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Usual Suspects CD2

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Which brings us to Mr. Kint.
Nine months ago... of Mr. Soze's|less-than-intelligent couriers...
...was taken in a complicated|confidence a cripple.
He was relieved of 62,000 dollars.
Now, it has taken us|some time to find you.
Our intention was to approach you|after your apprehension in New York.
You set up the line-up...
Yes. You were not to be released|until I had come to see you.
It seems Mr. Keatons|attourney, Ms. Finneran...
...was a little too effective|in expediting his release.
Holding the rest of you|became a moot point.
- What about Redfoot?|- Mr. Redfoot knew nothing.
Mr. Soze rarely works|with the same people...
...for very long, and they|never know who they're working for.
One cannot be betrayed|if one has no people.
So... why telling us?
Because you have stolen|from Mr. Soze, Mr. Fenster.
All of you.
That you did not know|you stole from him... the only reason|you're still alive.
He feels you owe him.|You will repay your debt.
All right, fuck the debt!|And fuck you!
How do we know|you work for Soze?
I don't think that is very|relevant, Mr. Hockney.
All five of you are responsible for the|murder of Saul Berg and his bodyguards.
Mr. Redfoot can testify to your involvement,|and we can see to it that he will.
- What's your point?|- The offer is this, gentlemen.
Mr. Soze's primary interest... narcotics.
He has been "competing", shall we say,|with a group of Argentinians...
...for several years now.
Competing with Mr. Soze|has taken its toll.
These Argentinians are|negotiating the sale...
...of 91 million dollars in|cocaine in 3 days time.
Needless to say, this|purchase will revitalize...
...the diminishing strength|of their organization.
Mr. Soze would like you|to stop the deal.
If you choose, you may|wait until after the buy.
Whatever money changes hands|is yours.
Mr. Soze would like you to get to the|boat and destroy the cocaine onboard.
And then you will be free of|your obligations to Mr. Soze.
You give me one good reason|why I shouldn't kill you right now.
A gift...
...from Mr. Soze.
Good day, gentlemen.
They've got my whole life in here!|Everything I've ever done since I was 18!
They fucking know everything!
Everybody I've ever worked|with or did time with.
- No... this isn't right.|- I don't know.
Who was that guy who used|to talk about Soze in New York?
Bricks Marlin.
Yeah, he did jobs for him.|Indirect stuff.
He said he always made 5 times|more money than the job was worth.
This guy's a pipe dream.|Kobayashi is using him for window dressing.
I don't know.|This is bad.
That's bullshit! This guy could be L.A.P.D. ...|It's a fucking setup!
Ah, the way I hear it, Soze...|is some kind of butcher.
A fearless psycho...|fucked up butcher.
There is no Keyser Soze!
Who is Keyser Soze?
He's supposed to be turkish.|Some say his father was german.
Nobody ever believed|he was real.
Nobody ever knew him or saw anybody|that ever worked directly for him...
...but to hear Kobayashi tell it,|anybody could have worked for Soze.
You never knew.|That was his power.
The greatest trick|the devil ever pulled...
...was convincing the|world he didn't exist.
One story the guys told me|-the story I believe- ...
...was from his days in Turkey.
There was a gang of Hungarians|that wanted their own mob.
They realized that to be in power... didn't need guns,|or money, or even numbers.
You just needed the will|to do what the other guy wouldn't.
After a while, they come into power|and then they come after Soze.
He was small time then,|just running dope they say.
They come to his home... the afternoon...
...looking for his business.
They find his wife and|kids in the house...
...and decide to|wait for Soze.
He comes home... find his wife raped|and children screaming.
The Hungarians knew Soze was|tough. Not to be trifled with.
So they let him know|they meant business.
They tell him they want his territory.|All of his business.
Soze looks over the|faces of his family...
...then he showed these men of will|what will really was.
He tells him he would|rather see his family dead...
...than live another|day after this.
He lets the last Hungarian go.
He waits until his wife and kids are in the ground|and then he goes after the rest of the mob.
He kills their kids. He kills their wives.|He kills their parents...
...and their parents friends.
He burns down the|houses they live in...
...and the stores|they work in.
He kills people that owe them|money. And like that...
...he's gone.|Underground.
Nobody has ever seen him since.|He becomes a myth.
A spook story that criminals|tell their kids at night.
"Rat on your pop|and Keyser Soze will get you."
No one ever really believes.
Do you believe|in him, Verbal?
Keaton always said:
"I don't believe in God,|but I'm afraid of him."
Well, I believe in God.
And the only thing that|scares me is Keyser Soze.
You give any weight to this?
I can introduce you to|Dan Metzheiser from Justice.
He's got a file on Soze in D.C. .|I'ts been a hobby of his for a couple of years.
A lot of guys equate him to that|reporter on the Incredible Hulk.
- You've heard of him?|- What, on the street?
A few times.|Outside stuff.
Somebody working for a guy|who works for a guy...
...who got some money from Keyser Soze.|Y'know, shit like that.
Could be an old badge.
A hex sign to keep people|from fucking with you...
...back when a name|was to mean something.
But you're here.
Shit, yeah.
I got a guy trying to walk out of|the hospital on a fried drumstick...
...because he's afraid of Soze.
I'll run up the flagpole.
I came clean. I told it like it|happened on the boat.
So what if I left out|how I got there?
It's so full of holes, the D.A. would have|told me to blow amnesty up my ass.
So you got what you wanted|out of me, so big fucking deal.
So that's why you|never told the D.A. .
Well, you tell me, Agent Kujan...|if I told you the Loch Ness monster...
hired me to hit the harbor,|what would you say?
Turn state's evidence. We'll put you|on the stand, we'll hear it out.
I've got immunity now.|What can you possibly offer me?
If there really is a Keyser Soze,|he's gonna come looking for you.
Where's your head,|Agent Kujan?
Where do you think|the pressure's coming from?
Keyser Soze, or whatever|you want to call him...
...he knows where|I am right now.
He's got the front burner|under your ass to let me go... he can scoop me up|10 minutes later.
Immunity was just a|deal with you assholes.
I've got a whole new|problem when I post bail.
So why play into his hands?|We can protect you.
Oh, gee, thanks Dave. Bang-up job so far...
...extortion,|coersion... probably pardon me|if I ask you to kiss my pucker.
The same fuckers that rounded|this up and sank us into this mess...
...are now bailing me out?
Fuck you!
You think you can|catch Keyser Soze?
You think a guy like that comes|this close to getting caught...
...and sticks his head out?
If he comes up for anything,|it will be to get rid of me.
And after that... guess is you'll never|hear from him again.
What happened next?
We woke up next morning|and Fenster was gone.
He couldn't handle the|idea of slumming for Soze.
He left us a note|wishing us good luck...
...and took a chunk of the|money we'd scraped together.
Then what?
McManus was furious.
He was talking about tracking him|down and ripping his heart out...
...and all sorts of shit.
That night we got the call.
What call?
Kobayashi told us|where we could find Fenster.
All right, let's get|the fuck out of here.
We've got to bury him.
With what?
With our hands.
Oh, this is nuts!
It's dry fucking sand,|McManus. When he rots...
...the surfers are gonna|smell him a mile away.
Dig, you fucker!
Hey, what are we going to do?|This fucking guy is gonna kill us.
I don't know you,|peg-leg, but I can run.
I got no problem with that.
Kobayashi doesn't seem to have|a problem with that either.
You run? I won't be digging|a hole for you. You got that?
This ain't my boy we're burying.|I don't owe anybody!
Fuck you!
He was my partner|for 5 years.
We did more jobs, and I saw more|money, than you can ever count.
So fuck you!|'Cause now it's payback!
It's not payback.
It's precaution. You want payback?|You wanna run? I don't care.
I'm not doing this for Fenster.
I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing this for me.
I'm going to finish this thing.
This Kobayashi bastard|is not going to stand on me.
And after they killed Fenster,|nobody would run?
I wanted to. I thought|we could make it.
Why didn't you say anything?
Believe me, I tried.|But Keaton wouldn't have it.
It was too far-fetched for him.
Keaton was a grounded guy,|an ex-cop.
To a cop the explanation is never|that complicated. It's always simple.
There's no mistery to the street,|no arch-criminal behind it all.
If you got a dead body|and you think his brother did it...'re going to find out you're right.
Nobody argued with Keaton.|They just set their minds to whacking Kobayashi.
They're coming up.
You hear me?|He's coming up.
He's on his way down.
Don't move.
Press twenty.|Do it now.
The answer is no.
Mr. Soze will be most up--
Listen, you cocksucker,|there is no Keyser Soze.
You mention his name again,|I'll kill you right now.
Strange threat, Mr. Keaton. I can only assume|you've come here to kill me anyway.
We know that you|can get to us.
But now you know|that we can get to you.
I'm giving you one last|chance to call this off.
Mr. So--
My employer has made up|his mind. He does not change it.
Neither do we.
You got Fenster.|But you won't get all of us.
Not before one of us|gets through to you.
I believe you, Mr. McManus.|I most sincerely do.
You would not have been chosen|were you not so suitable.
But I cannot make|this decision.
Whatever you threaten|me with is... ludicrous... comparsion to what will be done to me|if I do not carry out my orders in full.
I'm the guy that's|going to get you.
I just wanted you|to know that.
I'm so sorry, Mr. McManus.
I implore you, Mr. Keaton,|believe me.
Mr. Soze is very real|and very determined.
We'll see.
Before you...| me in, Mr. McManus...'ll let me finish|my business...
...with Ms. Finneran first,|won't you?
What did you say?
Edie Finneran.|She's upstairs in my office.
For an extradition deposition.
I requested she be put|on the case personally.
She flew in yesterday.
No matter.
Kill away, Mr. McManus.
You're lying.
Am I?
Ms. Finneran's escort while|she's here in Los Angeles.
Never leaves her|side for a moment.
I thought you'd be glad|to know she's in good hands.
Now get some rest. The boat|will be ready for you on Friday.
If I see you or any of|your friends before then...
Ms. Finneran will find|herself the victim...
...of a most gruesome violation|before she dies.
As, indeed, your|father, Mr. Hockney...
...and your uncle Randall|in Arizona, Mr. Kint.
I might only castrate...
...Mr. McManus' nephew, David.
Do I make myself clear?
We will take care of|the two bodies downstairs.
We'll add them to|the cost of Mr. Fenster.
Now if you'll excuse me,|gentlemen.
Geez. It's a logistical nightmare.
Close quarters. Ten, maybe twenty men.
There's no telling how many|more are gonna be below deck.
Can we stealth these guys?
No. With all that coke,|they are going to be ready.
Which brings me to|sunny point number two.
Even if one of us gets through and|jacks the boat, we still get nothing.
What if we wait for the money?
Ten more men at least.
Look, in my opinion|it can't be done.
Anybody who goes in there|is not coming out alive.
I'm gonna wait for the money.
Me too.
Did you hear|what he just said?
- If I'm going in, I want a cut.|- Me too.
There's nothing|that can't be done.
I just can't believe we're just|gonna walk into certain death.
News said it's raining|in New York.
What language is that?
I don't know.|Russian, I think.
Package has arrived.
You kids are ready?
I would be if I wouldn't have|to stop and answer you.
I'm ready.
McManus, you better be|set up in ten seconds.
I'm ready.
I want you to stay here.
But I'm supposed to cover--
Listen, if we don't get out of this|I want you to take the money and go.
Find Edie, tell her what|happened. Tell her everything.
She knows people.|She knows what to do.
If I don't get Kobayashi|my way, she'll get him her way.
Just do what I say.
Tell her that...
Tell her I tried.
McManus. He's on his way.
I'm there.
Huh. Oswald was a fag.
Hi.|How are you doing?
Is there... a problem?
Old McDonald...
...had a farm..., ee-aye, oh.
And on that farm|he shot some guys..., ba-da-bing,|bang-boom.
Elvis has left the building.
Why didn't you run?
I froze up.
I thought about Fenster and how|he looked when we buried him.
And I thought about Keaton.|It looked like he might pull it off.
A boy came across a body on the beach|this morning. Thrown clear when the boat burned...
...shot twice in the head. Two guys|from the Bureau just identified him.
What else?
His name was Arturo Marquez,|a petty smuggler from Argentina.
He was arrested last year|in New York for trafficking.
He escaped to California.|They picked him up in Long Beach...
...they're setting up|extradition - he escapes again.
Now, get this...
Edie Finneran is brought in|to advice in the proceedings.
New York faxed me a copy|of his testimony. He was a rat.
A big fucking rat.
Arturo was very opposed|to returning to prison.
So much so that he named|close to 50 people.
Guess who he named in finale?
Keyser Soze.
There's more.
I'll tell you what I know.|Stop me when this sounds familiar.
There was no dope on that boat.
Stay quiet!
He's here!|I know he's here!
That's him!|I'm telling you that's him!
I know he's here!
You don't understand.|That's him...
- Shut up!|- That's him, you hear me?
I'm telling you|it's Keyser Soze!
- Where's Hockney?|- I don't know. There's no coke!
- What?|- You heard me, you dumb fuck. There's no coke!
I checked the entire ship!|I've been in every fucking room!
- There's gotta be coke!|- There is nothing!
You're fucking me!
There is... no... fucking... coke!
I'm outta here.
I told them nothing.
I swear.
I told them nothing.|Please!
McManus?|What the fuck is going on?
Strangest thing...
That's what you said in your statement:|"A man in a suit with a slim build."
Wait a minute.
I don't have a minute.|Are you saying you saw Keyser Soze?
You told the D.A. you|didn't know who it was!
I know there was|dope on that boat.
- Stop stalling, Verbal!|- I'm not stalling!
- You know what I'm getting at.|- Get out of my face.
I've got immunity, I don't|have to take that shit.
You know... what|I'm getting at, Verbal.
I don't know what|you're talking about.
Yes you do... the truth!
- Try to tell me you saw someone kill Keaton.|- I don't know what you're talking about. I did!
You're lying to me!
You know. You've known|this whole fucking time!
I don't know what you're saying.|I did see Keaton get shot, I swear to you.
Then why didn't you help him?|You had a gun! Why didn't you help him?
He was your friend!
Because I was afraid.|Ok? Afraid!
Afraid of what?
I know it was Keyser Soze!
It was Keyser Soze.|I mean, Agent Kujan, the devil himself.
How do you shoot|the devil in the back?
What if you miss?
All right.|Let's get back to the pier.
Arturo Marquez.|Ever hear of him?
What? No.
He was a stool pigeon|for the Justice Department.
He swore out a statement to|Federal Marshals saying that he had seen...
...and could positively|identify one Keyser Soze.
It says right here in the report.|He had intimate knowledge of his businesses...
...including, but not exclusive to...
...drug trafficking and murder.
- I never heard of him.|- His own people were selling him... a gang of Hungarians.
Most likely the same Hungarians that|Soze all but wiped out back in Turkey.
The money wasn't there for dope.
The Hungarians were|going to buy the one guy...
...that could incriminate Keyser Soze.
I said I never heard of him.
But Keaton did.
Edie Finneran was...
...Marquez' extradition advisor.
She knew who he was|and what he knew.
- I don't und--|- There were no drugs on that boat.
It was a hit. A suicide mission|to whack out the one guy...
...that could finger Keyser Soze.
So Soze put some thiefs to it.
Men he knew he could|march into certain death.
You say Soze sent us|to kill someone?
I'm saying Keaton did.
Verbal, he left you|behind for a reason.
Just do what I tell you.
If you all knew that Soze|could find you anywhere...
...why did he give you the money to run?|He could have used you on the boat.
He wanted me to live.
A one time dirty cop|without a loyalty in the world...
...finds it that it's hard to save...
...a worthless rat-cripple
No, sir!|Why?
I don't buy that reform|story for a minute!
Even if I did, I certainly|don't believe...
...he would send you to protect her.|So why?
Because he was my friend!
No, Verbal. He wasn't your friend.
Keaton didn't have friends!
What are you doing here?
He saved you...
...because he wanted it that way!|It was his will.
- Keaton was Keyser Soze!|- No!
The kind of man who could|wrangle the wills of men... Hockney and McManus.
The kind of man...
...who could engineer|a police line-up...
...from all his years|of contacts in N.Y.P.D. .
The kind of man that could|have killed Edie Finneran!
She was found yesterday|at a hotel in Pennsylvania.
Shot twice in the head.
What do you think|about Keaton now, Verbal?
- Edie...|- He used all of you... get him on that boat.|He couldn't get on alone...
...he had to pull the trigger himself|to make sure he got his man.
The one man that could identify him.
This is all bullshit...
You said you saw him die?
Or did you?
You had to hide when you|first heard the police cars.
You said you heard|the shot before the fire.
But you didn't see him die.
I knew him.|He would never--
He programmed you!
He programmed you to tell us|just what he wanted you to!
He knew we were close,|you said it yourself.
Where was the political pressure coming from?|Why were you being protected?
It was Keaton!|Immunity was your reward!
Why me?
Why not Fenster or|McManus or Hockney?
Why me? I'm stupid,|I'm a cripple! Why me?
Because you're|a cripple, Verbal.
Because you're stupid.|Because you're weaker than them.
If he's dead...
...if what you say is true,|then it won't matter.
It was his idea to hit the|taxi service in New York, wasn't it?
Come on, tell me|the truth.
It was all Keaton!
We followed him|from the beginning.
I didn't know.
I saw him die.
I believe he's dead.|Oh, Christ!
You're not safe|on your own.
You think he's--
Keyser Soze?
I don't know, Verbal.
Keyser Soze is a shield.|Like you said, a spook story.
But I know Keaton.|And someone is out there pulling strings for you.
Stay here and|let us protect you.
No way. I'm not bait.|I post today.
You posted 20 minutes ago.
Capt. Leo wants you|out of here A.S.A.P. ...
- ...unless you turn state's.|- I'll take my chances, thank you.
If someone wants to get you...|they're gonna get you out there.
Turn states evidence.|You might never see trial.
May be so.
But I'm not a rat, Agent Kujan.
Fucking cops.
Excuse me.|Can I use your fax machine?
You have to sign for these.
One watch, gold.
One cigarette lighter, gold.
And a pack of cigarettes. Thank you.
You still got nothing, Dave.
I know what I wanted|to know about Keaton.
Just nothing.
No matter.|He'll have to know how close we came.
Keyser Soze or no Keyser Soze...
...if Keaton is alive,|he's not coming up again.
I'll find him.
Waste of time.
A rumor is not a rumor|that doesn't die.
Man, you're a slob.
Yeah, but all has a system, Dave.
It all makes sense when you look at it right.|You've got to stand back from it, you know?
You want to see a real horror show?|You should see my garage.
Convince me. And tell me every last detail...
You know, back when I was in that|barber shop quartet in Skokie, Illinois...
Where's your head, Agent Kujan?
What we need to do is think.
Think back.
I'm sure you've heard many tall tales...
- Bricks Marlin.|- This isn't right.
- I just want to hear your story.|- Tell me every last detail.
It's all there.|And I'm telling it all straight, I swear.
- Some guy in California. His name is Redfoot.|- A gift...
- ...from Mr. Soze.|- Talk to me, Verbal.
What about Redfoot?
Mr. Redfoot knew nothing.
- ...using pawns...|- Big, fat guy. I mean, like orca-fat.
Back when I was picking beans in|Guatemala, we used to make fresh coffee...
...he was a good man...
I know he was good.
Tell me every last detail.
Strangest thing.
How do you shoot|the devil in the back?
...this guy is protected|from up on high... the prince|of darkness.
What about it, pretzel-man?|What's your story.
- There was a lawyer...|- What lawyer, Verbal?
I am Mr. Kobayashi.
Tell me every last detail.
I work for Keyser Soze.
Convince me.
Every creeping scumbag that works the street|for a living will know the name of Verbal Kint.
The cripple!|Did you see him?
The cripple!|Which way did he go?
Oh, he went out that way.
I know you know something.
I'm smarter than you,|and I'm gonna find out what I want to know...
...wether you like it or not.
To a cop the explanation is never|that complicated. It's always simple.
There's no mistery to the street,|no arch-criminal behind it all.
Somebody with power...
Keyser Soze!
You think a guy like that comes this close|to getting caught and sticks his head out?
Because you're stupid, Verbal!|Because you're a cripple!
What I want to know|is who's the gimp.
You know.|You've known the whole fucking time!
If he comes up for anything,|it will be to get rid of me.
I can't feel my legs... Keyser.
First thing I learned on the job,|you know what it was?
He mentioned Keyser Soze?
After that... guess is you'll never|hear from him again.
The greatest trick|the devil ever pulled...
...was convincing the|world he didn't exist.
And like that...
...he's gone.
US Marshals
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