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Unforgiven The CD1

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Shoo, now, shoo.
Ain't you got no better manners than to eat at the top of a house?
What day is today?
Tuesday, l think, Mama. l'm not sure.
Butter tastes kind of wild to me.
Must be the green in springtime grass.
-Guipago! -Rachel!
Rachel, the bread.
Tuesday's bread day. You've got to make the bread.
You ain't friends with me yet, are you? Well, neither am l.
you gray-haired old grass eater.
You're only half horse, you know that?
The other half is a mean old Kiowa lndian.
Rachel, honey, you'll break your neck!
Both of you!
You ain't gonna let no little old skein of geese scare you?
They're only human.
Just fly a little higher than us folk, that's all.
Get up, Guipago.
Howdy, mister.
We got food down at the soddy, if you care to partake.
What's your name, girl?
Rachel what?
Rachel Zachary.
You're no Zachary.
Not a Zachary born...
but Ma says it's no different than if l were flesh...
and blood.
How do you know who l am, mister? l've never seen you before.
l am the sword of God...
the fire and the vengeance...
whereby the wrong shall be righted and the truth be told.
Well, l declare.
Just what did he look like, Rachel?
Like something blown in by the wind.
He had a saber.
-Who is he, Mama? -l don't know.
Some crazy old hunter, l suppose.
But he knows us...
or about us, me being a foundling and all.
Nothing so wonderful about that.
Everybody in Texas knew your ma and pa...
or heard about them, anyway.
-But the way that he talked-- -Prairie fever.
What's that?
Worst thing you can get. Loneliness.
l was touched by it myself, once or twice.
lf it wasn't l had a daughter to talk to....
Go in the root cellar and get me some carrots and potatoes to put in the stew.
How do, Miss Zachary?
l'd have come sooner, but l had a long way to ride.
Seven years.
You can't kill me.
The god of vengeance will blind your eye.
Death for death, and blood for blood.
Mama, who are you talking to?
How many times do l have to tell you to get off my house?
Sorry-looking carrots.
Mama, what's the matter? You got tears in your eyes.
No, l ain't.
Truth be told, l don't feel like cooking with no men in the house.
And your brother Ben away so long.
l wish Ben were here right now.
Right now.
lt's a long ride to Wichita, and even longer to ride back.
lt's a long ride to Wichita, and even longer to ride back.
l can't wait, Mama.
l just can't.
Look at your bread.
lt's rising just beautiful, Mom.
Take it out before it gets too beautiful to eat.
Should l take some out to the boys on the range?
No. lf those big lunks, Cash and Andy, want fresh bread...
let them ride home and get it.
25, 26, 27...
which counts up to 81 so far!
All we need is 150. lf l don't have them before Ben arrives...
l'll get down on all fours and strap a saddle to my back.
Ben promised to take me along to Wichita and show me how to live.
You got a far piece to go. You ain't even shaved yet!
Ben says they have girls there which only have first names!
''Ben says....''
Unless l miss my guess, that'll be brother Ben.
l see you made it, Ben.
Looks that way, don't it? How's Ma and Rachel?
-How you doing, Ben? -Pretty good, brother.
l don't know about the pretty part, but you didn't go to Wichita to be good.
What's her name, Ben?
-Tell the truth, l don't recall. -Don't recall?
By gee, if that ain't the way to live!
-Fine looking bunch of riders. -Why not? l handpicked them.
-Off the barroom floor. -They're sober now.
Boys, you can set down here.
No better shade within six miles.
The water in that creek is drinkable, provided you don't put nothing in it.
The one with no whiskers, is he lnjun or ain't he?
When l go to hire a man, l don't generally start out by insulting him.
What does he call himself?
Johnny Portugal.
They change their names.
All l know, he's the best horse tamer in Texas.
The wind's in the right direction, l can smell lnjun a mile off!
l hate to disappoint you, Cash. That smell's coming off of me.
l ain't changed my dirt since Wichita, Kansas.
-How much did you pay for the fancy soap? -One silver dollar.
Ain't nothing in Wichita less than one silver dollar!
Don't matter, though.
Beef at the Railhead's 30 cents.
30 cents.
We must have a million pounds walking around with our brand on it.
For the first time in our life, we're gonna be rich.
l'm so happy to see you!
Don't you cheat, you two.
You can look now.
What do you think?
l'm dreaming, ain't l?
Ain't l, Ben?
-You must have paid a fortune of money. -Not a red cent. Nothing at all.
l made a bet with a man l could lift it off the floor by myself.
Cash, Andy.
Easy, now.
Must be getting weak. Did that in Wichita with one finger.
Look here, Rachel. See how it opens.
You're playing the wrong end, daughter!
What makes you so happy, Mama?
Because you ain't sick or dead or scalped or something worse!
Nothing could kill me, except lightning out of the sky.
And then it'd have to hit twice.
l believe that.
What tune is that, Mama?
What tune is that, Mama?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Sounds like angels!
What is it, Ma?
A piano!
Lord have mercy, a piano!
Hallelujah, amen.
Ben Zachary must be counting on a golden year...
to lay his money out for a piano.
-Giddyup. -But, Pa!
-l want to change my dress. Please, Pa? -What's the matter with this dress?
Do you want your daughter to get married, or don't you?
Take more than a fancy dress to catch a Zachary. Go ahead.
Give me that gun.
-What's the matter, child? -You snake-bit or something?
-An old man! -What old man?
He had only one eye, and he wore a saber. A long saber.
Get back in the wagon. Put your hat on.
l seen him, and he sure seen me, because he got that one eye full, Mama.
Down in the valley
hear the wind blow
Roses like sunshine
violets like dew
Angels in heaven
know I love you
God love you, Ben, for staying partners with a man like me.
lt's been a burden...
doing business with a God-fearing, honest, decent man.
And crippled.
lndian knife done that, Mathilda.
lndian squaw, Rachel, honey.
The while he was tied captive by them Kiowa.
Kiowa devils.
We licked them good last time, didn't we, partner?
Us and our picayune neighbors?
Four years ago Christmas, down there by the wash.
You flushed them and l shot them.
-They ain't showed a feather in four years. -Four good years for buzzard.
Groundhog, blue potatoes and all the alkali salt you can eat!
Froze to the saddle. A sunburn right through your clothes!
And that twister two years ago, like a big black dog chasing his tail.
The turnaround, down in the spring...
when the creek dried up, and they died by the hundreds.
Great God in the morning!
But now...
this year, Mother, fat!
By the grace of God.
Fat as ever l've seen him in all my long days.
We did it together.
Us Rawlins and you Zacharys.
What sayeth the Lord?
The Lord sayeth, ''Be fruitful and multiply.''
We old folks, we done all the multiplying we can.
You say.
Therefore, Ben, Mathilda...
l'd like to see our two families joined together.
-Keep talking, Papa. -l don't mean you.
Not yet, anyway. And pull your dress down.
Who then, partner?
He means me.
Charlie, come here.
Speak up, Charlie. Tell my brother what you want.
Nothing, sir.
You're a liar, Charlie.
l suppose l am.
Tell him, Charlie, or l'll tell him.
Ben Zachary, sir...
l want to come courting.
Courting who?
My baby sister?
She's a pretty big baby.
And big enough, soon enough.
Hush, Mother. You're getting drunk.
Drunk. Drunk don't tell lies.
Ben, what say you?
l'll think on it.
You'll think on it.
And that's all he'll ever do, too, Papa.
The same goes with Cash Zachary.
l'm 20 years old, and l've been waiting 20 years to get married!
Maybe you ain't asked the right Zachary.
-Do you love me, Andy? -l do.
Except you're tearing my coat.
Do you want to marry me?
l'd like that just fine...
except l promised myself l'd go to Wichita first.
What in the world for?
l ain't never in my life had...
a glass of beer.
How long will that take?
-Month or two. -l can't wait, l just can't.
l found a gray hair in my head this morning.
Cash, you old stickleback, you know you love Georgia.
-Do l? -He don't.
-Don't l? -l don't want him. l hate him.
Come here, Georgia.
No, not in a million years.
l said come here.
Dust him good, Georgia.
Georgia, you just spoiled the best chance you ever had of getting me married.
l hate you.
l'll kill them. l'll kill all the men in the whole world.
Honey, pretty, you'd just be sorry tomorrow.
Honey, pretty, if you're all that anxious to get married...
there's an old man over in the brush, with one good eye.
What old man?
He didn't mention his name.
Mama, that's the old hunter.
The one l told you about.
What old hunter?
Mama, was anybody here?
Nobody, Cash.
Nobody at all.
But, Mama, that crazy old man.
The one with the saber.
Did you see him, Mama?
Yes. Many and many a time.
l've seen a hundred if l've seen one.
They all look alike to me.
There are lonely men riding all over this country.
Buffalo hunters, only the buff is gone.
l feel sorry for them.
No home, no family.
Sorry for them, l tell you.
Will you do something for me, Cash? Stay home.
lt's a dirty job. l'm coming along.
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Fiery sword!
Zacharys are finished!
Quit and run!
Seen him?
-You hear him shout something? -Was that him or the wind?
-l saw the flash of his saber. -Where?
First over there, and then over here.
-Maybe there's two of him. -There's two of us.
Arrows of God upon them!
He can't get far on a dead horse.
-Cash? -Yeah.
l can't see for nothing.
Couldn't see a standing mountain in this storm.
lt's hopeless, Cash.
Hopeless for now.
Be three or four days till this norther blows itself out.
Three or four days, he'll be dead. He'll dry up and blow away.
Kelseys don't die. They got to be killed.
Get him!
Hang on, Ben!
Ride him, boy! Ride him!
Hang on, now!
There, he'll never make it!
Hold him! l'll ride him!
You'll ride him, you can get him, Charlie!
Ride him, Charlie!
Stay with him, Charlie!
You don't hurt me none!
Poor Charlie-boy, you didn't ride him long enough to get warm.
l'm right proud of you, Charlie.
Don't feel bad.
Ain't a man that can't be thrown.
Or ain't a horse that can't be rode.
Why don't you give her a try...
Easy, girl, easy.
Ain't you the prettiest devil l ever did see?
l'm going to ride you now...
easy and slow.
lt ain't going to hurt much.
Not after the first time, anyway.
You've got a burr in your pretty hair, ma'am.
Finish him! One less redhide.
You shut up, Cash.
Ben's a might touchy about Rachel.
l got pay coming...
and a bonus for every horse l busted so far.
We pay off in Wichita.
-l ain't fired? -What for?
You're the party done all the suffering.
Anybody else see a burr in my sister's hair?
You, Rachel!
What reason you got to come smiling, sashaying around here...
other than females?
Why? Am l so different from the other neighbor women?
They stick to their wagons, where they belong.
Maybe they're just not interested in finding a husband.
Get on your horse and go home to Mama.
-What? -He's gone!
-Who? -Guipago's gone!
Guipago, gone?
He wouldn't run away, not with his reins down.
He'd stand. l know he'd stand!
Who could have been so mean as to steal him?
Maybe he run away.
Not with his reins down, he'd stand. l know it!
lf that don't beat all!
Gotta put up $100 silver for the horse and a dollar more for the thief on his back.
Don't be a fool. We know who stole it. Anybody finds him, it'll be us.
Only an lnjun would be crazy enough to steal it.
Just like Zeb's saying, Ben. l think it's lnjun work.
lt's lnjun work, all right. They done it.
Come on, honey. Get on behind me. We're going home.
Ben, l've never seen you so oddly thoughtful.
l don't care about that old horse if it's gonna worry you to death.
lt ain't the horse, exactly.
Go on, tell me. lt must be something dreadful.
lt's nothing.
Are you mad at me for sashaying around?
When l get you home, l'm gonna whup you.
Tell me again, Ben.
Tell you what?
About the night Papa brought me home...
-and the stars were falling. -Yes.
You were the prettiest baby l ever did see.
-Am l still pretty? -Nope. Old age has overtook you.
Ben, l saw blue butterflies down by the creek this morning.
About a million of them.
They were flying in twos, like sweethearts...
with four wings apiece.
That ain't a ladylike thing to say, is it?
Hang on to these days.
Don't grow up too fast.
l got a big choice in this country.
l could marry that handsome, winsome Charlie...
or that baby, Jude.
l could even marry you!
-Watch your language, girl! -Why not? We're not cousins.
-We're not even relatives. -We're not even friends.
Ben, if you met me in Wichita...
and had never seen me before...
would you take after me, hat in hand, mouth open, drunk or sober?
l've just made up my mind.
Have you?
l'm going to tell Charlie he can come courting if he wants to.
l already told him that.
Wake up, Cash. We got company.
What is it?
Kiowas! Dirty, stinking Kiowas.
-What do they want? -l don't know.
But we'd better fort up.
Rachel, stay away from that window.
May the Lord bless this food.
And may the Lord deliver us from evil, red or white.
Turn your plates over and hop to.
Fill up.
l'm a little off my feed this morning.
Now ain't this something?
We're eating with the smell of the stinking killers...
coming through that window, so thick you could see it.
Hellfire, there's only three of them! We can kill them before breakfast!
All right, Cash.
Let's first make sure they're after our scalps.
l'm gonna waste one.
They don't scare for nothing, do they?
They think they've got bulletproof medicine.
l'm going to parley.
-Don't shoot unless you have to. -When is that?
-When they break the peace and kill me. -No, Ben!
You ain't to go out there!
l got shirts on my bed that need fixing.
You ain't to go out there!
l'd hate to have to shut you in your room.
Rachel, get away from that window. Now!
l come in peace.
My land.
My sky.
You are welcome.
Young horses.
Good for fighting.
Good for hunting.
You take.
l am ashamed.
l have nothing as good to give you in return.
You have...
in your house, woman.
One of our women.
Who told you this?
Man of your tribe.
Old man.
Carry long knife.
Him crazy.
Crazy man. Sun...
speak through him.
Dead people speak through mouth.
He speak...
my sister.
l her brother.
He lies!
How much...
woman worth?
There are not enough horses to pay for her.
Not all you can own, or all you can steal.
We want see.
You show her...
to us?
The woman in my house is white.
Father white. Mother white.
They burned to death, by you!
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