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Subtitles for Untold Story 2 (1998).

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Untold Story 2 (1998)

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Let's sleep.
What're you doing? Let's make love.
Honey, no! l am sleepy, l am tired...
Let's do it tonight. Why not?
What's wrong with you?
Making love.
You trash! How can you make it?
But...l've tired my best.
l've tired my best, honey!
Honey, l am exhausted!
Go to hell!
You are useless! You trash!
You are useless both day and night!
You always said you're tired when l want to make love.
You moron! You'd better die!
You trash!
Good morning, boss.
Everything is fixed.
What's wrong with you? You are tired early in the morning?
You are trash!
Pick it up!
What's the chieF's recommendation?
Woo, you just need to watch, huh?
You seem to be thirst for sex.
Let me give you a hand?
l am dated, make it next time.
Come on! Just cancel it
No, l can't.
Cheung, l want a plate of roasted ribs on rice.
The roasted pork is really nice.
Come on, don't kid me, Officer Lazyboots.
Mind your fingers! Otherwise you can't shoot!
Mind the knife!
You moron! l use my brain.
l don't use my fingers to think.
You are notorious for being irresponsible and lazy.
Well, actually the whole of you is useless, don't mind only fingers.
l'm glad to know you're here!
You are a loan shark, you collec protection fee and sell pirates,
l should have caught you!
Are you bluffing?
l won't give a damn! What do you think you are? The Commissioner?
The Commissioner has no time for you.
What? But l will arrest you sooner or later.
Come on! Arrest me... if only you have guts!
Give way...
Higher you legs.
This is a restaurant, not a place for fighting.
Forget it! Stop fighting please.
Brother Key, give me face, would you?
Alright, l will give you face!
Thank you.
Alright, l am giving you face too.
Hands off.
What are you looking at?
l am occupied, l am leaving now.
l want a plate of ''4 treasures on rice'', l will come back later.
Auntie San.
Want some tea? Thanks. You're so nice.
Good morning. Auntie Six, good morning.
Why chickens are being sold here?
Why not?
Are you from the Agricultural Fisheries Department? Taking them for inspection?
What are you?
l am a cop, show me your l.D.
l haven't. Why not?
l want to sell these chickens here.
After that l will go right back to China.
So you are illegal immigrant.
And your chickens are illegal immigrants either.
Cut the crap, follow me to the station.
Officer, would you please give me a chance?
Pal, both your chickens and you all illegal immigrants.
How can l give you chance?
You'd better give me a chance! Come on.
Are you serious?
Come on! l'll push for you.
Hey, sir...
Where do you work? Speak up.
Lazyboots, you sell chickens now? Give way...
Take care!
Your chickens are so thin! l don't think the taste is good.
Cut the crap! l am damn busy!
Take a seat...
Now, l am taking a statement for you.
Where do you come from?
Poon-yu City.
The chickens are from Lone-kong City.
Do you mean to fool me? l dare not!
What chickens are they? They stink!
Oh my chickens...
Grab them to the cage, they dirty our office!
Up there...
And there! Grab them back...
Up there! Madam...
Down there...Madam, down there.
Grab it! Down there! Right!
What three hell is happening?
Sir, l'm now dealing a case.
l have caught an illegal immigrant. He's brought a dozen of...
illegal immigrated chickens which are not yet inspected.
Are you bored?
lt's nonsense to deal with such small case!
No, it's big!
The chickens are not inspected, they may spread H5N1 .
People will die, you know?
This should be referred to the Agricultural and Fisheries Dept.,
Medical Dept., or to the Custom Office.
This is not our job!
The Custom Officers are busy with the pirates.
The A F Dept. is dealing with the red tides.
The Forestry is busy handling the dead oxes.
They have no time to take care of such peanuts.
Sir, if we don't do it,
and let infected chickens be sold, sir, it'll cause deep shit.
we are police, we are supposed to beat crimes.
Not to arrest chickens.
The chickens can kill too!
There are many cases waiting for you.
lf you leave this case alone, you won't die, will you?
No, sir. But...
lt's been recorded, should we go on or not?
Fix it but fast! l don't want to station to become a market.
Where is you gun? Right here.
Keep it properly, you lost it once.
lf you lose it again, l'll make you the watchman!
How can you shoot by wearing this ring?
Well, l'll wear on another finger.
Don't stare at me, l just try my best.
Wait...Let me help you.
Why don't you come later? Mr. Lazyboots?
We are off!
Off? lt sounds good, so it'll be less crowded.
l ordered a plate of ''4 treasures on rice'', please.
Are you kidding? The rice has been dumped for pigs.
Where did you dump it? l'll get it back.
You always bother us from leaving.
You are a trouble maker!
You'd better leave first.
That's good! My friends are waiting for me to play mahjong.
l am leaving!
l feel so great!
Where is my ''4 treasures on rice''?
Better eat this! Come on!
lt's great!
Want some beer? Sure! lt's great!
Enough...let me try this.
lt's great! l don't have to eat those junk food.
Whose gun is it?
Hey, it's mine! lt's hurt you by accident, you know?
You know it. Then...
you should keep it well!
Do you want me to be hurt by mistake?
No, this only picks on bad eggs.
lt won't hurt nice guys.
Let me tell you!
You are a cop, but you always forget your gun,
that means, you are not armed.
lf you are not armed, why not work as a security guard?
l was a security guard, but l was fired.
That's why l applied to be a cop.
That's why you always lose your temper.
Look at your acne! Let me squeeze it for you.
How dare you fool me?
Come on! Let me squeeze it.
Woo, bottom's up!
What's bothering you?
Nothing. Do you wear horn again?
Nuts! What's that bull shit?
Well, everyone knows it.
lt's not wise to escape, but better solve this.
Tell me, let me figure out an idea for you.
My dick...doesn't work.
lt's shit!
Shut up! Why did you shout?
There is a new kind of medicine named ''Viagra''.
lt's great, have you tried that?
l have tried anything which is edible.
That's for external use! How can you eat it?
What a fool!
Come on! We are sharing almost the same problem,
l have a gun, but actually it is not useful, right?
Tell me more, come on.
What the hell? Drink it.
Come on. No way...
Cheung. What's the matter?
My cousin has come to Hong Kong, l want you to pick her up.
l don't know her at all.
l have a picture for you! You moron!
Are you Fung? must be my cousin's husband.
Yes, my wife asked me to pick you up.
Are you tired after taking a long trip?
l am not tired! l am so glad to see you.
Let me help you. No...thanks.
Let me do it, come on.
l can make it! lt's too heavy!
No, thanks, you are so nice!
Can you make it? Yes, l can make it.
Are you sure? Yes, l can make it.
Let's take a taxi. Alright.
lt's not far away. Wait!
Your shoelaces are loosened, let me tie them for you.
lt's okay. Thank you.
We may leave now. Over there.
Are you crazy? Damn you Mainlander!
You should mind you steps!
lf you bump into me, you can't afford paying my loss.
Damn you, Mainlander!
She didn't even apologize!
She is so rude! Fung...
Are you alright?
l am fine! Brother Cheung, l wan to go to toilet.
OK, just leave your stuff here, l'll wait for you.
That way.
This toilet is so dirty! lt stinks!
Bitch! Damn it!
Honey, we are back.
Cousin! You've arrived.
Yes. Are you tired?
No, it's not a long trip.
Then, give a helping hand here. Sure.
Let me drip my stuff first.
Auntie San, your back is aching again, isn't it?
Yes, my back bone hurts.
Let me help you.
Thank you. You're welcome.
Cheung, is she your wife's cousin?
She is beautiful!
She is so capable too!
Don't think anything dirty!
This mainlander is insane.
Be careful, she may cause a big trouble.
You are insane too!
We've been working for years, and l'm fine!
Mrs. Tsang, we have new arrivals on sale. Great!
Fung. Stop mopping the floor, go with me to do some shopping.
Cheung, l am going out to buy something with Fung.
Brother Cheung, see you later.
Bye bye.
Let me tell you, Hong Kong is different from Guangzhou.
Efficiency goes first, if you walk slowly, you'll be stepped to death.
lf you want to make a better living in Hong Kong,
you should try your best to find a rich boyfriend.
Then, you are able to spend as much money as you want.
You think you can be rich by working hard? No way.
Do you understand?
This is nice!
lsn't it pretty? Are you going to buy this to me?
See! You mainlanders are all greedy.
There is nothing free in this world.
lf you want it, you should fight for it.
These are all expensive.
Do you think this is made in China? lt's not cheap either.
They are imported and expensive.
They are just for sleeping! Why are they so expensive?
This is an investment, you know?
You must wear a sexy underwear to attract your man.
To fascinate them, to turn them on.
Then they will give you money.
And stay with you whole-heartedly.
Do you understand?
Do l look good?
You are sexy! Brother Cheung is so lucky!
You think this is for Cheung?
l don't want to waste my body. l am going to fit it.
Miss, this is silk-made.
lf you don't want to buy it, please don't touch it.
How do you know l can't afford buying it, why do you despise me?
You are worth being teased!
You are still so corny!
You can't blame them!
Don't touch! You lose my face too.
You are insane!
Why takes you so long? l have been long waiting!
l want to buy something for your eyes only!
What is it?
You will know it tonight, honey!
ls she your friend?
She is my cousin, she came from Mainland China this morning.
She is pretty!
How dare you take her advantage in front of me?
l am just kidding.
Maybe we can have tea together.
l am hungry, let's go for dinner.
You take a cab home.
Remember, don't say anything nonsense in front of my husband.
Let's go.
Brother Cheung.
You're back.
Yes, cousin Kuen and l want for shopping.
Do you need my help?
No, thanks, you must be tired, come and take a seat.
l'll take my stuff back to my room first.
Auntie San, do you have to mop the floor like this?
Or, do you want to do it some other day?
Bastard! l am tired!
l just want to take a little rest. You cut the crap!
Mind you tongue!
Auntie San, let me help you!
Auntie San, you're in trouble now.
Someone is going to take you place, you may be fired soon.
Save your breath.
Those mainlanders are all lazy.
She is trying to flatter someone to marry her.
She doesn't mean to work hard for a living, you know?
Let's wait and see.
Let them do the heavy work, OK?
l am used to it, let me do it.
No, it's a hard job!
No, take a seat, l can make it.
Let me do it please. Come on!
You've walked one day, let me do it.
l can make it, come on.
See! She is trying to flatter our boss, there must be a trick.
She is attractive. l don't mind being tricked.
You slut! Get lost!
Please take a seat. No...
l don't want you to dirty your clothes.
lsn't it trendy to mop the floor like this?
What are you bluffing? Do you come for your rice?
Ming, serve Officer Lazyboots please.
This is Fung, my wife's cousin.
She has just come from Mainland China.
This is Brother Sung, he is a cop.
l am going to wash the mop. OK.
lsn't she great? You have been gazing at her.
l think she is a bit weird.
What should l say? How?
She is like...You'd better aware of her.
What's the bull shit? She's just come from China.
l've been a cop for 20 years, my intuition hasn't come wrong.
Sure you can't feel anything, you just stick to the double mopping.
You are something! Mr. Detective.
Come on, let's have a drink.
Well, are you mad?
This is my treat, come on. That sounds great!
Brother Cheung, do you have any job for me?
Nothing, the shop is closing now, you'd better take a rest.
l am leaving.
You're mean. You are stupid
Tell her you need her, why not? You are insane.
You can never cheat me!
l can tell from your lustful eyes.
You have got lustful eyes.
lt's on the house! Come on.
l always ask you not to drink so much! What a trouble!
You are so drunk!
See, you're a mess!
Don't drink so much, would you?
You won't listen to me!
See, you've drunk so much!
Brother Cheung, what's wrong? What a trouble!
What's wrong with it?
She always gets drunk! Well, l'm used to it.
Take here to her room please.
Fai, come quickly.
Sleep now.
ls she alright?
Fine! She always gets drunk, l am used to it.
Let me give her a hot towel to cover her face.
Thank you.
Come on, it's for your face.
Come on, don't move.
Cousin bought a beautiful underwear this day,
why hasn't she brought it back?
Did she leave it somewhere?
Even she doesn't get drunk, she won't take it back.
Those are not for my eyes.
You know she has boyfriend?
Of course, everyone knows it.
All neighbors know it.
l pretend not knowing it, just to let me feel better.
How can you tolerate?
lt's out of my control.
You are so nice!
lt must be very lucky to be your wife.
Brother Cheung, good morning.
Why don't you take more sleep?
No! l come here to work.
lt'll be meaningless to life l just sleep and sleep.
Let me help you.
Thanks, it's dirty. Never mind, l am used to it.
Can you make it? l am OK.
You sweat a lot, let me wipe it for you.
Thank you.
You bastard! How dare you spend my money for other woman?
You bastard!
Enough! Stop it, otherwise you'll pay for it.
So what? Beat me if you have guts!
So what?
How can you abuse violence to a woman?
She is my woman, that's none of your business!
l am a cop! What do you think?
Tell me why did he beat you!
That's none of your damn business! Get lost!
Come on, l just want to help you!
This is my family business! Leave me alone!
Family business? How about Cheung?
l just want to save my breath!
Let's go home to fix it.
That's right! l haven't seen such nosy police before!
Why don't you beat crimes instead of bothering other's family business?
What kind of family business?
She is married! Family business?
She is married, how come this is your family business?
She thinks she is the lady boss.
lt's killing me!
You are jealous, aren't you? lf you were young,
you could have sat here to be the lady boss.
Damn it!
l feel shame to trade my body for it.
There is no different with a hooker.
Yes, there is difference! A hooker can earn more!
Fung, can you make it?
l can't!
l've found three thousand and something missing.
That's correct, your cousin took it for playing mahjong.
Yes, that's correct.
Brother Cheung, you work so hard everyday,
but she is wasting your money, don't you mind that?
lf she is as understanding as you, the world will be perfect.
l've come the right time.
lt's time to have late dinner.
Damn it!
You come when we are closing!
You know it is a nuisance to us?
What's wrong with you? Are you stick? Let me give you some medicine, OK?
She's lost her love!
Another pretty woman has come and taken her place.
What did you say?
That's right! Look at Fung!
lt's better than looking at you!
You bastard! You are obsessed by that jinx!
Now you don't believe in what l said, you'll regret for it.
You are right! She is young and pretty.
l bet she won't be willing to stay in such small shop!
Do you think so? That's right.
lf you were that pretty,
you wouldn't have stayed here to mop the floor!
You would have been a hooker! ls that right?
You'd better eat! How dare you fool me?
What are you doing?
Why is your face so greasy?
l sell barbecued food! That's why my face is greasy.
l saw your wife fighting with a man this afternoon.
None of my business! l won't care.
Why? You are her husband!
She is your wife!
You should communicate more!
Otherwise your marriage will break.
lt's already broken.
And it's very serious.
Cousin! You're come!
Why do you come back early? You're supposed to play mahjong.
Nope. Haven't you wandered off?
l don't know this place well, l don't want to lose my way.
l prefer staying home.
l am tired, l want to sleep now. Go ahead.
Cousin, l should get my l.D. tomorrow,
Will you go with me tomorrow?
l will be busy. Cheung, why don't you take her to the office?
l feel great! l've got the l.D. card.
l am a Hongkie now! Brother Cheung.
Thank you.
Fung, what plan do you have?
l want to be with you forever.
What's wrong? Are you hurt?
l am fine...
Fung, do you really mean it?
l want to be the last woman in your life.
What's the matter? Do you like it?
This is for you.
l want to buy this and show you.
Hey. What?
That chick comes to mess up again.
Why doesn't she wander off somewhere else? That's right.
Are you the sales lady here?
Yes, so?
You should know how to serve your customer.
Well, please help yourself.
But don't dirty our clothes.
l want to buy the night clothe in the window, please wrap it.
No more fun! This is too expensive for you.
What kind of behavior is it?
This is money! Check it.
Why are you standing here? Wrap this for me.
Do it.
The sales ladies are so mean!
l would like to chop them like a barbecued pork!
Dare you do that? Why not?
Are you happy? Yes, l am!
My wish will come true step by step.
What wish?
You'll know it later.
Tell me, please.
lf l can take a bridal picture with my love...
that will be the most unforgettable scene in my life.
l wish that too.
Haven't you taken bridal picture with cousin Kuen?
No, when we got married...
except paying lucky money to her family,
our wedding was very simple.
Even our banquet party was very simple.
Why not take a picture with me?
Will you add something at my back?
Wait... Try it.
This seems to be a bit tight.
Can you loosen it?
Alright. lt's pretty.
Really? Wait.
What? Let me fix it.
Sir, will you show our picture...
in your window?
No, don't worry. Thank you.
Why are you so nervous?
Nothing, l...
Am l look like a bridegroom?
You actually are my bridegroom.
Why do you gaze at me? Don't you want to marry me?
No, it's a bit...sudden!
So many things happened between us...
Why do you think it's all a sudden?
Remember, l've accepted your love.
You'd be responsible to me.
Of course...
You can take pictures now, just relax...
Ready? Come on, let's take picture...
Boss, you look great! Are you going to attend a banquet?
Just stick to your work! Cut the crap!
l took Fung to get her l.D. card.
Where is Fung now?
She wants to buy something, she will come back later.
Why do you dress well?
You shaved!
Cut the crap!
Are you going to get married?
You're insane!
Better don't! lt's illegal to marry twice in Hong Kong.
Cut the crap!
Forget those but l shit!
Well, you're stammering, you must have done something wrong!
lf you don't do anything wrong... What's the bull shit?
l will cut...
cut my thigh to send our neighbors as gift...
You nuts!
Don't blame me of being nagging.
Sex can kill! Better mind your step.
That's right! All cats eat fish.
By the way, this is a beauty! So attractive!
Save your breath! This cat doesn't eat fish.
Are you that confident?
l know him so well.
He can't even satisfy me.
How can he feed others?
l wish he is able to do it.
So l won't be thirst for it.
Do you feel anything wrong?
Nothing, nothing has changed.
No, you couldn't make it before.
But you've just been so great!
Key gave me ''Viagra''.
lt works! Let's go to sleep...
Stay up! You used to lie down and do it.
But why are you so active now?
l have just learned it from an x-rated pirate VCD.
You must be tired, go to sleep, come on.
You used to watch that, but you just couldn't make it.
Be frank, did you whore behind me?
What did you say? l really don't know!
l am going to work now.
lt's 4 o'clock in the morning, what are you going to do?
l have much work to do.
Stay! Come back now.
l'll talk to you later.
Good morning. Good morning.
l've prepared your favorite breakfast.
Tell me, otherwise you can't go.
Let's go back to our room.
What? lf you don't confess... Cousin, good morning.
Speak up.
Come to have breakfast, come on.
Why do you dress like this?
This is a night clothe, what's wrong of wearing it at home?
Why do you set your hair like mine?
l don't know why.
The stylist said this is all the go of this year.
So he just did my hair like yours.
Anything wrong?
Well, l'm going back to my room.
Enjoy yourselves.
What's wrong? l see, that's why l feel something strange.
What the hell is it?
l don't know, she is your cousin.
This is between you women! l don't know.
l am going to work.
Come back! You'd better confess.
Otherwise you'll pay for it.
Mrs. Tsang, you've come the right time.
We have new arrivals from Europe.
Did my cousin from mainland bought one of this kind?
Yes, Mrs. Tsang, she came yesterday.
This costs three thousand and something, could she afford that?
She didn't pay.
A dummy paid for her.
That dummy's money is greasy.
Just like yours.
By the way, she made the man feel happy.
They seem to be in love. That's right.
There should be few thousand dollars inside the drawer.
Why just few hundred dollars are left? Where's the money gone?
Tell me!
lt's's almost okay...
Did you give Fung the money?
No, l haven't... Dare you deny?
You bought her underwear yesterday.
She showed you this morning,
do you feel great?
You bastard!
How dare you flirt with that bitch behind me?
l would kill you!
Are you crazy? l'll kill you.
Where are you going? No.
Are you crazy? You scare the customers.
Officer, help! Someone wants to kill!
What the hell is it? Drop the knife!
Give me a plate of ''4 treasures on rice''. Drop the knife!
You bastard, follow me home.
l'll fix you!
How dare you fool around?
Remember, sex will kill! Don't do anything stupid.
Right, you'd better not messing up! You don't mess up!
You always mess up when we are getting off.
Don't mess up here!
You bastard! That's why you've become wonderful in bed.
l see, you've flirted with a new girl!
How long have you had affair with Fung? Speak up.
There is nothing between us.
Do you still want to cheat me? l said no!
How dare you! What is this?
Nothing. She said this is funny...
so we just took few pictures together.
Why didn't you go to the marriage registry?
Why didn't you invite your friends to your wedding banquet?
You bastard!
Do you want me to kill you?
To hell with you! Come on, it's just picture!
There is nothing to do with us.
You pretended to be impotent in front of me.
You creep! No!
l would beat you to become real impotent!
No! She just want to make it big and hand it out.
That's none of my business. To hell with you!
How dare you screw that bitch?
l didn't. You still want to deny?
She is your cousin, l dare not take her advantage.
Do you still want to deny?
You are breaking my heart.
She is your cousin, l haven't done anything wrong.
You are so cheap! You creep!
To hell with you. lt's just a misunderstanding.
You still want to cheat me?
What else do you want to say? l want to divorce with you.
l said, this is misunderstanding.
There is nothing to do with us.
lt's not true, you can ask her.
What? l won't screw your cousin...
Are you alright?
You killed her! Why did you kill her?
She beated you, she scolded you.
l am driven mad. She scolded me?
lt's okay! lt's okay to me!
She always scolded me, there is nothing special!
Nothing special!
l love you so much, l don't want you to be hurt.
Whoever hurts you, whoever should pay for it.
Did l tell you last time...
l am the last woman in your life.
There is no point for her to stay here.
You nuts! You are insane...
Don't let me hear you saying the word ''insane'' again.
lf l were not crazy in love with you,
you wouldn't have hard those words.
What should we do now?
Be obedient.
You will be fine.
You killed...
Hold it.
What are you doing? Cut her.
Don't you have guts? Let me do it.
lt tastes good! You want some?
Come on, eat a piece of it, come on.
Cheung, where is your wife?
l am asking about your wife.
Your wife!
What's the matter? You had a fight with her, so you killed her, didn't you?
My wife...she has gone back to hometown.
Why are you so nervous?
l don't think you have guts to harm you wife.
Nice barbecued ribs! Want some?
Do you want to eat barbecued ribs?
No, come on, how about chicken and goose? They are great.
l'll give you a bigger piece.
You are insane! What's wrong with you?
Nothing! Nothing!
Come on! Tell me your problem.
Come on! Tell me!
Don't be nosy! Go in and eat something!
What's wrong? How about ''4 treasures on rice''?
Serve them ribs, come on!
Don't let the guest wait.
Hurry up!
Do you want more? How about some soup?
No thanks.
l am satisfied with being flirted with you.
Where is Cheung's wife?
l don't know.
So many lustful guys are waiting for her.
How do l know where the hell she's gone.
lt's ridiculous! She always comes to collect money at this hour.
Why hasn't she come yet?
Maybe she has flirted with a rich dummy.
So she doesn't need this.
This ribs...
There is a hair!
lt's really nice!
The taste is...specially good!
lsn't be nourished by a mistress,
that's why Cheung does a better job.
This roasted rib is really tasty.
l love the bones, l want to take it away.
lt's great!
lt's great!
Kuen, it's none of my business! Kuen...
lt's none of my business! Kuen...
What are you doing here? Why so noisy?
l saw...l thought Kuen was back!
Are you still missing her?
No, we...she was killed?
that's why l thought she was back...
So, you are blaming me of killing her, right?
Listen, cousin Kuen did something wrong to you.
She deserved it.
You will be happy only staying with me.
You should be obedient to me.
Don't let me down, OK?
l am thirsty, bring me something to drink please.
lt's alright...
lt's alright...
lt's Kuen's head. Fung, come here...
What's wrong with you?
Kuen's head is inside the fridge... Her head...
Her head is cut off! lt's me who put it inside the fridge.
lt's useless now.
You'd better dump it.
What? l dump it?
What are you afraid of? She won't bite!
Come on! Hold her.
Hold her.
Look at her!
l want you to become a real man.
No...don't dump it...
No...don't dump it...
lt's so comfortable to walk under such beautiful weather.
Why are you so nervous? We come to dump rubbish, that's all!
l haven't dump such kind of rubbish before.
Be good! l'll cook you noodle later, OK?
Cop...there is a cop...
So what? We haven't done anything wrong.
What a good luck! l have made it.
Move faster! Otherwise we won't have time for midnight snack.
There is still another one.
What food should we eat tonight?
Hide up... Please, relax. Come on!
Why are you so nervous? Just dump some rubbish, that's all.
lf anyone sees us, we'll be in trouble.
Someone will tidy it up soon.
We'd be in deep shit if we are seen.
Come and help!
Who will search the rubbish, huh?
lt's a busy lane.
Don't worry, l am experienced.
Do you like it?
Romantic or not?
Do you feel that we are like just-married couple?
l've been long waiting for this chance.
At last, l have my home.
What are you doing?
l think...l think l've seen Kuen!
l have done so many nonsense things to you, haven't l?
You are still thinking of her!
What are you doing?
Hands off! What are you doing?
l can't win your heart, it'll be meaningless for me to live.
Come on...
l always feel she's around.
Don't think about it.
Just remember, l love you so much, that's it.
Remember what l've told you?
l am the last woman in your life.
What's wrong with you?
Don't get mad!
l don't know why, l just can't make it.
l can't control myself, l don't...
How can you treat me like this? You'll pay for it!
Why does she dress like Cheung's wife?
But she is more charming.
Where is Cheung's wife?
Cheung said she has gone back to hometown.
l won't believe it. Why not?
Kuen told me that she hates her hometown so much!
So what makes her go back.
Why didn't she tell me that?
Do you have an affair with her? l have.
Are you sick?
Where is your wife?
She has gone back to hometown.
Are you kidding? She told me that she hates going back.
Will there be anything wrong with her?
Nothing's wrong! Nothing's wrong.
Everything's fine!
Maybe there is something wrong.
She may have been kidnapped.
l wonder! You feel ease while she's been missing in these days.
Will she get food poisoned in hometown...or...
Nothing's wrong, she is fine.
She is fine! Why are you so nosy?
l won't sell any food to you! Leave me alone!
Why do you treat me like this? l have eaten yet.
Call me if you want a tea with me. Get lost!
l won't sell food to you!
l wanna beat you jnix! So you can't breathe.
l wanna beat you hand! So you won't fire anyone again!
Auntie San, what're you doing here?
l am trying to curse the mainlander!
Do you know why l do this?
l am fired by her!
That's right! Everyone knows you are tough!
She's really gutsy to fire you, isn't she?
Cheung's wife has been missing.
Cheung's thus being fascinated by that jnix!
lt's that jnix who fired me.
You know, she is insane.
She can do something bad, you know?
ls she insane?
Sure! She is insane.
Tell me something please.
Don't you know her story?
l don't know, would you mind telling me?
Ten years ago,
a tragic massacre happened in Guangzhou,
her family, total 8 were killed, she is the only one left.
She went crazy by witnessing it and was sent to lunatic asylum.
People told me that she was released last year.
l think she isn't recovered yet.
Do you know where Kuen will stay if she goes home?
Of course.
Will you give me the phone number? Sure.
Has she come back?
Did she call?
How about any letter?
No letter?
Officer Lazyboots, please teach your children!
Don't let them stool everywhere! Our seniors will blame us.
Get lost, l am busy, can't you see that?
She is literate, l see! Thank you.
Lazyboots, what's wrong with you?
You turn the station to be a market.
The A F Department will collect the chickens soon.
Don't bother me please.
Officer, please stay.
What's the matter?
l have found a problem in the restaurant...
which l always pay visit.
What's wrong? Hygienic problem?
Do you want to sue it?
No, listen.
First, l have found a girl from mainland.
Then, she flirts with the boss.
After that, the couple broke up.
Then, the lady boss has disappeared mysteriously.
l asked the boss, and he said she went back to China.
l've just checked it, it's not true.
So, l think someone is trying to obtrude and occupy...
and l am afraid someone has already vanished in this world.
Save your breathe!
Such family problems always happen.
They will not be that complicated as you think.
She may have left for some place else.
lt doesn't mean that she's vanished.
No, l really...
my intuition tells me there is something wrong!
Something's wrong!
Sir, please let me follow this case.
Her husband didn't report her missing.
No one comes to report the case.
What made you follow this case?
And, please make sure those chickens are alive.
Otherwise, how can you provide court evidence?
lf they die, l'll buy some substitutes.
l don't want to know how you are going to obstruct justice.
lt's not easy to make a living now.
l don't want too many troubles before my retirement.
What a trouble.
You'd better be smart! Don't die.
Please give me roasted ribs on rice. Right away.
How are you? Are you tired?
l am fine... Are you sick?
l am fine!
Of course! Why do you lock yourself up in the shop?
Let's go out for a walk, come on!
Ming. We're going out for a walk,
please take care of here. Alright.
Are you tired?
Come on! Don't let the neighbors see this.
What are you afraid of? You are my man!
Why is here so quiet? Where are the slut and the adulterer?
How do l know it?
Roasted ribs on rice. Alright.
Good morning.
What's wrong with Cheung? He's changed a lot.
He is afraid of her wife, isn't he?
Be frank, has he taken some expired ''Viagra''?
He is gutsy!
He doesn't care about his wife!
l wonder, is there anything wrong with Kuen!
You are the great detective! Why don't you check it out?
l am checking. That's right.
But no one reported to police, how can l check it out?
Well, you had an affair with Kuen,
why don't you report the case? So l can work on it.
Are you nuts? l am a triad member, how can l go to police station?
You'd better save your breath! Save it!
Look at yourself!
You are a creep! Why can't you be a decent citizen for once?
You mom is a decent citizen!
l am going to join a gang fight, don't bother me!
You're right, my mom is a decent citizen.
Are you going to a gang fight? Where is it held?
l won't go there.
Tomorrow's paper will tell you!
l feel so great!
The night of Hong Kong is so pretty!
Don't stay too long.
Let's go home! We've stayed here for a long time.
l did something evil...
No, l think our home is haunted...
l dare not go home!
What's wrong with you?
We did that for our future!
Don't you ever say such nonsense again!
No, Fung...
l killed, l killed someone.
lf anyone knows it, it'll be shit!
l am scared! Don't be silly.
People ate the evidence.
How can they prove we have killed, right?
Come on, follow me home. l am not going back!
Don't make me angry!
Come on!
Tragic massacre in Guangzhou.
An obtrude-and-destroy tragedy by a mysterious woman.
Killed 7 people and 8 lives, only one young girl alive.
Youngest daughter witnessed mistress's brutal occupancy.
Little girl received psychological therapy.
Commit to life-long influential memory...
l've prepared water for our bath.
Bath? Good! Bath...
What's the matter?
The water is hot, do you still feel cold?
Yes...l don't know why.
You look desperate. Really?
Let me shave for you.
That will make you look better.
No, l will shave tomorrow.
Be good, stay clam.
Otherwise l will hurt you.
You know what kind of people l hate most?
l hate dishonest lover.
l hate people not obedient to me.
l would love to cut...
to cut their throats.
What are you afraid of?
Did you do anything wrong to me?
Trust me...
l didn't...
l won't do this.
l really won't...
l love you so much!
l think you won't do this to me.'s Kuen's head
Nothing's found!
l saw Kuen's head floating in the tub.
Yes, her head...
Nothing's wrong!
Don't be a chicken, OK?
Fung, let's go to surrender ourselves.
Surrender ourselves?
Aren't you going to stay with me?
Don't you love me anymore?
l can't stand it! l want to call the police.
You can't! l won't let you do it.
Let me go! Please let me go.
l can't! l've suffered too much! l want to tell the police.
Surrender ourselves, it'll be fine!
Those who don't love me will suffer.
l am sorry, sir, what's the matter?
l think l've heard people crying for help.
No, l heard nothing!
How many people are living here?
My cousin and her husband.
But they have gone back to China, l am the only one left here.
lt's alright, sorry for bothering.
l won't let you leave me.
Look at you!
You hurt your face.
Let me wash your wound! Come on!
Where is Cheung?
The mainland said he's gone to China.
l think she has hidden him somewhere around.
There is something wrong. Let's have a chat.
You nuts! l don't want to waste time with you.
Where is Cheung?
What's the matter?
Come on, let's have a chat.
Just go ahead.
Have they gone back to China?
Don't you trust me?
How can l trust you?
l have known Cheung for ages, he hasn't told me his trip to China.
This is between you.
lt there is something wrong, you'd better ask him.
lf he really has gone to China, it'd be fine.
l'll talk to you after stooling!
One ''4 treasures...
You've waken up!
You're all wet! Let me wipe your sweat.
You must be hungry, l've cooled something tasty for you.
Open you mouth.
Good boy.
This tastes good!
Open your mouth.
Eat! Eat this.
Open up, come on!
Don't you want to eat anything?
l will be mad.
Eat it!
Open up and eat.
l want you to finish them.
Officer Wong, l've told you how wonderful my intuition is.
Don't blame me of being nosy.
A granny came to report Cheung's disappearance.
So, may investigate into this case now?
l wonder, are you ignorant of nonsense!
He's gone for a trip, why do you claim him to he disappeared?
You are troubling trouble!
This is not your style, huh?
Officer Wong, l don't think this is a simple case.
l can smell blood from that woman!
l suspect that this is a murder! Someone may be killed.
You've good imagination.
Why don't you be a script writer?
What's the matter?
Officer Lazyboots, how long should l wait?
What a trouble! Well, l want to quit now.
Auntie San, how can you do this? lt's not righteous enough!
l've made up my mind, it's not wise of me to do this.
l worry that you'd ask me to assist your investigation any time you like.
And you want me to witness in court...
and, some magazines...
may interview me...
l just took you five hundred, it's wasting my time!
l'll give you some more money, OK? No!
l don't want to be involved.
You'd better take back you money.
l will give you some more money, okay?
Auntie San, come on! Please report the disappearance!
You told me that woman is insane.
Beware that she would kill you.
l...l am not that familiar with her, and l didn't say anything.
l am leaving, l am going to play mahjong.
Auntie San...
Auntie San... Lazyboots.
lt's so weird!
You bribe her to report a missing case, huh?
This is the first time l've seen such kind of offering!
l just want to make better relationship.
You'd better behave!
You will be charged with obstructing justice.
Be smart if you don't want to be fired.
Don't mess up!
Remember, you are an armed cop who bests crime,
but not a nosy guy, do you see my point?
Yes, sir.
An armed cop?
A cop solves a case with his brain, not his gun.
Anybody here?
May l go in and take a seat?
Nice decoration.
Where is Cheung? Hasn't he come back?
You want to take back your stuff?
How do you know that?
Do you want to take this gun back?
You are so nice, thank you...
What are you doing? You are insane.
l don't want you to say this word again.
l hate hearing this word.
You are not allowed to say this again.
l just come back for my gun.
Please don't give me hard time.
You are bastard! Bad eggs!
You always claim yourself to care about my family.
At last, you came to my house with an excuse,
and you killed all my family.
No, you family isn't my concern.
l am not that kind of person.
Be nice, OK? Be nice, and you'll be fine.
No! No!
Stop beating! Otherwise l will become handicapped.
l beg you, let me go to hospital to stop my bleeding.
Please, l beg you!
What's up? No!
What's wrong? What's wrong with it?
Don't panic! We can make it!
We can save ourselves.
Give myself faith, come on!
Give myself faith... give myself confidence.
What are you doing?
You are fat and muscular, don't waste your flesh.
Are you kidding? Don't kid me.
You think l am kidding?
l don't know! l...don't know.
l don't mean this! l mean, l am fat and...rough...
l am won't be tasty.
l can shave you first.
No! Don't shave me...
My mom said...don't shave me!
Slow down...
Shave it...
and the cook in Szechuen style,
so it'll smell great.
After shaving, just season it.
With this barbecue sauce,
it'll be more tasty.
Put it all over your body...
for 15 minutes...
it'll be very nice when it's being roasted.
lt's better to add some more soup...
But you should get it downstairs.
Soup? l've prepared it.
Why do you help him?
You crazy woman!
l've said... confidence is very important...
Luckily l wear my ring on this finger.
Call the police...
Please let me go.
l am so afraid, pal...
Call the police, right now! Hurry up!
Luckily l wear the ring on this finger,
otherwise l couldn't shoot.
Cheung...Hey, wake up...
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