo down there, it's a shelter for humans!
I'm closing!
This is horrible!
Where are you now, Blacky, you bastard?
Has it st... st...
Yes, it's started, it's started!
It's started! Grandad!
Blacky's wife giving birth! - Out of the way!
Please, quickly!
Bring some water, a sheet, any white piece of cloth...
Quickly! It's coming!
Don't worry.
Is everything all right?
It will be, but I need more light.
Right, lift up the bicycle! Come on, higher!
I don't feel well.
Everything will be fine.
No, it won't. It won't.
If anything happens to me...
call him Jovan.
3 years later, Belgrade was suffering
an open fracture of its soul...
Stop, stop, swift waters of the lbar
Why are you in such a hurry
All together!
I have my sorrows too
Deeper than you may know
The drinks are on me. It's my son's birthday!
Here's my Jovan! Look at him!
Handsome lad, Blacky! Congratulations!
He will be, Mustafa!
I'll send him to school in Moscow to be an officer,
not a thief like you. You motherfucking crook!
We're partners.
But for how long?
What's up?
Are you thieves getting jumpy?
My friend!
Happy birthday to your Jovan, my friend!
My good old friend!
Look at him. He's my spitting image!
With a hint of Vera.
You think so?
What kept you?
There's a traitor among us. We've got problems.
Those three are here.
I saw them. Hang around.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Good evening!
If you please, gentlemen...
I'm doing this for your own good.
Gentlemen, please...
Flowers for Natalija!
He kills us and fucks her!
Excuse me.
Get me the biggest bouquet you can find.
- What about the priest? - All arranged.
My friend, there'll be a wedding!
Now let's play fair.
Here's my gun, give me yours. That's fair.
This is gold. See it? This is gold, right?
How much did the gold bring in? Look at it!
How much did it bring in?
Look at it!
How much for the gold?
200,000? Mustafa, you said 120,000.
Never mind.
Now tell me where the weapons are and we're done.
I swear on my mother's grave, the Germans took them.
Leave your mother out of this!
You steal my money? I rob banks, jewellery stores,
and you fuckers steal my money!
You dirty fucking thieves!
I'll kill you all, you bastards!
I'll clean Belgrade of scum like you!
Our comrades are shot in the woods, they eat roots and you steal...
You've gone crazy!
No, guys, we don't play this way...
Hold these, honey, please.
Faster and louder!
Here I come, my friend! Hang on!
Watch out!
Here I come!
Not in my ear!
Left! Left! Left!
I have to tell you something, you being the Party Secretary...
If anything, it'll be these thieves and criminals
who'll cost us our heads.
Right. We rob stores to buy arms and food for our comrades.
And the bastards steal from us!
"I'll kill myself.
"You say you'll kill yourself.
"But you won't do it.
"Are you so sure?
"Do you think a man can live..."
"...if he has nothing and nobody to live for?
"Are you capitulating?
"No, I suggest
"that we make peace."
He's entranced by her!
I'll kill him, I swear! The other actors don't interest him!
I think the Captain's excellent.
- Really? - Yes, look at him!
Hands off. This is a theatre, watch the show!
Good evening.
"Promise to tell me
"the truth and I'll forgive you in advance.
"Is Berta my child?
"I cannot assume the guilt
"for a deed I didn't commit."
Get out!
Have you no shame?
"Is Berta my child?"
"Is Berta my child?"
"Is Berta my child?"
I'm coming.
Uncle Blacky!
Natalija is the best!
She is the best!
- This is a scandal. - I know...
Good evening, madam.
Just a moment.
I am...
Berta's father.
I am the father of your child.
Do you understand?
Tie us together. Quickly!
I now have my Laura with me.
We're in love.
We're leaving your house so we can live together.
Please don't be angry.
- Finished? - Yes.
Thank you, captain.
I know this actor.
I know him... Where on earth from?
Good-bye, captain.
You act for Germans, you motherfucker!
Wonderful actor, my colleague!
Are these the mains?
Keep to your seats!
Hands up, traitor!
Hands up!
Is this the curtain?
It is but please, sir...
Uncle Blacky! Sis!
Uncle Blacky! Charge!
You want my sister?
Well, you won't have her. You won't!
Come on! Hands up, my friend!
They'll kill my brother!
Blow on that horn! I don't get married every night!
Okay, Golub. Where's the priest?
I sent a boy to fetch him.
Congratulations, miss.
I'm not getting married!
Yes, you are. You just don't know it yet.
So, I ruined your life by killing Franz. Thank you, Natalija!
Who gets Bato's medicine, you or Franz?
- You only bring me stolen gold! - From traitors.
Come to your senses.
Listen to me...
I've never loved anyone so much.
But respect some rules. No collaborating with the enemy!
What do you mean? I'm just an actress.
The bakeries are working!
Yes, but you're not a baker.
You don't sell pies.
You sell your soul.
I personally will judge those who sell their soul.
First, I'll kill the manager of your theatre.
I'll strangle him with my bare hands... because I love the theatre!
Congratulations, Mr. Blacky!
Will this dinner eat us before we eat it?
Get that fish grilled properly.
No problem!
Have you no shame? Others help wounded partisans
while you perform for the bastards!
It hurts!
So now it hurts you!
I love you.
Grill it!
Follow me, I'm going for a pee.
Watch my bride, my friend.
Let's go!
Come on! Follow me!
I don't want to!
I don't want to get married!
Golub, I won't leave the partisans to sort you all out.
There's no need.
You may not know this
but he's not an electrical engineer at all.
No, he's a common electrician. A pole-man!
He spent his whole life on poles,
with pliers and cutters.
I'm the one who got him down and asked him: "Comrade,
"will you join our side?" "Yes," he said.
"Will you obey the rules
"and the orders?" "Yes."
he got rich!
An electrician?
A pole-man!
Natalija, you are our greatest actress
and our suffering people need you.
And you need a reasonable, intelligent,
educated man...
An intellectual!
You're right!
Comrade Leka will bring you to the disciplinary committee.
We expected the guns a week ago. Where are they?
On the boat. As soon as I get married, off we go!
They can hear the music in Belgrade!
Good! It's Blacky's wedding.
We've had enough crying.
Are these arms or what?
Once the priest marries me,
I'll be at the White Rock before you.
Comrade Tito!
When will you reach Uzice
"Your hands, so white
"So tender, so soft As the wings of a bird
"Oh, to see them fly and land on my face..."
That's enough!
Get out!
What are you doing to me?
We're just talking about the theatre.
I'll kill myself, I swear!
Don't, my friend!
You know, I killed two men because of her!
I know.
Why do this to me?
- As for you... - It wasn't me!
Wasn't you?
It was me, then?
Are you my best friend?
I'm your best friend.
I didn't hear. Are you my best friend?
I'm your best friend.
Whose wedding is this?
Ours, my love! Our wedding!
Yours, my friend.
- Our wedding, sweetheart. - Ours, my love!
You wanted a ride, did you? Well, giddy-up, you stud!
Where's the priest?
He'll be here any minute now.
Is it moonlight at noon
Is it sunshine at midnight
From the skies above Light is beaming...
The Germans! A catastrophe!
Nobody knows, nobody knows
What is really shining
The two of you could make one good man!
You pest!
Get out of the cars! Spread out!
Left and right of the boat!
Petar Popara!
You fools!
You can't play cat and mouse!
Come out now!
And bring Natalija with you or I'll shoot you all!
How come? I killed him.
You didn't.
He wears a bullet-proof vest.
Aim at his head next time.
I'll smoke one more cigarette.
And then my patience runs out.
After that, I want you out in the open.
Do you hear me?
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
My sweet saviour!
My dearest...
Schulz, get out!
Now let's send
this shit-load of criminals back where they belong!
My little white dove!
Have fun, you idiots!
You won't forget me in a hurry!
Shoot, my friend!
Golub, don't shoot!
Shoot, my friend!
Where are the weapons, Blacky?
Where are the trains with the weapons, bastard?
Treacherous swine!
I'll fry Tito out of your head!
Is he talking?
No. He just keeps cursing.
Petar Popara!
Fucking fascist motherfucker!
You'll talk!
Keep on raising the current.
Marry uncle Blacky, sis.
He's the greatest.
Forget uncle Blacky!
Here's Franz!
Blacky's the greatest!
Stop pestering me.
What did he say?
He asked when he can be released.
Next week, my boy.
He can go to a sanatorium in Austria.
A sanatorium in Austria?
Yes, he'll be safe there.
I can't help him here. It's too dangerous.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Did the kid vomit during the night?
Did he...
or didn't he?
I don't know.
Well, he didn't.
Tell him
that he must not worry. Please, tell him...
Burst him!
Burst him like a paper bag!
Let go of him!
Like a bag!
Burst him like a bag!
You killed my Franz!
Is he dead?
Not yet!
Forgive me, Franz. I'm sorry.
Damn your Franz! Come on.
- What's wrong with this shit? - Put it on level 5.
It might kill him.
Kill me... my ass!
Let me try.
It doesn't work.
Switch it on.
Hey, man,
wake up!
Good afternoon.
Let's see what's going on.
What's wrong?
He tested the generator.
Is it working?
Yes, he's dead!
- That one didn't flinch. - He's an electrician.
An electrician?
A pole-man!
My friend...
Give me a grenade. If they catch me, I'll choose.
Here you are. Let's go.
Thank you, Marko.
Those crazy people are so sad...
We're all crazy, Natalija.
We just haven't been... diagnosed yet.
Where's uncle Blacky?
In the trunk, my boy.
In the trunk?
In the trunk?
Uncle Blacky!
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
Get some bandages ready! Hang on, my friend!
Bring the bandages, for fuck's sake!
Come and help. Hold Jovan.
Fuck the monkey, help the man!
Pedal faster.
We need more light.
Mind his leg!
God, Comrade Blacky, what did they do to you?
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
Comrade Marko!
Call your grandad, he'll cure him.
The water from the well is medicinal.
Tell the comrades about the arms.
Don't worry, I'll see to the weapons.
Look at Jovan!
Your son!
This is your dad.
Show him his dad!
Jovan! My son!
Give your dad a kiss! Kiss your dad!
This room is dedicated to me!
My room!
This room and this house!
And this country and the sky, stars, rain, sun, moon and clouds...
even when the sky is bright!
It's all mine...
Yes. All of it!
- Who's bombing us now? - The Allies.
When it's not the Germans, the Allies bomb us.
Where are you going?
To the cellar.
Come to me!
Come to me!
Are you afraid?
Not when I'm with you.
Drink up!
You know I don't drink.
Don't be afraid, drink!
It's sweet, not strong!
"I do not know, my dear If this is a dream
"What year it is And what day
"And I don't know, my dear If I am yours
"Or if you are my dream"
Who did you write that for?
For you.
You're lying!
You're lying...
I'm not lying.
You're lying.
I never lie.
Marko, you lie so beautifully.
Easter, April, 1944
The Allied bombs destroyed
what the Nazis had left of Belgrade...
...from our homeland. They try to tear out
part of our body.
With guns, we won the plebiscite!
With guns, we defended freedom!
With guns, we'll defend Trieste!
Part Two - The Cold War
Years passed, Marko became
a close collaborator of Tito.
In Belgrade, in 1961, he paid his debt
to his great friend, Blacky.
Comrade Marko...
I must ask you again... Could Comrade Natalija be in the film?
But this film is based on your memoirs
and she is our greatest actress!
Exactly. The film is dedicated to the Revolution, not to us.
Will you at least visit the set? We'd be honoured.
That we will do.
it is my honour to inaugurate this Cultural Centre
as well as unveil the statue of our Hero, Petar Popara Blacky.
Blacky symbolizes our anti-fascist struggle!
His image and work will forever be remembered by us, his friends,
his comrades in arms,
and by future generations who from early youth
will come to this Cultural Centre
to inspire themselves with the ideas for which
our brother, our comrade, our friend,
our Blacky gave his life and youth.
I'll use this occasion,
even if it means taking your time, to quote some lines
from my last book of poems on the Struggle for Freedom.
"Why is the wind always blowing when we remember our beloved?
"Why does the wind beat the windows and doors of our brothers?
"Is the wind only blowing or is the sky crying with us?"
Petar Popara Blacky, our friend!
We honour your memory!
We honour his memory!
Is it moonlight at noon
Is it sunshine at midnight
From the skies above Light is beaming
Nobody knows, nobody knows...
The Soviet divisions are surrounded.
General von Kleist's armoured units have breached their lines...
That's it, girl!
More light!
Bring some water!
What happened?
Nothing, my friend.
The Gestapo tortured me.
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
Let me go out with you and the war will be over in 3 days.
- Not yet. - Why wait?
Tito orders you to wait.
He said to me:
"Give Blacky my regards and tell him not to move.
"He'll be precious to me in the final battle."
- He said that? - Every word.
He sent you a watch.
No, Marko, I can't...
With a dedication!
To me?
To you.
Comrade Tito
we swear
to you
We swear to you
Comrade Tito
we swear to you
That we won't
abandon your path
Comrade Tito
you, the hope of the people
You're loved
by the old
and the young
Comrade Tito
our spring flower
will not forget you
A blue violet
has bloomed
On the pillow where Tito's head rests
Congratulations, Blacky!
Shake hands with Comrade Marko. Not with me, with Comrade Marko.
Are we having a bath?
Aren't we?
Yes, a bath!
What about our business, grandad?
It's... difficult!
Are you working on the time?
I'm reducing the hours for them as you said.
Six hours per day!
Don't overdo it, okay?
In 20 years, I've saved them 5 years.
You can imagine what 5 years less
in a cellar means?
Air raid! Come on, comrades!
Let's go! Hurry up! Leave the weapons!
Everybody in the tank!
The aggressor is attacking again!
Don't panic! Where are you going, you donkey?
Hurry up, woman. We'll all get killed because of you.
Comrade Tito, we swear to you...
Tito, Tito, Tito!
Everyone sang the same song
and believed that outside
the fascists of World War II
were still in power...
What are you doing, Marko?
You'll see.
Ringe ringe raja Here comes uncle Paja
And now?
Natalija, Spring is coming
on a white horse!
Stop! Cut!
Why stop?
What for? Why stop now?
Yugoslav, fuck you and that water! You call that rain?
Stop! Okay!
Will you ever simply say: act?
When'll you tell me to act?
Thank you, lads. Take a break.
Put the water back on!
Here he comes! Music!
Spring is Coming on a White Horse. Scene 34a, take 2.
The Germans!
Natalija, darling!
Spring has arrived on its white horse.
No one will catch
Petar Popara, alias Blacky!
Long live the Communist Party of Yugoslavia!
Cut! Stop the camera!
Comrade Marko!
Get up all of you!
Stop the rain!
Comrade artists, be happy in your work.
You are portraying...
great people
who are no longer with us.
We owe them a tribute. Future generations must remember them.
May you live long, comrade artists!
Cheers, Comrade Marko!
Comrade Marko...
allow me to introduce the heroes of your memoirs.
Get lost! Not now!
Are you me?
Marko! Yes, I am you.
He looks just like me.
Where did you find them?
Casting is half my job.
Really? Unbelievable!
We're cut of the same cloth and swapped our books for rifles.
"Shoot, my rifle, for mother to hear you.
"Never will I abandon my country to anyone."
Well, say hello.
What do you say?
She's so sweet!
Franz the vampire.
It's very nice here but I feel someone is missing.
God, is he the real Franz or an actor?
Who knows?
An actor.
Yes, an actor...
Unbelievable! It's all just like that night...
When you killed 11 Germans, dived into the river...
- What a memory! ...and saved Blacky and Natalija.
Excuse me, please.
My friend!
God, Blacky...
Why did they kill you, my friend? Why did they kill you?
Can someone protect the actors in this film?
I've been burnt three times already!
Three times!
Comrade Marko, it will be a great film!
Are you afraid of God?
You mean, are we afraid of God?
You'd better learn that text as it's written.
Word by word. Understand?
Sleep tight.
What is this?
What you'll tell him
in the cellar.
You know, trash like this,
whoever the writer
or the director may be, is still trash.
If they ask me what I think,
here's what I think!
You're a poet, Marko!
Stick to poems!
Natalija, what's missing?
What's missing?
The truth!
The truth?
Yes, darling!
You know, the truth...
No text, my dear, has any truth in it.
The truth exists only in real life.
You are the truth!
You are supposed to be the truth.
There is no truth, only your conviction
that what you act is the truth.
No, art is a lie,
a big lie!
We are all liars, a little bit at least.
You scum!
They raped me, beat me...
What else did they do to me? What?
Does it really matter if those people in the cellar stay alive?
Yes it does, my dear.
You write heroic roles for yourself
and I get to play the whore.
Anyone can fuck your wife!
Get dressed and put the make-up on.
I said I'd rescue you in time for the wedding.
Come on, please.
Please, get dressed and put your make-up on.
I said no.
I said no!
I can't act a part I don't believe in.
Look what they did to her!
Fucking fascist
I love you!
Hear that?
She said she loved me...
Did you hear that?
And you?
She said she loved me.
He's just like me!
Dear friends, welcome to my son's wedding...
Cut it out!
This day has come at last.
My son, dad has bought gold rings. Give one to your bride.
Do not be offended by the modesty of the wedding meal.
What can we do? There's a war on.
But everything we offer is offered from the heart!
And if there was no war...
And if the times were any better, and if his mother was alive...
Keep it happy, my friend!
Thank you, my friend!
This is the right moment for all of us
to thank Comrade Marko from the bottom of our hearts
for all these years during which
he has looked after us, fed us and tended to us.
I want to say: Thank you, my Marko!
Thank you, Comrade Marko!
Sit down!
Last month, we produced 200 light weapons.
Is that nothing?
No, it's not!
Thanks, Marko!
But our greatest success is our tank,
the one we made with our own hands!
I am happy and proud of the fact that the time will soon come
when we shall use our tank to liberate our country for good!
Tank... forward!
Congratulations, comrades!
Thank you, uncle Marko.
Whose brats are these?
They belong to us all. Play, you fucker!
The two of us made this together...
You shouldn't have. Thank you, lvan.
Come on, I have something to tell you.
I need a quick word with him.
as soon as everyone's drunk, we'll get out to fight.
Not a drop until Liberation!
Marko will be angry.
I've waited for Marko, the Russians, Tito and the Party
for 15 years! The time's never right.
The time is now!
Let's kill the scum and end the war!
That's it, my son!
Let's go!
You little bastards!
Stop drinking, Natalija.
- Give me the bottle back. - What?
- The bottle! - I'll give you the bottle all right!
Stop drinking when I tell you.
I would but I can't look at you when I'm sober.
You can't look at me but you can look at him?
I thought I could but I can't either.
You can't look at him either?
See this? This is for you.
And this is for him.
I drink brandy and you've been drinking my blood for 20 years, motherfucker!
Natalija, you fucking bitch!
Fuck you and your fucking mother too!
Where's Blacky?
How are you?
Darling! What is it, darling?
You're crying!
Why are you crying?
I don't know.
Are you happy?
Yes, I'm happy!
Are you crying because you're happy?
Is it moonlight at noon
Is it sunshine at midnight
From the skies above Light is beaming
Nobody knows, nobody knows
Nobody knows, nobody knows
What is really shining
What's wrong with you?
My time has come at last!
Cut it out!
You too! Here you are! I've had enough of both of you!
You pathetic little man!
What do you want?
What's wrong, Natalija?
I wasted my youth!
What youth?
Twenty years! Twenty years of my blood-stained life!
This is a catastrophe!
This brandy's good!
It's strong! Real strong stuff.
The monkey's getting into the tank!
A catastrophe!
The gun's moving!
He's moving it! A catastrophe!
Some wine, Natalija?
Shit, I lost!
And I chose the rules.
If there was no war...
Otchy strasnye...
I'd have been the leading lady of the Moscow State Theatre.
I'd have performed in my mother tongue...
What's this rubbish?
Since when has your mother been Russian?
You're drunk!
Listen to me...
You can't talk to her as if she was your wife!
You're absolutely right!
Every good party needs a Russian song!
Without the war, I'd have been
the Yugoslav Maļakovski.
I'd have gone to his grave in Moscow,
bowed and said:
"You were heard from the heavens like thunder.
"We marched along behind you." Left! Left!
No one will listen.
The monkey's in the tank!
He's smart.
- It's a catastrophe! - Get lost!
What did you want to tell me?
Something terrible.
So tell me.
Later, I don't want to spoil the wedding.
Tell me, don't worry.
You love Marko, right? I know that.
- It's not that. - It is!
- It's not. - It is!
It's not that. I wanted to tell you this is all a lie.
Our whole life is a lie.
And I can't live without you!
You can't?
Oh, come on...
Stop the music!
Did you hear what I said?
My son! Listen carefully to what I say.
Never trust a lying woman.
I won't, dad!
You're frightened, Colonel, aren't you?
Stop drinking and talking rubbish!
I'll kill you! I swear to God I will!
How could you kill me? I've been dead for twenty years.
Try it. Maybe they'll promote you to Secret Service General.
Stop it!
You couldn't give me a child, so kill me!
Maybe you can manage that!
You're evil!
What am I?
A murderer! A criminal!
A thief!
So I'm evil?
- Worse than that. - Worse?
Do you know why I'm so evil? Do you?
Do you know why?
You're damned!
Because I love you.
I love you!
When you fell for me,
you put these people down here to live, die and work for you!
Because I love you, don't you see?
I can't live without you!
Do they miss anything?
Yes, a lot!
You dragged me into your crime...
because you love me?
Only because I love you!
What else do I have? Children? Friends?
You have nothing!
I have nothing...
but you...
if you want that.
My God...
You lie so beautifully!
I never lie!
What are you doing, my... friend?
Just talking.
And you have to talk in the dark?
The noise disturbed us.
The noise disturbed you?
The party disturbs you?
- My son's wedding disturbs you? - You misunderstood me!
I understood perfectly, believe me.
I have a headache.
How surprising!
Look at them.
Give it to me...
My friend...
let's break the tradition of a friend
killing his best friend.
Here's the gun...
Do the rest yourself!
- You know why? - I know.
I think it's fair.
I'm a free woman!
A catastrophe!
Now we'll see whose mother will mourn.
Jovan, my son!
Get the weapons!
We're going!
Where to?
Outside, to end the war!
The Germans will kill us.
But, dad...
Stop daddying me!
Come on!
We're off to war, not to a brothel!
The Germans will kill me!
Women and revolution don't go together. Untie us!
Don't cry, Natalija. We won't be parted long this time.
I'll wait for you!
I'll wait for you!
Jovan, my son!
Smell the Danube?
I don't.
You really get on my nerves... Come on!
- One question. - What?
The colour...
You call this green?
Dark green.
You call this green?
He hates the colour.
Fuck your green!
The director is waiting for you!
Keep on pissing...
Keep on pissing!
Not for long...
Not for long!
Hit out, son!
Not me, you moron!
You dare piss on my city?
- Dad's city! - My city!
62, 64, 66, 68, 70...
Shit! 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12...
Madam, where's Jovan?
- They've gone outside. Someone fired. - They'll betray us.
They won't be able to betray anyone.
They were killed.
Ringe ringe raja Here comes Uncle Paja
We are at this historic spot
where in the year of 19...
cowardly criminals murdered our National Hero,
Petar Popara Blacky.
Don't be afraid, my son! Don't be afraid.
What was that, dad?
A pheasant.
Is it dangerous?
A pheasant? Dangerous?
It's like a wild hen!
There's the sun.
That's the moon, my boy.
The moon.
Where's the sun?
The sun is asleep.
It is resting.
Come on!
Keep down!
I'm just saying that you
look so much like Franzi, and Franzi is short
for Franz.
Because "i" is the smallest letter.
Here we are!
See that blond man, son? That's Franz.
Look at him.
He hasn't changed in fifteen years.
That's Germans for you!
He tortured you.
And sent Natalija to a camp.
A disguise? He thinks I won't recognize him.
What's the other one doing?
A collaborator!
What's all this smoke? Sabotage or what?
Let's make the execution look as natural as possible.
Dad, he looks like you!
- Who? - That one!
The skinny one?
You really get on my nerves!
I could belt you at times. You're just like your mother.
I don't believe it! You ask me to act naturally!
- I didn't say that! - Yes, you did. I'm not stupid.
You did say that.
Come on, don't be touchy!
Honestly, I don't know what I'm supposed to do now!
Hold on!
Is this natural for you?
Honestly, man...
Come and shoot me!
That's it!
Here's the gun and the camera, now shoot me!
The one like you seems very brave.
All brave people look like me.
Are you soldiers or ballerinas?
Look at you!
Come on, roll!
Where's the smoke? Never there when it's needed!
Get away from me! Now!
Look what he's doing. He'd stop at nothing!
That's true. But he's the best I've ever worked with.
And I've worked with quite a few...
He gives us room to improvise.
Get lost! Get away from me! I can't concentrate!
Tell her!
Get to your places.
"Spring Comes on a White Horse", scene 32a, take one.
Get rid of that! Get rid of it!
I want to look death in the eye!
Would you like one last cigarette?
Long live the Communist Party of Yugoslavia!
Take aim!
What happened?
That's it! Natural!
That's natural!
Go on!
What do you mean? We never agreed on this!
Go on acting! Don't interrupt the shot!
Call this directing? God!
Long live the Communist Party of Yugoslavia!
Under the leadership of Comrade Tito!
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
Don't interrupt the sequence, you idiots!
Throw it, son!
Just like me!
Where's security?
Comrade, you want a ride to West Germany?
I'm looking for
my monkey, Soni...
You haven't seen him by any chance, have you?
You're looking for your monkey?
Yes, his name's Soni.
A horse!
Jovan, sunshine, that's a deer.
A deer?
That's how you drew horses.
It's a deer.
It can't be Jelena, sunshine.
Calm down, son, calm down!
What's that?
That's nothing. Just a fish.
I fished 25-pounders right here before the war.
God, I was really scared.
I was afraid for Jelena.
Don't be afraid, my boy.
I want to go back to the cellar.
Could anyone start protecting us artists?
Could anyone look after us? We work day and night
for our comrades! And we go through hell!
Calm down.
What do you mean, calm down?
We could've been killed!
You do your job, let me do mine.
I can't do my job!
You must protect my set and my life!
My life was in danger here!
I'll tell you...
I didn't want to in front of him. He's responsible.
- It's his fault. - Whose?
The director's. Shouting all the time:
"Be natural! The more natural, the more terrifying."
And what happened? He got his natural and terrifying.
How beautiful this world is!
Careful, dad, you'll drown!
Come for a swim.
Come on, sunshine!
Come on in! Do you hear me?
Jovan, my son!
Come on!
I can't swim, dad!
Don't be afraid, son.
Dad's here.
Come on, swim!
First your leg! Then your arm!
First left! Then right!
- I'm swimming! - Of course, I'm holding you.
Close your mouth!
Where is the kid now?
He really gets on my nerves!
There is no life for us in this country.
No, my love...
We can't go on living...
with lunatics...
Can we?
No, we can't.
We can't, my love.
There's no place for an honest man in this country.
No place at all.
Under the bearing wall!
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Marko Dren's disappearance coincided
with the loss of the secret formula
of Tito's Yugoslavia.
Tito, having lost his friend,
fell ill.
Twenty years later, he died...
Part Three - The War
1992 - Berlin. Ivan still hoped to see Soni...
where did this marvel come from?
Officially, he's dead.
Dead? On the contrary, he looks good.
You said officially?
The Yugoslav embassy says so.
A man bearing the same name died in 1941
during the bombing of Belgrade.
He was the zoo-keeper.
Do you know if...
what he drew for me.
If he was an Indian,
they'd call him He Who Surrenders.
He told me unbelievable things.
He says
he lived the whole time in a cellar.
Communism was one big cellar.
The whole planet
is a cellar.
I'm going to Portugal this summer.
Perhaps he could show me an underground motorway.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, lvan!
It isn't for me!
Why do you cry all the time?
I want to go home to Yugoslavia!
There's a war over there. A horrifying war!
I know.
Not the war you're thinking of.
In our country, there's only our war.
World War II ended 50 years ago.
And the Germans won.
No, they didn't, they lost.
So why are they celebrating?
You're lying to me, doctor.
You work for the Germans.
You work for them, don't you?
Yes, I work for them but not those Germans.
You're a traitor!
What am I? A traitor?
I'll show who the traitor is!
I didn't want to show you this
but look for yourself.
Who's on these Interpol warrants? Look.
My brother Marko and Natalija.
They're wanted by the police throughout the world.
They killed some people in a cellar, traded arms...
The crates were stamped with a monkey.
Your Soni, maybe.
Where are you going?
What's wrong?
He lied to me!
Who lied to you?
My own brother!
Don't do anything stupid!
lvan, we're not children! Let's go back!
Come back!
Oh, fuck it!
Stop messing around!
Come back!
Wait for me!
I can't...
I can't go on!
I'll die!
Stop, for God's sake!
Which way to Italy?
We don't know. We're lost too. Where did you come from?
Bosnia. Where are you going?
To Yugoslavia.
No Yugoslavia!
What do you mean?
There's no more Yugoslavia!
Can we come?
Yes, if you pay DM 1,000. They paid as well.
Ivan, wait!
Let's go to Italy!
We'll eat spaghetti!
We'll drink wine! Let's go with these people!
What does he mean, no Yugoslavia?
I've had enough, lvan.
I'm going to Italy or to fucking hell!
I can't go on! Take care.
Wait for me!
Take care, lvan!
have you been?
Has anyone seen my Jovan?
Nowhere to be found...
Fucking fascist motherfuckers!
I don't have time to bargain, to haggle over percentages.
I've come here to help you, independently
of our religious, national and political differences.
But I ask only one thing of you: please don't shout.
We'll reach an agreement in a civilized, educated way.
You need me, not the other way round.
Don't worry.
The Serbs kill the Croats and the Croats kill the Serbs.
Don't be afraid.
You're too kind.
Don't mention it.
You're young, kid. You don't understand.
I do, but you've been abroad too long. You don't understand our language.
You're asking too much. Understand? Too much.
I'm asking the minimum.
DM 3 per bullet?
$100 per grenade?
Buy from Hungarians, you fucker!
My brother!
What are you doing, lvan?
Have you gone mad? It's a sin to kill your brother!
The greatest sin!
Don't, lvan!
Forgive me, lvan!
I saved your life three times.
I saved your life three times!
It hurts! lvan, don't!
Forgive me, lvan.
God sees everything, lvan.
God will punish you.
He'll punish you!
Lord, forgive me.
What are you doing?
My love...
"No war...
"is a war...
"until a brother...
"kills his brother."
My love!
Come on, you old hag!
Young man, this is my husband.
Move when I tell you to!
What are you waiting for? Get down!
Comrade Commander, we've captured 16 Chetniks, 30 Ustashas
and 3 UN men.
Plus two war profiteers with a Mercedes.
What do we do with them?
Execute them on the spot!
Comrade Blacky! Pockets searched, soldiers disarmed.
The profiteers' passports... What do I do with all these people?
Take them to the well.
Any sign of Jovan?
I protest, sir!
Me too, comrade!
I'm no "comrade", sir.
And I'm no "sir", comrade.
What are you? Ustasha, Chetnik, partisan?
I'm Petar Popara Blacky.
Which army are you in, comrade?
My own!
Do you have a superior?
Yes, my country!
Fucking fascist motherfucker!
Marko, my brother!
my love!
I can't find Jovan.
See, my dear monkey.
Who would have thought it?
Imagine that you have a son,
a baby monkey.
And someone hides him from you...
And you search for him for years...
But you can't find him anywhere.
Say, isn't that sad?
And what a son I had!
Do you remember my Jovan?
What was he like?
A strong lad.
Just like me!
There is no more sun
There is no more moon...
Did you hear that?
Did you hear?
My son!
Light of my life!
Jovan, my son!
I knew I'd find you! I knew it!
Who organized this?
Mum did.
Here's to you!
My friend!
Did she really have to come?
She's my friend's wife! Are you crazy?
I know what's what.
What do you know?
I'm not stupid.
They're married!
My friend!
Natalija is a little embarrassed.
Let me introduce you.
Meet my friend's wife!
Pleased to meet you.
Play louder!
That's it, Vera!
Let bygones be bygones.
He's grown so fast. Look at him.
Big guy, isn't he?
Fifteen years, Vera.
What do you mean, fifteen? Twenty!
No, fifteen.
- Twenty! - Fifteen!
I know my own son's age!
My sunshine!
Bato! My sweet brother!
You're dancing!
Marko, look, he's dancing!
Look, Marko!
Let's dance together!
Forgive me?
I can forgive but I cannot forget.
Here we built new houses
with red roofs and chimneys where storks will nest.
With wide-open doors for dear guests.
We'll thank the soil for feeding us and the sun for warming us.
And the fields for reminding us of the green grass of home.
With pain, sorrow and joy, we shall remember our country,
as we tell our children stories that start like fairytales:
Once upon a time, there was a country...
This story has no end...
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