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Untold Story The

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Hey man, lend me $20,000, will ya?
$20,000? l won't lend you a fucking penny!
Come on, man, it's only 20 grand. --Pay back the old debt!
You won't get shit from me!
Damn it, l just paid you last week.
Last week? Those were counterfeit notes, asshole!
Fuck you, you fucking liar!
You going to lend it to me or not?
l won't, so fucking what?
Son of a bitch,
l helped you a lot... --Get the hell out of here!
Don't you fucking push me!
l'm warning you!
Get the fuck out of here, asshole!
Fuck you!
You'll regret this!
You think l'm scared?
You owe me, motherfucker!
Executive Producer: Danny Lee
Starring: Danny Lee Anthony Wong Kwan Bo Wai
Directed by: Herman Yau
MACAU 1986
Stop running around.
Hey, brother, come and help me.
Come on.
lt stinks!
O.K. We have to go now.
Mom, this stinks!
Stinks? What is it?
Oh my God! Let's get out of here!
This area is now sealed.
You can't go in now.
l don't know how my children found it.
l saw it and called the police at once.
lt's disgusting!
Watch out! Car coming!
They have just arrived.
Good morning.
Good morning. What's up?
l hate doing this kind of shit so early.
Me too!
Get going!
Step aside! Let the officers in!
Move your ass! We are working!
Sure we are!
l hope Officer Lee chews you out!
lt's gross!
What is it?
Human body parts.
What body parts?
Arms and legs. Go see for yourself.
Hell no, not me!
King Kong, you go.
l'm a vegetarian. Can't look at meat.
Bo, you go.
What? Why should l go?
So should we ask the police chief to go then?
But why me?
Why not? You're the lowest ranking cop here.
Go now, so we can get the hell out of here sooner!
O.K. but don't envy me if Officer Lee gives me all the credit.
Come on, dickface.
Give way...
Get lost... get lost!
Always ordering me to do shit!
lt's all rotten.
l can't tell if it's male or female. l'm done!
Pick them up!
Use your hands or mouth or whatever you like.
Officer Lee will praise you!
--The body parts are right down there. --Officer Lee!
Have my colleagues arrived?
Yes. They're all down there.
Officer Lee.
Officer Lee.
What's up?
Found some body parts... arms and legs...
...probably illegal immigrants eaten by sharks.
Sharks can put arms and legs into a bag?
Officer Lee!
Only a policewoman is working?
What about the rest of you guys?
No! No! Hey, lets go!
Let's go, let's go!
You guys are too much!
Be careful!
lt's gross!
Watch it!
Search everywhere to see if there are any more pieces.
We looked everywhere. Just this pile.
Look again.
You can be such a slacker...
...we'll be in deep shit if others find more limbs out there!
Yes sir!
Officer Lee, who's going to take these back to headquarters?
Aren't you?
No! They forced me to do this.
Be careful! Let me give you a hand.
Hey, Robert! Come here!
l've got a good job for you.
Come on...
Cut the flirting.
Got a good job for you.
Cool! Take her home?
No. Go and pack up those rotten arms and legs.
Yes sir.
Really now... Let's go!
Sorry, l'm late.
Fish rice plate. Beef rice plate.
Check please! Water please!
Water over there. Help yourself.
Pay over there.
l'm the cashier and the waitress too!
$9.20 please.
Shit! You scared me!
What do you want?
Any more barbecue pork buns?
Sold out. Why not try these?
Thank you. $9.50.
l'll take care of this.
Go help the customers.
Who's the boss?
What's the matter? --Are you hiring?
Have you ever done this before?
Follow me.
Show me how you chop.
Okay. You're hired.
l'll be right back.
What's the salary?
We'll talk about it later.
Mail's here!
For who?
Cheng Lam.
Give it to me.
Mr. Wong, Attorney Fong is ready to see you.
Here, let me.
Come in.
Attorney Fong, Mr. Wong is here.
Mr. Wong, You just can't come in with a deed,
and ask me to transfer the business.
Why not? l paid him for the shop!
You need the seller's signature or authorization letter...
...then we can document the transfer.
He left after selling me the shop.
l can't find him!
Come on! l'll pay you.
Just fix it for me.
lt's not a matter of money. lt's not lawful.
Why not? You 're a lawyer.
Make it lawful!
Sign it for me, please!
l can't! Mr. Cheng Lam must be present.
You are so fucking stupid!
Officer Lee.
Officer Lee.
What's this? Nothing to do?
Bo is working.
Yes, l am.
Bull, you have time to study dog racing?
How's the rotten palm case coming along?
Oh, l asked Kong and Bo to get the fingerprints.
lt's all being taken care of.
Where are the fingerprints then?
Hey! Have you two got it yet?
What? He's asking you!
No! You didn't ask!
What? Damn you two...
You two better hurry up and get the fingerprints now.
Officer Lee, the palms are rotten!
lt's hard to get prints.
Do l have to do it myself?
No no, we'll do it.
Hey, are you through?
l am through. Yes, sir.
Give me a report.
Yes sir!
You guys like big tits?
Can lead to breast cancer!
Even if she had a mastectomy,
hers would still be bigger than yours!
One by one?
Do you think l'm nuts? lt broke off by itself!
Just think of it as Officer Lee's hand.
Why don't we chop yours off too?
Okay, l'll get the knife!
Come back! l was only joking!
Shit! lt stinks!
Hurry up,
let's play another four rounds.
Red Dragon!
Bingo! Full House! Pay up!
l just lost $400.
Hey, get us some tea!
You get paid for sitting?
Let's stop.
You always win!
You said four more rounds.
Why are you all leaving so soon?
Pack up!
You're the winner tonight.
l can't afford to lose any more.
Let's play again tomorrow.
Okay, see you.
See you. Good night.
Good night.
You've made a lot of money, boss.
Not much.
You're a good mahjong player.
Sure, that's why l'm the winner!
But that's because you cheated.
That's none of your GODDAMN business!
l won cause l'm smart!
Those fuckers deserved to lose!
Bunch of idiots!
l have no sympathy for fools!
You call these fingerprints?
This is the only good one.
Can you tell whose it is?
Don't know yet. Tell you later.
When then?
What do you think l am? A psychic?
Bo, l'm going home.
Call me if there's any news.
Let me know when you're going to DlE!
Hey, l found it... l have a match...
Get up!
''Bo, your report is very good. Very detailed.''
''Keep up the good work. Dinner tonight?''
Hey Bo, what's with the giggling?
Pervert! Touch me again and l'll cut your balls off,
you got that?
Got it!
lt almost got bruised.
And l thought l was the aggressive type!
l only touched her shoulder and she grabs my nipples!
That's good!
Letter for you.
What is it? Where is it from?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Bo, how's the fingerprint?
Nothing special.
Glad l left early last night!
What kind of a letter is this?
The characters are strange!
What? Aren't they Chinese characters?
Let me.
''Dear Sir, Officials of the Public Security Agency...''
lt's a letter from China!
''l am Cheng Yi.
My brother operates a restaurant in Macau.''
''lt seems he has disappeared,''
''and he hasn't been sending money back to our parents.''
''l hope you can find his whereabouts.''
Nonsense! This is the police department,
and he wanted us to search for his brother!
Are we going to take it?
lf you've got time after you eat and shit,
then go ahead! --l need a lot of time to shit!
Just ignore this letter.
Officer Lee...
Officer Lee...
How's it going?
Any fingerprints from the rotten palm?
Hey you! You find anything?
l checked... nothing. --Really?
l got something! Here's the report.
Officer Lee, this is my lab report.
Only one fingerprint is workable,
and l checked it out.
lt belongs to a woman named Chan Lai Chun.
How old was she?
She was 60 years old.
Any address?
Yes! Right here in Macau.
Have you checked the place out?
Uh... Nope.
You've got the address!
What are you waiting for?
That's right! Are you withholding evidence from us?
Yeah! lf WE knew,
we would've checked it at once!
Right! She drags us down!
Shall l go check it out myself?
No... no! We'll do it.
Babe, let's go.
Don't withhold any information from me next time!
Look at that ass!
Great curves!
Tight too!
You guys will never get it!
Cause you ain't got any!
She slapped me!
We still can't help you.
Why not?
l brought all his documents this time!
Just go find somebody and sign it!
l've explained to you many times already.
This is illegal.
Please help,
l need to sell the shop urgently!
Just tell me...
how much do you want? Tell me!
lt's not a matter of money.
lf you can't get Mr. Lam here...
...l can't help you.
And l won't take your money.
Cut the bullshit!
l don't believe this can't be done!
The hell with you!
Hurry up! lt's your turn.
Thank you. You're welcome.
Cheng Lam again?
Hey! Who is Cheng Lam?
The ex-boss of this restaurant.
The ex-boss?
By the way,
l saw our boss playing mahjong last night...
Shh... for what? He cheated in mahjong!
He's a swindler!
Today's mail.
Have you decided?
Good hand of cards!
Enjoy yourselves.
Queen of Spades!
Barbecue pork buns.
Barbecue pork buns? Give me some!
Hey, let's play mahjong tonight.
Your turn.
My turn. You're gonna lose this time.
Letter for you guys.
Go and get the letter.
Shit, why don't you go?
A letter from China again!
Addressed to our head, requesting a search for a lost brother.
Our head? That's Officer Lee!
He won't take care of it.
Throw it away.
No, let's take a look first.
What for? Just trash it!
Officer Lee!
Nothing to do again? Playing chess?
What letter is this?
A Mainlander wants our help to look for his brother.
We've received several letters from him already.
We don't have time to look for his brother!
''Eight lmmortals Restaurant''?
That's good!
You look more like a woman now!
Smells good too!
Worth tasting!
Worth tasting!
Why are you dressed like this?!
You look like a hooker!
Officer Lee, l think l look better than your dates.
That's different... they really ARE hookers!
You're not, why dress like one?
How's the case of the old lady?
l've checked. She was living alone.
She has disappeared for some time. No one knows where she's gone.
Did she have any relatives in Macau?
Yes, she had a son-in-law that owns this Eight lmmortals Restaurant.
Eight lmmortals? --The same name!
Eight lmmortals Restaurant?
Hey, Bull!
This case may be related to the Eight lmmortals Restaurant.
Go and check it out.
Yes sir.
Stop playing now!
Yes sir.
Go and get changed!
l think your butch look is much better.
That's the truth!
Bo, no matter what you look like,
l'll always love you.
Why can't you just touch them??
Hey, fatso!
You like the barbecue buns?
Delicious! l can't stop eating them.
Have some more then. Try some soup.
Mr. Wong, where is Ah Man?
He quit! He went back to China!
You're kidding! How can l do everything by myself?
Who's the boss?
l am. What's the matter?
Police. We need to talk to you.
Sir, sit and have some tea first!
Bo, you question her.
l'll get you some buns.
What's your name? --Pearl.
Sir, help yourself.
What's your name?
Wong Chi Hang.
ls this your restaurant?
Yes. l used to work here, but l later bought it and took over.
You bought it from Cheng Lam, right?
Uh... yes, l paid him $180,000 for it.
Where is he now?
l don't know.
How many members in Cheng's family?
He has a wife and some children.
He has a relative named Chan Lai Chun, right?
l... l don't know.
This is really delicious.
Why not take some with you to go?
Pack some for me!
Sure, no problem!
How long have you been working here?
Almost two months.
Did you know Cheng Lam?
No. l was told that he was the ex-boss.
Madam, l know nothing.
What's all this about?
We received letters from the Mainland asking us to look for him.
We're just doing a routine check.
Letters from the Mainland?
We always receive letters from the Mainland!
Who are they for? --l'm not sure.
Oh yes! The letters are for me.
My cousin in the Mainland always writes to me.
Pearl, go and get the officers some more tea.
No need.
Are you through? --Yes.
Sir, it's fresh and hot.
l don't have change... do you have any?
l do, how much?
No, it's on me!
No charge! Pay next time!
Thank you.
Bye now!
Hey pals! Pork buns for everybody!
Get them while they're hot!
Wow! Did you win the dog races?
Eat while it's still hot!
Hot barbecue pork buns!
Bull, why don't you treat us to roasted pork instead?
Why don't you just shut up and eat?
What's this? A buffet?
Officer Lee!
Well? How's the case?
The owner of Eight lmmortals Restaurant is Wong.
He used to work there.
The guy said he paid $180,000 to take over the place.
l've questioned the cashier.
lt seems that she is afraid of her boss.
My female intuition tells me she knows something!
Hey... YOU count as a female too?
Stop it!
You guys listen up.
l'm very suspicious about this Eight lmmortals Restaurant case.
Go and check which attorney handled the transfer of ownership.
Also, check which school Cheng Lam's children were enrolled in.
Yes sir.
Bull, you have to supervise and direct them!
Yes sir!
Officer Lee, have some buns. lt's fresh.
Eat while they're still hot.
What kind of bun is it? --Barbecue pork buns.
Barbecue pork buns? --They're good!
l thought they were chicken buns.
l don't eat barbecue pork buns.
You never know what's in the filling.
Stop eating and get to work!
You deserve it, kiss-ass!
See you, Mr. Wong.
Good night.
Mr. Wong, l have to speak with you.
Me too... come over here.
Sit down.
No, thanks.
Mr. Wong, l want to quit.
Why? You work well.
ls it too hard on you?
No, but my mom's sick.
l want to visit her.
Okay, l'll pay you now.
What did you tell the cops this morning?
Nothing! l said nothing!
Nothing? l saw you talking to them.
No, l wasn't! l didn't, Mr. Wong!
What's wrong with your hands?
They aren't even dirty. You're wrinkling your skirt.
Mr. Wong, please don't do that!
Come back early tomorrow.
Work one more day for me, okay?
Thank you, Mr. Wong.
Mr. Wong, l'm leaving.
Good night.
Come earlier tomorrow.
Mr. Wong! What are you doing??
Bitch! How dare you sell me out?!
You nosy slut!!
And you dare to lie to me?!
l know what you told the cops!
You fucking cunt!
Mr. Wong, no!
Run? You think you can get away?
Come out... come out!
Go to hell!!
You go over there and ask them.
You check this one. --No problem!
Sir, what's the matter?
Do you know Cheng Lam, owner of Eight lmmortals Restaurant?
Sure! l eat at his restaurant all the time!
Do you know when he sold the restaurant?
That l don't know.
But it was closed for a few days.
When it reopened, that Wong guy became the boss,
and Cheng Lam hasn't shown up since.
Did Cheng have any other relatives in Macau?
Ah, yes! He has a brother.
He's in jail.
What's his name?
His name is... Cheng Poon.
Cheng Poon?
Take a statement from him first.
Officer Lee...
Get to work! Good morning...
Officer Lee. Good morning.
Good morning.
Jo Jo, sit.
Would you like a drink?
No, thanks.
Hello, BELLA!
Your feet are perfect!
You can tell she's really a hooker!
Bull! How's your case going?
l found out that Cheng Lam does have a brother named Cheng Poon.
But he's still in prison.
What about you?
l checked the law office.
The owner of Eight lmmortals is still Cheng Lam.
Bo... BO!
Well? What do you have?
The children were all attending the same school.
But they stopped going to school suddenly, and never officially quit.
Robert... R-O-B-E-R-T!
How about you? What did you get?
l'm working! l'm working on it!
l know you're working.
You're working even harder now!
Jo Jo, l'm busy.
You'd better leave first.
Are you serious?
Officer Lee, let me take her home!
You wish!
Bo, you show her out.
Yes sir!
Get lost, you pervert! --Tomboy!
Come on, follow me.
See the stairs? Go downstairs and turn left.
This Wong Chi Hang at Eight lmmortals is the most suspicious.
Let's go back there and question him.
Follow me.
How much?
How many?
Sir, what's the matter?
Where's the cashier lady?
No longer works here.
Are you the boss?
May l know your name?
Wong Chi Hang.
You bought this restaurant from the previous owner?
Yes... yes.
Good business!
Why did the cashier quit?
Her mother got sick.
She went back to China to visit her.
Mr. Wong, do you live upstairs?
May l take a look?
Sure, sure.
Stay here and look around. --Yes sir.
Mr. Wong, where are you from?
Chu Hai.
What a coincidence!
l came from Chu Hai too!
Which village in Chu Hai?
l've forgotten. l left a long time ago.
How can you forget your hometown?
l came to Macau when l was very young.
All my relatives passed away.
l haven't been back.
Whose pictures are those?
The ex-owner's pictures.
l just didn't have time to throw them away.
l'm about to...
Do you know where they've gone?
lmmigrated, l guess.
Hey! Last time you said you didn't know.
NOW you say they've immigrated!
Are you trying to jerk us off??
No... l just found that out a couple of days ago.
Do you know where they've immigrated to?
l'm... l'm not sure. Maybe Canada.
Somewhere far away!
What is it, Sir?
Nothing. l have a friend...
who haven't seen Cheng for a while and has lost contact...
He wants to locate him.
lf they send me a letter,
l'll inform you at once.
Any more questions?
Thank you.
No problem.
l'm sure he's hiding something.
Why don't we cuff him?
Not now.
lf he's done something, we'll find out tonight.
From now on,
put a 24-hour surveillance on him.
lf he does anything funny, arrest him.
Be alert!
Yes sir.
Get out... get out! l am closing! Leave!
Leave! Hurry up!
Stop eating! Get out!
You're kidding!
My order hasn't come yet! ls that how you do business?
Go! Get out now or l'll beat the shit out of you!!
Bull! Get up!
Look! He's closing the restaurant!
Sorry for bothering you, Danny.
Don't mention it. l've checked.
Cheng's family never left Macau.
Really? How about Wong Chi Hang?
l've checked his file.
Bring it to me.
Yes, coming.
Wong reported that he illegally immigrated from China 8 years ago.
He got a temporary citizenship under amnesty.
He became a Macau resident only 2 years ago.
So the geek is not a native of Macau?
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Just remember to count me in when you pick up chicks.
How about tonight?
Bo, sit properly. Why are you so nervous?
Officer Lee said we'd get something on this guy tonight.
Not exactly.
Officer Lee is just guessing.
l am warning you!!
l warn you... don't insult Officer Lee's intelligence.
Officer Lee is always right!
Robert, anything?
Nothing. Pretty quiet here.
Keep an eye out.
Officer Lee may come and check on us anytime.
What? Officer Lee's coming??
Did he say when?
When?? When will he come?? Tell me!!
When will you stop being horny?
On the day you die!
Bull, he's coming out.
Robert, he's out.
Watch him carefully!
l'm watching him, over.
What are you doing?
More trash to throw out.
Hurry up!
lt's O.K.
He's just dumping the garbage.
Officer Lee.
Where's Bo and Robert?
They're watching him at the street corner.
Well? Anything unusual?
He closed the restaurant real early.
Robert, what's up?
Nothing much. He just threw out the garbage.
Threw out the garbage?
Have you checked his garbage?
No. The garbage truck left.
Get it back!
There might be important evidence in the garbage!
Yes sir!
Something is going on.
Officer Lee, what should we do?
What do you mean ''what should we do''? Bull, get out and tail him.
Officer Lee, he's going to the main road.
He just got into a taxi!
Where are you, Officer Lee?
With you,
l'll never accomplish anything.
You think l want to be with you?
lt's just better than nothing!
Hey... look!
lt's just a garbage truck.
l see it too!
Then let's go!
Hey pal, police!
We're investigating a case,
and we suspect there is some evidence in the truck.
But we are working!
We want to have a look.
Open it and let them look.
Go up!
What for?
Get up there! Go, go!
Why should l go first?
Should l go first then?
l won't go if you don't go!
Let's go up together then!
Fuck! Come on!
You wimp!
So many tampons!
lt stinks!
This is it! l found it!!
l've got it!!
Consider that we found it together,
Are you crazy? Hell, no!
Don't be so selfish, Bo!
No way! Get away from me!
Sir, you're right.
He wants to flee.
Let's go in from the back.
We'll nail him at Customs.
Yes sir.
Sir, there's a line.
Sir, go to the back of the line.
What did you say?
He cuts in line.
Forget it. Rude people are like that.
Officer Chan.
What is it?
Are you Wong Chi Hang?
Yes, what's the matter?
Never mind.
Wong Chi Hang!
Still trying to run?
Pull him up!
Yes sir!
Where do you think you're going?
What? ls it against the law to go to China?
No, but not until we have a talk with you
down at the station first.
Who the FUCK do you think you are?
What did you say?
The cops are beating me...
Sir, let us take care of him.
The cops are beating me!!!
Bull, tell Customs that we're taking the suspect
back to headquarters.
Yes sir!
He's a murder suspect.
We're taking him in.
Yes sir!
No pictures... get out of the way...
No pictures...
You can't go up there!
Stop pushing me!
Sit down!
How can you beat someone who wants to visit China?
Why so fuckin' early?
Obviously, you killed him and his family!
Don't frame me!
l didn't kill Cheng Lam's family.
He said you were suspected of killing ''his family''.
He didn't mention Cheng's name.
Shit! All of Macau knows you're searching for Cheng Lam, right?
Where have they gone then?
l told you they immigrated. How would l know?
lmmigrated? But their lD cards and passports are still with you.
They never left Macau.
So they didn't take their passports. lt's none of my fucking business!
You LlAR!
You asshole! You gambled with Cheng Lam
and cheated him out of his restaurant, right?
Yes, l won, but l didn't cheat!
He wouldn't give you his restaurant,
so you dismembered his whole family and dumped them into the sea.
You never thought that the limbs would wash up on the beach, huh?
You already killed Cheng's family, didn't you?
l didn't do it!!
Don't try to frame me!!
You better cooperate and tell us everything you've done.
l don't know anything!!
l'll let you think about it.
Talk to me when you're ready to confess.
l don't know shit!!
Are you trying to frame me? Beat me then! l won't say anything!
Give us some information, okay?
Can you tell us something about the case?
Officer Lee will tell you later.
Officer Lee. The family of Eight lmmortals Restaurant was murdered,
Officer Lee, who is the suspect? What was his motive?
lt's still under investigation. lf there's any new progress...
...we will inform you as soon as possible.
You bastard!!
You killed them all!
And took his property too!!
Damn you!
Are you going to speak up?
l'll talk... don't beat me... l'll talk.
Motherfucker! You deserve this!
Why didn't you confess earlier?
Sit your ass down!
Look at my bruises!!
They're trying to frame me!!
No pictures!!
Police brutality!!
Coerced confession!!
Let me go! Get your hands off me!
Hurry! Come and take pictures!
Police brutality!!
Wong Chi Hang, you asshole!
Now all the Macau newspapers are criticizing us.
They're saying that we coerced a confession.
That son of a bitch is made of stone! My hands hurt!
You idiot! You beat him but bruised your hands instead!
l'll let you beat him next time then!
Fuck! Next time l'll hang him up and beat him with a stick.
Who would be so fucking dumb as to use his own hands?
We can't beat him again.
Otherwise, everybody in Macau will cry police brutality.
Come in.
Officer Lee.
Three chicks are here looking for you.
Officer Lee! Let me ask them to come in!
You sit down!
Tell them to wait.
Yes sir.
Why don't you let them in so we can check them out?
Never seen a woman before?
lt's O.K. when we're fooling around.
Now we're really working!
Bo, tell them to go home first.
l will call them later.
Yes sir.
Now, this asshole... he's REALLY an asshole.
He even makes US look like assholes!
You three know who you're looking for?
Officer Lee.
Get up... get up!
Don't you girls have a job?
l work at night.
l see. You must be working in a nightclub.
So? Why bother to ask?
How about you?
Don't come to the police station dressing like a hooker next time.
Who do you think you are?
But Officer Lee loves it.
Bullshit! Let me tell you:
He asked me to throw your asses out and don't bother to come back.
Get out!
Still standing here? Go... get out now!
Cheng Lam has a brother, Cheng Poon.
He's still in prison?
Put that bastard Wong in prison.
Let the prisoners take care of him.
lf Cheng Poon meets Wong,
he'll beat the shit out of him.
He can complain about cops beating him up...
...but he can't complain if he's beaten up by the prisoners.
Good idea! Let me go have a chat with the warden
and l'll ask Cheng Poon to beat him up.
This way the shithead will definitely talk!
He'll talk for sure!
Walk faster!
What the hell are you looking at?
Take the prisoner.
Come on, go in.
Move! Hurry up! Go in!
Go. Move!
Go. Move!
The last bed, upper bunk.
Thank you.
So you're Wong Chi Hang.
Do you know me?
l'm Cheng Poon,
Cheng Lam's brother. Fuck you!
Think you can fight us?
We'll beat the hell out of you!
Kick his ass!
Come down, asshole!
Pull him down!
Sir, they are beating me! Sir!
Open the gate, Sir! Help me!!
Sir! Help me! They're beating me!!
You murdered his whole family!
Hey, Cheng Poon! That's it for now!
Go back to the next cell.
You watch your ass! Let's go!
Pack up and go back to your bed!
Yes sir.
Yo, did you really kill his whole family?
Just asking! Just asking!
Shit! l'm pissing blood!
lt's fixed.
Give me your piss.
Give me your piss!
Here. Take it.
Have you lost your mind?
What the fuck do you know?
Ever read medical books? Urine cures internal injuries.
Do you want some more?
No. Your heartburn fucked it up.
Asleep already?
Have a midnight snack, dickhead!
Go to hell!
Killed my brother's family?!
You prick!
l'm here cause l also killed someone.
And your ass won't even confess?
Breakfast tomorrow will be even BETTER!
Hey, what are you doing?
SlR! SlR!!
Someone's trying to kill himself!!
Son of a bitch!
You want an easy death?
l won't let you have it!!
Poon, don't!
lf he dies, the cops will blame it on you. He's not worth it!
Fuck! This suicide attempt means the guy's guilty.
He's cold-blooded. How would he commit suicide?
He just wants to leave the prison.
Woke us up early too!
Officer Lee...
How's the criminal?
He's inside.
The doctor's still operating on him.
Who discovered it?
A prisoner did.
When was he sent here?
Early this morning.
Officer Lee.
Don't worry, he will be alright.
What the hell are you talking about?
Doctor, how is he?
Fine, but l've never seen such a nutcase like this.
He used the spade to cut his hand...
...and bit the artery with his teeth.
He's inhuman. He's capable of anything!
ls he the Eight lmmortals Restaurant murderer?
l should've let him die instead!
No! We need to avenge the victims.
lf he can kill people, he can do anything.
l really do understand Officer Lee.
He's worried about the killer's well being...
...and l'm worried about Officer Lee.
FUCK! You seriously need a good fuck!!
Wong Chi Hang, also known as Chan Chi Leung...
...eight years ago, he murdered a guy and set fire to his body.
Then he escaped to China.
He's wanted by the Hong Kong police.
We got his fingerprints from lnterpol.
But the fingerprints were damaged.
After positive identification,
he's indeed the same person as Chan Chi Leung.
Then how can we help you?
lf you and your people can't get enough evidence to charge him,
just let us extradite him back to Hong Kong.
We have enough proof to charge him for First Degree Murder.
Officer Lee, hand him over and let them take care of it!
We are still investigating the case.
Getting enough evidence depends on our efforts.
lf we can't get enough evidence,
then we will hand him to you.
Asshole! What the fuck are you looking at?
Motherfucker! You think l'm scared of you?
l'll teach you a good lesson.
Sir, have you finished?
He needs an injection.
Not yet, but l'll let you inject him first.
Use the biggest one and stick it up his ass!
Turn around.
Damn you!
What are you doing??
Back off or l'll kill her!
Control yourself!
Hey you...
Stay cool!
Don't come over! Let her go! Let her go!
Don't come over! Stay away or l'll stab her!
Calm down. Let her go first.
Get down! Drop the gun!
This is not going to help you!
Get down! Drop it!
Don't do anything stupid.
Throw me the gun!
Throw it! Now!!
Stay cool...
Throw it to me!!
You wanna fuck with me?
You can't escape!
Let her go now!
You better let her go!
Bull, you alright?
Get him!
Bull! You've caught him!
You've got him!
Hands off... hands off first!
Asshole, trying to escape?
Stop hitting him!
Take a look at my leg!
l haven't seen anyone as dumb as you.
He fucking deserves it.
What the fuck did you say?
Officer Lee.
Officer Lee.
Chan Chi Leung.
My name is Wong Chi Hang.
You're neither from Chu Hai nor Macau, right?
So what?
We've checked your background.
You killed someone in Hong Kong back in 1978.
Then you escaped to Macau.
Shit! What proof do you have?
You were a waiter at Eight lmmortals Restaurant.
You gambled with Cheng and cheated him out of $180,000, right?
You Macau cops are always framing innocent people!
Doctor, watch out. These Macau cops always frame people!
What? Haven't you harassed me enough?
l hope you will cooperate and stop screwing us around...
lf you confess, you will be imprisoned for only 24 years.
lf l send you back to Hong Kong, you'll face the death penalty.
Send me back to Hong Kong then.
At least the Hong Kong cops won't treat me the way you bastards did!
Endless beatings! Both here AND in jail!
Yes, l admit l killed someone in Hong Kong.
Send me there then.
Fuck you!!
What the fuck did you say, dickhead?
Kill me! l'm a dead man anyway!
l would rather turn myself in to the Hong Kong cops,
you Macau scum!!
Did you kill in Macau?
l don't know shit!!
Okay, l will make you confess.
lf you can kill in Macau,
l can send you to the Macau courts.
l won't tell you a goddamn thing!!
Are you telling or not?
Hey, you...
Officer Lee, are we really sending him back to Hong Kong?
Send him back to Hong Kong? And lose face?
So he likes to play games...
From now on, question him day and night. Don't let him sleep.
Yes sir.
Officer Lee...
Doctor, l have a plan...
l have discussed this with Officer Lee. From now on,
l'll give him three stimulants per day for three days.
He will be very high then?
After three days, l will stop the injection.
Then he will be very tired.
lf he doesn't confess by then, we won't let him sleep.
ls that the plan?
l don't know.
He's the doctor, he should know, right?
Let me go!
Don't move!
What are you injecting me with?
How is it? Do you feel high?
Are you ready to confess now?
Come on, hurry up.
Be a good boy. Tell us the story...
...or l'll beat you up!
lt's your turn.
You jerk! You're drooling saliva all over me!
lt's your turn. Go!
We are going!
What a nuisance!
Nurse, another injection?
lt's only water.
lt's my personal treat.
Water? ls it O.K.?
Don't worry, he won't die.
That's fine, go ahead!
Tried to kill me?
Nurse, you're pretty cruel!
Why so hard on yourself?
Just tell us the truth,
so all of us can sleep!
Fuck you! You still trying to play games with us? Bastard!
You can't stand it?
Tell us and you can go to sleep forever.
Are you talking or not?
Let me sleep.
Tell us and you can sleep.
Let me sleep first...
lf you still don't talk,
we won't even let you sit!
Will you let me sleep if l tell you everything?
Okay, l will tell you...
Wanna play?
Go to hell!
Beat him! Beat him...
He's on the verge of collapse.
Are you willing to talk now?
Okay, l'm telling.
Did you kill the family of Cheng Lam?
Yes, l killed them... killed them all... yes...
For that $180,000?
$183,300... he owed me...
l chopped them to pieces.
That bastard...
Stop fiddling with the TV!
l want to watch something else.
Be a good boy and drink this medicine.
Son, look at this!
lt's candy!
Be good. Drink this and you will get well soon.
lt's hot!
Hot? Let me cool it for you.
Hey! What did l say about the TV?
This one. No, this one.
Get away! Don't touch the TV!
Go and play downstairs!
Bad luck!
Alright! Full House! Bingo!
l quit!
That's it for tonight!
Does this count?
Pay up!
So this is it? Forget this?
Just forget this.
Pack up.
Come tomorrow.
Okay. Good night.
What was that all about?
No wonder you always win!
You're a cheat!
Don't accuse me!
When did l ever cheat? Don't frame me!
Okay, fine.
Let's clear the debt you owe.
You owe me $183,300. Pay me now!
$180 grand?
Go fuck your mother!!
l won't give you a cent!
No money? Okay, give me your restaurant then.
So you're after my business?
You want to be the boss?
Do you fucking look like one??
l'm telling you, get the hell out now!
l don't want to see you again,
dick face!
Dick face?
lf you don't pay me, l swear l'll kill your whole family!
Mommy, Daddy is fighting with Uncle Wong.
What is it now?
Mommy, l want to go too!
Sister, let's go too!
Are you paying me or not, asshole?
What are you arguing about?
l wanna kill you!
You think l'm scared?
Let's see who's going to die first.
What's the matter?
This guy is a SWlNDLER!
Do you have to yell it out?
So that everyone will know you're a swindler!
Daddy, stop it! Let's go back now.
Tak has a fever, he needs to sleep.
You're scaring him.
Put down the knife!
Okay, l will tell the whole of Macau about this tomorrow!
Forget it...
Go ahead, asshole! l dare you!
Let's go up, let's go to bed.
Bastard! l'll see how you can tell the whole world!
Daddy! Are you alright??
Why did you hit him?
Help! Help...
Shut up or l'll kill him!
Shut up!
Bring me the wire! Bring it to me!
Shut the fuck up!!
No... no...
What the fuck are you mumbling?
Come and get me!
Why don't you come get me?
l'll rape your wife!
Now, watch me!
Got some tits! She can be a whore!
Look at you!
You are as useless as your dick!
Stop it! Stop crying!
l said, stop crying!!
Shit!! Stop crying!!
Stop crying!!
Look at your dad. Piece of shit!
He can't even protect you.
Kneel down!
Quick! On your knees!
Look at your son!
He's like you. Useless!
Your dad is useless.
You are ALL useless!!
Shut up, shut up!!
Don't come over...
You deserve it!!
Your son is dead because of you!!
Might as well now!
l'm going to kill your whole fuckin' family today!!
No reason to let you go.
Hey! You haven't finished!
No sleeping!
What about Chan Lai Chun?
Why did you kill her?
Who's Chan Lai Chun?
Cheng Lam's mother-in-law.
That annoying bitch.
Always coming to see her grandson...
...when all she wanted was a free lunch.
Nosy bitch...
Wong, how's Tak's fever?
Can l come visit?
Where is Cheng?
They went out.
l'll come pick you up now.
Wong, you're here.
Come on!
Let me get my purse first.
Forget the purse! Let's go!
Tak is inside.
Wong, it's dark in here.
Why don't you turn on the light?
Where to?
Chuk Wan Bay.
l should never have dumped the limbs into the sea.
l should've dumped them with the trash.
But l know it's too late anyways.
You threw the bones away with the trash...
...then what about the flesh? Where did they go?
l used the flesh to make...
...what you guys loved to eat and didn't pay for... HUMAN MEAT BUNS.
l'm glad l didn't eat any!
Hey, go to sleep.
Want some?
Don't worry.
No capital punishment here.
You'll be staying here...
...24 years max, and you might even get out in 10 years.
10 years? l won't be that dumb as to be tortured by them for 10 years.
l deserved it. l didn't do a clean job.
But don't worry, those assholes can't get me.
Wong Chi Hang, someone here to see you!
Hurry up!
Wong Chi Hang, we now officially charge you...
...for murdering the Cheng Lam family at Eight lmmortals Restaurant.
Asshole, what's so funny?
You bastards. You always want to charge me. Charge me for what?
You don't have any proof!
What can you fucking charge me for?
Fuck you.
Damn you!
Wong Chi Hang, you've never been cooperative.
But we now have enough evidence to charge you with First Degree Murder.
Let's see who the judge would trust in court.
You can't charge me... you can't...
You WlLL be charged.
You CAN'T charge me!!
You're history!
You can't charge me!!
Shut up!
You can't!!
Shut up! Shut up!!
No one can get me!
Shut up!
Are you that cold?
Take this too.
You won't get me...
you won't get me...
You won't!
''Although there was sufficient evidence to charge Wong of murder...''
''...the Macau police was unable to do so...''
''...because Wong committed suicide.''
''He preferred killing himself rather than being judged...''
''...the tragedy of Eight lmmortals Restaurant is now closed.''
Call the warden!! Wong Chi Hang is dead!
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