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Usual Suspects CD1

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How are you doing, Keaton?
I can't feel my legs...
What time is it?
Twelve thirty.
It all started in New York|six weeks ago.
A truck loaded with stripped gun|parts got jacked outside of Queens.
The driver didn't see anybody|but somebody fucked up.
He heard a voice.|Sometimes, that's all you need.
Mr. McManus?
Christ! Don't you fucking|guys ever sleep?
We have a warrant for your arrest.
Fuck you!
Todd Hockney?
Who wants to know?
New York Police Department.
Sure you brought enough guys?
It's quite simple, really. A restaurant|that changes with the taste...
without losing the overall aesthetic.
In other words, the atmosphere|will not be painted on the walls.
Well, let me give you an example...
This I had to see for myself.
- I'm in a meeting.|- Time for another one.
Everyone, this is David Kujan.
Special Agent Kujan. U.S. Customs.
These gentlemen are from the|New York Police Department.
You look good, Keaton.
Better that I would have thought.
You have a problem, Mr. Keaton?
Small matter of a stolen|truck loaded with guns.
Mr. Keaton?
Would you excuse us for a moment?
We have some questions|to ask you downtown.
No, no, please... sit down.|This is...
This is a small problem.
Enjoy the meal.
It didn't make sense that I'd be there.
I mean, these guys were hardcore hijackers...
...but there I was.
At that point I wasn't scared.
I knew I hadn't done anything|they could do me for.
Besides, it was fun.
I got to make like I was notorious.
Allright, you all know the drill.
When your number is called,|step forward and repeat the phrase...'ve been given.|Understand?
Number 1...
...step forward.
Hand me the keys,|you fucking cocksucker.
Number 2, step forward.
Gimme the fucking keys, you|fucking cocksucker motherfucker--!
Knock it off! Get back!
Number 3, step forward.
Hand me the keys,|you cocksucker.
In english, please.
Excuse me?
In english.
Hand me the fucking keys,|you cocksucker, what the fuck...
Number 4, step forward.
It was bullshit.|The whole wrap was a set-up.
Hand me the keys,|you fucking cocksucker.
It was all the cops' fault.
You don't put guys like that|into a room together.
Who knows what can happen.
Hand me the keys,|you fucking cocksucker.
This has really got to be...
...embarrassing for you guys.
They drilled us all night.
Somebody was pissed about that truck|getting hijacked, and the cops had nothing.
They were hoping somebody would|slip up and give them something to go on.
They knew we wouldn't fight it|because they knew how to lean on us.
They'd been doing it forever.
I mean, our rights went out the window.|It was a violation. I mean, disgraceful.
They went after McManus first.
Top-notch entry man.
What truck?
The truck with the guns, fucko.
Fucko? Brrr...
He was a good guy.|Crazy, though.
Wanna know what your|buddy Fenster told us?
McManus. He told us|another story altogether.
Oh, that one about the|hooker with dysentery.
Fenster always worked|with McManus.
He was a real tight-ass...
...but when it came to the job,|he was right on. A smart man.
What are you saying?
I say he'll flip you.
- He what?|- Flip you.
- Flip you for real.|- Yeah, I'm shaking. C'mon.
Answer my question.
Can you hear me|in the back?
Hello? I want... lawyer.
I'm gonna have your|fucking badge, cocksucker.
Todd Hockney.|Good with explosives.
Without a doubt, a one guy who|didn't give a fuck about anybody.
You guys don't have a|fucking leg to stand on.
You think so,|tough guy?
I could put you in Queens|on the night of the hijacking.
I live in Queens.
Did you... put that together|yourself, Einstein?
What've you got, a team of monkeys|working around the clock on this?
You know what happens if you|do another turn in the joint?
Fuck your father in the shower|and then have a snack.
You gonna charge me,|dickhead?
I'll charge you|when I'm ready.
With what?
You know damn well,|dead-man.
But Keaton... Keaton was the real|prize for them, for obvious reasons.
It was your mistake,|not mine.
Did you ever|stop to ask me?
I mean, I've been working around|with the same face, the same name.
I'm a businessman.
Yeah, what's that?|The restaurant business?
No, from now on, you're in the|"getting-fucked-by-us" business.
I'm gonna make you|famous, cocksucker.
Like I said... was your mistake.
Not mine.
Now you charge me|with this shit...
...and I'll beat it.
Let's get back to that|truck, asshole.
So I did a little time...
...does that mean I get|railed every time...
...a truck finds its way|off the planet?
Fuck them!
Fenster, will you relax?
These guys don't have|any probable cause.
You're fucking A-right. No P.C. ...
No goddamn right.
You do some time,|they never let you go.
You know, treat me|like a criminal...
...I'll end up a criminal.
You are a criminal!
Hey, why you gotta|go and do that?
I'm trying to make a point.
Oh, why don't you|make your point.
You're making me|tired all over.
Oh, fuck it then.
- I heard you were dead.|- Oh yeah?
Well, you heard right.
The word I got is you|hung up your spurs, man.
What's that all about?
What's this?
Rumor has it,|Keaton's gone straight.
I hear he's tapping|Edie Finneran.
Who is that?
She's a heavy-weight|criminal lawyer from uptown.
I hear she's Keaton's|meal ticket.
How 'bout it, Keaton?
You a lawyer's wife?
What kind of "retainer"|you giving her?
Hey, Fenster.|Do your friend a favor...
Tell him to keep quiet.
Dean Keaton...
...gone clean, huh?
Say it ain't so.
Was it you that|hit that truck?
Forget him.
You got to talk|to your lawyer?
This whole thing|was a shakedown.
What makes you say that?
How many times have|you been to a line-up?
It's always you|and four dummies.
P.D. are paying homeless guys|ten bucks a head half the time.
And there's no way they'd line|five felons in the same row. No way!
And what's a|voice line-up?
A Public Defender could|get you out of that one.
So why the hell was I|strip-searched?
It was the Feds.
A truckload of guns|gets snagged...
...Customs comes down to N.Y.P.D. looking|for answers - they come up with us.
They are clutching|at straws.
Ah, the guys fingered|my asshole tonight.
Is it Friday already?
Yeah, lover-boy.
You want a piece?|Something, I love you.
So who in the goddamn place...
...stole the fucking truck?
What did you say?
Who stole the fucking truck!
I don't want to know.
Who asked you,|working man?
Fuck who did it.|What I want to know is who's the gimp.
He's ok.
Says you. How do I know that? What|about it, Pretzel-man? What's your story?
His name is Verbal.
Verbal Kint.
Roger, really.|People say I talk too much.
Yeah, I was just going|to tell you to shut up.
We've met before|once or twice.
In county. I was in for fraud.
You were in the line-up|then, too. What happened?
I walked.
Ninety days,|suspended.
So you did it!
All right, now look...
We've all been put out by|this whole thing, right?
So I figure we owe it to|ourselves to salvage a little dignity
Now... and Fenster heard|about a little job.
Why don't you just|calm down?
Why do you care|what he has to say?
I'm just talking here.
And it seems to me like Mr. Hockney|wants to hear what I got to say...
...and I know Fenster's down.
What about you guy?
I'm interested, sure.
There, see?
So now I'd like to exercise|my right to free assembly.
Why don't you just shut up?
You're missing the point.
No...|YOU're missing the point.
I don't want to hear|anything from you.
I don't care|about your job.
And... I want nothing|to do with any of you.
I beg your pardon...
...but you can all|go to hell.
Dean Keaton...
...gone the high road.
What is the world coming to?
Fuck him.
And that was how it started.
The five of us being brought in on a trumped-up|charge to be leaned on by half-wits.
Ok, now I really can't talk|about it much here...
What the cops never figured out,|and what I know now...
...was that these men would|never break, never lie down...
...never bend over for anybody...
Who are you?
Agent Jack Baer, FBI.|How many dead?
15 so far. They're still pulling some|bodies out of the water, though.
Any survivors?
Yeah, there's two.
One guy is in county hospital, but he's|in a coma. The D.A. has the second guy...
...a cripple from New York, I think.
Listen, the chief wants|this place sealed off.
If you have any questions,|give him a call--
This is Dave Kujan. I'll be in|Los Angeles until tuesday.
If you need to reach me, contact...
...Jeff Rabin at the|San Pedro P.D., at extension 112.
Have a nice day.
- Why can't I see him?|- Dave, I told you...
...the D.A. came down here last night...
...ready to arraign even before|they moved him to county. Ok?
Kint's lawer shows up five minutes later...
...D.A. comes out of the office looking like|the boogey man smacked him around.
Allright? They take the statement|and they cut him a deal.
What? Did they charge|him with anything?
Yeah, weapons.
Misdemeanor two.
What is that?
Listen, I give the D.A. credit for|getting that much, you understand?
Excuse me.
This whole thing|has turned political.
The Major was here last night. The chief.|This morning...
...the Governor called, ok?
I'm telling you this guy is protected from|up on high by the prince of darkness.
Take my word for it.
When does he post bail?
Maybe two hours, tops.
I want to see him.
- No, Dave.|- I gotta see him, Jeffrey.
Dave, no!|I can not do this for you.
I came a long way for this.
Dave, please.
Even if I let you talk to him,|he won't talk to you.
He's paranoid about|being recorded.
He knows the interrogation|rooms are wired.
This won't be an interrogation...
...just a friendly chat|to kill some time.
He will not go into|the interrogation room.
- Just someplace else, then.|- Where?
If this was a dope deal,|where's the dope?
If it was a hit,|who called it in?
I'm sure you have a host of wild|theories to answer all these questions.
- You know damn well what I think.|- That's crazy.
And besides, it doesn't even matter...
...the guy's got total immunity.|His story checks out.
He doesn't know what|you want to know.
I don't think he does.|Not exactly.
But there's a lot more|to his story, believe me.
Jeffrey, look... I want to know why|27 men died on that pier...
...for what looks to be 91 million dollars|worth of dope that wasn't there.
And above all...
...I want to be sure|Dean Keaton is dead.
He's dead.
C'mon, two hours.
Just 'till he makes bail.
They're all dead.
I don't care how tough a guy|you say this Keaton was...
...nobody on that boat|could have come out alive.
Is he talking?
He regained consciousness|less than an hour ago...
...he spoke, not english...|then he lapsed.
- Hungarian?|- I don't know. I think that may have been what it was.
Yeah, most of them|were hungarians.
You've got to put on these.
Burn victims are very|succeptible to infections.
And, of course,|there is no smoking.
Keep your mask up.|Please don't touch him.
Is he gonna die?
He has burns over 60% of his body,|a number of his ribs are broken--
Call Hospital Security.
Get a man. Put him on the door|until the police get here.
Is he dangerous?
Do it!
Do it now!
Yeah, Baer, down|at L.A. County.
Look, the guy they pulled out|of the harbor is Arkosh Kovash.
Yes!|Yes, I'm sure.
No, no, he's all fucked-up.|What?
I can't hear you.
Shut up! I'm on the phone!
Well, no. Not--
Just send me someone|who can speak Hungarian.
Yeah! He's awake and|talking like a Thai hooker.
No, just somebody who--
No shit!
Joel. Yeah, call Dan Metzheiser over at Justice...
...and find Dave Kujan from Customs.
Verbal, this is Agent|Kujan, from Customs.
Nice to meet you.
He wants to ask you a few|questions before you go.
What about?
About Dean Keaton mostly.
But I'd like to start at the|line-up back in New York.
Can I get some coffee?
I a while.|Let's talk about the line-up.
I'm really thirsty.
I used to dehydrate|as a kid.
One time I got so bad,|my piss came out like snot...
...I'm not kidding--
I'll get your fucking coffee.
Get me one too|while you're at it.
That guy is tense.
Tension is a killer.
I used to be in a barber shop|quartet in Skokie, Illinois...
...the bariton was this guy named Kip Diskin.
Big, fat guy.|I mean, like orca-fat.
He was so stressed|in the morning--
Verbal, you know we're|trying to help you.

Sure. And I|appreciate that.
And I want to help|you, Agent Kujan.
I like cops.
I would have liked to be a|Fed myself, but my C.P. always--
Verbal, you're not|telling us everything.
I know you|know something.
I told the D.A.|everything I know.
...I know you like Keaton.|I know you think he's a good man.
I know he was good.
He was a corrupt cop.
Sure, 15 years ago.|But he was a good thief.
Anyway, the cops wouldn't|let him go legit.
Dean Keaton was|a piece of shit.
Are you trying to get a rise|out of me, Agent Kujan?
I just want to hear|your story.
It's all there.
May I have a cigarette?
- According to your statement--|- I need a light.
According to your statement,|you're a short-con operator.
According to your statement,|you're a short-con operator.
Run of the mill scams.
That's been suppressed.|Anything in there is inadmissible.
Oh, I know.
Sweet deal you have here.|Total immunity.
Well, I do have the|weapons charge.
I'm looking at six whole|months hard time.
You know a dealer named|Ruby Deemer, Verbal?
You know a religious|guy named John Paul?
You know Ruby is in Attica?
He didn't have my lawyer.
I know Ruby.|He's big on respect.
He's good friend of mine.|Likes me very much.
Now, I know your|testimony is sealed.
Ruby's well connected.|He's got a lot of friends inside... a lot of favors for him.
What do you think he would say if he found|out you dropped his name to the D.A.?
There's nothing in|there about Ruby.
I'll be sure to mention|that to him.
First thing on the job, you know what I learned?|How to spot a murderer.
Let's say you arrest 3 guys...
...for the same killing.
You put them all in jail overnight. The next|morning, whoever is sleeping is your man.
You see, if you're guilty and you know|you're caught, you get some rest... let your guard down.|You follow me?
Let me get right to the point.
I'm smarter than you.
And I'm gonna find out|what I wanna know.
And I'm gonna get it from|you wether you like it or not.
I'm not a rat.
Back when I was picking beans in Guatemala,|we used to make fresh coffee.
Right off the trees,|I mean.
That was good.
This is shit.
But, hey,|I'm in a police station--
Can we get started again?
Now, what happened|after the line-up?
...the Desk Sergeant is actually trying to tell|me that they he couldn't release you.
Can you believe that?|You weren't even charged!
New York Police!
You know, I want to have|pictures taken of your face...
...take them to the D.A.'s office|first thing tomorrow morning.
Just forget about it.
Absolutely not! I'm gonna have this thing|in front of the grand jury by Monday.
Look, I don't want to|talk about it, Edie. Ok?
So what did Fortier|and Renault say?
They asked for some more time|to think about the restaurant.
They just want more time! It's ok...
More time for what, Edie?
No matter how you cover my tracks,|they're still going to find out about me.
Give me some credit.
I got you this far.
Let's go to the grand jury.|You know, this isn't going to stop if we--
It's never going to stop. Period.
By next week, every investor in this city|is going to be walking away from us.
It's finished.
I'm finished.
Don't give up on me now, Dean.
It's never going to stop.
I love you.
They ruined me in there tonight.
I love you.
Do you hear me?
All right.
Let's just go to my place.
We'll worry about this tomorrow.
Fenster and McManus had a cagey proposition.
A fast jump. High risk.|Long money.
We all knew it could be done.
The way I figured,|to do it wrong meant killing.
To do it right took five men.
Five men meant Keaton.
Keaton took convincing.
New York finest taxi service.
They don't operate anymore.
McManus has a friend in the 14th Precinct.|They're coming out for one job - Thursday.
They are picking up a guy smuggling|emeralds out of South America.
McManus already has a fence|set to take the stuff.
A fence? Who?
Some guy in California.|His name is Redfoot.
I never heard of him.
You have to come.
What's it to you|wether I do it not?
They--|They don't know me. You do.
They won't take me|unless you go.
Look at me.|I need this.
Oh, are you telling me|you don't need this?
Is this your place?
I'm not knocking you, you look like you've got|a good little scam going on with this lawyer--
It's ok.
You say it's the real thing?|That's cool.
You're ok?
I was out of line.
But they're never going to stop|with us, you know that.
As clean as you could ever get,|they'll never let you go now.
This way we hit the cops where it|hurts and we get well in the mean time.
You sure you're ok?
I'll be all right.
Look, I...
- ...sometimes get--|- Forget it.
I probably shit blood tonight.
So, how do they want to do it?
McManus wants to go in shooting.|I say no.
They're pretty pissed off.|They'll do anything.
Now, I've got a way of doing|it without killing anyone.
But, as I said, they won't|let me in without you.
Three million?
Maybe more.
No killing.
Not if we do it my way.
New York's finest taxi service was|not your normal taxi service.
It was a ring of corrupt cops in the|N.Y.P.D. that ran a high-profit racket...
...driving smugglers and drug|dealers all over the city.
For a few hundred dollars a mile,|you got your own blue and white...
...and a police escort.
They even had their|own business cards.
After a while, somebody|started asking...
...questions and the|taxi service shut down.
Ever since then, Internal Affairs had been|waiting to catch them in the act.
And that's where we came in.
So, how was the flight?
Fucking great.
Will this get me to Staten Island?
Kidding me? This will|get you to Cape Cod.
McManus came to us with the job,|Fenster got the vans...
...Hockney supplied the hardware.
I came through with how|to do it so no-one got killed.
But Keaton...
Keaton put on|the finishing touch.
A little "fuck you" from the|five of us to the N.Y.P.D. .
All right, watch this.
Don't move, you fucker!
- Who the--|- Drop it! Now, motherfucker!
Drop the fucking gun!
Don't you fucking touch|those fucking things!
What the fuck d'you guys want?
Stupid asshole!
Watch it!
You want a buckshot shampoo, Chubby?
Afternoon, my little pork-chops.
Now gimme the shit.
Give him the fucking shit!
Give him the fucking shit!
Hurry up!
Now the money!
- There's no money!|- Gimme the money! Right now!
- There's no fucking money!
Give him the money!
The money!
Give me the fucking money!
Do it!
- Give him the money!|- Hurry up!
Do you peolpe know|who the fuck I am?
We do now, jerk-off.
What's that?
What the fuck--?
Holy shit!
Keaton made an|anonymous phone call...
...the press was on the scene|before the police were.
Strausz and Rizzi were|indicted three days later.
Within a few weeks, 50 more|cops went down with them.
Everybody got it right in the ass,|from the chief on down.
It was beautiful.
I owe you $2.50 .
There's more here than I thought.
When does the fence come?
Redfoot never comes to see me,|I always go to see him.
In California?
Yes, Verbal, in California.|Fenster and I will--
Wait, wait...|Hold the fucking phone... and Fenster?|No, no, no...
You fuckin' kiddin' me?
Ok. So...
...who's gonna go?
We all go!
What's your fucking|problem, man?
My fucking problem, man, is that you and|Fenster are off honeymooning in California...
...while the rest of us are|sitting here holding our dicks.
Hey!|The job's over.
Cool it.
L.A. is a good place|to lay low for a while.
Wanna dance?
I would like to propose a toast...
There you go. Mr. Verbal...
...the man with the plan.
We're gonna miss the flight.
Don't do this.|Send her a note - something.
I said we'll make it.
We're gonna miss the plane.
She'll understand.
That's heartwarming.
I'm weepy.
Jeff, you wanna wait outside?
You guys wanted to know what happened|after the line-up. I'm telling you.
Come on, Verbal.
Who do you think|you're talking to?
You expect me to believe|that he retired?
For a woman?
Keaton was using her.
He loved her.
I'm supposed to believe that hitting the|taxi service wasn't his idea either?
It was all Fenster and McManus.
C'mon, Keaton was|a cop for 4 years!
Who else would know the taxi service better?|That job had his name written all over it.
But Edie had him|all turned around.
Let me tell you something.
I know Dean Keaton.
I've been investigating him|for the past 3 years.
The guy I know was a|cold-blooded bastard.
I.A.D. indicted him on three counts of murder|before he was kicked off the force.
So don't sell me the hooker|with the heart of gold.
You got him all wrong.
Do I?
Dean Keaton was under indictment a total|of 7 times while he was on the force.
In every case the witnesses either|reversed their testimony to the grand jury...
...or died before they could testify.
When they finally nailed him for fraud|he spent five years in Sing Sing.
He killed three|prisioners inside.
Of course|I can't prove this.
But I can't prove|the best part either:
Dean Keaton was dead.
Did you know that?
He died in a fire|two years ago...
...during an investigation into|the murder of a witness...
...who was going to|testify against him.
Two people saw Dean Keaton|walk into a warehouse he owned...
...just before it blew up.
They said he went in to|check a leaking gas main.
It blew up, and took all|of Dean Keaton with it.
Within three months|of the explosion...
...the two witnesses,|they were dead.
One killed himself in his car...
...the other fell down an|open elevator shaft.
Agent Baer.
This is not what we discussed.|There are far too many people in this room--
Look, doctor, I promise we'll be out of|here before he blows his porcelain. Ok?
I have a noon meeting, Baer.
- Agent Baer, five minutes.|- Look, everyone just calm down. All right?
I want you to ask this man about the shoot-out in the harbor.
He says they were buying--
Dope, we know.
He doesn't know what they|were buying, but not dope... people.
He needs guarantees...
What is he talking about?
He says his life's in danger.
He saw the devil.|Looked him in the eye.
- I'm on my way.|- No, no. Wait a minute.
Ask him to tell him what he told me.
About the devil.
Who's the devil.
Keyser Soze.
He was in the harbor...
...killing many men.
He saw Keyser Soze?
He saw his face.
Tell him to tell her what he looks like.
Describe him.
Six weeks ago I get an anonymous|phone call telling me...
...I could find Keaton eating at Mondino's|with his attourney. And there he is.
Now, because he never|profited from his alleged death...
...and because we convicted someone|else of the murder we tried to pin on him...
...we had to let him go.
He was dead just long enough|for the murder rap to blow over.
And then he had lunch.
I don't know about that.
Oh, I don't think you do.
But you say you saw Keaton die.|I think you're covering his ass...
...and he's still out there somewhere.
I think he's behind that|whole circus at the harbor.
My bet is he's using you because your're|stupid and you think he's your friend.
You tell me he's dead?|So be it.
I want to be sure he's dead|before I go back to New York.
He wasn't behind anything.|It was the lawyer.
What lawyer.
What lawyer, Verbal?
You know, back when I was with that|barber shop quartet in Skokie, Illinois, I--
You don't think I know|you held out on the D.A.?
What did you leave|out on that testimony?
I can be on the phone to|Ruby Deemer in ten minutes.
The D.A. gave me immunity.
Nos from me. You get no immunity|from me, you piece of shit.
Every criminal I have put in prison,|every cop that owes me a favor...
...every creeping scumbag that works the street|for a living will know the name of Verbal Kint.
Now you talk to me...
...or that precious immunity they|seem so fit to grant you...
...won't be worth the paper the contract|put out on your life is printed on.
There was a lawyer.
Is he the one that killed Keaton?
No.|But I'm sure Keaton is dead.
Convince me.
Tell me every last detail.
We arrived in Los Angeles|and met McManus' friends, Redfoot.
He had a good reputation.
Seemed like a good guy.
Still, we should have known better.
How're you doing?
- Good. You?|- Not bad.
- How's it going, Fenster?
No need to open it, right?
You must be Keaton.
Redfoot, Dean Keaton.
Todd Hockney and Verbal Kint.
Verbal. The man with the plan, huh?
You guys interested|in any more work?
We're always looking|for extra work.
We're on vacation.
Oh well... that's too bad.
I have a ton of work and I|don't have any good people.
- Not like you guys.|- What's the job.
There's this jeweler out|of Texas named Saul.
He rents a suite in some|downtown hotel...
...does free appraisals for people.|Sometimes he buys, sometimes he doesn't.
Anyway, the word is he|carries around a lot of cash.
So I figure, I keep the merchandise,|you keep the green.
- It's simple.|- What about security?
A couple of bodyguards.
Nothing you couldn't handle.
Give me time to check it out.
I'd expect nothing less|from you, man.
- Good to see you. We'll call you.|- Good to see you too.
Enjoy L.A., huh?|Get yourself laid.
A friend of mine in New York tells|me that you know Spook Hollis.
The way I hear it... did time with old Spook.
Good man, wasn't he?
I used to run dope for him.
Too bad he got shivved.
Yeah. I shivved him.
Better you hear it from me now|than somebody else later.
I appreciate that.
Just out of curiosity...
...was it business or personal?
A bit of both.
Well, like I said, you give me|a call if you're interested.
Is there a problem?
One job. That was the deal.
One job?
One job!
That's a good one, Keaton.
Keaton followed the best he could,|but a man can't change what he is.
He can convince anyone he's|someone else, but never himself.
It took one day with McManus nagging|and we went back to work.
Give me the case!|Give me the fucking case!
Give me the fucking case!
I'm telling you for the last time...
...give me the fucking case!
Now just hand over the case.
Hand over the fucking case!
Bad day. Fuck it.
Looks like a lot of China to me.|Shit.
Guys, c'mon.
- What are you doing?|- What does it look that I'm doing. I'm gonna kill him.
Look, we did it your way.|Now we're gonna do it my way.
- Are you gonna kill him?|- I'm going to deal with him.
You better deal with him--
Shut up.
What I am supposed to do with that?
I don't know. Feed it to the gimp.
Eases pain. I don't know what that is.
- What do you mean you don' know?|- Shut up.
I don't know. I got thrown|this job by some lawyer.
Yeah, who?
I don't know. Some Limey.
He's a middle man for somebody.|He doesn't say. I don't ask.
- You're fucking full of shit.|- Fuck you!
Listen to me. We want to meet him, ok?
That's funny. Called me last night...
...he says he wants to meet you guys.
Ok. We'll meet him.
- I'll call you.|- Good. Do that. No problem.
I don't like the deal.
One more thing, tough guy.
Any more surprises, and I'm gonna kill you.
You're such a top guy McManus.|But do me a favor, right?
Get the fuck off my dick!
Put a leash on that puppy.
It's an awful shame about|Saul getting waxed.
Cops are gonna be looking|for the guys who did it.
Sooner or later they're|gonna come 'round asking me.
You have a sweet night, ladies.
- So this lawyer...|- Kobayashi.
- ...came from Redfoot.|- Right.
And why leave this out|when you talked to the D.A.?
Dave. Someone to see you.
Jack. I've been looking all over for you.
You still after that coke that took a walk out|of that blood bath in the harbor yesterday?
- Yeah.|- Well, you can stop looking. It was no coke.
I've been in L.A. county talking|to a guy they pulled out...
...of a drainpipe in San Pedro|yesterday after the shoot-out.
He came to this morning.|He started talking.
He was part of a Hungarian mob there to do|a deal with a bunch of goats from Argentina...
...and he says it was|definitely not a dope deal.
- But the 91 mill--|- Yeah, we know.
Our man says|no way on the dope.
This Hungarian tells me the whole bunch|was pulling stumps for Turkey the next day.
They had no time to negotiate that kind|of product and no means to move it.
- What's the money for?|- He didn't know.
No one doing the deal knew,|except for a few key people.
They all were very hush|about it, he says.
Whatever it was,|it's very sensitive.
I don't get it.
They tell me you got that cripple there|from New York. Did he mention Keyser Soze?
Just bear with me here.
Who's Keyser Soze?
Oh, fuck!
We've been going over this|for an hour and a half.
What we need to do is find Redfoot|and get the hell out of here now.
What we need to do is think.
Think back.
...with power.
Somebody who was capable of tracking|us from New York to Los Angeles.
Come on, Dean. What the|hell are we doing here?
We're waiting.
- Bye now.|- Sit down.
- No, I'm fucking bored--
- Mr. Hockney, do stay. Mr. Keaton...
...Mr. Fenster I recognize from his|mug shots, as well as Mr. McManus.
I can only assume that you are Mr. Kint,|the gentleman who disposed of Saul Berg.
My employer sends his gratitude.|A most unexpected benefit.
I am Mr. Kobayashi.
I have been asked by my|employer to bring a proposal... you gentlemen.
- What do you want?|- My employer requires your services gentlemen.
One job. One day's work. Very dangerous.
He does not expect all of you to live.|But those of you who do...
...will have 91 million dollars|to divide between you...
- any way you see fit.|- Who's your boss?
- I work for Keyser Soze.
- Who's Keyser Soze?|- Judging by the sudden change in mood, Mr. Kint...
...I feel sure the rest of your associates can tell you.
I come with an offer|directly from Mr. Soze.
An order, actually.
What do you mean, an order?
In 1981, Mr. Keaton,... participated in the hijacking|of a truck in Buffalo, New York.
The cargo was raw steel.|Steel which belonged to Mr. Soze...
...and which was destined for Pakistan,|to be used in a nuclear reactor.
A most profitable violation|of U.N. regulations.
You had no way of|knowing this, Mr. Keaton...
...because the fellow shipping the|steel was working for Mr. Soze...
...without his knowledge.
Earlier this year...
...Mr. Fenster and Mr. McManus hijacked a|two-prop cargo flight out of Newark airport.
The plane was carrying gold and platinum|wiring. Also set for Pakistan.
Two months ago, Mr. Hockney|stole a truck carrying gun parts...
...through Queens...
...gun parts which where set to be|destroyed by the State of New York.
They would be "lost" in a weigh|station and rerouted to Belfast.
Again, Mr. Soze, using pawns|who had no knowledge.
US Marshals
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