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Subtitles for Underworld Beauty (Seijun Suzuki 1958).

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Underworld Beauty (Seijun Suzuki 1958)

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Screenplay by SUSUMU SAJI
Cinematography TOSHITARO NAKAO
Something moved down there. Come look.
No way.
Take a look.
It's a sewer. There's no way anything's moving down here.
- You're just imagining things. - No, something moved.
- I'll grab some tools. - Leave it.
- I've got to open it and take a look. - We might catch a cold.
Hey, you, gimme a beer.
Hey, it's Miyamoto.
What a dangerous welcome.
Sorry about that.
You guys, beat it.
Osawa, I want to see Oyane.
The boss is off at headquarters.
Headquarters, huh?
He's also running a Turkish bathhouse in Minami-cho.
What's Mihara doing these days?
He's just a regular citizen now.
That's good to hear.
By the way, what about his injury?
He works in an oden stall these days.
Poor cripple. Pretty useless for anything else.
Osawa, watch your mouth.
Call your boss and tell him I'm here.
The chairman's private bath.
- Chairman Oyane, it's Osawa for you. - What does he want?
May I ask why you're calling?
He says a Mr. Miyamoto has stopped by.
Miyamoto? Give me that phone.
- I'm going to buy a new spring coat. - What color?
- Light blue. - Nice.
When did he get out?
Did he say anything about the stones?
Bring him here. Treat him well.
Don't tell him anything about the stones.
Get my things ready.
The boss's room is on the fourth floor.
Welcome back. When did you get out?
This morning.
If you'd have let us know, we'd have sent someone for you.
I don't deserve that.
Osawa, don't just stand there. Go get Miyamoto a drink.
Sorry I didn't send you anything while you were away.
I've been pretty busy myself.
So I see. Nice place.
Oh, it's nothing.
I've actually come with a request.
What is it? That's what friends are for.
It's about those items for sale.
What are you talking about?
The stones. I want to get rid of them.
The stones, eh?
Let's have a drink.
I want to get rid of the stones and give the money to Mihara.
Mihara, eh?
As you know, Mihara was crippled in that incident
that sent me to prison for three years.
I never mentioned your name the whole time I was inside.
Let's discuss the terms of the settlement.
Listen, Oyane, when I was in prison,
I was worried about him.
The reason I didn't talk was I wanted to give the stones to Mihara.
Do me a favor and forget about those stones.
I want to give them to him.
I see.
Sure. Why not?
Then I'll arrange for the sale.
Perfect. There's a foreign buyer in Yokohama.
That's great.
I've been away for three years.
They wouldn't even remember me. Thanks a lot.
Consider it done. You do have the stones, right?
Not at the moment,
but if you set it up, I'll bring them.
Miyamoto, don't you want to take a bath?
Is the guy who crippled you still in prison?
Akiko, let's not talk about the past.
You've got no guts.
- If I were you, I'd do this to him! - Cut it out!
- How's business? - Not good.
Really. Everybody's hurting these days.
No smoking!
Oh, well. I guess I'll go visit Arita.
Akiko, don't get involved with Arita.
What are you talking about?
If I don't go see him, I can't make a living.
Rebellious young people.
- Keep up the good work. - Thank you very much.
When did you get back?
Was that Detective Watanabe?
Yes, that was him... from back then.
- What happened to your leg? - I've still got one left.
You didn't even want to do the job, but we took you along anyway.
You got the rough end of it.
No, I was greedy too.
I'll find some way to pay you back.
By the way, I heard your little sister came to town.
She was sitting right there just a moment ago.
She's headed in a bad direction.
I'm tired.
Once more.
Once more!
Hello? Who is it?
It's Oyane.
This is Arita.
Yes... yes.
Got it. I'll get back to you right away.
- That's it for today. - What happened?
I've got work to do.
Blow it off!
- Here you go. For three sessions. - Let's go spend it somewhere.
I've gotta work.
I gotta work, I told you.
I'm locking up. Go home.
If you won't play with me, I'll follow you.
Go right ahead.
I'll be following you!
What are you doing?
Open the door!
You're so mean!
Open the door!
That warehouse rooftop over there.
Mr. Oyane is seeing Mr. Thomson at the Yokohama Hotel.
In case our deal doesn't come through.
Osawa, he says he wants to verify the diamonds are real.
Keep a lookout.
Don't move!
Piece of cake. Hand 'em over.
Any idea who those guys with the masks were?
But that swine didn't have to swallow those stones.
- What a greedy bastard! - Do you suppose he's dead?
If he dies and they perform an autopsy,
they'll find the stones in his stomach.
Then the police will have the stones.
That's no good.
He's conscious.
You've certainly been through an ordeal!
What's today's date?
February 8th.
That's right. You're going to be fine.
What's your name?
Where do you live?
Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Mr. Mihara,
you're in a hospital.
Do you know why you're here?
How did you fall off the roof of that building?
Did you jump?
Were you pushed?
I've got a bad leg.
I slipped.
I'm sorry.
So you slipped and fell, is that right?
Were you alone?
Was anyone else there?
If those guys wind up with the stones, it's all over.
I was going to give them to Mihara anyway.
If it ends this way, so be it.
Well, if you're just giving up, you mind if I take 'em?
How're we supposed to get them if the diamond...
- If the stones are in his stomach. - Shut up.
You're the one who'll be driving him to the crematorium.
Oh, I get it!
Diamonds don't burn.
Very clever idea, boss.
Diamonds do burn.
They are charcoal, after all.
Diamonds burn?
I don't believe it!
If it were me, I'd get to Mihara as quickly as possible.
What do you say we get our hands on him and slice him open?
Idiot! Cool your head. There are still detectives around.
But if we cut him open,
it could be worth four or five million yen.
We don't know whether he's dead or alive.
I slipped and fell.
Mihara.! Mihara.!
He's gone.
- Doctor, will there be an autopsy? - What?
An autopsy?
There's no need for that. It was an accidental death.
I see.
Arrangements for the body can be made with his relatives.
Boss, the cops are leaving.
One hundred yen. Thank you very much.
Good night.
He's a strange one.
To your left.
She's a family member.
Younger sister, huh?
Your brother mentioned you.
Elder brother.
It's his own fault!
Our sincerest condolences on your loss.
Your brother was very important to the boss,
and the boss wishes to provide for his funeral.
Arita! You!
We offer our sincerest condolences on your tragic loss.
The boss humbly offers his...
He's offering to...
Why should I want anything from you guys after what you've done?
Don't touch him!
Are you here to laugh at my brother too?
You don't look familiar. Are you one of them?
You killed my brother!
Settle down, little sister.
Get out of here! I'm through with you guys!
What about the funeral? At least let me help with that.
Think that's gonna make him happy?
My brother's dead. Dead!
That's what we're saying. We'll give him an honorable funeral.
Shut up, you bastard!
Oyane, why don't we leave her in peace?
Arita, go buy us some booze.
Come on, Ari.
Let's have a drink.
Alcohol? I can't.
Ari, go get us a drink!
You're not even reading that book.
You really want a drink that bad?
If it'll make you feel better, go get one.
Go ahead and get a drink.
Cheap bastard!
Go ahead.
I'll stay here and watch over your brother.
Go drink.
Elder brother!
Why did you have to die?
You weren't a bad person. Why did you have to die?
Young lady!
Will you go dancing with me? Shall we go for a drink?
Here you go.
Here it is.
Akiko, is that you?
Your brother is dead, and look at you.
Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry I was late. I was out.
My best regards to Mr. Oyane.
Akiko, don't do that!
Elder brother, you always liked this. Here.
I'll take you to where Mother and Father are.
I'll take you back home.
Looks like they all turned out.
Miyamoto, you really did your work.
There was nothing I could do.
Boss, if the detective comes at an important time like this,
there's nothing we can do about it.
Hey, Watanabe. You don't need to chase after him anymore.
There's more to detective work than arresting criminals.
Today I'm here as Mihara's friend.
Hey, Watanabe, can I take his personal effects?
I told you, I'm not here as a detective today.
Don't ask me. Ask the family.
Younger sister, I'm just trying to give your brother a proper funeral.
let's try to give Mihara a peaceful send-off.
Come on, Miyamoto! A funeral is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
We've got to make the most of it.
I disagree.
You're all so concerned about him now.
I didn't ask for a ride, either. What do you want from him now?
Maybe if you'd taken better care of him while he was alive...
That's right.
That's exactly why the boss is trying to do right by him now.
If it's a matter of money...
If that's how you feel about it, take these.
It's all he had.
Maybe it's worth a million yen.
Do diamonds really burn?
That's no good. No good!
Where have you been?
There's a man named Miyamoto looking for you.
- Is he your boyfriend? - Don't talk nonsense.
I've been bumming around lately. Does anyone have any money?
- We're not gonna just give it to you. - Okay, let's bet for it.
- How old is that man there? - Sixty-two.
Hey, old man, how old are you?
I'm 62 years old, you rude girls.
I was right, of course.
- How about that woman over there? - She's 24.
- Hey, lady, how old are you? - I'm 24.
She's 24!
Women are always younger than you think.
Something wrong with my face, or what? Why are you staring at me?
Is that all you can say?
Come with me.
Get your wallet out and gimme your money!
Really, now! You're too much!
Whaddya say we split it fifty-fifty?
That'd still be about 15 million.
That's pretty good these days!
Hello! Is Arita upstairs?
Yes, he is.
Send me up, quick!
Fifteen million!
What are you doing, Arita?
That guy Miyamoto... what a loudmouth.
Says he wants to set me straight.
What are you doing? Are you listening to me?
You're the loudmouth.
You're all business today. Okay, let's get to work.
I have to cancel today. I've got other work to do.
You've been studying hard.
How I Made 100 Million Yen.
Very smart!
If only my brother had read that, instead of slaving in that oden stall.
Shut up.
I'm busy today. Go home.
Kicking me out, are you? Well, forget it. I refuse to go.
Come on, Arita. Let's play.
Come on, play with me.
Arita, give me the key.
Take it off!
I'm taking it off!
No fair!
Arita's not around today?
What the hell are you doing?
Stay out of this! You want to end up a corpse?
I'll ask your dead brother what that's like.
Just a sec!
Big sister!
- Hey, little boy, how's your mother? - Same as always.
Big sister's in a hurry.
Here, take this. Go buy your mother some sweets.
I'll spray you with the fire hose!
Nice weather, eh?
I said, "Nice weather, eh?"
What do you want, dragging me all the way out here?
Feels good, doesn't it?
I'm bored.
Doesn't this place remind you of something?
What should it remind me of?
Your hometown.
You're weird.
Your brother and I would come here after losing at the racetrack.
Your brother used to say what a good girl you were.
Well, sorry to disappoint you.
You left school and immediately went to work in that factory.
I know you worked very hard.
Whenever your brother mentioned your name...
Who got my brother into this business?
Did you bring me here to give me advice
or seduce me?
Tough choice.
You're disgusting!
I have a respectable boyfriend. So there!
Arita, let's get to work.
Do you need something?
Old man, get the phone!
Arita, this is Oyane.
Daniel was just here.
Bring those stones over right away.
How'd you get your hands on the stones?
did you leave your brother's side that night?
Some help you are.
I asked whether you left your brother's side.
I just went to buy some booze.
Get up.
This is the knife you used, isn't it?
Where are those stones?
- I don't know. - Where are they?
Stop it! Leave the poor guy alone!
Shut your mouth!
I'll call the cops.
They're no friends of mine, either.
Don't do it!
Then hand 'em over.
- I don't have them. - Where are they?
Old man, he doesn't have any stones.
What are you talking about?
Mr. Big Shot...
where are those stones?
Where are the stones?
In the drawer!
Give me your hand.
Those are mine!
These belonged to your brother.
Three years ago,
we did a job together for these stones.
That was when your brother lost his leg.
You know the rest.
I thought they went up in smoke with your brother.
But this bastard cut him open and stole them while you were out.
He's got some nerve, cutting up your brother.
It's true, isn't it?
That takes some nerve.
Then you sold them to Oyane, didn't you?
If you have anything to say for yourself, say it now.
The man you love stole your brother's diamonds.
Listen closely. Let there be no mistake.
Those guys who came in during the deal are friends of yours, right?
No, you're wrong. Mr. Oyane...
Very well.
Stop it!
Somebody's here. Clean this place up.
Hide the stones.
Not there. That's no good.
We're here to see Arita.
So it's you.
I thought something was wrong with the phone.
What's the matter? This place is a mess.
Don't misunderstand my intentions. I'm just here for the stones.
That bastard took the stones and left.
What are you doing in there? Why didn't you say anything?
Oyane's here to see you.
We'll be going now.
Not so fast. Where are the stones?
Sorry, but we're gonna have to search you.
- What are you doing? - Shut up!
Oyane, you got a cigarette?
You scratched it.
Don't touch that, you pervert.
Careful. Drop what you've got under your coat.
Drop it!
I'm the dangerous one now. I'll be borrowing this for a while.
Mr. Arita! We're putting the stuff in the kiln now!
Hey! Here comes Sophia Loren!
Hey, big boy, that tickles!
Uh-oh, here comes business.
- Which are we delivering today? - This one.
Careful, the pose is different today.
Have whatever you like.
Why is your business so good lately? Teach me how to make some money.
Shall I show you?
Like this.
Let's dance.
Poruos Company, may I help you?
Yes, the delivery company already brought it.
What? There's been a mistake?
Hello? Hello?
Akiko, I have something to tell you.
Is that okay with you?
How vulgar.
You think locking me in is a real turn-on?
Akiko, I want you to marry me.
No way.
I would have a while back.
Akiko has become a big girl in the past few days.
You cut my brother's stomach open.
You just used me to get to him.
I've changed my mind about you.
Akiko, it's not what you think!
No one can be happy without money.
Letting those stones burn would've been a poor financial strategy.
I thought we could use that money together, the two of us.
I love you.
Please, I'm begging you to marry me.
It'll be just like this.
I love you!
Get up.
Be a man and stop whimpering.
Spit all you want if it makes you feel better.
Give me the key.
I know what you're looking for.
It's not me you want... it's the diamonds.
Shall I tell you where they are?
They're in my breasts.
You're hurting me!
What are you doing?
Not my breasts... the mannequin's!
- Thanks a lot. - You're welcome.
Hello, Poruos Company.
What's that? A mannequin?
The delivery man was just here.
Hello? Hello?
Mr. Miyamoto.
Look at this.
Okay. I got it.
We met at the beach that day.
Have you made up your mind?
She doesn't seem to like it here very much.
She says she wants to go home.
We've got her in the steam bath right now.
You want to hear her voice?
Hold on.
Let me out!
I can't breathe!
Shall we give her a massage next?
We have to take very good care of our precious little girl.
Let me out of here!
This guy is dangerous.
Don't screw this up.
Even if you have to kill him, don't destroy the stones.
"The moth that flies too close to the flame..."
Boss, when I aim, I hit my mark!
After this deal is finished, I'm going to the hot springs.
The bounty of nature, I tell you!
Five million if you go like this, another five if you go like that,
and another five if you do this.
Just a little here and there... another 15 million.
Take good care of that body, young lady.
I'll put you back in your bath now.
Let you warm up just a bit more.
The boss is eagerly awaiting you.
What about Miyamoto?
So you've come.
Oyane, your system isn't working too well.
I remember this guy from that day on the roof.
He showed up suddenly with a gun.
Before we talk business, we need to settle the score.
Aren't you worried about the girl?
Hold it. After we get the stones.
Open up.
You'll give me the stones first, Miyamoto.
They were Mihara's stones, so I have to use them for Akiko.
Old man!
If you don't want them, boss, I'll take 'em!
Goddamn it!
You're here too, huh?
You can have the girl. Give me the stones.
Old man.
Son of a bitch!
The stones are mine!
That's enough. Let him go.
Arita, I agree. That stone belongs to you.
It's mine!
I'm a man of my word.
Take that stone and go home.
- But boss! - Fifty-fifty.
It's my diamond!
that's the yakuza way.
If you double-cross us, that's what happens.
What do you mean, the yakuza way? It's wrong to kill, you idiot!
That's a yakuza killing, and you know it.
A deal's a deal, Oyane.
Let's finish this first.
Let the girl go.
What happened?
He's hiding in there.
- Why don't you shoot him? - I can't see.
Miyamoto, I'm gonna kill you.
Just give in.
And I'll take those stones. You don't mind, do you?
Old man, I'm sorry.
I got you mixed up in this.
That's it. Move that coal aside and escape through there.
The girl escaped!
The girl escaped! She escaped!
you're going back to prison again.
You have no choice.
- I caused a lot of trouble. - Don't tell me. Tell Akiko.
After you do your time, I suggest you settle down.
Yeah, maybe I'll take over that oden stall.
Take care.
It's all right.
What a beautiful day!
Doesn't it feel great?
Aren't you bored?
No, not in the least!
Subtitle Translation By David Geiger Additional Translation By Captions, Inc.
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