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Unknown Pleasures

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One of my mon's colleague just lost his mind.|He began to sing the opera.
You heard that shit just now?
Xiao Ji?
Why you are here, Xiao Wu?
Haven't seen you for 2 days.|Were you buried in the books or something?
Not really. I'm just browsing the job classified.
Want some inner news?
Let me give you a good one.
They are looking for actors for Mongolia King Brewster.|Why don't you go have a try?
What do they need the actors for?|Who knows?
All the actors need to do is just singing and dancing.|And they get the alcohol sold.
So called "Economic sings|on the stage of entertainment".
Oh, I see.
Commission charge, please.
What commission charge?|For the inner news.
10 bucks for cigarettes will do.|I haven't got a cent on me, for real.
And you?
Just got sacked. How would I have money?
Your poor guy.
'The Charity Lottery of Shanxi...'
'in the way of the international accepted|combination chosen numbers,'
'allow you choose any seven mumbers...'
out of the 31 numbers from 01 to 31
'The combination of 7 different|numbers will be your lot.'
'Invalid if more or less than 7 numbers.'
'Every lot you bid cost 2 Yuan,|and every lottery ticket can be printed up to 5 lots.'
'Wish you good luck and win the prize!'
Hello everybody,
Welcome to our audtion|at the Mongolia King Brewster.
Next, let's welcome Miss Zhao Qiaoqiao,
the well-known model and singer in our town,
perform the modern dance for us.
Unknown Pleasures.
Let's think about the spirit of|the Mongolia King Brewster again.
Toast on the Mongolia King.
Toast on the Mongolia King.
Thank you.
So many people, Mr. Ren.
-Qiaoqiao is back.|-Give me the money.
They are all VIPs. Say hello to them first.
Sir, nice to see you all, sir.
Only for the people.
Why don't you take some pictures|with this young star?
Take some pictures.
A bit closer.
Who's left out?
Now all the pictures are taken.|Would you give me the money, Mr. Ren?
Go find the accountant.
Accouuntant Liu, would you give me the money?
Wait two more days, OK? Besides,|You're joining our Performace Group anyway.
Two days? So long.
You will stay. So lucky you can join us.
Thank you. Thanks.
But I still want my money.
Give me two more days, OK?
You're going to be our member anyway.
Two days?
Ok. Two days then.
All right?
Thank you. Two days.
Take care, sir, bye.
How much does the woman get?
Hey, here we go.
-What?|-Move aside.
-We meet again.|-Get out of the way.
-Let's be friend, OK?|-What friend?
Let me introduce myself. I'm Xiao Ji.
Xiao Ji? I know you now.|Now get lost.
Take care.
You done? Take a seat.
Let me introduce. This is the First Queen.
And this is the Queen.
San. He's a nice shithead.
He's just like the King of the Tang Dynasty.
San, I'll see you around.
See you.
Beg alms under the hill the young monk went.
Some advices from the old monk he was told.
Women under the hill are all tigers.
Never stay with them when you catch a sight.
Towns after towns, and villages after villages,
thought of the monk,
why the tigers never bite,
and look so nice.
Go have a look inside.
Go by yourself.
Who were you talking with?
-Qiao San.|-Who's Qiao San?
-You have some troubles with him?|-No.
You are not his match.
-A movie?|-All right.
-Room No. 2|-No. 2?
You go first. I'll bring you the menu.
Be quick.
You come here a lot?
Not really. I quitted today. Fired the boss.
For what?
He's just not my type.
You're alway like that.|Your mom will be angry.
She scolded me every day and I just turn a deaf ear.
How're you doing?
Can't decide which college to apply.
The teacher send us home to disscuse with the parents.
Why not disscusss with me?
I can't make my own choice.|Any use disscussing with you?
Gosh, yesterday is my bad day.|Just with a glance of the TV, I was scolded by mon.
What were you watching?
Nothing. Just WTO.
Said it'll be included in the Politics test.
WTO is so easy. Just the money earning stuff.
See, how nice to be the Monkey King.
Without parents and without control.|Just do as he will.
And will have no shit of WTO.
That's why you invited me to the Heaven Palace.
Old King Yu, you asked again and again...
-Sir, where's my bike?|-It was repaired a couple of days ago.
My own ticket? Missing long ago.
I told you come by when it's done.|Let me check inside.
Nothing at all?
Take a seat.
Why you have this?
Someone gave me.
It was in the afternoon of Jan 23, 2001,
the day of the Spring Festival Eve,
some fans of the Falun Dafa|burned themselves in the Tiananmen Square...
to accomplish their ultimate task.
Ah.|Who damn knows.
God, you've got a fortune.
American dollars?
The money the American use.
No place to exchange them, is there?
Nonsense. That's a lot of money.
Xiao Ji.
The key.
My old man just ran into a fortune.
How much is this?
10 USD is worth 1000 Yuan, I'll tell you that.
A thousand?
At least.
That's a fortune then.
Come back, you.
Come back.
-Where are you from?|-Me? I'm from Zhangjiakou.
-How far is Zhangjiakou away from here?|-Not too far.
When the highway's built, it'll only|take me one hour or so to go home.
And by Ivecog, too?
Look, your friend just sit there alone.
Come on, let sister Zhu give you a massage.
No. No.
Come on in, Binbin. Come in.
Come on. Come.
Come on. Come.
-The first time?|-Yes. First time.
-Where are you from?|-We are from the Spinnery.
State-owned company.
And you?
I'm from Zhangjiakou.
Here, lie down.
-No.|-What's it?
Easy. Easy.
That's it.
Easy. Come on.
That's it. That's it.
Hurry up. Don't waste your time.
Hurry, don't be late.
Why don't you go to work?
Why are you still here?
You don't go to work because of your|fucking girlfriend? You liar.
Don't call me a liar.
Don't cry at me. You are useless.
I would rather you enlisted in the army|and get away from me as far as possible.
Just wait and see. I'm not what you are thinking.
Let me grief, let me regret...
Even the heaven don't know either...
Take my pain and take my toil...
Gone with the wind and enjoy the unkown pleasure...
No worry about where a hero's starting out...
With pride and ambition,|and the heaven wil be proud...
Love is endless just for it...
Couldn't get it all life long till we die...
Why you come so late?
What are you shouting at?|I was filling out the application in school.
What did you apply for?
Mom want me to apply for|International Trade in Beijing.
-Beijing?|-Yeah. Isn't Beijing nice?
You will stock rabbits, won't you?
What are you talking about?
I heard that International Trades are|all about stocking rabbits.
And then sell them to Ukraine.
What you heard is nonsense.
I agree.
Can I ask you to do something?
Go ahead.
Don't get mad at me please.
I won't be.
The exams are really close.
So don't come and see me.
See, you are mad.
Not at all. How dare I to be mad at you princess?
No worry about where a hero's starting out...
With pride and ambition, and the sky wil be proud...
Love is endless just for it...
Support for you all life long till we die...
Love you so deep even the sky can't see...
Good or evil lingered for generations...
Can't live with love and heart all your life...
How can I forget your tenderness
Drink Mongul King Wine, you'll have a wonderful life!
Drink Mongul King Wine, you'll win the jackpot!
Thank you for coming to try Mongul King, Thank you.
-You are from the Bureau of Mineral Administration?|-You know me?
I graduated from the 7th High.
Me too. Let's have a bottom-up.
It's almost one year since I graduated.
You live here?
No, I'm here for the girl.|The one who just sang a song.
Who? Qiaoqiao Zhao.
Good taste.
You already flushed. Don't get drunk.
Smooch me and have a drink before you go.
Just a smooch, what are you afraid of?
You hit me.
I never fight for girls.
That's alright. Let's go.
Why do you want to go?
Drinks are free here.
Behave yourselves, guys.
Get out.
What's wrong with me looking at you?
Get out.
Come on. My friend's drunk because of you.
You sick?
Of course. Lovesick.
Come on, gimme a cigaratte.
It's not good for you.
Where are you guys from?
From the streets.
Can I have your phone number?
Who wants to ask me out, you or him?
He's my younger brother. I just want to help him out here.
Get him over.
alright, alright, just a second.
You wanna see me?
Don't you wana make out with me? Ask.
-Do you know who I am?|-I know.
Let me tell you something.
I found her yesterday.
YOU make out with ME? Come on.
How do you plan to do that?
Just like instant noodles in the boiling water.
Come here.
Come here.
Is that all you've got?
Leave me alone from now on.
Why did the American aircraft invade the terretorial air space...
of China without permission and...
land on Lingshui airport?
While the reaction of the United States is...
-You drink again?|-No.
You drinked last time, didn't you?
The smell is all over this place. Don't drink too much.
Did't you want me to join the army?|I've been convinced.
I won't push you.|It would be nice if you don't go, actually.
Then I'll go register tomorrow.
Let me think it over.
-This is for you.|-Where did you get it?
Uncle Li gave it to me when he went to|the grocery store this afternoon.
What's going on?
Fuck, the Americans invaded us again?
1:40 AM This morning
There was a huge explosion at the local Shopping Mall.
The Citizen Navigator Buiding #7 and #8...
were Bombed and destroyed by the terrorists.
By now 46 died and injured. 11 missing.
This is the most serious explosion...
in the history of this city and of our country.
Specialists from the Social Security Department have confirmed...
that This is an carefully plotted crime.
The motivation is still under investigation.
All the major local hospitals have been brought into emergency...
to take care of the injured.
-Does it hurt?|-Yes.
Don't worry. After this,|you'll go to Beijing to be a soldier.
Damn it, where were you?|I've been waiting for you.
I said I'll be on the 2nd floor.|What the heck are you doing on the 3rd floor?
I lost 20 fucking pounds.
And you? Still the same.
Fcuk it, there're so many police vehicles at the gate.
You'd better go now.
-Wasn't that you yesterday?|-Don't puff up me.
What are you doing? Anybody?
Did you hear me?
Are you out of your mind?
-Don't hinder us from our work here.|-What are you talking about?
Come here, come here. Let's handle this here.|What the hell is the problem with you?
What's the problem with you?|Why nobody's taking care of the man on 3rd floor?
Which man? There's nobody at the window.
-Who's that guy at the window?|-My dad.
Your dad? What's so important about your dad?
Nobody's taking care of him so I call for help.|What's wrong with that?
Once your dad got there, the hospital takes over.
I paid. So I'd call no one but you for help.
-How long haven't you paid?|-You tell me how long I haven't paid.
Still 2000 short. Give it here.
2000? 20,000 won't be a problem.
Just 2000? Take it.
This? I don't care if it's 100,000 with this.|I just want 2000.
2000£¬Isn't that money on it? You release him first.
I want CASH, 2000£¬got it?
What's up with cash?
Release him first!
Who are you?
What's the relationship between you guys?|Why do you pay for him?
I have.
What do you want?|What do you want then?
I just want cash, 2000.
Please get some money for me.
Get 2000 for me. The sooner the better.
You talk too much. You.
Just Owe you 2000. Big deal.
-The password is 1998.|-Got it.
Please write down the account number and amount.
Account number, amount, like this?
You need your ID for the card.
Please write down your ID number.
And name please.
15 yuan for picking up payment for somebody else.
Service fee?
Can I exchange it here?
I'm sorry, we can't.
Not all banks do this?
You need to go to Bank of China.
Isn't here a bank of China?
Bank of China is Bank of China,|We are Commercial & Industrial Bank.
They are different?
Yes, they are different.
Aren't you embarrassed?
Why should I?
Alright, let's go home first.
What are you crying for, big fellow?
I won't leave you alone.
Come on, let's go eat.
-My treat.|-No, it's on me today.
Come on, I got phlebotomized for him.|It should be on him.
Red-Flag Diner then?
Let's go.
How come you didn't order instant noodles?
You said you wanna make out like instant noodles, didn't you?
Then we'll order one.
You're sure I dare not?
Be my younger brother, OK?
You are only 2 years older than me.|I was born in 1982.
How do you know that?
Isn't your passcode 1980?
Wow, you are smart.
2 years older? You have to call me sister|even if I'm just one year older.
How's your dad?
My dad?
He's fine£¬just cried.
How come your mom wasn't there that day?
She's dead.
It's good.
I think you're sick.
Really, I mean it.
I came across my dad at the bank today.
He asked me where I got the deposit book.
What did you say?
I didn't tell him.
I was so close to tell'em that I just robbed it from the bank.
You're something huh?|Rob a bank?
Damn it. It's too bad I was born in Datong.
Only if I were born in the States|where money's everywhere...
I would've been a robber.
I watched an Hollywood movie the other day.
There was this guy and a chick eating at a restaurant
The chick's hair was gorgeous just like yours!
And then all of a sudden,|they just wanted to rob the Diner!
The guy took out his gun
-You're having fun?|-Sure.
-You're having fun?|-Sure.
-You're having fun?|-Sure.
What are you doing?
Are you fucking crazy?
YOU are fucking crazy!
Are you my friend or not?
Of course I am.
Alright then.
He's got a gun, Idiot!
Mr. Samaranch is now going to announce...
Which city has finally won...
the 2008 Olympic Games bid.
The envelop is sealed...
Beijing now has a very good chance...
So what he's got a gun?
What's on your mind?
You didn't pick me up after the Exam.
School is not my cup of tea.
I'm all Streets.
The whole country knew it except you.
Don't be mad.
I was an idiot alright?
I went to your home yesterday|but your mom wouldn't let me in.
Don't be mad at her,|she's just an old women.
What are you doing?
We're not ready yet.
So many uncertainties.
I've heard that one millions of times.
My mom always said that.
The meeting is finished.
Please wait for a moment.
Whatever, I'm goingӣ
Sorry, I was busy lately.
Have you fixed the waterpipe£æ
It's done.
The Police's waging an war on|prostitution and mafia activities.
So the clapboards has to go.
I already arranged it.
You better watch out,|I'm the landlord after all.
We'd also take responsibilities.
Well, that's pretty much about it.|Just keep it in mind.
-Then I'll just go.|-Take care.
-We can go there some other day.|-Alright.
Can I help you?
I want to join the army.
Have you finished?
I'm BinBin living in Building 8# Door 6.
-Are you Wu, ZeZhen's elder son?|-Yep.
Go tell your mother not to|practice Falun Gong any more.
The news are all over the TV now,|it's not allowed anymore.
She's just harming herself.
This is your Examine slip.
I can't make out of it.
It says Hepatitis positive.
Hepatitis positive...
Means Disqualified, No can do.
It can't be...
You have to trust Science.
It's all written here.
It's not such a big deal,|Go have another check in the hospital.
Take some medicine and have good rest.
Do you have a girlfriend now?
Not yet.
Be careful. It's contagious.
What's up?
Brother Wu,|didn't you just stock some pet mice?
Well, buy in and buy out,|Easy Peasy Japanesy!
Who doesn't want some nowadays?
-Just the two of us now.|-Alright, alright.
Get in.
Hop in.
Put in some water for me.
Do you know about Confucius and Lao Tze?
How about Chuang Tze?
Are you familiar with the ?
The was written by Chuang Tse.
The essence of it is telling you that,|you are free to do anything you like.
Who told you that?
Qiao San
Fuck£¬him again.
How did you meet each other?
He was my PE Coach.
We were kicked out of school together.
How come there's a butterfly?
Came by itself.
Just tell me what's on your mind.
I wana borrow 1500 yuan.
What for?
That you don't mind.|I'll repay it for sure.
Can't even work on the damn machines,|I'm broke too.
I'm sure you can manage.
It's hard enough to find money these days.|Try it yourself.
I might need it back soon.
Sure, I know the rules.
-No delay.|-Sure.
-The Interest Rate?|-Yeah, I know.
Brother Wu!
Brother Wu!
What are you doing here?
-Alright, take it inside.|-I'll put it here.
Brother Wu£¬what's this for?
-Qiao San is dead.|-What?
-Qiao San is dead.|-Which Qiao San?
The usurer Qiao
He was hit by a truck in ZhangJiaKou
The driver might have to do a few years' time.
Fuck, he's real lucky didn't get killed by me.
He lived long enough. 37 or 38.
General Yue only fucking lived for 36 years.
Fuck General Yue.|Why should he live forever?
What's the point of living a long life anyway?|Thirthy years' enough.
What do you want?
Hey, say something!
This is for you.
This is for me?
Yeah, aren't you studying Internatinal Trade?|This might help.
You are mocking me again.
No, I didn't.
Now you have an excuse to stalk me.
Dare I?
What's wrong?
Would you come here?
What for?
Please come here.
Can you kiss me?
Let's go.
I won't go.
Let's go.
'Passengers to Taiyuan...
please be ready...'
'Passengers to YanPing, Taiyuan...
please have your tickets ready...'
Your brother was beaten by someone.
Yeah, can't help.
Have to bow down when on other's turf, isn't it?
Just the way of life.
Just live the way.
Come, lie down.
Can I sit here?
You can't afford me. So leave.
What's your name?
Zhang Jun.
Zhang, with an H, right?
-Jun, with a G or J?|-With J, Zhang Jun.
How old are you?
I was born in 66, 1966.
34, right?
What did you have on you when|we caught you today?
A Gun.
-How many?|-One piece.
-One what gun?|-Model 54.
Model 54 M20.
How many bullets do you have then?
I have cartridges probably 1, 2, 3...
5, 5X7, five cartridges, 35, 36 bullets.
You are so excited today.
What do you know I'm excited or not?
Mom, what happened?
Mom, tell me you didn't rob the bank.
Doesn't matter if no one tells.
20 years£¬40,000 yuan.
Retired beforehand.
That's good, isn't it?|You are free now.
The money is real,|Mom has checked them all!
-See 'Xiao Wu'?|-No.
-The platform?|-Nope.
You are making money by|selling VCD in front of a high school?
-When can you get me my money?|-Don't worry, I will repay you.
-Didn't your mother get the money?|-That's my mother's money!
This one?
Buddy, feed on yourself huh?
-How's everthing?|-Fine.
-Not bad, how much do you make everyday?|-Enough.
Hi, Brother Wu!
Got a cigarette?
-Did you fucking borrow money?|-No.
-You can't fool me.|-Mind your own damn business.
How would you repay the debt?
One disc earns 2 yuan, will be enough.
Then you take your time.
-I wana go to Xi Ning.|-Xi Ning?
Heard they've got guns there.
Let's pull a big job.
With guns, there's nothing to fear!
Does it look like it?
Bomb OK, you not.
This time?
Bomb not OK, you neither.
Then what the fuck should we do?
Are you fucking deaf? Robbery!
Gimme the money!
At least you should've took a zippo!
The Vice Governor DuWuan attended the Ceremony...
He greeted the opening of the the Shan Xi Capital Highway...
and emphasized that this Project is|one of the 95 key Projects of our Province...
It is the 7th highway built in our Province|and it will open up the Province's north gate...
thus activate the whole Transportation Development Strategy|of the Province in the new century...
What did you do?
Bank robbery
What's your name?
Guo, BinBin
Home address?
The Spinnery.
Do you konw that Bank Robbery|is liable to death penalty?
No way...
It's an Attempted Robbery.
Huh, you are optimistic.
Go, sing a song.
What song should I sing?
Whatever you're good at.
Now sing!
Let me grief, let me regret...
Even the heaven don't know either...
Take my pain and take my toil...
Gone with the wind and enjoy the unkown pleasure...
No worry about where a hero's starting out...
With pride and ambition,|and the sky wil be proud...
Love is endless just for it...
Support for you all life long till we die...
Let me grief, let me regret....
Even the heaven don't know either...
Take my pain and take my toil...
Gone with the wind and enjoy the unkown pleasure...
No worry about where a hero's starting out...
With pride and ambition,|and the sky wil be proud...
Love is endless just for it...
Support for you all life long till we die...
Love you so deep even the sky can't see...
Good or evil lingered for generations...
Can't live with love and heart all your life...
How can I forget your kindness...
Let me grief and let me regret...
Even the heaven don't know either...
Take my pain and take my toil...
Gone with the wind and enjoy the unkown pleasure...
US Marshals
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