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Unlawful Entry

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You once said, aboutyour childhood,
"l grew up with seriousness
all aroundme."
Yeah, myparents were very, verystrict.
I come from a Catholic family.
There are five kids in ourfamily.
We weren'tpoor, but we were lowermiddle class.
We didn'thave a lot ofmoney.
My dad's theory was keep working,
work hard, work hard.
And er, prettymuch no play.
It was almostlike notgoodin ourfamily
ifyou laughed or ifyou wanted to have a lot offun.
So, thatstays with you a little bit
I think ithelpedmy tennis, because l did work hard.
But l think it's important to have a balance in life...
He thinks l put up $100,000 of my money just to watch it disappear?
- He doesn't care aboutyourmoney! - He doesn't have to. I just want to know!
To the people he represents, it's pocket change.
Does he know what this will do to me and Karen?
- Iknowyou're out there - Yeah, but does he know?
Listen, Roger, it sounds good. Fax it to me, l'll talk to you in the morning.
Sorry, l tried to keep it quiet.
I heard a noise from downstairs. Didn't you hear it?
No, l was cracking on the phone with Roger.
It's probably the wind... or fuzz-face here. Why does he hate me?
If you paid him more attention, he'd like you better.
He would if l fed him goodies, like you do.
I think you're jealous of Tiny.
He gets to sleep with you more than l do.
Is that...? l'll go down.
Maybe we should call the police.
No, it's OK. I'll just check it out.
Don't worry. If it's anything serious, l'll come back for my driver.
Michael, is everything all right?
- Somebody's in the house. Call the police. - What?
Stop, motherfucker! Back off!
Back off!
- Back off! - OK.
Drop it. Drop it! Drop it!
Take anything you want!
- Here, you can have my watch! - I don't want no watch!
Please don't hurt her.
I'll give you anything you want, please.
..outside of6th at 718.
Police, sir.
Hi, come on in, guys.
I'm Officer Cole. My partner, Officer Davis.
Michael Carr.
What happened to your foot, Mr Carr?
I knocked a beer bottle down in the kitchen.
It's nothing really.
Mr Carr, can you tell us what happened?
Yeah. We were upstairs in my office, my wife and l,
and we heard a noise.
This is my wife, Karen.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
Can you tell us what happened after you heard the noise?
Michael went down and l,
I heard another noise
and l went down... and...
It's OK, Mrs Carr. Just take your time.
This man jumped out ofthe closet
and he and Michael fought.
It wasn't much of a fight, really.
I grabbed his leg, he was trying to get away.
He got out in the kitchen, got hold of Karen
and took off out through the back.
The son of a bitch put a knife to her throat.
- Are you OK? - Yes, l am.
- Do you need a doctor? - No.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, thank you.
Come here, Tiny.
You're not a very good watchcat, are you, Tiny?
I guess he likes policemen.
We'll have someone over in the morning to dust for prints.
Try and not disturb too much.
We've had a bunch of break-ins here. We think it's the same guy.
- In this street? - This general area, but we'll get him.
- I wouldn't mind seeing that. - Does anyone want any coffee?
Yes. I never turn down coffee.
Whoa, watch the glass.
Excuse me.
This guy who's doing this, is there any chance he'll come back?
We were told this was a safe neighbourhood.
All things considered, this is a safe neighbourhood.
Mr Carr probably scared him so much, he won't come back.
It doesn't matter. I'm getting a gun.
- What? - I'm getting a gun.
- No guns. - Maybe she'll listen to you guys.
Don't get a gun.
It's easy for you to say, you've got one.
- I'm trained to use it. - I've done some shooting.
At targets... Not people.
Take our advice. Get an alarm, get a dog,
but forget about guns.
The wrong people always get hurt.
Nice people.
Hey. I know what you're thinking.
What am l thinking, Roy?
I'm never gonna be able to sleep.
Me neither.
I thought he...
When he grabbed me...
It's all right.
I don't think l can stay here, it's just so weird.
We'll get some things together and go to a hotel, OK?
No. I don't think l can live here any more.
I think we should sell the house.
Honey, wait a minute. You love this house.
I know, but we really don't need this now.
We're in way over our heads.
- We can barely afford it. - Don't get carried away.
You know what we're gonna do? We're just...
We're gonna take that cop's advice.
Tomorrow morning, l'll make a few calls. Come here.
We'll get the best security system known to man.
If that doesn't do it,
we'll get a... killer watchdog.
A vicious... pit bull with fangs
with a stud collar.
Come on, honey.
We'll be all right.
Come on.
You chased him around with a putter?
- You're a hero! - Dirty Harry and Arnold Palmer all in one.
It sounds pretty intense. I'd have had a heart attack.
You did OK. Are you guys all right?
Yeah. Well, Karen's upset.
Shit. Here he comes.
Do we have to kiss him?
I read your prospectus. Demographics look good.
Jerry, l'm not a big believer in demographics.
- I think it's a lawyer's tool, no offence. - None taken.
- Amazing place. - The potential here is fantastic.
I learnt to go with my instincts. I used demographics once and went belly up.
- Was that Denver? - He's done his homework!
You weren't the only one. I put a lot of my clients' money there.
Those buildings are still empty.
That won't happen down here.
This downtown area has undergone a revitalisation.
The new buildings are all filled with people,
all within shouting distance of this place here.
OK. I want to put on a backers' party so you can get a feel for what could go on.
It's mine.
- Hello. - Hi, it's me. Bad timing?
We're in the middle of it, but we're close.
What's going on?
The security people haven't shown up yet.
Neither have the police to dust for prints.
- Didyou call them? - Yeah. I get a run-around.
Great. OK, l tellyou what. Here's whatyou do.
Call the police and ask to talk to those two cops from last night. I bet they can help.
Well, OK. I'll try.
I'll be home as soon as l can. You all right?
Mm-hm. I love you.
- Ilike that! - Bye.
Michael, l'm being grilled here!
This area's high crime, right? You get the people in.
How do you keep the bad element out?
I'm into that as we speak. I'm working on security now.
Michael, you remember Officer Davis?
Oh, yeah! How are you doing? l didn't recognise you out of uniform.
- You did all this? - Yeah, it's no big deal.
- It is! We really appreciate it. - It's the least l could do.
Mrs Carr called my captain
and said all kinds of nice things about me and my partner, Roy.
- It was nice, l appreciate it. - Can l get you a beer?
Sure, that would be great. Thanks.
There will be contact switches on every point of entrance.
A breeze won't be able to get in this house without you knowing!
Here, there will be an infrared motion detector.
This will detect if anybody breaks the glass.
Hey! What's he doing in the bathroom here?
It's just an extra precaution, it's a safe room.
These old houses have doors like solid rock.
We put a heavy dead bolt on each entrance here.
If there's an intruder, just lock yourself in and wait for the cavalry,
which is us.
Pick out a codeword. It's got to be seven letters.
This is the Michael Carr residence.
The codeword's gonna be pyramid.
Right. OK. Thank you.
That's it.
Oh, yeah.
- 440 cubes, 500 horses. - Jesus!
- Did you do the work yourself? - Every nut and bolt.
Installed the alarm. It relaxes me.
- That is nice. Really nice. - Thanks.
Oh, man! You've got a knack for this security stuff!
Do you ever think about consulting as a sideline?
- Consulting? - Yeah. Homes, businesses.
I got a club l'm putting together downtown.
What you're doing today, but you get paid for your time.
I never really thought about it much.
- You're staying for dinner, right? - Yeah.
- No. - Are you doing anything?
I'd be crossing the line.
Cops on one side, everybody else on the other.
Come on!
This has really been nice.
Usually dinner for me is a bunch of us telling boring war stories.
Cops stick together because nobody else could stand us!
- You've never been married? - No.
She'll try to line you up with one of her friends.
- I'll get her, Jack. - Sorry, Michael.
She smells that meat and goes crazy.
Meet me round the front.
I'm sorry. I'm still a little freaked.
That's OK.
That's understandable.
I can't believe you've never been serious about anyone.
Cops and marriage are a tough combination.
I can't believe how much l'm talking.
When l was a kid, l hardly ever talked.
When l was in school, l nevertalked.
I was famous for it.
Take it from a teacher,
we love those quiet boys in the back ofthe class.
Don't you believe her, Pete! She loves all kids.
That's what's missing.
I'm surprised you two don't have a few running around.
I'm sorry about bringing up... It's really none of my business.
Hey, l just wanted to thank you.
You really went out ofyour way. It did so much for Karen.
She'll bounce back.
She'll bounce back a lot quicker because ofyou.
What about you? Have you bounced back?
I don't know.
A guy gets his hands on your wife like that, you feel helpless.
You did what you could, Michael.
You showed a lot of balls.
There was one moment where
he had a hold of her and l had that stupid golf club,
I thought l could just...
I didn't... I didn't take the shot.
A fucking nightmare when you think about what could have happened.
I wouldn't mind one more shot at that son of a bitch.
- Really? - Hell, yeah!
I'd like to kick the shit out of him!
- I'm sure you would. - Wouldn't you?
Oh, l already know what l would do.
I'm just wondering about a nice, civilised guy like you.
After what he did to Karen, l think all the rules are out the window.
I'd rip his fucking heart out.
You're a scary guy!
Hey! You know,
you'd enjoy coming on a ride-along.
- What's that? - Riding along with us on patrol one night.
- You can do that? - We often do for writers, journalists...
Uh-huh. It sounds...
Yeah, l could do that.
Great. I'm gonna set it up. You come watch us kick some butt.
- When do you want to do it? - Tomorrow.
Come on. It'll be fun.
Yeah. Why not?
Great. I'll see you then.
Sign it, so your old lady can't come after the City ifyou get killed or maimed.
Nothing will happen to him. He's with me.
Hey, Pete.
OK, Mike. A dope dealer, a public defender and my ex-wife
all get thrown offthe Empire State Building.
Which one hits the cement first?
I don't know. Who lands first?
Who cares!
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, my gosh, look at this!
Do you think she's a real blonde, Roy?
Was l going too fast?
Do you have a licence and a registration, ma'am?
Certain types ofwomen just have a thing for cops.
They think we're like movie stars.
If we were to search any one ofthese assholes,
we'd be up to our butts in drugs and guns.
This place is one giant supermarket of shit.
- Right, Leon? - Whatever you say, Officer Pete.
- This is Mr Clean here. - That's right, that's me.
Yes, sir. Mr Clean.
Maria! Como esta?
Everything OK? No problemas?
No, no problemas.
If there is, let me know, OK?
You won't be finding any clientele for your club around here, Michael.
Try it. The best in LA.
You know, l ate before l came out.
I'm really full.
So, are you enjoying yourself?
Yeah. Yeah, it's an eye-opener.
Something occurred to me when you were at the house for the barbecue, Pete.
I don't know how it works here in Los Angeles.
When l was in Phoenix,
I used to hire off-duty police officers to ward the club.
Hear that? Mike's offering us moonlighting money.
- I'd like to talk to you... - Hi.
So, how are you?
Are you like a captain, or something?
Come on, vamonos!
Can't you see the lieutenant's married?
Oh, yeah? Oh.
Oh, well. Ya me voy.
- Bye, Pete. - See you later, Rosa.
These bitches can't get enough of us.
Michael, stay here.
Keep away!
Police! Everything all right in there?
No! Everything is not all right!
Fucking asshole jailbird is on the fucking bed!
Fuck you, fuck you.
There you go. Are you all right?
Come on, boy. Why don't you stay here with me?
Roy, l'm taking him out.
Take that piece of shit back to the jailhouse where he belongs!
Mom! Mommy!
See? They got him.
Roy, why don't you go and get yourself cleaned up?
Me and Michael will put the car to bed.
It works for me.
- Later, gentlemen. - Take care.
It's a hell of a life, huh, Mike?
- Is it always like this? - Day in and day out.
Come on. Hop up in front.
Your wife wants to know why l can't meet a nice woman.
I thought you guys handled it all pretty well.
Where are we headed?
Just got one more errand to run.
Come on! Move!
Stay there.
Michael. Meet Ernie Pike.
Come out and ID this piece of shit.
Come on, motherfucker!
That's him! You got him, goddamn! That's him.
Did you hear that? You've just been made.
You've just been made, scumbag!
Picked up a crackhead pal of his. Turned in Pike here.
You broke into my friend's house? Huh?
Did you scare him and his pretty wife?
Did you do that? Did you do that?
OK. I'm sorry, man. OK?
Fuck off!
He doesn't want to hear you're sorry.
He wants to kick your ass!
Guess what, scumbag?
I'm gonna let him.
- Ready? - What?
What are you waiting for? Let's go.
Are you serious?
Yeah! You said you wanted to rip his fucking heart out!
Well, yeah, yeah.
But, l mean, that was... just talking.
Tell him. Say it!
Say how you wanted that uptown pussy.
- Is that what you wanted? Say it! - No, man.
Say it! Tell him!
Whatever you say, man.
Come here!
Don't fucking resist me!
Don't you resist me!
Now, walk!
I said walk.
I just gave you the OK. You don't even have to touch him.
I wasn't going to hurt nobody, man.
Shut up.
Come on! Come on, Michael. It's OK, listen.
He resisted, he gets hit. Shit happens.
Come on, Pete. You got him.
Nice going. Just take him in.
Michael... He put a knife to Karen's throat.
Are you going to let him get away with that?
Come on! Hit the motherfucker!
- Pete... - Hit him!
He's just...
Hey, no. I'm not doing this.
Pete! Pete! Jesus, that's enough!
Yeah. It's me.
How did it go?
Boy, what a screwed-up night.
What happened?
It was just... It was weird.
I went with the guys on a few calls. Got to watch them be cops.
We dropped Roy off and Pete had a little surprise for me.
The guy who broke in here.
- He caught him? - He did a little more than that.
- The guy's in jail? - Hospital's more likely.
He beat the living shit out ofthis guy, which is what l was supposed to do.
- I don't understand. - Pete was showing offfor me.
He had it all set up, so l could be the big man and nail the guy.
Michael, l'm just glad it's over.
Are you sure you're OK?
What's the matter, huh?
I think our cop friend is a little too tightly wound, that's all.
Do you think you might be overreacting a little bit?
Not really.
I feel like a big weight's been lifted.
Yeah. I'm glad you feel better.
But l'm serious. I don't want him here any more.
You're upset and l understand,
but shouldn't we give him the benefit ofthe doubt?
Maybe he got rough, but you're acting like Pete's the criminal.
Am l? l was there, Karen. I saw it.
I don't care what you think. We stay away from this guy.
You don't care what l think?
Fine. I won't bother thinking.
- Knock it off. - No, you knock it off!
I'm sorry, but l don't share your sympathy
for the man who broke in here and put a goddamn knife to my throat.
Hi. Sorry, l didn't mean to scare you.
It's OK.
Can l talk to you for a minute? Please?
Just let me get my robe.
You really should put a lock on that gate.
I don't think you came here to discuss my gate.
Did you hear l arrested the burglar?
What happened?
What happened was the burglar knocked me down
and took off running.
When l caught him, he resisted
and it got ugly.
I don't think Michael took it too well.
He didn't quite put it that way.
It's not a TV show out there, Mrs Carr.
The reality gets to people who've never seen it up close.
You mean the violence.
when l first started out,
I went on a routine call.
There was a young kid high on drugs.
He was beating on his girlfriend.
She couldn't have been more than 15, 16,
sweet girl, blonde hair, blue eyes.
So l didn't pay her much attention.
I was reading the kid his rights,
when she took out a gun and she shot me right here
in the chest.
Now l restrain felons first with whatever it takes.
With whatever it takes. That's how it was last night.
I don't need another bullet in the chest, you don't need a dead husband.
I'm very sorry if Michael's upset.
I was just doing myjob.
Pete... Pete, wait.
I'm glad you got him.
That guy's not going to forget the night he made the mistake of breaking in here!
OK. Enjoy your swim.
This is the Chromalight.
It's the backdrop to the dance floor, which could also spill out onto this floor.
With this Chromalight, we can create any environment.
This is a cityscape but we can create a desert, a mountain... anything.
Why didn't l know Michael had so many good-looking friends?
Are you kidding? We don't know any ofthese people.
They're potential investors or friends of Michael's lawyer.
That's too bad!
Now, there's one l'd like to meet.
That's the guy l was telling you about.
Your cop? Really?
- Candace said the music is too loud. - What? Who?
- Candace, my wife. - I like it like this.
Roger, l got a question only you can answer.
I got an IRS auditor and a lawyer on top ofthe World Trade Center.
They both jump off at the same time.
- Who lands first? - Who cares!
Hi! How are you doing, Mike?
This place is great.
Pete Davis, Los Angeles Police.
Hello, Pete. Jerry Lurie.
- My wife Candace. - Hi, Pete.
Roger Graham.
Mike's been talking to me about club security.
Are you working the area tonight?
No,... I did the precheck ofthe exterior.
I know it's normal to have your entrance under the marquee, but it's too open.
It would be better to put the entrance in the alley and make the people line up.
So ifwe ever have to get heavy, only a few people will see it.
Something to think about.
Why don't you get yourself a drink and l'll be with you in a minute?
Good idea. I know you have business to discuss.
I'll fill you in later.
Take care. Nice meeting you.
He makes a lot of sense.
You guys really aren't bullshitting.
- I take security very seriously. - We're really on top of it.
Hi there.
Oh, Penny. This is Pete.
- Pete, Penny. - Hi. Nice meeting you.
Hi, nice meeting you.
- We teach together. - Oh! Oh...
The pupils would be so impressed that l'm talking to you. They love cops.
They're young. Give them time!
Maybe you'd like to give them a talk some time?
Yeah, sure.
Public relations love stuff like that.
Speaking of public relations, do you dance?
Honey! Can you rescue Roger for me?
Hi, Penny.
Come on, Pete. Let's get that drink.
Here's to your club, Mike.
I want to get something straight here.
I'd like you to leave.
Michael, what is with you tonight?
Why did you even invite me here?
Telling you and inviting you are two completely different things.
You seem so uptight. Relax!
Is it because you were up late last night?
How do you know that?
I drove past your house on patrol and saw your lights were on.
You went to bed after three.
You don't have to protect us now. You caught him.
One guy's caught and you think that's it?
You saw how much evil shit there is out there.
What kind offriend would l be if l didn't try to protect you and Karen?
Goddammit, you listen to me, cos l'm telling you, leave us alone!
You know, l think l understand where this is coming from.
- Do you? - Just cut the shit, OK?
Nobody expects you to be me. I'm a cop.
I make my living tackling guys like Pike.
You don't. You needn't be ashamed.
- You think this is about that? - Yeah.
I bet you had one hell of a night last night when you got home.
Juices flowing and everything.
A friend would be thanking me.
I'm not your friend. I'm nothing to you. You got that?
You're a sick guy. I don't want you around me or my wife.
- Michael, your guests... - I'll be there in a second.
Michael needs to get some things off his chest.
- Roger... - Honey, please!
- Are you kicking me out? - Don't keep them waiting.
If l have to.
Tell Roger l'll be there in a second, OK?
What are you gonna do?
Call the cops?
Get the fuck out.
Lower your voice.
Fuck you. Fuck you!
The pigeon's watching.
I hope he doesn't fly away on you.
Can l get your car?
Weren't you a little rough on Pete?
I don't want him coming round. I wanted to make that clear.
- You succeeded. - Honey, please.
Come on, it's time for our toast.
Good health, good fortune, and the time to enjoy it.
It's an old Castilian toast.
It looks like you've just made these two people very happy.
I think we'll all have reason to be happy
when everything falls in place, Roger.
That is a nice ride!
To the most charming women here! Your beautiful wife and mine.
I'm glad you called.
I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
Leave it.
Still sensitive, huh?
Did you get shot or something?
It was a fishing accident.
Fishes with guns.
Are you all right?
Cos we can go to a motel.
A nice, cosy bed
if you're having a problem.
The only problem that l have
is sleazy, lowlife whores like you.
That's my problem.
What the hell's wrong with you?
- Get out. - I'm not getting out here!
- Get the fuck out! - Are you crazy?
- I don't know where the fuck l am! - That's exactly your fucking problem!
Isn't it?
So, being a policeman is reallyallabouthelpingpeople.
It's about being a friend.
It's not about shooting it out with bad guys,
that's what you see on TV.
That's not why l wanted to become a cop.
I wanted to become a cop to protect people,
to make them feel happy and safe.
- Everybody understand that? - Yes.
Anybody have any questions?
- What? - Do you wear bulletproof vests?
I have to, to protect myself.
Who else?
In the police car, are you always with somebody?
I have a partner. His name is Officer Roy Cole.
We've spent time together for the past seven, eight years.
He's a very good friend of mine.
OK, you.
Could you show me how to use your handcuffs?
Come here.
- What's your name? - Matthew.
All right, Matthew.
Put your hands out.
Do you think l could get him to use those on me?
There you go. You're under arrest, Matthew!
Hi. I couldn't go without saying thanks for letting me impress the kids.
- It was a lot offun. - Penny really set it up.
Yeah, l talked to Penny before.
I'd like to apologise for the other night.
- Michael's behaviour... - It took me by surprise.
He invited me and kicked me out. I would never have come.
Pete, it's not you, it's him.
He's not been himself lately.
Would you like to go get a cup of coffee?
I... don't go on for a while.
I don't think it's such a good idea.
Come on, you're safe with me. I'm a cop, remember!
- Just for a little while? - Yeah. Just...
Is everybody in here a cop?
Yeah, pretty much.
About a year ago, some jerk came in here
and tried to rip this place off!
When he finally come crashing through the skylight,
I say, "How's your dick?"
I'm sorry. We should go somewhere else.
- No, this is great. - Really?
I think it's really nice you've got a place to go.
I'd like one. Just...
This is...
This is my least favourite time ofthe day.
- Why? - Erm...
I guess it's getting dark out and Michael's not home yet.
How did you and Michael get together?
- I was a waitress in his first club. - Really?
- You were a waitress? - It was the firstjob l ever had.
The first one l needed.
We were kind ofwell off.
My father, as it turned out, had sort of gambling problems.
And l, erm...
People started coming over and taking our cars in the night.
It was kind of a scary time.
Did Michael take you away from all that?
Things always came really easily to Michael.
Is that why you married him?
I married him because l fell in love with him.
This is...
I hardly know you
and we're talking like this.
Karen, all the things that come so easily to Michael,
were you one ofthem?
Cos no man deserves that much good fortune.
And l mean that.
A woman like you, a man should never take for granted.
And you should never feel unsafe.
And l want you to know,
that ifyou ever need anything,
you're feeling bad in any way or you just need to talk,
then l'm there for you.
OK? As a friend.
As a real friend, l'm there for you.
Come on.
Let me get you out of here.
How was your afternoon?
Hey, good. It was fine.
You and Mrs Carr getting along OK?
We seem to be.
When l was a kid at Erasmus,
I didn't have a single teacher that looked like Karen.
They all had blue hair with names like Mushbutt or Silvercrone.
Silvercrone's my maiden name.
She had me!
The good news is Frank Taft was so taken with you,
he's considering kicking in halfthe capital.
- Frank Taft... Blue Moon Records? - We handle him.
- That company's on a roll. - Major roll.
I don't listen to that shit myself...
Sorry, sir. Do you have another card?
- What's the problem? - It's cancelled.
It's impossible.
Computer glitch. It happens to me.
This is... It's unbelievable.
Relax, you'll get the next one.
All right, now we're on for Tuesday night.
- Bye! - Take care.
Michael, what's that?
It looks like you're having a bad night, Michael.
All lknowis what's on the computerprintout.
It says you have parking tickets up the wazoo.
And the computer is wrong.
I'm not paying $600 for tickets l didn't get.
I've been working here five years.
The computer's never wrong.
Do you want the boot taken offyour car or not?
Wait a minute, not that one.
Honey, are you sure about this?
Remember the night we went to the Minzers' house?
They had the party on Canyon Avenue.
I got a ticket, one ticket. $600? Come on, Jesus!
Sorry, pal, you're over the limit on this card.
It's a computer thing, like Roger said.
Yeah, all right.
Michael, drop it! Things went pretty well, didn't they?
- Yeah. - I thought they went pretty good.
You know what?
They went great.
- You really charmed the pants off Lurie. - Oh, please!
Stay here and lock the door.
- What are you doing? - Do it!
Karen, it's all right.
Hello, yes.
This is Michael Carr.
Codeword is pyramid.
We just had our cat knock over a screen door.
Thank you. Bye.
I never thought l'd be so happy to see him.
I thought it was the right thing to do.
Thank you for making that decision for both of us without my having a say.
Goddammit, you know how l feel about guns!
You know how l feel watching a man come into my home and attack my wife?
I won't be in that position again, Karen.
I don't care what the police say. I'm keeping that gun.
I'm sorry. I should have told you.
Are you all right?
Are you?
Jesus Christ!
Just a goddamn minute! Hey!
What the fuck are you doing?
I was responding to your alarm, Michael.
- Bullshit! You tripped it yourself! - What?
And the credit card and the boot on my car! You did that, didn't you?
- Is everything all right? - It's fine. Just a false alarm.
False alarm, my ass!
I'm embarrassed about this, too.
Get the fuck out of my house!
I'm very sorry, Mrs Carr.
That son of a bitch is crazy.
- Hello? - Yeah, Roger.
It's Michael. I know it's late.
How do l get a psycho cop off my back?
You're the Michael Carr...
..that l okayed to do a ride-along with Officer Davis?
Yes, sir. That's right.
The same Michael Carr whose wife called to commend Officer Davis?
The same two people that are now being terrorised by this out-of-control sicko.
Out-of-control sicko?
Are you sure there's nothing personal in this?
There's no question that it's personal.
He bust into my bedroom when l was having sex with my wife.
Yes, well...
Officer Cole's report says they were responding to an alarm.
That was verified by your security company.
Sure. How about the boot he had put on my car? My credit cards?
What about them? Do you have proof he did those things?
You're accusing a highly-decorated officer.
I don't care how many medals he has.
- I want this taken care of. - Or else what, Mr Carr?
You're not giving me anything. No evidence.
You don't have any witnesses. You don't even have a home video.
These days, everybody's got a goddamn home video.
Fine. You're just going to bury this thing.
Mr Carr! This is a professional organisation.
We're going to do a professional investigation, OK?
Matt, bring me the complaint forms, will you?
If there's any truth to your allegations, we'll take care of it, all right?
Thank you.
The department doesn't want an unstable officer on the street any more than you do.
- Fill this out. Have you got a pen? - No, sir.
Thank you.
- Roger, how are you doing? - He's not coming.
Your friend, Officer Davis, called Lurie and asked him lots of questions.
How well does he know you? Has he done business with you before?
Lurie's pulling his people out. He thinks you're under investigation.
This fucker is ruining me.
We can maybe smooth it over, if we deal with your friend.
I already filed a complaint, Roger. You told me to do it.
You know what this is? Some kind of cop scam.
This putz is just supplementing his lousy income.
Pay him off.
Roger, as my lawyer, you're advising me to bribe a police officer?
No. I'm advising you to donate to the son of a bitch's favourite charity.
Thanks for meeting me, Pete.
It gives us
a chance to talk a little bit.
You know, l don't remember how this all began
or what l did.
But... whatever, l...
I'm sorry.
You know, l...
I'm not looking to get you into trouble, Pete.
I certainly don't need any myself.
What do you say?
Water under the bridge?
Hell, we can part friends.
Of course, l'll withdraw the complaint.
OK. Here it is.
- What's this? - $5,000.
You walk away and don't mess with my investors.
A bribe, Mikey?
Call it whatever you want, Pete.
- I need this deal. - Sssh.
Do you hear that?
I used to work these hills.
I knew this lady.
She was out walking her little poodle.
A coyote comes charging out, snatches up the poodle and takes off.
All we ever found ofthat little doggy was its diamond-studded leash.
When Karen first met you, she thought you were different...
- than her gambling father. - What?
It's interesting how people follow patterns.
She doesn't feel safe with you either, Michael.
Karen needs to feel protected when those coyotes come charging out.
Listen. You stay the fuck away from her...
Assaulting a police officer?
A nice, civilised man like you, Michael?
What are you going to do? Arrest me?
Arrest you?
I could kill you.
What's wrong?
What's going on, Karen?
What the hell are you talking about?
You and Pete. What's going on?
What are you accusing me of? We had a cup of coffee!
It must have been a hot cup of coffee!
He gave a talk to the kids. Ifyou think there was anything else, you're crazy.
I am? He just put a gun to my head.
He just put a fucking gun to my head. He wants you.
He thinks you want him.
I swear he didn't get any ofthose ideas from me.
He didn't pull them out ofthe air, Karen.
So, what is it? You get off on leading him on?
Talking to him about us?
About our marriage? Jesus!
I told you he's dangerous.
What's it gonna take? Me in a body bag?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Officer Cole.
Your partner. I went to him, tried to work things out.
Didn't you know enough to stay away from him?
He's playing you. Every time you react, it gets worse.
Cops on one side, everybody else on the other?
Yeah. That's it.
He threatened to kill me last night.
How should l react to that?
If anybody knows this guy is coming apart, it's got to be you.
Come on, man. The guy's after my wife.
I don't know where else to go.
Come on in.
He doesn't understand. I'm better for her than he is.
He doesn't love her. He can't take care of her the way that l can.
She needs it.
What the hell are you going on about?
She's never gonna be yours.
You listen to me. Nothing...
Nothing is ever going to happen between you and her.
She is some fantasy in your head.
You don't know what you're talking about.
- I don't, huh? - You don't.
You tell me what you were doing with him the other night.
Tell me you didn't stick a gun in his face.
I was just playing with him.
I'm not playing with you!
You've got to back offthis madness.
You've got to put in for stress leave and see a doctor
and get your head straight.
Or l will go upstairs and tell them exactly what is going on with you. Understand?
You'd do that?
You're goddamn right.
And ifyou don't do it in the next 24 hours,
that is exactly what l will do.
you go have coffee with a shrink.
And it will be all right.
You'll see.
Would you look at that?
Hell with it, man. Leave it.
Leon! Freeze!
Open the door!
Put the box down!
- It's finished. - Put it down!
What the hell are you making us chase you for? Huh?
Get over there. You know the routine.
Spread 'em!
You could be busting real crime.
Yeah, l've got a benny bust.
What have we got here?
I'm providing a service
for those cabbies who fall asleep behind the wheel.
Hey! That's enough.
I need something more than this. Come on, Leon!
Look what we got here. You really are Mr Clean!
Keep this. You might need it later on!
Don't you believe in safe sex?
He's got a gun! He's gonna shoot me!
What are you doing?
- What? Come on! - Take the gun.
No, l don't want the gun. I don't want the gun!
- Take the gun. - I don't want it!
Take the gun. Go.
You killed my partner, Leon.
You're not going upstairs to talk to anyone.
I went around the back.
..followed the suspect in, l guess.
Then l heard shots.
That scumbag shot Roy.
And l guess Roy...
..nailed him before he died.
Wiseman, Acken and Shyer.
This is Michael Carr. I need to talk with Roger.
He's out ofhis offiice. Can l take a message?
Page him. Tell him l'm at home. I'm being set up.
There's cops all over my yard.
Tell him to call me immediately.
We have a warrant to search your dwelling for narcotics.
Please, sir. Step over here.
An informant has given us your address
as a residence where he purchased narcotics from a Michael Carr.
- This is crazy! - Are you Michael Carr?
Surprise, surprise.
Michael Carr, l'm placing you under arrest for possession of narcotics.
You have the right to remain silent and to contact an attorney.
If you cannot afford one...
I'm removing your glasses for your safety, sir.
We'll take you down to the station now.
We can pull a car up to the back so your neighbours won't see.
That's very thoughtful ofyou.
Call Roger. Make sure you get hold of Roger.
I'm Detective Noble. How do you do?
I want to offer you the opportunity to make it easy on yourself.
If you name your connection, you can be out of here as soon as possible.
I'm not talking to anybody until l speak with my lawyer.
That's your right, Mr Carr.
You've got ten minutes.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
How's Karen?
Hanging in there.
Do l get to see her?
After the arraignment. You're only allowed legal counsel now.
What about bail?
That will be set at your hearing.
What's your money situation?
Everything l had went into the party to impress Lurie.
I need to know exactly.
I don't think they'll set bail too high. It's not like you're a professional dope dealer.
There was half a pound of cocaine in your house. We've got a problem.
My problem's simple.
A cop wants me out ofthe way because he wants my wife.
Look. This is way over my head.
I got in touch with Sam Gershon. He's the best criminal attorney l know.
He'll represent you at your hearing.
You guys need to talk to Roy Cole. Davis' partner, Officer Roy Cole.
He told me that if anything else happened, he'd help me out.
Cole's dead.
In the line of duty, in a shoot-out. I talked to his captain.
He won't stop until he kills me.
Get me out of here, Roger.
I will. It's all in hand.
No, no, no. You listen to me.
Just get me out of here.
Case PA846059. People versus Alvarez.
Mr Alvarez is charged with illegal possession of an automatic weapon
as set forth in the California Penal Code.
Is he represented by counsel?
He pleads innocent.
Nothing can be served by his detention until trial.
- We request release on OR. - Denied. Bail set at $25,000.
Case PA855327.
People versus Michael Carr.
Mr Carr is charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute
as set forth in section 11351 and 11352 of the California Health and Safety Code.
- Is he represented by counsel? - He pleads innocent.
Your Honour, he is a model citizen who owns his own home.
He's in business locally.
His wife is a teacher in a respected local private school.
We request bail on OR.
Your Honour, it's come to our attention that Mr Carr pled out a similar case in Texas.
What about this?
It wasn't me.
I took an investor out on the town.
The guy had a vial of blow in his pocket and stuck it under the car seat.
A lawyer told me the easiest thing to do was plead it out, so...
- But it wasn't me. - It doesn't matter.
You took the deal, it's on the record.
This OR is denied. Bail is set at $250,000.
Case PA861288. People versus Jenkins.
Mr Jenkins is charged with felony
as set forth in section 4873 of the California Penal Code.
Mr Jenkins pleads not guilty, Your Honour...
Having trouble making bail, Mike?
Money's a little tight, huh?
Karen's really upset.
You really shouldn't have done this to her.
She's all alone now.
But don't worry, not for long.
I want you to know that she's gonna be taken care of.
I know what Karen needs.
And isn't it her happiness that we both want?
If you could find us, why don't you look us up?
I'd love to have you over for a barbecue.
If you go near her,
I'll kill you.
So long, Mikey.
You look good in blue!
- Hey. - Hi.
How are you doing?
I'm fine. I'm just a little tired.
There you are!
I thought he might be hungry.
- Thanks. - How about you?
I could use something, yeah.
I'm really glad you're here.
It's no problem. I'll stay till Michael gets home.
It's gonna be a while.
That's OK. Get some rest.
Make a telephone call!
Guard! Thanks, man. Can l make a telephone call?
Guard! Make a telephone call?
Shut up!
You're just a fat little piggy, aren't you?
There you go.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
Karen's upstairs. She's got a headache.
I've brought some groceries
in case she didn't have time after everything that's been going on.
I'll tell her you came by.
Why don't l just give them to you?
I gotta get going to work, so...
I'm not very popular here, am l, Penny?
All right.
I'll just leave them here.
You can get them...
You can get them later.
Take care.
You look great. I'll see you later.
250. That's a hard bullet.
You're looking at $25K, Mr Graham.
Here's the deed to my house.
This takes care ofthe bail, but what about my premium?
I'm writing you a $25,000 personal cheque.
That's a nice Rolex.
Forget the watch. Sam Gershon said you'd take care of me.
This should be a cashier's cheque, but you're a friend of Sam.
If the bank says you've got funds, OK.
Touch-tone phones, you don't have that?
All right. Can l make that phone call now? Please?
It would just take a second. I'd really appreciate it.
Talk to you when l can.
- Operator. - A collect, from Michael.
One moment.
I'm sorry, sir. The phone mustbe offthe hook.
Can you cut in or something? This is an emergency.
I did that, sir.
Can you help me? l won't get to a phone again.
It's a machine, l can't tellit what to do. I can reportit...
- Are you sure it's offthe hook? - Yes, sir, itis.
Penny, it smells so good!
I didn't know cooking was one ofyour...
Are you feeling better?
I got some erm...
..mushrooms, onions, dried tomatoes,
- Where's Penny? - Penny?
I told her to go home.
She'd just be a third wheel.
I took the phone offthe hook so you could sleep
and have no distractions.
I'm not sleeping now, am l?
I want you to leave.
I know l shouldn't be here.
I know you're upset.
But let's stop kidding ourselves, Karen.
We've bent over backwards to do the right thing.
You playing the perfect wife, me the good friend.
I can't take it any more, l just can't.
Now we can stop pretending.
We can stop pretending now.
Pete, l'm very tired.
I... I need some time alone. I've got to be by myself.
I know, l know. I understand.
Come here. Sit down.
Sit down.
I know what's scaring you.
I don't have to be a cop any more.
OK? l could do something different with my life.
Something clean.
I think that's good.
No-one should have to live their life the way you have been.
You wouldn't have to carry a gun any more.
Why don't you put it away? Hmm?
No gun. No badge.
I'd better go cook.
- Pete... - What?
I forgot about Tiny.
The cat!
I don't like leaving him outside at night.
I'll be right back.
You got him.
Hey, Tiny.
- Are you OK? - Mm-hm.
Are you sure?
- You're really tense. - I am a little bit.
Come here. I know what you need.
Come here. It's OK, come on.
- Move over. - Move over?
Come on, let's go.
Go ahead, take my car!
I already put up my house to get you out.
Put on your seat belt.
You keep all your tension in your shoulders.
All up here.
Just relax.
Just relax.
I feel so lucky being alone here with you.
Tell me how much you love me.
It will never be as much as l love you.
Pete, don't.
Don't what?
Don't what?
I don't feel very pretty right now.
Karen, you're beautiful.
I want to look better.
I want to put on something nice for you,
something that you'll like.
I'll call you when l'm ready.
Don't be long.
Slow down!
We won't make it.
You can't make it! Michael, no!
Are you looking for this?
Yeah, you read my mind.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I hate the damn thing. I wanted you to get rid of it.
I thought you were gonna get changed.
Hang on.
Don't shoot, l'm a lawyer.
Get out!
What are you doing?
You're a sick fucking brutal asshole! Get out!
You're not gonna to shoot me.
- I swear l'll kill you. - You're not gonna kill anyone.
You know that this is right.
Get away!
Now, put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
Try it again. Shoot again.
Do you think l'd give you a loaded fucking gun! Huh?
See how things are now, huh?
You little fucking cock-teaser! ls that what it is?
You little cock-teaser!
You try to fucking shoot me! You wanna shoot me?
You know what you are, Karen?
You're a little fucking whore!
You're a worthless whore, just like every fucking whore l've ever met.
That's exactly what l'm going to treat you like.
Get them fucking open!
I'm gonna treat you like a whore, Karen!
He found your gun.
I gotta get you out ofthis house!
- Karen! - No!
Yeah, this is Michael Carr.
Thank you for calling.
I was swinging a golf club and it went though the...
It went through the patio window.
It's OK. There's glass everywhere, but it's OK.
Yeah, the password's pyramid.
No, l did not change the password.
I did.
What's the password?
Figure it out, asshole.
Seven letters.
Fuck you!
This is going to cost you, Michael.
Come on, get up here.
Karen! This is the way it is.
We've got two minutes to get in my car and get out of here.
Do you hear? lf you don't open the door, Michael dies.
- Understand? - He'll kill you, too. Stay there.
- Just shut up. - Don't come out!
- Karen, don't fuck around. - He'll shoot me anyway.
I won't kill him. Open the door and l'll let Michael live, l swear.
If you don't, your husband's dead.
OK, Karen? That's the way it is.
I'm giving you a count ofthree.
Pull the trigger, you son of a bitch!
Karen, don't open the fucking door!
What are you going to do, tough guy?
Are you going to make a citizen's arrest?
Arrest you?
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