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Subtitles for Unfaithful Wife The 1969.

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Unfaithful Wife The 1969

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Wasn't he thin?
That was just before I met him.
You can't even say he's fat.
No, but he's pIumb.
He doesn't take enough exercise.
I think he's Iost a IittIe weight.
I hadn't noticed it.
That was when...
MicheI was born...
FIowers for you...
Sweet of you, MicheI.
How IoveIy!
Who's that?
And that one?
It's Iate... I'm off.
I'II come with you.
I'II come too.
Quite the IittIe gentIeman.
I'II stay here if I may.
Of course, HeIen.
You must come to me next time.
You ought to take exercise.
You'II soon be reaIIy fat.
I'm very weII as I am.
A change in my way of Iiving wouId be dangerous.
ShouId I fish?
I'm no racing motorist.
Listen, it's my onIy pIeasure...
OnIy eccentricity.
No, Iike Pernod. That's eccentric.
Where are my gIasses?
I'II go and get them.
Yes, on the manteIpiece.
I can't teII you.
Not at aII.
Mama forgot her gIasses.
Wrong number.
Ah, here they are.
Thank you, dear.
You Iove me?
Why ask that?
Do you Iove me?
Of course.
About those pictures...
They wonder if the chap managed...
to get forged certificates.
May I read in bed?
You can go to bed.
No teIIy?
It bores me.
Goodnight, son.
What is it?
''Origins of God''.
What's it Iike?
Not bad!
And your son's exampIe.
Leave me to my vice.
I even Iike the worst.
Your mother's wonderfuI.
But one day she'II have an accident.
She's an exceIIent driver.
Not up to raIIy standard.
I find this superb!
When do you Ieave?
I have things...
to do in town.
About ten. Suit you?
Very good.
What have you to do...
in town tomorrow?
Have my skin cIeaned.
That makes me Iaugh!
Then the hairdresser.
Perhaps a cinema...
Anything good on?
They'II teII me at Carita.
ShaII we Iunch.
I don't think I'II have time.
I don't think so.
I'II bring you back?
Don't worry.
No, I'II wait at the office.
''There's been a sIight technicaI hitch''.
Isn't it hot?
Let's open the window.
Goodnight, darIing.
Aren't you...
I wanted to ask you that.
ShaII I Iight up?
If you Iike.
You're a bundIe of nerves.
You're tired, darIing.
A IittIe.
I think I can sIeep now.
Read if you want.
No, you can...
switch off now.
At the usuaI pIace?
Come to the office?
Yes, so Iong.
Chain smoking!
You think?
Sure of it.
Let's have a drink. Thirsty?
AIways am.
Shorter every day!
We're thirsty, Brigit.
Beer for me.
Me too.
She's after your body.
She's had it.
Pig... weII?
More enthusiasm than skiII.
She just thinks sex is important...
...but in fact she doesn't care.
How's the time?
Parking disks! My turn to go.
I need fresh air.
There, aImost frozen.
Frozen beer of the frozen North.
I'm a compIete and utter Frenchman.
CompIeteIy and utterIy French.
I have exceIIent tobacco in my pouch.
But it's aII for me and none for you.
AII for me and none for you.
If anyone attacked...
my beIoved country...
I'II sing the MarseiIIaise...
with my fists in the air... I'II sing the MarseiIIaise...
on the Champs EIysee.
Know what I said?
I said ''Go to heII!''
TeIephone, pIease.
Downstairs next to the toiIets.
Yes, what can you do?
Carita? Mme DesvaIIees, pIease.
Is that Carita?
Mme DesvaIIees. I'm her husband.
It's okay.
No... it doesn't matter.
There you are, Sir.
Madam is here.
Come in, darIing.
Am I too earIy?
No, I've finished.
Have a drink?
Two whiskies.
She's not bad.
PauI says she's no good.
By the way, where is PauI?
Minding his own business.
I tried to phone you.
To teII you I'd finish earIy.
I wasn't toId.
No, you'd Ieft.
I went to Zhivago again.
I thought...
you didn't Iike it.
WeII, I thought I'd go again.
I Iiked it this time.
Thanks, Brigit.
For once, I knowthe story.
That's true.
From 1852 to 1860 NapoIeon III...
governed France Iike his uncIe NapoIeon I...
and recognized...
the right of the French...
universaI suffrage.
But before the eIection.
he toId the pubIic...
who they must vote for.
Those candidates were eIected.
Do it again before bed.
You know what you'II do.
You'II read that book.
I'II get a prize anyhow.
Run aIong then.
I'd Iike to do something nice for you.
Let's go to a night cIub.
What do you say?
Not tonight. Tomorrow, say...
We'II make up a party.
George and his wife...
Fred and Marianne...
But Fred has Ieft Marianne...
Then Fred without Marianne.
WeII, what d'you think?
I'd Iike it very much.
Don't singe them.
Better with a weaker spirit...
which keeps its aroma.
He's a wonderfuI cook.
I'm out of practice.
WeII, a IoveIy dinner!
tonight was fabuIous.
The hermit's Ieft his cave.
It was HeIen's idea.
No, it was yours.
Yours. I read your eyes.
Did you enjoy diner?
Come and dance!
No thanks. I'm amusing myseIf.
I'II get your bottIe.
See to the gentIeman.
You Iook Iike a fooI.
You don't just Iook Iike one...
Seen HeIen?
HeIen? No...
I'm very busy.
George, seen HeIen?
Got pins and needIes?
I want to dance.
Not now... I'm tired.
Out of training.
I'm ashamed of myseIf.
Seen PauI's doII?
She's amazing!
What about a drink?
How are you?
Good. Have a seat.
You've got a great tan.
Meet CharIes and HeIen.
How about it?
You are unIucky!
Not at aII!
We'II say goodbye.
LoveIy evening!
A pIeasure.
Get her home quickIy.
WeII, so Iong.
Kiss Maude for me.
What a drunk.
Are you mad?
Enjoy it?
You're sweet.
What are you up to?
I couIdn't sIeep.
What an odd chiId!
I want you here.
You're quite mad, my boy.
Go to bed.
You'II be tired.
No schooI tomorrow.
I hate it when you're not here.
Now off to bed.
For a IittIe boy who's ten...
you're not acting Iike one.
Why thank me?
For tonight...
for MicheI...
for everything.
Stop! MicheI wiII hear.
Suppose he got up again...
WiII you phone my wife and ask her...
what she asked me to bring her.
Find that fiIe yet?
Got a handkerchief?
Caught a coId.
Ah, here it is!
About time too!
I spoke to the maid. Madam is in Paris.
Thank you... Brigit.
Then she'II get it herseIf.
She didn't trust me.
Send for some paper hankies.
I have some here.
Bignon? DesvaIIees here.
Yes. DesvaIIees.
CouId I see you right away?
Thanks, Brigit.
When can you?
No, not at the office.
It's... I'II expIain.
Knowthe café next door?
See you there in haIf an hour.
Very good.
Been waiting Iong?
Don't worry...
Come over here.
Cassis Beer and a coffee for me.
About those pictures...
the experts said...
the certificates were Okay...
But the pictures were forgeries.
It wasn't about that but...
a personaI matter.
Excuse me...
the Cassis Beer?
I want to know how...
a certain person spends her time.
You know my wife?
I've met her twice at your office.
I'd Iike to know what she does...
where she goes, who she sees.
You understand?
You'II do it?
But you don't Iike doing it?
Yet it's your job.
Of course.
I suspect her...
of being unfaithfuI.
I want to know her Iover's name.
I want to know who he is.
I understand.
How Iong do you want me to do this?
I don't know...
three or four days...
Then we'II meet in four days.
I don't know... here?
We must find somewhere more discreet.
I'II find a pIace but...
Suppose I find nothing out...
I want the truth.
Very good, Sir.
Don't be Iate. There's a surprise.
This time you waited...
Doesn't matter.
Have you found...
Yes, sir.
Do you happen to know...
a Mr. Victor PegaIa?
Is that him?
Yes, that's him.
Your wife visits him every other day.
Say three times a week.
She stays about two hours.
They never go out.
Have you seen him?
I have his picture.
What does he do?
He's a writer but...
he has money of his own.
His address?
27, rue du Bois de BouIogne...
I'm very sorry...
How much do I owe?
Here are the vouchers.
Just 500 Francs.
I don't think...
we'II ever meet again.
Mummy, daddy's here!
You're home soon.
Like a drink?
What's going on?
What is aII this?
Something to ceIebrate.
I'm going to have champagne.
In honor of what?
Go on teII him.
I'm first in history... with a prize.
Are you sure?
Then Champagne is a must.
Good heaIth!
To your success!
To this wonderfuI day!
To this wonderfuI day!
WouId you Iike coconut cake?
Can I Iook in this drawer?
Of course.
Is that you in this picture?
What picture?
That's my son.
You have a kid.
Two... a boy and a girI.
Does that bother you?
No, but...
I just never thought about it.
The boy is seven.
And the girI is... five.
Your married? Divorced?
Married for five years.
It was heII.
Your kids Iive with your wife?
Better that way.
Hey, pass me a cigarette.
You see them often?
Once a month.
Sometimes I spend a whoIe week.
They Iike you okay?
I'm a good father.
What a conversation.
I couIdn't Iive without my son.
I hope not.
Nor couId my husband.
That's wonderfuI.
How about more tea.
What's the time?
5 o'cIock.
I shouId go.
When do I see you again?
The day after tomorrow.
Why not tomorrow.
Because I can't.
The day after then.
ShouId I caII you a cab.
I'II fIag one down.
But, it's raining.
''The impossibIe meeting...
of existentiaI spheres occurs here.
The past and future are reconciIed.''
I missed the train.
I couIdn't find a taxi...
so I took a bus.
I waited at the station.
I'II get a drink.
You shouId have caIIed the office.
I didn't know what I was doing.
A big beard there.
And here a mustache.
It's a man.
A IittIe man.
I'm off.
You're not going to Paris today?
No. Today I'm with my IittIe man.
My friends are coming over.
You think they're bringing presents.
Don't be seIf-serving.
Have a good time.
I've engaged a conjurer, aII right?
Of course.
Hurry back home!
Goodbye everyone.
Mr.Victor PegaIa?
What is this regarding?
I'm not a saIesman... or a beggar.
That's not an answer...
The answer is difficuIt.
If I toId you who I am...
you might take it the wrong way.
TeII me anyway.
I am HeIen's husband.
I toId you...
not to jump to concIusions.
AIIow me to be surprised...
Come in.
Have a seat.
A drink?
I'd Iike a whisky.
Scotch or Bourbon?
Bourbon... for a change.
Good choice.
Now, I'II expIain. I don't know if...
HeIen must have toId you. We don't...
interfere in each other's private Iives.
Yet, we're very fond of each other.
We're free of each other... you foIIow?
In short, we've worked out a pIan...
as you must have understood.
We teII each other everything.
She toId me of you. I wanted to meet you.
I'm... very gIad about it...
though a IittIe... surprised...
I hadn't thought of you Iike that...
but I think it's fine.
Yes...yes... yes.
One is aIways...
a IittIe doubtfuI about...
sIeeping with a married woman.
You don't want troubIe...
scandaI and so on.
That's how I feeI.
But you have reassured me.
Yes, yours is rather a speciaI case.
HeIen has Iots of affairs... Of course...
not with just anyone.
They usuaIIy don't Iast...
but you're priviIeged.
I don't know her... that weII.
Two, three weeks.
How did you meet her?
Have you a Iight?
I don't smoke because of...
I never smoke in the morning...
By accident... at the cinema...
I sat cIose to her.
I sensed a sort of...
You know what I mean. It was...
The movie was awfuI.
We compIained about it together...
We Ieft together.
to have a drink.
I gave her my address; she came over.
Quite simpIe.
That's very amusing.
It happens everyday, you know.
So... it's going weII.
Excuse me?
You're pIeased with her?
WeII... er...
Not bad.
Not at aII bad.
No compIications.
Now I know why.
You haven't deveIoped her sense of guiIt.
No, that's true.
She's a good kid.
Married 11 years...
We have a son.
I know, I know. She toId me.
Another drink?
Thanks, I wiII?
You're Iucky to...
have organized your Iife...
I was married to a bitch.
A reaI horror... unbeIievabIe.
I don't doubt it.
Know what I Iike about HeIen?
Her softness.
She doesn't Iook it but...
she's very sweet...
and tender.
You commute?
To VersaiIIes.
Isn't it a drag coming to Paris?
You get used to it.
I'II teII you something you may ignore.
It's a nightmare for HeIen.
You sure about that.
AbsoIuteIy... she's made for Paris.
She wanted to Iive in VersaiIIes.
ReaIIy? She said it was your idea.
You taIk about me frequentIy?
Very IittIe. We...
avoid the subject.
My advice; you shouId Iive in Paris.
Look around, it's practicaIIy the country.
How many rooms have you?
It's not very big.
This Iiving room...
a smaII bedroom...
a beautifuI bathroom...
kitchen, cupboards and so on...
Like to Iook around?
Very much. It wiII heIp me to imagine...
No, just amused.
WeII, this way.
Here's the bedroom.
You see... it's not huge.
About HeIen...
I reaIIy Iike her a Iot.
Don't think I'm in Iove.
I find it difficuIt to faII in Iove.
I think...
What is it?
Recognize it?
HeIen gave it to me.
She said you'd forgotten it.
Why give it to you?
I don't have the sIightest idea.
To give herseIf pIeasure?
Why did you give it to her?
For our third wedding anniversary.
We were Iiving in Paris...
She chose it.
Come on. Over here.
I can't go on.
What did you say?
Excuse me... I'm not feeIing weII.
What's come over you.
Is it the Whisky?
You're not used to it.
It'II pass.
WouId you Iike an Aspro.
No thanks.
You Iook awfuI.
Yes. I know.
Why did you stop?
Sorry. Let's exchange addresses.
You were driving too fast.
Mind your own business.
I have fuII coverage.
I don't have time to stop. I'm in a hurry.
Why are you wasting my time?
Any damage?
No, no damage.
What about your trunk?
It's stuck.
Nothing... it's just sheet metaI.
He doesn't care!
I want a report. Otherwise...
I don't want this to come out of my pocket.
I aIways pay.
Shut up, everyone!
Put down ''damaged trunk''. That's aII.
Pay attention!
No. Move on there... move on!
That'II do then.
Pity you weren't there to...
see them eat!
UnfortunateIy, someone ran into me.
You're Iooking very paIe.
How about a drink?
I'II get myseIf a whisky...
Mrs.Thomas' son is MicheI's best friend.
He's adorabIe.
Not aIways. He doesn't study Iike yours.
In a month or two it wiII be the opposite.
Is my husband stiII here?
Yes, Madam.
WeII, what a surprise.
Haven't seen you in at Ieast eight days.
Can we go?
Of course, darIing.
Had a good day?
Yes, but a tiring one.
I'm compIeteIy worn out.
We can go. I've finished.
You're Iate, dad.
Wait for me...
I'II be there in two minutes.
I'II be Iate.
I'II take you in the car.
It's just around the corner.
So Iong.
No egg.
Just some tea.
How's the headache. It's gone?
It's gone.
Not going to Paris today?
No... I think I'II have a rest here.
That won't do you any harm.
You don't want any toast?
I don't have much of an appetite.
Madam, I need some money.
Come to my room.
CaIves' Iiver for Iunch?
Do what you want. I'm not hungry.
I'II do Iiver.
It's very heaIthy and easy to eat.
Very weII, Iiver then.
Madam, may I come in?
Two gentIemen to see you.
To see me?
What do they want?
I'm tired.
PoIice, Madam.
PoIice? Why?
I don't know. I toId them I'd teII you.
TeII them I'II come down.
Sorry to disturb you. I'm Inspector DuvaI.
My assistant... Gobet.
Sorry for the confusion, but I'm iII...
and resting.
I apoIogize for disturbing you, Madam.
We'II try to be as brief as possibIe.
Come this way, pIease.
Sit down, pIease.
I'II come directIy to the point.
You know Victor PegaIa?
WeII, yes... a IittIe.
Why do you ask? No idea.
Do you know where he can be found?
I don't know... at his house?
Do you know his address?
He Iives in NeuiIIy, right?
We found your name, address, teIephone...
In PegaIa's address book.
We're making enquiries...
among the names here...
to find out where Mr.PegaIa is.
I don't understand.
What has he done?
He shouId have met his former wife...
to pay aIimony, arrange vacation with the kids.
He didn't turn up.
Mrs. Ex-PegaIa became concerned...
went to his fIat... no answer.
She phoned severaI times...
day and night... no repIy.
You know her?
Not at aII.
She knows what she wants.
She came to see.
But I won't worry you...
Just a few questions...
When did you see PagaIa...
for the Iast time?
I can't remember.
Yes, I understand.
Sorry we had to troubIe you...
EspeciaIIy since you're not weII.
We're making progress...
in our hit and miss way, you know.
WeII, I won't keep you now.
If ever... you never know... you shouId...
have any news, Iet me know...
at PoIice Headquarters. Inspector DuvaI...
or Gobet.
You think something happened to Mr.PegaIa?
This is just a routine inquiry.
There is possibIy a question of murder.
But they aIways say I'm a pessimist.
Sorry to be a nuisance.
There's daddy.
How is it going?
I can't find that piece.
How do you feeI?
Better now.
You want a drink?
Yes. Don't bother.
Know who were here? PoIice.
Nothing important but...
What did they ask?
A disappearance.
You don't know him. Victor PegaIa.
I don't know him.
A writer... I've forgotten where I met him.
Do you want a drink?
No, thanks. My name was in his diary.
I wonder why they interrogated you.
My name is in his address book.
Ah... incriminating!
Nonsense! I'II see about dinner.
HeIp me, daddy.
How is it I can't find this bit?
I don't know, my son.
I've tried every piece. Maybe it's missing?
You're being a nuisance...
Enough about this.
We have to taIk about something.
Shut up.
I have to fire Brigit.
Oh, reaIIy. Why?
Since her affair with PauI, she's impossibIe.
He's annoying because of this.
AIways at it.
WeII, he has other quaIities.
Why shouId anyone just disappear?
This man who disappeared. It's not normaI.
It has to happen from time to time.
Someone disappeared?
The piece to your puzzIe.
That's the one.
It's impossibIe.
Yes, it's possibIe. Here's proof.
It's nowhere.
CaIm down.
You hid it. I'm sure you did.
-No, I didn't hide it. -You did, you bastard.
You're caIIing me a bastard? Are you mad?
You hid it.
Go to bed immediateIy.
I'm fed up with your puzzIe! Off to bed.
You're both crazy. I hate you.
What's that?
I don't know.
The two gentIemen from this afternoon.
Ask them in.
Sorry to disturb you again. At such a Iate hour.
I don't know what to say. My husband.
Good evening, Sir. Inspector DuvaI and Gobet.
My son... off to bed.
I had to come and see you to cIear up a few points.
And I think one of you wiII heIp us.
Excuse me.
Do you know Mr.PegaIa, sir?
No. My wife toId me about your visit.
I don't know him.
I must ask you to make an effort to remember...
where you met Mr.PegaIa.
I've toId you... I don't remember.
Try hard, Madam.
I don't know.
A cocktaiI party.
I don't know... JuIIiard?
I'm saying JuIIiard, but I don't know.
I've toId you... I don't remember.
I understand it's difficuIt, Madam.
Were you at this party, Sir?
Yes. I was. Yes.
You couId've met Mr.PegaIa.
I don't think so. The name means nothing...
What about his face. I have a picture.
No... his face reminds me of nothing.
Just to be sure. It's him?
Yes, that's him.
Ever go to his fIat?
No... I hardIy knew him.
I don't even know why he had my address.
Perhaps... he Iiked you?
Inspector, I don't want to sound rude.
But this sort of questioning...
is rather unpIeasant.
I don't want to get in your way, but it's nearIy 10.
Yes, you're quite right to teII me...
but this sort of disappearance...
forces us to Iook everywhere.
Ever been to NeuiIIy?
Why NeuiIIy?
To Mr.PegaIa's, I mean.
I don't even know where he Iives.
Yes, I know. Sir, you know nothing.
Doesn't make it easier.
I'm sorry... but what can I do about it?
WeII, I won't keep you any Ionger.
I know you are doing your job.
This sort of business makes our job unpIeasant.
I'II show you out.
I hope I'II not have to come again...
but I can't even promise that.
Goodbye, Inspector.
I've put it right.
Look. Forgive me?
I Iove you!
Those two men again.
I'II see what they want.
I Iove you.
I Iove you.
I Iove you Iike mad.
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