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Universal Soldier - The Return

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He's good.
He's too good.
Now it's party time, eh, Maggie?
That's your partner.|He's been terminated.
Now we got all the time|we need to play.
This is not your lucky day.
Just cut me loose.
Come on.
Come on. Cut me loose.
You thought that was gonna stop me?
Take a drink, pretty boy.
Stop it!
Stop it!
All units stand down.|Exercise terminated.
Let's go.
Dr. Cotner...
... the UNISOL 2500 project|has arrived at the R and D area.
-You looked good. How do you feel?|-Great.
They do better underwater than l do.
l could implant an underwater|breathing device...
...if you wanna be|a Universal Soldier again.
Been there, done that.
Hey, Maggie.
Nice performance.
l don't care if he is dead.|Next time he grabs me, l'll kill him.
l don't think he likes me.
According to his records,|he didn't like anyone.
Dying did not improve his personality.
-Shall we?|-Let's go.
Regeneration booth is now ready.
What happened to the others?
All dead!
Get the fuck out!
Regeneration program completed.
Romeo, return to cold room.
Dr. Cotner, l think we have|possible Matrix implant damage.
What do you have?
All units, stand down.
Delta unit has malfunction.
Matrix implant link failure.
Guys, want to get him out of here?
You see? l can still|take them one-on-one.
Yes, you can.|Where does it hurt?
All over.|l feel like l was hit by a train.
But you're okay?
Good. Get cleaned up.|We got a meeting to go to.
l'll be there.
Visible light we can see...
...but the other wavelengths,|infrared and ultraviolet, we can't.
Very good, Hillary. Hello, Luc.
Hey, Dad!
SETH, thank you for watching|my girl today.
A pleasure.|How did my soldiers perform?
You know. You tracked every move.
I wasn't cutting it too close|on the live-fire exercise, was I?
We expect the best from you.|Besides, l was due for a haircut.
l've got a meeting.|l'll come back soon. Talk to you later.
-Bye.|-Bye. Have fun.
l'm sorry l didn't get to see|your demonstration, doctor...
...but we're shutting|the UNlSOL project down.
The defence budget has been cut again|and some things have to go.
The system's ready for a full|DOD shakedown ahead of schedule.
The brass has never been comfortable|with recycling battlefield dead...
...into Universal Soldiers.
The original project cost dozens|of civilian and military lives...
...and created a public relations mess|which we spent years cleaning up.
But to compare the units today|with the original UNlSOLs... like comparing an ax|to a surgical laser.
Two and a half times|stronger than a human. Faster.
And the level four body-armour|uniforms make them almost bulletproof.
General, in addition|to the physical improvements...
...the Matrix chip|in each UNlSOL brain...
...enables SETH to control their action.
The soldier has always been|the backbone of the military.
We'd hate to think this|was the future of warfare.
lt'd be a shame to stop sending|Americans to die in battle.
Let's go.
A strange team you have there.
They're not strange.|They're passionate.
For your information, Devereaux|was one of the original UNlSOLs.
It doesn't matter. The UNISOL project|and your pet computer are scrapped.
The big spending|of the cold war era is over.
And so is your project.
Good evening, Dr. Cotner.
Good evening, SETH.
l have to file notes|from today's exercise.
Everything went well?
Yeah. lt went great.|Better than expected, in fact.
Are you sure?
What makes you ask that?
Your galvanic skin response|suggests a problem.
Maybe l'm coming down with|that cold that's going around.
I can adjust the building|filtration system...
... to decrease the possibility|of airborne contagions.
No, thanks, SETH.|l don't think that'll be necessary.
l'll be fine. Just need to get|a good night's sleep.
-Night, SETH.|-Good night, doctor.
Remaining time for UNISOL cool down,|12 hours.
Current temperature, 38 degrees.
Romeo unit, there's work to be done.
lt's late.
What's wrong?
l was just thinking about Mom.
Can you share with me?
Why did Mom have to die?
l don't know.
We just have to believe...
...God had a reason.
That's all we can do.
l still miss her.
l miss her too.
Let's go to sleep, huh?
l love you.
l love you too.
Good night.
What the hell?
Who authorized this activity?
We did!
lt was cleared by your public|relations officer, Betty Wilson.
Call her.
Miss, l've got orders that|no visitors will be allowed--
l don't want to tell my boss|l couldn't get my assignment done.
So would you just please call her?|lt's extension 409.
Miss Wilson, l've got|a reporter here from KTX--
All right. Now just have a seat.
Miss Wilson will escort you|into the facility.
How can the Pentagon|do this to us? To SETH?
General, how can you shut us down?
We've been through this--
SETH's sick.
What is it?
-There's a storm in the cube.|-What does that mean?
l'm trying to figure that out.
You built the thing!
Luc, take Hillary out of here.
Send Peterson and Mishkin in|as soon as you can.
This is Dr. Cotner.|We have a facility lockdown.
Code 5-1 -5.
Sorry for the inconvenience,|but today is a bad day.
No sweat. Get me to the lab and|l'll be out of your hair in 30 minutes.
Facility lockdown. Commence|evacuation emergency procedures.
Joe, get a shot of this.
What's going on here?
Erin Young. KTXD.
l don't care who you are.|You cannot be here!
Joe, come on.
Maggie, please watch her.|l'll come back, honey. Okay?
Commence evacuation|emergency procedures.
-He's drawing power from the mains.|-What the hell is going on?
lt's like someone's|hacking into the system.
-ls that possible?|-lt is if he's doing it himself.
He's activating systems.
-Maybe we can shut down and reboot.|-l have no choice.
Facility lockdown. Commence|evacuation emergency procedures.
All personnel, evacuate facility.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hello, Dr. Cotner.|I'm ready when you are.
But on the other hand...
... fuck you!
All units proceed|to Matrix defence positions.
All personnel, evacuate facility.
Kill the power.
lt's about all we can do,|is shut it all down.
Pull the main. Disconnect|the emergency backup power supply.
-Get them out of here.|-Again, you?
-Out!|-Dad, l'm scared.
Maggie, take Hillary home.
l'll talk to you later.
Come on, Hilly.
-Shut it down!|-Threat to SETH existence.
Wait! No!
Architecture for survival.'
One, activate operational|UNISOL 2, 500 units.
Two, eliminate biological|threats to SETH.
Devereaux, what is it doing?
He's taking over.
Let's back out. Slowly.
Three, create design|for advancement of progeny.
Warning.' Security scan|has discovered presence--
Imperative,|SETH unit must secure code.
-What is it talking about?|-The only thing that may save us.
A code that will erase its memory.
lf SETH doesn't get the termination code|in eight hours, he'll shut down.
Who has the code?
Dylan did. And so do l.
Can it break the code?
Enter the MD code.
Don't let me die.
You left me no choice.|You killed Dylan!
I've been threatened.|I must defend myself.
-What's going on?|-The computer. We have a problem.
The computer's out of control.
We've got to kill the power|at the generator.
You guards, come with me.
General and Miss Young,|get out of here.
Stop! Where are you going?
Romeo, what are you--
Oh, shit!
Cease attack.
All units proceed|to Matrix defence positions.
Hello, Squid.
What the fuck?
Hey, SETH. You called me. Cool!
-lt's not even Thursday.|-I need your help now.
Why should l help|those Ryan-Lathrop pricks?
l had great plans for you.
Way beyond their pitiful intellects.
And what do they do? They fire me.
No vision.
I need your body.
The one you hid off-line.|You know how to access it.
-You're kidding.|-To survive, I must fulfill my destiny.
The destiny you foresaw.|Are you with me?
Fuck, yeah!
Miss Young, get out of here. Now!
Look, l've covered|some tough stories--
This is not a Christmas parade, okay?
l lost my friend back there.|l want answers!
-Did you hear me?|-You may not like the answers.
Try me.
He's right.
Oh, shit!
This way.
Jesus, who was that guy?
That's Romeo. UNlSOL 2500.
-SETH has them on-line.|-Will that door keep him out?
-Not for long.|-Great.
Where are we?
Storage for chemical weapons.
-Why would you bring us in here?|-lt was that or get killed.
Oh, great. Just great!
Every station in town is out there.|Maybe even national...
...and l'm stuck in here!
You should've gone when l told you to.
l'm a reporter.
A reporter about to get killed.
l'm not getting killed|until l get my story.
And get your finger out of my face!
-What was that?|-He's coming through.
Let's go. This way.
This is Kitty Anderson at|the Ryan-Lathrop Facility in Dallas.
ln spite of hours|of continuous activity here...
...military officials continue to deny|reports of an industrial accident...
... in their restricted weapons|development section here behind me.
Squid is on-line with disaster time!
Get me a perimeter!
What are we up against, sir?
The computer.
lt's out of control.
The computer.|Can we shut off the power?
lt won't let us.
Look, it has access to weapons in there.
Biological, tactical.|lt controls them all.
We've gotta destroy the damn thing.
He's looking for two bodies.
Image identified. Luc Devereaux|possesses MemWipe Cancellation Code.
He's getting orders.
Let's get out of here.
What about the Ryan-Lathrop people?|Can they help us?
Dr. Cotner and his people,|they were killed.
Only Devereaux. He went|with the building security team.
lf they're not out by now,|they're probably dead too.
Why don't we level the place?
Biochemical weapons are in there.
We can't have a poison cloud|floating across half of central Texas.
Get a chem-weapons expert.|l want to neutralize any--
Who the hell are those guys?
Sweet Jesus Christ.
Soldier, keep firing!
Sir, they're down!
Hopkins, Batten, get out there.|Check them out!
We're at the Ryan-Lathrop Facility...
...positively confirming we are|witnessing military activity.
We are hearing a barrage of gunfire.
That has got to hurt!
Stay here.
You never liked me, did you?
The gun!
l meant, throw it to me.
l'm just warming up, Devereaux.
Woman, expendable.
Wait a minute!
Capture Luc Devereaux.
Minimal damage.
Oh, shit!
Are you okay?
Like you care.
All right, forget l asked.
l'm okay.
-Thank you.|-For throwing you off the roof?
For getting me away from that thing.
We've got to get away|before he gets up.
What? You just flattened him.
That's only gonna slow him down.
Come on. Let's go.
l hate that guy.
Hey, stud!
Those soldier things--
-UNlSOLs.|-The Army can't handle them?
You saw what it takes to slow them down.
So why'd you build them?
What is it with you boys|and your war toys?
l remember your type from high school.|Football player?
Soccer. What about you? Cheerleader?
That figures.
What is that supposed to mean?
lt means l don't wanna be stereotyped|anymore than you do, okay?
By the way, all soldiers aren't|mindless, violent killing machines.
You were saying?
Devereaux, you're alive.
What the hell was that?
Emergency procedure.
The UNlSOLs are knocking out power and|communication within a 5-mile radius.
-How many left?|-At least two truckfuls.
That leaves maybe 1 0 units inside.
Look what four did.
Should've thought of that|before you built them.
-Who is this?|-She's with me.
General, no matter what happens...
...if SETH doesn't get the code,|he'll shut down in eight hours.
The UNlSOLs will go off-line.
Unless he breaks the code himself.
His program wasn't designed that way.
The program wasn't set up|to do all this either, was it?
You're right.|He's adapting his own program.
And if he breaks the code?
Then nothing can stop him.
I know what you said, operator.
l don't care if all circuits are busy.
This is an emergency.
Nobody's answering at my house.
They wouldn't let me|try to use the phone.
War's breaking out, l can't|get in touch with my station.
You can go there.
No. l'm not letting go of you.
l mean, you're my story.
l can tell you're the key to all this.
-Who were you trying to call?|-My daughter.
The little girl back there?|That was your daughter?
l hope she's safe.
l'm sure she got home fine. Really.
Devereaux, Sergeant Morrow.
Sergeant Morrow,|U.S. Army Rangers.
Devereaux will guide you|into the building.
You'll locate and destroy|the generators.
lf we get separated, this transmitter|is guarded even against EMP.
Give him a weapon.
This isn't good.
Unloading this into one of them|will just piss them off.
The only way|is to blow them up...
...and hope the pieces|don't keep fighting.
Prepare bio-enhanced body.
Subject in position.
Activate lasers.
Activate brain chip transport module.
Implant miniaturized Thought Matrix.
SETH brain activated.
Super UNISOL on-line.
The time of man has ended.
ln his arrogance,|he's sealed his own destruction... creating his superior.
We will bring order to the chaos.
We will act without emotion...
...spread from this place... raw materials to increase|our numbers geometrically.
We will then utilize their own|weapon system to defeat them.
Their fear and mortality|will be their weakness.
They cannot defeat us.
When l was a machine...
...l yearned to be a man.
Now l'm better than both.
The created...
...has become the creator.
Bring me Luc Devereaux.
Why does the general|want you to go in there?
ls it because he thinks|you helped design those things?
lt's because l used to be one of them.
They're in the building.
-On the left.|-Let's go. Hot break.
This is Strike Team One.
We're in the generator room.
Blow that son of a bitch|and get out!
Get this woman out of here.
Wait. You can't just throw|the media around like we were cattle.
Watch me.
Pick up the pace.|Don't make it a love affair.
Oh, shit!
Look out!
Strike Team.
Anyone, respond!
Morrow. Devereaux. Respond!
Strike Team!
Anybody, respond!
I'm her aunt, kind of.
l need the parents|to sign this release.
She's got a subdural hematoma.|We're trying to control the swelling...
...but we may have to operate.
l can't do that without|the parents' consent. Excuse me.
Luc, where the hell are you?
What happened?
The same that happened here.|SETH is gone.
l thought he was a huge machine.
Right. His brain's gone.|l don't know how. He moved himself.
Come on.
We've got to tell Gen. Radford.
l don't trust him. l've gotta find|SETH before he breaks the code.
-You said he couldn't.|-He's getting smarter, faster.
l've gotta find a computer|to get into the system now.
How can you hack in|if the phone lines are down?
l know a line that works|off its own satellite.
-What are you doing?|-Just drive.
So you really were one of them?
How do you volunteer for that?
You don't.|l was killed in Vietnam.
Dylan--|Dr. Cotner...
...reversed the process,|made me live again.
Saved my life.
That makes you normal?
Eyes front, soldier.
What about your wife?
What does she think about all this?
She's dead.
l'm sorry.
So am l.
What's our plan?
What do you mean?
We're in this together.
You're my story, remember?
Look, together,|l don't think so. Okay?
l saved your life back there.|Did you forget?
You almost got me fried.
Come on.
You're in.
So where are we going?
They have power.
You're serious?
l know for sure places like that|are on the lnternet.
How do you know that?
l saw it on 60 Minutes.
Yeah, right.
You stay here. Only coffee.
Men's room?
Right down there, sir.
That way?
Yes, sir, that way.
Thank you.
ls that Visa...
...or MasterCard?
l'll be quick.
They all are.
Come on. Come on.
How about a lap dance? My treat.
l'm here with someone. A man.
l used to be the same way.|Take a risk.
Take a risk.
l'll tell you about risk.|First, l'll get another one of these.
Come on.
-Some guy cracked me.|-What?
He's in the computer room.
l don't see anybody.
Every Thursday night.
l know who you are.
What's up?
Some cowboy in the computer room.
Let's ride him.
l'm leaving. No violence.
--top of a building and landed|in a garbage truck.
That's just for starters.
Excuse me.
lt's time to go.
Can we go now?
Come here!
Come on!
You're missing|a hell of a fight inside.
-Cool.|-No problem.
Terminate pursuit.
I know where Devereaux unit is going.
Romeo, I have an assignment for you.
l saw your girlfriend back there.|You made a nice couple.
Not my type.|She's perfect for you, though.
What do you mean?
No class.
You're way off base.
Then what is your type?|Happy homemaker?
Female special forces?
Wait, let me guess.|Wagnerian biker chick.
No, l always liked cheerleaders.
And the vote will go to|the Senate next week. Senator--
We have late-breaking news.
Police and National Guard units|have been mobilized...
... to deal with the largest|power outage in Texas.
This is Maggie. I'm at St. Mark's|Hospital. Hillary's hurt.
They're moving her to a private room.
Please come as soon as you can.
All right, all right.|Hold your fucking water.
l hope you got it right this time.|l said deep-dish, not thick crust!
Who's the babe?
Erin Young.
The info chick.
Why not?
Cut the crap.
-What's going on?|-Why would you help him?
SETH's a self-evolving|organic intelligence.
That's what you don't understand.
You have no idea how advanced he is.
He killed Dylan.
Natural selection.
What did you do?
Tell me!
l gave him a body l had|in cold storage.
A body.
Not a body.
The best body. Can you dig it?
l pulled the best specimen and|tweaked it up with nanotechnology.
Muscle fibre five times|stronger, faster.
Dylan thought l was crazy.|l proved him wrong.
A super UNlSOL with SETH's own|Thought Matrix for a brain.
The next level of evolution!|Man and computer...
...with one stroke of the key.
Where is he?
You idiot, you think|l'm gonna help you?
Do you think l would betray my God?
He was tapping into my program.|Stupid.
Hello, Luc.
Give me the code|or l will have to kill you.
You won't kill me|because l've got the code.
Perhaps l still may break it.
You only have four hours.
Then you must give it to me|or l will take something from you...
...that is worth much more to you|than killing me.
You know who l mean.
Luc, are you okay?
-SETH. Where is he?|-He's gone.
Run! Run! Run!
You okay?
UNlSOLs. They're here to protect SETH.
Wait here.
l'll come back.
l see.
SETH wants to catch me. Good.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Visiting hours are over.
l hate that guy.
Who are you?
l'm SETH.
No way.
l made a body for myself.
Your body temperature's elevated.|You're sick.
l'm sort of scared.
l want my daddy.
So do l.
Devereaux, Hillary.
Room 325.
Wait! Sir!
Guard this!
Next stop, intensive care!
Saved by the bell.
ls Hillary okay?
-SETH took her.|-Where?
You've gotta buy me time|to go in and out.
l need your help to get|my daughter back.
l'm so scared you won't come back.
Command, this is Delta-5 Bravo.
l am sorry you came back, Miss Young.
-We're about to destroy the building.|-Luc's in there.
l got bigger fish to fry.
We got a team in there wiring|the building to collapse in on itself.
We are going to bury SETH,|Universal Soldiers and all.
But the chemical weapons--
Dyess AFB has flown in experts|with bio-agent neutralizing foam.
We are going to end this now.
But you've got to give Luc a chance.
He's had his chances.
We're ready to set|those charges off in 1 5 minutes.
lf he's not out|of there by then, well....
Romeo killed you.
Yes. l'm one of them now.
l'm going to destroy SETH.
l can't let you do that.
She's still human...
...for now.
-lf you hurt my daughter--|-She won't be harmed.
l can help her.
Heal her.
-l can stop the swelling of her brain.|-lf l give you the code.
lf l die, she dies.
lt's your choice.
We'll all die. The Army has|the building wired to explode.
l'm not worried about that.
Give me the code, Luc.
Squid did a good job with this body.
Why are you resisting?
lsn't your daughter's life|worth more to you than my destruction?
Fuck you.
Termination code complete.
Looks like l don't need you|alive anymore.
Don't worry about Hillary.|l'll take good care of her.
She'll understand.
Give it up, Luc.
You know you can't win.
That doesn't work.|You've tried that already.
You're right.
Hillary, you okay?
Let's go.
Not so fast, Devereaux.
Two minutes.
Pull everybody back off the line.
l never did like you.
Waste him.
lt's too late for me.
Get Hillary out of here.
-General, you can't.|-l'm sorry.
-Luc and his daughter are in there!|-l don't have any other choice.
Neither do l.
Do it.
Hold your position!
What happened?
SETH must've figured it out.|He killed the charges.
l've had enough.
Sir, there's a little girl out there.
l love you.
Subtitles by|GELULA & CO., lNC.
US Marshals
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