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Subtitles for Unlucky Monkey 1998.

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Unlucky Monkey 1998

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Okay, what if there are three|guards working today?
Though they normally|only have two men.
Conditions will be unfavourable for|us, right?
So if we dare to do it anyway...
would our act be considered as brave?
Quite honestly, I'm not sure.
Sometimes you've just got to attack|head-on.
But we may lose our heads in doing it.
You know why most crimes are so|easily solved?
In my opinion it's not because...
concealing the evidence is so|difficult.
It's always the criminal who blows it.
Will and reason are paralyzed at|the scene.
And for a while afterwards, too.
That's why they always do something|weird, or leave evidence.
Even though I graduated from a top|university, I'm still a fraud.
I shouldn't be saying this, right?
But, you know...
today's weather will|probably decide our fate.
This humidity brings on irritation.
Our will and reason have begun to|be paralyzed.
Plus it's a full moon.
Don't forget the moon's influence|on man.
Should we go ahead with our|reckless action today?
Or, like any reasonable person,|do we change the day?
Hey, if you want to change the|plan, I'll go along.
In a sense, that's a kind of bravery.
Yes, there's one more thing.
Look, don't think that I'm|pressuring you to do this.
Don't worry. It's okay to go back.
Starring|Shinichi Tsutsumi
Hiroshi Shimizu / Akira Yamamoto|Ikko Suzuki
Kimika Yoshimo
How's business now your Boss is gone?
I never thought he'd do drugs.|He must have had it tough.
What do you want?
What are your plans now?
He's in jail, so you've no|choice but to disband the family.
Anyway, no company is going to|hire former yakuza gangsters.
Go underground. Become hitmen.
What are you saying?
We just got a request from a major|company.
Their overseas business department.
A planned new venture is in an|area controlled by the Mafia.
They've asked for our help. That's|the story.
Get the fuck outta here.
Pissing around in my|territory, you assholes.
Yeah, call it an investment.
And it'll pay very well if we succeed.
It's good for our Family, and yours.
Are you with us?
A good place for a yakuza to die.
Matsuda, get me some sake.
Tachibana, how about you spell|out some more details.
Sorry, no sake, only beer.
That's fine.
Where's your short-ass, spunky little|pal?
Kaneda?|Probably playing pachinko someplace.
I scared you bastards.
What's the fucking delay? Aren't you|finished?
You ugly bastard. Asshole.
What are you doing?
Fun, ain't it?
Give us a hand.
How much is it?
1200 yen.
Thank you. Come again.
Hey, three noodles over here.
And now for the headlines.
At around three pm today, three|maskes men robbed...
the Tahata-branch of the Toko Bank...
and escaped with a total of 80|million yen.
Two of the robbers were killed|during the getaway.
The third suspect is still at large.
The 16 people in the bank at the|time were uninjured.
All three were wearing ski masks.
The police have not yet|identified them.
The escapee is 180 cm tall and|slim of build.
Hey, it wasn't me.
Then explain the mask.
I found it on the street.
The getaway car was stolen and|police are searching.
He is believed to be armed.
Police advise caution in|approaching...
I didn't fucking do it.
An all points bulletin has|been issued.
Continuing:|A young woman was stabbed today...
in a back street of Yahata.
You got anything smaller?
The victim is reported as Miki|Yoshida, 25.
A hiardresser at a nearby salon.
The weapon appears to have been a|knife.
Miss Yoshida is currently in critical|condition...
She won't die. I only bumped into her.
What's the plan?
What plan?
From tomorrow.
Just continue as usual.
No one knows because no one saw us.
Unless Tachibana is still alive.
You did check, right?
What? Didn't anybody make sure?
No problem.
Of course he can't be alive. We|buried him.
Definitely. We must fight.
We must resist.
Takeshita District|Citizen's Association
We won't stand for this.
Don't let them cheat us like before.
Where's our leader?|-He's not here yet.
Where on earth is he?
From eight, right?
Thank you all for coming today.
Mr Kagawa was supposed to|attend this meeting...
but he had urgent business in Osaka.
So I'm afraid he can't be here|tonight.
We ask for your understanding in|this matter.
Being fully aware that we must|address all your concerns...
our vice-director is here tonight...
to listen and to answer all your|questions and submissions.
Well, then. Are there any questions?
For the last few months...
a northerly wind has brought foul|smells to the area.
We investigated this and|discovered that it began...
when your factory's discharges|started to discolor the canal water.
Then we asked you to analyze the|wastewater from your plant.
But you have told us nothing?
We demand a full account and some|serious answers today.
Well, regarding your questions...
It's a demand, asshole.
No, I mean...
I'm pleased to report that your|concerns...
have been addressed with our new|waste treatment facilities.
Yes, but we...
We want the test results, that's all.
In order to assure you there's|nothing to worry about...
let us explain how the new system|works.
Our wastewater is discharged from two|different sources.
One covers typical building|discharges.
The other is from our factory.
The waste can be classified as|organic and inorganic compounds.
Waste from taps, car-washing, etc.,|is organic.
Water from boilers,|cooling towers, etc., is inorganic.
The first has high levels of SS and|BOD.
It is biologically degraded using|sand and activated charcoal.
As for pre-discharge sterilization,|our use of activated charcoal...
as a medium to sanitize and purify...
What the hell are you blabbing about?
We're not here to listen to you,|asshole.
You're trying to dazzle us with|science.
Enough of your cover-up.
We just want the test results.
These smells only occur during|notherly winds, right?
Which direction does it go|when a southerly wind blows?
The North.
Anybody else report that particular|observation?
No, sir.
Yes, but still...
Why does no one else experience this?
Very strange. No one will back you up?
What are you insinuating?
Don't try to twist it.|-The drain water turns white.
Clean up your filth.
Stop discharging poisons.
Release the report.
He's here.|-You're late.
Enthusiasm, good.
Give 'em hell.
You've heard it all before.|You pollute the air.
Pollute the air?|-Exactly.
Then why does it affectjust that one|area?
You should do your homework.
Your little scam is beginning to fray|at the edges.
You little shit. This is no extortion.
We just don't want to get poisoned by|your filth, that's all.
She's right.
So you're saying none of you dirty|the water?
So none of that garbage in the river|pollutes it?
Old bicycles, household garbage, even|TV's and refridgerators.
Be honest, that's all your garbage,|right?
The wastewater from your houses goes|down plastic pipes...
and straight into the river,|untreated.
But you don't pollute, do you?
You come here and sling insults at|us after we went...
through the trouble and expense of an|exhaustive suite of tests.
Before you start accusing us...
how about outting your own houses in|order?
We are leaders in addressing|environmental concerns.
What have you done?
What have you ever done?
You. Come on.
Tell me.
Your Aoshima Group is a manufacturer|of paper pulp.
So what?
Aren't you destroying the tropical|rain forests?
Plus you're involved in golf clubs|and ski resorts, aren't you?
Isn't that the worst kind of|environmental destruction?
Yes, that's right.
Freon gas and the ozone hole.
Carbon dioxide and the greenhouse|effect.
Over-industrialization creates acid|rain.
Contamination from nuclear accidents.
Massive desertification.
Mass starvation of millions.
Morals thrown out in pursuit of money.
They're destroying our beautiful|world.
We Japanese worked hard to become an|economical power.
How did that end up?
They're restructuring now, so two|million will lose theirjobs.
Families and social structures|abandoned.
Our post-war Japanese value systems|have collapsed.
Compulsory retirement is being pushed.
Schoolgirls prostitute themselves.
Mothers are addicted to pachinko.
Juvenile delinquency and drugs are|rampant.
All we can do is raise our voices in|protest.
Our voices are all we have.
Yes, we have the right to protest.
All we can do is shout out our|objections.
We are alive.
We exist.
We're alive, we're outraged,|we exist, we shout.
The very civilization we created,|will destroy us.
To protect our beautiful earth and|return nature's bounty...
we must shout at the top of our|voices.
Well done. You were excellent.
Thank you.
Your words moved me.|You opened my eyes.
The company's trying to throw me out.
Vice-director.|What's the point of such titles?
I get stuck with all the tough jobs.
It's a form of harassment.|They want me to quit.
Thank you.
You're a fine man.
I feel like singing.
May we sit here?
Got a drink?
You are great.
You know, I was really moved.
I can't express myself,|but you're so succinct.
The Cossack dance.
He's having too much fun.
He did well, too.
I never expected him to be so|talkative.
Let me toast the prosperity of the|citizen's group.
Please come forward.
What a jerk. We just had a toast.
Come on, up here. All of you.
All right. No damn choice.
Take it easy.
I wanted to toast you, but I was|shouted down...
A bit too late, he said...
Miki Yoshida dies of stab wound
Let us celebrate our continuing|prosperity.
You should lock your door. It's|dangerous.
You fuckers barged in.
Ah, the good old days.
With muscle and brains|anything was possible.
It's tough for yakuza now.
It sure is.
Golf? You've got an easy life.
Well, what do you want?
Did our Tachibana come here?
No, he didn't. Did he?
Something wrong?
We had a meeting scheduled today.|He didn't show up.
Probably with some bitch.
But he called the meeting.
You get what I'm saying?
Alright, then.
He was never here.
You hear anything, call us.
How is business lately?
Same as always.
All the Families are in the same|leaky boat.
Bullshit. I hear you guys are|expanding abroad.
In that case we'll need your help.
You won't get girls|with those muddy shoes.
You blabbering shithead.
Let go.|-Shut up.
No doubt. They killed him.
What's the problem? Are you scared?
You fucking well are.
So act like frightened rabbits.
I'm getting out.|You're just pulling me down.
I'm outta here.
Lily-livered pair of cowards.
Stupid motherfuckers.
Frightened little assholes.
You know, I've been feeling|really uneasy lately.
I don't know why...
Not uneasy...|More like pessimistic.
I feel like throwing everything away.
Since the Don got busted...
everything had begun to look so|ridiculous.
There's a cooking school|at the station.
I was about to fill out the|application form.
They know.|They know we killed Tachibana.
What are we going to do?
What the hell can we do?
Why did this happen to me?|What did I do to deserve this?
Just a dead hairdresser, that's all.
In the great scheme of things, she|has no value at all.
Just a hairdresser. A dime a dozen.
She's probably strip off and bare all|for money.
So why can't I stop thinking|about her?
It wasn't my fault. No way.
In the old days they killed people|just like flies.
They even boasted about it.
Does man's value change over time?|Has the price gone up?
Why is man so special? What about|cattle, and insects?
What's so different?|They have lives too.
We feed off eachother. Bird eats|insects, man eats birds.
It's just a cycle of murder.
To live you must kill. That's how the|world works.
I'll probably get used to killing.
Man is despicable.|He can adjust to anything.
But I'll be alright. I'll be fine.
I'll start a business with the money.
I'll help societal outcasts to find|good jobs and better lives.
I can save hundreds of families from|poverty and despair.
Thousands will be saved from|corruption.
Compared to that, one measly|hairdresser's life is nothing.
I didn't mean to kill her. It was|an accident.
She ran into the knife and stabbed|herself.
Now I get it.
She wanted to die.
It was suicide, I'm positive.
That's it. Now I understand.
Come to think of it, I'm the victim.
I've been obsessed with guilt since|then.
A generous nature and an open heart|invite suffering and pain.
Yeah, now I get it.|She killed herself.
Look at this bum.
What's he smiling about?
He'll probably beg for money. Give|him some change.
He saw me. He must have seen me.
What does he want? Why now?
The money? The motherfucker wants|the loot.
What? It's not the money?
I don't get it. What's happening?
What is he thinking?|What does he want?
I get it.|He's going to go to the police.
What'll I do?
Another murder makes no difference.
He's just a bum.|He doesn't deserve to live.
Trash like him spoils the town.
I'll kill him.
Kill him. Kill the bastard.
Kill him. Kill him.
There he is. That's the bastard.
I'll kill him. Kill him. Kill him.
It's not my fault.
The environment I was raised in|is the cause.
Who created that environment?|You, human beings. You.
I'm a murderer,|but you all live by killing too.
You kill for desire and enjoyment.
You're all living in an illusion,|drowning in illusion.
Are you a killer?
I am...
Miyata is the name.
Are you...
a killer?
Do you like killing people?
A famous philosopher once said:
At the moment a man kills another|man...
he enters into a completely|different world.
You'd think it was the same world,|right?
Nut actually they exist in completely|different worlds...
from people like you, who've never|killed.
The world through the eyes of a|killer looks completely different...
to someone who's never killed.
Have you ever killed anyone?
You see, I've got no patience.
I'm stuck in the killer's world.
The killer's world?
I have to kill to live.
You see, a killer can only ever live|in that world.
You want to escape?
Do you want to escape the world of|killing?
There's only one way to do it.|lnterested?
You've just got to...
kill yourself.
Are you a killer?
My name is Miyata.
Are you a killer?
You see, I've got no patience.
No choice but to live by killing.
What now, asshole?
What the hell did you do this for?
it's not my problem. You killed them.
Hey, relax...
You couldn't help it, I know.
That's right, isn't it?
I'm hungry.
Hey, come on, we only had a bowl of|noodles today.
Don't worry, no one saw us.
I'd love a drink right now.
I know a bar nearby.
Let's go. Okay?
Are you okay?
I'll take you to the nearest station.
funerary urn
Are you alright?
What's the nearest station?
Yamashita, isn't it?
Will Yamashita station do?
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
How's business?
Rained out.
Really? Well, that's fucking bad luck.
You really come here?
Yeah, I hang around this area.
How's business?
Slow as usual.
This place needs some girls.
What'll we do now?
Not that again.
Think, man.
Shut the fuck up. Why always me?
Ask him. He did it, not me.
You let him join the Family.
He didn't have to stab the|motherfuckers right away like that.
Maybe they came about something else.
You insisted that they knew.
Shut the fuck up.
We're drinking. Enjoy yourself.
I'm having fun.
I said I'm enjoying it.
I joined the Family because I envied|the yakuza life.
Good clothes, big cars|and lots of pussy.
I envied men who staked their lives|for their Don.
That was my dream.
I thought the life really suited me.
But the reality was different.
Our Don wanted to co-exist in peace|with the other Families.
I just had to make sure the plebs|paid the squeeze.
It was an easy life.
But not now. Those bastards want to|kill us.
They're looking for us.
Only the strong can win and survive.
Right now I enjoy being a yakuza...
and the style of the yakuza.
You said it.
No more hiding from them.
Yeah, fuck 'em. We're ready.
We're yakuza. By god we are.
Are you a killer?
I'm Miyata. Are you a killer?
Are you a killer?
Like to try it?
Gotta go.
Where are you going?
To get some cigarettes.
Telephone, sir.
I see.
Miyata blew it.
How the hell did I get involved in|this shit?
What are we gonna do?
What'll we do?
Say something.
What's your plan?
Shut the fuck up. You never change,|do you.
You make shit happen and then cry for|our help.
'What'll I do? Help me.'
We've got to escape abroad.
You prick. What about money?
You started this with that goddamn|mask.
That's what started it.
But you hit him in the fucking head.
Don't blame me.
You bastard.
You want a fight. Do you?
Fuck off.|-No, you fuck off.
He was in the noodle shop.
What are you sniffing around us for?
Answer me.
You will fucking well answer me.
You think you can just run off by|yourself?
Let go. I found it. It's only enough|for me.
Are you crazy?
Let go of it.
I've still got 80 million.
80 million yen.
You can have it all.
On one condition.
Please kill me.
Get out. Come on.
Get up. Where's the money?
Answer me. Where's the fucking money?
Hey. Is this it?
I've found it.
What are you digging here?
Digging a hole, obviously.
Burying somebody?
Or digging something up? Which is it?
None of your business. Stay out|of this.
It ain't your business. Don't fuck|with us, asshole.
What do you want?
What did you do with Tachibana?
I don't know.
Then what are you digging up?
Answer me.
Shut up and dig.
Are you guys fucking crazy?
It's true. We're digging up the money.
Do you think we're fucking stupid?
I don't know how they got here.
You killed him and buried him here.
No. We're digging up the money.
See? Check for yourself.
Who the fuck are you?
You motherfuckers.
No, don't...
Please don't...
Hey, Bro.
Tachibana, what...
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